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Alpha Centaurians . a vision by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 25 June 2021

    • The Possibility That What I Term Antian Star Being Overlords Might be Termed Devi of the Ant Kingdom in Occult Lore

Dear Ones,


I heard a channeling of an Alpha Centaurian that was spoken in very harsh, guttural … I would even say seeming to be overbearingly cruel … dialect the other day. Then that night I had a dream in which the same being spoke to me in English. I asked various questions and got surprising answers.

The gist of it was that the Alpha Centaurians are a star race whose energies are different from those of humans in that their energies do not include the fourth chakra positive. Thus they must be a non-Christed star race, what the White Brother speaks of as being among the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow or Brothers and Sisters of Darkness. The term I use … and which also applies to Grey Aliens of Zeta Reticuli … is Insectoid Star Races.

In the case of Alpha Centaurians I feel the beings channeled may be an ‘Antian’ Star Race …, which is to say, antlike. To be truthful, I chanced upon this because my home was invaded by small black ants just as I heard the channeling and had the vision. It could have been a synchronous event, or possibly a sign or teaching mechanism. I took it as the latter, although it might not have been.

Image: Portrait of a red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, by Alex Wild, modified 14 April 2015, from, public domain image by Alex Wild, produced by the University of Texas ‘Insects Unlocked’ program … DESCRIPTION: “This species arrived to the southeastern United States from South America in the 1930s. Specimen from Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Austin, Texas, USA.”

Image: Portrait of a red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, by Alex Wild, modified 14 April 2015, from, public domain image by Alex Wild, produced by the University of Texas ‘Insects Unlocked’ program …

DESCRIPTION: “This species arrived to the southeastern United States from South America in the 1930s. Specimen from Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Austin, Texas, USA.”


I got that Alpha Centaurians are strong on these energies: 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D negative (except for members of their own colony), and 6D. They are strong on territorial defensiveness and territorial aggression. Thus they bar space exploration teams such as Martian and human from entering their territory, to prevent seeding of their territory by alien beings. They are 4.4 light years from Earth. By comparison, Sirius is 8.6 and Arcturus 36.7 light years from Earth. So the Alpha Centaurians are nearby, relatively speaking.

They have an interest in territorial expansion; of importance to humans being their interest in acquiring land masses on Earth. If a young Alpha Centaurian is able to acquire a land mass, then it can mate and feed its newborn the negative emotions of human hosts in its acquired land mass. Sounds a lot like an invasion of army ants, does it not?

This race of star beings from Alpha Centauri has strong third-eye points, and, I feel, must be capable of interstellar thought projection. If they have acquired wormhole technology, it could be they are here on Earth, possibly in 1D, 2D and 3D as the social insects we call ‘ants’, and then in 6D as an overlighting ant hive Overlord being who journeyed here from Alpha Centauri. There might be many such Overlords, each overlighting a different type of ant.

The Possibility That What I Term Antian Star Being Overlords Might be Termed Devi of the Ant Kingdom in Occult Lore

These Antian Star Being Overlords might be what occult lore terms the Devi of the Ant Kingdom.


I recall reading that King Solomon called to himself an army of ants, peacocks, and jinn to help himself defeat a human enemy …

Link: “An-Naml” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported … Search the terms: “16-17 Solomon’s dominion over genii, men, and birds” and “18-19 The wise ant pleases Solomon”

This quotation from the Qur’an agrees in spirit with my recent channeling of the Blue Avian Star Beings and of songbirds: “According to Islam, animals are conscious of God. According to the Quran, they praise Him, even if this praise is not expressed in human language.” –from Link: “An-Naml” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

If that were true, then perhaps King Solomon got help from an Alpha Centaurian Overlord, from the Blue Avian Star Beings, and from the Jinn that are native to Earth.


That is quite a mixed bag. I am not sure what to think of it; but my first thought is, it might have been better to omit the ant warriors, as they might cause trouble for one’s own people in future, their interests being misaligned with those of humans.

I recall how frightened the Ancient Ones, the original Martian colonists of Earth, were of ants, and how they genetically engineered mammals so that they would have a safe microhabitat in our gastrointestinal tract — safe from ants, which must have seemed like Tyrannosaurus rex to the microminiaturized Martian marvels we, in our scientific hubris, term ‘bacteria’ …

Link: “On Martian Bacteria: Good Martians and Bad Martians,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 21 November 2016; revised on 9 July 2017 … ..

The Martians are quite an ancient race, by human standards. I hold their truths with regard to the Insectoid Star Races, and also with regard to the fearsomeness of the 4D-7D Draconian Star Races … what the Christian churches term ‘demons’ and ‘devils’, to be worthy of consideration. As we step forth into New Life on New Earth, let us look to the best possible solutions to peaceful cohabitation of Christed Star Races and non-Christed Star Races on our beautiful planet.


I feel it quite likely that the beings I heard being channeled might have been a warrior star race from Alpha Centauri … one of many star races there, perhaps. It could be that many Alpha Centaurians have certain features … such as a strong third-eye point, and a deep fund of knowledge and wisdom … in common, but that some are more warlike, and others pacific.

I think that because of the possibility that on the planet Venus of our own Solar System there might have been a warlike species of Lion Beings known in Egyptian Mythology as ‘Sekhmet’ and a ‘cowlike’, nurturing species of Hathors who were pacific in nature. Just as there might have been a need for defense on Venus, there might have been a need for defense on Alpha Centauri. In that way, two star races … one warlike and one pacific … each with its own social niche … might exist together in one star system or in one solar system.

The image of the Alpha Centaurian below might have been of a pacific star race in Alpha Centauri …

Drawing: “Alpha Centaurian,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 January 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: A seated woman, wearing red, with a blue third-eye point in her forehead. Blue rays of light emanate from the third-eye point.

Drawing: “Alpha Centaurian,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 January 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,”

DESCRIPTION: A seated woman, wearing red, with a blue third-eye point in her forehead. Blue rays of light emanate from the third-eye point.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


This quotation from the Qur’an agrees in spirit with the Lightworkers’ channelings of benevolent star beings in higher dimensions: “70 Aliens. Verse 17:70 tells that mankind has been given a position ‘above many of those whom we created.’ The usage of the word ‘many’ in lieu of ‘all’ here indicates that there are other races superior to human beings. It also may imply the possible existence of alien life, excluding angels and jinns.” –from Link: “Al-Isra,” in English Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


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Star Beings – My Nomenclature . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 24 June 2021


Dear Ones,

As you may know, I have been researching galactic history and star beings online …

Link: “Galactic History,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 20 June 2021 … ..


I noticed how different the labels are for star beings, and tentatively offer this nomenclature for my own work from now on …

For star races, in most cases, I am using the ending ‘-ian’. For example, amongst the beings in the planets of our Solar System, these would be: Jupiterian, Maldekian, Martian, Mercurian, Neptunian, Saturnian, Uranian, and Venusian.

For the far constellations, examples of this nomenclature might be: Alpha Centaurian, Arcturian, and Pleiadian.

Exceptions to the rule: Andromedan, Lyran, Mantid, Siriun, Zeta Reticulan.


For the non-Christed star races, for the nonce I will be using this nomenclature …

  • Draconian Star Races (including ‘dragons’ (‘demons’ and ‘devils’) which may be snake-like, winged, or wingless)
  • Insectian Star Races (including Antian, Grey Aliens, Mantid, and most likely others)
  • Reptilian Star Races (including Dinosaurian, Crocodilian, Lizardian, and most likely others)


Then there is the question of hybrid Star Beings. For these I will be using the ending ‘-oid’, which may refer to human or other hybrids (the most troublesome for the Lightworker being the issue of Earth’s clearing through non-Christed alien implants or ‘malware’ from Earth beings).

Here are a few examples of this hybrid nomenclature that you may find in my future blogs: Dracoid hybrid; Insectoid hybrid (including Antoid, Mantoid); Reptoid hybrid (including Crocodiloid, Dinosauroid, Lizardoid).

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Selfless Service Timeline Trap . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 7 June 2021; published on 9 June 2021


Dear Ones,

Here is a video about a Conspiracy Theory mental filter intended by a member of a Reptilian Star Being or an insectoid Star Being (Greys, Mantids, Antlike or other) to ensnare a Lightworker in a temporospatial matrix. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I just came across another mental filter to do with Conspiracy Theory, that I had run across in the last solar cycle … Solar Cycle 24. And I came across it again in this solar cycle, as if they repeat at a certain time. It is a really ‘scarifying’ Conspiracy Theory with a solution very similar to the last Conspiracy Theory that I talked about today.

It had to do with the mention of the words ‘White Brotherhood’. This is a topic that has come up quite a bit, recently, in my writings.

There was a being that came in, most likely not of the ‘White Brotherhood’, but rather a bedeviling being … a Reptilian Star Race Being, or perhaps Insectoid Star Races, which includes Greys, and very [which are] intelligent.

This particular being seemed pompous and officious, and also the type of know-it-all being that wants to be in charge of you and tell you what to do, and tell you why you should not do what your heart tells you to do. That kind of being. I have been suffering this type of ‘outrage’ for hours today, off and on, starting in the early morning.

My heart would say: I would really love to do this!

And then this being would come in, sounding like a very knowledgeable man. This being would come in, and he would say: No, you can’t do that. You have to do … {and then he would come up with the opposite.]

And I would say: Well, I’m going to do what my heart tells me to do, and that is that. You can go to some other place … Like that.

This kept happening today. Then I was reading something, or hearing something, [and] the words ‘White Brotherhood’ came up. And here is a being very attached to that notion of White Brotherhood. He was attempting that butting in and taking over thing again.

So I said to him: You know … ‘White Brotherhood’. That’s a Heresy, the notion that a spiritual elite can only be white men. That’s a complete Heresy.

It did not work for very long, but it held him off for a little while. Then after I did a clearing process, I took a nap. And while I was napping, this issue came up that had to do with Conspiracy Theory, the White Brotherhood, this very being that is maybe a Reptoid or Insectoid mental filter passer-on-er being … perhaps a human being on Earth, Reptoid or Insectoid hybrid, who just keeps showing up, on the mental plane, you know? … keeps showing up on the astral plane and coming up with this idea that he owns or possesses other human beings, and that Lightworkers in particular are members of the White Brotherhood.

As a woman, does that fit? No. They say from the outset that they are a brotherhood, not a sisterhood. If they said ‘White Brotherhood and Sisterhood’ it might be a possibility … except that I believe people of all races and nationalities and cultures might become members of the Lightworkers.

It is just not appropriate; it is an old-time, misqualified type of situation, I feel. I feel that very strongly … although there is much good spiritual teaching in the White Lodge and the White Brotherhood that could be modified in such a way that it would be appropriate for today, I feel.

Getting on to waking up from sleeping: I had the strangest feeling … aching and pain in my upper chest and the top of my body, and a sweeping up of energy that was cutting through an entity attachment in my abdomen at the same time … coming through as this Conspiracy Theory cleared out of my energy field.

It goes like this: I started to say: Spirit to Team, Optimize timelines and dimensions, for the All through Free Will.

And this officious entity said: No, no. You can’t do that.

I said: Why?

It said: Because your friend … and it named the name of a person, a man … is in this other timeline.

Now this is an enslavement technique to do with Service to Others. The entity might say: Your friends [or the people that you care about] are in a particular timeline, and you have to be there with them in order to save them.

Is that ever not true!

Then it says: Ok, if you are in that timeline, I am the owner of that timeline, and you belong to me … and so do they!

You know? You have no options [according to them]. There you are, stuck in the Causal Realm.

So … The first thing to understand is: When a being says that to you, they are using one timeline and the Laws of Cause and Effect to try to enslave you and bind you down to a particular timeline so that you, as a Lightworker, cannot exercise your Ascension skills, [which] are beyond Time and Space … [which] have to do with multitemporality and multidimensionality, and the ability to be Here in the Now, in the presence of Light and love and joy and peace.

So you have to say to that being: I am not in that timeline. I Am a being of love and Light and joy and peace.

That brings you into your tenth subtle body, where you can experience the Now in all its wonders; when you can know that you are pure Awareness, and that you are not a physical being stuck in the physical realm … that you are not dependent on other people; you are dependent on your Ascension team. Your Ascension team is that which can help you to help everyone else … all the other beings everywhere. They have those skills.

This other being, that calls himself superior, and says that he has the right to enslave you in a particular timeline, cannot be so. He might be a Lord of Karma. He might be one of the Insectoid Star Races who is attempting to make you his property, [along with] all those other people.

So do not fall for the Service to Others Conspiracy Theory. Do not fall for that. Do not become a slave to any superior-sounding being. That is what I have to say today. And the …. [chuckles] … He is stopping me from hearing the words of my own story … Hold on just a minute [chuckles] … What a guy! …

Ok, here is what you have to say:

Spirit to Team!
Team to Teams!
Optimize timelines and dimensions
For the All through Free Will!

What you are doing is, from the position of the tenth subtle body … the Logos … you are speaking to your Ascension team, requesting that that team speak to the Ascension team of that other person … that friend of yours … the one that this other being … this person impersonating the White Brotherhood … says you cannot save unless you are chained to Time and Space …. And your two teams are working out the appropriate Awareness timeline and dimension for your friend, through his own free will, and for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Do you see what I mean? You have to rise to your Ascension tools, in the Ascension level of your energy field, and speak through that, and let go these beings that are attempting to control us … whoever they may be. If they want to control you, they are not part of your Ascension team, and they are not part of the Ascension teams of your friends and family.

Your Ascension team will speak to you of love and Light and joy and peace; not of enslavement; not of what you ‘must’ do; but of what your heart asks you to do; how your own heart speaks to you. And that will be your guide.

[Waves goodbye and chuckles.] Another Conspiracy Theory bites the dust … the Conspiracy Theory of Selfless Service with masters in the White Lodge or the White Brotherhood. Possibly Insectoid-inspired, I feel … the insect-like (including the Mantid Star Brothers and Sisters). Not all Star Brothers and Sisters are all that cool. We have to choose.

Choose the highest and the best … the finest and the rarest energy … the ultralight (as others say) , the ultralove, the ultrapeace, the very highest wisdom. It has to do with these.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


This art offers visual concepts of how the mental filters of the Reptilian Star Races and the Insectoid Star Races (including the Greys and the Mantids) distort the Bodies of Light of human beings, who then seem to the intuitive to be ‘hybrid’ humans, because of the way that these ET mental filters distort their human subtle bodies. I term these hybrid humans ‘reptoids’, ‘insectoids’, ‘dracoids’, and so on.

Image: “Reptoid,” by Adam Milicevic, ~2016, at ArtStation … ..

Image: “Insectoid,” by Kyle, 23 December 2019, in Expanded Perspectives … ..

Image: “Dragon Bjorn [Dracoid],” by suburbbum, 20 March 2013, in DeviantArt … ..


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Words from Ra to Tame a Hostile Alien Entity . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 June 2021; published on 4 June 2021

    • Words from Ra to Tame a Hostile Alien Entity: Soundtrack and Words

Dear Ones,

Here is a talk on Reptilians and Dracs and how to tame them using words from Ra. There is also a discussion on using the words from Ra for a change in social outlook for the human hybrids known as Reptoids and Dracs in esoteric circles; as antisocial personalities in the realms of psychology and psychiatry; and as criminals in law enforcement.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have some words that you can say, to tame a hostile alien entity. These words are feline or leonine in origin. They have to do with the Hathor Lineage, the Sekhmet quality of the Hathor lineage. That lineage pertains to Ra … not the ‘Ra’ of the entertainment world, but the real Ra of Venus, and to the Siriun heritage there.

Here on Earth we have, in addition to the blessed influence of beings of love and Light such as the Hathors, hostile alien beings … maybe Reptoid, maybe what they call Reptilian, maybe Drac and what you might call Dracoid. I use that ‘-oid’ as a way of saying that the mental filters of some human beings are set in such a way that their values and behavior are more similar to the star races known as Reptilians and Dracs, especially Great White Dracs.

So those mental filters for the ‘-oids’ … the Reptoids and the Dracoids … can be lifted and dissolved through sacred song. They are not a feature of a person’s physiology; they are a mental filter. So there is hope for all the people known by that name on the internet … all the people who seek power and so forth. There is hope, as well, for antisocial personalities and bigtime criminals who would like to try out a more ‘norming and conforming’ pattern of social behavior.

It is very easy to fix the mind filters … the mental filters … that have been placed there by Reptilians or Dracs.

This set of words … this way of speaking … is to tame the ‘real McCoy’, the Reptilian or the Drac … the real alien being, which is not in corporeal form.

I tested it on my domestic cat, and that is how I know that it works. She was kind of ‘alien’ priorly. After I started using these words, something happened inside her. It is as if a ‘switch’ turned on, and whatever overlights her being likes it too. So we are turning into pretty good friends now; better friends than before.

Ok, now, here goes …

Words from Ra to Tame a Hostile Alien Entity
Soundtrack and Words
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
2 June 2021


A laaa.
A leee lu la.
A Raaaaa.
A Raaaaa.
A Raaaaa.

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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For Women: On Feigning a Man’s Voice to Scare Away Astral Rascals . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 29 May 2021

Dear Ones,

If you are a woman, and are set back by clairaudiently or clairvoyantly sensing nearby a ‘Big Bad’ or one of the ‘Invisible Mobsters’, or maybe an ‘astral rascal’, then you can play this astral trick to send them packing …

On the astral air (or in your imagination), flash the image of the man in the hat shown below, and at the same time, in a serious mature male voice say, “I am Odin.” I tried this today, and it seemed immediately to send packing an astral rascal that had been bothering me. From that I gather that these beings are put off by the voices of human males.

If you are a woman, to speak in a male voice on the astral airs, just say to your Ascension Team …

May I speak like a mature man!
For the All, through Free Will!

… and your Team will help you escape in this way from whatever astral rascal may be bothering you. I put a soundtrack with a Norwegian accent below, to give a notion of how such an impressive astral voice might sound.

Of course, you might substitute the image of another strong man and his voice as well.

Image: “Odin in the Guise of a Wanderer,” by Georg von Rosen, 1886, in Wikimedia Commons …,_1886_(Odin,_the_Wanderer).jpg … public domain

Soundtrack: I Am Odin
Voice of the Norwegian Magnus in “Natural Text Reader”
29 May 2021


In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars

The soundtrack is the voice of the Norwegian Magnus in “Natural Text Reader” … ..


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Talks with the Songbirds of Earth: The Series . channeled by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 30 May 2021; published on 31 May 2021


Dear Ones,

Here is a series of six videos on “Talks with the Songbirds of Earth.” There are Summaries after each of the videos …





Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Things are really hopping today In terms of nonhuman telepathic communications.

On 26 May 2021 I was listening in on a Lightworker who was talking about the Languages of Light. She had, I think it was five guests who were speaking different sorts of the Languages of Light. One of the guests spoke the Blue Avian Race’s Language of Light which … it makes sense … has to do with birds … birds’ types of sound.

Ever since that day, weird things have been happening with regard to the avian communications that I have on the telepathic and on the physical level to do with their vocalizations there. Yesterday I went for a long hike up a mountain, and did not get back until four or so in the afternoon. When I got back I was hearing on … It was like the Key to Remembering of Speaking with Birds.

I thought: It will probably never happen again. But today I was outside working on the roof and working around the yard. Be darned if it did not happen even more so. So somehow or other, through that May 26th Lightworker talk that was given, and through the other channelings too, I guess, some Key to Remembering has been given to me, with regard to speaking avian dialects.

The interesting thing is, now that I am sitting down, that the birds have been translating for me what it is that other sorts of animals around here say … and how it is better not to do that, and how to fix what they [the other sorts of animals] are saying, so that the telepathic plane here will be more uplifted, here on Earth.

I am going to try to remember what it is that they told me. You know, for a person who read faery tales in childhood, and found out, through that method, that there are people who are gifted with speaking to the members of the natural world, it has been a lifelong hope of mine that one day I should become fluid in the languages of different kinds of beings … other beings than human beings … here on Earth.

It looks like it is beginning to come true. It is incredible, really, after all this time, that something like that should be happening. I am very blessed; very grateful. And I am going to try to come up with some of the things that I learned pell-mell today about other kinds of animals, other kinds of beings, from the perspective of the avian race … especially of songbirds … here on Earth.

The first comment they had … and this went on for quite some time … is they do not like an emotional habit I have, of saying with my emotional body: Dear me. Dear me [resigned tone of voice]. They say that it is no good to say that ‘Dear me’ [in a resigned tone of voice]. Instead, what you can say is: Dear me! [enthusiastic tone of voice] … like that. And then it will be ok. They say … to repeat … Do not say: Dear me. Dear me [resigned tone of voice]. Say: Dear me, Dear me! [enthusiastic tone of voice].

I cannot say it with the chirps and vocalizations that they have, but later … if this continues … I might be able to get some recordings and ‘voice over’ what it sounds like.




I was just talking to a songbird over at the side there. They seem to take part on conversations very joyfully, in groups and in singles. One will take up for the next one when it [the first bird] goes off on a joy lark. A bunch of them will say things at once, if they feel it very emphatically.

I said, just now: What would you like to say, in particular? They are fluent in telepathy with humans, but they vocalize the response … and telepathically impart the response. Humans are only just hearing chirps and like that. They just do not comprehend it. They do not have the key to understanding and remembering quite yet.

To get back to this question I just had; I said: What is it that you would like to say, in particular? And one, over to the side here [looks left] said: We would like to say: Don’t say “May you die of COVID.” And they indicate that that is being said by the lizards.

The lizards in California are mostly not that big; they may be maybe four inches long when they are grown up. But there are a lot of them, and many different colors. You know, lizards are kind of like chameleons, here in California. The colors into which they change, have to do with camouflaging themselves against Earth tone backgrounds.

For instance, there are lizards all of the same family … the fence lizard family … that sit on concrete and they turn kind of grey. Or they sit on bark and they turn kind of speckled brownish grey. In another area, [I have seen them] sit on a dark tree trunk, and become chocolate brown. And if they sit on a black rock, they turn black or dark grey.

Lizards have that ability. But they also have, I feel, a relatively limited repertoire of telepathy. I am thinking that they may be overlit by the Dracs or Reptilian Races, just as the songbirds, and other birds, are overlit … [listening to raven] … I am getting Dark Interference right now. It might be a Reptilian or Drac that is dissing the beings that overlight the songbirds. It [the Reptilian or Drac] are saying that [the songbirds] are overlit by a bad, bad being. But my feeling is that the Blue Avian Race of Venus is very much in synch with the heart chakra. And I love that chakra!

So I would be willing to say that, for me [from my own perspective], the Dracs are wrong about that. For others, who have more Drac [or else Reptilian] blood in them … and yet are human, they may relate more to that Reptoid strain.

There is quite a commotion in the backyard today. I do not know if I could talk to you about it all, but just to get back to the lizards, they are saying: May you die of COVID! And the songbirds are saying: Don’t say that! … [pauses and listens to songbird song] … Ah, so … They say that I might say [in a lilting, happy-go-lucky voice]: Dear me, dear me, whatever you do, don’t say that! It is this one [this songbird] over here [points right] … very cool.

There is a raven over on the left, and it is talking too. But the thing about ravens is … I find … that they vocalize words quite a bit, but they do not do telepathy in the fluent, flowing, river-of-Light manner that the songbirds do. It could be that greater word fluency amongst avian types creates a kind of barrier against avian telepathy. Just a thought. It is not a definite truth; it is just what I have noticed in recent years. So, there is that.

I have heard many admonitions, in the last half hour or so, about not saying ‘May you die of COVID.’ [It is] very important, the songbirds say, not to say that; make your speech, in the telepathic plane, very light and full of joy. I think that is what they are saying.

[Listening to airplane passing by overhead.] … I heard the strangest thing just now. A plane was going over; we Lightworkers do not like the sound of planes and motors at all. We find that it interrupts the pure Light of our DNA. And apparently the songbirds know this too … because, as the plane went over, the songbird I have been talking to, over on the right here, said [in a joyful tone of voice]: Dear me! ‘Veker’ doesn’t like me!

Now this word ‘Veker’ is a word that they have been using, this afternoon, for the reptiles, the lizards. And maybe we are talking Dracs, or the overlighting species that is, say, invisible to us; the overlighting species of the reptiles … and possibly of the dinosaurs that are, they say, now extinct. Time will tell.

So the songbird on the right said … I asked it just now: What is your name? And it said: Because of ‘Veker’ we don’t have a name. They will catch us and … they explained with an image of a swipe across the throat [grab our throat or cut our throat?] … and bind us up if we say our name.

I do not know what that is about. So … They [the songbirds] do not say their name, I guess.

Anyway, I asked what the songbird meant when it said that ‘Veker’ was angry. The songbird was feeling kind of tamped down, or dampered down, as the plane went over. [It was] very, very quiet; not upset, but just very, very quiet.

In its vision, the songbird pointed towards the lizards, and it said: When ‘Veker’ is angry, it sends those things [the airplanes] over. Now I do not think the lizards themselves can do that. I think it must be the overlighting beings. I might be wrong, though. Maybe the lizards can do that, because they have, I think, strongly developed third-eye points. So it is possible, I guess. Maybe we will know more in the future.




I asked [the songbirds] about the gophers, because I am extremely curious at this point. I asked the songbirds: What do the gophers sound like? … because we have all these gophers here in California. They are smaller than prairie dogs, and they are very nervous animals, very shy and nervous and ‘scarity’ [easily scared]. Apparently the male and female gophers sound different. I will try to explain it: They say the same words, but the emotional emphasis is different. And I am hearing, from the songbirds, the sound of their speech … whistling … and at the same time, the telepathic overlay that explains to me what the whistling means … They are speaking English, but they are speaking English in whistles, not in our types of words, but they are speaking those words. It is hard to explain. I hope you all have the opportunity to feel this and accomplish this later on. It is really quite a joy … Anyway, to get back to the gophers: They both say ‘Dear me!’ … but the emotional emphasis is quite different. It seems that it is contrary to gender differences amongst humans, in that the boy gophers speak in a higher, more joyful voice; and the girl gophers, who seem to be weighed down with care.

According to the songbirds, the female gophers say ‘DEAR me’ [with emphasis on the first syllable]. It reminds me of what I have been hearing since I got here 10 years ago. And then, according to the songbirds, the male gophers say: Dear ME, Dear ME! [joyfully, much happier]. So: ‘DEAR me’ … Dear ME! … Not so much emphasis; lighter than what I said before … [repeats these two intonations in a lighter tone of voice] …

[sound of raven speaking] … You can hear my buddy, the raven over on the left; it is vocalizing all different kinds of sounds. It knows that I do not vocalize right, and that I do not really understand too well … and yet it is still trying to teach me this stuff.

If I try to say discrete [raven] words … if I try to say a word that it is saying to me … it will repeat and repeat and repeat, and help me try to learn it. But [it is] just that my mouth does not work that way right now. I would like it to, but it does not, right now.

Let’s get back to what the songbirds talking about what the other animals sound like …

[hears a raven word spoken twice] … This is ‘Water’ I hear … it sounds like ‘Running Water’ to me. Can you hear it? … [Raven speaks the word] … Raven talk … [Raven speaks the word] … [I speak telepathically.] … I asked this one [this raven] to visualize what it means, and it showed ‘running water’. So maybe I can learn that way.

And I thought, maybe if I could put these words onto a machine with push-buttons that show what each word means, then I could communicate with ravens. It is much like the problem of talking with dolphins, you know … not the fish-like dolphins, but the more intelligent dolphins, in that the range of their voice is beyond human reproduction [replication]. But mechanically, we could reproduce it. And if we knew what each phrase meant, we could communicate with the dolphins that way, using technology.

In addition there is the trouble with the dolphins that they speak two different kinds of languages: the clicks, and the sounds more like vocalizations. A person would need two machines … one with clicks, and one with vocalizations … to find out what is going on.

You know the raven is here, talking and talking away. And the songbirds are not much around right now. I said to the songbirds: The ravens are mean birds, aren’t they? And the songbird says: Yes, they’re mean birds. And they said that because the ravens eat the babies of the songbirds.

And when I said that, the raven got a little downcast, like it thought I did not like it. I would like just a minute now to repair my relationship with the raven. Hang on …

Well, I was saying, on the telepathic plane: Don’t be upset; I do love you very much. It looks like it went off. Maybe it has news for somebody else, because it is going: Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw … like that.

So, let’s see what is next … Ever since I moved to this house in the Valley, in the Los Angeles area, I have been having the weirdest inclinations or hunches that there is somebody that would steal from me if I left any tools or anything outside, here on the porch. I look at my neighbors, and they seem like normal sorts of people. My gardeners seem like trustworthy people. Just, altogether, I cannot figure out why I keep having these hunches … these telepathic hunches that something is up with theft.

Today, there was so much input, I had to go get my camcorder. As I went inside, I heard a voice that sounded much more human, on the telepathic plane … but without any vocalization in the physical realm … say: Don’t leave anything there. We will come and steal it!

I thought: Maybe it is a human being? Who knows? So I said telepathically: No, you won’t!

I thought maybe it was a human child. I could not figure it out. So I said: No, you won’t!

And it said: Yes, we will! We will! Yes, we will!

And finally I realized, it is the pack rats! Not only that, but they talk to each other very enthusiastically together. Apparently they are strongly social animals, and they talk to all the other pack rats in their community. It is as if they had a handheld, and they are talking to each other … chatting away about stuff.

[Sound of a sharp chirp.] … What you hear right now is a California towhee. It has come to look for birdseed on the floor of the porch. It does that ‘Cheep!’ … It is quite a day. I am hoping that [the songbirds] will come back and explain about the way the coyotes sound.

I can remember the gist of it, but not the way of talking … I asked about the coyotes, and they said: Oh, they sneak around. And then they said … in a very gravelly kind of telepathic voice, which was not the same as the way that they tweet … The telepathic voice indicates their emotion, and then the ‘tweet’ represents their talking … I said: What do they say? … And they said: We will GRAB you … something like that. There was something else equally predatory that they said.

I am looking at the towhee; it is quite close here. I have to say, ever since I found that picture of the Blue Avian Race … I made a poor representation of it so that I could put it on my site, but someone else has done a terrific job elsewhere … Ever since I saw that picture, it is like I found a friend, an old friend. It is the strangest thing.




There were just some mourning doves that came. Mourning doves are easily hit by the red-tailed hawks and smaller hawks … kestrels … that come around here. They [the mourning doves] need to drink water, and there is a place where they can get water here. About four of them just came around, really tentatively, attempting to get to the water. That is a strike zone. Every few days I find a lot of mourning dove feathers around; it just indicates one has been carried off.

So they came around, and they do not talk much. They do not talk like the songbirds. And I wondered if maybe they speak telepathically. Something scared them, and they all took off at once. You know how it is? It is a soft flutter of wings, for the mourning doves. And what they were saying, on the telepathic plane … all together, all at once … they were saying: Let’s get out of here. [They had] not a terrible fright of something, but more like the murmur of a small group’s concern for itself …

[Listens telepathically. It sounds like there is a child nearby who is talking to its mother about how she can hear the birds talking too, and the mother may be saying, “Stop that.” I can remember my mother saying the same thing, when I was that age.] …

[Looks up.] … That songbird up there is saying: I am speaking to Veki [‘Veker’?] right now. I guess that is the lizard … [Looks up and listens telepathically.] … It said: We don’t care what you do. You just do what you do. [Repeats that, with lighthearted intonation.] They are the peacekeepers and diplomats of the world today, it looks like … [Looks up and listens telepathically.] … That one [that songbird] just said: Please don’t speak of COVID sickness.  But the one before it said: We don’t care what you do.

I think this has to do with their different lifestyles. [Or it might be the songbirds’ attempt to uplift an upset of the neighbor mother … which could just before that be faintly heard in  the background of the video … possibly to do with what her child said about the birds talking.]

I think the reptilian race is more savage than the bird race right now. Both will eat other types of beings. But I just feel that the Light of the birds is whiter … brighter … than the Light of the reptiles.

[Looks up and listens telepathically as airplane flies overhead and songbirds converse together.] … Did you hear that? They are trying to persuade the reptiles to be more like the gophers … Don’t be so predatory, ‘V—-’. Say: DEAR me! [in a mild, bemused tone of voice]. DEAR me! … They are asking it to be more like the gophers.

I have to hear what the reptiles are saying, one of these days.

It is like the songbirds are the teachers of these other species. Could it be that the songbirds … having, as they do, such sweet voices … are the Lightworkers of class Aves, the Bird group of vertebrates?

Now that was an ‘Asura’ [a power-seeking, invisible being at war with the devas, the members of the Angelic Realm  that care for the natural world]. It was flying along with that airplane just then. And it said … [Listens telepathically.] … It was going on! It was saying: God damn it, I do not want you to talk to those beings. I said: Who? And it pointed to me, and pretty surly, too. And it said: God damn it, I do not want you to talk to those beings. You! An Asura went by! They are flying about with the airplanes … no doubt, because of the motor noise. It is very dark and dense and misqualified. Yes, they like it with that. And the Asuras … you know, I cannot make the comparison yet between the esoteric lore of Ancient India and what I am hearing right now. There is some very big being … like what I would call a ‘Mega-Asura’. You know, [there are] the Suras and the Asuras. The Asuras are like power-over beings, and the Suras are more like love and Light, you know? … different.

For awhile I thought: Well, during this uplifting conversation that I have been undertaking with the songbirds today, maybe the Asuras have to do with the reptiles, and the Suras have to do with the birds … But this being that I heard [points up towards the sky] is a very big being. It seems like a Dark Overlord. I will bet they are different still … another race. … [Listens telepathically.] …

I asked the songbirds, just now, what they look like, these beings that fly with the … [Listens telepathically.] … Ok, they said a couple of things. They are really big, and they change shape. I asked if they look humanoid, and they [the songbirds] said: They change shape. They are saying it in kind of a razzmatazz voice, kind of a jeering voice, imitating these large beings. They said: You can say, ‘May you die of COVID’ … and then they will say: Dear me [in a sweet voice]. And they repeated that several times for emphasis. So they are offering the opposite advice of this very large being that is flying around with the airplanes.




Oh, dear. There are two songbirds talking, one this way [point up] and one over this way [points to the right]. And one is trying to teach the reptiles manners, and kindness, and sweetness, and Light. It imitated the reptiles and it said, ‘V—-’ will die of COVID (in a jeering voice). And the other one [the other songbird] said: How does THAT feel? [in a voice of remonstrance].

I was laughing, and this one [the songbird] over here on the right said: Oh! They’re laughing! Great God, when they are laughing, they are really having a good time.

There are two songbirds talking right now. I asked them if there are other animals around. And the one on the left said: There is a green thing in the trees. And I said telepathically: How big? And it said: They are very small. They are very small. And I asked what they say. And the one on the right said: Maybe this tree limb will feel very good.

I do not know what these beings are! I would really like to know what these small, green beings are! Maybe they are an undiscovered species. This is pretty cool!

What they are saying is: Maybe this tree limb would feel really good! … Red and green mixture! … They are a red and green mixture? … [Looks up and listens telepathically.] … Really tiny. They are really eensie tiny. Yes, they are really tiny … They wriggle around on the tree limbs.

Someone help me here! I really want to know what this is. It is so cool. This is so cool. This is like a lifetime dream. I hope you all have a chance to experience it. That is enough for now.

Well, I have been enlightened by what sounds like a human being talking to me, down the hill. But at this point, I am suspicious of all these voices. I do not know if it is a human being, or what it is. And what it told me is that this green and red, little being that was wriggling around on the tree trunk is a caterpillar! So now I know. And my world is back in order, I have to say. The ‘not knowing’ was just too suspenseful for me.

[Looks up at palm tree.] … I guess, on the palm tree? … Oh, so they [the songbirds] corrected me. They said: Which palm tree? Only on one palm tree, I guess … Too cool. Too cool for words.




I was talking to two of the songbirds just now. I asked, on the telepathic plane: Is the big being that takes care of you here right now? … Spirit guided me to ask that question … And the one on the right said … with great enthusiasm it said: Wait till dark. It will be here then! … [Listens telepathically.] … That inconceivable being is BRIGHT green and BRIGHT orange and bright purple … And then it said: That will do it for me.

They are speaking English, I swear. I cannot begin to explain.

On the right I heard just now: S–t, no! Isn’t what we say. May ‘Veker’ die of COVID isn’t what we say [in a chiding voice]. And I said: Who are you talking to? And the songbird on the right said: We’re talking to the gophers. They’re trying to learn human.

From that I gather that the subconscious mind of human beings is influenced by the mantras of each of the species of beings … the nonhuman species of beings on Earth. And so the question would be, to use a sacred mantra … a mantra of love and Light and joy … to reassure the body of Light that it can shine perfectly forth, in the world. Otherwise we may be picking up unintentional mantras from other species.

These birds! They never stop speaking English! They are willing to teach anybody about love and Light and joy.

I was just about to leave, and the one on the far left, over here … [nods head to left] … said: Thank you very much for allowing us to teach you. And I said: Thank you.

[I feel that part of this particular video … the sixth in the set … may have been partly mis-channeled.  It seemed to me that the word structure of some of the sentences I took to be spoken by songbirds were too grammatically complex to be songbird talk. It could be there was a merge of human-songbird talk from one of the nearby humans. This sometimes happening when humans are drowsy or napping, I feel. Please keep this caveat in mind while mulling over this video … Part 6.]

. . . . .

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “‘Dear Me’ Birdsong,” recorded by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 31 March 2020; published on 28 December 2020 … ..

Link: “Interspecies Communication: Lizard Talk . Bird Talk,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 31 March 2020; published on 1 April 2020 … ..


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Image Words: ‘I Will Pray Upon You’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 May 2021

Dear Ones,

Below is a drawing of an ‘image word’ phrase I heard on the astral plane just recently. It was spoken by ‘Bespeller – Voodoo Man’, who appears in the ‘astral airs’ to resemble the famous artist Gustav Dore …

Image: “Portrait of Gustave Doré, by Carolus-Duran, 1877, in Wikimedia Commons …,_Portrait_de_Gustave_Doré,_StrasbourgMAMCS_(2).JPG … public domain

As to whether this may in actuality be so, I cannot say. By astral hunch I surmise that ‘Bespeller – Voodoo Man’ apparently may be a Sorcerer working with the killing cult of the late ‘Black Magicker’ here in Los Angeles …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Bespeller – Voodoo Man’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 6 May 2021; revised … ..

Setting all that aside, I feel it possible the image word illustrated below may be at the root of the practice the Black Magicker’s group has of killing wealthy women who are lay members of their congregation so as to fatten their coffers. The subconscious mixup of the word ‘pray‘ with the image of a ‘preying mantis’ may create the underlying, unconscious conviction that ‘preying upon’ the congregation by monks or pastors who spend their life in ‘prayer’ may be warranted.

When I saw this image on the psychic plane I was spooked out right thoroughly. The image seemed to be imbued with a mysterious, dark power. I thought to myself: Could it be there is a Mantid Race’ … a hostile alien astral species … that preys upon humankind? In my heart I guess that might be so, but the thought is such a spook out that I prefer not to put it out there too forthrightly. As a compromise measure, I offer the below as an addition to our list of Image Words …

Image: “Mantid Race ‘Image Word’ Phrase: ‘I Will Pray [‘Prey’] Upon You,” by Alice B. Clagett, 28 May 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,”

Image: “Mantid Race ‘Image Word’ Phrase: ‘I Will Pray [‘Prey’] Upon You,” by Alice B. Clagett, 28 May 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,”

. . . . .

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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