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Lion Song – A Sci-Fi Short . by Alice B. Clagett *

Lion Song - A Sci-Fi Short

Image: “North American cougar (Puma concolor couguar) in Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana,” by National Park Service, 26 June 2016, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

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Dear Ones,

Here is the sci-fi short “Lion Song” about Spirit Warfare and confronting the Dark with courage … This is about a mountain lion I sensed was lurking nearby, but I couldn’t get a visual, so I put a National Park Service image up as a cover photo …

You may be wondering why this is a sci-fi film. That is because, in a real-life life-or-death situation I used a Hathor technique to transform time and space. I needed to land in an alternate reality that would be optimum, considering the danger I was in. So you see by the video, that the Hathor technique works quite well.

This technique is called “Activation of Light to Optimize Timelines and Dimensions.” It changes the timeline and dimension in which you have placed your Awareness. That is, it changes the timeline and dimension in which your physical form is convinced it exists. This technique is for times when a Lightworker is in mortal danger.

After the video was filmed, I needed to create a sound effect that would help my viewers to understand that I was skipping from timeline to timeline, and from dimension to dimension. So I overlaid some of the songs with a slight lag in the overlay.

That gives a feeling of displacement or replacement of time and space, as will become very clear to each of you as you begin to learn to merge timelines and dimensions, and to jump from one alternate reality to another one.

There is a Summary after the video …



Lion Song
by Alice B. Clagett
7 July 2023


I approach the water.
Wonder what’s in store for …
Will there be a lion there?

I begin to whistle.
Song is like a thistle
Sticking in the lion’s ear.

I am in the canyon,
Wond’rin’ ’bout that lion.
Where on Earth will lion be?

I begin to whistle.
Whistle’s like a thistle
Sticking in the lion’s ear.

Lion Song - A Sci-Fi Short

Image: “Humboldt’s Lily, Santa Monica Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 7 July 2023, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Image: “Humboldt’s Lily, Santa Monica Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 7 July 2023, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

. . . . .

What is this I see now?
Lily ‘neath the fair bough,
Tiger of a flower here.

Maybe this the lion
Lying in the canyon …
Lion that’s been waiting
Is the tiger that I see …
All the tiger that I see …
Only lion I will see?

Will I be the winner?
Will I end up dinner?
Guess I’ll have to wait and see!
Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Will it be the end or
Will God send me in for …
Another stint on New Earth?

. . . . .

So will I make it back through the canyon and over the creek?

. . . . .

[Hums 2 melody lines.]

Wonder what’s in store for me?

[Hums 2 melody lines.]

Song will be the answer for me.
Let the lion know it’s me!

. . . . .

God bless you all,
And keep you safe,
And be with you
Through all your days!

… and just in case there is trouble along the way,

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines and Dimensions!
For the All, through Free Will!

In love, light and joy,
This is Alice B. Clagett.
I Am of the Stars … and You Are Too!

Filmed on 7 July 2023; published on 8 July 2023; revised on 12 July 2023; on 8 August 2023; and on 29 August 2023


“Lion Song – A Sci-Fi Short”
by Alice B. Clagett
Filmed on 7 July 2023
Published on 8 July 2023 and revised and republished on 12 July 2023
CC BY-SA 4.0 International


Image: “North American cougar (Puma concolor couguar) in Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana,” by National Park Service, 26 June 2016, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain


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Ascension Thoughts on the Parable of the Tares . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 23 July 2021

Dear Ones,

I heard a great Bible story today called the “Parable of the Tares.” The story is about a man who sowed wheat in his field. But while he slept an enemy came and sowed ‘tares’ or weeds among the wheat, then crept off …

Image: “The Parable of the Tares,” by John Everett Millais, 1865, in Wikimedia Commons …,_24%E2%80%9325)_-_1925P103_-_Birmingham_Museums_Trust.jpg … public domain

When the servants of the man found out about the ‘tares’ they wanted to pull them up. But the man thought that might injure the good wheat that was growing in the field. Instead, the man asked his servants to let both grow together till the harvest. Then at that time the reapers would pull up the tares first, bundle them, and burn them. The wheat, which would be all that was left in the field, might then be gathered into the man’s barn …

Matthew 13:24-30 (KJV, public domain)

24 “Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

25 “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

26 “But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27 “So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

28 “He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29 “But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

30 “Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”

When I heard the sermon about the Parable of the Tares, the pastor made a very good point that we must stay awake all the time … insofar as we may … so as to prevent the Enemy (which to my way of thinking means Satan and his works) from contaminating or polluting the good fruits of our Christian labors. The pastor explained how easy it is to slip into a state of sleep, even in the daytime. He explained how important it is to be awake and saying our prayers, instead of sleeping through church services.

I also thought of how The Enemy enters our dreams at night, with thoughts we Christians feel to be wholly foreign to us. From that I imagined how important it must be to counter these inimical thought forms and nightmarish dreams with a good prayer on arising every morning. That way, I feel, we may strive to stunt the growth of whatever that stealthy, dark and evil being may sow in our psyches while we dream on, all unaware of his endeavors.

I had some other ideas about this Parable that I would like to mention here. For instance, one might feel the Parable expresses there are both good and evil men in the world, whom God (the householder in the Parable) allows to dwell together on Earth. Then one might interpret that on the Day of Judgment … which many Christians feel will come to pass during the Ascension process … God will winnow the wheat from the tares, so that some people will be cast into the fires of Hell, and others will be gathered into the Holy Congregation that He shelters near Him.

There are Ascensioneers who agree with this idea. They feel … or used to feel, until the year 2012 … that only a portion of human beings would Awaken to Christ Consciousness, to the ‘Fifth Dimension’, during the Ascension process. Back then, they thought that other human beings would go through another long cycle of Earthly experiences before their Souls were ready and eager to go through an Ascension process to take place in the distant future.

Then at about the time of The Shift in 2012, quite a few Ascensioneers began to feel that Earth herself was arising and awakening, and that all the beings on her, within her, or above her, were also inevitably becoming more refined in energy and consciousness … that there would be no exceptions, either through enduring the Ascension process, or through death, to what some Christians call the Tribulation.

This is what the Ascensioneers think of as ‘burning away of the ‘dross’; of the ‘malware’ installed by The Enemy, and which is foreign to our true nature; or as dissolving of the Soul wounding encountered during our Earthly experiences. Everyone on Earth, they felt, was taking part in the Ascension process. Everyone’s energy field was being upgraded from one sort of energy so that it would include a more refined sort of energy. That was because we children of Earth, they felt, could not but follow closely in her footsteps.

Sidebar: Prep Work for the Refiner’s Fire

The fire of refinement of our energy field as we enter the Fifth Dimension might seem a fearful notion, or we might ready ourselves for the experience with a feeling of faith, and of hope in a New Tomorrow.

Whether we experience fear or joy, whether we feel a burning sensation … as is oft mentioned in Christianity as being ‘the woeful fires of Hell’ … or whether we feel blissful upliftment … pictured in the Christian world as standing at the right hand of Christ, near the Throne of God … depends on how we prepare ourselves emotionally for the Ascension process.

The video below offers an example of prep work for a pleasing experience of energetic refinement during Ascension …

Video: “‘Refiner’s Fire’ Ft. Brian Doerksen & TWP Band,” by The Worship Project, 26 October 2018 … ..


I feel the idea that all human beings will be marching along together, in ‘lock step’, during the Ascension process to be a little misleading, a little facile, considering the theories of Multitemporality and Multidimensionality I and other Ascensioneers have channeled.

Surely on an Earth whose fundaments are free will and the All, in a Universe comprising many alternate timelines, many alternate dimensions, many alternate realities, there must be the longer ‘Ascension ride’ for those whose Souls are eager to acquire greater wisdom through physical experience in the third dimension, and through astral experience in the fourth dimension, while on the way to greater understanding of Christ Consciousness in the fifth dimension … must there not?

Given the theories of Multitemporality and Multidimensionality, there is ample leg room for each of us to experience this grand sweep of the Ascension process … a time-space continuum that suits each of us to a tee. Yet in our own optimum Awareness timeline and dimension, there may be many other seeming human forms whose Awareness timeline and dimension is not our own.

To us, they may seem to be sleepwalking through the Ascension process. It may seem to us that they have ‘missed the boat’. In reality, though, it may be that they are wide awake and ascending, here on Earth, in a space-time continuum that is slightly different from our own.

Yet through God’s mysterious wonders, I feel we may all emerge in the realm of Christ Consciousness at what may seem to our human sensibilities to be exactly the same moment. That is because the Fifth Dimension exists beyond Time and Space, in the Eternal Now. Thus we may anticipate we will all be together, in one grand instant, in the presence of Christ in His great glory.

From my fellow Ascensioneers I hear that, from that Eternal Now, He may teach us to dip into this timeline or that … into this dimension or that … so that we and our fellow Ascensioneers may once more enjoy Earthly life, through His Will, and by His Grace. But in so doing, we might always remember that Eternity from which we descend into the Earth realms, and that Grace on whose wings we flit through the halls of time and space, however briefly.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Activation of Light for Reptoid Souls Lost in September 2017 Killer X-Flare . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 7 June 2021
This blog has been added to an earlier blog.

Activation of Light

Dear Ones,

There is a conspiracy theory that the ‘near miss’ Killer X-flare of September 2017 actually did wipe out Earth, and that a crew of Star Beings is attempting to rehabilitate our Souls so that we can continue onward with our Soul journey mentally healthy. Every once in awhile I run across this conspiracy theory as a mental filter in the mind of a person who is sending me thought forms through telepathy.

Here is my take on that mental filter: First of all, it is just that … a thought form created, in this case, by Reptilian Star Beings, that is intended to hobble and cripple the emotional bodies of human beings, so they may be enslaved.

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Selfless Service Timeline Trap . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 7 June 2021; published on 9 June 2021


Dear Ones,

Here is a video about a Conspiracy Theory mental filter intended by a member of a Reptilian Star Being or an insectoid Star Being (Greys, Mantids, Antlike or other) to ensnare a Lightworker in a temporospatial matrix. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I just came across another mental filter to do with Conspiracy Theory, that I had run across in the last solar cycle … Solar Cycle 24. And I came across it again in this solar cycle, as if they repeat at a certain time. It is a really ‘scarifying’ Conspiracy Theory with a solution very similar to the last Conspiracy Theory that I talked about today.

It had to do with the mention of the words ‘White Brotherhood’. This is a topic that has come up quite a bit, recently, in my writings.

There was a being that came in, most likely not of the ‘White Brotherhood’, but rather a bedeviling being … a Reptilian Star Race Being, or perhaps Insectoid Star Races, which includes Greys, and very [which are] intelligent.

This particular being seemed pompous and officious, and also the type of know-it-all being that wants to be in charge of you and tell you what to do, and tell you why you should not do what your heart tells you to do. That kind of being. I have been suffering this type of ‘outrage’ for hours today, off and on, starting in the early morning.

My heart would say: I would really love to do this!

And then this being would come in, sounding like a very knowledgeable man. This being would come in, and he would say: No, you can’t do that. You have to do … {and then he would come up with the opposite.]

And I would say: Well, I’m going to do what my heart tells me to do, and that is that. You can go to some other place … Like that.

This kept happening today. Then I was reading something, or hearing something, [and] the words ‘White Brotherhood’ came up. And here is a being very attached to that notion of White Brotherhood. He was attempting that butting in and taking over thing again.

So I said to him: You know … ‘White Brotherhood’. That’s a Heresy, the notion that a spiritual elite can only be white men. That’s a complete Heresy.

It did not work for very long, but it held him off for a little while. Then after I did a clearing process, I took a nap. And while I was napping, this issue came up that had to do with Conspiracy Theory, the White Brotherhood, this very being that is maybe a Reptoid or Insectoid mental filter passer-on-er being … perhaps a human being on Earth, Reptoid or Insectoid hybrid, who just keeps showing up, on the mental plane, you know? … keeps showing up on the astral plane and coming up with this idea that he owns or possesses other human beings, and that Lightworkers in particular are members of the White Brotherhood.

As a woman, does that fit? No. They say from the outset that they are a brotherhood, not a sisterhood. If they said ‘White Brotherhood and Sisterhood’ it might be a possibility … except that I believe people of all races and nationalities and cultures might become members of the Lightworkers.

It is just not appropriate; it is an old-time, misqualified type of situation, I feel. I feel that very strongly … although there is much good spiritual teaching in the White Lodge and the White Brotherhood that could be modified in such a way that it would be appropriate for today, I feel.

Getting on to waking up from sleeping: I had the strangest feeling … aching and pain in my upper chest and the top of my body, and a sweeping up of energy that was cutting through an entity attachment in my abdomen at the same time … coming through as this Conspiracy Theory cleared out of my energy field.

It goes like this: I started to say: Spirit to Team, Optimize timelines and dimensions, for the All through Free Will.

And this officious entity said: No, no. You can’t do that.

I said: Why?

It said: Because your friend … and it named the name of a person, a man … is in this other timeline.

Now this is an enslavement technique to do with Service to Others. The entity might say: Your friends [or the people that you care about] are in a particular timeline, and you have to be there with them in order to save them.

Is that ever not true!

Then it says: Ok, if you are in that timeline, I am the owner of that timeline, and you belong to me … and so do they!

You know? You have no options [according to them]. There you are, stuck in the Causal Realm.

So … The first thing to understand is: When a being says that to you, they are using one timeline and the Laws of Cause and Effect to try to enslave you and bind you down to a particular timeline so that you, as a Lightworker, cannot exercise your Ascension skills, [which] are beyond Time and Space … [which] have to do with multitemporality and multidimensionality, and the ability to be Here in the Now, in the presence of Light and love and joy and peace.

So you have to say to that being: I am not in that timeline. I Am a being of love and Light and joy and peace.

That brings you into your tenth subtle body, where you can experience the Now in all its wonders; when you can know that you are pure Awareness, and that you are not a physical being stuck in the physical realm … that you are not dependent on other people; you are dependent on your Ascension team. Your Ascension team is that which can help you to help everyone else … all the other beings everywhere. They have those skills.

This other being, that calls himself superior, and says that he has the right to enslave you in a particular timeline, cannot be so. He might be a Lord of Karma. He might be one of the Insectoid Star Races who is attempting to make you his property, [along with] all those other people.

So do not fall for the Service to Others Conspiracy Theory. Do not fall for that. Do not become a slave to any superior-sounding being. That is what I have to say today. And the …. [chuckles] … He is stopping me from hearing the words of my own story … Hold on just a minute [chuckles] … What a guy! …

Ok, here is what you have to say:

Spirit to Team!
Team to Teams!
Optimize timelines and dimensions
For the All through Free Will!

What you are doing is, from the position of the tenth subtle body … the Logos … you are speaking to your Ascension team, requesting that that team speak to the Ascension team of that other person … that friend of yours … the one that this other being … this person impersonating the White Brotherhood … says you cannot save unless you are chained to Time and Space …. And your two teams are working out the appropriate Awareness timeline and dimension for your friend, through his own free will, and for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Do you see what I mean? You have to rise to your Ascension tools, in the Ascension level of your energy field, and speak through that, and let go these beings that are attempting to control us … whoever they may be. If they want to control you, they are not part of your Ascension team, and they are not part of the Ascension teams of your friends and family.

Your Ascension team will speak to you of love and Light and joy and peace; not of enslavement; not of what you ‘must’ do; but of what your heart asks you to do; how your own heart speaks to you. And that will be your guide.

[Waves goodbye and chuckles.] Another Conspiracy Theory bites the dust … the Conspiracy Theory of Selfless Service with masters in the White Lodge or the White Brotherhood. Possibly Insectoid-inspired, I feel … the insect-like (including the Mantid Star Brothers and Sisters). Not all Star Brothers and Sisters are all that cool. We have to choose.

Choose the highest and the best … the finest and the rarest energy … the ultralight (as others say) , the ultralove, the ultrapeace, the very highest wisdom. It has to do with these.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


This art offers visual concepts of how the mental filters of the Reptilian Star Races and the Insectoid Star Races (including the Greys and the Mantids) distort the Bodies of Light of human beings, who then seem to the intuitive to be ‘hybrid’ humans, because of the way that these ET mental filters distort their human subtle bodies. I term these hybrid humans ‘reptoids’, ‘insectoids’, ‘dracoids’, and so on.

Image: “Reptoid,” by Adam Milicevic, ~2016, at ArtStation … ..

Image: “Insectoid,” by Kyle, 23 December 2019, in Expanded Perspectives … ..

Image: “Dragon Bjorn [Dracoid],” by suburbbum, 20 March 2013, in DeviantArt … ..


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Blue Avian Star Beings and Deva of the Songbirds . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 26 May 2021; revised or 28 May 2021 and 26 January 2022

Dear Ones,

I was watching a program by a Lightworker online today, in which another person spoke a Language of Light comprising whistles and clicking sounds. The Lightworker putting on the program felt that this Language of Light might be that of a Blue Avian Star Being …

Drawing: Blue Avian Star Being,” by Alice B. Clagett, 26 January 2022, CC BY-SA 4.0,  … CREDITS: Inspired by (but drawn rather differently from) the image of Ra on “Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art” … ..

Drawing: Blue Avian Star Being,” by Alice B. Clagett, 26 January 2022, CC BY-SA 4.0,  … CREDITS: Inspired by (but drawn rather differently from) the image of Ra on “Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art” … ..

… associated with the ‘Siriun’ Star Beings of Sirius … not the same as, but connected to the Siriuns …

Drawing: “Siriun,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 January 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: Head of a man with prominent cheekbones; the head is long; he has no hair. The head and neck are turquoise colored; the cheekbones are blue.

Drawing: “Siriun,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 January 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: Head of a man with prominent cheekbones; the head is long; he has no hair. The head and neck are turquoise colored; the cheekbones are blue.

In listening to that Blue Avian Star Beings’ Language of Light online yesterday I was reminded of my friends the songbirds of Earth, and of my talks with their nature spirits, and also to some extent of the ravens (because of the clicking sounds), and also just a little of the young of various intelligent, vegetarian members of the dinosaur family that have since evolved into modern-day birds.

As well, I was reminded of this painting by Franz Dvorak, of a beautiful being with green-tipped wings, which seemed to me to be a deva of the songbirds. I hope you like it …

Image: “The Angel of the Birds,” by Franz Dvorak, 1910, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … COMMENT: This painting seems to me to be of a deva of the songbirds.

Image: “The Angel of the Birds,” by Franz Dvorak, 1910, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … COMMENT: This painting seems to me to be of a deva of the songbirds.

I began speaking a little differently to my cat ‘Oreo’, with a birdlike ‘trill’ in my voice when I used the word ‘Ra’. At first the trill of the ‘R’ in the word sounded gently and breathy, like a gentle wind over a mountain stream. Then in a few days I vocalized various breathy, sustained ‘trills’ of the ‘R’ in the spoken words ‘Ra’ and ‘Ru’. I got a visual image of an avian race befriending a feline predatory race. I thought of my friendly encounter, quite some years ago, with ‘Ra-en’, and saw, in my mind’s eye, their friendly interaction with an intelligent avian race.

I have seen online a being portrayed that seemed to me to be a Blue Avian Star Being, but in the text it was referred to as ‘Ra’. Yet the being portrayed in that instance quite different from the members of the ‘Ra-en’ delegation I encountered in the California desert some years ago, who cast towards me a mental image of humanoid beings of expansive intellect and benign intent towards humankind …

Link: “Ra-En: First Contact with a Star Civilization,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 26 September 2013; updated on 24 November 2018 … ..

Link: “How to Communicate with Star Beings of Light and Love Known as Ra-en,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 15 November 2016, revised on 5 February 2020 … ..

If intuition prove true … I gather that the social memory complex of the Blue Avian Star Beings exists … in terms of my current Awareness timeline … mostly in the range of the high fourth dimension through the sixth dimension.

The blue plummage of the Blue Avian Star Beings reminds me of the Phoenix of Earth history, which, according to legend, arises from fire transformed. If the Blue Avian Star Beings are those which Wes Annac terms “The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Planes” …

Link: “The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,” by Wes Annac, referral by Alice B. Clagett … ..

… then it may be they which use the ‘transforming fire’ of the Solar Planes of our planet to impart to our budding race the Wisdom of the Stars.

When I looked at this image of a member of the Blue Avian Star Beings, I had a sense of ‘instant knowing’ … as if I had encountered, on the mental plane, a friend of many lifetimes; it was as if I might reach out and touch that being, all in an instant; and that the one touch might convey the Star wisdom of his ‘mind-body-spirit’ complex and of his ‘social memory complex’. (For more on these terms, see Link: “The Law of One (The Ra Material) … ..)

From that, I feel it likely that the Blue Avian Star Beings and Ra-en may both be part of the entity ‘Ra’ from the planet Venus in our Solar system. Both may be delegates to our planet as the Hathor of Earth’s solar planes, or they may be friendly species whose destinies have intertwined, in our Solar System, over the millennia.

As there is a long-ago parent-child relationship of the Siriuns of Sirius and the Hathors (sometimes known as ‘Ra’) of Venus, then there must be a relationship of the Siriuns with the Blue Avian Star Beings. Whether that a relationship of direct lineage or perhaps a long diplomatic liaison of co-habitation of our neighbor planet Venus, I cannot say.

It is possible, I feel, that the Blue Avian Star Beings, having risen to dimensions higher than the fourth, overlights the avian races of Earth as the Devas of the Songbirds and of other birds of third-dimensional Earth.

. . . . .

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars

The first two drawings above have been added to … Link: “Tiny Anthologies: Diverse Drawings 6: Beings of Light – Star Brothers and Sisters,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 15 November 2020; republished on 21 May 2021; revised and updated … ..


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