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New HIV / AIDS Statistics from Truvada . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 25 February 2019; slightly revised on 2 March 2019; revised on 6 March 2019

    • Impact of Secret Bisexuality on Life Expectancy of Wives and Children
    • Is the Drug Trade Targeting Young Children?
    • Are Youth Contracting HIV from Drug Peddlers?
    • Likelihood of ‘Blooms’ of HIV amongst Youth in Communities Nationwide
    • Increase in After-School Petty Crime May Forewarn of Youth HIV ‘Blooms’

Dear Ones,

Those of you who have been reading my Community Health blogs on the global HIV-AIDS pandemic may know that I have felt for some time now that HIV/AIDS incidence in the United States has been under-reported, partly because of the AIDS stigma, and partly because of insufficient testing in the United States, including testing of men, women and children, regardless of their perceived sexual orientation; or, in the case of young children, of their perceived degree of sexual activity.

I have come across new statistics from Truvada on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the United States. According to Truvada, currently 1 in 100 Americans are likely to be diagnosed HIV-positive in their lifetime …

Link: “Truvada” … https://www.truvada.com/hcp/guidelines?utm_source=truvada_prep&utm_medium=referral ..

That page is full of information and very long; fortunately I found that if I right mouse click on the lower left part of the page, the part that has statistics in it, I have the option “Print Friendly and PDF,” which worked great for me using Chrome for Windows.

I see Truvada’s source for this information is …

Link: “2016 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections,” by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published 2016, accessed 8 June 2017 … http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/2016/croi-2016.html ….


According to the Truvada website, the statistics vary greatly from state to state, here in America. For instance, in Washington, DC, the lifetime risk of HIV diagnosis is 1 in every 13 people. In Maryland, the risk is 1 in 49. Other states with risk ranging from 1 in 51 to 1 in 97 (which is to say, among the highest in the nation) are Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, and Alabama (the first listed being the states with higher incidence).

States with risk ranging from 1 in 402 to 1 in 670 (which is to say, among the lowest in the nation) are South Dakota, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Vermont, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota (the last listed being the states with lower incidence).


Here is a map from the Centers for Disease Control CDC), using 2015 data, indicating that the Southern states … which comprise 38% of the United States population that year, accounted for 51% of annual HIV infections, and 51% of undiagnosed infections … https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/images/policies/cdc-hiv-south-burden.png … I note their definition of Southern states includes states from Texas to Maryland, and south to Florida.

I note as well that many of these states have voted not to offer expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act …

Link: “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion by state,” by Kurykh, 19 September 2013 …   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicaid#/media/File:ACA_Medicaid_expansion_by_state.svg ..

That might affect availability of healthcare for HIV and AIDS in some low per capita income Southern areas. It looks like the Centers for Disease Control have recognized the need for more HIV and AIDS health resources to be dedicated to the South, and have begun providing these …

Link: “HIV Prevention in the South: Aligning CDC’s Funding with Current HIV Trends” (2010 and 2015 data) https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/pdf/policies/cdc-hiv-south-graphic.pdf ..


According to the Truvada statistics, among men who have sex with men, receptive rectal sex partners are at high risk of contracting HIV … 13 times more so than are insertive partners.

Truvada does not have statistics on this, but I feel the risk may be just as high (and for similar biological reasons) for women who are receptive rectal sex partners. For more on this, from an energetic and intuitive point of view, search my site for the word: rectal


Again according to the Truvada statistics, the risk of HIV infection is 83 times greater amongst men having sex with men, than it is amongst heterosexual men. This brings up the question how many men are bisexual, passing for heterosexual? As an intuitive, I feel this number to be a good deal higher than the socially accepted notion.

For a married bisexual man, passing as purely heterosexual for the sake of social convention, I feel the likelihood of HIV infection might be close to that for purely homosexual men.

Impact of Secret Bisexuality on Life Expectancy of Wives and Children

As well, I feel the likelihood would be high that a secretly bisexual man might not share a positive HIV status with his wife. The results of this secrecy would be decreased life expectancy for the wife, due to her ignorance of the need for antiretroviral treatment (ART), and the risk of the wife passing on HIV to her newborns, and to her older children, through bodily fluids contact (due to her ignorance of the need to take precautions).


The greater Truvada-reported incidence of HIV infection amongst MSM Hispanics and African Americans may have to do with socioeconomic status and affordability of condoms; this is just an intuitive thought … I have no way to back it up factually.


According to the Truvada statistics, of the 1.4 million transgender Americans, about 1 in 5 are HIV positive. Truvada estimates the risk that a transgender woman will have HIV is 34 times more than that for adults who identify with their birth sex.

Intuitively speaking, this may have to do with a greater proportion of transgender Americans being polyamorous, or maybe being employed as sex workers? For instance, in Wikipedia I read that about 13 percent of transgender women have participated in the sex trade …

Link: “Transgender sex worker,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_sex_worker ..

… compared to 1 percent of American women overall …

Link: “How Many Prostitutes Are in the United States and the Rest of the World?” in ProCon.org, 11 January 2018 … https://prostitution.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000095 ..

My thought on that is, it could be that the greater the number of sexual partners, either through polyamory or through sex work, the greater the likelihood of contracting an STD, including an increased likelihood of contracting HIV. This is just a thought; I do not have the statistics on it.


Again according to Truvada, the risk of men being diagnosed as HIV positive is more than three times greater than that for women. I believe this may be because men are more aware of the need to test, and if they test positive, are unwilling to let their wives know that, because of the social stigma.


I cannot overemphasize the importance of everyone in America testing annually, provided they have not yet been diagnosed HIV-positive. This includes women and children as well.


A while ago I read that, here in California, physicians were required to report social security numbers of AIDS patients to Sacramento, the reason for this being that documentation of the social security numbers would prevent duplicate reporting and consequent false inflation of the AIDS statistics here. Whether this also applies to positive HIV results here in California, I do not know. And no doubt, required documentation on the progress of the pandemic varies state by state.

Intuitively, I feel that the thought of being reported to Sacramento may cause people to avoid testing. They may feel, possibly because of the earlier social stigma of AIDS, that something just awful might happen to them if Sacramento finds out. Maybe their friends and neighbors will find out. Maybe they will lose their jobs because of it. Maybe they will not be welcome at church anymore. Maybe their children will be expelled from school because of it.

These kinds of fears may needlessly prevent Americans from testing for HIV, here in California, even though Medicaid and Medicare provide for annual HIV and AIDS tests: People may delay in testing, through concern that positive results here in California might be reported to Sacramento, and that they might be subject to community disparagement because of test results.

For those concerned about the social stigma of a positive HIV diagnosis, it is good to know that the large drug stores such as Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and CVS carry HIV diagnosis kits on the shelves near their pharmacies.

My understanding is that the saliva test available from the large drug stores is about 90% accurate, provided the test is done a month or more after sexual contact. Ninety percent is not such a good rate of accuracy, but the advantage, for those concerned about the AIDS stigma, is that if you pay cash for the kit at a pharmacy where no one knows you, then no one will know you took the test, and no one will know your diagnosis. And also, you will know the test results immediately.

There is another test available at some of the large pharmacies … a blood test for HIV. My understanding is that this type of test is about 98% accurate, for those who wait a month after sexual contact before testing. That is a pretty good rate of accuracy, but as I understand it, the blood sample must be sent out to a lab, which means that the lab will know the results of your test. Further, it will take time to get the test results back from the lab.

It is also possible, in some cases, to go to a Family Urgent Care clinic and pay cash for an on-the-spot HIV blood test. This would be a good alternative, I feel, for those in communities with Family Urgent Care clinics so equipped, and for whom time and accuracy are of the essence.

Once a person tests HIV positive, then the thing to do, I feel, would be to ask their physician about available antiretroviral treatments (ART). According to what I have read, ART is very helpful in delaying the occasional outbreaks of AIDS sickness that occur amongst those Americans with the virus. I have also read that Medicaid and Medicare insurance will cover medical treatment.


Is the Drug Trade Targeting Young Children?

Intuitively, from the clair plane, I feel that the drug trade is now targeting preschool children, with 8-year-old children as drug peddlers. Young children have insufficient money to purchase drugs, once addicted, may turn to petty theft from cars and homes to pay for continued drug use.

Are Youth Contracting HIV from Drug Peddlers?

Pertinent to the global HIV pandemic, and again, intuitively speaking, it seems to me that adult drug peddlers sometimes may offer drugs to young children in exchange for sex. Adult drug peddlers are higher risk for HIV and AIDS; thus the danger exists of young children getting HIV because of drug addiction.

Likelihood of ‘Blooms’ of HIV amongst Youth in Communities Nationwide

Because of permissive sexual practices among young people today, it seems to me likely that, once one sexually active child in a school contracts HIV, the likelihood will be that most of the children will have HIV with six months or a year.

Increase in After-School Petty Crime May Forewarn of Youth HIV ‘Blooms’

Again in clair vision, I feel this is creating ‘hot spots’ of youth pandemic nationwide. My feeling is, youth testing, again because of the AIDS stigma, is woefully lacking in most locales; I may be wrong about this, though. If my intuition turns out to be true, then a way to predict HIV blooms amongst youth in America would be to tabulate after-school petty theft from automobiles and homes … These might indicate that drugs are being sold to school children.


As you may know, to date there is insufficient research on antiretroviral treatment (ART) for youth; the difficulty being that the drugs used for adults may prove damaging to the bodies of growing children. Thus, infection with HIV is more dangerous for young children, than for adults, and has a much greater impact on their life expectancy.

The data on life expectancy for children in their teens who contract HIV are better than for newborns and toddlers who contract HIV. My feeling is, this may be because teens have less length of time to wait before antiretroviral treatment can begin, than do very young children.

There is, as I understand it, a high likelihood that people with HIV will have newborns who are diagnosed HIV positive. Most newborns so diagnosed, as nearly as I can tell, are not surviving to puberty. Thus a young local population that has a ‘bloom’ of HIV infection is unlikely to have viable offspring.


The life expectancy of people who contract HIV in adulthood is much greater than that for those who contract HIV in youth, because of the availability of antiretroviral treatment for adults, and the relative lack of availability of ART for youth.

Thus the likely scenario of blooms of HIV incidence amongst youth in communities here and there, across America, to do with the drug trade, and resulting in inability of youth to have viable offspring. Towns with such HIV blooms amongst youth will, in the coming decade, most likely experience a projected demographic of stagnant or declining workforce.

In situations where American towns experience such a demographic because of the pandemic’s effect on their youth, the nation’s homeless and out-of-work population may be seen to be a resource for manpower in the decades to come. These homeless and out-of-work citizens may take the place, in the work force of towns hard hit by the pandemic, of the children of today’s children that cannot be anticipated to survive.

Even those of the homeless and out-of-work sector who test positive for HIV may provide many years of manpower to their communities, provided they have access to current antiretroviral treatments (ART).


In every plague past of humankind, there has emerged a population of plague-resistant remaining human beings. I have no doubt but what that will be the case with the worldwide HIV pandemic.

The issue is, to preserve the health of as many newborns as possible, even if they are HIV positive, as some of these newborns may survive, and may have HIV-resistant genes that allow their immune systems to be healthy, despite the infection. I see from this article that about 1 percent of Caucasians may be HIV-resistant …

Link: “Anyone Immune to HIV? A genetic mutation that blocks HIV may hold the key to future treatment and, perhaps, a cure,” by Elaine Mendus and Trudy Ring, 23 March 2016 … https://www.hivplusmag.com/research-breakthroughs/2016/3/23/anyone-immune-hiv ..

I feel certain that other races and cultures will be found to have individuals with HIV-resistant genes as well.

Thus my own estimate for an HIV-resistant group of people worldwide, who are able to produce viable offspring, is in the more hopeful range of 10 to 20 percent of the current world population


The world population is now 7.53 billion. Were this population to be reduced to 1 percent over the next 300 years, the world population will have declined to 75.3 million. From my reading, this is well above the minimum viable population for humankind …

Link: “Minimum viable population,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_viable_population ..

If my more hopeful estimate of 10 to 20 percent HIV-resistant people worldwide were to prove true, then the prospects for continuance of humankind on Earth would be all the better.

Thus my intuitive projection, going forward, is that there will be a decline in population over the next few centuries, and a strengthening of the human gene pool. There is, I feel, an excellent likelihood that humankind will retain a firm footing amongst Earth species, and with a lesser ongoing negative impact on the ecosphere.


This is a pandemic like any other. Infection is not a mark of disparagement or a social put-down; no more so than was the case with other pandemics in human history. The more compassionate understanding and loving kindness each community can bring to bear in regard to this very difficult situation, the better it will be for everyone.

As the pandemic continues on a global scale, our best hopes for humankind lie, in the short term, in increased awareness of the prevalence of the pandemic, in lowering of AIDS stigma consciousness, and in voluntary annual testing by men, women, and children of all ages, with medical treatment for those who test positive.

In the mid term, there is hope for healthwise changes in sexual practices, and for new medical regimes. And in the long term, our hope as humankind lies in the presence in our gene pool of HIV-resistant populations.

I ask God’s blessing for each of us, in these difficult times. May we all be blessed with good health, abundance, and happiness in the coming years.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Link: “2016 HIV Lifetime Risk Statistics from Centers for Disease Control,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-c3f ..

Link: “Compendium: HIV Pandemic,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bPl ..


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Caravaggio and Baglione Today: Is Lucifer Transforming to the Light? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 29 July 2018

    • Soundtrack by Alice

Dear Ones,

I was spiffing up this post today …

Link: “A Short-Sighted Demon Elimination Technique,” by Alice B. Clagett, Originally published on 31 October 2015; republished on 20 March 2018; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4fQ ..


And I came across a painting by Giovanni Baglione, on the topic of sodomy and pederasty …

Image: “Sacred and Profane Love,” by Giovanni Baglione, 1602, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/Baglione.jpg … in Wikimedia Commons … public domain

… that caused some noospheric commotion when I first published it; so much so that, although the painting is famous art from long ago, and was intended to offer Christian admonition, I had to remove the painting from the blog and substitute a link instead.

I take it that the topics of sodomy and pederasty are still greatly contentious in today’s world. I recall with interest watching the new movie about Pope Francis in recent months …

Movie Link: ‘Pope Francis, a Man of His Word,” 2018, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6915100/ ..

I liked the movie very much for its concern for humankind and for Gaia, and for its common-sense approach to the problems that face the world.

One of the things that really surprised me in the movie, was a passing reference to homosexuality as being all right, after all, and to sexual abuse of children as not being all right. There is a little about that here …

Link: “SDG Reviews ‘Pope Francis: A Man of His Word’,” by Steven D. Greydanus, 14 May jesu2018, http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/sdg-reviews-pope-francis-a-man-of-his-word ..


Then there is the issue of the existence of Satan, which has proponents both for and against, in the Catholic Church. For instance, the a member of one Catholic order in the United States has spoken out against the existence of Satan. Yet the National Catholic Register reported in 2017 that demonic activity was on the rise ..

Link: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise: A Look at the Growing Need to Battle the Devil,” by Patti Armstrong, 11 March 2017, National Catholic Register, http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/us-exorcists-demonic-activity-on-the-rise ..

… and the position of the Catholic Church regarding exorcism appears to be favorable, as long as mental illness is ruled out …

Link: “Exorcism in the Catholic Church,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism_in_the_Catholic_Church ..


This swirl of controversy around the topic of Satan and exorcism, homosexuality and pederasty, reminds me of a time about 400 years ago, as represented by the art of that time. It looks like there was an upwelling of these themes centered around the life and art of a man named Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, (1571-1610) and critiqued by his bitter enemy, a contemporary painter named Giovanni Baglione (1566-1643).

The 1602 painting by Giovanni Baglione cited at the beginning of this blog, I feel, in counterpoint to Caravaggio’s child nude painting, “Victorious Cupid,” also known as “Amor Vincit Omnia,” which is thought to offer temptation to pederasty. For more on this, see …

Link: “Caravaggio’s Lust, Talent, and Power,” by Jonathan Jones, 27 May 2013, https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/may/27/caravaggio-lust-talent-power-jonathan-jones ..

In Baglione’s painting, an angel is saving Cupid from a sodomitical devil or demon. I surmise that all the figures in the painting are intended to represent Caravaggio; if so, the message of the painting might be that Baglioni felt pederasty is demonic, and that Caravaggio might be practicing pederasty, and that he ought not to. Or that Caravaggio had been a homosexual child prostitute, whose instincts to good were at war with his instincts to bad.

There is another version of Baglione’s painting, with the face of the devil hidden; I surmise that Baglione may have come under fire for painting a caricature of Caravaggio as a demon or devil, and then painted the second version of the painting to ‘soothe the waters’ amongst Caravaggio’s wealthy patrons, one of whom, I surmise, might have been high up in the church, perhaps even in the College of Cardinals …

Image: “The Divine Eros Defeats the Earthly Eros,” by Giovanni Baglione, c. 1602-1603, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d5/Giovanni_Baglione_-_The_Divine_Eros_Defeats_the_Earthly_Eros_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg … Wikimedia Commons … public domain


Just off the cuff, it seems to me that some of Caravaggio’s paintings may feature him as subject, and that he might have imagined himself as a ‘Circle of One’ … the only person in his world. For instance, this painting appears to be of Caravaggio at various ages ..

Link: “The Musicians,” by Caravaggio, circa 1595, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caravaggio#/media/File:Caravaggio_-_I_Musici.jpg ..

From this painting, I surmise he felt that women hated him, or conversely, that he hated women, but may have felt it too dangerous to portray that feeling …

Link: “Judith Beheading Holofernes,” by Caravaggio, circa 1598-1599, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b2/Caravaggio_Judith_Beheading_Holofernes.jpg ..

I have a theory he was a wild and violent person, who believed everyone else, at heart, was like him, only pretending not to be. I feel he was sarcastic and vindictive with regard to the Catholic Church.

In this painting, I feel he might have been making fun of a monk, who had distained him. I feel Caravaggio painted himself as the angel of solace in the painting, and the monk as swooning in ecstasy at his physical beauty, rather than in religious ecstasy. If true, this painting reflects the Heresy of Physical Form, of which I spoke in another blog …

Image: “Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy,” by Caravaggio, 1594, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Saint_Francis_of_Assisi_in_Ecstasy-Caravaggio_(c.1595).jpg ..

Following up on the same personality traits, here is a painting purporting to be Saint Francis (seated, legs akimbo under table) being called to Christ (standing, hand pointing, on right) …

Image: “The Calling of Saint Matthew,” by Caravaggio, circa 1599-1600, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/The_Calling_of_Saint_Matthew-Caravaggo_%281599-1600%29.jpg ..

I feel this painting has a double entendre, however. Notice what may be a young Caravaggio, nattily dressed, and bathed in a shaft of golden light that emphasizes his physical beauty, sitting next to the purported Saint Matthew.

It is possible this painting documents Caravaggio’s youthful patron, perhaps a higher up in the church … maybe even a Cardinal (nee Saint Matthew) being called out by another man for the practice of pederasty. If this is so, then this painting represents the painter had a philosophical position in opposition to the Catholic Church. as might be deduced from the Wikipedia article on his life …

Link: “Caravaggio,” by Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caravaggio ..

It looks to me like this painting sardonically features Caravaggio as Jesus …

Image: “Supper at Emmaus,”  by Caravaggio,1601, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e0/Caravaggio_-_Cena_in_Emmaus.jpg ..

Here is an interesting painting by Caravaggio …

Image: “Death of the Virgin,” by Caravaggio, circa 1606, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/Death_of_the_Virgin-Caravaggio_%281606%29.jpg ..

What I do not see in the painting is an image of Caravaggio, which I feel is telling. Could it be that Caravaggio murdered the young woman, because she would not have sex with him? Or might it be that the blanket across her lower body indicates she was raped and murdered?

I am led to wonder about this because, in the noosphere for the last few decades there has been the energy signature of a similar person or persons, who clairly purport to hate women, to have no ‘hold’ button with regard to sexual arousal, and who clairly purport to strangle women, while raping them, if the women object.

Was Caravaggio like this noospheric energy thread, in his own life? …

Image: “A portrait of the Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio,” by Ottavio Leoni, circa 1621, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/73/Bild-Ottavio_Leoni%2C_Caravaggio.jpg ..

I see, in his heavily lidded eyes, the personality trait of hedonism; and in the set of his eyebrows, his facial hair, and the expression of his mouth, lack of empathy and compassion. These are some of the traits of the antisocial personality.

In 1606, at the height of his career, Caravaggio murdered someone, It could be that this painting of Saint Jerome, writing something, with a skull on his table, represents the subsequent death threat to Cravaggio by a Church leader in authority …

Image: “Saint Jerome Writing,” by Caravaggio, between 1605 and 1606, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/Saint_Jerome_Writing-Caravaggio_%281605-6%29.jpg ..

Or if my understanding of Caravaggio’s personality is correct, it may be a death threat by Caravaggio towards the person that outlawed him and caused his exile.

It looks like paintings on exile represent a request for help or mercy, death threats or his prediction of his own death, perhaps murders he commits ,,, overall: violence and tumult, it looks like.


It seems to me that Giovanni Baglioni was ‘onto’ Caravaggio, and that some of his paintings were retorts to the curses imparted through paintings on similar themes by Caravaggio.

For instance, this painting by Baglioni may be a retort to Caravaggio’s painting on the same theme. It seems to me that the cherub, the angel, and the apparently dying St. Francis in Baglioni’s painting are all depictions of Caravaggio.

Image: “The Ecstasy of St Francis,” by Biovanni Baglioni, 1601, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d5/Giovanni_Baglione_-_The_Ecstasy_of_St_Francis_-_WGA1155.jpg ..

If this is so, then the meaning of the painting might be that Caravaggio’s life as a homosexual prostitute, both in childhood and in young manhood, are to bring about his death as he plays the false role of a man of God.

In this painting by Baglioni, one possible interpretation might be: The woman on the right is Caravaggio, dressed as a woman. Was Caravaggio, then, a person who cross-dressed?

Image: “St Sebastian Healed by an Angel,” by Giovanni Baglioni, circa 1603, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b2/St_Sebastian_Healed_by_an_Angel.jpg ..

Could the ‘angel’ be putting the arrow into the young man on the left, who is also Caravaggio? If so, would the painting mean that by cross-dressing, Caravaggio had injured his reputation as a man?

Other paintings by Baglioni night be construed as mirroring the death threats, death predictions, and perhaps report the death of Caravaggio.


I see an energetic connection between the life of Caravaggio, and the artwork by and about him, and a strident series of noospheric energy threads coming to clair hearing since The Shift in 2012.

I clair see a nexus of Dark around those paintings, and around a similar noospheric ‘icon’ or person representing a deep subconscious image of evil, today. To my clair vision, it is almost as if Lucifer is being personified as a man like Caravaggio, who may be alive today. Possibly it may be several men, or a man who, in another incarnation, was Caravaggio, and through whom the clearing of these energy threads of Luciferianism or Satanism, somehow to do with sodomy and pederasty, and also maybe to do with gender slurring or gender pretense, may be brought to the foreground of our awareness, as humankind, so that they may be transformed through the Light.

I see also strands of noospheric energy to do with vengeance, vindictiveness, hatred of women, rape and murder of women, threat of murder, narcissism, pretending to be ‘Jesus Christ’, pretending to be a devout religious person, while in fact being quite the opposite; utter despisal of the sacred, and dissimulation that fools the clergy as well as rich patrons who are decent people.

I see memorable artistic talent, used by antisocial people today to pull the wool over the eyes of normal people, as may have been the case with Caravaggio.


I short, I see trouble, big trouble, in the process of clearing and transforming to the Light. As they say: Fasten your seatbelts!

I do feel that it would be easy to get caught up in that ‘mano a mano’ thing with people who are channeling Luciferian energy, as, for instance, Bagliano seems to me to have gotten caught up in disclosing the ‘nature of the beast’ with regard to his rival Caravagglio. Yet, where would that get us, as people who hope to heal and uplift Earth?

Surely the thing to do is to sit, with neutral mind, with courage, and with faith in God, and ask that grace make short shrift of this struggle, this seeming mortal combat, between the Sacred and the Profane.

We humans have no answers here. But God does have the answers, and He will light the way.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Video: “Pronunciation of the Name ‘Caravaggio’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhl1DwpdRmI ..

Soundtrack by Alice



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How to Clear the Big Bads from the Transpersonal Chakras . channeled by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 27 July 2018

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    • The MO of the Big Bads: Astral Nightmares for Humankind
    • Insane Asylums Have No Astral Walls
    • Today’s Prophecy: An Immediate Cease Fire and Detente, Lasting Till the Next Gateway, Which Will Provide Greater Clearing
    • For Lightworkers: Act Now, for the Beings of Earth, and for the All
    • ‘Keys’ to Barricade Off the Astrally Traveling Criminally Insane and The Big Bads That Control Them
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    • On Communication with Non-Human Races That Lack the Value We Term ‘Compassion’
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    • Antisocial Personality Subsets: Nomadic, Malevolent, Covetous, Risk-Taking, Reputation-defending (Narcissist)
    • Daydreaming by Antisocials

Image: “Narcissus,” by Caravaggio, between 1594 and 1596, from Wikipedia … public domain mark 1.0, The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that “faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain”. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

Image: “Narcissus,” by Caravaggio, between 1594 and 1596, from Wikipedia … public domain mark 1.0, The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that “faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain”. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

Dear Ones,


The eclipse window is closing today and tomorrow, and there is a full moon today as well. Important information for clearing the Big Bads from the transpersonal chakras came in last night. I hasten to impart to you what came through. This gift has application in various realms of human endeavor.

Those Who May Benefit from Last Night’s Star Gift

This will be useful to Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and Gatekeepers, and also to ministers and spiritual teachers of all faiths, to psychologists and psychiatrists, especially in institutions for the criminally insane. Also for those who care for the criminally insane, and for those who house them. Also for law enforcement, who apprehend them; and for correctional officers and their grounds crew, who detain and provide for them. For the military people of all the nations of Earth, who protect their homelands and loved ones from the machinations of the Dark. And for the victims or patsies of the criminally insane, whether actual or intended. All these people will benefit.

The Malware of the Criminally Insane

The malware of the criminally insane spreads out in ‘circles of knowing’, which are a little like Facebook friend circles. The malware of the criminally insane first infects those who associate with them. Then it spreads, in ever greater circles, to the friends and family of those who associate with them … for example, the spouse and children of a prison warden, or of a law enforcement officer, or of an intended victim or patsy, and so on.

The Dark Network

This is the method of infection of humankind with malware by the Dark. The manner of spreading is termed the Dark Network. The purpose of the Dark Network is to feed the Big Bads, which are multifarious and greatly varied in form and function.

The Big Bads

The Big Bads are so termed because their feeding depends on the Soul devolution of humankind … on turning their Souls to hatred, and envy, and jealousy, and anger, and fear, and despising, and loathing of other human beings … on convincing their minds to conceive that other human beings are their enemies.

Thus the work of the Big Bads on Earth, insofar as it can be effected, leads humankind to war of brother against brother, to anarchy and want, to poverty and starvation, to ignorance and disease,

The work of the Big Bads is the bane of human life on Earth, and their clearing is the problem and the work of those whose Soul purpose is to defend and uplift humankind, including Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers, and their transpersonal, personal, and subpersonal Ascension Teams. Including also those in the helping professions on Earth, including the healing professions, those who enforce justice, and those who protect the vulnerable families, elders, women, and children of Earth from the ravages of war and rampant disregard of our legal codes.

The Light Network on Earth

Just as there is a Dark Network, there is a Light Network, that disseminates Lightware in ever spreading out ‘circles of knowing’. Thus the work that Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers do replicates the fractal disseminative noospheric techniques of the Big Bads, but with opposite, beneficial effect for humankind. Those in Earth’s traditional helping professions: healing, apprehension, detention, justice, and military protection, also effect this work.

The MO of the Big Bads: Astral Nightmares for Humankind

The worst of the malware disseminated by the Big Bads, through the Dark Network, causes criminally insane behavior in humankind. It is to this behavior that those in the helping professions look, but to some extent, inaccurately so. The Big Bads’ MO is to latch onto a useable personality trait in a person, to din and injure and magnify that trait until it is ‘revved up’, on the astral plane, then to find reciprocal personality trait wounds in other humans, astrally, and to feed on the interaction of the criminally insane with their intended victims.

The ‘feeding’ of the criminally insane on their victims is their ‘reward’ for this attacking energy that they exhibit … the V— D— threat energy that has characterized our subconscious noospheric interactions for about 5 years now, during the clearing. The feeding of the Big Bads, as the astral attacks take place, is their greater reward for implantment of malware that they habitually do, in those humans who play the role of attackers or attacked, on the noospheric plane.

Insane Asylums Have No Astral Walls

There are no walls to keep criminally insane people out of the astral world. Though they may be housed in what was once termed an ‘insane asylum’ … cached far from the public eye … yet, on the astral plane, they can roam free and inflict Soul wounding on whomsoever they will. They can enter the homes of your sleeping family, and terrorize your spouse and children, your frail grandmother or newborn child. They can enter your schools and rampage through the playground or the restrooms. They can enter our police stations and our barracks, and, through malware implantation, turn these personnel against their mandates to protect humankind and preserve our human dignity, our lives, and our Soul values.

Riding their invading astral forms are the terrifying astral forms of the Big Bads that spur them on. Were the Big Bads not riding the criminally insane, they could heal and return to lives of usefulness in the human community. Thus our target, in clearing Earth, is not truly not the criminally insane; it is the Big Bads that ride their astral backs and flock around them, like large black birds or bats, waiting with rapacious, glowering eyes to feast upon the violence they provoke amongst their human prey.

Today’s Prophecy: An Immediate Cease Fire and Detente, Lasting Till the Next Gateway, Which Will Provide Greater Clearing

Until today, they could do as they would. But this day, at the cusp of a great Eclipse Window, on the threshold of a Full Moon, is the day that they have met their match. The ‘keys’ in today’s channeling will help those in the helping professions to end this war of the Big Bads against humankind. Shall it be implemented today and tomorrow, during the eclipse window, then we can hope for an immediate cease fire, and a detente for the span of time till the next eclipse window, which will be the gateway to greater clearing of the Earth’s noosphere.

For Lightworkers: Act Now, for the Beings of Earth, and for the All

Thus I ask each of you who supports and promotes the welfare of humankind, to use these keys today, so as to rid Earth of this pestilence. Time is of the essence. Now is the hour. Let us strike, and strike resoundingly, so as to secure victory for this World.

For those of you who are Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and Pathfinders, and who tread the paths among the stars of friendly galaxies, near and far, know that this World’s victory will resound throughout creation, from this outlier solar system, through our home galaxy, through the sparkling diamond shape of the near cluster of stars, and onward through all that is.

‘Keys’ to Barricade Off the Astrally Traveling Criminally Insane and The Big Bads That Control Them

The keys presented through my Transpersonal Ascension Team last night will allow each of us to barricade off the criminally insane; the Controllers; the Hybrids; the Illuminati; the energy vampires; the Dark Souls; the antisocial personalities; the Mind Controllers; the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, Disincarnate Gods; the gods of Death; and the rare but until-today influential Soulless human beings, from our own energy fields. This will prevent their spread to the energy fields of our friends and family. The effect, I find, is thorough and immediate; a cause of great rejoicing in my personal sphere, and, perhaps, in your own as well.

So, though there are no walls, in the astral plane, to keep the astral forms of the criminally insane from invasion of our sleeping forms, or of our distracted, workaday bodies, or of our television-viewing after hours minds, yet we now have the means to set up impregnable barricades, and the keys to forever lock the Door Behind Which Evil Lurks. (1)

Let Not Empathy Give the Enemy a Foothold

Once the barricade is in place, I caution you, do not help those beings out. Don’t explain why they are locked out. Don’t give them terms for letting down the barricade. Understand that they have no empathy. Don’t confuse your hopes with their intentions … You are not talking to your son or brother. You are conversing with the astral wildlife. As in the wilds of Africa, the utmost caution is advisable.

On Communication with Non-Human Races That Lack the Value We Term ‘Compassion’

If they change, then they can get in. The work of their change is their own, and that of their race. There are many sentient beings who have no heart energy at all, no sense of love, or of its value. Their values are only those of aggression, of war, of threat and counterthreat, of overcoming and devouring all in their path. We humankind are in their path. Thus we set up barricades; we don’t parlay about amity or Christian charity, about doing good for them, about our mutual regard. We know the score; we defend our turf and our families; and we step into their world view and communicate with these sentient species on their terms, not our own.

The Martial Arts Side-Step Technique: Matching the Alien Energy, and Using It To the Advantage of Humankind

How are these barricades discovered? We must put ourselves in their shoes. We must pretend we are they. What are they saying to us, on the astral plane? What is our reaction to them?

What is their overriding subconscious message? Then, on the psychic plane, let us say to them what they are saying to us. This is the same sidestep’ technique used in aikido and karate to align our energy with that of the attacker, and use his own energy to cause a tumble or stumble. At the same time, we are out of the way, because we sidestepped. The attacker’s forward thrusting threat energy becomes his own undoing.


The below ‘keys’ incapacitate the main malware of the astrally attacking, human, criminally insane. The criminally insane are unaware of this malware; thus we are working with their subconscious minds to effect a ceasefire. If you use a key, through telepathy or verbally, and then get the subconscious message, “God, oh no!” over and over again, then you know you have hit the mark. You have cancelled out their malware; pursuant to which, the Big Bads perched on or hovering around them, will be unable to course through their energy field, and into you and your family, friends, and work associates.

Do not overuse; once or twice, whether telepathically or verbally, will do. This is because you will have hit your target dead center; you have ‘hit them where they live’ … Overuse will send them into catalepsy or fugue state, which will only be useful for the very worst, the handful of Soulless men and women now roaming Earth (their numbers being about 200,000 worldwide, by my estimate).

So that is the outcome we intend today: Incapacitation of the malware of the astrally travelling criminally insane … of the Controllers, the Black Magickers, the Sorcerers, and antisocial personalities, the Voodoo witches, the warlocks, the leaders of the Satan cults, the serial killers, the child torturers, the black widows and black widowers, the cannibals and offerers of human sacrifice; those who mutilate genitals and stalk the unwary in their humdrum daily life, those who make the headlines for the evil that they do, who then get caught and whom we seemingly secure away from our homes and loved ones … but who ne’ertheless, till now, rampaged through the dreams of humankind. And through this incapacitation, the elimination of the Big Bads from the Earth planes.

Here, then are the keys …


Soulless men are, without exception, energy vampires, because there is an injury to their Heart Chakra or a severing of their Central Vertical Power Current that prevents them from accessing the Light and Love of God that maintains their physical form. It is this same energetic injury that makes their human form unsuitable as an abode of the Soul they once knew.

Thus, to stay alive on Earth, Soulless men must steal the energy of Love …. or else of Life Force (Prana) … from other human beings. On the astral plane, they hunt down human beings with high Light Quotients, or high Love Quotients, to suck the Love or Life Force from. The eventual outcome … the one they anticipate and rejoice in, as a Black Sacrament … is the death of their energetic victim.

What is worse, Soulless people carry the energy of far more malicious beings, beings not human in aspect or in voraciousness, who add their blood lust to the attack the Soulless ones perpetrate most frequently on Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Saints of all the great religions of Earth.

As far as may be ascertained to date, the Soulless energy vampire is one of two sorts: Either a devourer of Heart’s Love, or a Devourer of Central Vertical Power Current energy. The subconscious symbolism is of hatred returned for devoted love, or else of hate-filled rectal intercourse. The primary determinant is inversion of Love and Light to Hatred and Dark: The victim’s life force is converted to death force for the victim, so that the energy vampire and his accompanying Big Bads can feed upon it.

Devourer of Heart’s Love. Since this kind of Soulless man will depend, for his life sustenance, on mesmerizing those he intends to murder into loving him, you may say to him, either astrally or in person: Everybody is laughing at you. Nobody loves you.

Devourer of Central Vertical Power Current Energy. To the Sorcerer or Black Magician who is a Central Vertical Power Current Vampire (a Sodomy Vampire), say: Everybody is laughing at you. We know where you live.

Or say: We know where you live. We have the key to your back door … In this case, the ‘back door’ is the bottom funnel of his Central Vertical Power Current, the basal chakra.


A Sorcerer or Black Magician  incessantly tries to ransack the energy field of the victim he has targeted. You may read, in a newspaper account, for instance, intimation of how a neo-Hindu cult of the last century targeted wealthy heiresses, drove them insane though Mind Control, then caused their deaths and stole their money …

Link: “The Hindu Psychic Crime Scandal of 1911,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-9tv … and …

LInk: “The Heathen Invasion: American Women Losing Fortunes and Reason Seeking the Eternal Youth Promised by the Swarthy Priests of the Far East,” by Mabel Potter Daggett, in ‘Hampton Columbian Magazine,” Donald Wayne Castellano-Hoyt, Editor, Vol. XXVII, No. 4, October 1911, pp 399-411 … https://books.google.com/books?id=iUdFAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA399&lpg=PA399&dq=mabel+daggett+heathen+invasion+hampton&source=bl&ots=CrZw7NYjp_&sig=d2DqKSpXoKSnhLUjAdKO7hCfb3k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiL0PqI0PvbAhXKx4MKHXT7CXcQ6AEINzAD#v=onepage&q=mabel%20daggett%20heathen%20invasion%20hampton&f=false  ..

This same MO is in use today, all over the world, amongst Sorcerers, Black Magickers, and Voodoo Men, and Satan Cult followers. These people are a particular menace to Western women, and to Western men of a scientific bent, because we don’t believe they exist, and because we mistake their ‘seeming light’ … the light they steal from their followers … for the real McCoy.

As they specialize in Mind Control, which means they bend every effort, every thought, to invasion of your energy field with their own thought forms, their intention being brainwashing, destruction of ego and self-esteem, and implantation of their own agenda, you must counter-attack with a notion of invading them.

To the Sorcerer or Black Magician say: I know where you live. I can get in any time.

Or: I have the key to your back door … Or:  I have the key to your front door … Or: I have your car key. I can get into your trunk.

Or you can say about him to someone else, astrally: He has a history of insanity.  Or: The courts have committed him to a mental institution. The subpoena is in the mail. 


To those who obsess or attempt to possess human beings in the dreamtime realm, through ‘skinny dipping’ or dipping into or passing through your energy field or EMF torus, say: You’re not entering me. You are entering the raccoon in the backyard.  Or: You’re getting into the rat in the alley. Or the like.


Antisocial Personalities have unique perspective regarding life on Earth. They believe in the Circle of One … ‘One’ being themselves. For them, circles of family, work, community, religion, and nation do not exist. They are the only one that matters, and they are in it for themselves.

They believe that every other human being, had they the right perspective, would know this to be true; that all the clap-trap of the humanitarians and do-gooders and folks espousing social justice has to do with flawed perception. And that they can take advantage of these flaws in other people, to their own advantage.

The motivators of the Antisocial Personality are entirely self-serving. They may have …

  • grandiose ideation … they are prophet, or an emperor, or a king, or an incarnation of Attila the Hun or Adolph Hitler or Genghis Khan
  • greed for the possessions of others (which, they feel, are rightfully their own),
  • on-the-spot sexual gratification (regardless of the other person’s stated inclination … which, if nix, is clearly just an indication of  their victim’s faulty perception of their own sexual inclination)
  • delight in the taking of a life (which looks pretty, or offers other sense gratification, or may be viewed as a rightful Sacrament of their killing cult)
  • elevation of Cannibalism to the level of a Black Communion sacrament for a killing cult … because, why should not other people’s bodies, like their goods, be subsumed, at their whim?
  • and delight in such risk-taking behaviors as drifter, sex worker, reckless driver, serial killer or mass murderer,

Antisocial Personality Subsets. There are various types of antisocial personalities, each with its own subset of personality traits. I like Theodore Millon’s suggestion of these subsets: Nomadic, Malevolent, Covetous, Risk-taking (Histrionic) and Reputation-defending (Narcissistic). –from “Antisocial Personality Disorder,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisocial_personality_disorder#Conduct_disorder ..

Theoretically, we would have different astral responses to ward off the predominant astral malware of each subset.

The Nomadic subset constitutes drifters and vagrants and the like. My own experience of these is that they don’t fit in, in a social context, but that they lack attack energy. Instead, they have a hiding, concealing energy that, to my knowledge, generally doesn’t need an astral repartee. They may want to sneak into your house, when you are out. For that, say: Go ahead and try. I have a Death Ray in my house.

The Malevolent subset includes serial killers and mass murderers. For that, say: Is this the police? I’d like to report a crime.

For the Covetous subset, see the subheading  “The Thief” in this blog for a possible repartee.

The category Risk-taking I find interesting and less well known. I see it is also termed “Histrionic Personality Disorder,” characterized by “egocentrismself-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.” —from “Histrionic Personality Disorder,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histrionic_personality_disorder … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported 

It seems to me that the personality trait termed ‘manipulative behavior’, might be a concern for this subset, on the astral as well as the physical plane. See the subheading “Soulless Men, Energy Vampires’ in this blog for possible repartees.

For a possible repartee to antisocials falling in the category Reputation-defending (Narcissist), see the subheading “The Narcissist, the Dorian Gray Personality, the Lionizer” in this blog.

Daydreaming by Antisocials. Another astral trouble with antisocial personalities, is that they dream together, and create antisocial astral soap opera stories on the astral plane. Normal people fear these stories, and the fear that they feel when the antisocials imagine the stories gratifies the antisocials and causes them to continue this behavior.

Humanitarians and do-gooders chime in, with desired positive outcomes, and the antisocials counter with greater malevolence and psychic terrorism. Thus the thing to do, with regard to these antisocial astral stories, is to opt out; to stand on neutral ground with a peaceful heart.

One of the things that drags us into the fray, in this regard, is the antisocial tendency to earmark, harass and destroy hapless victims, such as little children. It is our rearing in a family setting, along with our siblings and playmates, that causes the normal human to exhibit the desire to protect the helpless and unfortunate in our communities … to lift them up and help them get a new start. To educate the young, to house the homeless, to cherish the elderly for their wisdom, in their old age.

Antisocials often lack this training in socialization altogether. They may be feral children, who killed their parents or siblings in early childhood or in early adolescence. They may have no sense whatsoever of empathy.

They most likely know that your desire to protect their dreamed-of victims has to do with your early rearing, and your sense that the helpless people in the world are like the brothers and sisters you grew up with, and the parents and parental figures you learned social norms from. The antisocial considers this learning to be false learning. To him, it is your Achilles heel; a laughable weakness through which they can devise your demise.

To the antisocial that seems to be targeting with you with a malicious daydream about people you know being caught,  injured, and murdered, is normal fare; it is the dream that sustains them. To you, it is torture; to him it is delight.

To the antisocial dreaming this dream, say: I am an only child. This dream is nonsense.


There are some few people on Earth who, because of proclivity or past lifetime activity, never cease to speak messages of sadism, sexual torture, rape, and snuff sex on the astral plane. In this lifetime, they may be S&M sex workers or porn dealers or snuff actors or actresses.

They have very vocal malware in their second chakra, and they also feel that this is normal, that there is nothing wrong with them; that they are overwhelmingly sexually alluring, and that other people would recognize this, and respond accordingly, were their heads on right.

Aside from the astral nuisance factor, of being around a walking porn billboard when one might wish to deal with everyday problems or, in the case of people who are devout, to speak God’s name, or to sing his praises, night and day, there is the further difficulty that the Big Bads known as Incubi and succubi flock around these sadists, in hopes of getting in on the action. Their hope is to turn your good sexual vibes to fear and loathing of the act of sex, because of the hurtful intentions of the sadist.

To the Sadist, say, on the astral plane: I find you very attractive. Let’s have sex my way. …

In the first sentence, you align with the sadist’s intention to be alluring; and in the second sentence, you run counter to their intention to dominate the sex act. Thus you ‘ball up’ their malware; in confusion, they turn away from you, to seek other victims on the astral plane.


The antisocial personality right frequently includes, in its constellation of behaviors, nymphomaniacal or satyric sexual behaviors, which is to say, desire for sexual expression greatly in excess of the norm. There are also people who exhibit nymphomaniacal or satyric sexual behaviors, and who are not, in other ways of expressing themselves in the world, antisocial.

On the astral plane, the nympho or satyr presents like the sadist, but without the resident evil vibe. In other words, the thought forms they put out are of having sex, but not of causing pain in their sexual partners.

They will most likely be concealing their propensity in daily life, so astral ‘disclosure’ may help you to word them off. In other words, try social opprobrium …

On the astral plane, to the Nympho or Satyr, say: Everybody’s laughing at you!  You’re a Nympho! …

Or: Everybody’s laughing at you! You’re a Satyr! …


The trouble with vicious, cruel people, is that they are conveyors of harpies … astral beings that are ever so much more vicious and cruel than they, and which cluster round them, in flying hordes, or one by one, take up tenancy in the Soul field of a vicious person. This is especially off-putting when the co-tenant, the astral bugaboo, of a very beautiful but vicious, woman … a femme fatale, for instance … is one of the Big Bads known as harpies …

Image: “A flock of harpies descending on their prey,” from Warhammer Wiki: Fandom Powered by Wikia … https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammerfb/images/c/c4/Harpies_Attack.png ..

If, on the astral plane, a person expresses derision, or tries to make you feel unwanted, then say in an even, matter-of-fact tone: Nobody loves you. Everybody laughs at you.

If they say: You are one big ego … then mirror them verbally, but matter-of-factly (not with negative emphasis): You are one big ego.  There is a chance that this mirroring technique will bring their subconscious agenda to their conscious awareness. When they become aware of it, they can overcome the astral habit of putting other people down.

If they have a guilty secret, and are angry that you know it, then state it flatly and straight out, on the astral plane when they approach you. Here are two examples, mentioned elsewhere in this blog: I know you don’t like women … and I know your are a nympho [or a satyr].


Men with a habit of viewing pornography, or who are too introverted to go out and find a sexual partner, or who have moral scruples against the sexual urge and thus jam their sexual feelings down into repressive astral ‘time-capsules’, can, through lack of a physical partnered means of expressing their sex drive, clutter up the noosphere with a habit of salacious thought forms or mental images.

When these conscious or subconscious thoughts are directed at a particular person, who does not welcome them, that person experiences the thought stream as psychic rape. The not wanting of the intended recipient may spur the astral rapist on to greater visualization efforts. Thus, objecting to the sending of these thoughts forms can have the opposite of the desired effect.

If the daydreaming astral rapist says, tongue in cheek: I love you very much. I want to spend my life with you … then say: Tell it to the door knob … They will figure it out.

(My thanks to the person on the astral plane who suggested this repartee last night.) Note that images of physical objects are helpful in devising a repartee. That is because you are working with the attacker’s subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind cannot fathom abstract concepts; instead, it works with the physical world, with physical objects, and with metaphors involving physical actions or images, which it links to a particular emotion.


The bully plays a game of domination and submission, of bullying so as to provoke kowtowing, which rewards the bully with ego-aggrandizement and a feeling of high self-esteem. The kowtowing removes his sense of personal insecurity, at the expense of the person bullied.

When a person has an predominantly bullying game plan, also known as an alpha male personality trait … if that is how they present themselves to the world … then what are our options, as regards interacting with him? We can kowtow to him, or evade him, or attack him in hopes of reaching a detente, or behave sexually towards him so as to replace his instinct to territorial aggression with his instinct to sexual aggression. Or if he behaves with sexual aggression, we can offer him a bribe, whether money or goods, so as to turn his instinct to sexual aggression to the instinct to territorial aggression.

Or we can observe his game with a neutral heart. I suggest his approach, and it is the basis of the following ‘key’ …

IF the bully says: God damn you for not going along with my program!  … then say: To tell you the truth, I don’t love anyone at all. My heart is open, but I don’t fasten on. 

Or say: Just because my heart is open, doesn’t mean you can rough me up.


These sorts of personality feel they are feeding on other people’s adulation of their good looks, or of their fan clubs’ swooning admiration. They may stand in the middle of a room full of people, with a feeling that they are soaking up their energy. Or they may sit in the front of a room, soaking up the energy of the admiring crowd.

They may feel they would age very quickly, were it not for other people’s energy they are soaking up. In this they are similar to the energy vampires discussed under the subheading “Soulless Men, Energy Vampires” in this blog. However, whereas for the Soulless man, energy vampirism is a fact, for the narcissist, the Dorian Gray personality, or the Lionizer it may be more fiction than fact.

They may, for instance, feel that, should they cease to steal youthfulness from their admirers, then they may suddenly and catastrophically become quite old, as suggested by this painting:

Image: Profile of a handsome young man, with the face of a wizened old man behind him” …  https://cdn.flickeringmyth.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/the_picture-_of_dorian_gray_by_oscar_wilde-600×460.jpg ..

That the subconscious mind of the narcissist, the Dorian Gray Personality, or the Lionizer believes this fiction, accounts for the effectiveness of the repartee suggested below.

To this sort of person, say: I am stealing youth from you. 


A thief is but a thief, whether on the physical plane or on the astral plane. His desire for what is yours can make life miserable, can make you feel insecure, and can cost quite a lot in terms of home security systems. His threats can make you fearful, and your fear can result in mischief of like kind on the physical plane, whether by his hand, or by the hand of another.

To the thief, say, on the astral plane: I have the key to your safe deposit box.

IF they say: God, I want your money …  then use the same retort: I have the key to your safe deposit box.

To the embezzler’s ‘snatch it’ thoughts, you can try: I’ll take my credit card out on that.  … Don’t specify what.


Homosexual men and misogynists know that the main current of society, the social norm, sets forth that men like women, that women expect men to like them, simply for their being women, and that swimming cross-current causes ripples that may endanger their person and their property. Thus they lie, so as to appear to fit in, and women fall for the lies, because they feel that is how life on Earth is: Men like women.

Falling for ‘seeming sexual attraction’, for hatred or loathing or belittlement disguised as romantic love, inevitably leads to betrayal and Soul trauma. Thus, to the man who pretends to like you as a woman, say: There is no need to pretend you love me. I don’t care, one way or the other. In this way you calm their subconscious fear, and avoid falling for the untruth.

If the homosexual man or misogynist threatens your mate or boyfriend with castration or AIDS infection, or with battery, say, on the astral plane: I will cut your pigtail off. Or: ____ [name of your mate or boyfriend] will cut your pigtail off.  Be sure and use these words, as they have a strong impact on the subconscious mind of this kind of ‘psychic terrorist’.

On the physical plane, I suggest respecting people’s lifestyles, whether alternate or mainstream, provided they are law abiding. Thus my suggestion is: Unfailing courtesy in social interactions with the members of our community, whether local or worldwide.


Addicts turn their destructive instincts against themselves, by ingesting substances harmful to their physical form. The malware is that they are doing something good for themselves, by doing something bad to themselves.

Addicts may be family or friends or those we look up to, and it is understandable that we might want to prevent them from self-destructive behavior. However, if we try to prevent their addiction … to ‘dry them up’ or clear their bodies out, they will turn their rage, their instinct of destruction against us, and attempt to kill us on the astral or physical plane.

Thus, in a way, the addict, whether friend or foe, can, all in a moment, turn about from hapless victim of a habit he is having trouble overcoming, to our implacable enemy. Instead of turning his destructive instinct from himself to you, side with him on the astral plane. Walk his walk, and talk his talk:

To the addict, say: God knows you have a great time with your life! … and he will go away, on the astral plane.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


(1) Here I have channeled “The Great Invocation” by Djwhal Khul. This prayer refers to the door behind which evil lurks …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014 … https://youtu.be/IrE4QJg_Ai0 ..

Here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … https://theosophy.wiki/en/Great_Invocation ..


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Black Magic and Psy Crime: A Call to Action . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 12 May 2018

    • Spiritual Arrogance and Shunning of Women as Sexual Partners
    • Astral Rape Psychically Sensed Being as Being Practiced by Gangs of Celibate Black Magicians
    • Homosexuality, Sex with Children, and Murder of Women Psychically Sensed Amongst Black Magicians
    • The Cause of Purported Sexual Deviation Amongst Black Magicians
    • A Proposed Mechanism of the Turn to Sexual Deviance
    • Catastrophic Early Childhood Soul Experiences Involving the Act of Sex
    • The Notion that the Act of Sex Is Catastrophically Evil
    • On Black Magicians Seeking Felons as Sex Partners Because Sex Is Felt to Be Dangerous and Evil

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have something to report about black magic, and black magic spells, and the karmic effect of them, that can be fixed up, and ameliorated, right now, as we ascend, so as to brighten up the karma of those who are … even without their intention … practicing black magic.

The information below is entirely a clair report, psychically sensed ‘psy in the sky’ … I have no evidence for it whatsoever, in physical terms. For that reason, the reader might hold it in the sense of entertaining but fictional reading, along the lines of occult lore.


One of the dictums of the Demon Realm that involved humankind in black magic at the end of the Lemurian Age, was that Mind Control technique of imprinting False Memories on women … both children and adult women … to the effect that their fathers, or a father figure, had sexually molested or raped them. People are beginning to find this out right now … that the Demon Realm has done that. And has also imparted that spell to Spiritual Adepts who seek worldly power: Money and fame and sexual gratification. Those are the main ‘lures’, I think.

In other words, these Spiritual Adepts are looking for something for themselves for or for their groups, rather than seeking to align with God. This sort of Spiritual Adept, who attains psychic powers for the purpose of pursuing worldly gain, is termed a Black Magician.

Those Spiritual Adepts who have fallen to that heresy of Service to Self sometimes receive that teaching from the founder of their group: To teach the women in their group, falsely, that they have been deeply mislead, and sexually molested, by a father or a father figure.


So this person, this Black Magician, decides to marry, for the sake of looks, for the congregation. But he must Mind Control the woman into feeling that he loves her, and that they have a relationship, when, in fact, they don’t. They don’t have a sexual relationship. His interests lie elsewhere … either on the astral plane, or on the physical plane; his initial intention being to enhance his psychic abilities through conservation of sexual energy and an ascetic lifestyle.

So the Black Magician Mind Controls his wife into thinking, in her subconscious mind, that a father, or father figure, molested her or raped her in her childhood … and instills in her a sense of horror towards the act of sex with a man.

So then, she serves him. Through Mind Control, she believes he is her faithful husband. She represents him in public as his wife. She keeps his house clean. There will probably be no children, but she cooks his meals for him. She backs him up, before other people, through all kinds of allegations. She stands by him. And she believes that he is her husband, when in fact he is a Black Magician.

So that’s the reason for this phenomenon that I’m sensing more and more, amongst Black Magicians around the world: That it seems that they always congregate with women who have this unfortunate past … right? But in fact, these are False Memories that are instilled through the practice of Black Magic.


When harmful false memories are implanted in a woman’s mind, the Black Magician can more easily get into her energy field. That thought that men have injured a woman, wounds the women’s energy field. And so then, when the energy field is not stable, then the Mind Control expert can more easily get in, and manipulate the mind of a woman.

One end he might have, would be the appearance of a happy marriage, for the sake of looks, as described above.

The more sinister applications would be Mind Control of visitors to the congregation, so as to elicit donations to the group. Or, Mind Control of women in the congregation, resulting in sexual liaison or marriage, murder of the woman, and theft of her wealth or squatting in her residence.


Spiritual Arrogance and Shunning of Women as Sexual Partners

Psy in the Sky: One of the things that the Black Magickers in America are doing, is picking amongst the women in their congregations, and marrying them, as described above. But … and I haven’t totally gotten to the bottom of this … they feel that women are inferior intellectually and emotionally, and easily manipulated with Mind Control.

So they feel that women are an unfit match for them … that they are beneath them. They tend to congregate with other Spiritual Adept men for sexual gratification, either on the physical plane or on the astral plane. They turn from their wives to the practice of increasingly dark sexual deviations. There are a number of complicated interweavings of dark energies in the unfolding of this phenomenon.

Astral Rape Psychically Sensed Being as Being Practiced by Gangs of Celibate Black Magicians

Psy in the Sky: If a Black Magician feels that celibacy is the thing to do, then, on the astral plane, he will raid around the ‘astral airs’ with other Black Magicians, and rape both men and women on the astral plane.

Homosexuality, Sex with Children, and Murder of Women Psychically Sensed Amongst Black Magicians

Psy in the Sky: And if he feels that it’s all right to have sex sometimes, he will tend to pick male partners, or children, rather than women. And if he picks women, he is likely to murder them, as described above.

The Cause of Purported Sexual Deviation Amongst Black Magicians

So then, why is it that these men turn from their wives, to astral rape, in gangs of Black Magicians? And then to physical intercourse, say, with felons, or with people they feel to be disreputable, such as sex workers? And then, on to rape and murder of younger and younger children, till they get down to infants … and rape them, and throw them on the dumpster?

Well, it’s an interesting process, to do with Soul learning regarding, truly, the evilness of Mind Control. There are a number of complicated interweavings of dark energies that cause this phenomenon. I’ll try to explain …

Here in the fourth and third dimensions on Earth, we have the free will choice of two paradigms: Service to Self, and Service to Others. Modeling of both paradigms is readily available. But Service to Self … or Power Over … is not the best choice for Soul evolution. For God realization, if you will. For us to experience God realization, we must first learn to respect everyone else, and allow them the blessing of having their own free will.

And so, for the Black Magician, who has chosen the paradigm termed Service to Self, the penalty, in terms of the life lived, grows greater and greater, the longer he persists in that practice.

A Proposed Mechanism of the Turn to Sexual Deviance

Then, as far as the coursing of the energies is concerned … The wife who is injured through implantation of False Memories is always crying out, on the astral plane. She’s always crying out, with regard to men. And this wife in name only reminds the Black Magician of a child.

And so, in his mind, he’s always hearing the cries of a child who is being raped. And that samskara enters his own energy field, and induces him to greater and greater acts of violence towards younger and younger people. That’s my understanding of it.

The very act of Mind Control of women, and injury of their energy field, causes this Achilles Heel, this great social injury of raping and killing children … buying them from their mothers … buying them abroad, because it’s cheaper. Giving them HIV, because the Black Magician has been with felons (who are more likely than others to have HIV, because of having done sex work or having been raped in prison).


So to recap, what apparently happens, when Spiritual Adepts, putatively, use Mind Control to imprint that False Memory on the women in their group, is that they become prone to become child molesters themselves. They are turned toward the practice of using children for sex. And that does make sense, because the women in the group, in their subconscious minds, are always talking about that act.

And so, the men in the group, who have imprinted that False Memory, become susceptible to that thought. And that explains that karma of raping children that seems to be happening, for the men in the Black Magic groups around the world right now.

So I’m suggesting that the men look at this karma. And that will bring them to an awareness of how, instead of a Win-Lose situation in their group … men win; women lose … they’re creating a Lose-Lose situation, because of the backlash of karma against them. And then they’ll begin to understand that the teachings they receive from the Demon Realm, for Power Over the world, are not to their benefit, or to the benefit of anyone on Earth.

It’s a first step; but it’s a giant step. It’s a really good one, in clearing up the false understanding that men can gain what they want by practicing Black Magic.


Catastrophic Early Childhood Soul Experiences Involving the Act of Sex

Then as to the purported (psychically intuited) predilection for felons as sex partners amongst with Black Magicians, from what I’ve noticed on the psychic plane … There’s always an early childhood incident that’s greatly damaging. It has to do either with the child killing the parents, or else the child killing a sibling, to do with the act of sex. It always has to do with that.

In one case, I saw, on the astral plane, that the child tried, in adolescence, his first act of sex with a woman who had a boyfriend. And the boyfriend came along, and castrated him. And he went back to his father, and the father killed both the woman and the man, apparently. Or at least the woman.

So the very first attempt, or feeling, of sexuality, results in absolute disaster … burning down the family home, and everyone in it. Or killing a baby sister, and then getting castrated. Something that normal people never have to deal with.

The Notion that the Act of Sex Is Catastrophically Evil

And then the notion of sex, after that, is catastrophically evil. They want nothing to do with sex. They become a Black Magician. They want Power Over other people. I guess maybe they don’t want anything like that childhood incident ever to happen to them again. Maybe that’s part of it. So then, they’re doing a workaround … because they still have a sex drive. But it’s negatively aspected. And the energy field, in the area of the second chakra, is greatly injured.

All these things that show up, over and over again, both abroad and here in the United States, have to do with the injury to the second chakra, I feel. Sometimes the first chakra too … if they have been threatened with the notion that they’re going to be killed. I should think that castration in early childhood would cause that problem as well.

I’ve talked about it before: Fear of death, linked to the act of sex. And the desire to kill, so as to overcome that. So the act of sex becomes the thrill of the kill. And this is linked, somehow, in certain segments of that population with catastrophic early childhood experiences to do with sexual expression, to the Black Magic cults.

On Black Magicians Seeking Felons as Sex Partners Because Sex Is Felt to Be Dangerous and Evil

Before doing felonious acts such as rape or murder for sexual thrill, or in lieu of that, Black Magicians, if carrying the memory of catastrophic early childhood experiences, have a feeling that the act of sex is dangerous and wrong … life threatening … against the law, or maybe full of sinfulness.

That, I feel, is why they seek out felons and sex workers to have sex with … They may be projecting their own feelings of the evilness of the act of sex on their sex partners, and selecting their sex partners through this filter of ‘evilness’. In other words, they may be looking for sex partners they feel are evil enough to perform an act they consider to be inherently evil.


Instances of catastrophic early childhood experiences to do with the act of sex are beginning to be discovered, right now, because of Disclosure … It’s becoming clear what’s going on. And the problem I have is, I have no clue what to do about it, if the injury is so deep. And the acts are so atrocious to the notions of propriety in society, that no one would believe me even if I mentioned it. You know?

And so, I’m waiting. I’m waiting for you, to figure this out, and to figure out what to do about it. You, humankind, need to know what’s happening, and you need to figure out what to do about it. Not so much in terms of justice, but in terms of healing all of us. Healing humankind. What can we do? What can we do?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “False Memories,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_memory ..

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Violence Against Transgender and Cross-Dressed Sex Workers . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 12 May 2018. Text in green font is not in the soundtrack.


Dear Ones, Here are an audiotrack and Summary to do with the issue of violence against transgender and crossdressing sex workers …




Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I’ve been trying, for a long time, to get to the bottom of this issue of violence against transgender people and crossdressing people. I came across something today, just very briefly, about that. I think that the issue that involves danger and violence against transgender and crossdressing men has to do with sexual preference.

There’s a big movement, in the world today, to allow people to have their own choice in sex partners. Kind of a feeling of: I love this person … or … I love that person … or … I prefer this or that type of person. And I think that is a very healthy and good movement: That people should be able to choose what they want in a sex partner.

However … and this is just a guess … It could be that this issue of violence against transgender and crossdressing men has to do with sex work. It could be that men who pay sex workers that they think are women because of transgender changes or crossdressing changes, and then find, at the last moment, that they are relating to someone who is not their own sexual preference, become very angry … especially if they’re drunk. And then violence occurs.

So in the one case, if this is true, in the one case there’s the issue … which I support … of choosing your own sexual preference, whether it be …

  • the traditional male-female relationship,
  • or what they call male-to-male or M2M,
  • or F2F … female-to-female,
  • or a love triangle involving three people,
  • or polygamy, having more than one husband or wife,
  • or polyamory, romantically loving more than one person at a time,

… Whatever your preference is, then if you feel  joy in your heart, through it, then that’s fine.

But if one person tries to trick another person into not fulfilling their preference with regard to sexual relationships, then that’s not good. You see?

  • One case is: Seeking out and finding your joy in sexuality and sexual fulfillment.
  • And the other is: Tricking a person into not getting that joy.

So that’s my thought on that for today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “List of unlawfully killed transgender people,” in WIkipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unlawfully_killed_transgender_people ..

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Yeasts: First Contact . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 15 September 2017

    • First Contact with the Yeasts
    • Rhythm of Yeast Speech
    • The Pitch of Yeast Speech
    • Yeast Code Words: That ‘Rithmetic Thing
    • Yeast Code Words: That Alabaster Thing
    • Influence of That ‘Rithmetic Thing on Unrestrained Human Sexuality
    • Influence of That Alabaster Thing on Human Mortality and Murder
    • On the Yeasts Beginning to Learn Speech by Applying Human Samskaric Phrases to Their Tribal Emotions, and Repeating Them Over and Over Again
    • Yeast Code Words: That Homosexual Thing
      • Does This Refer to the Yeasts’ Asexual Reproductive Process of Budding?
    • Can Eating Sugary Foods Cause the Telepathic Phenomenon Termed Astral Rape?
      • Repression of the Sex Drive
    • That Homosexual Thing: Effect on the Human Behavior
      • Negative Aspects
      • Positive Aspects
      • The Middle Path
    • Partial Summing Up
    • Yeast Code Words: You Will Die
    • Yeasts Feel Fear When People Are Alcohol or Drug Users
    • Threat of Death Associated with Alcohol or Drug Users: The Yeast Connection
    • Yeasts Provide the Gas Pedal for Our Samskaras; Tailoring Our Yeast Population Curtails Acting Out Based on Our Samskaras
    • Why Murder Is Associated with Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs
    • Do We Have Subconscious Feelings or Microbial Feelings?
    • Why Addicts Are Susceptible to Microbial Suggestion
    • Can Violent Behavior in Addicts be Curtailed by Adjusting the Nutrients Utilized by Their Yeast Population?
      • Recreational Drug Addicts
      • Alcoholics
    • Yeast Code Words: We Have No Relationship
    • ‘No Relationship’ Shuts Down Heart Chakra in Humans
    • Yeast Code Words: That Salivation Thing
    • Could That Salivation Thing Refer to The Act of Sexual Conjugation in Yeasts?
    • Yeasts and the Proliferation of Cancer in Humans
    • If Microbial Telepathy Can Cause Cancer, Cannot Sacred Sound Heal Cancer?
    • Conclusion: On Taking Up the Baton


Image: “A simple, diagram labelled in English showing a yeast cell,” by Frankie Robertson using Inkscape, own work, 06-10-98, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yeast_cell_english.svg … CC BY-SA 2.5

Image: “A simple, diagram labelled in English showing a yeast cell,” by Frankie Robertson using Inkscape, own work, 06-10-98, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yeast_cell_english.svg … CC BY-SA 2.5

Dear Ones,

The below video is about first contact in communicating with the yeasts, which are a relatively large type of microbe.


Just by way of setting the scene in the microbial world, for the sake of the bacterial discussions that have gone before (search the term: Mar on my blogsite), and for this and subsequent blogs on yeasts and paramecia, I offer this:

  • Yeasts are 3 to 40 µm (micrometers). Yeasts eat sugars, not other microbes, as far as I can tell from my research.
  • Bacteria are 0.2 to 10 µm … The frequently encountered E. coli (Escherichia coli) bacterium is 1-2  µm. There are some specialized bacteria that eat yeasts, and thus may be of help to the human immune system. See “Beer and bread yeast-eating bacteria could open door to better health in both humans and livestock,” by the University of Lethbridge, 8 January 2015,
    https://www.uleth.ca/unews/article/beer-and-bread-yeast-eating-bacteria-could-open-door-better-health-both-humans-and-livestock#.WbvkJbKGPwc ..
  • Paramecia (singular: paramecium) are the lions of the microbial jungle: 50 to 330 µm in length. They sweep through the microbial terrain, devouring bacteria, yeasts, and algae in great, swirling gulps of their scooping gullets.

And now, on to the video. There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font.  You will see that the Summary is much changed from the video, and more well rounded.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

First Contact with the Yeasts

I’ve been concerned for some time about communication with yeasts, which are another type of microbial life form that we have in our bodies. And today I successfully was able to speak with some yeasts, and to distinguish the sound that they make amongst the many voices in our bodies. (I did this by eating a sugary food, and then listening on the clair plane.) 

Rhythm of Yeast Speech

They’re not too bright. They’re like tiny little children. And the rhythm of the voice that they have is like this:

Da ↑daah,   da ↑daah,   da daah,   daah,   ↑daah,   daah,   daah    [repeat several times]


That rhythm will carry a simple message that they’re all speaking at once; or at least, some subsection of them are.

The Pitch of Yeast Speech

The height or pitch of the rhythm, the tone, can be suddenly extremely, extremely high, when we ingest something with sugar in it. Very, very high pitched, and centered around the head.

Then, if we decide not to eat much sweets or sugars or simple carbohydrates that turn into sugars, then the sound that the yeasts make inside the field of the body is more like a tenor voice … a higher pitched male voice. (2)

Super-high, when we eat sugar … It sounds almost like angels singing. It’s beyond the normal range of hearing; that kind of high-pitched.

Yeast Code Words: That ‘Rithmetic Thing

I found out some code words that they’re using, prompted, I think, by the Martian bacterial colonists in our colon.

I asked them first: What kind of work do you do in this space station. (They all think our body is a ‘space station’.)

They said: We do that ‘rithmetic thing!

And I thought about it. And then I thought: I wonder if this has to do with populations; with how many people there are on Earth.

Yeast Code Words: That Alabaster Thing

And so … this is very wild … Then I heard the Martian bacterial colonists say: They do that alabaster thing. [x2 … a little bit disdainful.]

I’ve heard this term ‘alabaster’ quite a lot in the subconscious jargon going on in my energy field. I thought it was other people’s energy fields; and it turns out now, it apparently has to do with the talk between the bacterial colonists of Earth and the yeasts. And also, it has to do with my diet choices, I might add …

To the Martian bacterial colonists, ‘alabaster’ apparently means, slightly looking down upon the yeasts. It’s a slightly derogatory term. ‘Alabaster’ has to do with the color of yeasts. And it also has to do with their ‘rithmetic thing that they do.

Influence of That ‘Rithmetic Thing on Unrestrained Human Sexuality

And so yeasts, when they encounter sugar in our bloodstream, they multiply … that’s their ‘rithmetic thing. And their sense of euphoria that they have in multiplying, resonates with the emotion that the human beings feel when they feel sexual.

And so, when they sing like that, then our physical body wants to replicate. It wants to have sex. And it starts up the samskaras that have to do with sexuality. It’s what we’ve been characterizing, on the clair plane, as the V— D— syndrome. This is when it has to do with sexuality; when it has to do with wanting to have sex.

So by ‘rithmetic, that type of samskara also means ‘over and over again’. So that sound is repeated over and over again.

In America, I would then say that the desire to have sex … often at a young age … and to continue to have sex outside of the sacred bonds of marriage, and so forth, has to do with eating sugar, and eating simple carbohydrates. And if we were to change our diet, then our lifestyle would change.

Influence of That Alabaster Thing on Human Mortality and Murder

Also, I’ve heard that word alabaster, in another context, has to do with assassination and killing people. I think this may have to do with the fact that eating sugar can cause diabetes, and diabetes can kill people.

So yeasts could be thought of as having two contradictory functions in the human body:

  • One, to cause people to want to replicate … to have sex
  • And the other, to change the metabolism, so that they then disincorporate; so that their body passes on.

Because of this, I think it’s important to be very careful about diet. We want to keep our yeast population well tailored to the needs that we have for it.

On the Yeasts Beginning to Learn Speech by Applying Human Samskaric Phrases to Their Tribal Emotions, and Repeating Them Over and Over Again

Very clearly, the yeasts are just beginning to learn about talking. And so, they’re hearing words and sounds, and then applying samskaric phrases to their own situation, their tribal emotions. And it does apply; it is a form of logic, but it’s a very circuitous form of logic … it’s sort of an emotional logic.

Yeast Code Words: That Homosexual Thing

And they repeat things over and over again. They’re like that; that’s how they talk. And so, when they say:

M— D— will do that homosexual thing! [using the above cadence]

… what they mean by that is that this M— D— person [or a person by any name] will be cutting down on the types of foods that are good for the yeast population to multiply, or possibly to multiply by means of sexual conjugation (see below).

Does This Refer to the Yeasts’ Asexual Reproductive Process of Budding? It could be that the nutrients currently available in the bloodstream of their hosts might favor the yeast asexual process termed budding (see below). This yeast budding process might be termed a homosexual process, in a way, or maybe auto-reproductive, were there such a term in human parlance.

Can Eating Sugary Foods Cause the Telepathic Phenomenon Termed Astral Rape?

As the person cut down on the types of foods that are good for the yeast population to multiply, the result would be that he would be healthier, and he wouldn’t have diabetes, and also that he wouldn’t have the impulse to have sex as much.

So that’s what they mean by homosexual thing … they don’t really mean what they say. They mean that a person will be M2M or F2F. They mean that the person will have less of the sort of samskaric repetition that causes people to attract other people on the mental plane.

Repression of the Sex Drive. For a heterosexual person, repetition of this phrase by the yeast population will stifle or damp down the sex drive. This sexual repression may be the cause of the telepathic effect termed ‘astral rape’ … That is, the constant repetition of sexually suggestive words through the gut brain … or could it be the brains of microbes in the gut? Or both? …

I know there’s more to it. I think that the yeasts probably also have to do with the predator – prey instinct, as well as the Martians. I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything more about it.

So these are my thoughts about astral rape, to do with the telepathic chatter; the internal subconscious … or microbial [laughs] telepathic chatter.

That Homosexual Thing: Effect on the Human Behavior

Negative Aspects. I expect it’s possible that the samskaric ratchet-up by the yeasts might lead to M2M or F2F acts, and this might lead to social opprobrium or possibly contracting STDs. So those would be unfortunate side-effects of the person’s yeast population ratcheting up the microbial telepathic chatter regarding ‘that homosexual thing’.

In which case, eating more sugar might make a person’s yeasts lose the ‘homosexual thing’ telepathic talk, and the person might turn to heterosexuality? Could it be this basic which lifestyle is chosen: An adjustment in the level of sugar in the bloodstream?

Positive Aspects. We all know that people eat chocolate because it makes them feel sexy. That’s a joke that people have. Chocolate has sugar in it, right? And that people need to limit their sweets, or else they can develop a tendency towards diabetes.

The Middle Path. So perhaps a slight ratcheting up on the sugar level in the bloodstream … not enough to cause a tendency toward diabetes … might be advantageous to good health?

Partial Summing Up

All right, so that’s it for the yeasts for today. They are that alabaster thing that the Martian bacterial colonists talk about. They do that ‘rithmetic thing … They mostly spend their time increasing their numbers when they can … when the nutrients in the blood supply permit it.

And they also do that ‘rithmetic thing on humankind: They cause us to want to multiply more. And they also do that subtraction thing on humankind, because eventually, if there are too many of them, they cause us to pass on.

Yeast Code Words: You Will Die

OK, here’s another thing. Apparently the yeasts are repeating the phrase:

You will die [first name, surname], you will die!
For example: You will die, Joe Smith, you will die!


It’s said in a kind of sad, middle tone. You see that the rhythm is exactly the same, but the emotional ‘feel’ of it is not.

And I suppose they say whoever’s name, in there, that is pertinent … the name of the person or ‘space station’ they’re in.

And apparently, this very simple thought process comes up for them when they’re around the yeast of another person who is doing drugs. It could be … most likely, I think they mean alcohol and other recreational drugs. It might be pharmaceutical drugs; I don’t know. That’s all I’m getting right now.

Yeasts Feel Fear When People Are Alcohol or Drug Users

And the deal is that the yeasts, who are very simple-thinking beings, feel that drugs kill. I’m pretty sure they mean that drugs kill them … not just people. I guess it has to do with, that when people are on drugs, they don’t eat sugars and they don’t get proper food. They don’t care. And so the yeasts die.

And so, the yeasts are frightened of people who do drugs. And so they figure if their person … They don’t know the term ‘space station’, I don’t think … If their person gets in touch with other people who are doing drugs, then they will do drugs. And then those particular yeasts will die.

Threat of Death Associated with Alcohol or Drug Users: The Yeast Connection

And that’s where I’ve been getting the threat of death regarding being around other people who are either drinkers, or possibly social drug users. In my case, it’s my yeasts repeating these samskaric fear-of-death things over and over again.

It’s what we call samskaras, but apparently there’s an organism, the yeast, that’s doing it.

Yeasts Provide the Gas Pedal for Our Samskaras; Tailoring Our Yeast Population Curtails Acting Out Based on Our Samskaras

We may, in fact, have samskaras … as they say in the ancient, occult texts … that are activated from lifetime to lifetime. But it seems to me that these can be curtailed and deleted, as I said before, by eating foods that aren’t particularly helpful to the yeast population in us.

Why Murder Is Associated with Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs

Oh yes, another thing: It seems like, when people are addicted to alcohol or recreational drugs, that these samskaric tendencies rise to a crescendo, because of the feeling of terror of the yeast population within them.

Do We Have Subconscious Feelings or Microbial Feelings?

And it could be that what we call subconscious feelings … actually may be more properly called microbiological thought processes … and that these influence addicts to kill; and that that’s why murder is associated with addiction.

Why Addicts Are Susceptible to Microbial Suggestion

The thing of it is: People who are addicted … their higher brain functions are numbed down, and not so available to them. And so they’re susceptible to acting out of the murmurings of the other species that are co-habiting this human terrain with us.

So, as the mind dumbs down, and the addict becomes more and more lulled to sleep, mentally, the noise of the yeast population ratchets up. This fear of killing:

You will die [naming the person], you will die!

Meaning: Please stop being addicted! … But it’s taken by the human in such a way that it’s expressed outward, through projection, and other people are killed.

Can Violent Behavior in Addicts be Curtailed by Adjusting the Nutrients Utilized by Their Yeast Population?

Recreational Drug Addicts. So this leads me to the notion that violent behavior in recreational drug addicts might be curtailed by seeing to the nutritional needs of the yeast population in their bodies.

Alcoholics. On the other hand, in the case of alcoholics, could it be that yeasts are converting the alcohol to simple sugars while the person is drunk, and are multiplying very fast, and that their euphoria, followed by dieoff as the alcohol load in the blood, is causing violent behavior while drunk?

If so, would there be a way to make simple sugars from alcohol metabolism unavailable to the alcoholic, thus making it less likely that violent acting out will occur?

Yeast Code Words: We Have No Relationship

Here are some more weird code word signals from the yeasts kingdom. If there’s a dieoff in the yeast population of a person … if it’s not getting the kind of sugary food it needs to live on … then the yeasts broadcasts these signals:

Abandon hope, V—, we have no relationship!     or
V—, we have no relationship!   
or simply:
We have no relationship!     [repeated many times] and then:
Abandon hope!

The sound is kind of despairing. I heard that sound from someone else on the clair plane.

‘No Relationship’ Shuts Down Heart Chakra in Humans

This code word tends to shut down the heart chakra; sadomasochistic ideation may arise.

I expect this may be more of a problem if a person is binge-eating sugars. If they go off sugars in the diet, the commotion from the yeast dieoffs will most likely settle down as the yeast population stabilizes at a lower level.

I’ve found that to be the case with my own metabolism and emotions, in my macroenvironment, and have read that others also cease with the ‘sugar blues’ when the sugar in their diet is curtailed.

Above, however, is a micro explanation for the issue of ‘sugar blues’.

Yeast Code Words: That Salivation Thing

And then my yeasts, who were happy because they got some sugar, were befriending those other yeasts. That’s as I understand it.

Maybe it was just my yeasts, talking to each other; I don’t know. They’re calling those other yeasts …

  • maybe a different strain of yeasts,
  • or maybe yeasts in a different person.

They’re calling them ‘V—er’ … so it’s like the same name, with the suffix ‘-er’ after it. And they say:

V—er, I will not do that salivation thing! 
I will not do that salivation thing! 

And I said: Why are you saying that?

And they said: To help him feel better!

Could this possibly mean that they’re consoling these other yeasts that have no sugar, and can’t multiply?

Could That Salivation Thing Refer to The Act of Sexual Conjugation in Yeasts?

Yeasts have two methods of ‘multiplying’:  either by an asexual process termed budding or by a sexual process termed conjugation. Here is a diagram of the possibilities:

Image: Yeast lifecycle, by Masur, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yeast_lifecycle.svg … public domain

Image: Yeast lifecycle, by Masur, Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Might the term “I will not do that salivation thing” … like the term “You are a homosexual” … mean that they’re multiplying by budding, rather than through the process of sexual conjugation?

“That salivation thing,” then, might be the yeasts’ term for reproduction by sexual conjugation?

This latter might make sense if they’re unable to reach any yeasts of a different strain with which to accomplish the process of sexual conjugation.

Yeasts and the Proliferation of Cancer in Humans

I have a little more information about the yeasts. I understand that they repeat things over and over again, and in this way they heighten the effect of the samskaras.

This is about human diseases: Because of the emphasis on cancer these days … information about it, and talk about it are everywhere. And so, a lot of people have a fear of cancer, or an anger about it not being resolved.

And when they become angry at somebody else … say, a significant other … the unconscious portion of them pops up with a samskara about:

May she get cancer!   or   May he get cancer!

It might be cancer of the uterus, cancer of the brain … It’s something specific. And the yeasts, I feel, may be the agents, the cause of picking up the samskara, so that it repeats over and over again … because repetition is what they do.

And that energy, that telepathy, that repetitive samsakaric effect, settles onto the organ in question of the other person, and creates the disease, I feel.

If Microbial Telepathy Can Cause Cancer, Cannot Sacred Sound Heal Cancer?

Of course, there are sacred sound healing techniques to remove that over and over again so that it may be completely healed.

There are those cures available, and there is also, as a proposal, the yeasts as etiology or cause.

Conclusion: On Taking Up the Baton

I see there is much more to be done in the field of interspecies communication between yeasts and human, and as regards behavior effect of each upon the other.

I apologize for the deficiencies of this presentation, and offer my sincere hope there will be those who take up the baton in this regard.

For the spiritual student who aspires to heal the world through knowledge of the microbiological world, may I suggest first concentration on yoga, and on mindfulness? These will be a foundation on which to build your knowledge and understanding of the All, whether large … even cosmic in dimension … or small … even microscopic in size.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) A micrometer is a millionth of a meter.

(2) For an example of the tenor voice, see this video:

Video: “Tenor Jack Swanson,” by performancetoday, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZkAvuNaXp8 ..


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Consequentialist Killings . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 July 2017

    • Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins
    • A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia
    • Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism
    • Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed
    • Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

Dear Ones,

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Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is in the time leading up to the Lion’s Gate in August of 2017, and I’m here to discuss today a little more about killings and murders, and their motives. This whole blog coming up, this video, has to do with Consequentialism, and Consequentialist killings, or murders, and also to do with my own feeling about Consequentialism … the falseness, in fact, of Consequentialism, and why this is so (why it is false).

Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

Some time ago, in the stories on the astral plane, there was an instance or two of murders that occurred in the interests of a group considered to be a very high cause, you know? So you could apply that to a spiritual group, or a social cause … practically any kind of group might fit that description, if the people that were in it were very dedicated to it.

The notion was a Consequentialist notion, that murder of one person that brought great wealth to the group would be not a sin. And it, in fact, would be a great blessing. So the murders in those kinds of instances occur because the person believes that they are doing good. Consequentialist theory allows them to think that.

Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

A different MO (modus operandi) that’s been used quite recently, with this same rationale of donating to a worthy cause or organization, is the murder of people for body parts. That whole scheme has not yet come to light. I think it’s taking place here and there, around the world, right now.

One way to circumvent that scheme would be for the places that oversee the reception of body parts to use greater discretion and greater checks and quality control on where the bodies come from … the manner of people’s death, and so forth. I think that will help a lot; because the parts have to be sold somewhere. I think they’re being passed off as auto accidents and so forth? So we need to look at the end point, the place that gives the money for the donation of those parts. That’s my thought about that more recent situation that has cropped up.

Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins

Oh yes, here’s one other case … There was an instance some decades back when a bunch of people with psychic abilities … they were men with high intellectual ability, and psychic abilities …  got together. They wanted to do some Consequentialist experiments on humankind. And so they got together, and from time to time, they pooled their sperm, so that no one would know, for sure, whose sperm was actually involved in the project that they were all contributing to.

They wanted to grow babies from their own gene pool, so that they could create a race of super-psy people to rule Earth … to rule the other human beings on Earth … for their own good, and for their eventual spiritual upliftment.

What would happen was, together they would mind-control a woman visitor to the place where they were. They had a contraption, a penile aid, that injected the sperm into the woman. They would mind-control her right out in the open, apparently, in some cases, into having sex with one of them.

This one person had an unusually shaped, small penis, and he used the contraption, whatever it was, to insert the sperm of all the other people into the woman. He actually performed the act with a foreign object, so that the other people’s sperm entered the woman.

And then, quite a number of women apparently got pregnant. Then after the children were born, in some way they were bought, or the mother was disposed of, or minimized in some way, so that the children were taken and used in experiments.

These children were raised, as I understand it, to become psychic assassins. Some of the problems that arose with that batch of children were that they were the product of rape, and of the mind control of their mothers, that they had early on lost their mothers, and there was damage, in the first place, to their fathers’ DNA that caused them to undertake the Consequentialist philosophy.

In psychology, their fathers would probably be labeled antisocial personalities. So the children that they had, had half of the genetic makeup, at least, of an antisocial personality.

The group required that the children’s genitals be mutilated; I don’t know in what manner. That was supposed to increase their psychic abilities. The children had a choice to stay in the group and mutilate their genitals, or to leave the group with the complete genitals they were born with.

So those that remained were genitally mutilated; their mothers had been raped, mind controlled, and either minimized or slain; and their fathers were antisocial personalities. And these (the fathers) were the people that taught them.

So what they inherited were two traits: Misogyny (hatred of women) and rape. So, many of them turned to killing women and raping women. And so, they had to turn to homosexual relationships because their heterosexual relationships did not last that long before they killed the women.

In addition, they were taught to be psychic assassins through psychic heart attack techniques. And what would happen would be, that the people that they were with intimately, in moments when the unconscious mind arose … such as when they were in the dream state, or under the influence of alcohol, say, or a recreational drug … their subconscious mind would remember that technique. And if they were angry with their significant other, they would kill them with the psychic heart attack techniques.

Thank God, those techniques no longer work on New Earth. However, during the interval when all this came down, many significant others of these young people met untimely deaths.

In addition, they were hired out as psychic assassins. The work that they undertook accrued to them great karma; and quite frequently they found untimely deaths.

So essentially, their parents … their fathers … you couldn’t call it murder; they had great hopes for them. But in fact, what happened was quite a bit of murder: Of the children, of the mothers, of the intended victims who were assassinated for cash for the organization, and of the significant others of the young people. Quite a story, huh?

A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia

Now in more recent years, the children of the original plan that I just discussed … the Consequentialist plan to breed psy children that would take over the world for normal the humans’ own good, right? … the second generation devised a plan for a community of polyamorous, gay men and women to breed the psychic leaders of the future of the world.

One clair story that I heard about the manner of impregnation was that there was a sperm bank purported to be the sperm of the leader of the group, but in fact composed of the combined sperm of other members of the group. And the leader would ask the women in the group to become pregnant, so that he could take their babies away from them, as I understand it, and use them for experiments to breed the superhuman, psy people of the future.

So this was a very unique second scheme that also involved bringing promising youngsters with psy abilities … special abilities … into the community, especially if they were the children of a single mother who was having trouble making ends meet. So essentially, they would buy these children from the mother, and then find a way to minimize her, either through impoverishing her, or through actually doing away with her. And the child was then inducted (do you say?) into the community for these ongoing experiments to create the super race.

I think that happened, maybe, in batches of 5 or 6 for a while. But for the two groups of 5 or 6 children that I observed on the psychic plane, the difficulty was that the manner of rearing was so austere, and so lacking in love, that the children, although very psy, became mentally imbalanced, in fact, prone to psychic acts of warfare against other people. They were also difficult to control, because they would kill their guards, and escape from the room that they were imprisoned in.

And so, in the end, those experiments that I witnessed clairly resulted in the woman who was taking care of them, euthanizing both batches of children. According to my clair understanding of what she said, those experiments had been taking place for quite some time.

And so I clair-asked one of the people who participated in that experiment … an unusual Consequentialist experiment … how he felt about those children dying; which was, in essence, sacrificing his own children, potentially.

He said he felt that those children were just a part of him, so that it was all right for them to be used in that way.

Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism

I do have a few things to say about Consequentialist theory. I feel that it comes from an insufficient understanding of time and space. Consequentialist theory is developed beneath the borderline of the causal plane. It’s a construct based on the inevitable enfoldment of a particular timeline. What it doesn’t take into consideration are the notions of grace and forgiveness, and benevolence of God, and the abundance of all things in the Universe being available to us when we align our wills with that of God.

For instance, a person might feel: Our organization, in order to survive, must have much more money.

And then a person might feel: Well, here is this person; they have lots of money … Particularly in the instance of wealthy women; this is the instance that I’m talking about …

This person has lots of money! Let’s just find a very ingenious, two-person way (which I’ve discussed in a past blog) to eliminate that woman, and take her money for our group. And many, many people will benefit from that. Think of all the good we do in the world. Like that, right?

So my proposition is that, instead of enacting that very simple plan of subterfuge, and evading the law in order to create the greater good, we look to the multiplicity of timelines and dimensions in the world, and find that one which works to create the greatest good for all beings everywhere.

And that’s the basis of my activations of light through the Hathors, that you can see in another category of my website.

So I say: Step beyond time and space when we make these decisions.

Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed

So now, stepping back into the causal realm, what really happens when we murder a child in a scientific experiment to create a super race of super-psy beings, say, which we feel will wisely rule this Earth?

First, everything is taking place in the Eternal Now. It is not really taking place in a timeline sequence. Timeline sequences are the artificial artifact of the left brain. Really, they’re directed through the 8th chakra, up above our head, and they can be changed, in the 8th chakra, through an act of awareness … pure awareness … at the 8th and 9th chakra levels above our head. At the highest, that’s 3 feet above our head, I would say. And that’s discussed in my blog category: bow-tie knot

So, just getting back to the Eternal Now, and the moment when we decide to kill the child who has participated in this construct, this experiment hoped to be for the greater good of humankind, that involves killing the child.

So there’s a person who kills: That will be the female delegate of the person conducting the experiment, who is carrying out the experiment so that the original person who came up with the idea won’t be legally liable for it.

That’s a whole separate issue, I feel: Who is really liable. In the Soul perspective, I’d say, depending on the amount of mind control involved, both people are liable … both are creating, through the act of killing the child, distortions of their own DNA.

We call it karmic miasmic distortions or morphogenetic field distortions, but actually, in the physical body, and in the DNA that carries from lifetime to lifetime, what it is, is  miscoding … incorrect coding of the DNA.

In the child that is killed, the act of killing, creates the opposite form of miscoding of the DNA sequence. In future incarnations, all the people that participated in Consequentialist experiments of this nature carry with them the Soul DNA that is miscoded and must be purified and made right by the Incoming Light.

So what happens, say, in the case of a person who has great power on Earth … and there are a lot of people who have great power on Earth, and also have great miscoding of their DNA sequences, when they devise the notion that they are the very top, the epitome of humankind right not?

This often happens with the category of people that psychology calls ‘antisocial personalities’ … They understand that they’re very different from other human beings. Sometimes they think that they hybrids. Sometimes they think that they’re prophets. Sometimes they think they’re aliens from outer space. This is their way of terming the fact that they feel a great gulf between themselves and the way of life of what they call normal normals; normal human beings. And they’re right about that.

But the notion that the ego has, that that’s the way to be, and that other people are wrong, may be mistaken. However, it’s universally held by antisocial beings that, in fact, they are superior. And that gives rise to cloning experiments, and the experiments of raping women through mind control, and grabbling their children, and teaching them the great psy abilities that these people have. I’ve explained, in the past, that these great psy abilities have to do with the Soul wounding that the people have; in other words, with the mis-sequencing of the DNA that they have, the Soul DNA that’s carried from lifetime to lifetime.

When they have children by these raping means, by these cloning means, the children have half of their Soul DNA very similar to that of their antisocial parent. And because they are raped, they carry the deeper Soul wounding involved in rape, and probably in the murder of their mother. So they are likely to rape and murder women.

There are varying degrees of antisocial personalities, as I’ve discussed priorly, under the category: Antisocial personalities – feral humans – controllers – puppeteers . For a pure antisocial personality, who has absolutely no conscience and no compunctions about any of the human strictures, social behavior, or societal expectations, that kind of person, when he is cloned, recreates the same type of person … not the half person (half-antisocial person) that would be if the original father had raped a woman … but a true and total antisocial person. In their terms, the true hybrid.

There was a theory going on a while back, in the 2000s … and in a sense it was a true story about this group of people … about the true hybrid being someone who couldn’t be with women because he would kill them. This was true of all those children that were created through rape and killing of the mother, or minimization of the mother in some way … They couldn’t be with women because they used them up too fast. And who had to be with men instead. What else was it? Who raped women, raped people, because of that initial act that created their conception, and the aftermath of that.

And they also felt, about drinking of blood, that it was necessary for them to continue to exist. To kill was the initiation ceremony for that group of young people. And to drink blood. And so, they were actually demonized. There was some way of inducing in them demonic obsession. That, I think, was responsible for the drinking of blood, although I can’t really attest to that.

So these are my ideas: My ideas are that these kinds of Consequentialist experiments have to do antisocial personality traits, which have to do with DNA mis-sequencing … miscoding that needs to be corrected through the Incoming Light.

And that people that have these tendencies can help solve the situation themselves, by looking to the possibility of their own DNA being damaged by the acts that they do, for the benefit of the mental tangles that are going on, the construct of time and space that’s prevalent in the world today, but which is completely false.

Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

I know no one has talked very much about DNA as a vehicle for karma, but I’d like to explain what little I know about that, as well as I can. The actions that we undertake on Earth make our karma better or worse. Now, our karma is carried with us from lifetime to lifetime. It’s embodied in our DNA. We have our physical template, and our Soul template; our physical DNA and our Soul DNA.

Apparently, the way it works is, if we make bad choices, such as to murder someone, then an instantaneous change occurs in our DNA that takes us farther from the ideal that our Soul has for us … the ideal human expression that our Soul has for us.

In the same way, a life of joy, a life full of love, a life with expression of charity towards our fellow man, helps to change the miscoding, the poor DNA sequences, that we carry from other lifetimes, so that they become closer to the ideal that the Soul wishes the physical form to express.

Now I’d like to give an example in terms of medical knowledge, that also applies to my theory about DNA miscoding caused by wrong action. That has to do with cancer. Everybody knows … it’s common knowledge today … that when we make poor choices with regard to lifestyle, then we’re more likely to come down with cancer, yes? And that if we live a very healthy lifestyle, we’re more likely to have a healthy body … one that’s not plagued with cancer and other diseases.

But what actually happens, according to my theory, is that, through poor lifestyle choices, we alter our DNA. So that some of our DNA expresses what we call cancer. It becomes cancerous. It creates cancerous cells, you see?

And this malcoding, or miscoding, or recoding in a false sense, of the DNA, is carried through our Soul template of DNA, with us, from lifetime to lifetime. So this is a good example here.

Medical science knows that poor lifestyle choices cause cancer. But the understanding … the deeper understanding that’s missing is that poor lifestyle choices change our karma. And our karma expresses itself through miscoding in the DNA that scientists call cancerous cells: suddenly, spontaneously, cancerous cells.

These are just a few examples. It could be applied in any context, to all kinds of diseases that a person has. And it also applies to all kinds of genetic issues, and so forth. All these indicate DNA miscoding that needs to be corrected. And will be corrected, through the Incoming Light, during the dawn of the New Age for humankind.

You all take care. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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