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False Authority . by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

On the psy plane, folks often falsely purport to have indisputable authority. This is one method of exerting mind control. The very first thing to do, I feel, is to ask your psy guy or gal to show up in person, in physical form, at your doorstep. Then next, he or she needs to be vetted …

  • Is he the real McCoy, or is that badge fake?
  • Let’s say that, as far as you can tell, he is the real McCoy. Then why not get a photo of him and a photo of his ID, just in case you may be mistaken?
  • Let’s say he seems to be the real McCoy … but he asks you to perform an illegal act … something contrary to the U.S. Constitution or contrary to the law … then, I would just say No! Call your local law enforcement representative.
  • I’ve read that it’s ok to remain silent, and to ask to call your lawyer, when confronted with authority figures. I can’t find the reference right now, but I feel it’s most likely true.

In general, I feel we all learn to obey authority as toddlers. Mom and dad ask us to do this or that, and if we don’t we get a scolding. Because of this early childhood learning, most of us conform with public opinion more than we need to.

Unquestioning conformity with public concensus can make a person seem to ‘fit in’ better, because they don’t stand out as being different. For instance, I’ve noticed at some of the churches I’ve attended, almost all of the congregation wear black or navy blue. So, I would gather, in order to fit in there, one would consider wearing these colors.

But, suppose I don’t like to wear dark colors? What then? Well, sometimes there’s an option of attending a church where people wear clothing of more varied colors. So a change of social milieu can provide the opportunity to express our own preferences, and still fit in.

In general, I believe in looking at the urge to conform to societal expectations, and deciding, on a case by case basis, whether it’s worth it, in terms of personal fulfillment, to buck the tide. I feel there may be many instances when it’s not necessary to go along with people in authority unquestioningly. It’s better to ask questions, find out our human rights, and stand up for ourselves.

It seems to me that very many people pretend to have indisputable authority when they, in fact, have none. So that’s the thing to find out: Are they for real? Are they just pretending? And, what is my own indisputable authority in any given situation?

The time to take a cold, hard look at the facts, I feel, is when we feel a sense of being threatened by someone purporting to have authority over us. A good example is the cold call from the ‘IRS agent’. I’m sure you’ve all heard of that scam? It’s really a con artist calling, but people are sometimes afraid of the IRS, and so the con artist is sometimes successful in using these strongarm tactics.

Here’s the thing: Why be afraid? Why not get the caller’s name and phone number, then call the IRS and ask whether the caller was for real, or phony. I remember finding out, that way, that the IRS never calls and harasses people on the phone.

The best way to get rid of our fears about ‘the big guys’, I feel, is to gather more facts, and get clear on what’s really up.

Here’s my reading on the topic:

Link: “Can You Spot A Phony FBI Badge?” by BenjaminJames, 17 June 2011, http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2011/06/can-you-spot-a-phony-fbi-badge/ ..

Link: “Know Your Rights,” by the National Lawyers Guild, SF Bay Area, https://www.pace.edu/sites/default/files/files/iss/forms-handouts/know-your-rights-under-us-constitution.pdf ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Group Karma . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 October 2015; published on 5 October 2015; transcribed on 20 January 2019

    • The Power of Group Leaders Over the Micro-Noosphere of Their Groups
    • The Shadow Side of Groups: How A Leader’s Samskaras Affect His Group
    • Example of a Leader Who Filched A Little Money in Grade School
    • Future Leader with a Catastrophic Childhood Experience: The Boy With the Rock
    • The Benefit of Avoiding Groups: The Incoming LIght, Grouping, and Samskaric Glomming
    • Example of a Leader Who Desired Money for the Group Just as a Donor Passed On
    • On Disclosure, and Conscious Changes in Group Energy
      • Example of Christianity: The Crucifixion … Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom
      • Example of Christianity: Overemphasis of Patriarchal Domination, and Neglect of Emphasis on the Divine Feminine
    • The Karmic Play and the Power of Co-Creation
    • Photonic Fluid Dynamics of Alliances Between Groups: The Flow of Light and Dark
    • On Taking Time for Gratitude
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

This video is about groups and group leadership. There is a lightly edited Summary with additional comments after the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I wanted to talk today about groups and the karma of groups, and the issue of leaders of groups, and how their karma affects the group karma.

The Power of Group Leaders Over the Micro-Noosphere of Their Groups

I think that, retroactively, we can tell, by the way that a group is … say the founder could be deceased or still alive … but we can tell, by the way that a group is, and the micro-noosphere of the group … the way that they think, in their conscious and subconscious minds … we can tell how the leader is.

And the reason for that is this: The leader of a group has a kind of deeply unconsciously known power over the members of a group. And in fact, I can hear, sotto voce, on the deep unconscious plane, leaders who are alive, dictating the play of reality … the lila, the karmic play … of all the members of a group.

For instance, they will say: And now so-and-so will respond to this … And the astral story that is going on will be developed. And then the person will speak. And the things that they will say, and the way that they will say it … the energy signature … has to do with the energy signature of the group.

And this will go on … if I sub into a group for a minute or two, during the day … this will go on hour after hour, as astral stories are created through the directorship of the leader of a group.

So groups, in the world today, have ceded their power to co-create reality to the leader of the group. It is the agreement that a person makes when they join the group.

And so, the first thing to know is that the people in the group who are not the leader, cannot co-create reality. They cannot; they have given that power to the leader of the group. It is the leader of the group who creates the reality for everyone in the group.

The Shadow Side of Groups: How A Leader’s Samskaras Affect His Group

People usually join groups because they look up to leaders; so the leaders have many fine qualities. The thing that is concerning is the very small, burnt seeds of karma that initiate samskaras … those extremely minute energy threads that exist within the leaders, which, through the directorship of the play of karma, flow out to all the members of the group, attach to similar Soul wounding in the group … and create many different streams of Soul wounding, depending on the energy signature of the leader. And this is the Shadow side of grouping.

Example of a Leader Who Filched A Little Money in Grade School

I will give you an example of this: Suppose that a leader, sometime in their life, had done something a little bit dishonest … like filch a little money in grade school. This creates a very small karmic seed, that grows through the energy of the teacher flowing out through the group … and attaches to every instance of filching or stealing … whatever it was that originally happened.

And there may be one person in the group who is a regular filch … a con artist, who does that for a livelihood. That one person … who might have been a discrete con artist before they joined the group … because of the flow of that energy … that great flow of energy through the group … becomes a con artist who takes too many chances, and gets caught by the law. That is one example. … (Oh gosh, I developed a tickle in my throat, and it took a while to go away.) …

Future Leader with a Catastrophic Childhood Experience: The Boy With the Rock

Here is another example: Suppose the leader had a terrible experience in their childhood; suppose that, at a time when their desire elemental was first active … say, at the age of about four or five … they were followed around by their little sister, and they were bothered by that because of this unaccustomed energy that was coming up for them … and they turned around, and threw a stone at her, and all by mistake, killed her.

Now this is a terrible, tragic childhood accident. That is really all that it is, is a mistake that was made in childhood. It is a terrible tragedy. But what happens when that person becomes the leader of a group? Suppose there is a person in that group who has killed a time or two, and not just in childhood, but for personal gain … The energy of the leader, which is basically innocent, flows through all the people in the group, and gains momentum, and hits that person who has a larger samskara regarding the same thing. And that person goes out and begins killing people.

The Benefit of Avoiding Groups: The Incoming LIght, Grouping, and Samskaric Glomming

Now typically, in the old days, that would not necessarily happen. But today, because of the Incoming Light, it does happen. And that is why my peer group … the Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers … are saying not to group right now.

They have a really practical reason for it: Not grouping prevents glomming. And when we do not glom, we can clear more easily all the cognitive dissonance and racket in the Soul field when the Light comes in, as it is right now.

Here is another example: It does not matter if the leader is alive or dead, actually, because the energy of the leader somehow … I do not know how … but it somehow remains with the group. Some people call it ‘group karma’.

Example of a Leader Who Desired Money for the Group Just as a Donor Passed On

If a leader had had, for instance, a desire for money for the group, and if, synchronously, someone in the group who had money had passed on, then there would exist within the group a tiny samskara with regard to killing people so that they could get money for the group. And if, at some future date, the need arose in the group for money, then that energy might play out through a glom effect on all the members of the group. So that is a more strident example, there.

If a leader had a tendency toward a particular alternative lifestyle, the likelihood is that there would be, within the group, the expression of that alternative lifestyle within the group, in generations to come.

On Disclosure, and Conscious Changes in Group Energy

These things can change, but it takes a conscious effort by the group, to change the direction of energy of the group and the Soul signature of the group … just like, right now, the Catholic Church has done a big upgrade of itself. And I think the CIA went through one too … a revision that is to purify the Soul signature of the group. In fact, I think that is the thing that is happening these days: Disclosure is happening, and groups are beginning to purify their Soul signatures.

Example of Christianity: The Crucifixion … Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom. I thought I would give you one other example, from Jesus Christ and the Christian churches. You know, Jesus Christ was really a wonderful teacher. He was a great teacher. And the stuff that He came out with, in the Gospels, is a goldmine of information for everybody on Earth today.

Now, one or two things that happened in His life are pretty unfortunate. I will just go into one: That is his Crucifixion. People have put a pretty positive spin on the Crucifixion, by saying that, by being crucified, Christ raised up the whole world, and saved the world from sin.

But I myself do not really think that is true. I think that he was caught in a time when the Incoming Light was insufficient to prevent that from happening, and that in our times … in these times … there is no need for that kind of self-sacrifice.

So I do not hold by the notion that it was necessary for Christ to be crucified. Now I realize that this is not a mainstream notion. But my feeling about self-sacrifice is that it is an overlooking of the importance of being kind and sweet to our own hearts. And so what we need to do, is not be self-sacrificing to the point where our own hearts are injured.

On the other hand, since Christ could not escape what happened to Him, the fact that he could hold his heart open, despite all that, and forgive everyone, was an excellent example for humanity when faced with trials and tribulations and the sorrows of life. So that was a good thing.

So that is just one example of an unfortunate energy that influenced His group after his passing on … because there was a lot of self-sacrifice and martyrdom in Christianity. And I do not feel that this was a good direction, although there have been many good energies in Christianity.

Example of Christianity: Overemphasis of Patriarchal Domination, and Neglect of Emphasis on the Divine Feminine. One other thing, in the Christian faith, that it seems to me has happened because of the times that Christ lived in, is the downplaying of respect for women. Christ did a pretty good job, I think, of counteracting what was going on, in the Jewish world and the Roman world of that time. But nevertheless, there was the tiniest seed there, of denigration of women … of feeling that men are superior to women … which has resulted, in many Christian churches, in neglecting the Divine Feminine completely … and playing up the Divine Masculine to the point where the energy signature of Patriarchal Domination is very prevalent in the world today, and has led to many social injustices, you see.

So this is just another example. And in each case I am overlooking all the wonderful good done by many groups. But I am just explaining how group karma can become kind of overwhelming, especially for certain people in the groups, who have certain Soul tendencies that agree with tiny samskaric seeds in the original founders of the groups.

The Karmic Play and the Power of Co-Creation

The takeaway, in my opinion, is that we must always be extremely aware of the karmic play; and that we need to take the power of creation into our own hands, and become, and create, that which we wish to become and create. We have that power. And by expressing that power in our own hologram, we create a fractal that can be duplicated by many different people, if they wish to … if they are aware of it … if they exercise their free will. [laughs]

Photonic Fluid Dynamics of Alliances Between Groups: The Flow of Light and Dark

One thing I forgot to put in the video is the photonic fluid dynamics involved in group alliances. This is the flow of the energy of Light, and the flow of the energy of the Dark.

When groups form alliances, the brightness of the Light of each is enhanced … and that, no doubt, is why groups form alliances. The Shadow side of this is that the grouply enhanced samskaras of each group flow into the dark rivers of the unconscious noospheric energy of the other group.

Which is why my peer group …

Link: “Ascension Resources – Counselors, Channelers, Astrogeophysical Data, and More,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 October 2014, updated … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-2hm ..

… is recommending de-grouping, insofar as is reasonable, for the time being. In this way we can clear our personal energy fields of Darkness more efficiently, through the Incoming Light.

On Taking Time for Gratitude

People lead busy lives these days, and sometimes their ‘to do’ lists are right long. That can put them under pressure, and make it hard for them to follow their hearts. One way to get started is simply to take five minutes at lunch time to relax, take a few long deep breaths, and feel gratitude for something  … anything, really. That simple act of gratitude, that one grateful thought, can turn our train of thoughtful emotions in a completely different direction.


You all take care! Such a long-winded discourse! And, just to let you know … with the exception of Christianity, which I hold in very high esteem, and which I follow faithfully … these other things that I have talked about are purely fictional things. You can look at my blog category: Christianity  … to see all the wonderful things that I have to say about that faith.

Love you all! … [waves] … Bye bye.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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