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Householder or Celibate Spiritual Lifestyle? . by Alice B. Clagett

Spiritual Lifestyle

Image: “The perfect pic for a couple,” by Sneha ss, 13 May 2017, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Image: “The perfect pic for a couple,” by Sneha ss, 13 May 2017, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 4.0 International

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    • Introduction
    • Perverse Actions
    • Ritual Castration
    • Transgender Correlative
    • Opposite Gender Hatred
    • Feral Drives
    • Chwal or Donkey Man
    • Family Values
    • Ritual Rejection of Homosexuality
    • Reverse Kundalini – Soul Devolution
    • Psychic Rape – Astral Rape
    • Sacred Sexuality
    • Emotions and the Common Good
    • On Agreeing with God
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on the great debate over the householder spiritual lifestyle versus the celibate spiritual lifestyle. There is an edited Summary after the video …




Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars. I would like to talk a little today about a topic that is hotly debated in the spiritual world, and my unique perspective on it … which is bound to be objected to … maybe even vociferously … in the Comments. You never know.

The debate has to do with the householder way of life … which involves a man and a woman getting together, and having a family, and raising their family in a spiritual way … that is the ‘householder’ spiritual path … and then there is the celibate spiritual path.

The celibate spiritual path typically is where a group of people of the same gender get together and live spiritual lives in a community of people of the same gender. The idea is that they will forgo sexual gratification, and instead sublimate that drive so that it becomes totally a life of Spirit.

I believe that there is good cause for pursuing the householder spiritual path; and that there are reasons, from a community standpoint and from the standpoint of the common good, not to pursue the celibate path … unless it is one’s deepest longing.

The reasons I have for this are intuitive … telepathic and clair issues that have come up over the years, and that I finally pegged and put a label to and figured out.

I hope that those of you who have decided upon the celibate path will consider my point of view first, and not just have a knee-jerk reaction to it, you know, because it is ever so easy to do that, I feel.

Perverse Actions

What I have found on the psychic plane, and intuitively, is that the sex drive, the second chakra, the sacral chakra … these have a particular purpose of their own in our energy array. And their purpose is to procreate, and to express themselves through sexual gratification in some manner. Those manners can be very varied; it depends on the person.

When a person feels that the sex drive is beneath them, say, and that they really want to live a spiritual life, and that they do not want to think at all about the sex drive, then some very odd things can happen in a community that is dedicated to the celibate lifestyle.

Through my reading and through my personal observation on the clair plane, I have found this happening over and over again, down through the centuries … and in the current day … with celibate communities.

The energy threads that I notice in the noosphere have to do with perversions … in other words, turning of the sex drive to a different path. The sex drive tries to express itself in some way, but it is forbidden to express itself in the usual way. And so, it turns … it is ‘perverted’ … to a different manner of expression … one not typically accepted by society, and frequently considered criminal; for instance, molestation of children … that is frequently the case. Or it could be murder … sexual intercourse and murder. Or it might be use of sex workers and payment of sex workers. That is another possibility.

See my blog categories: Pedophilia – child sexual abuse – child molestation  … and …  Snuff – lust murder  … and …  Sex workers

The idea would be that one would never become that involved with a child, because it is prohibited … proscribed by society. And one would never have to deal with being confronted by a woman who had been killed, for instance … or a child who had been killed, for that matter. And also that a sex worker is simply paid for their services, so they could never expect to develop an intimate relationship (which would be against the rules of the community).

Ritual Castration

I have one other instance that I have come across a number of times in historical research, and also on the clair plane, to do with what you might call sexual excesses or sexual perversion that apparently takes place in the environs of, or else receives some ‘umph’ from, celibate spiritual groups. This has to do with ritual castration. I will also mention a tangential notion to do with transgender people.

I ought to lighten up a little bit about this. I think there is room in celibate spiritual practices, and in householder spiritual practices, for error. And there is also room for developing a very strong sense of oneness with God.

The things that I am talking about today are the negatory things that might come up, and not necessarily an intention that I have to damn celibacy. Certainly not!

To get back to it: Another thing came up for me very strongly on the clair plane. That was because I have a tendency to healing, and I really dislike the idea of injury to the human body … I think only of healing … not of injury. What happened was that I kept encountering, on the clair plane, notions of castration of men, either by themselves or else by other people … perhaps willingly and perhaps not willing … and somehow involved with, or to do with the celibate spiritual groups.

See my blog category: Genital mutilation – castration

I can see where the subconscious mind might be led to believe that, if a man is castrated, then the sex drive has no chance of expressing itself. That may or may not be true; but I feel this to be a very strong, very vivid subconscious impression, and a cause of wounding to the energy of the second chakra, in cases where castration occurs.

I think that, historically speaking, there may have been groups that practiced a ritual of castration to prove the spiritual intention of the men in the celibate group … and that this would be considered a badge of honor, for instance; or a badge of courage; or an expression of determination to follow the spiritual way of life.

What I found out intuitively and on the psychic plane is that, when the gut brain becomes convinced that the sex drive cannot express itself because of this physical impediment, then the dreams of the person who has been castrated … or who has castrated himself … may become so very vivid that … without his knowing it … his dreaming astral form leaps upon other people and forces them to an act of rape.

The victims might be people who are not celibate, but who are somehow involved in the spiritual community, most likely. I am thinking maybe groundskeepers, or maybe housecleaners, or maybe people who provide necessary services to the community. These people might be placed in harm’s way.

In other words, the spiritual ‘umph’ of the person who is castrated … while he is sleeping, or else in a meditative ‘trance’ state … creates this very strongly motivated desire to express itself sexually somehow, that then moves very quickly into some other person’s energy field, and triggers their own energy field to re-enact the wish that is taking place. In psychological terms, I think this might be thought of as substitute wish-fulfillment.

So the very spiritual people may find themselves surrounded by people that are rapists. They may be completely innocent of understanding what is happening; quite likely so. And the people that are raped might be spiritual women in the community. They might be thinking that the spiritual men are practicing black magic, or voodoo … something very evil … when in fact they are at the effect of the great need of their sexual chakra to express itself in the physical world. They are deeply, soundly dreaming … and this thing occurs that is explained to them as being their fault … but they never even knew what happened.

That is what I think. I feel that it happens again and again. I feel that to be so; not just in one group, but in many spiritual groups; not just the major faiths, but many other faiths as well.

I think it is important to set forth my own point of view regarding this, because lots of times I will talk about problems; and people may think that I have the problem; or that I identify with the problem; or that I propose that it is all ok. They may take the exact opposite point of view as being my own point of view.

So I would just like to make it very clear that my point of view is that the physical body is the temple of the grace of God … what the Christians call the Holy Spirit. It is the temple through which our Awareness transforms our energy field. And if we injure it on purpose, it seems to me that we are saying to ourselves: I know … better than God … what should be happening to me right now. I am going to prove one-upmanship with regard to God by speeding things up faster than He arranged for me to do. In this lifetime … in this very lifetime … I am going to prove that I am one with God, by cutting off my sexual organs.

Terrible things happen then … things that nave not even been brought to light ever before … or if they were known before, by groups that suffered this kind of indignity of rape on the grounds and purported black magic, and voodoo, and all that … it has been kept a lid on, and kept within the group. They do not want anyone to know, because everyone who pursues the spiritual path has an emotional investment in pursuing that path, you know? We all hold dear that which we hope will bring us closer to God.

See my blog categories: Dissolving black magic in the Light  … and …  Voodoo

I am stating this right now because it seems clearly evident to me; and I feel that, by bringing it out in the open, we may arrive at some conclusions … each regarding his or her own group … that will promote New Life on New Earth with this Ascension process.

This is what I feel: It is better to openly discuss than to secretly attempt to cover such things up.

I hope my readers are not too hard on me with regard to this, because I am easily affected by negative vibes; I have to spend all my time praying and meditating when this happens. That is not such a bad outcome! But please do not be ruthless in your judgment of other people … people who bring up this kind of thing … people like me. I ask you to be charitable of heart with regard to us.

Transgender Correlative

I have another thing to say. It has to do with transgender, and a relationship of the results of transgender changes in the physical form to castration in celibate spiritual groups.

See my blog category: Crossdressing – transgender

As you may know, there is a great mortality rate amongst transgender rate. The rate of which I am aware has to do with murder of them. It is also possible, I feel, that they may be committing suicide from time to time, but I have no statistics on that. The statistics that I am going on are in English Wikipedia as the murder of transgender people.

Link: “List of Peopled Killed for Being Transgender,” in English Wikipedia … ..

I have to wonder why that is so. I have to wonder if the same dynamic may be taking place for those transgender people who are unable to fully express themselves sexually because of cosmetic physical changes in the sexual organs that result in wounding of the second chakra.

Some people are, I think, very happy as transgender people; but some people have their second thoughts too late. But those people that are not happy cannot revert to their prior state. Their vessel of Light and love and joy has been irreparably injured by physical means.

So I feel that it may be possible that this nightmare substitution vivid dreaming or vivid trancing might be happening with some transgender people. That might result in harm to the common good. Somehow subconsciously people may be logging onto this and figuring that there is black magic involved, or voodoo involved … when in fact there is just the lack of perfection of the physical mechanism through which grace expresses itself in the world.

That outrage that other people feel because of the noospheric clash may be resulting in the murder of transgender people, in some cases.

This discussion of transgender issues is just by way of showing possible similarities between the issue of castration as a practice done by celibate spiritual groups and issues faced by transgender people.

I recall recently there was a story going round on the astral plane about a group of celibate spiritual men who practiced castration in their group, and who figured, therefore, that it was a very spiritual thing. (That is something, as you know, that I object to; I feel it to be inaccurate.)

As the story went, these men then decided that one way to rehabilitate very violent male felons would be to castrate them and change them to transgender people.

On the astral plane, the results were just awful. It was horrible to behold that story on the astral plane. But it sort of supports, in a way, the notion that there are certain similarities in that extreme expression of spirituality.

Now, to get back to the general picture of excesses that sometimes occur in celibate spiritual groups …

I cannot give you any names, because spiritual communities that are celibate are extremely set upon not revealing the faux pas of the people that have gone before them … their leaders and their important staff members, and so forth.

It is very important to them to have a good reputation and not to reveal anything like that. And though it may be the case that, here or there on the internet, you may find out, it is just not copacetic for me … it is not even safe for me … to bring up things like that. And it does not make sense, either, when anyone can research it, and figure it out, given the time and the opportunity.

I do not like the idea of making people angry by revealing their foibles, you know? It just does not make sense for a spiritual person to do a thing like that. So you may hear me talking about general tendencies … which I have done quite a bit of … but you will not hear me naming names online. It just does not make much sense.

Opposite Gender Hatred

Setting aside that question of ‘who’ … because it happens all the time … let us go on to the ‘what’. Let’s say there have been a few mishaps in a spiritual community that practices celibacy. And one of the above-mentioned things has come up … or some other thing like that. For instance, it might be revulsion towards women, if it is a male group; or revulsion towards men, if it is a female group.

See my blog categories: Misandry – hatred of men – philandry – respect for men  … and …  Misogyny – hatred of women – philogyny – respect for women

And that might express itself as group sex amongst men, or group sex amongst women, that creates a feeling in the noosphere of hatred of the opposite gender. Then, because these people practice group same-sex sexual activities … all at the same time, say … a very strong force sends these feelings of hatred towards the opposite gender out into the noosphere all over the city where the celibate people live.

It is a feeling that is confronted by married people … and by straight people like me that believe that the householder way is a good spiritual way … with feelings of revulsion and with feelings of deep black magic. It is very odd … the intense antagonistic effect that that practice has upon people who are straight. It is hard to explain.

Most people are straight, and householders, as you may know. It might be that the psychic ire of superior numbers of people in the community might be spiked by that kind of forceful adversarial-seeming psychic impression, especially if it is practiced on a regular schedule by the formerly celibate group.

I feel it might be better, when that happens … when that is the practice of the spiritual community … that they be located someplace farther from big cities; someplace where the local noosphere will not object so much. And there is a chance … although there is no geography on the astral plane … there is a greater chance of this jumping-out psychic impression of revulsion towards the opposite gender sticking locally, and adversely affecting less people.

Then there might be instances where someone in a celibate spiritual group has taken a child as a lover … and it has become well known … and the child has died, say, of an STD … or the child has been killed by the person. And the person is a very important person in the celibate community in question.

And then the members of the community say to themselves: Well, we will not do that anymore. We ill proscribe that. That is not the type of activity that we will do.

But yet, in the history of the group, there is this memory … a memory of all the people in the group, that this thing has happened. And in addition this can happen with the murder the murder of women by members of the celibate group.

I think it far less likely that there would be a women’s group that participates in the murder of men, because of the psychological makeup of women, who seem to be less into violent ‘acting out’ than men. I hope the men do not feel I am picking on them. I do feel it is a problem to pinpoint, to look at, if it is a male celibate community.

See my blog categories: Crossdressing – transgender

Feral Drives

I am not too familiar with female celibate communities. The few that I know are typically ruled by men who have a hierarchy of their own, and who dominate the women, and force them to kneel before them and to become what they call ‘humble’.

In my opinion, this means that the feral drive of the men runs rampant over the women, and unchecked. That is the feral drive towards domination (as in ‘dominance-submission’), towards one-upmanship, towards being the top dog or the ‘alpha male’.

See my blog categories: Feral drives – pack instincts  … and …  Dominance – Submission  … and …   One-upmanship – rectal intercourse – colonoscopy  … and …  Alpha male

Rather it would be better, I feel, if the women had some latitude to develop their own path spiritually. But hey, that is just me! I am very independent!

Chwal or Donkey Man

To get back to these problems that come up when the sex drive expresses itself in odd ways because of the celibacy of a community: What can happen is that they should all decide together: My gosh, these odd things have happened in the past with our people, and we do not want to have a bad name. We do not want to do bad things; and we will not do that anymore.

But instead, all in their minds, they have this history. And the history permeates their dreams. Should they arrive at a trance state (which I strongly advise against), when they meditate for a long period of time … or should they be deeply dreaming, all at the same time, then the historic propensity of the celibate group can create very strong urges … very strong emotions and pictures in the minds of other people who have similar propensities. And it can result in a racheting up of their propensities towards killing women; towards fooling around with children; towards engaging in sex worker sex or paying for that; and they can suddenly begin ‘acting out’, on the basis of the dreams of the celibate group because of their past historical propensities.

Intuitively, I have seen this happen quite a bit; quite a bit. I know that the celibate groups cannot help what they do when they dream or when they fall into a trance state. It is the subconscious mind that takes over, and creates these evil propensities that then zoom out into the noosphere and affect other people. And then these other people become like ‘donkeys’ or what is called ‘chwal’ in the indigenous cults of Brazil. The ‘Jackass Love Curse’ … ‘acting out’ issues such as this … are, I feel, created by the action of the subconscious mind of people who are living together as celibate groups, and then suddenly the urge exudes from or pops out of all of their gut brains at the same time, and somehow it creates this extremely realistic, vivid dream … like a clair movie that is staged, that then seems to attack people in the surrounding community.

See my blog categories: Donkey man – human horse – chwal  … and …  Jackass Love Curse
See also … Link: “Haitian Vodou,” in Wikipedia …

Family Values

I expect there is an equivalent of that in the householder group, but I just cannot peg it. I do not know what that is. The celibate groups would probably say: It is the householder groups that are attacking us!

And that is to some extent true, because the householder groups are intent on preserving family values, and creating a viable community, and creating offspring that can carry on the tradition that would keep the community viable and alive and crime-free. They have a strong urge, because they love their children, to create that kind of community.

In the celibate groups, I feel it might be possible (albeit far from typical) that the opposite might occur. For instance, they might feel ‘under the gun’ because of the mores of the householder spiritual groups, whom they may come to consider ‘beneath’ them.

They might feel that, to preserve their esoteric lifestyle … the important thing that they are doing to be like God in this world … that they should take what they can from everyone, and that it will not matter. They may feel that the cause that they have makes it worthwhile to worship Kali or worship Shiva or worship cocaine … or do whatever they have to do in order to preserve their spiritual way of life, you know?

And these things might be very negatory to the community.

They might feel that child trafficking is just fine! They might not care at all about other people’s children.

I find that unlikely, but possible, because of the war that goes on, in the noosphere, between the householders and the celibate spiritual people, who have great spiritual ‘umph’ in the noosphere because of their spiritual way of life.

I think it is up to the spiritual people to try to figure out how they can create a viable community for humankind on New Earth; and what it is that they have to do in their own lives in order to make that so.

I hope I have not created too much furor, because it takes a toll on my dreamtime life.

Ritual Rejection of Homosexuality

I will give you another example: Suppose there is a group of celibate men who believe that they should conquer the tendency towards homosexuality … towards M2M. Suppose they have a spiritual practice to bring on the propensity to have rectal sex with men. And then they have a spiritual practice to reject that and go on with their lives. And the looking at the naked bodies of their community members in a provocative pose is supposed to reinforce the notion that they should not do that thing.

They are disregarding the importance of the sex drive … which has the exact opposite point of view. The greatly deprived sex drive says to itself (this is my guess): Wow! This is an opportunity! This is my chance to express myself!

And then at the last moment, its fondest wish is denied!

So what happens is that everybody goes to sleep thinking they have proved that they are immune to this notion of M2M, even though they are surrounded by men and they are having to contain their sex drive all the time.

They go to sleep. They dream. And the lay people in their community get the notion that M2M is the thing that they have to do right now. That is because the great dream of the spiritual leaders of the community who had engaged in ritual rejection of homosexuality is taking place after this practice.

And so the lay people … Here is what I think! … have a tendency to turn to homosexual endeavors, whether M2M or F2F. And there is an extra added desire to do so in the same setting that was denied the people who did that original practice of denial.

Reverse Kundalini — Soul Devolution

The picture of what happened goes out into the spiritual community, and the people there begin to hope to do that very thing, only to consummate the act. Isn’t that something! And they may find that happens. And then when that happens, what you have is a very strong energy of ‘reverse kundalini’, which brings all the energy down through the spinal column and into the Earth, so that the highest energies of the lay person … the most quickly pulsating energies of the person … are subverted and transformed into the densest energies of the basal chakra.

See my blog category: Reverse kundalini

And so the lay person becomes like an animal. The person becomes like a donkey … like a jackass … like a chwal. So the people in the community, I feel, have that danger of turning into animals in the next lifetime. They have lost a lifetime of Soul advancement and involved themselves in Soul devolution.

See my blog category: Soul devolution

I expect that there will be quite a few answers, and maybe some vehement answers to this clair insight that I have developed over the years. I hope they will not be very vehement. I hope we can discuss the common good together. I hope so.

Psychic Rape – Astral Rape

Setting that weighty topic aside for awhile, I will give you another example.

As you may know, in the early days of my blogging on the website “Awakening with Planet Earth” I talked a very great deal about astral rape and psychic rape.

See my blog category: Psychic rape -astral rape

Apparently the reason for that was that I had to go through a process of overcoming the noospheric energies. Because I was familiar with many different spiritual communities, I had to go through a process of perfecting my energy array to such an extent that I was no longer susceptible to the repressed sexual urges of celibate spiritual groups.

What I am getting at is that, when there are a lot of people in the community, or in your circle of friends, who are not able to fulfill their sex drives for whatever reason … spiritual or otherwise … then there will be an emanation coming forth in the dreamtime realm of rape, which may express itself in the physical realm. Or it may just create a burden upon the dreamtime realm of the people in the area … a feeling of lack of safety; a feeling of lack of trust in their fellow man; or sexual overtures that are inappropriate for people on the spiritual path.

Sacred Sexuality

You know, people say: “Well, if I am not a celibate person, are you proposing that I just do whatever I want, and just have a wonderful time of it? Is that what householders do?

And the answer is: No. That is not what householders do. A spiritual household … almost invariably, I find … believes in sexual continence. And that means you stick with the person that you are with. You remain faithful and loyal to the person that you are with. You do not go out seeking a good time with a large group of people.

You are trying to preserve your household. In order to do that, you remain faithful to your significant other, your spouse, you see. And that creates a stable environment for the children in your household.

Sexual continence means that you have decided that you will provide for the continuity of your community through the moral upbringing and loving relationship that you have with your children and your spouse. You are working towards depth in those relationships. You are not freely enjoying whatever may come your way.

It is a path of moderation; not a license to do whatever we will. It is the exact opposite of dreams of astral rape, which have first to do with forcing oneself upon someone else; and second, doing that in a very negative frame of mind … with hatred in mind.

See my blog category: Sacred sexuality 

Emotions and the Common Good

It is the injury to the physical body in the area of the sex organs of the astrally raping dreamer … or the ‘insult’ to the emotional body in the area of the second chakra … that causes the feeling of hatred or fear or anger in the sexual chakra, which results in those kinds of dreams. The dream is one of anger or outrage. Or sometimes it is fear of other people, or of intimacy, that is greatly racheted up by injury to the sexual organs.

These two are related: The physical body and the emotional body, in the area of the second chakra. And the dreams of a sexual nature that result, are injured dreams. And these dreams flow out into the noosphere, and into the local and global community, and create injury. The create the ‘common bad’. They create evil in the world.

That is why we Lightworkers say that the thing to do is to create the feeling of joy in your own life … the feeling of lobe … the sensation of Light and of being Light. And these feelings will flow out into the noosphere and add to the common good. In that way we can create the optimum expression of New Life on New Earth for all humankind.

It is a weighty topic, is it not? We have to consider what we do with our bodies; how well we take care of our bodies; how well we fulfill our emotional need for love and Light and joy, I feel. And then consider that where we find ourselves in our lives is the exact place where we belong to be, according to the wishes of God, you know? And not try to speed things up so much, because this lifetime, I feel … and I know will disagree in many cases … this lifetime is but one expression of our Eternal Soul, which may be expressing itself in many other forms, in many other lifetimes, simultaneously.

We do not have to look to become greater than we are because we may be living in an incarnation just like that … in the Eternal Now … at this moment.

On Agreeing with God

Believe me, I understand. I remember when I was young, I would say to myself: I would do anything to become enlightened in this lifetime! Anything at all! And I recall the spiritual practices I did back then were very intense.

I spent a lot of time trying to prove how spiritual I was, you know? I wanted to be very spiritual … the most spiritual … as spiritual as anyone could get.

It was not until I got older that I began to relax on that topic and just take things day by day … as they say, to be here with this process right now … to ratchet down on being better than everybody else.

I understand that life is short, and that the spiritual drive is a great motivator for many people. I understand that.

And on the other hand, contrariwise, I advise knowing that everything is just as it ought to be right now. That is what I finally realized: That everything is just as it ought to be right now.

Here we are, in this incarnation, to create something that has been set ready for us … straight before us … by God. All we have to do is see what we see, and hear what we hear, and become what we become, through the grace of God.

See my blog category:  Aligning with God – dharma – right action

We do not have to speed the process up. The process is already infinitely quick, because in many, many … maybe infinite incarnations … we are all those things. As we become more and more one with God, we become more and more one with all the things in the entire Universe.

At that point we do not need to make any choices because we are the All. We are all that.


Well, enough of that.

Please go easy on me. I take it very much to heart when you think that I am trying to injure you, and I hope the very best for you and for all humankind. I truly do.

So if when we discuss these ideas, we keep in mind each other’s feelings … each other’s emotions … each other’s highest good … then I think we can have a fruitful conversation in regard to this. I am looking forward to that.

God bless you all,
And keep you safe,
And be with you
Through all your days.

In love, Light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 30 January 2023 and published on 31 January 2023.

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Group Sexual Vibes and the Empath . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 20 May 2017; revised on 1 March 2020

Image: Photo of a statue of a man reminiscent of Icarus, underwater, looking down, by Jason DeCaires Taylor … … COMMENT: This statue is like the state of awareness capable of enlightenment, but submerged in and overwhelmed by the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

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    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

At the end of this blog is a video about how, as our empathic skills increase, we interact with other people’s thought forms about sexual desire. I put an edited Summary before the video, as the Summary is more complete.  If your time is limited, I suggest reading the Summary rather than viewing the video.


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would explain a little about the second chakra and empathy, and the rise and fall of the waves of sexual desire all over the world. We have touched on this topic many times. This is just a further insight about it, with regard to empaths.

The Hyper-Reactivity of the Second Chakra

Of all the ‘old-style’ chakras … the seven chakras that used to be in human form before the 2012 Shift … I feel that which is most reactive to the unconscious thought cloud of the world is the second chakra … the sexual chakra.

The minute a person begins to feel sexual, to that chakra are attracted, from other people, many thought forms laden with desire. These thought forms … that are so strong, and so over-weight amongst the thought forms that rain down upon the other chakras of the chakra system … have to do with the mass media that I have also discussed many times, and the emphasis, in the mass media, on the second chakra ,,, including billboards, television, magazines, movies, and video games, to name a few. 

Empathy as a Trait of Lightworkers, Healers, and Spiritual Counselors

I feel that all Lightworkers are empaths, and that many people in the healing professions and the spiritual counseling professions are empaths, For instance, I feel that members of the medical professions and psychological and psychiatric professions are frequently empaths. These people have a tendency to sense the chakric patterning of the people they are with, whether it be one person that is with them in the physical sense, or a whole group of people.

Empaths as Reflectors of Other People’s Chakric Patterning

If empaths are with people with very robust endocrine systems … as is typically the case with the endocrine system of younger people … then the empaths tend to reflect the same pattern in their chakric system as they are experiencing from that other person or those other people in a group.

Social Censure by Others of Their Own Sexual Taboos as Reflected in the Empath’s Energy Field

So what happens, then … because in much of the world, there are many taboos around the act of sex and thoughts of sex … when the other person hears the clair chatter that has been transferred from them to the empath, they tend to react with the same social censure messages or malware messages that they heard from their parents when they were very young, before they reached the age of reason.

Boomerang Effect of Negative Thought Forms, from the Sender to Empath and Back Again

So when this negative malware impacts the mimic patterning of the empath, then it ratchets that energy, in a negative sense, back to the sender. And then, if the empath does not transform or transmute that energy with love, then the racket grows and grows. It grows into a kind of a maelstrom of negative sexual energy …

No, don’t do that!
No, don’t do that!

No, don’t think that!
Who are YOU?

And then a bunch of pejoratives, negative derogatory terms, begin to be slung back and forth about alternate lifestyles.

Sidebar: The Allure of Physical Form

Image: Portrait of young woman by Brazilian painter Harding Meyer, showing sexual allure as a flowing forth of light from one side of the face …×379.jpg … COMMENT: The allure of physical form is different from sexual chakra malware, which is located in the lower quadrant of the body of light, and in the lower etheric net of a human being.

Example: Boomerang of Social Taboos between a Female Empath and a Young Woman

Here is a good example: Say a female Lightworker empath is around a young woman who has a strong sex drive. And that young woman feels a very strong feeling of sexual urge, accompanied by the usual thought forms for a heterosexual person. The Lightworker who is, say, female, such as myself, patterns that, and then the young woman throws back (on the clair plane) …

How dare you!
How dare you have that feeling towards me!

… which is a big embarrassment for the Lightworker or the empath, who also has thoughts about the social aptness of various thoughts. So she might react with …

  • No, I didn’t! 
  • or with How dare you!
  • or with transmuting with love and Light.

Clair Din Ratchets Up Unless Transmuted with Love and Light

Those are some of the options. And so, if the last option is not picked, then the clair din starts to ratchet up. In an establishment, everybody in the establishment suddenly gets involved in clair discussion (often on a plane of consciousness borderline between the conscious and the subconscious mind … the ‘reverie’ state of mind … about the social issue of alternate lifestyles, and so forth. If it is a Lightworker or empath that is a man, the same thing might happen.

For more on the reverie state see … Link: “OM Mantra and 7 Levels of Consciousness,” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati … … Search the word: reverie

Empathic Sexual Chakric Mimicry Is Not Gender-Specific

Image: Painting of young girl underwater … … COMMENT: This painting is reminiscent of a healer consciously submerging in the unconscious thought cloud of the world, as a neutral observer.

The patterning that happens on the sexual chakra, for an empath, is not sexually specific. It merely reflects the malware, or automatic response mechanisms, deeply buried in the subconscious mind … the repressed energies of the person that they are with. Whether they are with a man or a woman, it will still reflect whatever that other person has in terms of sexual malware. Of course, the empath’s response might vary, depending on the gender of the other person.

Loud Clair Sexual Melee in a Group

In a large group or crowd, it is like a melee. One person will have a sexual feeling. And then the Lightworker or empath notices that, plus all the energies of the other people in the room regarding that and all the other chakras.

The sexual chakra is a very loud chakra because of the compressedness of energies that have been repressed because of early childhood learning. Very loud. One of the first things that people experience when they start to awaken is all the nay-saying regarding sexuality in the world.

Example: The Man with the Wandering Eye

So everybody in the room starts to hear, after a while, a din about sexuality. And it varies very much. Some men are saying their familiar line, such as …

Could I have a date with you, dear woman?
Or it might be a very explicit statement instead.

They repeat this over and over again on the clair plane, whenever the sexual vibe in a room arises … without actually knowing that they are doing it. But the partner that they are sitting with notices it, and thinks that they are ‘coming on’ to someone else in the room … perhaps the new person: the Lightworker, the empath … and so that partner starts up very indignantly about how their man is being pre-empted by somebody that is an outsider to the group. And the Lightworker thinks …

Oh my goodness, what should I do?
What could I do about this?

Then somebody else picks up on the clair plane … somebody that has an interest in an alternate lifestyle. They have a different song to sing, and a different energy to add to the group. And it continues on. It can go all around a group, in different directions. Or it can rise into an uproar.

Example: Stories by Alice: Couple Leading a Music Celebration; Jealousy or Insecurity Felt by the Wife

I know of one gathering that I attended from time to time, where a man and his wife led a music celebration once a month. It could be that the wife had Soul wounding to do with another woman having stolen her sweetheart. Most likely, in adolescence, she had a sister who took her boyfriend away from her and scotched her on that. And she never forgave her. It was, maybe, first love; here was her sister ruining her life, and this was something that sank deep down into her subconscious mind … I do not know that that is so, but this type of childhood wounding would explain that behavior I encountered during one of the music celebrations, where the wife’s Soul wounding may have been rising to her conscious Awareness so as to be cleared from her energy field.

Image: “The Fall of Man and the Lamentation,” painting by Hugo van der Goes, circa 1470: … DESCRIPTION: The setting is the Garden of Eden; Adam is on the left; the beautiful and chaste Eve in the center, picking an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. On the right is the serpent, depicted as a shorter (non-alpha) woman with a reptilian body … COMMENT: I take this legend as the beginning of the myth dividing women into two groups: ‘the good wife’ and ‘the fallen woman’.

To continue, she and her husband led the musical celebration. I, as a very sensitive empath, was in the group. I had no designs on either of them. But there was a strong energy of sexual repression in the group, and as soon as she thought a sexual thought, it would ricochet over to me, and then back to her, and her Soul wounding would be engaged, so she would think I was after her man. Then I would feel empathic dismay equal to her feeling of dismay. Like this …

Oh, my goodness! What will I do?

And because they were in a leadership position, she began to chant, over and over again, in her conscious mind, words that had to do with nay-saying or extreme anger about other people daring to have a sexual thought about her husband. It got to the point, after a meeting or two, where I could not go back there, because she was planning it in advance, whether subconsciously or consciously; planning a campaign about ‘the Scarlet Letter’ for me, as the most clairsensitive person in this group of people who were very sensitive on the clair plane. The other people did not know what to do.

Painting: “The Whore of Babylon,” by William Blake … … DESCRIPTION: A seven-headed man with clawed hands and feet, crouched on all fours, vomiting the forms of men and women onto the ground. These people are in various stances to do with earthly life … standing, running, working, hunting with a spear, riding a chariot, and so on. The man’s lowest face has horns and looks evil; his highest face looks human and noble. The latter is gazing apprehensively at a beautiful, bejeweled woman wearing an orange skirt and seated on his back. In the woman’s right hand is a chalice with two handles; from the chalice dreams of naked men and women stream forth into the air.

Groups Worldwide Are Emerging from the Subconscious Waters into the Light of Awareness

This scenario is being repeated over and over again in groups these days; there is a certain point where people are just on the verge of dipping into repressed memories and bringing them up into the Light of consciousness, and nobody has a precedent for how to act or react to what they hear.

The piece of art, “Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig, represents very well, I feel, the rising above the waters of the collective subconscious …

Image: Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig …“Painting of a young man emerging from water,” by Benjamin Craig, at I Heart My Art … DESCRIPTION: The face of a young man shown three times. At the bottom of the image, the face is submerged under water and the eyes closed. In the middle of the image, the face is emerging from the surface of the water and the eyes and mouth are opening. Near the top of the photo the face is out of the water, the eyes are gazing up towards the sky, and the mouth is open, as if breathing in air. There are red flower petals floating on the water. A big brown snake is swimming through the water on the left side and top of the image; its head is near top right, and its red eyes are open … COMMENT: The snake might represent the fear death, or fear of exposing subconscious, repressed thoughts and emotions, or the kundalini energy of awakening.

You can find more on Benjamin Craig artist here …

Link: BOOOOOOOM: Benjamin Craig, 12 October 2013 … ..

A Call to Action for the Lightworkers of Los Angeles: Let Us Do Our Best to Ease Other Folks’ ‘Waking Up Grumpiness’?

Image: Painting of a young man by Henrietta Harris … … DESCRIPTION AND COMMENT: This is a painting of a sober-looking young man with his head partly out of the water. To my mind, he looks a little like an empath wondering what to do next.

Nobody knows what to do at this point, so those of us that are rising to consciousness in this regard are all experimenting with ways to assist in alleviating Soul wounding responses, automatic responses, when we gather in groups, so that the groups can continue in a harmonious way as the Ascension process continues.

Image: “Giver of Life,” by Mark Henson … … DESCRIPTION: Spirit lifting water in cupped hands,

I urge all of you who are now at the conscious level … and I feel there are many, many of you in Los Angeles … to try to think of a way to transmute these negative energies about sexuality to the Light, through your own heart center, through the energies of the group, or through some small action on the astral or physical plane … such as a kind word … that will help to switch, or twist, the energy that is being expressed, from the negative to the positive.

I expect, coming into the June 2017 Solstice next month, that many more techniques will begin to manifest.

Example: The Lilith Dilemma

There are just a couple more things regarding this topic. One is the Lilith dilemma that I mentioned early on, some years back. It has to do with ‘the third woman’ … the evil woman, the dance hall girl, as compared to the wife, and social attitudes towards that. I recommend taking a look at that blog …

Link: “The Lilith Mental Filter,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 May 2016, revised … ..

… because sometimes you can identify cultural patterns in the way that the noospheric energies move. And that is one; it is called the Lilith, the ‘fallen woman’.

Image: Bas-relief of Lilith, from Sumerian mythology … … COMMENT: Note the clawed feet stepping on a two-headed beast of prey. 

A man will treat a woman that he perceives as Lilith quite differently from the woman to whom he is married. This reflects in the noospheric energies that occur. Sometimes that can be identified. My hope is that here will be a fix. Maybe we will come up with something.

Image: Painting of a woman with a prim mouth, distorted to the right of her face, by Henrietta Harris … COMMENT: This painting is reminiscent of the ‘proper’ wife; desire not to speak her truth distorts or displaces the mouth energy.

Example: The Antisocial Personality Interacts with the Empath

Then there is the antisocial personality contribution to the area of sexuality. Dealing with this requires, I feel, being in a completely neutral state of mind. This is one of the cases where repetition of the phrase …

May you be blessed with unconditional love!

… helps, because it posits a third party doing the blessing. Whether it be God or your celestial Ascension team, invocation of a blessing entails visualization of a third party that confers the unconditional love.

The Vampire Effect. That is very important because otherwise, the antisocial personality will latch onto the sex drive and onto the heart chakra of the empath, and drain the heart chakra with constant stimulation of the sexual chakra at the same time. And there is also a question of mind control that occurs as the energy field weakens because of the atypical energy configuration of the electromagnetic field of the antisocial personality. So it is very important to make that distinction.

On Warding Off Hateful Thoughts from Others

The below visualizations work for the empath being confronted with the chakric patterning of the antisocial personality, and also for the empath confronting the Dark bodies (repressed Soul wounded energies) of family and friends …

Feeling of Being Surrounded But Full of Faith. The feeling starts like this, with a feeling of being surrounded by other people’s Dark bodies. The empath first feels faith, like the central man in the painting …

Image:”The Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse (755-812) Tormented by Demons (oil on canvas),” by Fredeau, Ambroise (1589-1673) … … COMMENT: To my mind, this is is an exaggeration, and a little too spooky.

Descent of Grace as Light. Then you imagine a field of grace, like Light coming from heaven …

Image: “In Worship,” by Jaijelinne … … DESCRIPTION AND COMMENT: This is a painting of a young woman with arms outstretched. There is a white dove above her, and a column of golden light is pouring down from on high, onto her physical form. It is the faith of the young woman, I feel, that triggers or activates the connection with Divine.

Alternative: Descent of Grace as an Angelic Being. Or you might image grace raining down in the form of an etheric angel, as in this painting …

Image: “A Healing Angel as Seen Clairvoyantly by Geoffrey Hodson,” a Theosophist … … DESCRIPTION: A person is sitting crosslegged on a staircase. A tall, symmetrical, protective angelic form stands above and around the person; the angel is like yellow light, outlined in green. White light streams down from the angel’s heart, onto the seated person. Yellow light streams upward from the angel’s head. The background of the painting is blue light. 

The Split Searchlight Image. Then you might imagine that Light is split in two from on high, and pours down on both you and on the Dark body of another person. The visualization is a little like this, only you must imagine that the point of origin is overhead, in the sky, and that the one column of light is continuing to pour down on you, and that Source sends another beam of light down on your persecutor …

Image: Split beam of a searchlight … ..

Here is a drawing reminiscent of the split Light image. You can imagine the two points at the tops of the cones tipping together to create the split searchlight effect …

Stick Figure Drawing: “‘Team to Team’ Optimization Visualization,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 January 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: There are two stick figures; the left one is labeled ‘You’; and the right one is labeled ‘Another person’. Above each stick figure is a very tall angle bracket representing a cone of light. maybe six times higher than the stick figures. Inside the cone of the stick figure labeled ‘You’ are the words ‘Your Team’. Inside the cone of the stick figure labeled ‘Another person’ are the words ‘Their Team’. At the tips of the cones, high above the stick figures, is a horizontal arrow with two heads, which point to the top of each cone. The arrow is labeled ‘Team to Team’.

Stick Figure Drawing: “‘Team to Team’ Optimization Visualization,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 January 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,”

DESCRIPTION: There are two stick figures; the left one is labeled ‘You’; and the right one is labeled ‘Another person’. Above each stick figure is a very tall angle bracket representing a cone of light. maybe six times higher than the stick figures. Inside the cone of the stick figure labeled ‘You’ are the words ‘Your Team’. Inside the cone of the stick figure labeled ‘Another person’ are the words ‘Their Team’. At the tips of the cones, high above the stick figures, is a horizontal arrow with two heads, which point to the top of each cone. The arrow is labeled ‘Team to Team’.

Alternative: The Sacred Heart of Christ Image. The well known Sacred Heart of Christ painting reminds me, in a horizontal sense, of this same split-Light visualization …

Image: Sacred Heart of Jesus … … DESCRIPTION: Christ is standing, barefoot, on pavement. He has long brown hair and a flowing beige robe. There is a halo round his head. From his heart issue two streams of light: To the viewer’s left, a red stream of light, and to the viewer’s right, a blue stream.

In the painting, there are two rays of Light streaming from Christ’s heart, one red and one blue. Thus Christ, in the painting, is like the apex of the split searchlight shown above. Imagine that the two streams of Light issuing from the heart of Christ are transforming in nature.

Imaging that one of the streams connects to the empath’s electromagnetic field, and the other connects to the Dark body of the antisocial personality (which either accepts it, or more than likely, is repulsed by it). Thus Christ is the intermediary who diverts the energy of the antisocial personality from the energy of the empath.

The Piano Pouring Down Grace Image. If the Dark bodies of many people are dissing you, you might visualize grace pouring down like a stream of pure water and transforming their subconscious minds …

Image: Painting of a piano by Timothy Martin… … DESCRIPTION: Piano lit with light inside, with lotus flowers on it. From inside the piano a stream of pure water flows down the keyboard, and into a pond with lily pads in it.

Example: Pro-Sex Group Ratchets Up Sexual Energy; Empath Departs Group Temporarily

Then there is the question of the ratcheting up, in a group situation, of the sexual energy field. This is when the people in the group are pro-sex (positively oriented toward sexual energy and relatively free of sexual malware). Not necessarily at that moment, but in general, their orientation is pro-sex. So one person in the group has a feeling …

I would like to find a sexual partner.
Gee, is anybody out there for me?

On the Empath Stabilizing His or Her Electromagnetic Field as a Clair Shield. Now for the empath, at this point, one thing to do is to stabilize the electromagnetic field. I have offered many different ways of doing this … whether mudras (hand positions), or visualizations, or meditations, or just in general, diet and getting plenty of rest. There are a lot of different ways to make the electromagnetic field very strong.

And so I suggest, at this point, utilizing whatever is at hand to enhance and strengthen the personal electromagnetic field. Then what happens when this person’s thought form impinges on your own energy field, is that the energy field acts as a neutral barrier, and the same energy with which the thought form hit the energy barrier, causes it to boomerang off of it and back to the person. It may then settle in the sender’s energy field, or it may bounce off to other people in the room.

Image: Weak Electromagnetic Field versus Strong Electromagnetic Field in a Woman … … COMMENT: Note how ‘bounce-off-able’ the strong EMF looks. The whorls and indentations in the weak EMF dampen the boomerang effect, much in the ways that the baffles or ‘waffles’ in acoustic foam tile muffle sound.

When your energy shield is down, some of the people in the room, or maybe all of the people in the room, will begin to feel uncomfortably sexual. That is because, in general in groups, even though they may feel in favor of the notion of sexuality … avant-garde in that matter … they do not feel like suddenly taking advantage of that desire in a group situation. And so the people will become very antsy.

The only thing I can say about that right now is this: It is important for the empath to exit the geographic vicinity as soon as possible. It is very important to go away from that group glom, and thus to allow the people to ratchet down, without the boomerang effect of your own energy field shield. In a group that feels, overall, positively toward sexuality, I find it all right to visit with them again at a later date (after the astral airs clear).

Example: Empath Is in the Presence of a Group that Feels Negatively Toward Sexual Energy

Prudery. Now, let us go on to the case of the empath who finds himself … whether on the physical plane or just on the astral plane … associated with a group that is very negatively inclined towards sex … a group that always believes sex should be repressed; for example …

  • a group of celibate people,
  • or a group of puritanical people, who have a very strong notion that sexuality should only be used in specific situations … say, for the perpetuation of the species … and that it must be repressed in all other situations

… people who have a very strong view along those lines.

Image: “Delivered from Prude,” a painting by Chris Mars … … DESCRIPTION: Left: Faces, torsos, and bodies of people diseased physically and emotionally. Center bottom: Copulating couple. Right: Nude woman, no legs, sitting at top of a staircase. Center: Houses in a town. Lower top: a person with bat-like wings emerging from a wall. Top: Two astral forms of people flying in the air … COMMENT: There is a 3D effect. The textures and images convey the notion of hide-bound ideas about sexuality.

Drawbacks of Psychic Surgery to Prevent Sexual Feelings. I have even run into spiritual adepts who do psychic surgery on the lay people that support them to prevent them from feeling sexual by cutting the spinal column around the level of the narrow part of the waist, psychically.

As has been discussed in other blogs, what this eventually engenders is Soul devolution, because it leads to an injury that the School of Theosophy terms the snapping of the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’. This then separates what Theosophy terms the Higher Triad (including the Soul, the discriminative faculty or intellect, and the sensory recording faculty of the mind), from the Lower Quaternary, including the physical body, the life principle, the astral body, and the desire body (kama rupa). 

In my terms, the snapping of the ‘silver thread’ might be conceived as the snapping in twain of the Higher Mental Body and the Lower Mental Body at the ‘astral bridge’ (the heart center). When the subtle heart is broken, the elegant, finely conceived and executed human machine is sundered. The body vehicle, in particular the subtle bodies become no longer suitable for ‘ensoulment’ … for the Soul to settle down onto.

Ratcheting Up of Sexual Rage in Prudish Groups; Empath Departs Group Permanently. Leaving this interesting footnote to one side, let us take up the issue of the Lightworker empath who finds himself or herself in the company of people who are ascetic with regard to sex, whether they be trained to emphasize their higher mental faculties, or whether through psychic surgery they be prevented from feeling their natural sexual urges.

Then what happens when the empath strengthens the electromagnetic field shield barrier and becomes stable in his or her energy is a ratcheting back and forth, a boomerang effect, of those people’s negative thoughts … And the group grows more sternly, chaotically even, disinclined towards the act of sex.

Image: Time Lapse of Movement of Balls on a Pool Table … … DESCRIPTION: Pool table with cue-balls set in a triangle. The blurred trajectory of balls played during a game can also be seen.

If the Lightworker empath has a very strong electromagnetic field shield, such a group’s feeling of negativity towards the act of sex can turn into what is called hatred of men (‘misandry’), hatred of women (‘misogyny’), or hatred of people that are perceived as sex objects. And so, it can lead to acts of violence and so forth.

Image: “Golden Dream” by Vincent Johnson … … DESCRIPTION: An orange-red background behind a golden-orange triangle around a smaller asparagus-green triangle … COMMENT: This painting reminds me of the nature of the ‘astral air’ when a group feels sexual rage. Imagine that the asparagus-green triangle represents the group, the golden-orange larger triangle represents their emotion-laden nascent thoughts, and the orange-red background represents the fomentation of the astral air around the group, as rage-filled thought forms are flung off into the ethers.

It is very important for the empath with a strong electromagnetic field (EMF) shield to exit from such a group … I would say, probably permanently, and to find a group that is more copacetic as far as sexual views are concerned. This will let the more sexually negative group gravitate to the type of sexual energy that they prefer.


I wish you all God’s love and grace and joy in this time of the highest Light, in a year that is near the Solar Cycle Minimum.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars



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