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‘Image Words’: The Vocabulary of the Subconscious Mind . by Alice B. Clagett

Image: “A Cat Caught by Surprise,” by TOBERTZ CHAVEZ – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2935248 … 9 November 2006, from Wikimedia Commons.

Image: “A Cat Caught by Surprise,” by TOBERTZ CHAVEZ – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2935248 … 9 November 2006, from Wikimedia Commons.

Published on 25 May 2019

Dear Ones,

The language of the subconscious mind is very physical. The way that it conceives things is like the way that an infant perceives the world. The imagery of the subconscious mind reflects primal joys, joys of the senses, primal fears related to the sensation of physical pain, and strong emotions.

Subconscious words convey an emotion; jubilation or dismay to do with the sensory perceptions of taste, touch, temperature, kinesthesia, sight, and the senses of smell and sound, and the instinct to flee from pain.

The subconscious translates the words that our conscious minds concoct into its own terms, according to its own way of perceiving the world around it. It has no means of grasping abstract concepts, except through visual imagery and sensation.

In my experience, without exception, the sounds that the conscious mind uses as nouns (often words or sets of homonyms that convey both abstract and concrete meanings) are morphed by the subconscious mind into ‘image words.” These are still images (or else ultra-short videoclips) to which is attached high emotional affect.

It is image words that constitute the vocabulary of the subconscious mind. It might be an image of a person falling, along with a feeling of dismay. It might be a picture of a house with windows closed and a scent of mildew, as the subconscious often portrays the human body as a house. It might be an image of a physical injury being inflicted, along with a feeling of agony. It might be an image of a sexual organ, along with a very good or a very bad emotion. It might be a vision of a woman’s breast, and a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

As well, the subconscious mind may use ‘image words’ to represent complex conscious concepts absorbed through rote learning of metaphors and proverbs during the early childhood socialization process. It is the imaginal, emotive nature of metaphors and proverbs that makes them such facile aids in bridging the gap between the subconscious mind of the infant and the various stages of conscious mind development that occur from the end of infancy through puberty.

Other devices that bridge this gap are story, song, and rhyme. Thus, a subconscious ‘image word’ may represent the title of a story or song, or it may represent a character in a song or story that carries one kernel of meaning together with strong emotive content. Or it might represent one image in a rhyme that carries a certain meaning and emotion.

Our dreams are stories told by the subconscious mind using subconscious ‘image words’ representing homonyms, metaphors, proverbs, story, song, and rhyme. If we understand the rules by which the subconscious translates these devices of the conscious mind to subconscious ‘image words’, then it becomes quite easy, just after waking up each morning, to dream journal, and then render a ‘reverse translation’ … from the lingo of the subconscious mind, to the parlance of the conscious mind.

In that way we can discover the hidden tangles in our subconscious minds, the repressed memories and repressed emotions stored here and there in our bodies … in this muscle, or that layer of fascia, or over there, in a nerve ending.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Subconscious Symbolism: ‘Sucker’ Operation. Also: M2M Leader of Hetero Group,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 13 February 2016; published on 20 February 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4Wc ..

For examples of ‘image words’ and see my blog categories:  Subconscious and unconscious symbolism  …  and  Archetypal images

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Get Thee Behind Me, Satan! . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 March 2019

    • First Line of the Prayer: Crux sacra sit mihi lux
    • Second Line of the Prayer: Non draco sit mihi dux
    • Third Line of the Prayer: Vade retro satana
      • Alternate Translations of the Third Line of the Prayer

Dear Ones,

Something came up, in the astral realm last night. Several people were dreaming along with me, and then we all woke up, in that half-dreamy state of reverie between sleep and waking. We were working out together what to say for an exorcism.


You all may remember my work on exorcism, and the words that people used to say, which are well rhymed and visually evocative. Here are the words of the Prayer of Saint Benedict for exorcism …

“Crux sacra sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi dux
“Vade retro satana / Numquam suade mihi vana
“Sunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas”

The Wikipedia translation  is like this …

“Let the Holy Cross be my light / Let not the dragon be my guide
“Step back Satan / Never tempt me with vain things
“What you offer me is evil / You drink the poison yourself.” –from Link: “Vade Retro Satana,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vade_retro_satana … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License


The Satan world has a lot to do with the subconscious mind, and the collective subconscious of humankind. Psychologists and psychiatrists might say that the images of the Satan world are repressed, subconscious expressions of thoughts and feelings that cannot meet societal expectations.

If this be true, then in order to deal with the Satan world, we must know about the subconscious mind, and how different it is from the conscious mind.

As the subconscious mind has not the qualities of logic or of abstract thought, its mental process has most fundamentally to do with its interpretation of metaphor as an emotion-packed image of a physical thing … often an image of the human body, or of a house that it interprets to be the human body. In a sense, the message of the subconscious image (or dream image) is the emotion that it carries, and the action that the body or house is taking … quite often, the pickle it is in at the moment. So the dreamtime expression is Image plus Emotion; that is the language of the subconscious mind.

In addition, the subconscious mind loves repetition and rhyme.

Thus it has these three qualities: love of repetition, love of rhyme, and expression of metaphor through visualizations of the human body during our dreamtime.


First Line of the Prayer: Crux sacra sit mihi lux

As can be seen from the above translation of the Prayer of Saint Benedict, it offers striking visual imagery. In the old days, Christians used to wear or carry a cross with them always. I feel this to be a very good practice for Christians today as well.

If that is done, then the first words of the Prayer … Crux sacra … might be accompanied by our physical gesture of touching the cross round our neck or in our pocket. And that would be a good gesture to engage the subconscious mind’s longing to express thought in terms of our physical body.

When we think about it, the cross is like the human body with arms outstretched. When we touch the cross upon our body, then the subconscious interprets the words crux sacra as meaning that our own body is a sacred place. In other words, this crux sacra is itself. The subconscious, in this way, is lifted up into the realms of Christlike Light and love and joy. It seems to me natural that these first words of the prayer will banish from the subconscious mind the imagery it may conjure of a Satanic being.

Then the words sit mihi lux … which create an image of Light. The subconscious mind then visualizes Light pouring into or emanating from the human body. Light, in Ascension terms, is the great healer of the Body of Light, plumping up the axiatonal lines of light, and erasing Soul wounding.

Soul wounding often is carried in the subconscious mind, we feel. Thus, visualization of the physical body as full of Light, we feel, is a healing image for the subconscious mind.

Second Line of the Prayer: Non draco sit mihi dux

The second line of the prayer … Non draco sit mihi dux … is also visually evocative. We might imagine that the subconscious creates an image of a dragon bossing it around. And that image applies, in terms of the brain, to the reptilian brain, the ancient instincts of humankind which often run counter to societal expectations.

Thus the second line of the prayer helps the subconscious mind toss out ‘acting out’ of the feral drive. And it presents this dictate in terms that the subconscious mind can understand … as visual imagery that carries and a message replete with a particular emotion.

In the case of subconsciously evoking the image of Satan, and of the conscious mind wanting to be rid of it, the second line of the Prayer is a command, spoken in subconscious lingo, to the subconscious mind. Just as the first line of the Prayer evokes, for the sake of the subconscious mind. what to do, the second line of the Prayer evokes, for the sake of the subconscious mind,  what not to do.

Third Line of the Prayer: Vade retro satana

With the third line of the prayer … Vade retro satana … we come up with a bit of a problem. And this is the problem that several people were discussing in the reverie state last night. The difficulty is this: Sometimes Christians use this translation of the line: Get thee behind me, Satan!

Now there is trouble here, from a martial arts point of view: No one wants Satan sneaking round behind them! Who knows what he might be up to, after he gets there?

Not only that, but there is apparently a metaphoric mixup going on with regard to the phrase Get thee behind me, Satan! and the act of rectal intercourse. Apparently, the collective subconscious of Christians globally has been associating the righteous phrase to this alternative mode of sexual expression.

I ran into an instance recently, on the astral plane, of someone ‘acting out’ this metaphor in real life, by performing the act of donor rectal sex while wearing a devil mask. I will say, this vision had me baffled; but now I understand. It is simply a mistake made by the subconscious mind in the misinterpretation of the phrase Vade retro satana as if it meant, in English: Get thee behind me, Satan!

Unusual as it may be, this dream world ‘acting out’ is an excellent example of the way the subconscious mind interprets visual images through the emotions attached to them, and translates them into physical terms, especially with regard to the dreamer’s own physical body.

I can only imagine the subconscious feeling emotions of courage and victory, while it saw the image of Satan going round behind the person. Well … the subconscious must have thought … It must be a very good thing for Satan to go round behind someone. This person gets a courageous, victorious feeling when Satan does that.

Now many Christians feel that Satan is an evil dude. And they also feel that rectal intercourse is an evil act, and can result in a person being possessed by the devil. I guess this all amounts to that very misinterpretation of Vade retro satana as meaning: Get thee behind me, Satan!

What is the subconscious mind to do? If it goes with the emotions of courage and a feeling of victoriousness, and opts, in real life, for the act of donor rectal intercourse, then it will afterwards reap the emotions of damnation and social opprobrium because of Christian disapproval of this act.

What a conundrum! And not one that the subconscious mind … lacking, as it does, the faculty of logic … is capable of figuring out. Better … far better … would be to propose a different English translation for the phrase Vade retro satana …

Alternate Translations of the Third Line of the Prayer. The translation I quote at the beginning of this blog … Step back, Satan … is better, I feel. And last night we came up with some alternate translations: Go back, Satan! …  and a young person contributed, with peals of laughter  …  Back off, Satan!  I feel these are also quite good; I especially enjoyed the laughter of the young person. There is nothing quite like laughter to evaporate visions of Satan and the demon realm. Well done, young person! Well done!

The imagery in each of these last three translations is of Satan approaching, and then the subconscious mind commands that he back off. And then, in subconscious imagery, he backs off … which, I feel to be just the right kind of image for a prayer of exorcism.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Emerging from the Astral Shell . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised on 10 June 2018; originally published on 29 July 2015

Dear Ones,

For some years now, I’ve been clair hearing folks conversing, in their astral bodies. They sound so emotional, so negative, so socially unacceptable! They identify themselves as folks I know. Yet when I call these people up, or email them, the tenor of the conversation, the quality of the thoughts and emotions, is completely different. Upbeat. Logical. Socially acceptable.

What gives? I used to think.

I tried theory after theory. Finally came up with the notion that people quite naturally carry on conversations together in the astral plane (aka the feeling world, the world of emotions, the dreamtime realm) all day long. But, their logical minds and their physical brains don’t know it.

Further, I feel, our astral bodies contain all our repressed, socially unacceptable ‘thought forms’. These are encapsulated by an energy barrier or shield (to prevent our expressing them and being socially ostracized).

They are tiny, furious thought forms that really want out of this barrier. They want to express themselves. They want to be free. And specifically, they want to be loved by their creator … our own beautiful heart. Our own vast Soul field. Barring that, they’ll express themselves to anyone else who is listening in on the clair plane.

So now, my human logical mind goes on to wonder, why is this happening? I came up with the theory that the astral body is somehow barred off from participating in the full life of the physical form. A more expansive energy barrier exists, separating astral matter from physical matter and mental matter. A Veil.

And that, during the Ascension process, in the last few years, the Incoming Light is creating micro wormholes through folks’ Veils, so that they begin to participate in their astral commotion. As these micro wormholes form, they begin hearing the astral conversations. Wondering, like I did, what in tarnation is all this astral commotion about?

And more importantly, the micro-encapsulated repressed energies are beginning to release and resolve into the Soul field. Not globally, necessarily, but first and foremost, unity within our own Soul field.

Yesterday, in my reading, I was very surprised to find Arthur E. Powell describing an ‘Astral Shell’, more or less in terms I had been surmising about. He further offers a direction in which humankind may be headed….

This would be one milepost in our Ascension process, the ‘knowing’ of our astral form while in grounded physical awareness. The ability to switch from physical sensation to astral awareness all in an instant, without the need for the astral body to leave the physical form (as is the case in our dreamtime astral travels).

For the information on the Astral Shell, see “The Astral Body and Other Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, (1) “Chapter VIII: Physical Life,” pp 80-81. 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965


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"The Rage the Body Feels" . a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 7 November 2014 

Dear Ones,

Here’s a poem about societal expectations and cellular joy … Continue reading

Caveats about Conversing Astrally with Other People . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 18 June 2017

    • On Observing the Subconscious Clair Chatter of Those Now Arising
    • How Celibate or Solitary People Talk with the Lightworker Subconsciously Before Arising
    • How Meandering Thought Forms of Others Find Their Way to Your Energy Field
    • How Thought Forms of Others Glom to Our Auric Wounds
    • How Other People’s Thought Forms Wander Away from Us When Our Auras Heal Up
    • Using the Astral Sidestepping Technique for Thoughts from Solitary People, and for Meandering Thought Forms That We Encounter
    • Subconscious Conversations Among People in Polyamorous Groups Not Yet Arisen
    • These Subconscious Conversations Express Repressed Negspeak and Negative Opinions of Members of the Group
    • On Achieving the Personal Unity Experience
      • On Giving the Inner Child a Chance to Speak So As to Unite the Lower and Higher Mental Bodies
      • On Uniting the Hemispheres of the Brain
      • On Achieving Complete Unity of Our Personal Intelligence Fields Through Soul Wisdom
    • The Astral Turmoil Caused by People Sleeping Together
    • On Dealing with the Repressed Thoughts of a Married Couple
      • Popcorn Thoughts from Someone Else in Church
      • A Woman and a Child Sat Down, Then Left
      • A Married Couple Came and Sat Down
      • How Easy It Was to Converse Astrally with the Couple
    • Difficulties in Conversing with Polyamorous Groupings
    • Polyamorous Groups Converse Subconsciously before Arising
    • In-Groups Who Have Not Yet Arisen Subconsciously War Against Outgroups or Outsider Individuals)
    • Using Lucid Dreaming, Twilight Sleep, or Yoga Nidra to Become Aware of Subconscious Conversations of Polyamorous Groups
    • Christian Churches Warring Because of Creed Differences
    • On Polyamorous Groups Middling Awakened: Dangers of Acting Out Because of a Perceived Leader’s Half-Awake Command to the Group
    • On Avoiding Polyamorous Groups Till They Become Conscious Enough Not to ‘Act Out’
    • Current Difficulties for Long-Married Couples

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on the perils and pitfalls of aiding the ascension process through conversing astrally with other individuals, couples, and groups, especially polyamorous groups. There’s also a little on the way that negative thought forms arrive in our field of awareness, and how to get rid of them. There’s a moderately edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I had an interesting revelation at church today. which I’ll try to explain.

On Observing the Subconscious Clair Chatter of Those Now Arising

When people are rising to consciousness, and becoming aware of the repressed thought forms; the emotion-laden thought forms … generally negative ones … in their gut brains, and you as an ascensioneer or lightworker are observing the clair chatter in their subconscious minds, the first thing that you’ll notice is a lot of negspeak.

And I’ve published a separate blog explaining a way to deal with that negspeak that transforms it from the negative to the positive: See “Sidestepping a Subconscious Astral Attack,” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7pE .

So you, as an observer of the subconscious minds of other people, and of the unconscious thought cloud of the world, can step aside, in neutral mind, and observe all that.

Now, I’d like to talk a little about how people speak together subconsciously, before they arise to consciousness of their gut brains.

How Celibate or Solitary People Talk with the Lightworker Subconsciously Before Arising

You may find individual people, generally solitary people … people who live alone, or are celibate, like that … talking to you; sending thought forms to you on the astral plane, in response to your own subconscious meanderings, especially emotion-laden feelings.

How Meandering Thought Forms of Others Find Their Way to Your Energy Field

Thought forms, in addition, meander around through the unconscious thought cloud of the world, just looking for a similar vibration, or a similar energy thread to combine with. And sometimes these stray thoughts of people, thoughts that have no specific direction or person that they’re being aimed at, will arrive at your door in response, simply, to an emotion that you’re feeling.

How Thought Forms of Others Glom to Our Auric Wounds

When there is an insufficiency in the aura, a localized morphogenetic field distortion that has a certain off-pitch sound to is, it will attract stray, emotion-laden thought forms that match the off-pitch quality of the auric defect.

How Other People’s Thought Forms Wander Away from Us When Our Auras Heal Up

As we do exercises and undergo dietary purification and other techniques to heal our auras, we can hear the accumulated negspeak thoughts that have accumulated at a localized distortion of our auric light. At first they hang on, and activate as we stretch and cleanse. Then later, as our aura heals, they have no further place to connect to our energy field; as they slide or slur off our human electromagnetic field, I often hear them complain of being dislodged:

Hey! I can’t find a place to latch on! Maybe I’ll try the back of the heart! Maybe I’ll try the sexual organs! Maybe I’ll try the rectum!

And so on. If they are unsuccessful at reconnecting in a new location, I can hear them floating off disconsolately. I’ve never heard this process described in the occult literature, but I’ve heard it happen so many times that I’m quite certain of it. However, I don’t know why it happens: Why would a thought form grow attached to a person? How would it know to seek around elsewhere in the aura for a place to lodge on? How bright is a thought form, anyway?

Using the Astral Sidestepping Technique for Thoughts from Solitary People, and for Meandering Thought Forms That We Encounter

But I digress. To continue with the video: 

  • There are the thoughts of solitary people, that are presented as one-on-one, in response to a subconscious thought form that you’ve broadcast unawares.
  • There are also wandering thought forms that have no home; that find their way to you simply because there’s a resonance there.
  • And these two can be dealt with pretty easily using the astral sidestepping technique I’ve mentioned in another blog.

Subconscious Conversations Among People in Polyamorous Groups Not Yet Arisen

Now with regard to groups of people who are still strongly tied into the subconsciousness of the gut brain, and haven’t started the process of becoming aware of their subconscious tendencies; their samskaras and so forth, through clearing their natal tendencies, and clearing their morphogenetic fields … as some say, their karmic miasmic distortions of the Light … there are a lot of names for that, but it is these kinds of groups of people that are responsible for the sounds that we hear on the subconscious plane, I think:

A lot of people agree to that, in many different faiths and philosophical traditions. Anyway, people who are bound together through the gut brain … and this generally happens because they’re having sex together … before they rise to conscious, their subconscious minds, their gut brains, actually carry on conversations together, that you might think were conscious conversations, and might even think were conspiracies against you, or plans against you.

These Subconscious Conversations Express Repressed Negspeak and Negative Opinions of Members of the Group

And this is because it’s primarily negspeak, and negative opinions that are not socially acceptable; that don’t live up to societal expectations; that are being bound down and repressed in the gut brain, as part of the inner child that’s not allowed to speak; that isn’t allowed a voice in the world, after the age of reason is attained.

On Achieving the Personal Unity Experience

On Giving the Inner Child a Chance to Speak So As to Unite the Lower and Higher Mental Bodies. So our job is to give that child a chance to speak; to say all of her upsets, or his upsets. To say all of his hopes and expectations that have not been met. And to just allow that child into our own grown-up hearts so that we can become one, from the Lower Mental Body to the Higher Mental Body.

On Uniting the Hemispheres of the Brain. That’s our hope. And of course the other hope is to unite the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and then have a unified Higher Mental Body.

On Achieving Complete Unity of Our Personal Intelligence Fields Through Soul Wisdom. And a still greater hope is, through the Soul’s wisdom, to unite all the intelligences of all of our bodies … both subtle and physical … so that we can act as one, as one person with one Soul, and through the Soul’s learning.

The Astral Turmoil Caused by People Sleeping Together

So, all the people on Earth are rising up to this call of Soul wisdom, and Soul learning, and unconditional love right now, right? But there’s this turmoil and maelstrom going on; and it has to do with the fact that people are sleeping together.

On Dealing with the Repressed Thoughts of a Married Couple

If the people that are sleeping together are a married couple, that have been together for a long time, and feel loved towards each other, it’s pretty easy to deal with their repressed thoughts … even if they have a negative thought.

Like in church today, there was someone in front of me … some ways away from me … who was doing the Iwo Jima thing (see “The Iwo Jima Leap of a Soul Wounding Experience,” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7kS ), only a much modified version.

Popcorn Thoughts from Someone Else in Church. He kept having repressed thoughts. One of them had to do with: Will you have sex with me? [over and over again] And that had to do with his inner child not being satisfied with regard to sexual joy. Maybe he had been working too hard … Most likely, he just overlooked that he really needed to take care of that situation and please his body cells and himself.

And so, over and over again, this unfulfilled desire came of him, popped out of his Higher Mental Body (in the area of the right side of his brain), and slammed into my brain. It was like giant popcorn popping out at me: Ptchoo! Ptchooo! Ptchoo!

Because I had had some experience with the Iwo Jima thing, I was ready. And I almost immediately placed the thought forms to this one person who was some ways in front of me.

So then I started employing the astral sidestepping technique referred to above, the one that’s in my other blog. And that was working not too well after a while, because he started to fall asleep, to become semi-somnambulent, during the talk. (And semi-somnambulence leads to increased subconscious astral chatter from our inner child.)

But before that, I had some success. Let’s see, what was he talking about subconsciously? Yes, I recall: At first he was saying: Don’t look at me! Don’t look at my back! Don’t think about me! Don’t look at me! … Like that, over and over again. Because he felt, I guess, self-conscious about being in front of a woman, I guess.

A Woman and a Child Sat Down, Then Left. So I was using the sidestepping technique with that pretty well, and then the other topic came up. So in the meantime, a woman and her child sat down beside me. And subconsciously or consciously, they heard the astral commotion that was going on, with regard to the man far in front of me.

A Married Couple Came and Sat DownThe woman and her child got up and left, and a couple came and sat down beside me. The couple had in mind: Maybe there was devilish stuff going on … That was in their subconscious minds … They would take care of it; they would make sure there was none of that in their church!

How Easy It Was to Converse Astrally with the Couple. But because they had this foundation of love between them, as a couple, I was able to talk to them consciously. And they were much more conscious of what was going on in their gut brains. So that was easy to deal with, basically. It was very easy. And I arrived at some very fruitful insights and conclusions because of the talk that we had together.

Difficulties in Conversing with Polyamorous Groupings

Now there’s one other type of situation that I want to talk to you about, that’s much more difficult to deal with:

That is the situation of polyamory … when there are people in a group who are all making love together;

  • who are, for instance, say, six people in a group. or eight people in a group, who are perhaps married couples who are ‘swinging’ with other married couples.
  • Or it might be just a group of single people; say 12 single people, who are all exchanging sexual favors amongst themselves.
  • Or it might be in a group situation, where everyone in a group sleeps with everyone else in the group,
  • or maybe only with the leader, or with him as well as one’s partner

Polyamorous Groups Converse Subconsciously before Arising

These situations present to the lightworker or ascensioneer in a much different, and much more threatening manner. Basically, what’s happening is, all of the people in the polyamorous grouping talk together subconsciously.

In-Groups Who Have Not Yet Arisen Subconsciously War Against Outgroups or Outsider Individuals)

And as a clair person, you can hear them talking, and it seems like they’re doing a conspiracy thing against you. They’re doing an ingroup thing. And that involves war on outsiders; war on outgroups. And you represent the outgroup, right? Because you’re not sleeping with them.

Using Lucid Dreaming, Twilight Sleep, or Yoga Nidra to Become Aware of Subconscious Conversations of Polyamorous Groups

And so, at this stage of the ascension process, that ingroup-outgroup thing … a warring on outgroups … can result in physical danger to the ascensioneer; or even mortal peril.

You’ll hear about this especially when you fall asleep, and are hopefully in a lucid dreaming state … or are doing yoga nidra (search this term on the site Abhyasa Ashram, http://swamij.com ), which is a very important skill to learn right now.

So if you’re sleeping, and you’re aware of what’s going on at the same time; or if you’re just waking up from a deep sleep, then you can notice, and you will find out, what is happening in the minds of these other, polyamorous groups, with regard to you. And after that, you can fashion a way to deal with that situation.

I’ll have more on this in the future. I’d just like to put out there, that that’s the cause of this problem. The cause of this problem is polyamory. That’s the cause of the danger to lightworkers right now … it’s an ingroup-outgroup thing.

Christian Churches Warring Because of Creed Differences 

And it happens between Christian churches as well, because of creeds and beliefs being different for the various churches.

On Polyamorous Groups Middling Awakened: Dangers of Acting Out Because of a Perceived Leader’s Half-Awake Command to the Group

But the most dangerous situation has to do with shared sexual intercourse amongst the people in a particular group, because that gathers and garners the subconscious minds and the gut brains of a bunch of people together.

And they talk and plot together, as if they are in an ascension group. And typically, as these semi-somnambulent groups of polyamorous people begin to rise to consciousness, there will be one person … maybe the person perceived as the most powerful, as the leader, for reasons of fame or power … who attains an acting out point with regard to the ascensioneer or lightworker, and who … generally through an email or phone call … signals the other members of the polyamorous group, to act in some way against the lightworker or ascensioneer.

And that is just a middling step that is happening: An ‘acting out’ where everybody in the group thinks that is what they’re supposed to do, because the person perceived as the leader told them to do it.

They’re actually rising to consciousness faster than he, because they’re in a defensive position; he’s the leader, right? So he has the power over them. And so, he comes up with something, an action plan, but he doesn’t really know the full intent of what he’s doing. He’s half sleep-walking too. And that’s the danger zone.

On Avoiding Polyamorous Groups Till They Become Conscious Enough Not to ‘Act Out’

Then there comes a point after that … If you survive as a lightworker! [laughs] … There comes a point, if you’re nimble on your feet; if you know what to do; if you know where to go and what to avoid … If you stop talking to them altogether, for instance, and turn to another group … then there will come a point at which they all become conscious enough to know not to ‘act out’ anymore. And that’s something to look forward to.

Current Difficulties for Long-Married Couples

For those of you ascensioneers and lightworkers who are united in marriage with someone, I believe it would probably be less of a problem, if it’s a happy marriage. However, I have noticed that many of the lightworkers, who are happily married, have been experiencing marital difficulties right now. Because there is a certain amount of the glom effect involved in marital bonding. And so it’s a little bit more difficult than it would be for a celibate person, to achieve complete Soul clearing.

That’s all for now. You all take care! Love you all lots! Have a wonderful Solstice celebration in this June of 2017.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Iwo Jima Leap of a Soul Wounding Experience . by Alice B. Clagett

  • Antisocial Personalities as People Who Are ‘Above the Law’
  • Antisocial Personalities as People with Massive Soul Wounding
  • Soul Wounding ‘Containment Pods’ Consisting of Unconscious Astral Matter
  • Are These Containment Pods Tended by Nature Spirits Unable to Contact Their Devas?
  • The ‘Iwo Jima Leap’: Soul Wounding Suddenly Leaps into an Observer’s Conscious Awareness
  • Are Antisocial Personalities Adepts at Mind Control?
  • Oh Healing the Antisocial Personality
  • On Healing Addiction

Dear Ones,


There’s a notion in the astral chatter that we must allow antisocial personalities to do the Team Dark ‘smash and grab’ thing in order to save ourselves from hostile out-group peoples. Sometimes the story goes that the antisocial personalities are working for the security of our nation, and that the threat comes from abroad … from other nations. That we must allow these fake ‘government agents’ to kill and rape and maim and plunder in our home towns because the highest levels of government have authorized them to do so.

I’m here to say: No way! This story is just a Hollywood movie line created by antisocial personalities to trick us into overlooking the mayhem they’re wreaking on our towns and cities, all over Earth.

I have a few thoughts regarding why this unlikely astral story even exists. The first is a clue I got from Wikipedia, some while back, about antisocial personalities. It said that they frequently ideate a grand role for themselves, such as that of a prophet, or king, or secret service agent, or a being from outer space with incredible ESP abilities.

Back in the day, and without much fanfare, these used to be termed ‘delusions of grandeur.’ So there’s that.


In addition, I have my own theory, as follows. Antisocial personalities, I feel, have massive Soul wounding … the bruising and dark mottling from misadventures in this and prior lifetimes must cover much of their body of light. It will also be reflected in all their other subtle bodies, and often results in illness or congenital malformations in the physical body.


Now Soul wounding consists of inclusions of anomalous darkness within our Body of Light. These inclusions are held in place by bands or strictures or bubbles of deeply unconscious astral matter. One might think of these ‘restraint devices’ or ‘containment pods’ as ‘antimatter’ … although that is only a word connoting their great deviation from the normal composition of astral matter, which tends toward and yearns for sentience, by its nature.


These ‘containment pods’ in which are stored Soul wounding experiences may be tended by astral ‘imps’ or nature spirits who have been bewitched by the Dark into this dark activity, either through threat to their own selves, or through misinformation by the Dark about the nature of the service they’re doing. For instance, they may be convinced by the Dark that they’re doing a good thing. It happens that nature spirits fall under the sway of the Dark especially in urban areas, where their Deva guardians cannot enter to instruct and save them from bewitchment.

I feel that he nature of the containment pods … their composition being deep unconscious astral matter … is the true cause of the much vaunted ‘mind control’ abilities of the Dark; I’ll develop this notion below …


I’ll give an example. Some long while ago, I was in a very nice church; there were clairly gifted people in it, who could see on the astral plane, and who were familiar with astral beings, both those of the Dark … such as demons and devils and imps … and those of the Light, such as beings of light, star brethren, ascended masters, and angels.

During the service, I was listening to the sermon. All of a sudden, I passed to a subconscious state; then I heard a commanding astral voice coming, apparently from a man near the front of the church:

Be gone, Satan!

I suddenly awoke to full consciousness, as it seemed an evil being bounded off of the left side of me and over to a person sitting about six feet from me, to my left. Then I remembered the same thing had happened the previous week. Then I astrally requested a ‘rollback’ (a time loop):

Rollback, please!

And as is usually the case, I got an instant replay. Just before my sudden lapse into a subconscious, dreamlike state, an astral figure about four feet high had sprung out of the gentleman seated to my left, and lept onto me savagely. I call it the ‘Iwo Jima’ thing, because the leap reminded me of The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, VA:

Image: “The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va., can be seen prior to the Sunset Parade June 4, 2013. Sunset Parades are held every Tuesday during the summer months,” author Adrian R. Rowan, Public domain photograph from defenseimagery.mil, http://www.dimoc.mil/ 

I call it the ‘Iwo Jima leap’ because the astral action that took place was a leap out of the person sitting 6 feet to my left, through the air, and then a springing down on me … as if the statue were a time lapse of the astral event.

However, the statue represents an action of patriotic heroism, and the flavor of the astral event was one of utmost cruel intent. I discussed this on the astral plane with the gentleman who had spotted the attack, the one who called out astrally “Be gone, Satan!”

Here are two images that offer the emotional tenor of the event, but not the time-lapse effect:

Image: “Pilgrim’s Progress: Escape” by DouglasRamsey on DeviantArt: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2b/17/cd/2b17cd75de9cb6d679e56e7241a173c0.jpg .. This is an image of a young man with a big burden on his back, getting up from a kneeling position just as a giant gnarly demon is leaping on him from the sky. Very nice artistic rendition; but in the event, it was me, a woman seated, and the ‘demon’ was not half so large. Although this artists captures very well the emotional feeling.

Image: “Christian Fights Apollyon: Illustration to ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress'” by  William Strang: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/sites/default/files/styles/postcard/public/externals/118983.jpg?itok=xAi-Dt2r .. This is a drawing of a pilgrim with a devil perched on his left shoulder. The pilgrim looks wide awake though, and is reaching for his sword. He has also a shield over his head, between him and the devil.

To me, it seemed that what had happened was not the attack of a Dark entity, but rather the sudden release of the containment pod of a Soul wounding incident that had been suffered by the man to my left. Clearly this act of violence, perhaps inflicted by the gentleman himself in wartime, or perhaps viewed by him, had been repressed beneath a layer of unconscious energy, for that would account for my sudden passing into a subconscious state.

As the Soul wounding experience released from the man’s aura or energy field, I was first hit by the unconscious energies in the containment field, and then the stored audiovisual file, the memory of the event held in the Soul field of the man, sprang forth as well.

While this appeared to the man in the front of the church as an attack of the Dark, in actuality, I feel it was the beginning of a Soul healing event for the man to my left. I feel he’s now in the process of allowing this traumatic experience to surface into his conscious awareness, and thus resolving and healing the memory of the incident. That cathartic release may happen for him one day soon, if it has not already done so.


I’ve often paused to wonder: If antisocial personalities represent 1 to 4 percent of the population, and if by definition they commit acts of atrocity all the time, then why is it that they are so seldom apprehended by law enforcement? And when apprehended, is it true that they are able (as is oft stated in the astral airs) to obfuscate the psychologists and psychiatrists that interview them, elude their captors, and escape from imprisonment?

Do antisocial personalities in fact have awesome powers of mind control?

This Iwo Jima incident that I experienced some while ago makes clear the mechanism of mind control of antisocial personalities such as killing cult leader Charles Manson, killing commune leader Daniel Perez, and the cannibalistic literary figure Hannibal Lecter of the movie “Silence of the Lambs.” What apparently happens in their presence is a leaping forth of the unconscious astral matter of their Soul wounding containment fields. It must be that this ‘springing forth’ puts their captors and interrogators into a kind of daydream state, a state of subconsciousness, as it did me.

So then, the conclusion would be, not that antisocial personalities have awesome powers of mind control … although I judge from a youtube interview of Charles Manson that I saw, that antisocial personalities do feel that they have these powers. It seems to them that this is so, as they see people fall into a stupor in their presence.


However, a truer way of looking at the event is to see the massiveness of the Soul wounding of antisocial personalities. It is this Soul wounding leaping forth, asking to reach the light of awareness and to be healed, that is causing the lapses of consciousness of the people with whom antisocial personalities come in contact. It would also account for the failure of our communities to apprehend them and allot them such placement as will prevent further injury to the social fabric of our communities.

How can we apprehend the antisocial personality? How can he be healed? We must ask our ascension teams for new ascension skills … armor, as it were … to withstand sudden onslaught of unconscious astral matter, so that we may remain wide awake when hit with their Soul wounding containment fields. When we are able at this skill, then we will be able to clair hold the audiovisual clips of their Soul wounding up to conscious light, so that it may be transformed, by their own Souls, to light and love.

So this is good news: Whereas in past there has been no hope for rehabilitation of the antisocial personality into the mainstream, now there is a direction, a potential treatment, and hope of healing.


It occurs to me also that all forms of injurious addiction … whether to alcohol, or to drugs, or to obsessive compulsive behaviors … may indicate a similar unconscious containment field mechanism. Perhaps the addict has had Soul wounding experiences, in this or a prior lifetime.

During the course of the day, an emotion surfaces in the emotional body that begins to bring up the memory of the Soul wounding. The habitual act represented by the addiction is under control of the unconscious mind, and by instinct the person reaches for that act, which brings down a container of unconscious energy that represses the Soul wounding memory back into a dark, dense occlusion in the body of light.

If this be true, then treatment might be attempted in a manner similar to that described above for the antisocial personality.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Group Sexual Vibes and the Empath . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 20 May 2017

Image: Statue of a man reminiscent of Icarus, underwater, looking down, by Jason DeCaires Taylor, by https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5613/15609877635_7dc22bd77a_z.jpg .. This statue is like the state of awareness capable of enlightenment, but submerged in and overwhelmed by the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

    • The Hyper-Reactivity of the Second Chakra
    • Empathy as a Trait of Lightworkers, Healers, and Spiritual Counselors
    • Empaths as Reflectors of Other People’s Chakric Patterning
    • Social Censure by Others of Their Own Sexual Taboos as Reflected in the Empath’s Energy Field
    • Boomerang Effect of Negative Thought Forms, from the Sender to Empath and Back Again
    • Example: Boomerang of Social Taboos between Female Empath and a Young Woman
    • Clair Din Ratchets Up Unless Transmuted with Love and Light
    • Empathic Sexual Chakric Mimicry Is Not Gender-Specific
    • Loud Clair Sexual Melee in a Group
    • Example: The Man with the Wandering Eye
    • Example: Couple Leading a Group; Jealousy or Insecurity Felt by the Wife
    • Groups Worldwide Are Emerging from the Subconscious Waters into the Light of Awareness
    • A Call to Action: How Can Empaths Ease Other Folks’ ‘Waking Up Grumpiness’?
    • Example: The Lilith Dilemma
    • Example: The Antisocial Personality Interacts with the Empath
    • On Warding Off Hateful Thoughts from Others
      • Feeling of Being Surrounded but Full of Faith
      • Descent of Grace as Light
      • Alternative: Descent of Grace as an Angelic Being
      • The Split Searchlight Image
      • Alternative: The Sacred Heart of Christ Image
      • The Piano Pouring Down Grace Image
    • Example: Pro-Sex Group Ratchets Up Sexual Energy; Empath Departs Group Temporarily
      • On the Empath Stabilizing Their Electromagnetic Field as a Clair Shield
    • Example: Empath Is in the Presence of a Group that Feels Negatively Toward Sexual Energy
      • Prudery
      • Drawbacks of Psychic Surgery to Prevent Sexual Feelings
      • Ratcheting Up of Sexual Rage in Prudish Groups; Empath Departs Group Permanently
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

At the end of this blog is a video about how, as our empathic skills increase, we interact with other people’s thought forms about sexual desire. I put the Summary before the video, as the Summary is more complete. Text not in the video is in blue font. I’ve also added image links in magenta font to the Summary …


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I am of the Stars.

I thought I’d explain a little about the second chakra and empathy, and the rise and fall of the waves of sexual desire all over the world. We’ve touched on this topic many times. This is just a further insight about it, with regard to empaths.

The Hyper-Reactivity of the Second Chakra

Of all the chakras, old-style, that we have (the seven chakras that used to be in human form before the 2012 Shift), the most reactive, I feel, to the Unconscious thought cloud of the world is the second chakra … the sexual chakra.

So the minute a person begins to feel sexual, to that chakra are attracted, from other people, many thought forms laden with desire. These thought forms, that are so strong, and so over-weight amongst the thought forms that rain down upon the other chakras of the chakra system, have to do with the mass media that I’ve also discussed many times, and the emphasis, in the mass media, on the second chakra ,,, including billboards, television, magazines, movies, and video games, to name a few. 

Empathy as a Trait of Lightworkers, Healers, and Spiritual Counselors

I believe all lightworkers are empaths, and that many people in the healing professions and the spiritual counseling professions are empaths … The medical professions and psychological and psychiatric professions are frequently empaths. These people have a tendency to feel the chakric patterning of the people they’re with, whether it be one person that’s with them in the physical sense, or a whole group of people.

Empaths as Reflectors of Other People’s Chakric Patterning

If empaths are with people with very robust endocrine systems … such as the endocrine system of younger people typically is … then the empaths tend to reflect the same pattern in their chakric system as they’re experiencing from that other person or those other people in a group.

Social Censure by Others of Their Own Sexual Taboos as Reflected in the Empath’s Energy Field

So what happens, then … because in much of the world, there are many taboos around the act of sex and thoughts of sex, and so forth … when the other person clair hears the clair chatter that has been transferred from them to the empath, they tend to react with the same social censure messages or malware messages that they heard from their parents when they were very young, before the age of reason.

Boomerang Effect of Negative Thought Forms, from the Sender to Empath and Back Again

So when this negative malware impacts the mimic patterning of the empath, then it ratchets that energy, in a negative sense, back to the sender. And then, if the empath doesn’t transform or transmute that energy with love, then the racket grows and grows. It grows into a kind of a maelstrom of negative sexual energy:

No, don’t do that! No, don’t do that!
No, don’t think that!
Who are you?

And then a bunch of pejoratives, negative derogatory terms, start being slung back and forth about alternate lifestyles.

Example: Boomerang of Social Taboos between Female Empath and a Young Woman

Image: Portrait of young woman by Brazilian painter Harding Meyer, showing sexual allure as a flowing forth of light from one side of the face: http://www.themechanism.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/hardingmeyer2-520×379.jpg  .. The allure of physical form is different from sexual chakra malware, which is located in the lower quadrant of the body of light, and in the lower etheric net of a human being.

Here’s a good example: Say a female lightworker empath is around a young woman who has a strong sex drive. And that young woman feels a very strong feeling of sexual urge, accompanied by the usual thought forms for a heterosexual person. The lightworker who is, say, female, such as myself, patterns that, and then the young woman throws back (on the clair plane):

How dare you!
How dare you have that feeling towards me!

… which is a big embarrassment for the lightworker or the empath, who also has thoughts about the social aptness of various thoughts. So she might react with:

  • No, I didn’t! 
  • or with How dare you!
  • or with transmuting with love and light.

Clair Din Ratchets Up Unless Transmuted with Love and Light

Those are some of the options. And so, if the last option is not picked, then the clair din starts to ratchet up. In an establishment, everybody in the establishment suddenly gets involved in clair discussion (often on a plane of consciousness borderline between the conscious and the subconscious mind, about the social issue of alternate lifestyles, and so forth. If it’s a lightworker or empath that’s a man, the same thing might happen.

Empathic Sexual Chakric Mimicry Is Not Gender-Specific

Image: Painting of young girl underwater: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/21/f2/1c/21f21c89c4b35b2d37ce866b2c7edf8d.jpg .. This painting reminds me of a healer consciously submerging in the unconscious thought cloud of the world, as a neutral observer.

The patterning that happens on the sexual chakra, for an empath, is not sexually specific. It merely reflects the malware, or automatic response mechanisms, deeply buried in the subconscious mind; the repressed energies of the person that they’re with. Whether they’re with a man or a woman, it will still reflect whatever that other person has in terms of sexual malware. Of course, the empath’s response might vary, depending on the gender of the other person.

Loud Clair Sexual Melee in a Group

And especially in a large group or crowd, it’s like a melee. One person will have a sexual feeling. And then the lightworker or empath notices that, plus all the energies of the other people in the room regarding that and all the other chakras.

But the sexual chakra is a very loud chakra because of all the repressed energies because of early childhood learning. Very loud. One of the first things that people experience when they start to awaken is all the nay-saying regarding sexuality in the world.

Example: The Man with the Wandering Eye

So everybody in the room starts to hear, after a while, a din about sexuality. And it varies very much. Some men are saying their familiar line, such as:

Could I have a date with you, dear woman?
Or it might be very explicit instead.

And they repeat this over and over again on the clair plane, whenever the sexual vibe in a room arises … without actually knowing that they’re doing it. But the partner that they’re sitting with notices it, and thinks that they’re coming onto someone else in the room … perhaps the new person: the lightworker, the empath … and so that partner starts up very indignantly about how their man is being pre-empted by somebody that is an outsider to the group. And the lightworker is thinking:

Oh my goodness, what should I do?
What could I do about this?

Then somebody else picks up on the clair plane … somebody that has an interest in an alternate lifestyle. And they have a different song to sing, and a different energy to add to the group. And it continues on. It can go all around a group, in different directions. Or it can rise into an uproar.

Example: Couple Leading a Group; Jealousy or Insecurity Felt by the Wife

I know of one gathering that I attended one time, where a man and a wife lead the group, and it happened every once in a while. And the wife had Soul wounding to do with another woman having stolen her sweetheart. Most likely, in adolescence, she had a sister who took her boyfriend away from her and scotched her on that. And she never forgave her. It was, maybe, first love, and here was her sister ruining her life, and this was something that sank deep down into her subconscious mind … I don’t know that that’s so, but this type of childhood wounding would explain that behavior.

Image: “The Fall of Man and the Lamentation,” painting by Hugo van der Goes, circa 1470:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hugo_van_der_Goes_-_The_Fall_of_Man_and_The_Lamentation_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg … The setting is the Garden of Eden; Adam is on the left; the beautiful and chaste Eve in the center, picking an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. On the right is the serpent, depicted as a shorter (non-alpha) woman with a reptilian body. I take this legend as the beginning of the myth dividing women into two groups: ‘the good wife’ and ‘the fallen woman’.

To continue, she and her husband led. And I, as a very sensitive empath, was in the group. I had no designs on either of them. But there was a strong energy of sexual repression in the group, and as soon as she thought a sexual thought, it would ricochet over to me, and then back to her, and her Soul wounding would be engaged, so she would think I was after her man. Then I would feel empathic dismay equal to her feeling of dismay. Like this:

Oh, my goodness! What will I do?

And because they were in a leadership position, she began to chant, over and over again, in her conscious mind, words that had to do with nay-saying or extreme anger about other people daring to have a sexual thought about her husband. It got to the point, after a meeting or two, where I couldn’t go back there, because she was planning it in advance, whether subconsciously or consciously; planning a campaign about ‘the Scarlet Letter’ for me, as the most clair-sensitive person in this group of people who were very sensitive on the clair plane. The other people didn’t know what to do.

Painting: “The Whore of Babylon,” by William Blake, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/William_Blake_whore_babylon.jpg ..

Groups Worldwide Are Emerging from the Subconscious Waters into the Light of Awareness

This scenario is being repeated over and over again in groups these days; there’s a certain point where people are just on the verge of dipping into repressed memories and bringing them up into the light of consciousness, and nobody has a precedent for how to act or react to what they hear.

Image: Painting of a young man emerging from water, by Benjamin Craig: http://kartinca.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Art-by-Benjamin-Craig.jpg .. There is a snake in the water, which might represent the fear of exposing subconscious, repressed thoughts and emotions, or the kundalini energy of awakening.

A Call to Action: How Can Empaths Ease Other Folks’ ‘Waking Up Grumpiness’?

Image: Painting by Henrietta Harris of a sober-looking young man with his head partly out of the water: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/8f/d2/0c/8fd20cd6ea94d016803f2d2374580784.jpg .. He looks a little like an empath wondering what to do next.

Nobody knows what to do at this point, so those of us that are rising to consciousness in this regard are all experimenting with ways to assist in alleviating Soul wounding responses, automatic responses, when we gather in groups, so that the groups can continue in a harmonious way as the Ascension process continues.

Image: Giver of Life, spirit lifting water in cupped hands, by Mark Henson, http://markhensonart.com/files/Giver-of-Life-cc.jpg ..

I urge all of you who are now at the conscious level … of which there are many, many in Los Angeles … to try to think of a way to transmute these negative energies about sexuality to the light, through your own heart center, through the energies of the group, or through some small action on the astral or physical plane … such as a kind word … that will help to switch, or twist, the energy that’s being expressed, from the negative to the positive.

I expect, coming into the June 2017 Solstice next month, that many more techniques will begin to manifest.

Example: The Lilith Dilemma

There are just a couple more things regarding this topic. One is the Lilith dilemma that I mentioned early on, some years back. It has to do with ‘the third woman’ … the evil woman, the dance hall girl, as compared to the wife, and social attitudes towards that. And I recommend to you that you take a look at that blog … search Lilith on my website … because sometimes you can identify cultural patterns in the way that the noospheric energies move. And that’s one; it’s called the Lilith, the ‘fallen woman’.

Image: bas-relief of Lilith, from Sumerian mythology: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/0*v2efItjQ29CrGzwg.jpg .. Note the clawed feet stepping on a two-headed beast of prey. 

And a man will treat a woman that he perceives as Lilith quite differently from the woman that he’s married to. And this reflects in the noospheric energies that occur. So sometimes that can be identified and maybe there will be a fix. Maybe we’ll come up with something.

Painting: Woman with a prim mouth, distorted to the right of her face, by Henrietta Harris: https://inkedribs.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/henrietta-harris_04.jpg?w=529&h=738 .. To me, this painting represents the ‘proper’ wife; desire not to speak her truth distorts or displaces the mouth energy.

Example: The Antisocial Personality Interacts with the Empath

Then there’s the antisocial personality contribution to the area of sexuality. And this must be dealt with, with a completely neutral mind. This is one of the cases where repetition of the phrase:

May you be blessed with unconditional love!

… helps, because it posits a third party doing the blessing … whether it’s God, whether it’s your celestial Ascension team … there’s a visualization here of a third party that confers the unconditional love.

And that’s very important because otherwise, the antisocial personality will latch onto your sex drive and onto your heart chakra, and drain the heart chakra with constant stimulation of the sexual chakra at the same time. And there’s also a question of mind control that occurs as the energy field weakens because of the atypical energy configuration of the electromagnetic field of the antisocial personality. So it’s very important to make that distinction.

On Warding Off Hateful Thoughts from Others

The below visualizations work for the empath being confronted with the chakric patterning of the antisocial personality, and also for the empath confronting the dark bodies (repressed Soul wounded energies) of family and friends …

Feeling of Being Surrounded but Full of Faith. The feeling starts like this, with a feeling of being surrounded by other people’s dark bodies. The empath first feels faith, like the central man in the painting:

Image:”The Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse (755-812) Tormented by Demons (oil on canvas),” by Fredeau, Ambroise (1589-1673): https://biblioklept.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/tumblr_ltprof64jm1r1dpd5o1_1280.jpg .. well, ok, this is an exaggeration … to me, a little too spooky.

Descent of Grace as Light. Then you imagine a field of grace, like light coming from heaven:

Image: “In Worship,” by Jaijelinne: http://pre13.deviantart.net/fa15/th/pre/i/2012/321/1/3/in_worship_by_jaijelinne-d5l8qbk.jpg .. This is a painting of a young woman with arms outstretched; there is a white dove above her, and a column of golden light is pouring down from on high, onto her physical form. It’s the faith of the young woman, I feel, that triggers or activates the connection with Divine.

Alternative: Descent of Grace as an Angelic Being. Or you might image grace raining down in the form of an etheric angel, as in this painting:

Image: “A Healing Angel as Seen Clairvoyantly by Geoffrey Hodson,” a Theosophist:  http://www.minhtrietmoi.org/Theosophy/Hodson/Sharing%20the%20Light%20I_files/image013.jpg ..

The Split Searchlight Image. Then you might imagine that light is split in two from on high, and pours down on both you and on the dark body of another person. The visualization is a little like this, only you must imagine that the point of origin is overhead, in the sky, and that the one column of light is continuing to pour down on you, and that Source sends another beam of light down on your persecutor:

Image: Split beam of a searchlight: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y79/BVH/excelsplit.jpg ..

Alternative: The Sacred Heart of Christ Image. The well known Sacred Heart of Christ painting reminds me, in a horizontal sense, of this visualization:

Image: Sacred Heart of Jesus: http://www.catholic.az/en/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/sacred-heart_rays.jpg ..

In the painting, there are two rays of light streaming from Christ’s heart, one red and one blue. What’s missing here is what the light is transforming. One might imagine that one of the streams connects to the empath’s electromagnetic field, and the other connects to the dark body of the antisocial personality (which either accepts it, or more than likely, is repulsed by it).

The Piano Pouring Down Grace Image. Or if the dark bodies of many people are dissing you, you might visualize grace pouring down like a stream of pure water and transforming their subconscious minds:

Image: Painting by Timothy Martin; piano lit with light inside, with lotus flowers on it. From inside the piano a stream of pure water flows down the keyboard, and into a pond with lily pads in it: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/15/3d/13/153d131564168bac95b3ffacada50497.jpg ..

Example: Pro-Sex Group Ratchets Up Sexual Energy; Empath Departs Group Temporarily

Then there’s the question of the ratchet up, in a group situation, of the sexual energy field. This is when the people in the group are pro-sex (positively oriented toward sexual energy and relatively free of sexual malware). Not necessarily at that moment, but in general, their orientation is pro-sex. So one person in the group has a feeling:

I’d like to find a sexual partner.
Gee, is anybody out there for me?

On the Empath Stabilizing Their Electromagnetic Field as a Clair Shield. Now for the empath, at this point, one thing to do is to stabilize the electromagnetic field. I’ve offered many different ways of doing this … whether mudras (hand positions), or visualizations, or meditations, or just in general, diet and getting plenty of rest, and so forth. There are a lot of different ways to make the electromagnetic field very strong.

And so I suggest, at this point, utilizing whatever’s at hand to enhance and strengthen the personal electromagnetic field. Then what happens when this person’s thought form impinges on your own energy field, is that the energy field acts as a neutral barrier, and the same energy with which the thought form hit the energy barrier, causes it to boomerang off of it and back to the person. And send it then to other people in the room.

Image: Strong Electromagnetic Field versus Weak Electromagnetic Field in a Woman: http://www.reikisadhna.com/new%20images/New%20folder/Page%209%20Aura.jpg .. Note how ‘bounce-off-able’ the strong EMF looks. The whorls and indentations in the weak EMF dampen the boomerang effect, much in the ways that acoustic foam baffles muffle sound (1).

When your energy shield is down, some of the people in the room, or maybe all of the people in the room, will begin to feel uncomfortably sexual. That’s because, in general in groups, even though they may feel pro the notion of sexuality, avant garde in that matter, they don’t feel like suddenly taking advantage of that desire in a group situation. And so the people will become very antsy.

The only thing I can say about that right now is, it’s important for the empath to exit the geographic vicinity as soon as possible. It’s very important to go away from that group glom, and thus to allow the people to ratchet down, without the boomerang effect of your own energy field shield. In a group that feels, overall, positively toward sexuality, I find it all right to visit with them again at a later date (after the astral airs clear).

Example: Empath Is in the Presence of a Group that Feels Negatively Toward Sexual Energy

Prudery. Then as to the case of the empath who finds himself in a group, whether on the physical plane or just associated on the astral plane with a group that is very negatively inclined towards sex, and always believes that sex should be repressed, for example, a group of celibate people, or a group of puritan people, who have a very strong notion that sexuality should only be used in specific situations … say, for the perpetuation of the species … and that it must be repressed in all other situations … people who have a very strong view along those lines …

Image: “Delivered from Prude,” a painting by Chris Mars: https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.artslant.com/work/image/39481/slide/Delivered_from_Prude_3A7D2C.72.jpg .. The textures and images convey the notion of hide-bound ideas about sexuality.

Drawbacks of Psychic Surgery to Prevent Sexual Feelings. I’ve even run into spiritual adepts who do psychic surgery on the lay people that support them to prevent them by cutting the spinal column around the level of the narrow part of the waist, psychically, to prevent them from feeling sexual.

And, as has been discussed in other blogs, what this eventually leads to is Soul devolution, because it leads to an injury called the snapping of the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’. This then separates the Higher Triad, the Higher Mental Body, from the Lower Quaternary, including the Lower Mental Mind. So the body vehicle, in particular the subtle bodies become no longer suitable for ‘ensoulment’ … for the Soul to settle down onto.

Ratcheting Up of Sexual Rage in Prudish Groups; Empath Departs Group Permanently. But leaving this interesting footnote to one side, let us take up the issue of the lightworker empath who finds himself or herself in the company of people who are extremely ascetic with regard to sex, whether they be trained to emphasize their higher mental faculties, or whether through psychic surgery they be prevented from feeling their natural sexual urges.

Then what happens when the empath strengthens the electromagnetic field shield barrier and becomes stable in their energy is a ratcheting back and forth, a boomerang effect, of those people’s negative thoughts … And the group grows more sternly, chaotically even, disinclined towards the act of sex.

Image: Time Lapse of Movement of Balls on a Pool Table: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bb/8_ball_break_time_lapse.jpg/300px-8_ball_break_time_lapse.jpg ..

And so this feeling of negativity towards the act of sex amongst such a group, if the lightworker empath has this very strong electromagnetic field shield, can turn into what’s called hatred of men, hatred of women, or hatred of people that are perceived as sex objects. And so, it can actually lead to acts of violence and so forth.

Image: This painting, “Golden Dream” by Vincent Johnson: https://fireplacechats.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/golden-dream-2012.jpg?w=537&h=719&h=719 .. reminds me of the ‘astral air’ when a group feels sexual rage.

It’s very important for the empath with a strong EMF shield to exit from such a group … I would say, probably, permanently, and to find a group that’s more copacetic as far as sexual views are concerned. This will let the other group gravitate to the type of sexual energy that they prefer.


I wish you all God’s love and grace and joy in this time of the highest light, in a year that is near the Solar Cycle Minimum. Should be interesting…

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars



(1) Acoustic baffles: https://acousticalsolutions.com/product/sonex-classic-acoustic-foam/


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