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History of Martians on Earth: The Ancient Ones … by Alice B. Clagett

26 July 2018

Dear Ones,

Below is an excerpt from the Martian Archives, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz

I have added this blog to the categories: History and Myths … as it is, to the more-than-4-billion-year racial memory of the dazzlingly varied terrestrial Martian colonists, History, and far better History, as yet, than that of humankind.

Yet in a way it is also Myth, as the context in which a star race holds its History is the foundation of its understanding of life’s purpose and of its import; indeed, of its very right of claim to existence in our Universe.

History of Martians on Earth: The Ancient Ones

“My understanding is that the bacteria we find out on their own in the world, which do not form colonies such as those found within mammals, are the ‘ancient ones’ of the Martian species collectively termed, here on Earth, ‘the Elder Race’.

“The ancient ones of these peoples were here on Earth before humankind, and were subject to the perils of predation by insects, spiders, and other beings. Thus the advisability of finding a safer ecological niche, such as within a mammalian GI (astrointestinal) tract, circulatory system (whether blood of lymph), or in some cases less beneficial to the mammal, the muscle or nervous system.

“In the view of the colonists, the ancient ones are the pioneers, the very brave ones, whose existence might be cut off at any time by one slash of the razor teeth of that fierce and loathsome being, the Ant. To be truthful, up close and personal, I see ants in the same light.

“Image: Jaws of an Ant: https://photos.smugmug.com/Ants/Taxonomic-List-of-Ant-Genera/Camponotus/i-T8nzJ22/2/L/castaneus2-L.jpg ..

“To a Martian bacterium, an ant must represent a threat a little like this:

“Image: Early humans Fight Giant Bird for Prey: https://paulxwillis.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/dscf6177.jpg ..

“Or, considering the size factor, the threat may be more like this:

“Image: Big Gorgosaurus attacks little Pachyrhinosaurus from Kidzworld:  http://s3.amazonaws.com/kidzworld_photo/images/20131217/a9bc1c07-3d8c-4a2b-b8d1-9ac478d171d2/gorgosaurus-attack.jpg ..

“Humankind, being so very large compared to bacteria, might well be considered a capacious, hospitable home to them, a refuge from the rapacious terrors of the world at large. When you think about it from the point of view of a bacterium, one gulp by any number of beings inside whom life is impossible or improbable, or one spring shower, or a too-warm day in the desert, might be the end of one family line. Here’s more about this …”

Continued here:

Link: “On Martian Bacteria: Good Martians and Bad Martians,” by Alice B. Clagett, 21 November 2016, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6qW ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Mahabharata on Virtual Reality, Physical Reality, and Cosmic Reality … by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 27 May 2018


Dear Ones,

The part of the great Indian epic “The Mahabharata” referred to in the video is known, separately, as “The Bhagavad Gita.” The reference in the video is to a very famous explanation made by “The Lord of Hearts” (elsewhere termed “Lord Krishna”) to Arjuna, on the field of battle.

There’s a Summary after the video, and a translation of the relevant text from “The Bhagavad Gita” in the “More Information” section that follows the Summary.



You know, when it says in the Mahabharata that the world is like a great show put on by God, or play, or like that … it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take real life seriously and live ethically. It just means that, if we’re faced with despair over the way things are going in the world … if we’re very upset … then the thing to do is to place it in the hands of God.

By making changes on the internet, regarding facts, and turning them into fiction, or by making a movie about something …. We can’t change reality in that way. See? We have virtual reality, and then we have true reality. And then we have the astral realm, as well; and many others … the Kingdom of God, and so forth.

If we want to make a change in a particular version of reality … a particular dimension … then we need to work within that dimension, to make that change. And not in a virtual way.

It’s true that societal expectation influence the way people vote, for instance. And that the movies help to create public opinion. But, in and of itself, a movie about a true-life event, can’t change the karma of that event. That needs to be worked out in the real world.

And changing the facts online. can’t change the facts in the real world. A virtual reality is not a physical reality. I’d like to make that perfectly clear.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Excerpt from “The Bhagavad Gita,” by Vyasa, translated by Edwin Arnold, “Chapter 2: Of Doctrines” … https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Bhagavad_Gita_(Arnold_translation)/Chapter_2 … public domain

“Sanjaya. So spake Arjuna to the Lord of Hearts,
And sighing, “I will not fight!” held silence then.
To whom, with tender smile, (O Bharata!)
While the Prince wept despairing ‘twixt those hosts,
Krishna made answer in divinest verse:
Krishna. Thou grievest where no grief should be! thou speak’st
Words lacking wisdom! for the wise in heart
Mourn not for those that live, nor those that die.
Nor I, nor thou, nor any one of these,
Ever was not, nor ever will not be,
For ever and for ever afterwards.
All, that doth live, lives always! To man’s frame
As there come infancy and youth and age,
So come there raisings-up and layings-down
Of other and of other life-abodes,
Which the wise know, and fear not. This that irks —
Thy sense-life, thrilling to the elements —
Bringing thee heat and cold, sorrows and joys,
‘Tis brief and mutable! Bear with it, Prince!
As the wise bear. The soul which is not moved,
The soul that with a strong and constant calm
Takes sorrow and takes joy indifferently,
Lives in the life undying! That which is
Can never cease to be; that which is not
Will not exist. To see this truth of both
Is theirs who part essence from accident,
Substance from shadow. Indestructible,
Learn thou! the Life is, spreading life through all;
It cannot anywhere, by any means,
Be anywise diminished, stayed, or changed.
But for these fleeting frames which it informs
With spirit deathless, endless, infinite,
They perish. Let them perish, Prince! and fight!
He who shall say, ‘Lo! I have slain a man!’
He who shall think, ‘Lo! I am slain!’ those both
Know naught! Life cannot slay. Life is not slain!
Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never;
Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!
Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit for
Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it
Who knoweth it exhaustless, self-sustained,
Immortal, indestructible, — shall such
Say, ‘I have killed a man, or caused to kill?’

“Nay, but as when one layeth
His worn-out robes away,
And, taking new ones, sayeth,
‘These will I wear to-day!’
So putteth by the spirit
Lightly its garb of flesh,
And passeth to inherit
A residence afresh.”

Here is another translation:

Link: “Krishna and Arjuna speak of war in the Bhagavad Gita,” in “The Art of Persuasion: Past and Present,| https://sites.google.com/site/persuasionpast/home/krishna-and-arjuna-speak-of-war-in-the-bhagavad-gita ..


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Sun Rain Earth Sky … chants by Alice B. Clagett .

Published on 3 June 2018

Dear Ones,

Here are 3 different renditions of the chant “Sun Rain Earth Sky.” Transcriptions and audio clips follow the videos. At the beginning of the first video is the story of “Sun Rain Earth Sky,” and then the first of three chants …




Sun Rain Earth Sky: A Myth of Creation
by Alice B. Clagett

Sky will be where we are,
Until the sunlight wakes our hearts.
Rain will be what waters me,
And makes me grow in the ground below.
Sky will be our destiny …
From which we come.
To which we go.

Then follows this chant, sung 3x in a relatively high register: Sun Rain Earth Sky




Video 2 has this chant, sung 3x each in 4 successively lower registers:
Sun Rain Earth Sky




Video 3 has this chant, sung 3x each in 2 low registers, the second lower than the first:
Sun Rain Earth Sky 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Truth about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory … references to Theosophy … with comments by Alice B. Clagett

Originally created 10 July 2013; revised 6 May 2018


Dear Ones,

Here are references to teachings about the Afterlife from the School of Theosophy, along with comments by me to do with Ascension …


The Theosophist William Walker Atkinson (aka Swami Panchadasi) describes how very different are the beliefs among the major religions of the world, regarding the afterlife. Some describe heaven, or hell, or purgatory, or limbo. Others speak of a great sleep, on passing, until the Day of Judgment at the end of the world …

Citation: “The Astral World: Its Scenes, Dwellers, and Phenomena,” by William Walker Atkinson, “Chapter VI. Disembodied Souls,”    … from the fifth full paragraph beginning “Let us move …” through the second sentence in the seventh paragraph, ending “… all the truth.”

Theosophists have a different, and I feel, in some instances, a far more hopeful and heart-settling set of teachings. They feel that Souls do sort, on the astral plane, after passing from physical form. But all Souls eventually slip into sleep in the Heaven Worlds of the Afterlife after their Astral Work in the Afterlife is done.


The Astral Work referred to here is that in which Souls experience Kamaloka …  the ‘Desire World’ … as it is termed in the School of Theosophy. The work that is done is to purify the astral body, removing the dross of dissonant energies. This may take only a little time, or very much longer.

The type of experience a Soul has during this Astral interval depends on the relative grossness or refinement of its Astral body. Or as we say in an Ascension context, the distortions in its body of light. Also referred to in Hindu texts as the samskaras, or by Judy Satori …  https://judysatori.com/ … as karmic miasmic distortions.

In terms of the Christian faith, a person who has led a very sinful life on Earth, might well have experiences in Kamaloka that are like the Christian notion of Hell. A person who has led a reasonable life on Earth … though not particularly religious or spiritual … might experience what some Christian faiths term Purgatory. A child who passes on before the age of reason, or a person who has led a saintly or spiritual life, might experience only a little time in a state some Christian faiths term Limbo.

There is quite a good explanation of the Astral Afterlife, according to Theosophy, here …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. Copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965 … “Chapter XIII: After-Death Life: Principles,” pp. 112-119.

The following two chapters are also quite informative. These are “Chapter XIV: The After-Death Life: Particulars,” pp. 120-135, and “Chapter XV: The After-Death Life: Special Cases,” pp. 136-143.

Here is a brief overview of the Soul’s afterlife stay in Kamaloka, the Desire World:

Citation: “The Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. Copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965 … See: “Chapter XXIII. Astral Death,” p 204, from paragraph 1, beginning “We have now …” through paragraph 4, ending: ” heaven-world.”


When, during the Astral interval, the astral body has been purified of impure feelings and desires, a residue of desire, or kama, is left behind in Kamaloka. The higher ego (the true ‘I’) becomes free to pass on to a very different form of Afterlife experience …  that of the heaven worlds, which, in Theosophy, are termed Devachan.

The Theosophists feel that all Souls  eventually rise from the Hellworlds, Purgatory Worlds, or Limbo they were experiencing on the Astral Plane, to Devachan, the Heaven Worlds. Theirs, then is a more hopeful notion than that professed by many major religions.

In Devachan, those who passed on with desires to accomplish creative work (such as to create a great piece of music) or to exist in a paradise, or to be in a congregation of Souls of their own religion, or to accomplish intellectual or scientific work, can live out their dreams, till their desires to do these things fades. In addition, the work these Souls do in Devachan can be carried forward with them into a new incarnation, and so may aid the development of humankind.

At times, too, disembodied Souls in Devachan may be may offer their creative work as a gift to aspiring creative artists on the physical plane … They become the ‘creative muses’ for these Earth-bound artists.

There’s a good, brief summary of the Devachan experience, from the Theosophical perspective, here …

Citation: “The Astral World: Its Scenes, Dwellers, and Phenomena,” by William Walker Atkinson, published 20 January 2000 by Book Tree, “Chapter IX: Higher Planes and Beyond,” paragraph 11, beginning “I wish here …” through paragraph 13, ending “…follow the gleam!”

Here is a more detailed description of Devachan, from the Theosophical perspective …

Citation: “The Mental Body,” by Lieut.-Colonel Arthur E. Powell, The Theosophical Publishing House Limited, London, Great Britain, 1927 … “Chapter XX: Devachan: Principles,” pp 171-184.

These chapters in the same book are also well worth reading: “Chapter XXI: Devachan: Length and Intensity,” pp. 185-190, and “Chapter XXII: Devachan: Further Particulars,” pp. 191-205.

The 4 chapters following these … pp. 206-220 … describe the four lower levels (there are 7 in all) of the heaven planes. These are numbered ‘backwards’ … The first and lowest level is termed the ‘seventh sub-plane’. The second, which is a little higher, is termed the ‘sixth sub-plane’ … and so on.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Individualisation of the Souls of Pets … by the Theosophists … with comments by Alice B. Clagett

Revised 21 March 2018; originally compiled on 27 November 2013

  • Theosophy on Individualisation of Domestic Animals
  • Individualisation, Individuation, and Enlightenment

Dear Ones,

Here is an explanation from “The Causal Body and the Ego,” by Arthur E. Powell, (1) regarding how house pets move from sharing an animal group soul to having an individual Soul. This process is known, in Theosophy, as individualisation, or in modern spelling, individualization. After that is a description of how this Theosophical concept differs from the Jungian notion of individuation and the concept of enlightenment.

Theosophy on Individualisation of Domestic Animals

“Large numbers of the higher domestic animals have reached this stage [“when there is only one animal form attached to the Group-Soul”] and have really become separate entities, incarnating in a succession of animal bodies; although they have not as yet, of course, attained to the possession of a causal body – the true mark of individualisation . . .

“. . . any animal which is now attaining, or even approaching individualisation, must be very remarkably in advance of the others, and the number of such cases is consequently very small. Nevertheless, they do occasionally occur. Close association with man is necessary to produce this result . . .

“We may note two factors at work:

“1) the emotions and thoughts of the man act constantly upon those of the animal, and tend to raise him to a higher level both emotionally and intellectually;

“2) the animal, if kindly treated, develops, devoted affection for his human friend, and also unfolds his intellectual powers in trying to understand that friend and anticipate his wishes.

“It has been found that individualisation, which lifts an entity definitely from the animal kingdom into the human, can take place only for certain kinds of animals,—one for each of the seven great types or ‘rays’. In fact, it is only among domesticated creatures, and by no means among all classes, even of these, that individualisation occurs. Of these classes, we already know certainly the elephant, the monkey, the dog and cat. The horse is possibly a fifth.

“Up to each of these heads of types leads a long line of wild animals, which has not been fully investigated. It is known, however, that wolves, foxes, jackals, and all such creatures culminate in the dog: lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and ocelots culminate in the domestic cat.”

“It should be noted also that an animal of any given type, that individualises into a human being, will become a man of that same type, and no other.” (1)

Individualisation, Individuation, and Enlightenment

I note that individualisation, in the Theosophical sense, or integration of a causal body amongst the subtle bodies, is different from the Jungian notion of individuation. The latter refers to self-actualization, or integration of the subconscious into the conscious mind. (2)

This latter … individuation through self-actualization … is one step in the process of enlightenment. Another is integration of the conscious mind with the superconscious mind.

The result is auric integration: lower triangle (subconscious mind) combined with fourth through seventh chakras (conscious mind). And that combined with the 8th through the 12th chakras.

Then there may be expansion, in a mystical sense, to become one with Gaia, with our Solar System, with our Milky Way, with our Universe, and with the Multiverse. This may take place as we move on, to awareness of the unformed dimensions past the transpersonal formed dimensions. See …

Link: “Enlightenment I: On Mastering the Unconscious and Conscious Mind,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 June 2016, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5zc ..

Link: “Enlightenment II: Raising the Kundalini to Heal the Human EMF and Alleviate Ascension Symptoms,” by Alice B. Clagett, published in April 2014, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5yX ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

[The bracketed information is a quotation from a sentence just above the text where it is inserted. Paragraphing is partly mine. –Alice]


(1) from “The Causal Body and the Ego,” Ch XII. Animal Group-Souls,” by Arthur E. Powell, http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/theosophy/Arthur_E_Powell_-_The_Causal_Body___The_Ego.pdf …  IN my copy of the book, the above excerpt is on pages 61 –

This public domain book is also available for sale here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/arthur-e-powell/the-causal-body-and-the-ego/ebook/product-5076655.html ..

(2) Link: “Jung and His Individuation Process,” in Journal Psyche, http://journalpsyche.org/jung-and-his-individuation-process/ ..


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Legend of the Fall … a vision by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 15 April 2015

Dear Ones,

This is a Legend of the Fall. The first clip in the video has poor quality audio, but the Summary that follows the video will fill in the gaps.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have the wildest story for you today. By all means, take it with a grain of salt … It’s just a story. It’s a myth.

There’s a story that there were Great Ones who oversaw the Earth … all these ages, when we humankind have been on it, in various forms. And 150,000 years ago, there was an accident … as some have described … in which the great planet Earth fell to a lower dimension … to the third dimension.

And at that time of the Fall, the Overseers … the wonderful beings that oversee the development of Souls into God-consciousness … they came to us human beings here on Earth. And they already knew what would be happening in the next 150,000 years.

They knew that we would descend to such a state of consciousness, that the demon world would be able to take advantage of our Soul fields, and use them as energy, and food for themselves. Not in the sense of destroying our Soul fields … because Souls are eternal, and indestructible. But, in terms of suffering. In terms of agony. In terms of separation from Source, they would be able to do that.

So, in their kindness and in their foresight … in their wisdom … these great beings asked an astral race of beings … very tiny, compared to us … to stand by us beings who were in human form, and to care for our astral bodies. And to act as the collectors of the agony that we had been feeling, as a race, as a species, in these latter years.

And to collect that agony, on the astral plane, and to take it up, to areas under our throat, right here …

Image: Lymph Glands 1, by Alice B. Clagett, 15 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: Lymph Glands 1, by Alice B. Clagett, 15 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: Lymph Glands 2, by Alice B. Clagett, 15 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: Lymph Glands 2, by Alice B. Clagett, 15 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

… on the astral form, where the demons could come, and use that energy. and take that energy away. every day. Imagine that these tiny beings might also, once a month … say, during the Full Moon, have the Soul mission to transmit information about our personal well-being to the Great Ones, to the Caretakers of Earth. And that once a month, in their joy, in their selfless service, they do that for us.

So if you should run into beings like this … in your imagination … Don’t be concerned, and don’t be frightened. They’re happy to be of service to us, in the state to which we have fallen. And to allow us to survive, in this world that is plagued by hostile life forms on the astral plane.

And they it is whom we will greet in friendship, when we rise up again, to the fifth dimension … as our dearest friends and allies.

Postscript 1

As a matter of fact, my feeling is: We would not have survived here, had not these tiny, little beings been harvesting the negative energies from our astral bodies, and accumulating it in these two places, on either side of the neck, in our astral forms, so that the demon realm, which delights in that type of energy, could take it away from us.

In other words, our astral bodies would have perished, had they not had these disposal units for this toxic emotional content that manifests in the fourth dimension … and which appears, differently aspected, in the third dimension … manifesting as bodily pain, bodily aches, and in a very stressful scenario, as diseases of the physical body. And ultimately as death.

So these little beings … no wonder they’re so joyous and happy! They’re doing us a great service. And, is it possible that the beings to whom they have been transmitting information all this time, are the Elohim, or their representatives? … These keepers of the sacred trust of humankind … these Great Beings … the Elohim, or their representatives for us? These are just thoughts …

Postscript 2

Now, as a postscript: As our astral bodies clear … as the Incoming Light alters the many resonances of the third dimension and the fourth dimension … so that it becomes rarer, more brilliant, more crystalline, more pure … so that it becomes more joyful … so that it sings a song of resonance with the Divine, with the Supreme, and with Source … And as all of these lower, and more dissonant energies leave Earth, then what will we find?

We will find less of the energies in our astral forms that cause the diseases in the physical form. We will find less work for these little beings to do. Less food for the demon world.

And what will happen then? All of that suffering, all of that pain, all of that discord, all of that dissonance, will soon be a thing of the past. And our bodies will be disease-free, pain-free. We will live a long time then.

And what will be lost when this occurs? In those days beyond the days, we will have lost the freedom to experience such diverse songs as are heard on the Earth today … Songs of the greatest suffering. Songs of the greatest pain.

So listen well, today, and record what you hear, in your heart. From us, to the Universe, these great memories will be transmitted. And in that way, all beings of Light everywhere will come to know.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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A Haunting Feeling … a vision by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 2 February 2014

    • Vision of a Race of Beings, Creatures of Darkness, That Are Leaving Earth

Dear Ones,

Here’s a story about a dying race of beings, about comings and going on Earth, and about the majesty and joy of the eternal Now. There’s a Summary after the video …



I’m at the meditation walking grounds at Holy Spirit Retreat Center, and I’m looking at this tree here. I was walking here, near sunset yesterday evening, and I heard the strangest sound coming from the top of this tree … up here … [pans up to the top of the tree] … right up here.

And I saw a bird up there. It looked like a medium-sized hawk, but I don’t think it was a hawk. Because of the sound of the call that it was making … a very haunting call … and I don’t know what it was. Maybe a nightjar?

Video: “Nightjar Call,” by wildaboutimages, 22 July 2009, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOAGUfBFcvM … No, not a nightjar …

It was sitting up in this tree [to the left] … near the top … and it was calling over to a bird in another tree [to the right] … over in the far tree over there … and they were calling back and forth. And I have a story to tell you about that, very quickly …

Vision of a Race of Beings, Creatures of Darkness, That Are Leaving Earth

So, I was standing there, after walking for some time in the meditation garden, and I heard the most eerie sound coming from that bird. At first I thought it was a squirrel calling. And then I saw it was the strange bird. And then I heard the other bird answering it from the other tree.

Back and forth they were going. And twilight was approaching. I guess I was tired from walking for so long.

And so, I was standing there, and a meditative calm came over me, after walking. And an energy … a really strong energy … came down from the sky and into the Earth … that kind of energy … and a ‘certain knowingness’.

Let’s see if I can think of the words exactly … These birds reminded me of something. And it goes like this:

There is a race of beings; very few humans know any of them. They call to each other, from space to space. But they’re not together; they simply speak to each other. 

They are creatures of Darkness. And the time has come for these beings … for this race of beings … to disappear. 

And amongst them, there is a great lament; an anguished cry. And at the same time, a ‘what the heck!’ feeling. Who cares? We’ll live on till then! That kind of a feeling.

I found this ‘certain knowingness’ about this race very unsettling. Haunting, even.

I had a feeling like, instead of being just a neutral witness of these comings and goings, it’s more like there was a kaleidoscope of change and rebuilding, spilling out of my own deep heart. And becoming everything … everything that is.

As if this heart were the center of all that I see. And this kaleidoscope of color, that we sometimes judge to be good or bad, or pity, or shame, or great enjoyment … is just an incredible, ever-changing enjoyment for us.

So, there you go. Talk to you later. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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