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The Commuter Film: Dark Attack . The Valley of Death . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 24 February 2020

Dear Ones,

Quite recently I viewed the intriguing film “The Commuter” featuring actor Liam Neeson and a fine cast of characters …

Link: “The Commuter (film),” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Commuter_(film) ..

I was struck by the honesty of the acting … how true the acting seemed to me. On the other hand I ought to advise that, as a Lightworker I found the action several times became too intense for me, and would put off watching the film at a certain point until the following evening.

This is frequently the case when I view movies. In fact, sometimes I need to give up on watching a movie entirely because of the intensity of violence in it. Perhaps that has happened to you as well? However, in this case there was something true about the acting that drew me back into continuing with the viewing night after night.

At time interval 2.28 – 2.40, where the forward passenger car upends and almost falls in slow motion on the occupied passenger car, I was struck by the similarity between this cinematographic depiction and a real life experience I had of a car crash and a ‘timeline walk-through’ …

Link: “Something New in Astral Stories: Part 2: Instantaneous Manifestation,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 7 February 2016; published on 11 February 2016; transcribed on 6 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4Vw … See the section: Alice’s Perilous Tales: Story about a Timeline ‘Walk Through’

Link: “On Being Alive,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 21 January 2016; published on 22 January 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4PE … See the section: Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Terrible CanAm Highway Accident, and The Wisdom of India

In my case, though, it was not a train car, but a vehicle that hit a guardrail next to me at twilight, and rolled across the freeway behind me, missing me by an inch or so, it seemed. I had that same sense of time slowing down and of monstrous peril about to crash down on me and my cat Lucy, who was my back-seat passenger on the trip.

Time stopped. Electromagnetically I felt two parts of the rolling vehicle break off. One zoomed behind me, along with the rolling vehicle. The other was on a trajectory to hit the back of the roof of my car (underneath which Lucy was sitting). I optimized my timelines … in a split second … as I floored the gas pedal on my winsome but wimpy Honda. Nothing could have been closer than the near miss with the whizzing piece of car that passed along the top of the back window of the car. That was quite some Dark Attack, as I recall!

I liked that movie “The Commuter” because it allows other people to have that same experience of a Dark Attack, and reveals that we may face such daunting moments with courage, and that there may be a happy ending, despite how dire our circumstances may seem to be at the time.

One of my favorite Bible passages has a like message …

4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” –Psalm 23:4 (KJV, public domain)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon . by Alice B. Clagett *

Ravens and red-tailed hawk filmed on 12 December 2019 in Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, Simi Hills, California
Talk filmed on 19 December 2019; both published on 6 January 2020

    • Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Dear Ones,

Here are a video and an extensively edited Summary on the topic of wrangles between a raven and a red-tailed hawk; and an awesome wrangle between a Big Bad and an Archangel … maybe Michael or Metatron …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a story to tell you about the natural world and about the angelic and demon realms. It is sort of a comparison.

Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk

A week or so ago, I was out in the northern part of Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve in the Santa Monica Mountains … in the Los Angeles area. And I was walking on kind of a plateau area. There are a lot of ravens that hang out in that area. I have taken videos of them before. Sometimes in great batches they all get together; there are raven tribes that get together. And sometimes one tribe will be off by itself … or there will be a loner raven or two sitting in a tree. There are just a lot of ravens there.

I was walking along the plateau, on a loop trail, and I noticed something in the air … The first thing I noticed was two big birds fighting in midair. One swooped down upon the other. And the one that it swooped down upon tumbled over in the air, so that its feet and the claws on its feet were upwards. And the one that was descending upon it … swooping down upon it … engaged the claws of the other with its claws. So there was a ‘claw fight’ between their feet in the air.

Then I noticed that the one on top … the one that was descending … was a raven. And the one underneath was a young red-tailed hawk.

They disengaged their claws, and the red-tailed hawk turned over rightwise in the air and started to escape. I think these hawks are slower fliers; they are not soaring on thermals too much, compared to the ravens, which seem to have a knack for it. The raven may be a lighter bird, with close to the same wing span as that of the juvenile red-tailed hawk; that is my guess.

The raven started off after the red-tailed hawk, in hot pursuit. I saw them heading off in the distance. Then more ravens … friends of the first raven … came in and followed along after them … maybe five or six of them following along, having a good time of it.

So the red-tailed hawk was greatly outnumbered. What I noticed it did was it swooped down along the contour of the folding hills there. It was very close to the Earth. Its wing tips were almost brushing the tops of the chaparral.

The stride of its wing span, and the length of those turnings of the wings were long … very giant-sized and long … so that it was swooping like this … [shows long swoops of a moving hand] … over one area, and then to the next, and then on to the next.

Then the raven was, I think, unable to fall down on it and attack it because it was so close to the Earth. I think the raven might have hit itself against the ground if it had swooped down in that manner … they are more like thermal soarers and ‘wind wingers’, the ravens.

That pursuit was really dramatic; they went off in the distance and then disappeared.

Then there were other raven situations along the way: Two ravens sitting in a tree, that soared off together. I remember, when I was nearly through the loop, one lone raven was flying along in the direction where everybody else had gone some while ago, calling out in the voice that was plaintively saying, I thought: Where are you? Where did you go?

I am sure it found them. I think that ravens may sense the trail of other ravens through some invisible turbulence in the air … a systematic, periodic turbulence in the air that wafts after the raven that is flying off, so that the lost little raven … like that one … can find its way through the ‘raven signature’ periodic movements of the air. I think that is how they do it; I do not think it is through pheromones or anything like that. They sniff the air, they know the air, and they follow the air.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Now on to demons and angels: Some years ago (I have talked about this before) there was quite an incident as I was heading from my home in the San Fernando Valley to a meditation group that met in West Los Angeles. It was a long trip at night, and I had to be there by a certain hour.

I encountered a lot of trouble both arriving at the meditation group and then departing later on, time after time.

As well, there was dark interference outside the meditation place, on the street and in a neighboring coffee house. I recall in particular a dark incursion from the street through the exterior house wall, that looked a little like a transparent version of a very tall ‘Terminator’ dude with fluffy hair, well over six feet tall.

And another time when a deep dark presence swooped into the room, but was successfully countered by a very strong, pure chant of Omm begun by the meditation leader (a woman) and taken up by the rest of the women in the room.

I remember also a time when our meditation leader’s uber leader came to lead the meditation, and 100 or more Hathors (friends of mine) flew joyfully into the room through the open portal of my heart. The first one out was a particular friend of mine, known to me from a past lifetime. I recall how the uber leader greeted this fifth dimensional being with a blast of pure hatred from his own heart; how my Hathor friend stumbled and fell, his heart’s LIght snuffed out by an emotion so foreign to him and his kin; how I sought comfort in the ensuing months and years, after my Hathor friends left the 4D-5D interface on my Awareness timeline; and how I finally found comfort in the thought that my friend had but ascended to a higher dimension, and that he and I would one day meet again.

I remember another time when the uber leader met the women near that place, and during one meditation exclaimed: Yes! I have succeeded in mind controlling all of you at the same time! (or words to that effect); and how I looked up in surprise, and sensed but one other woman in a sentient state, amongst the meditators.

I remember yet the last time I meditated with that group, when the uber leader used his ability to manipulate the quantum field to simulate, on the psychic plane, raping me as the other women sat in meditation; and how, after I left the group, it seemed that, on the astral plane, he and his sublieutenants raped woman after woman in our group on the psychic plane … not in the usual mind control daydream haze, but using the quantum energy that seems more like a physical event.

I recall how the astral airs … through wide geographic swaths … were racked with violence, hatred and fear. I remember how it seemed to me … from the clairaudient plane … that a handful of women eventually succumbed, losing their lives either through despair or through violence. Whether this be true, or no, I may never ascertain.

I remember how, returning from the meditation late at night, I would feel a two hour drive stretch on and on into the night as I felt a dark presence bidding me fall asleep while driving; how I had to avoid the empty freeway on the return leg; and how I had to pull over on residential streets when the Dark Attack hit. It was impossible to resist, and took effect nearly instantaneously. Luckily because of my martial arts training long years ago, I would immediately pull over, and fall asleep at the curb … windows up, doors locked. Then suddenly I would feel a ghostly hand on my shoulder, a kindly male astral being … a guardian spirit … whispering in my ear: Wake up! It’s not safe here. Start off again towards home!

But I have spoken of all those unsettling, long-ago events in other blogs. To return to my story, one of the troubles I ran into in arriving at the meditation place was this one: I was driving along, and there were all kinds of obstructions. I was driving along the shore route by the Pacific Ocean, but I had to move inland in order to get to my destination. And the closer I got to Freeway 405, the more congested the roads were. All the roads were tied up because no one could get on the freeway … the freeway had some kind of problem.

I was afraid I would be too late to get there, and I had to be there on time … it was very important. So I was trying to improvise as I drove, trying to find a route that would work. After awhile … I was within maybe a mile of the place … and I noticed behind me that, as I progressed up the hill towards the place, the lights of the city were going off. There was a blackout that was following pretty close to the back of my car … up to about a block or two behind my car … all the way up the hill to the place where I had to go.

At the same time I sensed a descending angelic power that was pursuing something, rather like the pursuit that the raven made towards the hawk that was beneath it. There was a loping energy of Darkness following me up the hill, in a trail like the trail of the hawk along the chaparral.

It was touching the tops of the buildings as it went past, and moving towards my car, up the hill. Descending from the heavens was the angelic power of the most grand angel I have ever met … I was thinking Archangel Michael … possibly Metatron … descended down. As its wing tips, which spanned all of West Los Angeles, touched the buildings, the power went off in the buildings. Angels are that grand … they are that grand!

So now you know the story; the Darkness did not reach me; and I got to my destination safely. May it do so for you as well, for all your life long, and for all the times thereafter!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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‘Tinsel Head’ Tale: Scrimmages with a Los Angeles ‘Brujo Cult’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 December 2019; published on 23 December 2019; revised on 20 May 2020
Previously titled: Tinsel Head: To Be or Not to Be? . a poem by Alice B. Clagett
Added poem to: Tiny Anthologies: Wild West Poems

    • On Appraising Miracles and Psychic Powers
    • Dark Attack: The Lightning Bolt That Pierced My Third-Eye Point in a Non-Christian Chapel
      • Sidebar: Unwelcome Psychic Events I Experienced While Meditating with Neo-Hindu Groups
    • Subsequent Visions on Days Commemorating the Group’s Saints
    • Other Teachers’ Advice About a Dark, Whirling Psychic ‘Crown of Thorns’
    • Transformation of One Thorn to the Light
    • Another Person’s Causal ‘Take’ on Transformation Through the Light
    • Faith in God: The Only Cure to Black Magic and Sorcerers’ Spells
    • Tinsel Head: To Be or Not to Be? A Poem by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,


This blog speaks to my experience in countering and overcoming psychic attacks by a Caucasian mind control cult here in the Los Angeles area.

On the astral plane I heard just Monday that the Latin American peoples of this valley where I live term these sorts of groups ‘brujo cults’ [sorcerer cults]. They say, on the astral plane, that there are ways of knowing which these are, so that a person will not be sideswiped by them on the astral plane …

Link: “Brujeria,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brujer%C3%ADa ..

This is very hopeful news, should it prove true, as the Caucasian peoples here in Los Angeles have lost what knowledge they once had of forestalling attempts at sorcery (or so it seems to me). It is possible there may be a priceless fund of information south of the border, and it may be that there is a way to discover it one day soon.

Meanwhile I offer my own experience with regard to a horrific psychic war a group of psychics undertook against me here in Los Angeles … a war that has lasted for more than 20 years. In retrospect it occurs to me that Darkworkers such as they perceive Lightworkers such as me to be vying with them for dominion over Earth … much as is erroneously conveyed in the movie “Good Omens” …

Link: “Good Omens,” at IMDb … https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1869454/ ..

I say ‘erroneously’ because, from the perspective of the fifth dimension, life on Earth is all One, and the purpose of all beings here is to act on their own free will, and to learn to align their hearts and minds and will with the great Heart, the great Mind, and the great Will of God.

Life on Earth is not a battleground between good and evil, I feel, but rather a cinematographic adventure designed by our Ascension Teams to help us know God, and to learn the ways of the many paths of Light, love, and joy.

But for now, let us turn back to this tale of woe, this story of the efforts of a lone Christian woman to counter the psychic attacks of what seemed to be the ravening psychic horde … of her encounter and subsequent rough and tumbles with one of the greatest ‘brujo cults’ of the modern world. Here is one strand of that multifarious tale of psychic scrimmage …


On Appraising Miracles and Psychic Powers

I remember once, long years ago, I meditated with a group where ‘miracles’ and psychic powers were often conferred. At the same place I felt, for the first time in my life, a great deal of psychic turmoil near my energy field and coursing through the energy fields of other people; this turmoil I experienced as incursions of Dark, intelligent life forms. To put a blunt point upon it, demons seemed to dance over the heads of those upon whom psychic powers were conferred.

This was confusing to me, as I had understood, at my grandmother’s knee, while studying Christianity in early childhood, that miracles are conferred by God. In poring over the texts of the group where these paranormal events seemed to be transpiring … in hopes of an answer to my ponderings … I came across a statement by the group’s leader that psychic ‘visions’ are sometimes true and sometimes false, and that the serious spiritual student must needs exercise the utmost discretion in evaluating such psychic experiences.

Dark Attack: The Lightning Bolt That Pierced My Third-Eye Point in a Non-Christian Chapel

As the years wore on, my perplexity at what seemed to be ever more frequent … ‘Dark Attacks’ deepened.

I recall the first such incident had occurred, during a daytime group meditation in a non-Christian chapel. I had been sitting a few rows back from the front of the altar, with a head-and-shoulders painting of the group’s teacher, who was revered as a Neo-Hindu saint, above me on the center of the wall above the altar.

That day, my ability to meditate seemed vastly deeper than it ever had before … although I had enjoyed some years of meditation in decades past. Everyone else who was meditating there that day seemed to be experiencing the same deep inner peace as well. That must … I then thought … be a good thing?

I recall that a beautiful young woman, with long dark wavy hair, walked up the aisle to my right, then to the step just before the painting, and threw herself on the floor face first, in a display of the most abject adoration.

Then, out of the blue, a searing bolt of psychic energy flew forth, seemingly, from the eyes of the painting of the teacher that hung above the altar. This lightning bolt pierced straight through my third-eye point, and then kept going, into and through the sexual chakra of a more experienced meditator sitting about three rows behind me ..

Drawing: “Lightning Bolt of Psychic Energy in Non-Christian Chapel,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 May 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0 … DESCRIPTION: On the right, at the front of the chapel, is a raised platform with a table on it; the table is labeled ‘Altar’. On the table is a vase of flowers. On the wall above the altar is a head-and-shoulders picture of a saint; this picture is labeled ‘Guru’. On the floor in front of the altar lies a woman, face down, arms outstretched on the floor beyond her head; this woman is labeled ‘female devotee prostrating herself at the altar’. On the left are rows of seats in a chapel; these are labeled ‘seats’. Seated second from the leftmost seat, nearer the back of the chapel, is a man; this man is labeled ‘male devotee’. Standing at the second seat from front is a woman facing the altar; this woman is labeled ‘me’. From the eyes of the saint in the picture above the altar is drawn a thick line that pierces the third-eye point of the standing woman, and ends in the sexual chakra of the seated man. This line is labeled ‘lightning bolt’.

Drawing: “Lightning Bolt of Psychic Energy in Non-Christian Chapel,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 May 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0 …

DESCRIPTION: On the right, at the front of the chapel, is a raised platform with a table on it; the table is labeled ‘Altar’. On the table is a vase of flowers. On the wall above the altar is a head-and-shoulders picture of a saint; this picture is labeled ‘Guru’.

On the floor in front of the altar lies a woman, face down, arms outstretched on the floor beyond her head; this woman is labeled ‘female devotee prostrating herself at the altar’. On the left are rows of seats in a chapel; these are labeled ‘seats’. Seated second from the leftmost seat, nearer the back of the chapel, is a man; this man is labeled ‘male devotee’. Standing at the second seat from front is a woman facing the altar; this woman is labeled ‘me’.

From the eyes of the saint in the picture above the altar is drawn a thick line that pierces the third-eye point of the standing woman, and ends in the sexual chakra of the seated man. This line is labeled ‘lightning bolt’.

I was shocked. I turned to see who had gotten scorched. It was a young man, a stranger to me, who looked to be saintly, sitting behind me. He had risen up halfway out of his chair just then, with a look of mild shock on his face. As I looked, he slowly sat back down.

Behind him, at the roped off back of the meditation area, sat a pretty young woman meditator whom I later found was the young man’s fiancée. Standing in the aisle between the roped off seats and the main seats of the meditation room was a buxom middle-aged woman dressed in stately, modest dark-hued clothes; it seemed to me she felt hostile toward me, although we had never met.

Sidebar: Unwelcome Psychic Events I Experienced While Meditating with Neo-Hindu Groups

For a set of drawings to do with an untoward event that occurred time after time in another neo-Hindu meditation group, see …

Link: “Schadenfreude and the ‘Bow Down to Me’ 3-Part Football Play,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 November 2013; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7ia ..

I class these as black magic or thuggee types of events to do with psychic powers exerted through spiritual adepts, black magicians, or sorcerers by disembodied entities.

The two events I experienced occurred in a Neo-Hindu setting. I feel it likely that such events may happen in any spiritual setting, and do not necessarily represent the teachings of a spiritual group as a whole; they may be just disparate, chance events.


Subsequent Visions on Days Commemorating the Group’s Saints

That then was the first vision I had while meditating with that group. But as the years wore on, I became aware that, during meditations on days when each of the group’s saints were commemorated, there would invariably be a psychic vision of the saint in the last few minutes of the meditation. This vision, it seemed to me, might have been experienced by all the meditating people.

It was the predictability of this vision that led me to a theory that these might be the ‘false visions’ of which their teacher spoke. Perhaps, I thought, they might even be a psychic lure or temptation offered by the Demonic Realm to induce people to join the group.

Could this be so? Having no experience in the psychic realms, I had no idea. Possibly, I thought, there might be an ‘inner sanctum’ of psychics in this group, who were creating the visions as a sort of mass hallucination?

Other Teachers’ Advice About a Dark, Whirling Psychic ‘Crown of Thorns’

Given the continuing presence of what seemed to be demons circling round my head in tiny batches of six … like a Dark, whirling ‘crown of thorns’ at the level of my third-eye point … I had to wonder what was up.

I was attending a different meditation group in West Los Angeles and in Durango, Colorado, in the summers during that time. I recall asking the group leader (during a class in which the circling ‘batches of six’ were especially annoying) who those whirling people were? I recall he said, at the time, with a disparaging look, that they were not people; they were not anything living.

I recalled another spiritual teacher told me he felt that anything within my energy field was mine to transform. If these were not living beings, then surely it would be ok to transform them to the Light?

Transformation of One Thorn to the Light

I recall driving down Route 160 one day, on the way from Durango to Bayfield, Colorado. The ‘crown of thorns’ was whirling around; to my dismay, it seemed to be accompanied by psychic howling.

The Incoming Light was particularly splendid that day, and that led me to concentrate my Awareness on my third-eye point, in hopes that it might be purified and transformed by the  Light.

To my utter consternation, I heard a great screeching and screaming from one of the circling ‘non-beings’, and in a poof of Light, it disappeared. Now there were only five in my ‘crown of thorns’.

But what in Heaven’s name had just happened? I had to stop the car at the next turnout and try to figure it out. Turnouts are relatively scarce on that stretch of road, but I found one. Then I asked my Ascension Team what had happened. Team, in a descent of Light, allowed me to feel it was all for the good.

Another Person’s Causal ‘Take’ on Transformation Through the Light

But at the same time, in the causal realm, I heard from the young psychic man whose heart had been pierced in the original ‘vision’ that a psychic woman whom he respected as a mother figure had just then had a heart attack, or maybe a stroke, and that … he felt … I was the cause of this injury to her person.

There is always a question, with psychic phenomena: Are they true or false? Clearly the causal realm … which is confined to the third (physical) and fourth (astral) dimensions … is relatively false, compared to the fifth dimension (the Kingdom of God). From that stance, any causal statement is relatively false.

Further, what I heard might have been, not the thought-forms of another person, but rather my own misgivings, set forth in my own mind as if they were the thoughts of another person.

Or they might have been accurate representations of the beliefs of the person I thought I heard; yet the question might arise whether these beliefs were accurate.

Faith in God: The Only Cure to Black Magic and Sorcerers’ Spells

For all I know, the injurious physical event had not happened. But what if it had? If it had, then the meditation teacher who thought the ‘crown of thorns’ was composed of ‘non-beings’ would have been mistaken. For if transformation of one of these to the Light resulted in injury to a psychic woman, then that dot of circling Light must have been the very woman, or perhaps some enspelled or enspelling aspect of her beingness.

What manner of spell this might have been, I may never know. I am no adept of the Dark, nor had I knowledge of Black Magic, when what seemed to be my utmost peril befell me, and persisted round me for nigh on 20 years.

Yet I can say that, through faith in God, through aligning with His awesome Will and Heart and Mind, any temptation … any seeming manifestation of the Dark … may, in time, be overcome. For I found that, year after weary year, the nebulous, fearful grip of the Dark with great reluctance loosened, and the tenebrity of the astral air lightened and brightened around me.

This I may say about psychic powers: They are a great test of faith. They can be of the utmost detriment to our Soul evolution if we take pride in them, and if in arrogance and self-righteousness we use them to injure other people for the sake of our own selves or our own sect.

The only sanctuary for those tempted in this way is alignment of our will and heart and mind with those of God … visualizing in every instant His saving grace, which He may choose to manifest through our frail form, and despite our many failings, or which He may chose to manifest otherly. With that attitude we may strive towards Soul evolution despite the many trials our hearts must needs endure in this Earthly life.



Tinsel Head: To Be or Not to Be?
A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
18 December 2019

I shall wear tinsel on my head
And then by demons will be lead
Then by no one shalt be said
That my head is full of lead …
They’ll bow down to me

[This poem takes the opposite of my own point of view.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Tinsel Head,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 18 December 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..

Image: “Tinsel Head,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 18 December 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..

See also Link: “Tiny Anthology: Funny Self-Portraits,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 February 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-gjw ..


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On Using Aluminum Foil to Shield the Body and Brain During Solar Events . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 11 January 2019; published on 3 June 2019

    • Overcoming Psychic Attack: Spinning Wheels of Energy in the Head
      • Visualization to Overcome This Hostile Mental Suggestion

Image: “Aluminum Foil Hat Test,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 12 December 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..

Image: “Aluminum Foil Hat Test,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 12 December 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..  

Dear Ones,

I have held off on publishing this because of all the jokes about aluminum foil and mental illness. Despite the ribald humor surrounding the topic, I have found, from personal experience as a telepath, that there are pros and cons to using aluminum foil to shield the body so as to prevent mental turmoil during Solar Events. Here is the scoop …


People talk about using heavy weight aluminum foil as a cap on the head or a tent over the body during severe geostorms. I realize this is pretty much a joke to most people; but, I figure, any port in a storm.

If it works for you, then I feel it will be all right in the short term to use it. But after a half hour or so, I feel that aluminum foil on or near the head interferes with brain function; this is just my personal intuition about it; you may feel differently.

If a person is caught outside during a severe geostorm … say the automobile ignition or electrical system temporarily fails, and the person is stuck there on the freeway for a while … then a double layer of heavy weight aluminum foil … inside a hat on the head, so as to avoid looking completely silly … can help temporarily.


Overcoming Psychic Attack: Spinning Wheels of Energy in the Head

I remember an instance when, about ten years ago, I sensed a gathering storm of telepathic rage, which seemed to be emanating from a distant telepath who was venting anger. I recall telepathically hearing him creating, through mental suggestion, spinning wheels of Light inside my head. The wheels were an inch or less in diameter, and they consisted of angry, spinning energy.

This unknown telepath would, so it then seemed, place a wheel here, and another there, until it seemed there were nothing but enraged wheels of energy spinning around inside my head. At that time I identified more with my intellect than I do today, and I found this astral story very disconcerting.

Visualization to Overcome This Hostile Mental Suggestion. Later I channeled a technique to neutralize other peoples’ mental suggestion of angry spinning energy inside the head … That is to visualize and feel into one such spinning wheel. Imagine a positive, strong energy spinning in the other direction within the wheel. Visualize this oppositely spinning energy putting a brake on the angry spin, till the wheel comes to rest. Then go on to the next angry spinning wheel, and do the same.

To continue with the perilous tale: At the time when the angry, spinning wheels first seemed to be hurled, through mental suggestion, into my brain, I had no technique with which to neutralize this work. I felt frightened, and was not sure what to do. To me, it felt as if I were experiencing what is termed by Ascensioneers a ‘Dark Attack’.

Then I thought maybe the angry energies seemingly hurled from afar might be picking up steam because of similar negative energies it encountered while passing through the astral airs of the city. I thought it might be good to go to the Pacific Ocean, which was more sparsely settled, and whose ‘astral airs’ might be expected to have less angry thought forms in them, If what seemed at the time to be a telepathic attack continued, the less dense noosphere and the balmy breezes by the ocean might shield me from the putative psychic’s ire, till it should pass.

I began to drive west out of Los Angeles, towards the Pacific Ocean. When a telepath is in an automobile outdoors, there is not much shielding from incoming telepathy. This has partly to do with the insulating quality of the rubber tires of the automobile.

So the telepath in the car is less grounded than she would be while walking or sitting on the Earth. To help with shielding during the drive, I thought to use aluminum foil as a telepathic shield in my hat. For more about aluminum shielding, as used in the Space Program, see …

Link: “Protonfall Today . Importance of Cosmic Ray Shielding,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 3 July 2019, 6 pm PDT … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-duh ..

This helped a little, but not greatly; the aluminum foil over my head became so hot … from whatever energy was hitting it from above … that I had to seek shelter in an auto repair facility along my route. The roof of the repair facility was made of thick tin, and the walls were made of wood; one wall was mostly untimbered so as to allow autos in. The right-hand repair bay, which had a timbered wall, offered sufficient shielding to allow me to remove the aluminum foil, which was scalding hot, from inside my hat.

Our ancestors, I feel, must have felt awe and terror when they encountered the unknown. I can imagine how it must have been when they viewed a solar eclipse or sensed an earthquake. It must have been harrowing for them.

As you may imagine, it was no less so for me on that occasion, for I confronted something never before encountered in my life, even in my reading about the phenomena of this world. What transpired was entirely beyond my ken, and to my mind seemed perilously uncanny. I say this because of what transpired when I finally got to a motel near the ocean …

As an EMF sensitive, I could tell that the closet in my motel room would offer more shielding than the outer part of the room. As the closet had no door to shield it from the motel room window, I thought to set up an aluminum foil tent in the closet to shield it from incoming telepathy.

I tried folding together two six-foot-long, double layers of heavy-weight aluminum foil and placing them over the clothes rod in the motel room closet. The result was a double-layered, open-sided ‘tent’ of aluminum foil six feet tall and about two feet wide at the bottom. It seemed not to help, when I sat under it.

I took the foil off the clothes rod, laid the foil on the floor, and began meditating. That did help.

Nevertheless, I sensed ‘a great disturbance in the Force’ … a phrase I recall to be from the movie “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” (1977) …

Video: “I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force,” by QuoteThatGuy, 28 January 2014 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKu7TYWNxqA ..

I could sense the EMF energies in the motel room moving about in untoward swooping, sweeping motions. My cat went and hid under the bed.

When I opened my eyes after the meditation, I noticed the aluminum foil blanket had risen about a foot above the closet floor and was wavering and wandering about, as if it were a semisentient hydroplane. I felt like getting under the bed with my cat!

What, I wondered, might cause a blanket of aluminum foil so heavy to float and move? As far as I could tell, I did not have the clair ability of psychokinesis … the power to move physical objects around.

Setting aside the Dark Attack hypothesis …  although the event felt sinister at the time … then what remained was the notion of electromagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere caused by a Solar Event. For more on that theory, which I have developed in more recent years, see my blog category:  Solar events – geostorms

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Geomagnetic Crack and Weekend Noospheric Unrest,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 18 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bWa … See this section and those that follow it: ELECTRICITY AND THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM

Link: “Cities of Light and Crystal Gridwork,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 May 2014; revised and republished on 27 December 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-89N ..

Link: “Call to Action: Carrington Effect on Transportation,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 9 September 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-aap ..

Link: “Community Alert: Preparing for Solar and Gateway Event EMF Hypersensitivity,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 19 February 2015; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4xN ..

Link: “Psychokinesis,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis ..

Link: “Tiny Anthology: Funny Self-Portraits,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 February 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-gjw ..


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On Successfully Repelling the Demon Horde . by Alice B. Clagett

Happened on 17 February 2019; filmed on 20 February 2019


Dear Ones,


This is about a demon horde ‘diss’ that happened on Sunday, 17 February 2019, and the words I used to send these malevolent beings off.

This type of clair event happened to me twice previously, some years ago, and those times I felt a little fearful. But this time, I did not. I guess that after a time or two, we can learn to take such things in stride. At any rate, I felt a sense of personal empowerment as strongly as I might feel on days when I sense great Light.

God be praised! May we all be blessed with confidence and faith, with hope and with courage in the face of danger all our lives long! …

There is an edited summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On Sunday I went to church; it was quite a good talk. Then I decided to go up the way, to a place more out in the country, to visit the various holy places I knew there and offer what blessing I could (which is something I do fairly frequently). Before I got to the last place, I had some adverse omens …

I was going towards a coffee shop on my way to get there. A man drove a car out of the lot as I turned in. And I heard a voice say … I think, from the driver of the car: Don’t go to that place!

I thought: Do I dare, or do I not? … I went to get my coffee, I thought I would bring the coffee with me while I was driving the last leg of the journey. But the lid was not on the coffee; so I set it down on a shelf, and tried to put the plastic lid on, and it spilled. So I wiped up where it spilled on the counter and on the shelves and on the products. That was the second omen, because I almost never spill coffee.

Then I thought: I will just put the lid on very carefully … So I started to put it on very carefully, and half the contents of the cup spilled out. Then the man from the counter noticed the ‘to-do’, and he came over and cleaned up everything. That was the third omen.

Then I thought: Well, I will take the coffee out on the curb, and set it on the curb, and put the lid on it. When I did that, there was no problem; I put the lid on.

These were three omens, but not what I would term horrible omens. So I thought I would go ahead and go to the place I had planned to visit. I would give it a try.

I was driving up the driveway of this holy place that I visit once in a while, and there were omens everywhere; bad omens, not good omens … the sort of omens that bode increasing danger to life and limb.

I got as far as the place where I usually park, and I got out of the car. I noticed behind me three workmen whose bodies of Light were semi-dark, but not completely dark. They were digging the topsoil and the plants out of the ground nearby, behind a cover of trees right beside the parking lot. I looked for demons there, but there were none on them.

You know how it is sometimes, when there is a Dark Attack; it can be very dramatic … very rare, but very dramatic! It seemed unlikely that there might be a Dark Attack, though, because there were no Solar Events going on. It did not make a lot of sense.

Getting to the good part here: The omens were such that I felt it unsafe to leave my car unattended (even though there were no other cars around). So I looked around the parking lot … as I do sometimes … for signs on the ground … for leaves as omens, and took some pictures. Here are photos taken that day, including those in the video …

Link: “Signs in the Leaves,” photos by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 17 February 2019; published on 6 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bSB ..

While I was taking the photos, I heard a menacing voice from above my head say: I don’t want to be the one to go down there! … That was the fourth omen.

Then I decided I ought not go any farther away from my car. As well, I kept an eye on the three workmen (who were not doing anything unusual).

Then a wind came up from my right side, where the road went on. And on the wind were the voices of 150 demons! This ‘150 demon’ thing has happened twice before in my life, as described in the two blogs below …

Link: “Counterspell to Lift a Spell Binding You Down to the Demon Realm,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 6 April 2015; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-340 ..

Link: “Update on the Astral Los Angeles City Dome, March 2016,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 22 March 2016; published on 23 March 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-50M … See the subheading: Alice’s Perilous Tales: Driving to Barstow

Here it was, happening again that Sunday. So I used a command to send them off; I said …

Spirit to Team!
Team to Galactic High Command!
Read them their rights, by Cosmic, Sovereign Law!
For the All, through Free Will!

Then a wind came up, and on the wind I heard the howling of 150 demons! They were howling, and running away from me, through the air,

That is the way it happened. I guess those are pretty good words to use if we feel overwhelmed by bad omens or Dark portents … even if we cannot see the Demon Horde. Even if we cannot feel the Army of the Night around us, we can still say the words and clear the air.

Here is more on eliminating demons from our lives, and attracting angels to us …

Link: “How to Attract Angels and Dispel Demons,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 21 June 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5Aj ..

That is all for now. See you all later. Love you lots. You are the terrific ones! Take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more on reading imposter spirits their rights see this source, which is where I lucked onto the idea …

Link: “Resign from Mind Control Program,” in “Ascension Glossary” … https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Resign_From_Mind_Control_Program ..


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Psy Crime versus Mastery of Mind . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 10 July 2018; revised on 2 May 2020
Previously titled: Mind Control versus Mastery of Mind


Dear Ones,

Here is a video on psychic crime, Controllers, and mastery of mind. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would talk a little bit today about good luck and bad luck in organizations, and whether these assertions people have about some groups practicing Psychic Crime can be proven in the physical realm, in the law court. I have a few things to say about this.


First, I would like to say that problems in one dimension must be solved in that dimension. So we cannot anticipate legal decisions in the physical realm, regarding psychic reality. Rather, the place to address those issues is the psychic realm.


The great sages, the Enlightened Ones, the Lightworkers and wayshowers, the Ascensioneers … all the people that have a very positive attitude towards the evolution of humankind … can make a great difference in the astral realm; mainly, by passing through that realm, and on, to the Fifth Dimension, where the Beings of Light are … and higher, where the Angelic Realms are.

They can bring in the Light that will transform the reality; that will change the astral realm and the astral wildlife that is there. That will affect the noosphere … the thoughts of the people. That is my first and greatest hope with regard to the astral plane.

And greater than that is the Light of God coming in to Earth, which is just a natural phenomenon … the Will of God, coming in. So we have the Lightworkers, who wish to bring in God’s grace. We have God Himself, who wishes humankind to benefit from that grace, and we have the changeup that allows the greater Light to be coming in; the Great Age of Light that is dawning.

Also, we have all the Angelic Beings, the Beings of Light. The wonderful beings that care for the natural order, and for the Universe, are happy to help us any time we ask, along with God … along with Source.

So we have all these helping qualities of God’s creation. And we have God Himself.


People talk about the karma of an organization, and the luck of the people that are in it. The issue of the karma of an organization, as a legal argument, I would say, cannot exist … because, above the Law of Karma that governs the members of a group, is the Law of Dharma … the Law of Grace … the Law of the Incoming Light … and the Law of God’s love and Light and joy.

So the karma of a group, and the karma of an individual … the karma of all life everywhere …  the karma of the Universe, is an insignificant factor, beside the blessing of God: the Dharma.

The Dharma does consist in living a good life: I say that from the perspective of my personal life. But Dharma transpires because I align my will with that of God, and I ask God for his blessing. It is not because of what I do, but because of what God does, in response to the asking. Dharma covers everything, everywhere, with Love and Light and Joy. That I feel.

We cannot speak of the karma of an organization, in the legal sense, as the thing that causes Psychic Crime events for individuals that they may target (were such to be true).

For instance, in the case of an organization that practiced mind control, the person targeted has the power to align his heart and mind and will with those of God, and in that manner summon the superior firepower to overcome the psychic crime tendencies of the targeting group. How can the psychic crime group, then, be held responsible for the outcome, when the remedy lies in the free will decision-making process of their intended victim?


There is a commonly accepted concept that some things are lucky and some things are not. And the question came up, on the psychic plane, just now: Would it be possible to argue, in a court of law, in regard to an organization or group being lucky or unlucky? And to use that as the basis for a legal effort with regard to psychic crime?

This is quite an interesting question, because people think of Luck as something tangible and real … something like a gold coin that you have; that is Luck. [laughs] And in this regard there is some truth, because the atmosphere of an organization or group has to do with its beliefs. And the beliefs of the organization are like a giant group of thoughts … big thought forms, small thought forms … that adhere to the people, as an overall umbrella around all the people, because of the teachings of the group.

Each group has its own ‘cloud’ of thought forms, no matter how geographically scattered the group is. The Catholics have theirs. The Buddhists have theirs. The Islamic peoples have theirs. The Hindus have theirs. And then there are regional and intergroup differences.

Thought forms are very fluid … They flow around everywhere. And people who associate together in a group tend to exchange thought forms at a very fast clip. Thus there is a homogeneous umbrella of thought forms that everyone in the group has. So the question is: Are these thought forms lucky or unlucky?

Is Luck a physical sort of event that can cause people to fall upon hard times … to experience bad things in life? And could this be pursued in a court of law? My feeling about that is, that we can judge an organization by its beliefs, by first attempting to discover what God’s will, God’s heart, and God’s mind have in store as the skein of the Universe … and then comparing God’s plan with the plan of the group or organization.

The farther God’s plan is from that of the group or organization, it seems to me we could argue in a court of law, or anywhere, the less lucky its members will be … because its members will all be bathed in a relatively untrue sea of thought forms.

Could we take that to court? I do not think so. But what we can do, in a place like the United States, is decide which groups we really want to belong to. Do we want to belong to what we perceive to be a lucky group? … or to what we perceive to be an unlucky group?

Are the people in the group happy? Do they feel love? Do they feel  joy? Or are they miserable for some reason? Are they unhappy? Are they grumpy? Are they sad? Are they angry? In preponderance, what is the tenor of the noosphere of the group? In that way we can choose where we want to be. And then we can determine our own Luck.

We have free will, here in the United States. In other countries, such as dictatorial countries or totalitarian countries, where it is impossible to alter the form of government … government being quite a large noospheric entity … then you may find that there is Bad Luck for everyone; and that they may have to leave the country in order to experience Good Luck, unless they are the type of person who flourishes in a government that has a relative lack of expression of free will.


Now, on to the issue of mind control. People talk about being hapless victims of mind control, and of groups that they say practice mind control. Is this really true, or is it not?

The pressure of thought forms in the world is not subject to staying within a group or within a country or within a hemisphere at all. The pressure of thought forms flows throughout the world all the time. It is always circulating throughout the world. It is one world, really, and one noospheric content.

In this great noospheric climate of Earth, there are always thoughts of controlling other people. We talk about grabbing someone, and putting them in a room, and locking them up, and forcing them to be mind controlled. That is a special situation, because their mind is constantly being targeted by unwholesome thoughts.

But in the world at large, there are many thoughts about controlling other people. We want to control our own lives; we want to stay alive, we want to pursue our own happiness, and so forth. How, then, can we escape other people’s thoughts about controlling us?

My feeling is that thoughts of being mind controlled come to us because we want to control our own circumstances. The only way I have found to eliminate these mind control thoughts from my life, is to be happy, to be joyful in the pursuit of my Soul mission, my Soul purpose. If I am pursuing these in such a way that I am unhappy, then I need to switch tracks.

I must develop the ability to switch tracks immediately, not some other time. The minute that I do that, everything changes. Other people’s thoughts to do with mind control are no longer attracted to me. Control and joy are two exact opposites, in the noospheric realm. Thoughts of joy do not attract thoughts of control. And thoughts of control do not bring happiness.

The issue is that of emotional change-up achieved in and of itself, or else through change of activities. A change of emotion will change the noosphere in the wink of an eye.


One thing it is important to keep in mind is that mind control experts are using the left side of their brains in order to influence what they consider to be the thoughts inside somebody else’s brain. But that person has two hemispheres in their brain: left and right. That person has a Lower Mental Body, a Higher Mental Body, and a Superconscious Mind, all in the realm of the subtle body known as Mind. (1)

Then it has other subtle bodies. The count of these varies: Some say seven, some say more. In addition there is the physical body, which has its own wants and needs and prerogatives.

So the mind control expert may be spending his time with his left brain, trying to influence one of the many mental centers of another person; but leaving out, for instance … and most importantly … the body of Light, through which all the other realms are influenced; the subtle bodies, each of which has its own manifestation in reality; and the joy of the cells of the physical body, none of which can be impinged upon through any method of mind control.

The notion that we can mind control other people has to do with a world view that holds the Higher Mental Body as the king of the bodies that the Soul manifests in an incarnation. Yet this is not so: It is a cooperation of physical body and subtle bodies that creates this hologrammatic experience for us.

And it is also a cooperation of our Soul with the physical and astral expressions of many other forms of life. We human beings are like a Tree of Life, here on Earth. We have many, many micro-organisms inside us, that call us their home. We have many, many astral beings that help to form our many bodies, and that call our many bodies their home as well.

So, it is not just one person here, with a physical body and, say, seven subtle bodies. No. It is a person with a physical body, seven subtle bodies, and trillions and trillions of beings, including all the body cells, each of which has its own expression and purpose in the physical realm.

What will the Mind Control expert control in us? Which portion of us will it control? Will it control our left brain? Our right brain? Our gut brain? Our superconscious mind? Will it control our astral expression … our emotions?  Will it change our body of Light? Will it inflict harm on our etheric template?

Will it cause a change in the Martian Bacterial Colonists of our large intestine?

Will it change the health of our physical form? Can it influence the body cells of a particular organ, or of all the organs?

Can it change our Soul mission or our Soul purpose?

What will be the intention of the mind controller? He is working with a causal network in the left brain. And yet, our existence is as a holistic experience of joyful expression of the lives of many beings.

Were he to attempt mind control in the arena of the mental field, we could always switch our Awareness to one of the other realms of which we are the master, and in that way evade his intention. Mastery of Mind allows us to do that. All effort needs to be bent, I feel, by the avid spiritual student, on the issue of Mastery of Mind … mastery of one’s personal mind; and not on the issue of whether someone else can control us.


People talk about the Controllers, and with a great deal of trepidation. They talk about the Controllers of Earth, who are in charge of everything.

In a similar vein, the Bible talks about Satan. It says mammon owns the Earth (2 Corinthians 4:4) … or words to that effect, does it not? Earth is in the charge of Satan, it implies. But what does it mean by that?

Does it mean that our Soul experience, in embodied form, depends on what Satan manifests in the hologram around us? Or does it merely mean that Satan provides a hologram through which we can experience choices that allow us to grow in Soul wisdom?

This is what I feel the Bible really means when it says that mammon owns the Earth: Mammon owns the hologram. Satan is in charge of the Duality Play that allows us Soul learning experiences.

People do talk about Controllers. I would like to call for a discussion of the Controllers in the context of what they are unable to do. What can they do, and what can they not do?

My first guess would be that the Controllers are unable to feel their hearts.

And what do they lose by that? They lose integration, through joy, and through love, and through faith, of their entire energy field.

So, in their attempt to control us, they lose control of themselves. And in this way we can consider that the Controllers are expressing a weakness that they have, rather than a strength.


Last night, or the night before, I had an interesting experience. I have been listening to one of the Ascensioneer’s language of Light offerings on physical regeneration. There is one that I listen to every day now …

Link: “Judy Satori” … https://judysatori.com/ … Search the word: regenesis

Then I retired for the evening, and then things started happening in my energy field … in my body of Light. And most amazing things they were! For instance, a vortex of clearing energy came down from the sky, down through my head, and down into my neck.

After the clearing process from my head down, another clearing process started; that was from my lower quadrant of Light up, through my large intestine, here and there. It was also a vortical clearing process. This type of vortical clearing is, I feel, less the product of language of Light than the product of the Ascension clearing process as a whole; it is one of the features of that process.

It is what you might call an Ascension symptom, but not really, because it is an event that causes a clearing. Thus it seemed to me that my central vertical power current was getting a change-up; and that my Body of Light was clearing. And so I was not concerned about it; in fact, I felt pretty good about it.

But one of the qualities that it had, was to remove all thought forms from my Higher Mental Body and my Lower Mental Body … which can be frightening, I feel, if a person does not place their identity in their pure Awareness, rather than in their thought forms. And it does take some special experience, in order for that special understanding to take place.

For instance, some people get it by fainting; they faint, and their Awareness is still hovering over their bodies. They can see their bodies; they can see the people around their bodies; but they realize they are not their bodies … They are someplace else. Their Awareness, and not their brain, is the thing that they identify with after that.

In the same way, some people have near-death experiences, and come to that conclusion. Or it could be an operation: People have an operation, go under anesthesia, and, from a far corner of the room, they are observing everything that is going on.

Then when they come back in body after they are awakened from the anesthesia, they think: You know, there is more to existence than this physical form, for sure. Awareness is the key; nothing physical is. The mind is not. And the emotions are not. It is a pure Point of Light within the Mind of God, that I am.

A person can also get that kind of Awareness of who they are, through the vortical clearing process. The first time that it happens, during the Ascension process, they may say to themselves: Oh, my Lord, I am done for! I am for sure dying now! And then they survive!

And the next day they wake up, and they say: No, that was not it! You know, I am something beyond what my mind says.


A Controller, who watches; who has, say, astral traveling ability, or ubiquitous ability … omnipresent ability … for whatever reason, watches this process going on, will have an ideology …  a concept, a set of notions about what is going on … based on his desire to control other people.

He may say, for instance, that he is causing the vortex to take place, because he wants to place his mind inside of my mind. And this kind of astral chatter was going on the other night. I was hearing this chatter, but from prior experiences with Point of Light Awareness, I knew it was not true. So I was not concerned about it.

I was somewhat concerned about the followers of that person, who were also gathered around, and thought that he was doing that to me, because I felt that they were misled by the concept that the group held.

So then it got down to the vortical, clearing motion that came up the torso from beneath the lower quadrant of Light. When that process was finished, they said: He has finished clearing her out.

After that, I was in a state of very clear body of Light, but because of his concept, he attempted to send his energy down through my central vertical power current. When he did that … what they call ‘skinny dipping’ in the astral lore … when he did that, the samskaras in his own etheric net started making astral chatter inside of my central vertical power current.

I did my best to explain to the group that was watching, that they had heard those words with every clearing that he had done. As time went on, it had become clear to me that those mischievous sayings that I had cancer, or that a sexual event was occurring that he was doing to me … things of that nature … those samskaras were most likely his own.

Because of the group’s concept that he was doing a master job of clearing other people’s bodies of Light … because they felt absolute loyalty to him as their guru … they would not stop him from flowing through other people’s central vertical power currents. They felt that he had no faults; and so it had never occurred to them he was infecting people with his own samskaras with as he passed through, in that ‘skinny dipping’ escapade that he did.

On the astral plane, I tried to explain that to his followers, and I think I succeeded to some extent. I feel his followers are now going to work with him to clarify his own body of Light, so that the work he does, does not present any difficulties for the people that he is attempting to heal.

For ourselves … for the Lightworkers … I say: Should such a psychic event occur, there would be a reason for it. A clearing of the body of Light has nevertheless taken place for us; all we have to do is wait until the Controller’s unwanted presence is no longer within our energy field … or else bid God send it away … and then we will find that, through God’s grace, our own body of Light is returns to a pristine state, as it was before the ‘pass through’ (aka ‘flow through’ or ‘skinny dipping’) attempt.


The weakness of the Controllers is the concept that they must control.

There are even Controllers that have decided that they need to be ‘on top of everything’ … controlling everything with regard to the Ascension process. And so they and their group go up to the transpersonal chakras … to the eighth chakra, for instance, above the head … and insert thought forms above people’s heads, with the intention of being their teachers.

The eighth chakra, above our heads, consists of the karmic meta-program that allows us to change up the karmic play within our astral field whenever we want to. So the presence of Controllers as intruders there is an undesirable experience.

There are various ways to clear this energy through God’s help, the simplest, in all instances, being to align one’s mind and heart and will with the Great Mind, the Great Heart, and the Great Will of God. That will take care of everything for us.


Another way to hold such an event as I experienced a couple of nights ago, is to consider the different qualities of the power of God in creation. These qualities are: The act of creation, sustaining the creation, and destroying the creation. The powers of the Trimurti … the power of Lord Brahma, the power of Lord Vishnu, and the power of Lord Shiva … are all manifestations of the power of God in creation.

The beings that were created by God naturally have a tendency towards, or an affinity for, one of those powers of God. There are beings that are intent upon the creative process. There are beings whose greatest desire is to preserve creation as it is. And there are beings whose greatest joy is the destruction of what has been created.

Each of these beings has a purpose in God’s plan; for creation cannot be constantly changing, without the constant implementation of each of these powers of God, in many different combinations.

It seems to me that the Controllers would favor, first of all, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of things as they are, because, in the current context of the Duality Play, the Controllers can preserve the illusion that they are in control of others.

Those Controllers who know that things are changing … that the Ascension process is creating change on Earth, for instance … may wish to shift to the energies of Lord Shiva, utilized against the Lightworkers and the Ascensioneers and those who are enlightened, because they may feel that those other beings are creating the New.

For those of us who hold the energy of creating the New here on Earth, the Lord Shiva energy of the destroyers is very important: First of all, it balances the Dark against the Light, as the change-up process … the stepping up of the Light … occurs. (2) Always as the Light steps up, the Dark steps in to create a balance between Dark and Light.

It might seem like a Dark Attack, but actually it is just the leveling up of the Dark and the Light.

Always, as the Lightworkers bring in Light and grace and love, the Dark steps up to the plate with a renewed Darkness. And Controllers will step in and attempt to stop the Lightworkers from doing their work.

In fact, it could be that for every Lightworker on Earth, there is a Darkworker who worships Lord Shiva and who is assigned by God to plague that person, because in that way, the balance of the stepping up of the Light … that process … can occur flawlessly, and with least trouble for everyone.

So we Lightworkers can appreciate the importance of the Dark. We can appreciate the importance of the Controllers. And we can appreciate the importance of those who worship Lord Shiva, in this beautiful Light show that is taking place here on Earth right now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


(1) regarding Mind theory …

Link: “A New Theory of Consciousness: The Mind Exists as a Field Connected to the Brain,” by Fnord-23, 5 February 2018, from www.theepochtimes.com … @TaraMacIsaac … www.neuroquantology.comhttps://www.fnord23.com/a-new-theory-of-consciousness-the-mind-exists-as-a-field-connected-to-the-brain/ ..

Link: “Consciousness in the Universe Is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain,” by Dirk K.F. Meijer and Hans J.H. Geesink, in NeuroQuantology, September 2017, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 41-79, doi: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.3.1079 … https://www.neuroquantology.com/article.php?id=1715 .. 

(2) For more on the balance of Light and Dark during Light downloads and upgrades, see …

Link: “Ma’at, Dynamic Equilibrium, and Light Downloads,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 August 2014; revised on 13 August 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1VL ..

Link: “Ma’at, the Principle of Balance, re Dark Attacks, Angelic Protection, and the Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 July 2014; revised on 9 August 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1Tn ..


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The Qualities of God, and How to Hold ‘Dark Attacks’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 12 May 2018; updated 26 August 2018. Text in green font is not in the soundtrack.
Previously titled: The Qualities of God

      • Downloads of Light and Tearing Down of the Old
      • Living in a Hologrammatic Upgrade
      • New Light Downloads: The Cycle Begins Again
      • On Balancing the Three Qualities of God Within Oneself
      • Signs and Omens at Joshua Tree, California
      • A Dark Attack: Shiva Worship or Satanic Ritual at Spiritual Retreat?
      • Good Signs




Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk a little about the different qualities of God, according to Hinduism … the Trimurti. As you know, there are three qualities of God in Hinduism. Those are Creator, Lord Brahma; the Dreamer, Lord Vishnu; and the Destroyer, Lord Shiva.


When I was very young, I received a mantra from a good spiritual person. It was the first name of God … Brahma … which I liked very much, because Brahma, as the Creator, represents women, who help create humankind by having children. And also, for both men and women, the repetition of the word Brahma would stimulate the right side, the creative side of the brain, so that we can become more creative … which is very good, in a left-brain society. It leads to Whole Brain Awareness.


Then we have Vishnu. I like Vishnu very much as well. I like the notion of dreaming the reality that I have created, day after day. Very much so. Vishnu the Dreamer! Are we not all Dreamers of our reality? Once the reality is created by Brahma, it must be sustained by Vishnu. Both are great.


So we have Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Now, Lord Shiva I never used to relate to. I would think: What is the use of Destruction? Why pay attention to Destruction? I had a bad feeling about Lord Shiva for a long time, because of the death cults and the murder cults that I had read about, and seen in one of the “Indiana Jones” movies. And so I was against it.


Downloads of Light and Tearing Down of the Old

But recently it occurred to me that these three qualities of God … Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva … are like the process of New Life on New Earth … where we humankind consciously are able to create our reality, and then we get downloads of Light, and we have downtime for our mental and emotional bodies … for all of our bodies, both physical and subtle, actually, which might equate to Lord Shiva, because it is the tearing down of the Old.

Living in a Hologrammatic Upgrade

Then we have a time when our new software for our hologram is our reality again, and that is the time when Lord Vishnu reigns. Lord Vishnu sustains New Life on New Earth.

New Light Downloads: The Cycle Begins Again

Then more Light comes in, and the process begins once again: Lord Brahma creating the New. Lord Shiva removing the Old. And Lord Vishnu, sustaining New Life on New Earth. So there is a reason to appreciate Lord Shiva, after all.

[End of Soundtrack]

On Balancing the Three Qualities of God Within Oneself

I feel, though, that the balance of the three qualities of God had best occur in every human being now ascending. Each of us might look to balancing all three qualities in our own bodies of Light. For those who join death cults, and killing cults, I foresee there will be nothing but chaos; not a New Beginning, but rather, in their own hologrammatic experience, and an experience of Apocalypse.


I was watching the new movie “Annihilation” recently, and it looks to me to be New Life on New Earth from the point of view of a death cult or a killing cult. This might also be a stance felt by a person concentrating on self-defense … maybe even Army-Navy personnel, say, the higher ranks, or else enlisted men with battle experience and post-traumatic stress disorder. Apparently, in some instances, New Creation looks wildly terrifying, with the likelihood, for instance, of animal life mutations that will threaten human beings. And of people turning into plant life, and vice versa. And of ex-military women banding together to go annihilate the Ascension process, which they find to be a horrifying, incomprehensible, hostile alien life form.

On viewing this movie, I was utterly nonplussed. How, I asked myself, might so many distortions of the Light be included in one film? How could timeline mastery be misconstrued as amnesia? How could women be misconstrued as annihilators of New Creation, when in fact they give birth to children that are the hope of Earth? How could transcendence of Self and God Awareness be misconstrued as annihilation of individualization?


Finally, I got it: Egoic Terror … the Dark Night of the Soul that precedes enlightenment …

Link: “Ego Death: The Obliteration of the Self and the Experience of Enlightenment,” by Aletheia Luna, at Lonerwolf … https://lonerwolf.com/ego-death/ ..


In a way, this is true, as many people now are rising to Awareness that Earth, during this Great Age of Darkness, has been a Slave Planet, and that there are, in fact, some very gnarly beings that have been preying on humankind. The catch being that, until now, these beings have been invisible …

Link: “The Slave Planet ,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 20 February 2014; revised and republished on 26 February 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8ow ..

Link: “Dark Night of the Soul … Slave Planet Blues!,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 2 June 2015; revised 9 July 2017; transcribed on 15 November 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6sa ..

As Ascension proceeds, these beings are becoming visible to everyone, and in cases where the fear threshold is very low, they may even be sensed in a physical way. So it might seem to a person who is worshiping Lord Shiva in a fearful way, that they are running into new, mutant, animal predators, and that this is the fault of the Ascension process that they hold in a fearful context.


When a person is in a state of panic, logic flies out the window. So it is in this case. In fact, the fearful predators appearing on their horizon are the members of the Demon Realm that have preyed upon humankind through the just ended Great Age of Darkness. They are the Old that we must overcome through Faith, so that each of us may usher in the New. I say, with certain surety, that the New will be beyond our finest notions of the wonderful, of delight, and of joy in the present moment lent us by God.


So I say, please set aside your fears. Balance your minds and your emotions. When you are confronted with a Chaotic Node, know that it is caused by a gift of New Light, mixing with the energies of the Dark Network, and uplifting them. Every Chaotic Node, in my experience, is a precursor of a new stage in the upliftment of human consciousness.

Signs and Omens at Joshua Tree, California

Such was the case just this last weekend. There were precursor signs and omens: A structural failure at a spiritual retreat in Joshua Tree in the California desert where God’s praises were being sung, leading to evacuation of those present. There was a shortage of drinking water on site. Some of the bathrooms stopped working. As I understand it from the psychic plane, a picture of Lord Krishna fell off a wall.

A Dark Attack: Shiva Worship or Satanic Ritual at Spiritual Retreat?
12 May 2018

Then, it seemed there was a great hullabaloo and commotion, as Darkness swooped down through some human beings giving a presentation … who, I thought, might have been worshipers of Lord Shiva, or maybe performing a Satan cult ritual (which I narrowly avoided by picking up and moving a distance away, into the desert and behind a building as the ritual started) … and out amongst the people near them. These people’s bodies of Light fluctuated and flickered with the onslaught of Dark. The Dark sought the Light of nearby Lightworkers, but they sat steadfast in meditation, in concentration on God’s Name, in rockfast faith that stabilized their bodies of Light despite the ferocious onslaught.

The Dark energies coursed towards the Lightworkers, ricochetted off their bodies of Light … and then, so it seemed, slammed up to the top of the stratosphere, where the Hounds of the Barrier deflected them back to the near vicinity of the Chaotic Node.

Link: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean,” translated by Doreal …  http://www.crystalinks.com/emerald.html … public domain … I searched the term: hounds of the barrier … and got this page … http://www.crystalinks.com/emerald8bw.html ..

Near the end of the Dark Attack, which coincided with a presentation by the group that I thought might possibly have been portraying the role of devotees of Lord Shiva or maybe of a Dark energy such as that of Satan, there was a spectacular and tragic accident nearby …

A young Marine and his wife, both 19 years old, crossed a highway and their car hit a building …

Link: “Marine and His Wife Injured in Traffic Collision,” by Leslie Shaw, 14 May 2018, in “Hi-Desert Star” … http://www.hidesertstar.com/news/article_76b6a7c6-57af-11e8-ab0b-b38af5e334a8.html ..

Both young people are now in critical condition. I ask that you send them your prayers and blessings, for healing and renewal both of spirit and of body.


For those of you who are Lightworkers, I say: When the Chaotic Nodes arrive, and a Dark Attack begins, distance yourself physically and meditate on peace. My hope is that this spiritual practice will minimize loss of life and injury to people, and to ourselves.


Then we can stand, in Faith and Hope, knowing that the New is just around the corner. As it was this weekend.

Good Signs

For, the following day, when the dust settled, there were many good signs … The structure that had been compromised was made safe, and the people began to sing God’s praises again. The drinking water supply was restored. The bathrooms were fixed. And the people were gifted with the inspiration and devotional music of good teachers who brought in spiritual insights, who set straight the Chaos, who helped settle the New.

It was a day of celebration. And so it ever is, here on Earth: The New Light meeting the Old Dark, an ensuing moment of Chaos … a Chaotic Node … and then the newest rejoicing in New Life on New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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