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An Encounter with a Kangaroo Star Being or Deva . channeled from the Songbirds by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 5 June 2021

Dear Ones,

I was working at my desk this morning. It has been hot in Los Angeles recently, and the patio doors were open to let in the cool morning breeze for passive cooling of the house. Consequently the songbirds’ melodies from outdoors could be heard inside the house.

All of a sudden I heard a chorus of songbirds calling this warning: A very big being is coming this way. It’s not safe! The being is coming! It is very large!
They said: The being will try to have sex with you. Come outside right away.
I said: Would I be safe outside?
They said: Yes, you would be safe outside. Come outside until the being is gone.

I went outside into the back yard and saw five songbirds sitting on the electric line that leads to the house. They looked rather serious and had this to say …

They all said: Don’t go back inside till the being is gone.
Two said: We are spiritually developed beings. We are spiritually developed.
I said: Are you afraid of that being?
They said: We are not afraid. We are small, and the being is large. We are spiritually developed, but that being is not spiritually developed.

I asked the songbirds: Is the being here yet?
They said: No, but it is almost here.

I was walking around the yard, checking on the plants and all. Right away, I noticed the sound of a lawnmower cater-corner across the street. It occurred to me that the sound of the motor noise might have drawn this big, invisible being towards me.

Then, with my intuition, I saw and felt a pretty big being heading towards my house … and towards me and the songbirds to which I had been talking.  It was veering in, from about half the height of a normal helicopter, from an East-South-East direction, and heading downward from above. When it got to just above the roof of my house, it hoped up and over to the south, to a house several doors down from my own, and apparently on the same side of the street.

I heard the being say: I am very big. Would you like me to come into you?
Then I heard a woman say: No I would not!
Then I heard a man say: Yes I would!
Apparently … this is just a guess … the being hopped into the man.
Then I heard the woman say: Go away! I don’t like you when you act mean like this!
Then there was muffled sound over there; I am guessing a mild skuffle might be taking place.

To take my mind off of what might be happening several doors down, I sat down on the brick edge of the patio fire ring, and continued to converse with the songbirds, which had all but a few flown off from the electric line, and were speaking to me from here and there in the fruit trees at the edge of the backyard.

I said: What does this being look like?
They said: It is very large and it has teeth like a chipmunk.
I said (and showed a visual image) : Does it crouch like a chipmunk, or does it stand upright?
They said: It has teeth like a chipmunk, but it stands up.

Here I was with another ‘stumper’ … How could a chipmunk be that big? Could the songbirds mean flat-edged teeth like a chipmunk has? Maybe a being with two flat-edged front teeth? What did a chipmunk’s teeth look like, anyway?

I asked the songbirds: Does the being have pointed teeth?
In my mind I pictured the teeth of a reptilian with very sharp teeth.

The songbirds said: No, not like that. They showed an image of four teeth, flat on the bottom like a horse’s teeth.

I said to the songbirds: Where does the being come from?
They said: Australia.

This was exceedingly odd intel, as I know some Lightworkers in Australia and New Zealand. Could I possibly be attracting beings from there because of reading about people on other continents, I wondered?

I thought and thought, as the sound of the lawnmower had not yet quit, and I did not expect the being to depart until, most likely, just after the motor sound went away.

Finally I thought: Maybe this is the being that overlights the kangaroos. Maybe it is a Kangaroo Star Being [or maybe a Deva of the Kangaroos?]. It is very big. It can hop from house to house. It is not very smart; I wonder if kangaroos are smart? It seems to have quite an interest in sex; I wonder if that is a characteristic of kangaroos? 

After awhile, the noise of the motor died away. Almost simultaneously the songbirds said: It’s going away!

Several of the songbirds had gone over to a grove of trees inside the Nature Preserve next to my house. They came back with some news for those that were still in my backyard. They said, with excitement in their voices: Beings are different in different places! Then they all fell silent.

I asked: Is that ok, that they are different in different places?
They said: No, it’s not ok.
I said: It is true that the songbirds are different in different places. But they all sing songs with beautiful melodies.
The songbirds flashed an image of a bird I did not recognize. I guessed it might be an Australian bird, or maybe something like a toucan from South America.
I said: Even that kind of bird [well, ok, not a toucan, but maybe a lyrebird], or other birds there, sing beautiful songs there.

That seemed to help, that the songs might be different, but that the songs of the songbirds can be heard, in almost every place, all over Earth.

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I hope no one takes umbrage at this story. I don’t know that much about Australia, and I know much less about kangaroos. All I really know is what the songbirds had to say in my backyard this morning. Clearly, interspecies communication is challenging, especially when I cannot see what the other species can see … such as a very large Star Being [or maybe a very large Deva] flying towards us through the air.


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Compendium: Talks with Lizards and Songbirds and Their Overlighting Star Beings . channeled by Alice B. Clagett *

Compiled and published on 5 June 2021


Dear Ones,

Here are links to talks with lizards and songbirds, and related links to what may be their overlighting star beings, the Reptilian Star Beings and the Blue Avian Star Beings of Venus and Sirius …


Link: “‘Dear Me’ Birdsong,” recorded by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 31 March 2020; published on 28 December 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-l7r ..

Link: “Interspecies Communication: Lizard Talk . Bird Talk,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 31 March 2020; published on 1 April 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hfR ..

Link: “Talks with the Songbirds of Earth: The Series,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 30 May 2021; published on 31 May 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-n6x ..


Link: “Blue Avian Star Beings and Deva of the Songbirds,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 26 May 2021; revised or 28 May 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-n1r ..

Link: “Blue Avian Star Beings,” animated gif by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 28 May 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-n2M ..

Link: “Thoth’s Emerald Tablet 6,” commentary by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 31 May 2021; published on 1 June 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-n74 ..


Link: “Reptilian Star Beings: Lizard Man,” drawings by Alice B. Clagett, drawn on 29 September 2020; published as a separate blog on 1 November 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-kpO ..

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Thoth’s Emerald Tablet 6 . commentary by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 May 2021; published on 1 June 2021
Full title: 
Commentary by Alice B. Clagett on “Tablet 6: The Key of Magic” that is in “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” (Translation and Interpretation by Doreal)


Dear Ones,

Here is my commentary on “Tablet 6: The Key of Magic” that is in “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” (Translation and Interpretation by Doreal). There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I am taking a look at Doreal’s “Emerald Tablet 6: The Key of Magic.” I am just offering my own ideas, that seem to coincide remarkably well … amazingly well … with what Thoth had to say, in that Tablet, about the Key of Magic.

And also, I noticed an explanation in the righthand column, that matches my understanding of Black Magic and Spiritual Adepts … what you find in my website … I am looking at the words of Thoth, and then after that I will look at the explanation that is given in the righthand column.

Thoth is speaking of the wisdom of Magic. In the very first day when humankind came to Earth, or was created on Earth … at the very beginning … Thoth says, within those first humans there was both Dark and Light. Those two were fighting within each human being, for dominance or control.

In other words, through man’s Free Will, which would it be? Would the man become more Dark or more Light in that incarnation? The problem is that there are powers, here and about, here on Earth, that are hidden from human beings. Those powers can work for their greater Light, or for their greater Darkness.

Somehow or other, man has to figure out a way to call upon the powers he prefers, to create the outcome he hopes for his own Body of Light and his Soul. That is the secret reason for existing in human form: To be able to make the choices to become that which we choose to become, here on Earth … ever brighter, ever more Light; or darker and darker, and bound down to Darkness.

Now Thoth speaks of ‘Adepts’. I think he is speaking of Black Magic Adepts who are beyond physical form. And he speaks also of ‘Adepts’ who have conquered Darkness and are all bright and Light. In my writings I term them the Demonic Realm (for Darkness) and the Angelic Realm (for Brightness). In Indian lore they call them the Asuras (for beings of Darkness) and the Suras (for beings of Light).

And then recently, in my writings, I have been comparing the relative Light of the Blue Avian Star Beings, that may overlight the ‘Aves’ class of beings … the birds on Earth … especially the songbirds … to the relative Dark (it seems to me) of the Reptilian Race that may overlight the reptiles of Earth … and could be, also, the ‘Dracs’, that may have overlit the Dragon Kingdom on Earth that has dwindled so much these days.

I have a feeling the Dracs are also related to the dinosaurs that are not in form, that are waiting to overlight the return of the dinosaurs on Earth. And I feel that there are both Dark and Light dinosaurs … intelligent … just as there are both Dark and Light human beings … intelligent.

To get back to Thoth: There was a time, long ago, when Darkness seemed to be everywhere. There was Light, but it seemed feeble in its flame. There were people that Thoth calls the ‘Masters of Darkness’. I have run into these; I feel that they inspire these ‘cults that kill’ and the ‘mafias’ that are on the physical plane … sometimes crime gangs too. And so they overlight people who, for a little while, choose greater Darkness for their Souls.

And yet there are very devout people who are surrounded by the Light of the great, bright beings, and find themselves in faiths worldwide that support that brightness.

Speaking a little of the ‘Masters of Darkness’, the things I have noticed, actually on my own … I found this out by experience, but I am very happy to be supported by Thoth in this. Thoth says that they use ‘dark magic’ … I call it ‘black magic’.

There is a power of Darkness. There are ‘power over’ beings, according to “The Law of One.” Darkness has a certain power; and that power brings Dark Magic into the Body of Light of human beings. Thoth speaks of it making a man’s very Soul darker.

He calls these beings … these very formidable beings … ‘Brothers of Darkness’. They are our enemies; that is what the Christian faith sometimes calls them: “The Enemy.” But Thoth speaks of them in the plural.

I have a section in my blog called ‘Slave Planet Blues’. The feeling that I got is that here on Earth, and also in other galaxies, there are human beings and human-derived beings, that are enslaved by these ‘Brothers of Darkness’, who may have taken them off-world. Or it may be, in certain timelines and dimensions, even today … right now … that there exist these ‘prisons’ created by the ‘Brothers of Darkness’ that can enslave the Souls of human beings and bind them down … what they call ‘binding down’; that is one of the spells in my Black Magic section. The question is, how to escape those spells … not how to create them … because the very best creators of those spells are not human; they are ‘megahertz’ more powerful than we.

It is we who have to figure out … along with the help of the Angelic Realm … how to get out of the chains that may bind us.

. . . . .

Now here is a very interesting section by Thoth. He speaks of the ‘mind-space’ of a human being. And he speaks of the ‘Dark Veil’ or the ‘Night Veil’ that the Dark Brothers create around the mind. I call those ‘Mental Filters’; it is a little less scary. Once this Veil is placed upon the mind … once (in my terms) the Mental Filters descend upon the mind … then the Soul may find itself enslaved for the entire incarnation. That is what Thoth has to say.

Thoth’s admonition … and that is something that Lightworkers such as I take very much to heart … is that we must always keep our face turned to the Light. Never look to the Dark … always to the Light. That is the job of a Lightworker: To bring the Light to Earth, and ground it into Mother Earth, so that Earth herself will feel the peace and love and joy that is our birthright, should we will it.

According to Thoth, the ‘Brothers of Darkness’ search out those who have attained Soul wisdom … those whose Bodies of Light and Souls are full of Light … who have spent, perhaps, many lifetimes seeking the Light, and bringing the Light to Earth. The ‘Brothers of Darkness’ look for those people, because they know, if they could turn one ‘Brother of Light’ to the Dark, they could drag down many other people.

Especially, Thoth admonishes that the ‘Brothers of Light’ look to steering clear of the ‘Brothers of Darkness’. Thoth admonishes that, in the end, Darkness shall be gone, and there shall be only Light. The implication is: Why should the Lightworker turn to the Dark, when the Dark’s time is limited, and the Light is ever increasing?

I see here, Thoth explains that the ‘Brothers of Light’ are not human. They know the law of the Universe; they know the planets and their motion; they know the principles of harmony (such as Ma’at represents). It is they who hope to free the Soul of humankind from night and from Darkness. They are always fighting the ‘Brothers of Darkness’.

These ‘Children of Light’ … these ‘Brothers of Light’ … are always walking beside us. So we do not have to call out in a loud voice. In a whisper we can call, and still they will hear us, and they will help us to strengthen the Light in our Bodies of Light and in our Souls.

Thoth calls these the ‘Suns of the Morning’ or the ‘Children of Light’. As far as I can tell from his explanation, they have never known death, and they are eternally One … ‘through all space’ … What could that possibly mean? … through all space, and since the very beginning of time.

I have to say, the Suns of the Morning have to be very, very ancient; and very, very wise; and very full of Light; and capable of helping us human beings. When the first ‘space’ was formed, they were formed. Imagine that!

On the righthand side of the page, on “Emerald Tablet 6: The Key of Magic,” there is an explanation of the text. And this explanation matches … almost exactly … the understanding that I came to … after 20 years of fierce struggle … regarding energies on Earth that the author of the explanation calls the ‘Black Brotherhood’ and the ‘White Brotherhood’ or the ‘White Lodge’.

For politically correct reasons, I feel that this use of the terms ‘Black Brotherhood’ and ‘White Brotherhood’ is misleading. It could lead people to feel that you have a racial prejudice, for instance. In my own thoughts I think ‘Black Magic Brotherhood’ might be better. What do you think? Or you could say ‘Sorcerers’. I might not get immediate concurrence on this, but I feel that ‘White Brotherhood’ might be replaced with ‘Brotherhood of the Light’. ‘Lightworkers’ …

Another name for the ‘Black Brotherhood’ is the ‘Black Dugpas’. That is a term to do with Buddhism, I think, where some Buddhists long ago practiced Black Magic. I have found that there are people in every major religion who practice Black Magic … and many who do not. So the question is: In your own major religion, if you have one, to find out who it is that will help keep your Body of Light light, and who will not. That is a difficult thing to do, because there is a great deal of secrecy around the ‘Black Brotherhood’ … the ‘Black Dugpas’, the ‘Black Sorcerers’, the ‘Black Magicians’, and those sorts. Secrecy is their middle name.

All right now, I am going to take these points one by one, because each is very important, and each matches my own hard-earned learning about it precisely. It goes like this: The ‘Black Brotherhood’, or ‘Black Dugpas’, have their own Dark Spiritual Adepts. So the issue of Spiritual Adepts is a tricky one. It is hard to know whether a Spiritual Adept is for the Dark or for the Light. If there is an issue of Ego in it, and of self-serving, or of serving one’s own group as opposed to other groups, then there is an element of Darkness there. There are, however, Light Spiritual Adepts as well; and that makes it a tricky topic. The editor here says … and I agree completely … the sneaky thing about the Dark Spiritual Adepts is, they accept followers or ‘chelas’, and then they tell them that they will give them magical powers or ‘psychic powers’. That is very interesting to people who are new to that.

The powers that they give them are relatively insignificant. It is the Inner Circle of the ‘Black Brotherhood’ that knows the really powerful Black Magic. And it is the ‘Brothers of Darkness’ that bind them [the members of the Inner Circle] down and enslave them, that have the true control over the ‘Black Brotherhood’ groups. So what you have is a system of enslavement, starting with the Ego of people, and moving into Soul wounding on purpose.

The editor mentions powers that the ‘Black Brotherhood’ have to open the seventh chakra … they call it the Seventh Dimension here … and ask elementals for help. In Brazil the form that takes in the indigenous cults is to call in hostile entities, which then take possession of a person’s body, so that the person becomes the ‘horse’ that the evil entity rides … the ‘donkey’ made a fool of by the evil entity.

Another power that the ‘Black Brotherhood’ Inner Circle has is that of mind control. They can transfer thoughts into the minds of their followers, and they can hypnotize them. I have spoken of this often; it was the first thing I ran into [in the year 1999]. I was horrified, and I did not know what to do. But in the pages of my blog, you will find many techniques that help prevent the ‘Black Brotherhood’ from controlling your mind, or hypnotizing you, or sending thoughts into your mind that are to your detriment and cause Soul wounding.

These thoughts are being promulgated all over Earth all the time. It is up to us to take an active role in preventing them from injuring us. The situation is the more dire because the Inner Circle of the ‘Black Brotherhood is controlled by much darker and denser energies, and very intelligent ones indeed … the energies of the ‘Brothers of Darkness’, those mysterious beings.

. . . . .

Well, here is a scary note: The editor says that, if you sign your name in the ‘Black Brotherhood’ book, you are bound to them for your entire incarnation. I think the ‘Black Brotherhood’ believes this is true. But I am certain that humankind is gifted with Free Will as its birthright; and that, at any time … during any incarnation … it has the choice to reverse the energy flow from Dark to Light. I am certain of this. So do not let any ‘Black Magic Lodge’ convince you otherwise.

As Lightworkers, you know, we do not think about the Dark; we think about the Light. We do not hassle about the Dark or fight the Dark. We think about the Light. And if it seems like the Dark encroaches, we think of the Light. We create more Light. We like light emotions like love and peace and joy … those kinds of things. We think of those and feel them.

There is a fight going on; but the fight that happens within each human is the choice that they have between the Dark and the Light. No one on the outside can tell us that. It is up to us, through our own will power, to decide, I feel. No one can hold you against your will. It may seem so. But it is not true.

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Citation: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean,” translation and interpretation by Doreal, revised 2006, ISBN 0-9665312-0-5.


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Interspecies Communication: Lizard Talk . Bird Talk . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 March 2020; published on 1 April 2020
Previously titled: Lizard Talk . Bird Talk 


Dear Ones,

Here is a video with a story about nonhuman telepathic input regarding territorial aggression, a feeling of the human and nonhuman reptilian mind of lizards. After the video is an edited Summary. After that (and not included in the video) is my interpretation of two birds talking on the physical plane during a lizard fight at the end of the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Yesterday I was out in the backyard, cleaning off the edge of the backyard, behind the fence, where the black mustard was starting to grow up. Now is the time, right after the rains. I will admit, I was getting a little tired. When I get a little tired, the form of my interspecies communication … my telepathy with nonhumans … takes on a different tenor. My chakric energy sinks down, or changes a little bit, and my heart energy changes; that is the cause of it.

So I heard this telepathic chatter going on; it sounded like a little child speaking; but a very cold-hearted little child, very lacking in heart energy. The child said: If she dies, then we could move into her house, and we could live there.

I was thinking to myself: There are no children in this neighborhood that think things like that. I have heard talk of this tenor, off and on, all afternoon long. What could it possibly be?

I started taking the ladders and the tools back, and putting them in the toolshed and the places where they belonged. As I was walking up to the toolshed, I saw a lizard; not just one lizard, but another lizard … and another lizard, and another lizard, and another lizard … and a very small lizard that looks like it has had a mishap or two. And another lizard; this one was playing ‘top of the fence’.

And I thought: Oh, my gosh! I’ve been talking with the lizard children all day long!

[shows another lizard walking down the side of a garden wall] … Where are you going? Where are you going?

[Pans left, to smaller lizard doing pushups] Ohhh … going to talk to this lizard. [Smaller lizard skitters toward lizard walking down the side of the garden wall] … Uh oh, it is not a talk! [Pans right; the small lizard is half way up the garden wall, and the first lizard has disappeared.]

Nope, it was a lizard territorial fight. The lizard on the left was the one that won. And that is what it was talking about, when it talked about my house. They want to be the ones that have the territory and have the homes. They do not mind if another lizard bites the dust, as long as they can have that home for themselves.

[Shows big lizard chasing smaller lizard around and around.]

[End of video]


The weirdest thing happened during this final videoclip; it seemed to me, on viewing it, that the songbirds in the soundtrack were commenting on what the lizards were doing. It seemed to me they were speaking English, but in a musical, flutelike voice with similar vowels to our way of speaking English, and similar emotive emphasis, but with less voicing of consonants.

Here, more or less, is what it sounded like the birds were saying …

First bird, assertively: Look at here! Dear, dear me, they are fight-ing here!
Second bird, timidly: Dear me, what are they doing?
First bird, assertively: They are fight-ing, they are fight-ing! Right?
Second bird, timidly: Could that be?
First bird, assertively: Look, they are fighting each other. Oh my, dear me. Dear me!
Second bird laughs gently, over and over again.
First bird, assertively: Look, dear, dear, dear, a fight here!
[a pause, as the lizard in the foreground does pushups … then …]
Second bird, timidly: Fighting, fighting. Here, here, they are fighting!


Image: “Two Lizards,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Two Lizards,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Raven and Songbird Duet . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 7 June 2016; published on 23 June 2016

    • Raven and Songbird Duet, Soundtrack

Dear Ones,

I was walking in the Santa Monica Mountains in early June 2016, and I came across a raven and a songbird improvising a duet. The raven provided a percussion beat, and a few songbirds provided the melody.

As you may know, ravens can make many different sounds; this raven gave a virtuoso performance, and the songbird’s sound was quite beautiful as well. Here’s the video, and beneath it is the sound track of the full song.

There is a Summary after the video; but as there are no words in the video, the Summary contains only a soundtrack.



Raven and Songbird Duet


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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