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1865 Letter to Violet from Her Betrothed. along with story by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 29 July 2021; published on 30 July 2021

    • Alice’s Story of Discovering the Letter
    • Letter to Violet from Her Betrothed

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about my discovery many long years ago of a love letter written just after the Civil War. At the end of the video, after describing the scene where I made the discovery I read the letter. There is a Summary after the video.

Times then were like times now … full of chaos and change, through which we may win our way through faith in the future….



Alice’s Story of Discovering the Letter

Once upon a time there was a great house in the country. The house was separated from the public road by a narrow stretch of woods sheltering a stream. The dirt road that led from the public road to the house skimmed along the near side of the woods for some distance, as if it were reluctant to offer the public a view; plunged into the woods, and ascended a gentle slope. Te slope, at the top of which the house stood, bore several minor structures: at the bottom, a corn crib; farther up, a tool shed; a barn all of worn wood with broken doors/ at the top and to the side of the house a building recently used as servants’ quarters, formerly a doctor’s office.

The house itself was surrounded by aged maples, elms and oaks. The dirt road ended at the rear of the house, and the lawn in front was overgrown with weeds that left burrs and beggars’ lice on trespassers. The bushes along the sides of the lawn were scarcely recognizable, without their leaves, as cultivated plants gone to wild.

The front door of the house, a massive wood-panelled structure cast to shade by the porch roof, was locked. To the left of the main door was a two-story wing of the house, with a smaller porch and door, unlocked.

Inside this door was a room that [had] served as a kitchen. There was a large fireplace with a tiled heart. Empty shelves lined the walls. A very old refrigerator held a half gallon preserve [jar] half full of large, tough string beans. They were pickled. They smelled foul.

A narrow stairway to the rear of the kitchen led to the servants’ sleeping quarters … two small, low-ceilinged rooms. Rubbish of all sorts covered the floor: Broken chairs and bedsprings, magazines, liquor and soda bottles, old clothing, a child’s doll. The planking and rafters of the roof formed the ceilings of the rooms.

In the left room the brick stack of the kitchen chimney protruded from the wall. The view from the windows gave on the maples in front and the wall of the main house to rear.

A door in the kitchen gave on a large, high-ceilinged room in the main house. Heavy, carved wood molding framed the doorways and the large, shuttered window.

Some of the floor planking had been removed, so that one picked one’s way carefully between black holes of undetermined depth into the room directly opposite. This was an enlarged hallway giving on the main door and sheltering a wide, banistered staircase. Under the staircase was a small closet with a wooden nail across, [and] an old grey coat on a rusty coat hanger.

Planks had been removed from the staircase at random, making it necessary to climb on the skeletal form of the stairs. The second-story landing was dimly lit by another large, shuttered window to the right. Between the window glass and the shutter nestled a family of large, grey bats. There were about twenty, the largest about eight inches long, the smallest babies, three inches long, nestled close to their upside-down mothers. Most were sleeping quietly. A few punctuated their search for lice in their fur with the characteristic, high-pitched squeak. Their wings were translucent grey in the light that filtered through the shutters. At close range, the delicate webbing of veins in the wings was visible.

The two rooms on the second floor, opposite and to the left of the stairway, had no planking on the floor. The floor rafters stood bare over the wood lathe supporting the plaster ceiling of the parlor and hall below.

The third floor, with identical but slightly lower-ceilinged rooms, had almost intact floors. In the room opposite the stairwell, old clothes cluttered the floor. The remains of a bureau stood in one corner. The shutters from one of the two windows had come undone, and the room was well lit.

The clothes in the room were of the last century; there were many faded dresses with floor-length skirts … voluminous folds of material. There was one pair of men’s trousers with black-and-white, striped suspenders. There were rolls of yellowing fancy lace two inches wide, in tended for embroidery of home-sewn dresses.

In the room to the left of the stairs, piles of rubbish were scattered about. The only light came from a small window giving onto the roof of the servants’ quarters. A trap door in the ceiling gave on a completely dark crawl space smelling of cedar. Groping revealed a few rough planks of lumber.

The trash on the floor of the bedroom was different from that in the servants’ quarters. The bottles here were hand-blown glass … Clear glass medicine bottles labeled ‘KELLUM’S sure cure for Indigestion & Dyspepsia’ … Faint blue bottles: ‘JOHN C. BAKER & Co. CITRATE OF MAGNESIA’; ‘HOOD’S SARSAPARILLA’ … Small, clear-glass bottles with grown glass stoppers … Dark green bottles without labels had tiny bubbles fused in the glass that sparkled before the light.\

No clothing in this room. Wooden and cardboard boxes filled with books published in the 18th [19th?] Century. A curious stack of almanacs printed on yellow paper like newspaper. Fashion magazines of the same kind of paper with [sketches] of women in dresses that humped and flared; high hairdos; large, ornate hats.

Scattered about the floor were pages of stationery covered with carefully graceful handwriting. Among the letters was an envelope containing a stiff yellow postcard with a photograph of a man and woman on the front …

Picture of a couple in old-fashioned clothes. The picture is on the front of a postcard. On the back of the postcard was the caption “Hilton & Mitchel Studios, So Carolina Ave, Broadway, Atlantic City, N.J.”

Picture of a couple in old-fashioned clothes. The picture is on the front of a postcard. On the back of the postcard was the caption “Hilton & Mitchel Studios, So Carolina Ave, Broadway, Atlantic City, N.J.”

The woman dressed like the women in the magazines, was seated. The man stood beside here with one elbow on the chair shoulder, foot propped on a stool, so that his bent knee, on which the other hand rested, was raised to a level midway between the woman’s hands, folded in her lap, and her bodice. The man’s hair was clipped short and slicked down. The man’s mouth wavered between a smile and indifference. The woman was smiling, with her head tilted slightly to one side. The angle was accentuated by her broad-brimmed hat, whose white feathers curved into the margin of the picture.

On the back of the postcard was the caption “Hilton & Mitchel Studios, So Carolina Ave, Broadway, Atlantic City, N.J.”

Here is the letter I found on the bedroom floor. I have left the spelling and punctuation as in the original, but I have changed the names of the two people in the letter to protect their identity …

Letter to Violet from Her Betrothed

Greensboro NC
April 29th 1865

My dear Violet

The long agony is over and the Confederacy is a failure. I am here with Johnston’s Army to be paroled, and expect to leave for Md on the 1st day of May – will travel on horse-back in company with a large number of ex-officers. our route will be through Richmond thence to Gordon’sville & on to the Potomac, will cross it opposite Poolesville in Montgomery County. If I meet with no unforeseen interruption, expect to reach home about the 20th. I will not now attempt a narrative of the painful & eventful scene of the closing days of our struggle. This will serve for many a long talk in “brighter & happier days”

Brad Johnston is here & may accompany me homeward, he has just informed me of a public meeting which was held in Cecil Co. Md to protest against & prevent the return of Marylanders who have taken part in the Rebellion. I hope the sentiments expressed by that meeting have but few advocates in the old State – Now my dear Violet, do write me a long letter giving me all the news & informing me what I may expect from the people of the State or rather those, who I must meet. I am prepared to meet any difficulty in an effort to be with you again, only let me know that the effort meets your approbation. I will return to you with a heart unchanged & a love as ardent & sincere as when we met. Thank God the privation & exposure incident to the life I have led for the last four years, has made but little impression upon my health, time has dealt jently & kindly with me & indeed I am happy in the hope of soon being able to redeem the promise long ago made you. Confiding so entirely in your constancy & affection I am really sure that you will “gladly welcome my return” Th future is full of hope for me, happy indeed will I be, when I can devote my time in contributing to your pleasure and enjoyment, to make you happy will indeed b happiness for me. Now that the Union is restored you can have no hesitation or difficulty in writing to me, as soon as I see home, I will seek you – let me know where you will be. Can I be welcome at your home

Be sure to write me & enclose in envelope sent. I will expect you to do so, please dont’ disappoint me. Remember me to your mother, cousin & all friends.

Ever Yours
Affectionately __
C. A. Hastings

Perhaps I may not be able to leave here so soon as the 1st in that event I will not reach home as early as the 20th I will write you again from Richmond – Be sure to write me & put it in an envelope directed to me, then enclose it in the envelope I send you – by so doing no one will know that you have written me –

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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In My Long Life . a quote by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 July 2021

“In My Long Life”
A Quote by Alice B. Clagett

In my long life,
prejudice has taken on
the face of those
once oppressed.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Ascension Cautions: For Those Who Feel They Have Been Viewing a Virtual Reality Show . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 24 July 2021
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California

Dear Ones,

On the astral plane, I have been hearing for weeks now that many people, including neighbors and acquaintances of mine, feel they are participating in a virtual reality show, in which they can spy on people day and night using wi-fi and radiofrequencies inside homes, and ultrasensitive sound booms, and high resolution spy cameras aimed at people from phone poles and from LAPD helicopters.

There is a pretty out-there astral story about a spy camera system stolen from the United States Army-Navy by cocaine lords who now hold in thrall all Americans, and can divert commercial airplanes, at the flip of a switch, from their more economical fly routes  so that they pass over a particular GPS location for spy purposes.

Another version of the astral stories is that spy satellites maintained by the National Reconnaissance Office are spying on the backyards of everyday citizens, and that local police departments are following them about through splicing into the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system.

If the LoJack theory were true, for instance, that would account for LAPD helicopters showing up on every hike I take in Los Angeles County … go figure the odds! On the other hand (and I favor the latter) it could just as easily be that LAPD helicopters are on high alert for fires that might start in the mountains, and are combing the byways and water towers and electric towers and all other likely spots located in the Santa Monica Mountains to make sure wildfires are quickly contained. Kudos to them on this! They have done an amazing job of rapid containment so far this fire season.

On the other hand, there are stories in the news about directed, pulsed radiofrequency (RF) energy or possibly microwave weapons allegedly being used by drug lords in Cuba to tamper with the brain waves of CIA operatives there. The result apparently varies from minor symptoms such as vertigo and headache to permanent hearing loss and/or brain injuries known as “Havana Syndrome” …

Link: “Havana Syndrome,” in Wikipedia … ..

According to the Wikipedia article, “While there is no expert consensus on the cause of the symptoms … a co-author of the JAMA study considered microwave weapons to be ‘a main suspect’ for the phenomenon.”

This jibes with my sighting some years ago in Grants, New Mexico, of what seemed to me to be a huge microwave emitter on a bus, and the mental confusion I experienced that night and again at the 3HO Summer Solstice Celebration in Espanola, New Mexico, which seemed to me at the time to be a target of the operations of what may have been drug lords that financed the assembly and operation of the bus …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: Fatal Dungeons and Dragons Game?” by Alice B. Clagett, partially excerpted on 23 April 2020 from blogs filmed on 15 March 2018 and on 20 November 2016; revised on 11 June 2020 … … Surf to: THE ROCKING BUS WITH THE GIZMOS ON TOP

There was more in the Los Angeles Times about the Havana Syndrome just yesterday …

Link: “Congress to Assist Brain-Injury Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’,” by Tracy Wilkinson, in Los Angeles Times, 26 July 2021 … ..

It seems to me possible the odd telepathic milieu I have been experiencing in my backyard after 3 pm here in the San Fernando Valley in recent days may have to do with too much radiofrequency emissions, wi-fi, and microwave ‘garble’ in the air at those times.

Whether that may be intentional, and used by local drug lords to target members of the community who are ‘just say no to drugs’ … such as I … or simply a heretofore unacknowledged symptom of the electronic burden borne by modern society, I cannot say.

Were the worst to be true, then local from-home marijuana dealers might be supplying homeowners on either side of a ‘just say no to drugs’ mark with a ‘little black box’ that emits RF pulses directed at the mark, say at 3 pm every day. As an inducement, there might be a promise of a discount on their product, or of non-harassment. If that were so … and of course I very much hope it is not so … then it seems likely to me that those who accept and use the ‘little black boxes’ must also be experiencing mental confusion and possible brain injury because of the RF emissions from the boxes on their own property.

Ancillary to targeting of ‘just say no to drugs’ members of our local communities might be a theme of neo-Hindu death cult or black magic practitioners, Jewish Kabbalists who use their psychic talents in an antisocial way, indigenous cults’ voodoo practitioners, or Satanists who may be at war against Hindus who worship along traditional lines, more traditional Jewish faithful, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims across the globe.

From my own recent research, I note that inexpensive radiofrequency detector devices are readily available online. These can be used to determine whether RF pulses are happening in and around your home.

Then in research on how to incapacitate a vehicular Lo-Jack (in the likelihood drug lords may have hacked into the Lo-Jack databases and might be able to use those data to track and target hits), I found that wire mesh wrapped round a Lo-Jack jams the signal. From that I gather that an intermittent barrier pattern … such as slats in a fence, with openings between the slats, might be one way to confuse and interrupt  pulsed radiofrequency signals.

. . . . .

Looking back, I remember 20 or more years ago, when I became suddenly and apparently permanently EMF sensitive during a series of solar flares. As the phenomenon was a new one, medical science did not know how to deal with it. It seems to me the same phenomenon is happening this month with quite a lot of people. Yet there have been no solar flares; so, I gather, it may just be an Ascension phenomenon that happens to people at a certain stage of their Ascension process.

I note the astral stories about this new experience that apparently is happening to many people are negatively tinged, and winging off in the direction of Conspiracy Theory. That is an arena I tend to skirt round and let be. Consideration of the possibilities of Conspiracy Theory, I feel, only makes me unhappy, and rarely makes a difference in the real world.

Of course, if we really feel there may be a military surveillance spy camera system on the underbellies of commercial airplanes, and if we have a hunch the mafia and the drug cartels are splicing into it and can make life miserable for the ‘Just Say No to Drugs’ crowd (such as myself, for instance), then I feel it would be ok to mention your hunch to your State’s Bureau of Investigation. You could just ask them to check out your hunch; maybe it would be useful to them. Something low key like that.

I have found the Bureaus of Investigation at the State level are more appropriate than the Central Bureau of Investigation as a place to mention hunches that have to do with more than the police precinct in which we live. Police located at our local precincts have responsibility for crime and other community problems within the precinct; at least, that is how I understand it. Then our local precincts liase with contiguous precincts so as to deal with street gangs that rove from precinct to precinct.

Then there are the State level Bureaus of Investigation, such as the California Bureau of Investigation … .. These are very cool, and more likely to respond to your plea because their scope is less international than that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

When there are issues of invasion of privacy through electronic or electrical sound or image spy surveillance inside our homes or in our backyards, then there is recourse through the privacy guarantees of the United States Constitution if we can prove this is happening. If you have proof, you can talk with your local police department about your concerns, and they may advise you how to go about rectifying the situation. For instance, if you want to check on electronic snooping inside your home, pretty good combination GPS and radiofrequency (RF) detectors can be had for not much cash outlay.

Setting third dimensional Conspiracy Theory notions to one side (which I feel is a pretty good idea), then for people who are just now experiencing EMF sensitivity and who are becoming more and more clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient because of the Ascension process: Each of us still must deal with negatively tinged emotions regarding the circulating astral stories.

Thrown into the mix are negative emotions due to COVID stress; here in California this is the more true because of the recent increase in hospitalizations and the reinstitution of indoor face mask restrictions.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to limit the fallout from EMF sensitivity. I note time of day is a factor; typically push comes to shove in this regard after lunch, often after 3 pm, and continues on till people stop watching TV in the evening. Why that is, I am not certain, as I do not subscribe to TV. Possibly it might have to do with negative emotional affect brought up through the themes of the TV programs? Then again, maybe it has to do with after-work or after-school activities, such as pot smoking or alcohol consumption? These are pure guesswork on my part.

Whatever the cause, there has been a mid-afternoon to late evening issue of negatively tinged community noosphere of late. What to do?

Sometimes I take a walk down the block. That seems to jar my ‘mini-noosphere’ (my brain, my mind, my thought forms, and the emotions associated with my thought forms, all of which run on the ‘gas’ of my human electromagnetic field) loose from the uber-noosphere of my neighborhood, which runs on the ‘gas’ of the collective electromagnetic fields of everyone on my block. A moving target … in my case, a walking target … is harder to hit, I feel.

It is harder for a person walking outdoors to be affected by artificial EMF fields as well, I feel …

  • With luck, one may find a walking route on quiet residential streets, with few cars whizzing by.
  • There may be only the usual telephone poles nearby; one may choose to avoid high electric towers on a walk.
  • If surveillance cameras are trained out of the windows in people’s homes because of Neighborhood Watch programs, then the people looking at the camera screens inside their homes may take little interest in us, if we move along smartly and do not loiter by their house.
  • We may choose not to bring our cell phone or handheld or Bluetooth or any other wireless device along with us, as those people who are ascending may begin to sense that these devices create instability in their personal energy field (in their ‘aura’).

I myself find that any artificial EMF field creates instability in my personal energy field. Thus for me, one possibility is to limit wi-fi reception in my home. Insofar as possible, I turn off and unplug wi-fi-enabled devices after charging them, for instance. I strive to eliminate wi-fi at home. I want to make sure there is none in my bedroom, or in my meditation room.

There are also issues with electric lines and electric wires within homes. For myself, I find it is a good idea to unplug electric devices when they are not in use. This also helps prevent home fires, as my mom always used to say. It is better, I have read, not to sleep in winter with an electric blanket, as the wires in the blanket might disturb the stability of our personal energy field.

My overall suggestion is to find creative, low-cost ways to circumvent the negatively tinged astral stories that have been coming up in the afternoons of late. Walking is just one way. Yoga or stretching exercises in a room that is de-wi-fied and de-electrified to whatever extent may be possible is another way. Then there is taking a cat nap in a de-wi-fied and de-electrified room. My readers will doubtless think of many other ways to circumvent the recent afternoon astral to-dos.

In years past, when the phenomena of EMF sensitivity and artificial EMF field impingement were new to me, and I was struggling to figure out just what was going on, I wrote quite a few blogs on the topic. If you would like to look more thoroughly into these issues, here are my relevant blog categories …

EMF Sensitivity … ..

Artificial EMF Fields – Electronic Devices – Electric Devices …  ..

. . . . .

I am in high hopes there may soon be coronal mass ejections that spiff up the noosphere of Earth, and which may also spiff up our personal ‘mini-noospheres’, making our minds and those of all around us more orderly, more logical, and less tempted to tempestuous emotions. Till then, best wishes to all in weathering the short-lived, ‘popcorn’ convection, single-cell afternoon astral thunderstorms oft we telepaths have been encountering of late.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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‘Take Shelter’ . movie review by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 July 2021

Image: “Apokalipse,” by Albert Goodwin, 1903, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Apokalipse,” by Albert Goodwin, 1903, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones,

I skimmed through the movie ‘Take Shelter’ the other day …

Link: “Take Shelter,” IMDb … ..

I find the movie interesting because the recurring images experienced by the male protagonist seem like what I term ‘image words’ from the gut brain (the subconscious mind’s vocabulary). It is good how the ending shows that a family can stand together and shelter in faith in each other, and love of each other, even if the subconscious mind is creating what the Ascensioneers call ‘vivid waking dreams’, in the case of the movie, more like vivid waking nightmares.

The movie also shows how one person’s fearful ‘mental filter’ (that of the husband in the movie) can influence another person (in this case the wife) to take on the same ‘mental filter’.

As a phenomenon, the tendency of the human mind to broadcast mental filters can be either good or bad. The difference has to do with the tenor of the emotional portion of the images that are broadcast. Is the emotion negative or positive? That is the key to the effect that broadcasting of one’s own mental filters has on other people.

For instance, in the movie ‘Take Shelter’ one of the visually striking images that recur in the mind of the male protagonist is a ‘murmuration’ of birds, perhaps starlings or sparrows. This is an aerial phenomenon rather like the simultaneous turning and wheeling motion of schools of fish in the water …

Video: “School of Fish,” by Earth Rangers, 25 July 2012 … ..

In the movie ‘Take Shelter’, the male protagonist feels a recurring anxious feeling, a feeling of  foreboding. It is, I feel, because of the negative tenor of his emotion that he takes his recurring image of a murmuration of dark-colored birds to be an omen of impending apocalypse.

Yet many people see a murmuration of birds, and feel joy or wonderment when they see it. Such is the case with the young women in this video …

Video: “Murmuration (Official Video) by Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith,” by IslandsAndRivers 2 December 2011 … ..

It is clear, then, that it is the feeling that accompanies visualization of an image that causes its perception as a good image or a bad image.

When a person has recurring images popping up from the subconscious mind, and when these images are accompanied by a strongly negative emotion … one that is hard to deal with without ‘acting out’ … then psychologists might term that condition Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (as with COVID stress). Or they might term it ‘generalized anxiety’; or if the emotions get out of hand, they might term it ‘panic attack’. There is also the psychological term ‘paranoid schizophrenia’, which I gather might be a label for recurring ‘panic attacks’ as in the movie.

Broadcasting of mental filters has a good effect in cases where a person’s mental filters allow him to send forth uplifting images from the subconscious mind. In these instances, families or groups such as social circles and church congregations can stand together with courage against adversity.

Broadcasting of mental filters has a bad effect in cases such as that in the movie, where the protagonist’s fearful mental images cause his wife to become fearful, and cause his Ohio small town community to turn against him and label him mentally imbalanced. Broadcasting of negatively aspected mental filters can, I feel, cause what is termed ‘folie à deux’, ‘folie à famille’, ‘folie à coterie’ (that is, a delusion shared by two people, by a family, or by a small group); or in the case of crowds of people, ‘mass hysteria’. The latter may take place across a town, or across a nation, or even … due to the near-instantaneous nature of global communication … worldwide, as is the case with COVID fears.

Please do not misunderstand: It is not that we ought not take proper precautions regarding COVID; it is just that negatively aspected images to do with COVID can cause inappropriate actions … or no action at all, when action is in fact needed so as to preserve life. For instance, it may well be that COVID vaccines are a ‘hard sell’ worldwide because people are experiencing ‘fawn’, ‘freeze’, or ‘flop’ types of threat responses after taking in too much in the way of online images that cause them to feel the emotion of fear regarding COVID.

In cases where a person is affected by other people’s broadcasting of negatively aspected mental filters (such as with the relentless COVID newscasts last year), the person must learn to view negatively aspected mental images with a neutral mind, as does the male protagonist in the movie ‘Take Shelter’. Through cutting down on visual intake of negative images … for instance, by limiting one’s viewing of negative images online … anxiety about the future can be dealt with nonreactively. Or one may simply stand strong and still, while the image is visualized, until the negative feeling ebbs away.

That means to me that the true ‘shelter’ for one’s mind is a strong, still, neutral stance of mind despite the ups and downs of daily life.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Street Drug Sold as ‘Cocaine’ Causes Paranoid Schizophrenia . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 16 July 2021

Dear Ones,

Pragmatic Prophet here! I have a hunch that a white powder made from the seeds of a weed local to the Santa Monica Mountains may be passed off as ‘cocaine’ on the streets of Los Angeles.

The illegal substance is Datura, also known as locoweed, jimsonweed, and devil’s trumpet. Regular use of this hallucinogenic poison can cause aggressive behavior, irritability, and paranoid schizophrenia …

Link: “Chronic Non-fatal Datura Abuse in a Patient of Paranoid Schizophrenia: A Case Report,” by Souray Khanra, C.R.J. Khess, and Naveen Srivastava, 10 December 2014 … ..

Eating Datura causes delirium, which is to say, inability to differentiate reality from fantasy. It causes vivid, dream-like hallucinations and mental confusion. Other symptoms are the heart beating too fast, bizarre and sometimes violent behavior, and stripping off one’s clothes possibly in a public place.

After ingesting the drug, a person feels restless, depressed, and anxious. Other symptoms are dilation of the pupils of the eyes, inability to urinate, muscle stiffness, temporary paralysis, and amnesia. In a few cases, people have died after ingesting the drug.

A person begins feeling the symptoms about an hour after ingesting this illegal substance. The symptoms last from one or two days to more than 2 weeks. Most people hope never to repeat the experience.

Please warn your neighbors and friends of the bad effects of using this cocaine ‘knockoff’.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more, see “Datura” in Wikipedia.


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A Warning to Steer Clear of People Whose Energy Is Aligned with the Demon Realm . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 13 July 2021

Image: “The Bad and the Ugly,” by Monica Georgescu, 5 September 2015, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Image: “The Bad and the Ugly,” by Monica Georgescu, 5 September 2015, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Dear Ones,

There are some people in Los Angeles … both men and women, but often men … whose energy is aligned with that of the Demonic Realm. I have spoken with LAPD about it, and they say these people are very different from me; that the thing to do is just steer clear of them.

I agree with LAPD completely, and I hope my readers can steer clear as well. I also read up on demons and found out this: Demons are invisible, but a person can tell from a feeling of dread if they are nearby.

The demon Kau’T in this image by Vashta …

Link: “Kau’T” … ..

… reminds me most of ‘Heart Vampire’ whom I describe here …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Black Magicker’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 8 April 2021; revised … ..

Secondly it reminds me of ‘Black Magicker’ whom I describe here …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Heart Vampire’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 14 February 2021; revised … ..

When I read Frank Peretti’s Christian book “This Present Darkness” I found out quite a lot about how to protect myself from the Demon Realm. I heartily recommend this book to all my readers …

Link: “This Present Darkness,” in Wikipedia … ..

In my heart I feel the energies of the Demonic Realm to be aligned with distortions of the Light found in some sectors of the entertainment industry and in some products of the recreational drug industry today. Often people feel the ‘glam’ of the entertainment industry, and the ‘allure’ of using hard drugs, and that attracts them to people whose energy fields resonate with the Demonic Realm.

I have found when I ask friends and acquaintances to steer clear of this person and that, instead there is a chance they will go and make their acquaintance, so as to determine the truth of the matter for themselves. I feel it might be the attraction of being around power and status, around good looks, and around fame and fortune … that motivates my acquaintances to this catastrophic choice.

The trouble is that demons such as the evil, red being depicted as Kau’T are capable of completely mind controlling us puny human beings, unless we can call upon the Angelic Realm to protect us against them. Without even knowing what is going on, we can get sucked into a downward spiraling vortex of Soul degradation.

I hope my reader will exercise right discrimination, and know that everything depends on keeping good company, and avoiding bad companions who set a poor example for us in this lifetime. They say that one rotten apple spoils a whole barrel of apples. That is really true. If a group of good people have amongst them one person with a demon for a companion, the group is pretty much sunk. Setting aside compassion for that one lost person, we must feel compassion for ourselves and for our un-rotten friends, and keep them safe from demonic mildew. We have to ask that demon-oriented person to keep away from us.

What I have found in past, when I publish a blog or a facebook message such as this one, is that these men and women in Los Angeles whose energy resonates with that of Kau’T attack me mercilessly on the psychic plane for days, until I must unpublish the blog or message in order to find a moment’s respite from their psychic attacks.

I have thought this through. I think the reason they attack me is that they think they are at war with good people. They must feel that the Dark is fighting the Light, and that they are just doing their job, fighting Christians.

That is a misconception borne of hubris. By that I mean that they feel, arrogantly, that they can fight against the goodness of God, who created them, and win against Him. How could that possibly be?

From God they come; through Him their physical bodies are created. To God they shall inevitably return, when their bodies die. It is God who creates and destroys; God who sustains the Universe. What possible use is a demon? Surely they are not our friends. They cannot lift us up from the dead, can they? It is they who kill, not they who heal our bodies. It is they who cast us into the pit of despair; not they who lift us up to hope for a good tomorrow.

I feel there is a great deception going on with these people in Los Angeles who are aligned with the Demonic Realm. I feel very clearly that they are being mind controlled by appallingly cruel beings such as Kau’T into the misconception that they themselves are these demons. They feel: I am Kau’T.

How can that be? This demon is far stronger than they. The more they serve him, the more repulsive they become to other human beings. How can they hope to find a willing woman to have sex with them, when all they want to do is cage a woman up and torture her to death? Go figure!

That is why it is clear to me that a very cruel demon has caught them and will not let them go. If their heads were clear, they would surely know they are headed straight for disaster. They are not the all-controlling demon. The demon completely controls them.

I ask these men (and sometimes also women) in Los Angeles to understand this blog is not a challenge. This is not a war cry. I do not want to fight you. I do not find you glamorous or sexually attractive.

I just want to warn good Christians to steer clear of you. I want them to understand the danger of bad company, and to know the fake ‘glam’ of being around power and fame and good looks.

We Christians and Lightworkers, and good people of all the major religions need to steer clear of men and women who are deeply infected with the Dark. That is my message for today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Murder in the Wild West . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 8 August 2020; removed from online, then republished on 7 July 2021
Names have been removed, in case I should be mistaken about that ‘crime and punishment’ 

Image: “Screenshot from The Great Train Robbery (1903),” by Edwin S. Porter, 1 December 1903, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Screenshot from The Great Train Robbery (1903),” by Edwin S. Porter, 1 December 1903, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

    • Sidebar: Wild West Shakedown Attempt: The Long and the Short of It

Dear Ones,


In September 2019 I wrote a poem called “Ice” …

Link: “Ice,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written on 19 September 2019; published on 21 September 2019 … ..

The occasion was what I intuited to be a ‘deep freeze’ and ‘slam down’ attempt on my life and property. That confidence game is described here …

Link: “Confidence Games: The ‘Deep Freeze’ and the ‘Slam Down’,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 28 January 2020; published on 4 August 2020 … ..


Just afterward, on the psychic plane I logged onto a ‘Reuben Frost’ stock laundering scheme in which a number of shady stock brokers nationwide apparently used the name of one broker, since apparently retired, in New York State. [‘Reuben Frost’ is the name of a fictional book series along the theme of stock brokers who murder their clients and subsume their assets..]

The hunch I logged onto was that these bogus stock brokers, using the name of a retired broker still listed with one of the most prestigious stock brokers in America, were in cahoots with the ‘Slam Down’ con artists, and would transfer the murdered person’s assets out of their brokerage account as soon as the deed was done.

For all I knew, it could be that the con artists themselves posed as the stock broker, and might sweep the account into their own at the moment of the murder.

This seemed on the far fringe of the possible to me, but just in case, it seemed right to move what meagre holdings I had to another stock brokerage right away. I felt all the more urgency about this because I realized I had gotten the referral to my stock broker from a West Los Angeles friend of the three people I felt had been involved in the ‘slam down’ attempt.

On delving around I found that the name of the series’ author Haughton Murphy might have been a pen name for my own stock broker, who was at that time (though it looks like he is no longer) with a prestigious brokerage in the state of New York. As I recall from an online search, that broker may also have been a lawyer who was at that time certified in New York and California; at least, there was a lawyer by the same name.

I gathered my stock broker, being of an advanced aged, might have been subbing out his work to another, younger man with the same first and last name and with a different middle initial and phone number. From the records, I gathered that man had done unauthorized trading on my account, and also sold me some Puerto Rico bonds that tanked. At the time I purchased the bonds, he told me emphatically they were safe and said they were backed by the research reports of his prestigious brokerage.

I had a hunch the West Los Angeles woman who recommended this questionable stock broker to me might be a ‘maker’ of patsies for the West Los Angeles mob. I use the word ‘maker’ in the sense that she might have been ‘making’ the mob’s ‘marks’ or potential victims.


The putative ‘slam down’ attempt on my life and property took place in the Wild West in the autumn of 2015. The boldfaced nature of this hair-raising attempt on my life by three people who at the time were residents of that Wild West town left me no choice but to flee for my life. I had a hunch that several mean-eyed men might have been ‘hot on my tail’. That is the notion I had at the time, though facts be mighty few.

Sidebar: Wild West Shakedown Attempt: The Long and the Short of It

That no violence to my person took place in the Wild West had its good and bad side. The good is that I was not murdered. Through intuition I was ‘one step ahead’ and slipped away just in the nick of time.

The bad is that, for the same reason, I have no proof of a murder attempt that seemed to me might have been long and craftily planned by folks well schooled in that heinous art. Without proof, how can I find legal solace? How can I return to that lovely town? I feel in my heart a well-laid plan has for years been set in place in the event of my return, and would unfold the minute I set foot there.

For the good of the people of the Wild West, there might, in a way, be recourse. I have a hunch that murder of woman tourists may be occurring in towns of the Wild West every year, just after the autumn deer hunting season closes.

If the hunch pans out, it might be possible for law enforcement in the Wild West to discover and apprehend the perpetrators when the next murder occurs. That would make the news, and it would make a town safer for tourists, and improve the income brought in through the tourist trade.



What happened next was the Tour of the Southwest described here …

Link: “Compendium: Tour of the Southwest during January 2016 ,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 19 May 2020 … ..

Then after that was the break-in to my house in Los Angeles, because of which I aborted the tour and returned to Los Angeles. After that were the break-in to my car trunk while I was hiking and the theft of my spare keys from my Los Angeles storage shed (and their replacement several days later).

As you can imagine, strangers must have been walking into my home when I went to the grocery store during the year 2016. Things would disappear from my home, with no sign of forced entry, while I was out.

When I told the Los Angeles police about the break-ins and the disappearing items in my home, they called the thefts the ‘perfect crime’. They explained ‘the mob’ works like that. That meant I had to make my home as secure as possible, and that I had to watch out for myself wherever I went, for about four years, out of concern for strong-arm interlopers.


Through dint of long effort, I was able to make my home, my post office box, and my person more secure. I could not get my car key replace, and odd things were happening to my car during my senior fitness classes at 24-Hour Fitness in Fallbrook Mall: I would get in the car after class and the car would not start.

That happened again and again; I began to think someone might have got hold of a spare key from the set of keys that had been lifted, and might be opening my car door while I was in class, and that might somehow be the cause of the ignition failure. That was all my mechanic and I could come up with, although we tried an ingenious mechanical fix or two.

Of equal concern was this: In my senior fitness class at the Mall, I kept ‘crossing swords’ with an apparent accomplice of ‘the mob’, a woman friend of the masseuse described in the “Ice” poem, who had the chutzpah to sign on as senior fitness instructor at 24-Hour Fitness in Fallbrook Mall. Then another woman instructor, of similar personality, showed up there. I did a drawing of the second woman here …

Link: “ADULTS ONLY  (PG-13) Kali,” a story by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 21 August 2019 … ..

There was quite a commotion at that senior fitness center; eventually I decided to quit the class so as to get round it.

In retrospect, the four years 2016-2020 were a hard slog. For the nonce, though, what with COVID precautions in place, all is quiet in the City of the Angels, by God’s good grace.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog has been added here … Link: “Compendium: My Childhood and Family, and Later Years,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 21 March 2020; republished on 29 March 2020 … ..


Link: “Amateur Sleuth: On Matching Up Mugshots,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 29 April 2018; updated on 22 August 2020 and 24 August 2020; revised … .. 


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