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Mystery RIFF: Backyard Spy Cameras Boost Income for Telecommunications Companies? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 26 June 2021

Dear Ones,

Quite some while ago I did a Mystery RIFF on the American telecommunications company Sprint. As I recall, at that time, before its merger with T-Mobile US, Sprint had been blitzkrieging me with enticing mail offer upon mail offer of very low priced internet and phone service.

The people from Sprint were at the telephone pole just outside my backyard time after time, always with a good reason why they were there.

This did not make sense to me from an economic standpoint. I could not figure it out; how could they be going to such effort and expense paying for advertising and putting in utility lines when their price for service was so low? We already had a telecommunications service in the area, which worked quite well.

I mulled it over, and as is often the case came up with a Mystery RIFF along the lines of conspiracy theory and disclosure. The RIFF went like this …

  1. Sprint cannot hope to recoup its expenditures given its price for service.
  2. Something else must be in the wind.
  3. Is the advertised price for service just a ‘loss leader’? Do they plan to raise the price of their telecommunications service in the near future?
  4. Are they planning to sell the company at a big loss to balance a taxable gain in another leg of their operations?
  5. Are they planning to sell the company at a big gain to the competitor?
  6. What if they are planning to keep the company, keep the low price for service, and benefit from a second income stream? If so, what would that second income stream be? Here, I figure, are potential customers for backyard spy cameras attached to telecommunications lines. I placed them in alphabetical order …
    • Drug Industry – to spy on competitors
    • Satellite mapping companies such as Google Maps – as a buyer from Sprint for resale to the other folks on this list
    • Home Improvement Industry – find out of their services are needed
    • Home Invasion Industry – to look for ways to gain access to the property from the backyard
    • Insurance Industry – to evaluate condition of property and see if insurance rate needs to be boosted
    • Landscape Industry – to find out if homeowners need their services
    • Law Enforcement – to catch crooks on camera
    • Porn Industry – to get salable footage of sunbathing and partying
    • Private Detective Industry – to get the lowdown on spousal fooling around; to get ‘revenge porn’ footage to sell to angry ex-spouses; to get footage for blackmailers; or for the paraphilic sexual practice of candaulism (candauleism), to allow husbands to share footage of spousal intercourse with their male friends, with or without consent of the wife.
    • Real Estate Industry – for customer sales intel and to evaluate condition of a home

I am the first to admit that my Mystery RIFFS are ‘out there’. I really do not know what the operational strategy of Sprint was. Yet I see a value in this Mystery RIFF. For instance, might another utility company come up with this sort of hanky panky?

Here in America, the law still provides us privacy in our backyards. I feel it for the best to uphold and preserve our right to privacy in and behind our homes insofar as we may in the years to come. I feel it is good to keep an eye out, just in case.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Ascension: Earth’s Initiation as a Nascent Social Memory Complex . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 8 June 2021

    • Sidebar: Ra-en as a Small or ‘Sub’ Social Memory Complex
    • Sidebar: How to Experience Sixth to Twelfth Dimensional Realities on Fourth or Fifth Dimensional Earth

Dear Ones,


This is a discussion of a video about the “Law of One” term ‘Social Memory Complex’, and where we are with that on arisen Earth. There are also two sidebars expressing my own telepathic experience of the Ra-en social memory complex, and my understanding of the mechanism for Lightworkers’ experience of higher dimensions in fourth or fifth dimensional, arisen Earth.


Here is a video offering an explanation of the Social Memory Complex mentioned in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” along with a very nice image describing it …

Link: “The Social memory Complex // Law of One 014,” by Aaron Abke, 11 February 2021 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rbMXv9gWhE ..

There is a good explanation of the pluses and minuses of the Positive Path (service to others) and the Negative Path (service to self) near the beginning of the video.

I also liked the explanation of the course of a Soul into incarnation, and how membership in a Social Memory Complex is a necessary aspect of the return of the Soul to God consciousness.

Sidebar: Ra-en as a Small or ‘Sub’ Social Memory Complex

I recall my meeting with Ra-en in Yucca, Arizona on 26 September 2013 …

Link: “Ra-En: First Contact with a Star Civilization,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 26 September 2013; updated on 24 November 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-W2 ..

Ra-en was a research group, members of the Ra Collective. They had been separate from the main Ra group by entry through a wormhole into Earth’s lower density reality quite some time prior. There were, it seemed to me, quite a large number of mind-body-spirit complexes in Ra-en, who formed a subunit of the Ra Social Memory Complex. Because of their exploration and upliftment project regarding Earth, in a way they were for the duration of their Earth adventure a ‘separate’ Social Memory Complex from the totality of Ra, which is quite large.

Yet they were looking forward to finding a way (a wormhole) back to greater unity with the totality of the Ra Social Memory Complex. Or so it seemed to me.

While I spoke with Ra-En, I experienced their ‘Sub’ Social Memory Complex, which was, I feel, quite extraordinary. What was so unique was their degree of agreement, each person with all the other people, and the freedom the whole gave to each to pursue the one’s interest. There was an easy acceptance of the one by the all, and without any thought about it. There was no budding objection, no nay-saying, just happy acceptance of the positive inclination of each individual to pursue its interest. There was an understanding that of the contribution that being was making to the fund of knowledge of the ‘Sub’ Social Memory Complex as a whole.

In terms of the Ra Collective, I felt Ra-en’s looking about … through the corridors of time and space … for a way back to the Ra Collective to be a strong motive of the ‘sub’. It was a little like a little kitten looking for its mom. It felt separated from the mother Ra, yet certain of finding its way back. It felt its separation to be of its own choosing, for the good of the All, and that its learning, while on an upliftment mission in response to a Call from Earth beings, would be of use to the Ra Collective when they were reunited.

When they asked if I would like to join them, I had not the least reservation as to my welfare, should I chose to drop 3D form and join them. It felt, sure and certain, that they would find Ra again.



I like especially the first 9 minutes of this video. A little later on in the video there is a statement … widely held till The Shift in 2012 … that a third or two-thirds of the people on Earth must repeat fourth density elsewhere. Since The Shift, Lightworkers have felt that all beings on Earth are Ascending. We feel that way because Earth herself has ascended; therefore, all the beings here must have ascended as well.

Sometimes Ascension teachings focus on the people of Earth, but in fact, I feel, the Ascension process includes all the beings on Earth … whether Earth native animals, plants, and peoples, or Martian colonists …

Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 9 July 2017; updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..

… or Saturnian colonists …

Link: “Saturnians: The Series,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett and others, compiled on 1 April 2020; revised on 2 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hfG ..

… or Jupiterian colonists …

Link: “Encounter with the Jupiterians,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 2 June 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-n7o ..

… or colonists, both of the Positive Path, such as Star Beings of Love, Light and Joy; and of the Negative Path, such as Reptilian and Draconian Star Beings who have colonized our planet.

All the lifeforms exist on Earth or within her subtle bodies today are arising. All are awakening.


At 9.50 in the video is mentioned 65 million Wanderers incarnate on Earth, who might return to their home worlds in the Far Constellations after Earth’s Ascension process completes.

At 11.25 in the video I note a discussion of how the year 2020 saw acceleration of the purging of third-density karma from Earth (which is now a 4th density planet, according to Law of One lore).

The Lightworkers feel that way about the COVID pandemic, for example: That it might provide a global stimulus to the arising of many humans (as predicted in “The Law of One: Ra Material” …

Link: Session 65, Question 12 (last sentence) in “The Law of One: Ra Material” …   https://www.lawofone.info/s/65#12 ..

And the video mentions much disclosure and whistle-blowing as human groups and cultures rise to Awareness of misqualified energies within the group.

This is a good video, I feel … one that answers questions and raises questions at the same time. It offers food for thought.

Sidebar: How to Experience Sixth to Twelfth Dimensional Realities on Fourth or Fifth Dimensional Earth

As a Lightworker, I note many of us speak of Fifth Dimensional Awareness and Christ Consciousness, rather than third or fourth dimensions. Why there is this discrepancy between the Fifth Dimensional consciousness of the Lightworkers and the fourth density of Ascended Earth in the Ra teachings, I am not sure. How can that be, I wonder? We see Earth to be Fifth Dimensional now. Could it be that when Ra speaks of Fourth Density, by that is meant what we Lightworkers call the Fifth Dimension … that of Love, Light and Joy?

Christ consciousness, I feel, has to do with our human 7th subtle body (the ‘causal body’). Awareness and the Eternal Now, of which Lightworkers often speak, is, I feel, a quality of the human 10th subtle body, the Monad. Love, Light and joy are, I feel, characteristic of our human 11th subtle body, the Logos or ‘Solar Body’.

These dimensional experiences are available to us humans, even on an Earth arisen to Fourth or Fifth Dimension, I feel, because of our Ascension Teams. It is through interfacing with these teams that we humans can experience the superconscious chakras, subtle bodies, and dimensions.

For more on this, see my blog categories: “Ascension team” and “Activations of Light.”


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Decades of Persecution by a Mind Control Cult . and How to Avoid Cults . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 18 May 2020; published on 22 June 2021

Image: “The Molotov Man,” by Joy Garnett, 2003, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Molotovflickr.jpg ,,, CC BY-SA 2.5 Generic

Image: “The Molotov Man,” by Joy Garnett, 2003, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Molotovflickr.jpg ,,, CC BY-SA 2.5 Generic

    • Astral Story: The First Man’s Sexual Congress with a Potentially Emasculating Man
    • The First Man Attempts to Destroy the ‘Evil Eye’ of the Woman in the Second Tableau

Dear Ones,

I have been putting off publishing this story as I find it distasteful. I learned quite a good lesson from it, though, and that is worth the printed word …


This is an elaboration on a story I wrote some time ago about a young man who, just at the time when he was learning about sexuality, took up with a lady who was known for her ‘evil eye’. Now the ‘evil eye’ is something that is spoken of in country parlance. It is spoken of by people who do not know much about the kundalini and the chakras, and so forth. The term represents a fear people have about the supernatural … about the psychic realm, and so forth … a fear based on insufficient understanding. For instance, I remember, from my youth, there were people reputed to have the ‘evil eye’ in the countryside where I lived as well; I remember how people would go out of their way to avoid confronting them.

But to get back to the story, in the area where this young man lived, there was a lady who was very good looking. The young man was a Caucasian … maybe 9 to 15 years of age … and she was an African American lady living in a house maybe a mile or less from him.

So the young man … being in the throes of puberty … was ineluctably drawn to her door, where he, for the first time, experienced the sex act with a woman (or else a prelude to that). Then he came back a second time. This woman had a lover who was also African American, and apparently drunk at the time, and he grabbed this young boy and mutilated his genitals in some way. I do not know the details.

This was the original Soul wounding tableau in the young man’s life: He (a relatively powerless young man); an African American woman with an ‘evil eye’; and her lover, a physically powerful African American man.


In his later life, according to the astral story, the young man sought to make his third-eye point very strong through spiritual practices, and had a fear of women who had strong third-eye point energy. He joined a spiritual group, and built up his third-eye point energy and his mind control and black magic abilities; he became a very powerful man psychically, and a leader of that group.

Time went by, and a mirror tableau occurred. The first man separately met a man and a woman about his age. In his subconscious mind (this happens a lot) he played out with what seemed like vengeful fury that scenario that was repressed Soul wounding from his adolescent days, through these two people that he had met. That fury is what inspired me to add the painting of “The Molotov Man” to this blog.

Astral Story: The First Man’s Sexual Congress with a Potentially Emasculating Man

According to the astral story, the first man had had to chose between men and women as sexual partners. In that scenario where the first man felt that the woman had the ‘evil eye’ and he was attracted to her, and the second man might cut off his genitals (as had happened in his youth), I should think it would be difficult for a man with that experience to trust anyone for sexual intercourse … man or woman. But in that second tableau, at least on the astral plane, it turned out the first man was more afraid of the woman than of the second man.

In this second tableau, in the first man’s subconscious mind the second man became the African American man that the first man had had to face in his youth. On the astral plane I got an image that the first man had asked the second man to perform acts of oral sex on his knees before him. While that is a very common practice amongst men, I think that in this case … if it did occur … that it would have represented a fear of the other man, and a ritual of submission by the second man that the first man required so as to have the assurance to ejaculate in the presence of the second man.

In the first man’s subconscious mind, the second man, though Caucasian, was associated with the original African American man. I gathered that, on the psychic plane, as I had a vision that, when the first man was participating in the act of sex with the second man, the first man would say to him: Now you will do that Negro thing. By ‘Negro’ I believe the first man meant something derogatory. So there was that.

I think this astral story is a good example of how an extremely Soul ‘tearing’ or Soul wounding experience that occurs, especially in very early childhood or at the time of puberty, as is often the case, repeats itself … with or without strong similarities of the people in the two tableaus … throughout a person’s lifetime, until the time arrives when they look at it from the point of view of consciousness or Awareness, and resolve, especially, the emotion-filled thoughts that are binding down and repressing that Soul memory.

The First Man Attempts to Destroy the ‘Evil Eye’ of the Woman in the Second Tableau

As to the woman in the second scenario, I was that woman. I was the person the first man imagined had the ‘evil eye’ … though in fact I had merely strong chakric energies, including those of the third-eye point, because of my earlier practice and teaching of kundalini yoga.

I never properly met that first man. I once came to within hailing distance of him … I think it was in the year 1999 or 2000, and walked forward with intention of introducing myself. But as I met his gaze he got a consternational look on his face and backed away from me. So I went on away from him. That was the closest I ever got to so much as meeting that person. It was just about then that I became suddenly telepathic … clairaudient and to some small extent, clairvoyant. I began to overhear quite a commotion on the psychic plane; a great deal of telepathic communication began to occur. I began hearing the subconscious and also conscious thoughts of many people. In retrospect, I feel this telepathic gift helped me survive what was to follow.

For the following 10 or 20 years, the thoughts of the first man pursued me. It was all the worse for me that he was a spiritual adept with powers of mind control, and in a position of leadership in his spiritual community. That made it possible for him to turn the subconscious thoughts of many other people against me, and their subconscious enmity added omph to his nightly forays into my sleeping, subconscious mind.

I was not related to the second man. But in the mind of the first man, it seemed to me he formed a connection between himself and me as if we were lovers. His subconscious mind, for a long time … a decade, two decades … kept repeating the connection between us as being lovers, although in fact we were not even acquaintances. As well, in his subconscious mind he created a link between the second man and me, as if we were lovers, although we had only met a time or two, in a social context, and had only just shaken hands in a formal context. I had the barest of knowledge of both men. It was as if the first man’s subconscious mind had snapped the second man and me into the ‘cookie cutter’ pattern of his early Soul wounding.

In his subconscious mind it seemed to me (from my telepathic perspective) that the first man was repeating this early tableau over and over again. To him, a woman with strong third-eye point energy represented a threat that must be subdued by taking away from her, or else binding down and cutting up her third-eye point energy so that it could not represent a threat to him. On the astral plane it seemed to me that was, in fact, what his subconscious mind did, over the years. As it was sleeping, it would attack my third-eye point energy. It seemed every acquaintance of his would be infected with this enmity, and would cast barbs of enmity at my sleeping form.

It seemed to me likely that the first man might have felt that, had people learned of his preference for men (and young boys, as it seemed) as sexual partners, his leadership of the spiritual group might have been in jeopardy. The Soul wounding issues to which I was privy were a very closely held secrets of but a few men in the group. That I had suddenly become telepathic made things much worse for those who hoped to cover up and slide by the issues I had encountered.

In what seemed to me to be a series of ‘psychic terrorist’ attacks, I was cast out of the group. In the psychic airs, it seemed as if Big Bads loomed everywhere. No less than six evilly inclined spirits circled round my head night and day for years.

My third-eye point became damaged, injured, a mere shell of its former self, and my chakric energies became unbalanced. My energy field withered.

I left Los Angeles many times to get away from the first man and his followers, but to no avail. I would arrive someplace new … someplace where it seemed to me no members of that group met … and within a month or so a branch of the organization would pop up there.


In recent years, I returned to Los Angeles, and took up the practice of kundalini yoga again. That has repaired the damage to my third-eye point and reversed the negative energies of the malware ‘barbs’ of the first man’s spiritual group to the positive energy that was in my energy field on the fateful day I first met that man.

I think the lesson for me is to continue doing my daily spiritual practice no matter how bleak the horizon … no matter what bad luck assails me. The Sikhs say that the Holy Name of God, if recited with every breath, will ‘carry us over the terrible world ocean’ …

Link: “Happiness Runs,” by Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa, 23 December 2017, at Sikh Dharma International … https://www.sikhdharma.org/happiness-runs/ ..

In my own life, I find that the thought of God, linked to the breath, and the daily practice of yoga, and listening to sacred songs or singing them, are a great way to deal with the curve balls life will lob my way from time to time.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Deconstruction of the Cross,” by Lisa Renee, April and May 2014, in Energetic Synthesis … https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/2441-deconstruction-of-the-cross ..

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Witchy Woman Hater’,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 12 August 2020; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jt6 ..


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Amateur Sleuth: The Case of the Phantom Broker . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 6 November 2019


Dear Ones,

On the astral airs, I heard about the most ‘out there’ confidence game featuring the world of high finance, crime families, and subversion of the fiduciary responsibilities of those big-time players, the stock brokerages that are household names worldwide.


Here is the urban legend: There are ‘phantom stock brokers’ who may steal the identities of legitimate stock brokers, by assuming their same name and taking over their accounts. When I heard the astral story, I asked myself: How might this be done?

After all, to my knowledge online security is pretty good for the major stock brokerages. Could it be that their ranks, like those of other industries, have been infiltrated by unethical sorts, members of nationwide confidence gangs, for instance? Might these people be posing as stock brokers … or maybe office staff or custodial personnel … who, by reason of their employment at the brokerages, and through access to computers there, can position themselves to perpetrate ‘broker identity theft’? One is not to know the up and the down of it, in the case of mere rumor.

They might begin using a reputable broker’s name, or a variant of it, instead of their own. What with internet phone services, they might have a phone number with an area code for a brokerage located thousands of miles away, and no one might be the wiser. Or so the story goes.


The urban legend goes on like this: Having gained access to client accounts, members of crime families might, on the back end, liquidate the accounts of clients they have ‘stolen’ from reputable brokers in a firm, use the accounts for day trading, pocket the profit. Then on the front end of the client account … the part that the client might view online … they might cover for possible losses in day trading by purchasing for the client stocks or bonds they expect to take a tumble. In that way … so the rumor goes … they might fatten their pockets at the expense of clients they have ‘stolen’ from a reputable broker.


Here is a wild variant of the ‘phantom stock broker’ urban legend: The phantom broker is in touch with a group of confidence artists that operates across the United States. (For all I know, there may be more than a handful of such con artist networks.) Indeed, the ‘phantom’ may even be a member of such a network, which has its own lawyers (naturally) and has operators in post offices here and there across the nation, and has operants who serve a dual function as ‘ladies or gentlemen of the night’ so as to gain the favor of carefully targeted law enforcement officers. It is also rife with cyber criminals adept at identity theft.


The con artist network seeks out families who have some money and are not getting along. That way it can ‘scatter the sheep’ and their ‘wolves’ can sneak in an pick the ‘sheep’ of a warring family off, one by one. Apparently, that is the way con artist groups operate; it is called ‘the cull’. Then they will try wooing the sheep, one by one, and shearing them.

A favorite way of shearing the sheep … at least according to the astral airs … is to arrange an illegal gambit with a disgruntled family member … a gambit that purports to shake down another family member with which the disgruntled person is angry. But the ‘onesie-twosie’ game plan of the con artist is a little bit more complex: He or she plans to perpetrate the gambit … either by ‘sidelining’ the targeted ‘sheep’ … That is the ‘onesie’. And the ‘twosie’ is, to get the disgruntled family member arrested for the deed, and leave him or her ‘holding the bag’.


Now on to the complicated stock market gambit, which features the ‘onesie-twosie’. The ‘phantom stock broker’ finds a number of zeroed out client accounts. This is like a ‘shell account’ in the ‘shell corporation’ schemes of old. The confidence network of which the phantom is a member learns that one of these belongs to a ‘sheep’ that is ‘ripe for the plucking’ … as the network knows there is dissension in the ‘sheep’s’ family.

The lawyer in the network reaches out to a disgruntled family member, proposing a shake down. An agreement is reached. A cybercrime specialist in the crime family steals the identity of the ripe ‘sheep’, including brokerage and bank account information, and passes it on to the ‘phantom stock broker’.

The ‘phantom’ funnels money from the ‘sheep’s’ financial accounts, through the zeroed out ‘shell’ brokerage account. Then a token amount of the swiped dough is moved to the disgruntled family member’s financial account. The rest is funneled to the crime family, under a name different from that of the ‘phantom broker’ … maybe to real estate, through a cash transaction, using corporate shell-within-a-shell accounts … or maybe, infamously, offshore.


So the stolen money is gone, and the path of its departure is hard to trace, because … according to the urban legend … the ‘phantom stock broker’ can remove notice of the progress of the money through the zeroed out account, on the back end, with the ‘sheep’ never being the wiser (in the same way that the day trading scheme described above is purportedly accomplished ‘on the back end’).

All that remains is to tip off the law that the disgruntled family member has stolen the cash from the ripe ‘sheep’ … who through a separate ploy has been kidnapped, jailed on false charges, or worse yet, maybe murdered.


This ‘phantom stock broker’ story is quite an amazing urban legend, Is it not? It is so ‘out there’ I feel it could not be true. If it were true, then disclosure would likely make the headlines in every United States newspaper. But, as with the Goldman Sachs and Bank of America debacles of recent years, no doubt the best minds of the finance world would come up with a work-around and a solution.

Gosh, what an urban legend! Its imaginative scope brings to mind the high finance plots of the Reuben Frost Mysteries authored by lawyer James H. Duffy under the pen name ‘Haughton Murphy’ … http://mysteriouspress.com/authors/haughton-murphy/default.asp ..

See also Link: “Likely Upcoming Legal Reforms as a Result of ‘Disclosure’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 October 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6d8 ..


This reminds me of the now-out-of-print book “1001 Ways to Avoid Being Mugged, Murdered, Robbed Raped and Ripped Off” that I co-authored many years ago with my friend Vivo Bennett. Back then, my pen name was ‘Cricket Clagett’. As I recall, and for what it is worth: On the jacket of the hardcover book, with a neat turn of the pen, we billed ourselves as ‘specialists in criminology’.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


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A Nightmare about Lightworkers and Ascensioneers . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 17 July 2019
Previously titled: Vision: Lightworkers and Ascensioneers

Dear Ones,

Here is a vision I had last night; I thought I had best publish it, in case it should prove true …

Since 2012, there has been an attempt by black magicians to disband the Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Ascensioneers.

Apparently, there are 12 cybercriminals posing as web programmers and techies who have colluded in a campaign to lag our tags, categories, and URLs with Google. Should this prove true, I feel it may be circumvented through manual submission to Google. Also, you may wish to speak with your website hosts about it.

On the psychic plane, black magickers have put quite a strong effort into turning Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Ascensioneers away from each other through casting aspersions regarding scarcity, greed, and competition, and also apparently through initiating frivolous lawsuits against us and psychically implying these legal actions are by other Lightworkers, when in fact this is not true.

A new Solar Cycle is dawning. Let us find each other once again, and share our work with the world.

God bless each of you with Light and love and joy!

Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Can Lightworkers Be Bound Down by the Dark?” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 May 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-ijY ..


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