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Triple Eclipse Passage: Multitemporality, Multidimensionality, and the Coronavirus Pandemic . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 6 June 2020; published on 7 June 2020; revised on 23 June 2020

    • Introduction
    • COVID Crisis from the Stance of the Mass Media
    • Chances for Lightworkers to Transform Dimensions and Timelines through the Incoming Light
    • Chances for Lightworkers to Transform Dimensions and Timelines through the Incoming Light
    • On Death from COVID-19, Viewed as Incarnational Choice or Awareness Timeline Changeup
    • Lightworker View: Caleidoscopic Timeline Merges
    • On Remembering Our Soul Choices Regarding These Troubled Times
    • Conclusion
    • Photo by Alice

Dear Ones,

Here is a second video to do with the Triple Eclipse Passage of Summer Solstice 2020. Topics include multitemporality, multidimensionality, and the coronavirus pandemic. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Well, here we are in the Triple Eclipse Passage or ‘Passageway’ … or sometimes it is called a ‘Window’ … to do with Summer Solstice 2020 and two other eclipses. It is just very dramatic. The Light switches and changes as timelines are merged.


I have been feeling a little like I am a young chicken molting and changing to larger feathers. And my sleep patterns are very unusual. Maybe some of you who are Lightworkers and healers and so forth will identify with that. And others of you will probably have great tales to tell as time goes on.

I have been putting off talking to you about the multitemporal and multidimensional notion that Lightworkers and healers and channelers and others sometimes have regarding current events. It is because the events are current that I am likely to run into a ‘sticky wicket’. I will try to be brief, and for those of you that are versed in multitemporality and multidimensionality, I hope this will be sufficient.

COVID Crisis from the Stance of the Mass Media

As you may know, the nation and the world face what is termed in the mass media the ‘COVID crisis’, the coronavirus pandemic. Almost unanimously, in the news, this is viewed as a great catastrophe to which we as humankind must rise, which we must face with courage and faith; and we praise those in the community that assist, at risk to their own health, in healing others.

COVID as a Chance to Switch from Negative to Positive Dimensions

That is true, in a way. But there is another way of looking at it too, for those that like that other way better. I, for instance, see, all around me in Los Angeles, people on very different timelines and in very different dimensions from my own.

There are people experiencing fear and anger, which are hellworld scenarios; people extremely anxious over property and health. The extent of their negative feelings determines the worlds in which they find themselves … whether hellworlds or purgatory worlds … that depends on the density of the negative emotions.

We have, as aforementioned, other people who are experiencing faith and hope, and the desire to be of selfless service to humankind. Those people are offering to the people experiencing the other kinds of emotions, a chance to suddenly switch dimensions from negative to positive.

So those people who are ill, or fearful of being ill, have a chance to meet these other people who turn them … maybe for the first time in their lives … from fear and anger and anxiety and all those things, to the notions of faith, hope, charity, joy, and abundance. It is amazing!

There is an opportunity, right now, to choose the negative dimensions … the hellworlds or purgatory worlds … or to choose closer to the heaven worlds, or higher: the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension … on up to the twelfth dimension … or higher still, to the 72nd dimension positive.

Chances for Lightworkers to Transform Dimensions and Timelines through the Incoming Light

There is a great opportunity, here on Earth, from the stance of the Lightworker who believes in multidimensionality and multitemporality. It is very weird: I will be driving down the street, and I will be encountering waves of energy: temporal waves and dimensional waves that keep stirring and changing, to the extent where I need to stop, nap for five minutes, and suddenly recalibrate to whatever timeline and dimension exists at that locus in space … and then we can change up to the higher dimensions, or we can find a spot with the higher dimensions and the higher timelines; some place, for instance, where people have been meditating on their heart energy, or singing God’s praises with their heart energy.

That kind of a place, here in Los Angeles, creates an oasis of Christ consciousness through which … as I spoke of in yesterday’s video … can funnel, in a vortical motion, energy of Christ consciousness and Buddhic consciousness from the Galactic Center down to Earth, and through Earth, so that the people can experience, perhaps for the first time, perhaps after any number of times, Christed and Buddhic consciousness. It is really a rare time on Earth.

On Death from COVID-19, Viewed as Incarnational Choice or Awareness Timeline Changeup

Then there are quite a few people, according to the mass media, who have chosen to pass on at this time, during the COVID crisis. From the stance of a Lightworker, from my own stance, I feel that these people’s Souls have opted for an incarnation that teaches the lessons of Soul evolution, but perhaps without the incarnation dealing with the COVID crisis.

So those people who have chosen to pass on are looking forward to Soul lessons in a different context, in a different incarnation. It is all working out according to the Divine plan, and according to the free will hopes of the eternal Soul of each human being on Earth.

From the stance of a Lightworker, I feel that the Souls of many people here on Earth have chosen to place their Awareness on a different timeline. That decision to exist on perhaps a speeded up, or perhaps a slowed down timeline, has apparently resulted in many people dropping physical form in this timeline.

Those people still exist. They are still eternal Souls in another Awareness timeline. So this is a time of great change and great choice in that regard.

Lightworker View: Caleidoscopic Timeline Merges

With regard to my own self as a Lightworker I clairly see and hear, passing before me on the astral plane, all kinds of alternate timelines. These timelines are changing up, to higher timelines.

All kinds of thoughts and emotions that existed in non-chosen timelines or in chosen timelines in the recent past are blending upwards into the higher Light, so that those thoughts and those emotions will no longer pull my body of Light into negativity in that regard.

That is what I feel. The body of Light itself is becoming far more radiant because of the Light that is coming in, through this Triple Eclipse Passage.

On Remembering Our Soul Choices Regarding These Troubled Times

There is one other thing to do with the people that feel negative or fearful or anxious or angry regarding the current events. The thought I have is that people feel they have been dragged into these current circumstances without their choice, and that they must burden themselves with living through what is about to unfold in this timeline and this dimension in which they find themselves.

Our root and our beingness and our becomingness have to do with the reflection that we are of the Divine nature of God. Each human hologram is a separate hologram created by God in alignment with the Soul’s purpose, which, in the best-case scenario, is in alignment with the Will of God, the Heart of God, and the Mind of God. So I feel.

The truth of the issue, for people who are reluctant to go through the current unfolding mass media scenario, I feel to be that their eternal Souls chose this timeline in which they find themselves so that the vast choices of this moment would be available to them: the choices of positive mind and heart and Soul … the choices of aligning with Divine intent; or the choices of the media, which have to do with lack of free will, and power over, and poverty in the world, and so on.

So the Soul chose, but the human mind and heart and will do not remember, quite yet, that there was a free will choice to experience these events … to have a choice to meditate; to change the diet and make it more pure; to go for walks; to be with family and to strengthen those bonds with family; and to find creative ways to overcome the issue of lack of employment; to help each other out.

These were choices that the Soul made for a good reason, and that reason is this:  Movement to higher density is not going to occur until these things take place.

It is amazing, really, that so many Souls have made that choice, and so many people do not remember their Soul making it!


We have so many things going on at the same time, at this time. We have the people that are turning from despair and sadness, grief and anger and anxiety, to the experiences of positive emotions and positive thoughts, often aided by other human beings who help to pull them up from the depths of despair and from the negative emotions. Those people are learning to move from the negative worlds … from the negative dimensions … to the positive dimensions. That is one thing.

Then there are the people that are capable of ‘multidiming’ and ‘multitiming’. They are capable of multidimensional and multitemporal surfing. Those people have amazing opportunities today, as they move from place to place (or even sitting in one place during meditation) of making changes in their own body of Light, so that it becomes more perfect … so that their experience of multidimensionality and multitemporality is more uplifted in all regards; so that their choices are more closely aligned with the Infinite.

The people who make those choices are doing so while staying in physical form now, during this time. They are staying in the current Awareness timeline, or in another Awareness timeline that involves the same COVID crisis.

Then there are the people that decided to opt out; they do not like the COVID crisis, and they are moving on, to new incarnation.

And there may be many other things happening at this time, that I have not quite figured out right now.

It is as if all humankind is that young chicken that is molting its feathers and changing. The pinfeathers are coming in, and it is going to have large feathers with which it can fly, pretty soon. That is how I see it: We are all molting and changing and becoming quite glorious.

This is a Lightworker signing off. I hope no one takes offense at my ideas about the COVID crisis. I hope you will, each an every one, find your way free, and find your way through, and find yourself in the highest and greatest and most beautiful of New Realities here on Earth.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

In love, light and Joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photo by Alice

Image: “Santa Paula, California: Window or Passage,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 June 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Paula, California: Window or Passage,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 June 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0


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EMF Bump-ups Using the New Chakric Gears . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 26 November 2016

    • Transpersonal Chakras and the Subtle Bodies of the Superconscious Mind
    • Subpersonal Chakras and the Subtle Bodies of the Unconscious Mind

Dear Ones,


The chakras are important gears in the human EMF array. By placing our Awareness on them, we experience the dimensions associated with them. Multidimensionality is the ability to place our awareness on chakras, or dimensions, other than the dominant chakra of our natal propensity. The desire to shift gears in this way requires flexibility of mind; a leap of faith that allows us to test the hypothesis that there is more to this reality than the space-time continuum we are currently experiencing.

Fortunately this is easily tested, simply by meditating on the energy of each chakra, one at at a time. In that way, we bring into our experience the various pre-Ascension dimensional possibilities of humankind.


Note that many new chakras and their accompanying subtle bodies have been activated in the human EMF since the 2012 Shift. I have been unable to find an image of their chakric vortices. In fact, depictions of and names of the new chakras vary greatly. After looking them over, I have come up with my own understanding of the 18-chakra system of the New Human …

Link: “Sketch of the New Chakra System: 18 Chakras,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 15 July 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-dCo ..

Link: “Subtle Bodies, Bridges, and Chakras Grouped by Mental Body or Mind,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 July 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-dFY ..

Transpersonal Chakras and the Subtle Bodies of the Superconscious Mind

Starting above the head, we have Transpersonal Chakra 1 (Causal Chakra, Causal Vortex); Transpersonal Chakra 2 (Soul Star); Transpersonal Chakra 3, Transpersonal Chakra 4, and Transpersonal Chakra 5 (Stellar Gateway, God’s Head)

In terms of the physical Universe, it is possible that these correspond to the following ‘subtle bodies’: Subtle Body 8 (Soul Bridge -Causal Template), Subtle Body 9 (Soul -Atma), Subtle Body 10 (Monad – Awareness, Eternal Now), Subtle Body 11 (Logos – Solar body – Light – love – joy), and Subtle Body 12 (Bridge to Formlessness). In this context I have included under Logos (as a leaping off place for space travel) the following: the Galactic body (Milky Way), the Multi-galactic diamond (22 galaxies) spoken of by Judy Satori, the Laniakea supercluster (100,000 galaxies), the Universe, and the Multiverse (4 universes).

Subpersonal Chakras and the Subtle Bodies of the Unconscious Mind

And then below the feet, we have Subpersonal Chakra 1 (Earth Star), Subpersonal Chakras 2-5, and Subpersonal Chakra 6 (Gaia Gateway).

In terms of the physical Universe, it is possible that these correspond to the following ‘subtle bodies’: Subtle Body -1 (Incarnational Bridge), Subtle Body -2 (Bridge to Gai),  Subtle Body -3 (Dolphin Matrix), Subtle Body -4 (Inner Earth Cities), Subtle Body -5 (Whale Matrix) and Subtle Body -6 (Heart of Mother Earth).


The Kundalini energy, which begins with the basal chakra vortex and goes up to the crown chakra vortex, looks much like this …

Image: Funnel of electromagnetic energy which widens at the top and bottom … http://drakenberg.weebly.com/uploads/6/7/4/7/6747442/3342902.jpg?516 ..

I note this energy is shaped like a Chinese finger puzzle. These puzzles have great tensile strength because of the diagonal interfaces …

Image: Chinese finger puzzle attached to one finger of each hand … http://yantheosteopath.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/chinese-finger-trap.jpg ..

This makes me wonder if the kundalini also has great tensile strength for a similar reason. I think this because I have seen a video depicting constantly moving diagonal interfaces in toruses, and because the human electromagnetic field is shaped like a torus …

Video: “Torus Fun (Sacred Geometry by ieoie),” by ieoie, 5 April 2010… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0eOuxJX36g ..

The kundalini energy is the central axis of the human EMF torus, which looks like this …

Image: Human EMF torus, a donut-shaped electromagnetic field …  http://www.jeannettebose.com/files/jeannette/imagecache/wysiwyg_imageupload_colorbox_preset/wysiwyg_imageupload/3/torusfield.jpg ..


The chakric energies flow out as astral colors that ripple through the human EMF. These ever-changing colors represent the emotional energies of the subtle body known as the astral body. Here is an image of the astral body, showing a color array …

Image: Human astral body … https://www.anandgholap.net/Man_Visible_And_Invisible-Pictures/27.jpg … DESCRIPTION: A multicolored, egg-shaped energy field. At head level and above there is a golden light. From the top of the chest there is a dark blue or violet light. From the torso there is a magenta light. And from the knees downward there is a golden brown light.

The colors that are clair envisioned in this depiction of the astral form indicate the manner in which the chakras affect the qualities of the human EMF torus. Note that this image is egg-shaped and the colors appear to be static rather than dynamically moving; it would be better to imagine the entire, 3D human EMF torus rippling with colors generated by the chakras.

Here is a view of the human EMF, seen from near the top, showing a color array that seems to first appear as bands of color in the central kundalini core of the torus, and then (I wonder how?) to replicate itself in the outer aspect of the torus …

Image: EMF torus showing chakric colors inside and outside … http://psychicspiritinyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/torus1.jpg ..


The human chakric array is a subtle and ingeniously devised machine, based on the star knowledge of those who, countless ages past, have ascended before us. The chakras act as gears in the human EMF, ramping it down (lower chakras) or up (higher chakras) in frequency.

Each chakra has its utility …

  • By placing our Awareness on the lower chakras, we can experience life as grounded human beings, living on planet Earth.
  • By placing our Awareness on the higher chakras we can experience other forms of Awareness, such as that of Gaia, that of our Solar System, that of our Galaxy, and so on.
  • At the highest levels of Awareness, we can experience God-consciousness.


Here is an image showing a columnar energy above and below a human being, which might be thought of as an extension of the kundalini energy into the new chakras above and below the body …

Image: Expanded human kundalini, a white column of energy from center of Earth, proceeding through the human form to galactic level … http://tracyfance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Soul-Star-Chakra.jpg ..

These new chakras above the head are our ‘elevator up’. When we place our Awareness on them, then there is a shift of the chakric gears to higher levels of EMF experience. For instance, we might experience the EMF of Earth, which is constantly buffeted by solar winds and coronal streams of energy from the Sun …

Image: EMF of Earth interacting with the Sun’s solar wind … http://www.xearththeory.com/wp-content/uploads/expanding-earth-electric-universe-power.jpg ..

At a higher gear, we can sense the EMF of our Solar System …

Image: EMF of our Solar System … http://s3.amazonaws.com/thrivemovementassets/resources/images/000/000/738/large/science-solarsystem.jpg ..

At a higher gear, we can sense the EMF of our Milky Way Galaxy …

Image: EMF of the Milky Way … http://s3.amazonaws.com/thrivemovementassets/resources/images/000/000/740/large/science-galaxy-torus.jpg ..


Post-Shift, then, the new chakric gears available to us have expanded our multidimensional capabilities to levels of EMF experience as great as that of this entire Universe. The gears available begin with photonic experience, at the lowest subpersonal level, and arc outward in ever more expansive hologramatic experiences, from the human physical body to the human subtle bodies, and on to planetary, solar system, galactic, and universal consciousness.

Awareness of our new chakric gears is the key to unlocking these experiences, keeping in mind that each dimensional display is but a joyful play of the Creator’s yearning to love and be loved. In this experience of God’s many manifestations lies the great wisdom of the Law of One …

One for All!
And All for One!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Astral Rape and Peach Pie . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 June 2014; revised and republished on 26 December 2017


Dear Ones,

Lately on my telepathic frequencies there has been a big to-do about reception of unwanted sexual vibes, which are sometimes pejoratively referred to as ‘psychic rape’. These vibes are transmitted unwittingly through the ‘gut brain’ of which I have spoken at length in past blogs.


We in the Western world tend to place negative energy on sexual vibes, and so, when the vibes are brought to the attention of higher consciousness of those of us unconsciously transmitting them, we tend to be defensive. And moreover, those on the receiving end of the vibes … when they reach the point of conscious recognition … tend to blame those on the sending end.


Being defensive or pointing the finger are, I think, automatic responses that are not as helpful, in the Ascension process, as simply accepting all the physical and energetic feelings we have, and knowing they are a way that the Divine is alerting us to the need to transform the cells and balance the chakras in the affected areas.

So for instance, the second-chakra sensation experienced through third chakra (navel point) Awareness as ‘raping’ or ‘being raped’ might be processed through the heart chakra as an opportunity to transform and transmute the cells and energies of the ‘lower triangle’ … the first, second and third chakras. (1)


One way to grant leniency and forgiveness to myself and others in this situation, I have found today, is to understand that I am dealing with a negative energy of the gut brain. The gut brain deals with some instinctive drives … the desire to survive, the desire to have sexual relations, the desire to control one’s environment, the need to eat and drink, and so on. I have tried ‘threat energy’ and ‘domination energy’ to counter what may be perceived as ‘rape energy’  …. with astounding lack of success. This because negative energy is only compounded by addition of more negative energy to gut brain interactions.

I ought to add that gut brain interactions among individuals, which are now coming to conscious Awareness, are part of a process I used to term the ‘unconscious thought cloud of the world.’ Others call it the ‘collective unconscious’. The energies of the collective unconscious consist of many ‘flavors’ or energy strands circulating about in the noosphere (the sphere of human consciousness). Like seeks like, so the ‘conquistador’ energies of men will combine and surge onward together for a while, later dissipating.


Energies also seek their complement, and in the case of negative sexual energies, the desire to conquer or overcome sexually (a linking of the third chakra to the second chakra energies, more typical of men than women in the current Atlantean society) seeks the desire not to be conquered or overcome sexually (a linking of the second chakra to the first chakra energies, more typical of women than men right now).

So the unconscious conquistador energies of several men, combining, might momentarily connect with the ‘Oh no!’ energies of several women, also momentarily combining. The flavor of which has been for me, lately, distressingly warlike. This is what is apparently been causing the to-do I have been hearing clairaudiently lately.


Today I tried something new when confronted with this ‘sexual conquistador’ energy strand … I sent back telepathically “Peach Pie!”  It worked! It redirected the telepathic sender’s unconscious, instinctive negative energy to the positive energy of finding something good to eat! All this took place on an unconscious level for them, in the flash of an eye! And, all in an instant, it made my telepathic interactions so much lighter and more heartfelt!


When I am affected by telepathic energies perceived as negative, another healing technique I have used is to expand my energy and my perception around and beyond the area affected, creating a ‘healing envelope’ of energy. The thing is, when I dislike an energy, I tend to make the energy dense and compact.

When an energy is dense and compact, as in the case of a physical pain, or of painful cellular memories from the current or past lifetimes, then it cannot heal. When I consciously expand the energy at the ‘pained’ place, my body of Light can clarify and transform the painful inconsistence in this, my beautiful body of love and Light. And so, the song I sing will be more consistent with the love and Light of the Divine, the All.

This acceptance and expansion are a sure route to clearing and transformation of my body of light. So in the case of crown chakra, third chakra, ear-based, and throat chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I visualize the energy around my head and throat as, say 1/3 larger than my physical head and throat. In the case of first, second and third chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I do the same.

For me, cellular clearing (called by some, clearing of morphogenetic field distortions, or transformation of DNA from 2 to 12 strands) feels like a burst of energy in the affected cell groups. Amazing, really! As if they are saying, ‘Yay, free at last!’ And then after this transformation takes place, telepathic input, of whatever sort, is no longer received negatively.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also: Link: “Magnetic Repulsion and Telepathic Avoidance,” by Alice B. Clagett … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5e5 ..


(1) Matt Kahn on facebook has had some excellent short blogs recently to do with the importance of not blaming others, and of forgiving others. The main thing about this is that I can then concentrate all Awareness on my own personal clearing and transformation. After all, the Divine is creating for me, instant to instant, my own personal hologram through with I can arrive at my own life lessons, and carry out my own Soul’s mission. Whatever anyone else is experiencing, though they may feel a cause-and-effect relation, is to me just a synchronistic event.

Also, Linda Robinson, channeling Archangel Zadkiel, has a blog on nonjudgment, forgiveness, and clearing negative energy … Link: “Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear ~ Archangel Zadkiel thru Linda Robinson,” July 2014 … http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/keeping-your-energetic-channels-clear-archangel-zadkiel-thru-linda-robinson/ ..

And here is Ram DassLink: “On Judgment of Others,” 25 June 2014 …  http://www.ramdass.org/judgment-others/ ..


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Am I Bigger than Earth? . visions by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 10 April 2014; revised on 1 January 2018


Dear Ones,


Holy cow! What was that happening when I meditated last night? At the very beginning, I recall, my vision clouded; the room went a little out of focus …

I felt a tightness in my back, between my shoulder blades … at the site of the Hridaya Chakra, the hidden inner heart.

Then the alarm bells in my mind went off: Oh, no! This is too big for me! I just can’t get a handle on it! Then I remember my heart saying: O hush up! You’ll be just fine. Then the whole room got very, very quiet.


I recall beings of 4D crowding in, some just curious, some with what is termed ‘their own agenda’ … members of the ‘Ascension retardation crowd’.

I got exasperated: This won’t do! Called in my Higher Self, all Christed beings of Light who felt they should be present. Called in Divine Source itself: Welcome to this body. Please make yourself at home, for the good of Earth and all her beings. Do as you will, so long as it’s in the best interests of the All.


The astral form of a human being crowded in, curious …

Image: Astral projection: White body, emanating white light, on a field of peacock blue … https://i2.wp.com/psychics.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/astral-projection.jpg ..

I said: Howdy! Then he settled himself inside my body.


Then a being of Light came into the same physical space … on top, all around, and ‘in between’ whatever else was going on … My body felt as if it were mixed on a quantum level with the astral form, which was mixed with the being of Light.

Image: “Angel Light Being,” a photograph by Finn Olav Olsen, uploaded on 22 July 2013 http://larchedegloire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ange-%C3%AAtre-de-lumi%C3%A8re.jpg … COMMENT: This image appears to be a white pigeon flying in front of a white sun; blue sky around them the wings of the pigeon can be seen, but the body is obscured by the light of the sun.


More beings of Light came into the same space. Light came down in layers, one by one. Finally 10 deep.

Pains in the physical body, and an equal sense of the ‘I Am-ness’, fullness, deepest peace of the surrounding space … my fellow meditators … the air in the room … the city block … the land around …


A vision of mirrors of Light … less than an inch wide, taller than me … revolving very fast in a circle outside and around me. What is that? This I came later to characterize as my personal hologram …


Earth revolving, with a shaft of Light shimmering down all around and through it. Gosh, what a feeling! Are the veils dissolving? Is my Higher Self larger than Earth?

Image: Earth, seen from space, along with other planets, and the Sun in the distance, surrounded by deep blue space …  https://wallpaperscraft.com/image/light_sun_stars_blue_planet_earth_moon_2756_1280x1024.jpg ..


Afterwards, we were trying to piece it all together. The New Mind? An ineffable I Am presence? So far beyond the chatterbox mind we’re used to, it was just impossible to put into words.

Way beyond the box. Way beyond the bubble. Far, far beyond logic. In fact, marching off into the land of ‘Anything’s Possible’, ‘Everything Is’, ‘I Am All’ … which has been off limits to us humans for quite some time.


Lord, I do love setting foot on a new path in the wilderness. What is around the bend? Behind that screen of trees? Across that stream? I live to explore, and that is the long and the short of it …

Image: The word ‘Explore’ … the x looks like a person rejoicing, and the o looks like the sun …  http://gracespace.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/explore-logo.gif ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Laundry Pipes . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 30 August 2013; published on 29 January 2018
Location: Bayfield, Colorado


Dear Ones,

This video is about how we might conceive of the illusion of moving through space within our holograms. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I am here at the laundromat. And I noticed an interesting optical illusion over here. See, there are these pipes that go up from the driers; each drier has a pipe. And I was just waiting for the clothes to dry, and looking at the pipes. And I saw a kind of shimmer in the pipes … [sooms in.] … Yeah, there it is. See that shimmer? …

It is much more obvious to me, not looking in the camera. But you can kind of see that shimmer. And from a distance, when I see those pipes shimmering, it almost looks like they are moving. That is what it looks like to me. It looks like they are moving and changing, morphing.

So then I looked around for the reason for that, and I notice in the ceiling, there are these ceiling fans, And not only that, but there are these lights. So what is happening is, the ceiling fan blades are angled a little bit. And at a certain point, they are hitting the light from the lights in the ceiling.

And then from there, there is a change in the light of the tubes that go up from the driers. So they look like they are shaking and shimmering. But the thing of it is, they are not shaking and shimmering. It is just that the Light is changing. See, the Light is changing … if you look really closely.

So the thing of it is, in our physical form, we are kind of like those pipes leading up from the driers. It looks like we are moving and changing, and all that … And actually, movement in the world might be explained like that: As a change in Light. Just a change in Light. Not actually physical change.

So that is what I was thinking. Things are not always what they seem to be. We might be a spinning merkabah that reflects Light differently. That may be the mechanism of the hologram of 3D reality. Maybe there are different angles of reflection. Or maybe there are moods that color the merkabah.

That is just a thought for you. It is not an explanation. I am wishing you well. Take care!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Merkabah … http://78.media.tumblr.com/39ff29ae45e4d56e60bcaace053050fd/tumblr_nhruxjzgh01u1wr87o1_400.jpg … DESCRIPTION: White silhouette of a person with wings, facing forward. The person is inside a merkabah. Above the person’s head is a bright white light inside by a red circle of light. The background of the image is lilac blue.


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Sound, Light and Bodily Form . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 19 April 2013; revised


Dear Ones,

Through the mental quality called ‘ego’, we imagine ‘we’ have a bodily form. On the basis of visual input, which narrows the range of Light that we can perceive from the possible … 10-14 to 104 meters … to the visible … 390-800 nanometers … we imagine this form is solid …

Image: The Electromagnetic Spectrum: radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray … https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/EM_Spectrum3-new.jpg ..

In the chart above, I get that, at the large end of the spectrum, 10 to the power of 4 = 10,000. That I can visualize. I have a hard time visualizing how small 10-14 meters might be. However, I see that the part of the Light spectrum that my eyes can perceive is labeled ‘nanometers.’ I looked it up … a nanometer is one billionth of a meter. I get the gist … my eyes are picking up a nanofraction of available Light. So maybe my eyes aren’t really telling me the true story about who and what I am.

What if our form were not solid, but rather, waves of Light?
What if it were tiny, swirling sparks of Light?
What if it were waves of sound?

What if we paid attention to sound and Light … rather than form … when we relate to reality? How would that alter how we imagine ourselves to be?


Image: Sunlight, sky, and clouds … http://www.shakopeechiropractormn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Sunshine.jpg ..

Lately I have been noticing that sunlight is a form of food. Especially when I face the sun, I can feel vital energy streaming into my heart chakra. Light’s a little like snow. Here in America we have only one name for snow, although we may observe that it is sparkly or powdery, or good for skiing. Among the people of West Greenland, and probably because the quality of snow in Greenland is important to life and livelihood, there are 49 words for snow (1). In the same way, we tend to think of Light as plain old ‘light’, but to the astute observers has many different qualities, many flavors, many textures.

Yesterday it was windy, and all day long, little rain clouds scudded across the sky. Midmorning it hailed, and little rivers and eddies of hail swooshed around on the ground in the wind, like the misty steam swirling off of dry ice. Then in the late afternoon, the sky was beginning to clear, and I took a walk by a little river.

A steady, slanting stream of sun fell on me as I walked. At first, it had a wet, swirling quality. Mildly tumultuous Light! That’s something new! Then as I walked away from the river, onto a running track, the Light began to swirl more smoothly. It reminded me of a golden milkshake.

Is Light solid, I wondered? Is it alive, intelligent, full of joy, like me?


I work in a place with a refrigerator, and when the refrigerator motor runs, it emits a sound that is low-pitched and continuous.

Video: Refrigerator motor noise … https://youtu.be/4Y7oMTxpa30 ..

Sometimes I imagine that my mind is a piano. Sometimes it thinks high thoughts … like high notes on a piano … and sometimes it thinks low thoughts … like the low piano keys. As I work, whenever my thoughts get ‘low,’ I realize the refrigerator is running. The low-pitched, continuous sound of the refrigerator is resonating with the lower keys on my mind’s piano.

When I meditated last night, I felt my concept of myself expand out past my body. Then the refrigerator motor came on. The odd thing was, it didn’t affect me as it had done during the work day. The sound wasn’t whapping into my aura and distorting my energy field.

Instead, as I meditated, it felt as if my ‘body’ were discontinuous … with lots of empty space everywhere … and the waves of sound from the fridge were simply passing, unimpeded, through the interstices of whatever … sound, Light? … that constitute my form. Odd, huh?


For several years now, especially when I am out in nature, I hear a very high-pitched, not-quite-monotone sound in my ears … between 9.4 and 10 kilohertz … you can hear this tone starting at marker 4.27 on this hearing test …

Video: “Hearing Test” by Vatsek … https://youtu.be/4G60hM1W_mk ..

However, the tones you hear on the above video lack the pleasant, subtle harmonics of the sound I hear in my ears. What I hear reminds me of elven wind chimes. It is like a song of the devas, or the sweet song of New Earth. This beautiful sound is nearly beyond the high end of my audible range … it is near the opposite end of the audible spectrum from the refrigerator sound. The high sound resonates with my highest thoughts … the highest keys on my mind’s piano.

So just for the fun of it, last night I tried placing my awareness on the high-pitched sound in my ears. As I was falling asleep, I concentrated on just that … just that sound. It grew louder, sweeter, more beautiful, till it seemed like the whole world was that lovely sound. I said to myself: Whenever I want, may I be able to recall this sound! Then when I woke up during the night, with the usual jumble of subconscious thoughts still lingering in my mind, I right away switched my attention to the ringing in my ears.

When I woke up this morning, I felt as if I had been in a ‘sound’ rejuvenation bath. My body and mind felt fresh, crisp, and new. What an amazing feeling!

Mind you, often during the day, especially when I am working at a repetitive, routine, noncreative task, I hear a much lower sound in my ears. I have come to the conclusion this low sound represents lower mental function … closer to subconscious thought, consequently less pleasant. The minute I turn to joyful pursuits, the pitch of the sound gets higher.


People talk about experiencing multiple dimensions of reality. About flipping back and forth between lower and higher dimensions. There is also talk about expanding the mind so as to experience several dimensions at once. How can this be?

The sounds we hear in nature offer a clue: Just as each natural sound consists of many harmonics, (2) the reality we are capable of experiencing consists of many nuances, which may be termed dimensions. We can experience reality as if it were a pure tone, like the hearing test (3) … which I find to be rather painful listening. Or we can experience it like richly resonating wind chimes. Our choice!

Video: “Sounds of Nature, Wind Chimes, and Morning Song Birds,” by nerrad006 … https://youtu.be/h15XTI2Zhy0 ..


Imagine your mind is a piano and your thoughts are keys. When you think a thought, what sound does it make?

When you hear a sound, imagine what shape it is … Is it bumpy? Smooth? Does it have sharp edges?

When you hear a sound, what emotions does it evoke? Do your thoughts become sad? Angry? Anxious? Full of joy?

This meditation … on whichever sound is loudest for you at the moment … will lead you into the NOW.

Video: Playing with Sounds – High and Low … https://youtu.be/sXiHbzaudvs ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “More Eskimo Words for Snow” … http://www.putlearningfirst.com/language/research/eskimo2.html ..

(2) Link: Wikiaudio has more on harmonics … https://www.wikiaudio.org/ ..

(3) Link: Hearing test, by Vatsek, 2  June 2007 … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G60hM1W_mk ..


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