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Can the Power of Satan Be Utilized to Drive Out Devils? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 10 July 2018

Dear Ones,

The topic came up, some years ago, on the astral plane, whether the power of Satan might be utilized to drive out devils? As I recall, the astral context was: Could a Black Magicker offer Blood Sacrifice (human sacrifice, or sacrifice of the innocents) so as to enslave a demon attached to someone associated with great evil done in the world (for example, a warlord) and then attach that demon to a Lightworker?

Thus, it was proposed, might be accomplished two goals at one time: The first, to receive remuneration from the warlord for relieving him of his demon burden; and second, to rid the Black Magicker of the onus of battling a Lightworker.

I’ve spoken a little about this in the Spiritual Adept Shortcuts Series …

Link: “Spiritual Adept Shortcuts Series,” by Alice B. Clagett … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-9su ..

Today I ran across a pertinent Bible passage. In fact, Christ was right on top of this issue. Which makes me wonder whether it came up in days of yore as well. Here is the pertinent Bible passage …

A House Divided: Matthew 12:22-30 (KJV, public domain)

22 “Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw. 23 And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David? 24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

25 “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: 26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? 27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. 28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. 29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.

30 “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

As you can see, Christ performed the miracle of driving a devil out of a person. The Pharisees, the high-ranking Jews, took issue with this, saying that Christ had used Beelzebub … their term for a Big Bad … to drive the devil out of a person …

Now this is like the notion of doing something very, very bad, so as to mitigate something bad … like sacrificing the life of an innocent person to remove a demon from a person who has done evil. So the thought is that a large, bad act, may mitigate the effect of a small bad act. Which is like the notion that one may petition a Big Bad to call of a smaller Bad, as in the Biblical tale.

In verses 25-27, Christ addresses an important aspect of Black Magic cults: Their divisiveness. In faiths that adhere to lesser truth, one will inevitably find schism after schism, brother turned against brother; the old Cain and Abel story played and replayed with cast after cast of characters.

Verse 26 “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” This is the logic of the verse: If Satan make war against some portion of his Demon Horde, then he weakens his own power. In the same way, if the power of Beelzebub is used to cast out a devil from a person, as in the Bible verse, then the power of Beelzebub is weakened.

There is some logic here, from the stance of the Black Magicker, however, in that he hopes to weaken the Army of Light by attaching a demon to the Lightworker. There are, after all, the same number of demons in the world; only the demon is attached to a Light person rather than a Dark person. So from the perspective of the Black Magicker, if the ploy works, then that’s a win. But can it work?

Christ says, “Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.” (verse 29) In other words, I guess he is saying, unless Satan I’the strong man’) is first bound down, then one cannot spoil his goods (the devil attached to a person. perhaps) … In fact, one would dare not, for the strong man would protect his goods.

So then, this verse implies that it is impossible to make a deal with Satan, because Satan will protect his devils, which are like ‘goods’ to him. They are his way of expressing power in the world.

Satan is a pretty tricky being. And not at all trustworthy in the deals department, I feel. So what deal is the Black Magicker actually making? My guess would be: There might be a momentary lull in the Dark Attack on the warlord … enough to make it look like the Black Magicker’s game plan worked. Satan would then attempt to attach Devil No. 2 to the Lightworker, through the vehicle of the Black Magicker’s curse. And in the aftermath, Devil No. 1 would segue back to the warlord.

In the eyes of Satan there would be three wins: The warlord and the Black Magicker would begin to do a Black Tango, involving mammon, and the Lightworker would suffer a Dark Ding. Two for the Dark, and one potential, all, with luck to do his bidding!

And what would the Black Magicker and the warlord get? They would get duped by the Dark.

Not to further bide on this sorry topic, I return to the Biblical passage. Christ says, “But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.” (verse 28)

This, I feel, is the great lesson of this passage. Christ is saying, I feel, that devils may be cast out through the Spirit of God. In other words, we must appeal to God for help in casting out devils. And when the devils are cast out, then we will experience the ‘kingdom of God’.

This teaching is squarely in line with Ascension lore, provided we substitute the Ascension term ‘Fifth Dimension’ for the Biblical term ‘kingdom of God’.

I feel this Biblical verse is very important for humankind right now. We humans are facing a time of great change. Will we react as the people in the 2018 movie “Annihilation” reacted, attempting to ‘nuke’ the ‘Shimmer’? Or will we joyfully allow God to cast out the devils in our astral realms, so that the kingdom of God may come unto us? The choice is ours.

What will become of us if we go with the Black Magicker ploy, and side with Satan so as to attempt to protect ourselves from the Dark? The last verse in the above passage speaks to this …

“He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” (verse 30). In an Ascension context, we might consider this verse with regard to the far-flung human race.

We humans, I feel, exist not only on Earth, but also on planets in other constellations. In many of these, until now, we have been the mere dupes and pawns of the Dark. For those of us on Ascending Earth, who, fearing change, like the military wives and lovers who had lead roles in the 2018 “Annihilation” movie, side with the Dark against the Light, there will be a Slave Planet in a distant galaxy … perhaps in a meteor field, perhaps on an asteroid … that our next incarnation may call home. In Biblical terms, we may be ‘scattered abroad’.

Yet, through the miracle of God’s grace, and through our own free will choice, we may experience that far-away abode as the very place in which we experienced our last incarnation; in other words, that distant field of rocks, that tenebrous sky, that leaden life beneath the Veil, will seem the old, familiar place we so deeply yearned to continue to experience, here on Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “The Slave Planet,” by Alice B. Clagett, Revised 26 February 2018; originally published on 20 February 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8ow ..

Link: “Dark Night of the Soul . Slave Planet Blues!” by Alice B. Clagett, Revised 9 July 2017; reposted from 7 July 2015 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6sa ..

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Sacrifice of the Innocents Malware . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 21 August 2017

    • ‘Sacrifice of the Innocents’ Malware
    • The Weight of a Person’s Astral Matter Determines Their Destiny in the Afterlife
    • ‘Proxy Slaughter of the Innocents’ Malware
    • The Alternatives: Grace and Dharma, or Blessed Action in the World

Dear Ones,

This video is about the sacrifice of the innocents malware that is clearing from Earth right now. There’s a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice, I Am of the Stars.

‘Sacrifice of the Innocents’ Malware

And I’d just like to report on some malware that’s out there, that’s being cleared right now. It’s called ‘sacrifice of the innocents’ malware. And it goes like this:

Some people are thinking … and in extreme cases, even acting out … the notion that by sacrifice of the innocents … what they call ‘blood sacrifice’ in black magic … they can redeem their groups, or aid their groups … and that, because they’re doing that good for their groups, it’s what you might call un-karma … not a bad karmic action, but a good karmic action.

The logic behind that is that these people know that their groups are going things to incur bad karma, and so they sacrifice the innocents and send their Souls down to hell, to appease the demon realm.

It’s like balancing of chits. It’s like substituting one person for another person. So that the bad karma can be … like measles … transferred to the innocents who are sacrificed. Some black magic cults believe this.

The Weight of a Person’s Astral Matter Determines Their Destiny in the Afterlife

I’d just like to say that that’s not possible in karmic terms, because the demon realm can’t accept that kind of energy … the energy of innocent people. It gives them … you might say, indigestion. But in the occult realm, the astral matter of the innocents who are slaughtered is too light.

It’s too light in weight; it’s not dense enough to float down to the demon real…m. It can be bounced down through that act. And I’ve seen that happen on the clair plane: The sacrifice of an innocent who is then cursed by a group of people … black magickers … and bounced down into the demon realm very briefly … say, for half an hour … and then floats back up again.

So the malware is based on a fallacy, a heresy. And I advise those of you who recognize that in themselves … especially those who are acting that out … to cease acting that out. As what it does is, it’s not un-karma; it’s bad karma. And it makes your own Soul matter denser, so that it is agreeable to the demon realm.

‘Proxy Slaughter of the Innocents’ Malware

There’s another thing that’s being done, and that is ‘proxy slaughter of the innocents’: A black magicker who believes this, mind controls other people whom he feels are inferior to himself … like felons … into doing the slaughter of the innocents. And by that means he hopes to avoid the karma for himself.

I’m here to say: God is not fooled by these childish maneuvers, which are arising from the unconscious mind right now … from the desire elemental, and the inner child in ourselves, and from the Martian influence in our colons.

So the thing to do is to clear through all this stuff; let all this malware go. And realize that our own actions in the world are the thing that counts. Our own thoughts are actions, and they count as well. Our mind control thoughts of other people also count.

The Alternatives: Grace and Dharma, or Blessed Action in the World

We must rely upon grace right now. And that brings us to dharma: To the state of blessed action in the world.

That’s all for now. You all, take care! Steer clear of this malware; it’s pernicious. [chuckles softly]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Consequentialist Killings . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 July 2017

    • Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins
    • A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia
    • Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism
    • Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed
    • Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

Dear Ones,

There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in blue font ..



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is in the time leading up to the Lion’s Gate in August of 2017, and I’m here to discuss today a little more about killings and murders, and their motives. This whole blog coming up, this video, has to do with Consequentialism, and Consequentialist killings, or murders, and also to do with my own feeling about Consequentialism … the falseness, in fact, of Consequentialism, and why this is so (why it is false).

Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

Some time ago, in the stories on the astral plane, there was an instance or two of murders that occurred in the interests of a group considered to be a very high cause, you know? So you could apply that to a spiritual group, or a social cause … practically any kind of group might fit that description, if the people that were in it were very dedicated to it.

The notion was a Consequentialist notion, that murder of one person that brought great wealth to the group would be not a sin. And it, in fact, would be a great blessing. So the murders in those kinds of instances occur because the person believes that they are doing good. Consequentialist theory allows them to think that.

Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

A different MO (modus operandi) that’s been used quite recently, with this same rationale of donating to a worthy cause or organization, is the murder of people for body parts. That whole scheme has not yet come to light. I think it’s taking place here and there, around the world, right now.

One way to circumvent that scheme would be for the places that oversee the reception of body parts to use greater discretion and greater checks and quality control on where the bodies come from … the manner of people’s death, and so forth. I think that will help a lot; because the parts have to be sold somewhere. I think they’re being passed off as auto accidents and so forth? So we need to look at the end point, the place that gives the money for the donation of those parts. That’s my thought about that more recent situation that has cropped up.

Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins

Oh yes, here’s one other case … There was an instance some decades back when a bunch of people with psychic abilities … they were men with high intellectual ability, and psychic abilities …  got together. They wanted to do some Consequentialist experiments on humankind. And so they got together, and from time to time, they pooled their sperm, so that no one would know, for sure, whose sperm was actually involved in the project that they were all contributing to.

They wanted to grow babies from their own gene pool, so that they could create a race of super-psy people to rule Earth … to rule the other human beings on Earth … for their own good, and for their eventual spiritual upliftment.

What would happen was, together they would mind-control a woman visitor to the place where they were. They had a contraption, a penile aid, that injected the sperm into the woman. They would mind-control her right out in the open, apparently, in some cases, into having sex with one of them.

This one person had an unusually shaped, small penis, and he used the contraption, whatever it was, to insert the sperm of all the other people into the woman. He actually performed the act with a foreign object, so that the other people’s sperm entered the woman.

And then, quite a number of women apparently got pregnant. Then after the children were born, in some way they were bought, or the mother was disposed of, or minimized in some way, so that the children were taken and used in experiments.

These children were raised, as I understand it, to become psychic assassins. Some of the problems that arose with that batch of children were that they were the product of rape, and of the mind control of their mothers, that they had early on lost their mothers, and there was damage, in the first place, to their fathers’ DNA that caused them to undertake the Consequentialist philosophy.

In psychology, their fathers would probably be labeled antisocial personalities. So the children that they had, had half of the genetic makeup, at least, of an antisocial personality.

The group required that the children’s genitals be mutilated; I don’t know in what manner. That was supposed to increase their psychic abilities. The children had a choice to stay in the group and mutilate their genitals, or to leave the group with the complete genitals they were born with.

So those that remained were genitally mutilated; their mothers had been raped, mind controlled, and either minimized or slain; and their fathers were antisocial personalities. And these (the fathers) were the people that taught them.

So what they inherited were two traits: Misogyny (hatred of women) and rape. So, many of them turned to killing women and raping women. And so, they had to turn to homosexual relationships because their heterosexual relationships did not last that long before they killed the women.

In addition, they were taught to be psychic assassins through psychic heart attack techniques. And what would happen would be, that the people that they were with intimately, in moments when the unconscious mind arose … such as when they were in the dream state, or under the influence of alcohol, say, or a recreational drug … their subconscious mind would remember that technique. And if they were angry with their significant other, they would kill them with the psychic heart attack techniques.

Thank God, those techniques no longer work on New Earth. However, during the interval when all this came down, many significant others of these young people met untimely deaths.

In addition, they were hired out as psychic assassins. The work that they undertook accrued to them great karma; and quite frequently they found untimely deaths.

So essentially, their parents … their fathers … you couldn’t call it murder; they had great hopes for them. But in fact, what happened was quite a bit of murder: Of the children, of the mothers, of the intended victims who were assassinated for cash for the organization, and of the significant others of the young people. Quite a story, huh?

A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia

Now in more recent years, the children of the original plan that I just discussed … the Consequentialist plan to breed psy children that would take over the world for normal the humans’ own good, right? … the second generation devised a plan for a community of polyamorous, gay men and women to breed the psychic leaders of the future of the world.

One clair story that I heard about the manner of impregnation was that there was a sperm bank purported to be the sperm of the leader of the group, but in fact composed of the combined sperm of other members of the group. And the leader would ask the women in the group to become pregnant, so that he could take their babies away from them, as I understand it, and use them for experiments to breed the superhuman, psy people of the future.

So this was a very unique second scheme that also involved bringing promising youngsters with psy abilities … special abilities … into the community, especially if they were the children of a single mother who was having trouble making ends meet. So essentially, they would buy these children from the mother, and then find a way to minimize her, either through impoverishing her, or through actually doing away with her. And the child was then inducted (do you say?) into the community for these ongoing experiments to create the super race.

I think that happened, maybe, in batches of 5 or 6 for a while. But for the two groups of 5 or 6 children that I observed on the psychic plane, the difficulty was that the manner of rearing was so austere, and so lacking in love, that the children, although very psy, became mentally imbalanced, in fact, prone to psychic acts of warfare against other people. They were also difficult to control, because they would kill their guards, and escape from the room that they were imprisoned in.

And so, in the end, those experiments that I witnessed clairly resulted in the woman who was taking care of them, euthanizing both batches of children. According to my clair understanding of what she said, those experiments had been taking place for quite some time.

And so I clair-asked one of the people who participated in that experiment … an unusual Consequentialist experiment … how he felt about those children dying; which was, in essence, sacrificing his own children, potentially.

He said he felt that those children were just a part of him, so that it was all right for them to be used in that way.

Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism

I do have a few things to say about Consequentialist theory. I feel that it comes from an insufficient understanding of time and space. Consequentialist theory is developed beneath the borderline of the causal plane. It’s a construct based on the inevitable enfoldment of a particular timeline. What it doesn’t take into consideration are the notions of grace and forgiveness, and benevolence of God, and the abundance of all things in the Universe being available to us when we align our wills with that of God.

For instance, a person might feel: Our organization, in order to survive, must have much more money.

And then a person might feel: Well, here is this person; they have lots of money … Particularly in the instance of wealthy women; this is the instance that I’m talking about …

This person has lots of money! Let’s just find a very ingenious, two-person way (which I’ve discussed in a past blog) to eliminate that woman, and take her money for our group. And many, many people will benefit from that. Think of all the good we do in the world. Like that, right?

So my proposition is that, instead of enacting that very simple plan of subterfuge, and evading the law in order to create the greater good, we look to the multiplicity of timelines and dimensions in the world, and find that one which works to create the greatest good for all beings everywhere.

And that’s the basis of my activations of light through the Hathors, that you can see in another category of my website.

So I say: Step beyond time and space when we make these decisions.

Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed

So now, stepping back into the causal realm, what really happens when we murder a child in a scientific experiment to create a super race of super-psy beings, say, which we feel will wisely rule this Earth?

First, everything is taking place in the Eternal Now. It is not really taking place in a timeline sequence. Timeline sequences are the artificial artifact of the left brain. Really, they’re directed through the 8th chakra, up above our head, and they can be changed, in the 8th chakra, through an act of awareness … pure awareness … at the 8th and 9th chakra levels above our head. At the highest, that’s 3 feet above our head, I would say. And that’s discussed in my blog category: bow-tie knot

So, just getting back to the Eternal Now, and the moment when we decide to kill the child who has participated in this construct, this experiment hoped to be for the greater good of humankind, that involves killing the child.

So there’s a person who kills: That will be the female delegate of the person conducting the experiment, who is carrying out the experiment so that the original person who came up with the idea won’t be legally liable for it.

That’s a whole separate issue, I feel: Who is really liable. In the Soul perspective, I’d say, depending on the amount of mind control involved, both people are liable … both are creating, through the act of killing the child, distortions of their own DNA.

We call it karmic miasmic distortions or morphogenetic field distortions, but actually, in the physical body, and in the DNA that carries from lifetime to lifetime, what it is, is  miscoding … incorrect coding of the DNA.

In the child that is killed, the act of killing, creates the opposite form of miscoding of the DNA sequence. In future incarnations, all the people that participated in Consequentialist experiments of this nature carry with them the Soul DNA that is miscoded and must be purified and made right by the Incoming Light.

So what happens, say, in the case of a person who has great power on Earth … and there are a lot of people who have great power on Earth, and also have great miscoding of their DNA sequences, when they devise the notion that they are the very top, the epitome of humankind right not?

This often happens with the category of people that psychology calls ‘antisocial personalities’ … They understand that they’re very different from other human beings. Sometimes they think that they hybrids. Sometimes they think that they’re prophets. Sometimes they think they’re aliens from outer space. This is their way of terming the fact that they feel a great gulf between themselves and the way of life of what they call normal normals; normal human beings. And they’re right about that.

But the notion that the ego has, that that’s the way to be, and that other people are wrong, may be mistaken. However, it’s universally held by antisocial beings that, in fact, they are superior. And that gives rise to cloning experiments, and the experiments of raping women through mind control, and grabbling their children, and teaching them the great psy abilities that these people have. I’ve explained, in the past, that these great psy abilities have to do with the Soul wounding that the people have; in other words, with the mis-sequencing of the DNA that they have, the Soul DNA that’s carried from lifetime to lifetime.

When they have children by these raping means, by these cloning means, the children have half of their Soul DNA very similar to that of their antisocial parent. And because they are raped, they carry the deeper Soul wounding involved in rape, and probably in the murder of their mother. So they are likely to rape and murder women.

There are varying degrees of antisocial personalities, as I’ve discussed priorly, under the category: Antisocial personalities – feral humans – controllers – puppeteers . For a pure antisocial personality, who has absolutely no conscience and no compunctions about any of the human strictures, social behavior, or societal expectations, that kind of person, when he is cloned, recreates the same type of person … not the half person (half-antisocial person) that would be if the original father had raped a woman … but a true and total antisocial person. In their terms, the true hybrid.

There was a theory going on a while back, in the 2000s … and in a sense it was a true story about this group of people … about the true hybrid being someone who couldn’t be with women because he would kill them. This was true of all those children that were created through rape and killing of the mother, or minimization of the mother in some way … They couldn’t be with women because they used them up too fast. And who had to be with men instead. What else was it? Who raped women, raped people, because of that initial act that created their conception, and the aftermath of that.

And they also felt, about drinking of blood, that it was necessary for them to continue to exist. To kill was the initiation ceremony for that group of young people. And to drink blood. And so, they were actually demonized. There was some way of inducing in them demonic obsession. That, I think, was responsible for the drinking of blood, although I can’t really attest to that.

So these are my ideas: My ideas are that these kinds of Consequentialist experiments have to do antisocial personality traits, which have to do with DNA mis-sequencing … miscoding that needs to be corrected through the Incoming Light.

And that people that have these tendencies can help solve the situation themselves, by looking to the possibility of their own DNA being damaged by the acts that they do, for the benefit of the mental tangles that are going on, the construct of time and space that’s prevalent in the world today, but which is completely false.

Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

I know no one has talked very much about DNA as a vehicle for karma, but I’d like to explain what little I know about that, as well as I can. The actions that we undertake on Earth make our karma better or worse. Now, our karma is carried with us from lifetime to lifetime. It’s embodied in our DNA. We have our physical template, and our Soul template; our physical DNA and our Soul DNA.

Apparently, the way it works is, if we make bad choices, such as to murder someone, then an instantaneous change occurs in our DNA that takes us farther from the ideal that our Soul has for us … the ideal human expression that our Soul has for us.

In the same way, a life of joy, a life full of love, a life with expression of charity towards our fellow man, helps to change the miscoding, the poor DNA sequences, that we carry from other lifetimes, so that they become closer to the ideal that the Soul wishes the physical form to express.

Now I’d like to give an example in terms of medical knowledge, that also applies to my theory about DNA miscoding caused by wrong action. That has to do with cancer. Everybody knows … it’s common knowledge today … that when we make poor choices with regard to lifestyle, then we’re more likely to come down with cancer, yes? And that if we live a very healthy lifestyle, we’re more likely to have a healthy body … one that’s not plagued with cancer and other diseases.

But what actually happens, according to my theory, is that, through poor lifestyle choices, we alter our DNA. So that some of our DNA expresses what we call cancer. It becomes cancerous. It creates cancerous cells, you see?

And this malcoding, or miscoding, or recoding in a false sense, of the DNA, is carried through our Soul template of DNA, with us, from lifetime to lifetime. So this is a good example here.

Medical science knows that poor lifestyle choices cause cancer. But the understanding … the deeper understanding that’s missing is that poor lifestyle choices change our karma. And our karma expresses itself through miscoding in the DNA that scientists call cancerous cells: suddenly, spontaneously, cancerous cells.

These are just a few examples. It could be applied in any context, to all kinds of diseases that a person has. And it also applies to all kinds of genetic issues, and so forth. All these indicate DNA miscoding that needs to be corrected. And will be corrected, through the Incoming Light, during the dawn of the New Age for humankind.

You all take care. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Lion’s Roar: Why Kill? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 July 2017

Dear Ones,

I asked some folks on the astral plane why they like to kill. Here are the unexpectable answers I clairly heard. There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in blue font …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On the psychic plane, I just asked a bunch of people who like to kill people, why it is they like to kill. My notion is, if we understood better, why people want to kill, then we could work with that in terms of spiritual healing. I got a lot of answers … very interesting answers.

  1. Enjoys Seeing the Spirit Depart from the Body. One gentleman said that he liked to see the light come out of the person’s body when they die; he liked to see that show of light coming out. I guess he meant the Spirit of the person? Or maybe the astral form? Probably the light of the Soul coming out. Anyway, that’s what he saw … I think he said he liked to observe people dying. Yeah, that’s how it was; not necessarily killing them.
  2. Their Faces Relax – He Brings Them Peace. Then another person said that he liked to see a person die because then their face relaxed, and he figured that they were at peace. So he figured, I guess … I’m putting words in his mouth right now … I guess he figured that he was bringing them peace by killing them.
  3. He Likes to See Them Writhe on the Ground. Then another guy said he liked to see them writhe around on the ground; he enjoyed that.
  4. She Likes to Hear Them Beg for Mercy. And then, a lady said that she liked to hear them beg for mercy.
  5. She Likes the Feel of Cash in Her Hands. Let me see… And another lady said she just liked the feel of cash in her hands after she killed them … I think she was talking about killing people in old folks’ homes for their families, and their families would give her $20 grand for each murder … Although she didn’t say that, I just thought that … it was an intuitive thing.
  6. He Likes Rifling Through Their Pockets. Then somebody else chimed in that they liked killing people because then they enjoyed rifling through their pockets for cash … I guess they mean their wallet, or like that?

And that seems like the more expectable response, doesn’t it? It’s what people think is the motive: Maybe money. And sometimes they say ‘crimes of passion’ … but nobody answered that way … although that’s a frequent MO (modus operandi) in the detective novels. Let me see … Who else said something?

  1. He Likes That His Employer Feels He Does Good Work. Then one man said that he liked that his employer was satisfied with the work he had done, after he had killed someone. So, he was pleased to fulfill the expectations of his employer.
  2. She Likes the Feeling That She is a Powerful Woman. Oh, yes, there was a lady; she kills by injecting people with drugs so it seems to be a drug overdose. She said she liked to feel the feeling that she was a powerful woman.
  3. The Man Who Carved Patterns in the Legs of Dead Children in a Trance State. So, let me see: Anybody else? I talked to a whole bunch of people, one after the other … Oh, there’s a guy … he likes to cut up \ young girls, prepubescent girls, and carve intricate things into their bodies (I think he meant he carved patterns on the skin of their legs). And he didn’t have anything to say about why he did that. It’s almost like he goes into a trance state when he does that. So he had no response about it.
  4. The Man Who Relives Being Molested and Threatened with Death as a Child. And there’s another guy who likes to ‘off’ young children. He likes to kill young children after sexually molesting them. He said he likes to see that moment when he was sexually molested as a child flash through his mind and be done with, every time he does that. So, he was molested, and injured, actually, I think, in some other way than being killed, obviously. But it must have felt like death to him; so he’s reliving that childhood incident that was so traumatic to him, and getting it over with.
  5. Blood Sacrifice as a Sacrament to Celebrate the Renascence of Life. Yet another: I asked about the people that participated in blood sacrifice … the killing of women for black magic ceremonies, and a man said that they enjoyed doing that, I guess … [Q: Do you enjoy doing that? A: yes] …  they enjoy doing that as a sacrament to celebrate the renascence of life. That’s how they said it …

Thoughts on Restorative Justice for Murderers, Especially Serial Killers

And all in the space of a couple of minutes, I got all those responses. They’re very varied; very different from the motive that they say in the detective novels. So I’m suggesting that maybe the people who work with murderers … say, in the prisons, or like that … might want to ask that question:

Why is it that you like to do that? … especially with the serial killer. And then, work with that response, in the ways that only you know how to. I’m sure you’ll come up with the answers.

This is Alice, signing off in the Lion’s Gate (which will be August 8, 2017) with a kind of a lion-roaring message.

You all take care. Love you lots. I hope you find joy in your lives.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Gravitational Sinkholes and Upliftments to Do with Experiencing the Astral Realms While in Form . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 March 2017

    • The Difficulty in Describing Clair Perceptions
    • Astral Plane Hellworlds, Purgatory Worlds, and Heavenworlds as Perceived in the Afterlife
    • The Experience of the Astral Plane Negative and Positive While in Body
    • Gravity Wells (Gravitational Sinkholes) as I Experience Them
    • Why We Are Experiencing Gravitational Anomalies During the Ascension Process
    • How a Few Beings May, Because of Their Soul Choices, Be Relocated to Other Star Systems, and So Forth
    • More on Gravitational Sinkholes
    • Gravitational Upliftments at Places Where Great Devotion to God Is Being Expressed
    • Gravitational Upliftments at Higher Altitudes
    • On Strengthening the Forces of the Plane of Forces in Our Physical Forms for Optimum Health
    • Hallmarks of the Hellworlds
    • Hallmarks of the Heavenworlds
    • Will Power and Fohat

Dear Ones,

This video is about gravity wells and gravitational upliftments to do with the astral worlds negative and positive, as we are now experiencing them multidimensionally while still in physical form. A Summary follows the video.



The Difficulty in Describing Clair Perceptions

I thought I would talk for a minute about gravity wells on the surface of Earth, as I perceive them with my clair senses. It goes without saying that other people with clair senses will, no doubt, perceive gravity wells differently from me, because it’s very difficult to describe clair-sensed experiences by means of the physical senses … the clair senses are so much more refined. So there are really no words, amongst the physical senses, to describe them. Although we try; we try with images and sacred sounds, with stories, and myths. We try all kinds of ways to convey what we sense with the clair senses.

Astral Plane Hellworlds, Purgatory Worlds, and Heaven Worlds as Perceived in the Afterlife

To get back to gravitational wells: As you may know, on the astral plane, the core of the Earth houses the hellworlds. At about the level of the surface of the Earth are the purgatory worlds. And higher up, on into the stratosphere, are the heavenworlds.

In these astral worlds, in the afterlife, people experience different densities, depending on what emotion they’re feeling. Negative emotions … emotions like fear and anger … are very dense; they create a heaviness that causes Souls’ astral bodies to sink down towards the core of the Earth.

The Experience of the Astral Plane Negative and Positive While in Body

So, there’s a gravitational effect involved in the experience of the hellworlds, purgatory worlds, and heavenworlds after passing on. But when we experience these worlds while we are in body, it’s not that we are sinking down into the core of Earth or beneath the surface of Earth, or high up into the air. Rather, on the surface of the Earth, where our body is located, provided that the astral form is still around the body and not astral travelling, we experience all of these states through gravitational wells and gravitational upliftments.

Gravity Wells (Gravitational Sinkholes) as I Experience Them

When I’m driving a car towards a gravity well, say on a level stretch of road, it feels like I’m going downhill, and descending into the Earth, even though the road is level. That’s how it feels to me with my clair senses. And that’s how I know I’m approaching a gravitational sinkhole, a place where people are experiencing the hellworlds (1) here on Earth, while retaining human form.

Why We Are Experiencing Gravitational Anomalies During the Ascension Process

The reason for these gravitational anomalies is very practical: As the Earth is in the process of ascension right now, and the beings on Earth are in the process of reaching the caliber and level of delightful song at which Earth resonates right now, some beings are less ready than other beings to experience those higher vibrations, and they tend to aggregate together in clumps, especially of humankind, and various astral beings that are of the denser frequencies. They aggregate together on the surface of the Earth, and reinforce each other in terms of denseness of resonance. And these aggregations are what I experience as gravitational sinkholes.

How a Few Beings May, Because of Their Soul Choices, Be Relocated to Other Star Systems, and So Forth

Now, all is well, because, in almost all instances, these beings are just choosing a longer timeline and taking longer to ascend than other beings. There may be a few … 10 or less … instances on all of Earth … and you know, Earth’s population is 7.4 billion people right now, so 10 people are a miniscule amount of people that will need to be relocated to other star systems, and so forth, because of their Soul choices at this time.

More on Gravitational Sinkholes

So most everybody, I feel, either through choosing shorter or longer timelines, are on the ascension path, and undergoing the ascension process. Some are in gravitational holes or wells right now. I know of three such that were in the Los Angeles area a year or two ago; I don’t know if they’re still there, and I haven’t explored all of Los Angeles.

Gravitational Upliftments at Places Where Great Devotion to God Is Being Expressed

So I would say, all over Earth right now, there may be these gravitational sinkholes. Then, at about sea level or thereabouts, where large groups of people are expressing great devotion to God through song, I sometimes experience gravitational upliftment, which is the opposite of gravitational sinkholes. To me, it feels like my body is weightless, floating at ground level; as if I might at any moment experience levitation.

Gravitational Upliftments at Higher Altitudes

Also I suspect that at higher altitudes … this is an experience I’ve had recently … at altitudes above where cities are located right now, there are gravitational upliftments where the higher astral beings can exist harmoniously with human beings, in a much higher state of consciousness right now. So, if you will, you might wish to journey to the mountaintops from time to time, to reinforce the DNA changes that are taking place inside your body, and the codes that are changing, and the general health that is beginning to manifest in all human beings here on Earth.

On Strengthening the Forces of the Plane of Forces in Our Physical Forms for Optimum Health

This is what I have right now about gravity and the plane of forces which separates the physical world from the astral world. It’s what little I know right now about that.

As to the other forces in the plane of forces, I’ve been working with a yoga set called the “Basic Spinal Energy Series,” http://indrasgrace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Basic-Spinal-Kriya.pdf … This set is also available on youtube.

I find the set strengthens all the forces in the plane of forces except, maybe, gravity. It strengthens prana in the human body, the kundalini energy, the will power (2), and both electric and magnetic energy (which I typically term by the one phrase ‘electromagnetism’.

That’s a very handy yoga set, and particularly so since almost everybody can accomplish it in about a half an hour a day, and it can be done sitting in a chair if a person can’t do it in the way prescribed in the set. It’s suitable for nearly everybody, to help them attain greater health, and greater presence of the plane of forces within their physical form.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Hallmarks of the Hellworlds. What precisely is the hellworld experience, you may ask. Some hallmarks are black magic, blood sacrifice of innocents, worship of Satan, murder, mutilation of people, and in general cruelty to other people. Also in hellworlds are people who wish to experience being victims at the mercy of cruel people, people with severe addictions, people who experience unmitigable pain (such as the famed burning sensation), or who seem to be experiencing death over and over again. So the densest hellworlds have to do with experiences of cruelty, rage, fear, or despair; also the sort of lust that can’t be reigned in, greed to the point where other people can’t feel that their goods are safe, and like that. Frequently these are just dream scenarios on the astral plane, and not being acted out in the real world; dreams that are being dreamed in gravitational sinkholes. Also, communication with demons, devils, mischievous imps, and the like.

Hallmarks of the Heavenworlds. Gravitational upliftments are characterized by just the opposite type of astral imaginings and physical actions; for instance, feelings of appreciation, gratitude, joy, unconditional love, peacefulness, and harmony with all beings everywhere. Feelings of faith, hope and charity. Feelings of grace inpouring, devotion to God or to higher ideals. Feelings of health, physical vitality, emotional well-being. Communication with angels, beings of light, and God.

(2) Will Power and Fohat. As nearly as I can conceive it, human will power is one manifest of the plane of forces energy termed fohat. For more on fohat, see “Fohat: The Great Transformer,” reprinted from the Theosophical Movement, March 1964, http://www.teosofia.com/Mumbai/7208fohat.html ..

It it possible that Fohat is a gift from the Andromeda galaxy? See … Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: Energy Walls That Protect Us Against Astral Foes,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-9LW ..


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Devils, Hybrids, and the Astral Negative-Martian Alliance . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 5 December 2016; revised on 9 July 2017

    • Martian Bacteria: Pros and Cons of Microminiaturization
    • How Demons and Devils Are Getting Physically Smaller Because of the Awakening
    • The Deal That Astral Negative Beings Made with the Martian Bacteria
    • Hypotheses as to How the Astral Negative Beings ight Have Gotten into the Human Bloodstream
      • Human Hybrid Hypothesis
      • How the Martian Bacteria Were Deceived into an Alliance with the Demon World Against Humankind
      • Hypothesis that The Martian Bacteria Have Bioengineered a Servomechanism That Brings Astral Negative into Human Bloodstream
    • Astral Stories about Human Hybrids
      • Brother and Sister … Husband and Wife
      • Story of the Moon Rocket That Was Burned Up by the Sun
      • The Unholy Trinity and the Rebirth of the Holy Trinity on New Earth
    • On Working with the Martian Bacterial Colonists to Eliminate Hybrids in Our Blood

Dear Ones,

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …




Microminiaturization affords the Martian bacteria various advantages, but it also has its disadvantages:

  • Microminiaturization allows them to pack a lot of population into Earth
  • Those who have become colonists of other life forms  live in a more protected environment (minus ants, for instance) because they are double-layered into various larger life forms on Earth
  • But they lost touch with the bigger picture:
    • They developed various misconceptions, such as that they were living in space stations (really, human bodies), and that these were not sentient. They didn’t know they were on planet Earth.
    • And they lost the longed-for contact with Mars, the home world


Because of the expansion of Earth during the Awakening, the demon world (astral negative) has grown very small … physically very small, from 3-4 feet high pre-Shift, to microminiature size now (smaller than bacteria, as of now).

Lying is the stock in trade of the demon world. They are really good at deceiving people, and, about the time of the 2012 Shift, they deceived the Martians as well.

This strategy was brought into base because, due to astrogeophysical changes, the demon world had lost communication with its moon base (which I posit was controlled by the Orion group).

Till that time, the demon world could influence humans from the outside … it could get as far as the skin; it could settle into orifices … tear ducts, ears, mouths (to the tonsils,  lungs, and stomach), genital openings (to the uterus in women and possibly the bladder in both men and women), and rectum (to the lower alimentary canal. But, for reasons I do not understand, it couldn’t get into the human blood stream, nor into the lymph system. And these it coveted.


Knowing the longing of the Martians to communicate with their home world, they made a deal as follows:

They lied to the effect that the Martians would all be wiped out if the human ‘space stations’ were to ascend (when, in fact, it is the demon world that is leaving Earth).

They said that the demon world would establish communication between the Martian bacterial colonists of the human ‘space stations’ and the Mars homeworld.

In return, the Martians would do what they could to confound the human beings, so that they could not awaken, using neg speak transmitted telepathically through the human gut brain. Part of this neg speak were the oft repeated V— D— mental filter, and the F— Y– in the A– H— mental filter, the hidden agenda of the demon realm being to spread the AIDS virus and wipe out humankind.

Further, the bacterial colonists would assist in allowing the demon world to enter the much coveted human blood stream.


I have several hypotheses as to how this was accomplished. The first involves human hybrids, whose etheric nets have been damaged, during many incarnations, in such a way that alliance with the demon realm is appealing to them.

Human Hybrid Hypothesis

There are human beings on Earth who are more negatively aspected, more inclined towards service to self, than most human beings. These are the ‘hybrids’.

Hybrids have great psychic powers, which are leant to them by the demon realm. One of these is the yogic superpower described in the “Aphorisms of Patanjali” as the power to become very small, even as small as an atom.

Thus a hybrid can project his or her consciousness into the bloodstream of another person.

Or, the hybrid can subject another person to his will, a feat described in the Theosophical texts as ‘obsession’. They can keep other people in a state of semi-somnambulance, and mind control them into thinking that they are those beings circulating in the blood of a lightworker that they want to turn to the astral negative.

In the hybrid hypothesis, information (as to neg speak effective in Soul degradation) was going, via the placement of the hybrid’s or the obsessed person’s awareness on the victim’s bloodstream, from the blood to the crown chakra once a month, on the full moon, for communication with ‘Moon Base’ controlled Earth’s noosphere at the time. Per the Ascension Glossary, www.ascensionglossary.com , this Moon Base may have been a reptilian base or a base for the Orion Group pre-Shift. This ‘total control of Earth’ paradigm may have been happening, through subconscious buy-in of humans and/or Martian colonists, for a long time prior to the Shift. Or so the astral story goes.

The demon realm no longer exists, as explained below…. The hybrids, now few in numbers on Earth, and deprived of their astral negative Overlord supervision, in these times when the total control of Earth paradigm has crumbled, are fearful of exposure to the public eye. They are hoarding artwork and gold, and so forth, with a view to hiding out, to avoid fessing up to their heinous crimes against humanity.

That the hybrids need blood sacrifice to stay alive, and that they must sacrifice any woman with whom they mate so as to avoid attenuating the ‘blood line’ are fictions told them by the demon realm. For the need to drink blood I suggest trying chlorophyll, which is a molecule quite similar in structure to hemoglobin.

Hybrids think that they have no Soul. As I understand it, though, they do have Souls, but their etheric nets have sustained such distortions of the Light that their bodies are unsuitable for ensoulment.

This is not cause for despair, as it is not the great exception in humankind. For instance, I’ve read that the Soul of all human children waits patient on the sidelines, hovering over a child’s body protectively, for the first few years of life. Then when the child’s body is ready, it is ensouled.

Thus there exists the possibility … even probability … that the hybrid’s body may be ensouled as gene repairs and DNA upgrades filter into our bodies through the Incoming LIght of the photon belt.

How the Martian Bacteria Were Deceived into an Alliance with the Demon World Against Humankind

The Martians have also been mislead by the demon realm. For instance:

  • They thought that our bodies are space stations, and they are not. They are living on Earth.
  • They thought that humans were animals, and we are not: We are sentient.
  • They thought that the demon realm owned our bodies, and that they, the Martians, had legally leased our bodies from astral negative beings. This ownership is a fiction, and their lease is not legal.
  • They thought that the Moon Base was Mars, and it is not.
  • They thought they were communicating with their home world, and they were apparently intercepting astral negative communications between a reptilian or Orion group Moon Base and the astral negative beings in the hellworlds of Earth.

There will no doubt be a period of adjustment during which the truth sinks in, as to how both the hybrids and the Martians have been deceived. In future, we can look forward to clearings, healings, alliances, and harmony for all beings on Earth.

Hypothesis that The Martian Bacteria Have Bioengineered a Servomechanism That Brings Astral Negative into Human Bloodstream

This is the hypothesis that the Martian bacteria have bioengineered a bacterial-looking servomechanism that brings the astral negative into the human bloodstream and causes sickness and death. Less than optimum physical health turns the EMF slightly ‘sour’, making it ‘edible’ by the demon world. So the purpose of this hypothetical servomechanism would have been to turn the human EMF toward the negative emotions, such as hate and fear, with the intention of enslavement to the astral negative.

This intention of the demon realm would no doubt not have been revealed to the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon.

Were this hypothesis to prove true. it might be good for humans to undertake negotiations with our Martian colonists so that these servomechanisms might be bioengineered out of the human bloodstream. This would usher in the longer human life expectancy predicted by “The Law of One.”


The story goes that human hybrids, though they lacked Souls, could ‘walk into’ the body of one person after another, and so remain on Earth, as one egoic personality, eternally.

Another story is that they really exist out of form, on the astral plane, from which they can obsess a human being and walk into his or her body. That they can also project a ‘half-way there’ holographic image of themselves onto the physical plane, which most people will take to be a person.

Brother and Sister … Husband and Wife

This is the astral story of two hybrids, a man and a woman, possessed of immense psychic powers. They were brother and sister, but married (perhaps in a mythological sense?) who had been on Earth for a long time, moving from human body to human body, and ransacking Earth like lion cubs gone mad. The man had to kill any human woman that he slept with, so that she would bear no children who might distort the gene line. He grew tired of killing woman after woman, and finally settled on his sister as a mate down through the ages. They did blood sacrifice together … once monthly was considered a moderate amount … in order to drink the blood they needed to survive.

Story of the Moon Rocket That Was Burned Up by the Sun

The astral story, back in the early 2000s, was that certain of the full-blood human hybrids … or possibly Anunaki (Anaks) or reptilians? … were selected to go to the Moon, so as to avoid the Awakening on Earth, which was felt to be lethal to the hybrids. This story purportedly was told me, on the astral plane, by a man and a woman, half-hybrids, who though brother and sister, were wed. These two were not allowed on the space ship because, as half-hybrids, their genes were adulterated. They were half-hybrids because their father, a full-blood, had impregnated their mother with them, and had not killed her before they were born, as, so they said, is the custom.

Being half-bloods, the two children weren’t considered for the Moon trip. However, their father was among those full bloods selected. He and the others took off, along with humans (fully grown? fetuses?) they intended to use for food supplies (as they had a practice of drinking human blood once a month so as to stay alive). (Could this possibly be a story about microminiaturized full-blood hybrids in the blood stream of astronauts?)

After some time, the news filtered in through the astral plane that the sun had burnt up the rocket, and the mission had failed. (Could this possibly have been an urban legend to do with the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in February 2003?) Therefore, so the story went, all the hybrids on Earth were doomed by the impending Shift.

A rearguard action then took place to retard the Awakening as long as possible by tearing down the astral matter of the lightworkers, who, in the egocentric view of the hybrids, were held to be responsible for the Awakening process. This, of course, is incorrect; it is the Earth that is arising, through the Incoming Light of the photon belt.

The Unholy Trinity and the Rebirth of the Holy Trinity on New Earth

I have a theory that the astral story of these three human hybrids: the father, and the brother and sister who are man and wife, may represent the myth of an unholy trinity. The father may be the shadow side of God the Creator; the Creator God, fallen or shrunken down into the realm of duality; the Original Thought that moves out into the light and dark of creation. The son may be the fallen Archangel Michael fractal. And the woman may represent the shadow side of Christ Consciousness; the fallen Christ.

These, then would be the Divine, the Angelic, and the Beings of Light shadow side that overtakes Earth during the long Ages of Darkness.

There is a Myth of Darkness in our noosphere right now … a myth about a trinity of darkness, that follows us as relentlessly as the myth of the dark planet Nibiru. Like the notion that there is a shadow planet stalking Earth, in the same way there is the notion of this shadow trinity … the shadow of the Christian trinity and the Hindu trinity … that is sometimes made flesh in the form of human hybrids, and sometimes standing off by itself, in the fourth dimension.

As Earth moves into this new Great Age, I expect these archetypes to turn once more to the true glory of the Creator God, the magnificence of the arisen Archangel Michael, and the dawn of Christ Consciousness on Earth.


This is a final thought on the theory of invasion of our blood stream by astral negative beings. I feel that, were this to be true, we could work with the Martians to fortify their re-engineering efforts through proper diet, proper hydration, adequate exercise and sleep, and daily meditation. These would allow us to optimize our physical health.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see:
Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updatedhttp://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Disclosure and the Fate of Religious Radical Extremists . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 5 October 2016

  • Acts of Barbarism by Religious Extremists
  • Religious Extremists and the Future Karma of All the People of Their Faith
  • What Became of Hitler’s Inner Circle?
    • Those Who Endured Capital Punishment
    • Those Who Escaped to South America
    • Those Who ‘Walked into’ the Bodies of Young Children
    • Reincarnation of the Souls in Hitler’s Inner Circle
  • Why Antisocial Personalities and Killing Cult Members Have Heretofore ‘Passed Under the Radar’
  • Upcoming Disclosure of Sociopathic Religious Subgroups
    • Number of Sociopaths in the World
    • Fate of Sociopaths in Past
    • How Development of Worldwide Clairsentience Will Alter the Fate of Sociopaths
  • Integration of Groups into the World Community as the Awakening Proceeds
  • What Will Become of the Souls of Sociopaths who Have Passed on During the Age of Light?

DISCLAIMER: All references in this blog to antisocial personalities, psychopaths, sociopaths, religious extremists, cult leaders, cults, serial killers or cannibals are fictional (unless they are backed up by a news source and the name of a convicted person). Any resemblance of these hypothetical stories to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Dear Ones,

Much has been written about religious radical extremists of late, with regard to Islam in particular. The truth of the matter is, however, that there are radical extremists of every religious persuasion.

It is the unfortunate tendency to shield the members of our group from legal reprisal that is causing such trouble in the world today.


  • When the members of an extremist cult practice ritual murder, or blood sacrifice of innocents of another faith … as for example, when the leader and his wife, drink the blood from the still-beating heart of a woman they have sacrificed …
  • When they treat people not of their faith as if they were animals to be conned and ‘fleeced’, misusing the powers of God they obtained from the teachings of their faith to hypnotize or mind control these people into submission …
  • When they run down people of another color with an automobile, or ‘cull’ them in a Walmart parking lot, take them home and cut them up for meat …
  • When the leader of a religious extremist cult cuts off the penises of his own male followers,
  • When he murders the women of his cult if they don’t follow his orders …
  • When an extremist cult hunts down children of another faith at Halloween and subjects them to month-long excruciating torture, before ending their lives, and then laughs unaffectedly at the plaintive cries of these children’s agonized ghosts …


… How then, can the moderate people of this faith stand idly by and countenance these actions? And when this turning aside and looking the other way happens, how may the future path of all the people of this faith be altered?

In point of fact, this tendency to conceal and protect those who behave as criminals within a group … even to the extent of protecting sociopaths and Charles Manson sorts of sub-groups … is a source of ongoing group Karma. For instance:

  • When murder is practiced, then the future of this faith will see murder of their people.
  • When the people of one faith practice genocide against the people of another faith, then the group Karma of the faithful who practiced genocide will entail future genocide of that people.
  • As to acts of genital mutilation of men, Spirit says these are not the acts of a prophet Elijah. Rather, these acts revert back to the feral ways of wolves and apes. The law of Karma will cause future acts of genital mutilation to be inflicted on those who on those who have so mutilated. Good examples of this are the Jewish and Christian promotion of the practice of circumcision of newborns.
  • Acts of barbarism against those of another faith will cause the group Karma of future acts of barbarism against the members of the faith practicing barbarism.
  • War against those of other faiths will see future wars against the children of those who warred. I’m sure the Middle East conflict, which has existed since close to the beginning of time, will spring to mind: This is like a perpetual motion reaction of warring acts by one faith toward warring acts by the other.
  • Condoning torture and killing of children of another faith will usher in a future where the children of one’s own faith are killed. In point of fact,  an extremist cult leader who practices this torture of children may find himself killing his own children in this lifetime.
  • Extremist acts of hypnotism or mind control using God’s name, when countenanced by a faith, in future will cause enslavement of the people of that faith. The leader of the extremist cult that practices hypnotism or mind control using God’s name, will find, in this lifetime, that he unaccountably commits acts of hypnosis or mind control that drive his followers insane, and occasion their death by his own hand or that of another.


Those Who Endured Capital Punishment. For every action there is a reaction; violence begets violence. When people are executed, through the righteous indignation of the world’s people, that is hardly the end of it. The Souls of those who experience capital punishment, through the brutal clarity of their demise, and of their intendedly permanent excision from the society of other human beings, haunt the living with intent toward violence far longer than the Souls of those who suffer a milder death. And then, according to Karmic law, they reincarnate with even greater tendency to perpetrate evil on humankind.

Those Who Escaped to South America. And what of those of Hitler’s inner circle who escaped the great leveling after the end of World War II? What of those who escaped to South America with pilfered wealth and lived on for many years? The leader of an extremist group may feel he is ‘top dog’, but in truth he is but the slave of the demon realm, both now and hereafter. The atrocities he has committed will have coarsened the matter of his astral body. In the afterlife, he or she will experience a great burning sensation (termed by some ‘the fires of Hell’) as his coarse astral matter slowly dissolves. At great length, he may go on to the heaven worlds for Soul learning. When he reincarnates, it will be with all the samskaras accumulated in the latest, and in all past lifetimes.

Those Who ‘Walked into’ the Bodies of Young Children. What of those of Hitler’s inner circle who aggregated to themselves psychic powers, such as the power to rule men’s minds through misuse of psychic powers granted to them by God? What, for instance, of those who mastered the art of walking into the bodies of young children, so as to avoid the clear outcome of painful suffering in the Afterlife?

According to Spirit, there are one or two such people, among those of Hitler’s inner circle, who managed this feat. But have they escaped their karma? No, they have not.

Into the relatively feeble body of the young child whose Soul they have displaced, they bring the miry net of their many criminal propensities. Overnight, or very soon, the personality of the youngster who has been walked into will be seen by his parents or caregivers to have changed completely. This child, hitherto perhaps mild or shy, will begin to perform seemingly inexplicable acts of barbarism against his family and childhood friends. This sociopathic behavioral pattern will continue on through his lifetime. So while the experience of the ‘fires of hell’ has been delayed, the aggregation to his etheric net of Karmic distortions of the light will continue apace, and the future of his Soul will be further compromised.

Reincarnation of the Souls in Hitler’s Inner Circle. The participation of a Soul that chooses to participate in demonic activities, through the thread of pearls known as a Soul’s incarnations, or grounded experiences on our planet Earth, will not be confined to one Faith alone, or to the same gender as before.

Here is a case in point: What became of Hitler’s inner circle, who were were responsible for the Jewish Holocaust in the name of the philosophy of Consequentialism? According to Spirit, and quite to the contrary of what might be anticipated, a number of these people have reincarnated as Jews who have taken the last step past the philosophy of Consequentialism, into the realm of Ethical Egoism. (1) According to Spirit, one who was then male has now incarnated as a female. One who was then female has now incarnated as male. And others, who were then male or female, have reincarnated as the same gender.

According to Spirit, in these times, they are repeating the pattern of atrocities aspired to and often committed during the Hitler era, only, because of their placement on Earth during a time when World War is not taking place, their acts of atrocity necessarily are of smaller scale.


Why have these antisocial personalities, these killing cult members, not been detected in times past? Why have they ‘passed under the radar’ and avoided the lens of public scrutiny?

I feel this is because such personalities inevitably acquire powers of hypnosis or mind control, so as to keep their activities secret from society as a whole.

And further, it is very difficult for other members of a religious group to conceive that there may be, operating within their group of good and faithful people, as subgroup of antisocial personalities capable of such inhumane acts as to be judged, by society as a whole, as completely devoid of conscience.


Number of Sociopaths in the World. I saw in a recent Theosophical Society publication (2) that sociopaths may be as many as 1 to 3 percent of the world’s population. Were this to be true, there would be, at lowest estimate, 74 million such individuals (3) who must be dealt with in the coming years. Many of these sociopaths may have no religious affiliation … and perhaps no affiliation with any group at all. Nevertheless, amongst this rather dauntingly large group of very dangerous and previously undetected sociopaths, there will be some subset who are religious extremists.

Fate of Sociopaths in Past. In many past instances, the people of a faith may have countenanced the criminal behavior of an extremist subgroup so as to uphold their faith, but in so doing they will drag down the Karma of their children, and their children’s children. All those of their faith will suffer because of their own act of omission.

Glossing over of those sociopathic religious subgroups whose leaders are without doubt antisocial personalities, has been happening all over the world, till now. But now, as worldwide telepathy begins to disclose all that is dark, all that is distorted in the realm of human affairs, all this is changing.

How Development of Worldwide Clairsentience Will Alter the Fate of Sociopaths. As the Awakening progresses, the moderate peoples of all faiths will begin develop the quality of clairsentience or clair sensing. Thus they will begin to experience the acts of barbarism of the extremists as if they were being perpetrated on their own bodies.  This is one aspect of the process termed disclosure.


How will the moderate peoples of these religious react to this process of disclosure? I feel that, as the Awakening process continues, the members of every religious group will be moving from identification with just that group, to identification with the world community, with all humankind, and even to an understanding of and feeling of kinship with Spirit itself.

In this way, it will become clear that criminality with a group must be dealt with. But what will be the process that takes place?

  • Will the discovered sociopaths be considered unredeemable; incapable of rehabilitation?
  • Will they be imprisoned for life?
  • Will they be subject to capital punishment?
  • Will new means be found to integrate them into the mainstream of society?

These are difficult questions and even more difficult questions await humankind. For instance …


Considering the accelerating light on Earth, what will become of the Souls of the many sociopaths now on Earth, after they pass on?

  • Will they still trouble humankind in astral form during the afterlife, or will they be removed to another planet, in another constellation, where the interstellar dynamics allow a version of the Duality Play to be enacted?
  • Will they suffer ‘the fires of hell’, as in ages past, as their astral forms distill into a finer essence, and then decompose, leading them on to the stage of Soul learning in the afterlife? If so, what would be the reincarnational prospects here on Earth, during the Age of Light, considering the state of distortion of light of their etheric nets?
  • Will their Souls be ‘put on hold’ till the next Age of Darkness on Earth?
  • Will their Souls eventually devolve to the animal state, and thence to inanimate union with Source? Or will it be possible for the process of Soul devolution to be halted, and reversed?
  • Will there be a DNA ‘fix’, through the Incoming Light, that repairs their EMF to the human norm?

All these are questions that await discovery, as the process of Awakening unfolds.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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