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Here are more than 4000 pages of Ascension lore for Lightworkers and for all humankind. This is a guide to our Great Awakening with Planet Earth, which began on our beautiful home world with the 2012 Shift.

The vast bulk of “Awakening with Planet Earth” is channeled by me, Alice B. Clagett, and expresses my own insights or those of Spirit conveyed to me through God’s grace.

“Awakening with Planet Earth” is a joyful celebration of New Life on New Earth. All blessings to each of you!

In love, light and joy,
This is Alice B. Clagett.
I Am of the Stars

And so are you!

Physics of Ascension – Mastery of Time and Space     .     Alien Encounters     .     Angels     .     Astral Beings – Astral Realm     .     Transcending the Dark     .    Ascension    .    My Memories of Other Incarnations   .    Mastering the Mind and the Human EMF – Enlightenment I

Image: “Power and the Natural World: Incoming Light 1: Lightworker Photo by Alice,” by Alice B. Clagett, 30 October 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..


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