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Black Magic ‘Lock Down’ . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 22 June 2018; revised on 13 November 2018


Dear Ones,


On the astral plane, a short while ago, I finally heard a definition of the term ‘lock down’ that I’ve been hearing about, on the astral airs, for some years now.

Apparently ‘lock down’ is when a group of black magicians contrives to mind control all the friends, family, and acquaintances of a person into thinking that they are the person’s enemy. And vice versa.

The operant word here is ‘group’ of black magicians … as it takes a group, each working on a specific person in the ‘lock down’ arena, to achieve a project this large. I’m guessing it would take an ongoing psy maintenance effort as well.


Why would a black magic group do this? One reason would be if they think a person is a powerful sorcerer or black magician who threatens their group’s power over a population. Might be a population as large as Los Angeles, for instance.


One thing I’ve noticed is that black magicians are unable to distinguish between psychic abilities and kundalini arisen. So I ask all the yogis who practice kundalini yoga … such as 3HO, for instance … to be careful not to find themselves in the crosshairs of black magicians.

Along those cautionary lines, consider this image showing a woman’s back, and the face of a cow in crosshairs …

Image: “Is killing a sin? A spiritual perspective,”  https://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/Is-killing-a-sin.jpg ..

The accompanying article compares the karma of killing a woman to that of killing a cow. (1)

Common sense would lead a yogic woman to stay away from an organization that values a cow’s life more than that of a woman. In the same way, kundalini yoga practitioners would want to stay away from black magic groups, so that their bright kundalini energy will not be mistaken as a challenge to those who practice the black arts.


The difficulty lies in determining who is a black magician, and who is a person with strong kundalini energy. There is a Light of the Soul, that people get when their chakras are clear, often because of a kundalini rising experience. Often, also, people who practice awareness of their hearts … such as those Catholic groups that practice Heart Centering Prayer … have a very clear Light of the Soul.


The Seeming Light is a psychic ability that may makes a person appear very bright, in their aura, even though their chakras may not be completely clear, their kundalini may not be arisen, and / or they may not be placing awareness on their hearts. These people with the Seeming Light are practitioners of the black arts.

Here is 2 Corinthians on a similar topic:

13  “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14  “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15  “Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” –2 Corinthians: 11:13-15 (KJV, public domain)


Recognizing the ruse of a black magician displaying the Seeming Light is very difficult for lightworkers, kundalini yoga practitioners, and people who concentrate on heart awareness. That is because we tend to see in other people, what we see in ourselves.

Thus, seeing a black magicker of Seeming Light, a lightworker may say: How wonderful to meet a fellow lightworker!

And a yoga practitioner might say: How wonderful to meet a fellow yoga practitioner!

And a person who concentrates on heart awareness might say: How wonderful to meet a fellow heartfelt human being!


In the same way, the black magicker of Seeming Light, on meeting a lightworker, a kundalini yoga practitioner, or a person who concentrates on heart awareness, might say: I have met a powerful black magicker. I and my fellow sorcerers must contrive a ‘lock down’ to contain the energy of this hated competitor. And then we will kill him.


You may have noticed, if you’ve read up on the topic, that black magicians hate each other too, and fear each other as rivals. Power is everything to the black magician. He may work beside another black magician for an eve and a day, in ‘locking down’ a lightworker mistaken as an enemy. Then the next eve, he may turn upon and murder his former black magicker ally.

Be one black magicker the subordinate of another black magicker, for lack of necessary power to overcome him, then the moment his rival becomes ill, or experiences a compelling life event, such as the death of a spouse or parent, he will turn upon him with spells and incantations intended to wilt the life from his frame, and send his Soul howling to the hellworlds. With equal lack of inhibition, he will turn upon an aging master Mage, and murder him.


So it is with the black magic crew: Do unto others, until they do unto you. When a cult forms around a black magician, it will be based on unfaltering submission and obedience by the followers, and untold cruelty by the Master Mage.


To my fellow lightworkers, kundalini yoga practitioners, and persons who concentrate on heart awareness, I advise: If you want to know whether a group covertly practices black magic or not, look at their history as a group. Is it rife with treachery, vengeance, ‘take downs’, and murderous intrigue? Does it preach peace, and practice war?

What is the tenor of its founder? What is the weight and warp of his Soul, the cast of his eyes, the heft and bent of his personality. Does he have a Masterplan? Does he want world dominion? Are his aims anarchical? Is he a seditionist? Who is he, truly? What is the o’erarching aim of his presence in the world?

Don’t mistake charismatic for saintly. Don’t mistake Service to Self for Service to Others. Be discerning. Practice the power of discrimination in a Buddhist way. Know right from wrong. Know Light from Seeming Light. And in this way you and those you love will be able to lead safe and happy lives.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


LInk: “Mantriks, or Subtle Sorcerers,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 August 2016; updated on 18 March 2018 and 22 June 2018; https://wp.me/p2Rkym-62J ..


(1) Link: “Is Killing a Sin? A Spiritual Perspective,” https://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-research/social-issues/is-killing-a-sin/ ..


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The Take-Down . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 24 February 2018; published the early morning of 28 February 2018. Revised late morning 28 February 2018

    • Take-Down 1: Curse against a Christian Church
    • Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, First Version
    • Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, Alternate Plan
    • Take-Down 3: Curse of the Long-Held Grudge
    • The Curse of the Crooked Blade
    • Take-Down 4: Curse of the Social Gaffe
    • Take-Down, by the Dark, of the Light, at a Catholic Center
    • Take-Downs of Spiritual Groups
      • Spiritual Book Reading Attended by Seductive Worship Dancer
      • Gathering of Spiritual, Celibate Men, and Arrival of a Dark-Aspected Woman
      • Spiritual Traveler Meets Vengeful Person and Scandalous Webpage Pops Up
    • Take-Down by an Ex-Felon
    • Take-Down of a Business or Sports Rival
    • Take-Down: Hostile Business Takeover
    • A Rape Game Called ‘Tag’
    • Heresy of Salvation Through Take-Down
    • Why Is Salvation Through Take-Down a Heresy?
    • Religious Warfare
    • Today: Christians and Jews Warring on Muslims
    • The Synthetic Example of Hinduism
    • The True Effect of Salvation through Take-Down
    • Venus Kriya to Get Rid of Grudges
    • Aethos Sound Meditation to Spiff Up the Astral Body

Dear Ones,

Here are examples of the Take-Down. There are three videos, and one Summary in three parts. Text not in the videos is in green font …



Dear Ones,

I have just started learning something about a technique called the ‘Take-Down.” Being a woman and all, I didn’t know anything about that term. But lately, I have learned that term on the clair plane. And I started applying it to things that I have seen going on, which did not make any sense at all to me at the time.

And so I thought I would give you a few examples of take-downs on a grand scale that have been happening … that I have only just recently found out about, or that I astrally saw happening, and I couldn’t peg them at the time.

Take-Down 1: Curse against a Christian Church 

Ok, here is a Take-Down. You know, the Catholic Church has very stern, or sort of strict, standards with regard to marriage, right? But however, sometimes, churches … and probably the Catholic Church too … are influenced by a donation … you know? They’re influenced to ‘bend the rules’ by a donation, or like that.

So a potential Take-Down might be to get a church to do something, or to agree to something, by offering them money. And that ‘something’ would be against the rules of the church. But … the church would not ever find out about it. So it would be like a private joke for the Take-Down person, right?

So here’s an example of that: Let’s say a male movie star wants to marry a transgender woman … a woman who was once a man. And let’s say that the church … maybe the Catholic church, or another church … is against that. It’s against that particular form of marriage; it feels it’s not marriage, right?

So but however, let’s say that the operation was so successful that … you know … the typical priest or nun just didn’t know the difference, right? And so, the the movie star arranges to have a marriage in the church, or in the chapel, or like that … and without letting anybody know what’s really going on.

And so, what you might call the profane … or the black magic, or the Satanic, according to the beliefs of that church, is accomplished there, at that church, without their knowledge.

It is like a curse … a black magic curse: The Take-Down. Ha! So there is one. And I have another one for you … let’s see if I can get it together …

Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, First Version

Ok. Let’s say there’s someone that you really don’t like. And they’re close friends with a Jewish person … a very upstanding, socially acceptable, very proper Jewish person … a professional guy, right?

And so, you want to take down this one guy, but you’re afraid of him, right? But instead, what you’re going to do is, you’re going to stick the knife in sideways. You know? … Stick the knife in sideways, by taking down the friend.

And with any luck, the first guy … whom you’re pretending to be friends with … would never know it. And so the Take-Down is, once again, anonymous, and safe, and also unknown … In other words, it takes place without being recognized as a takedown. In this case, actually, two people are being taken down: The one person, and his friend.

So, let’s say you’re an adept at Mind Control. And also, you finagle access to the residence of Person No. 2. And you put drugs into their … say … water filter, so that when they pour water in, the fresh water that they drink is drugged by some kind of hallucinogen, or something like that.

And so, they drink it … and then you know that they drink it, because you’re psy. You know? And so then the Take-Down artists calls them up.

And you, Person No. 2, at that point,  are susceptible to Mind Control because you’re under the influence of a mind-altering agent, a chemical, or like that. And so the Take-Down artist calls you, and that establishes a physical connection … in addition to the astral connection, which is Mind Control, right?

So they call you and they say: Look, I’d like to interview you, but you should be in disguise. And this is on a topic that’s not in your regular stuff that you do … and like that. And so, you need to be disguised. So then they suggest, or mentally induce you, to wear some kind of disguise … like a different kind of clothes, or a different kind of hat, or maybe wear a mustache or something like that. They think of something …

And they say: And in addition, on the video that we’re about to do … using, say, a computer phone … we’re going to do a video about a really interesting, important topic. (It will be a topic this person doesn’t know anything about, right?) … And that way you can expand your area of influence in the world, in a way that you never could in a very straight-line situation.

And so, being in a hypnotizable state, this person … Person No. 2 … says: Oh, yeah. Sure. Good idea.

And then the Take-Out Artist gets a video of the other person, and introduces him, say, as a Muslim who has a profession totally different from his true-life profession. So he has it on tape. And he puts the video on the internet.

Because Person No. 2 is  disguised, nobody knows that this has happened. But in fact, the Takedown Artist has taken down the friend of the person he wanted to take down, and the person as well.

This is another form of the black magic curse: The Take-Down. And it has to do with Mind Control, which is something that’s often to do with Soul wounding, as I’ve discussed many times in the past. And Mind Control also can be enhanced by surreptitious administration of drugs, you know? It has to do with being susceptible to the demon realm sometimes, and so forth When it’s used negatively, psy is not a state that we want to get into, because it creates further Soul wounding. Of course, God-given psy (psychic ability) is something completely different.

Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, Alternate Plan

So now, let’s say this plan is in place, and the person in question … Person No. 2 … will not agree to it. Then what can be done is to find someone who is a look-alike … an actor, or like that … and get that person to do that role, and put the video online. And still, it’s a takedown … Without either Person No. 2, or Person No. 1 having participated in it. That’s a second possibility.

Both versions of Take-Down 2 have a ‘ fanning out’ curse effect:

  • They affect all people of the Muslim and Jewish faiths.
  • They affect the United States and Middle Eastern military groups.
  • They affect the family, social and professional groups that Persons No. 1 and 2 belong to.
  • And they have a boomerang effect on the Take-Down Artist, and his family, social, and professional groups.

Take-Down 3: Curse of the Long-Held Grudge

Ok, here’s the third Take-Down. Let’s say that two people get into an argument. The first person is the one that the Take-Down Artist wants to take down. Because this person is psy (has psychic abilities), he knows all the little foibles of everybody.

He knows there is an argument going on, and there is a weak link … a weak link of holding a grudge, or anger, or something like that, in Person No. 2. Ok? So, he can get at Person No. 1 by exploiting the weakness … the samskara … of Person No. 2.

So, being a Mind Control guy … right? … he knows about Person No. 2; can find out about their phone number … just ask, right? … over the psychic plane. He finds their phone number. He goes [signs as if talking on the phone]: I have a great idea of a way you can get back at Person No. 1.

You can put up a website anonymously. You provide the ideas. I can help you create it. And this website will make fun of the person that you’re angry with. Ok?

So Person No. 2 says: Well, how much is it going to cost?

And the price is right! So he sends the ideas to the Take-Down Artist, and the Take-Down Artist … in addition to the ideas of Person No. 2, as to what would be ridiculing, or a take-down, for Person No. 1, puts in Satanic elements, Witchcraft:

  • Curses for Person No. 2 and all his family;
  • Curses for Person No. 1;
  • Curses, in general, for all the people the Take-Down Artist considers to be not like him. You know?

The website is full of witchcraft, and Satanic symbols, and things of that nature.

Person No. 2 is an Innocent. He does not know anything about Satanic rituals, Satanic rites, curses, spells. He doesn’t know anything. He just thinks he is getting even. He feels bad, and he wants to express his anger.

And so, Person No. 1 does not know about this website. And Person No. 2 does not know about the Satanic element. And the Take-Down Artist has taken down both people. You see?

The Curse of the Crooked Blade

It is really an interesting process. It indicates, in the Take-Down Artist, a certain kind of Soul wounding that I’m not familiar with, actually.

  • Something like a viciousness, in a way …
  • A desire to wreak havoc or vengeance …

You know, I envision a curved dagger … a wavy dagger … there may have been such a dagger at one time. (See below the photo I found online.) The intention might have been, in the ancient days, to inflict more injury than a straight-edged knife during a battle …

The Kris, a curved dagger, :COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Kris met schede TMnr A-1448.jpg, Created 1 January 1920, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Kris, a curved dagger, :COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Kris met schede TMnr A-1448.jpg, Created 1 January 1920, CC BY-SA 3.0

And I would be willing to bet that this Take-Down Artist  person experienced a lifetime during which he owned such a weapon … Because, on the psychic plane, I see him using that, and inserting it, under the ribs,  into the abdominal area of people, to get even with them … inserting it on the left-hand side (from the assaulted person’s point of view), about two inches below the ribs, and then turning it and twisting it to create more damage in the physical form.

Of course, this is merely an astral visualization. But it does cause pain … If it were to happen to me, I would feel pain in that area, until I was able to equalize the energy in that area. You know what I mean? It creates kind of a psychic pain … a temporary pain.

So in conclusion I would like to say, that in a situation like that … with the curvy dagger, and the vindictive feeling of ‘really wanting to stick it to them’ …

… that when that lifetime clears … that lifetime in which the curvy dagger, I think, as a woman, and who used that dagger to kill a lover or husband, or a person that owned a harem and who forced the harem to their will; something of that nature … When that first incident clears, I think that all this other stuff … this need to do all of that, will also go by the wayside.

I think it will completely clear up. And not only that, but that person, and all other energies like that, all over Earth, will probably be clearing [clicks fingers] altogether, in an instant, with one of the waves of Incoming Light.

Take-Down 4: Curse of the Social Gaffe

Alright, here is another curse: The Curse of the Social Gaffe. You could also call it The Curse of the Taboo …

If by Mind Control, a Take-Down Artist gets another person to break a social taboo, and then records it and puts it online, then that is a Take-Down that involves a curse by those members of society that hold dear that taboo. Here are examples:

  • The man to be taken down is Mind Controlled into cross-dressing or exposing himself in public. Then that’s recorded online, or a bunch of people see it.
  • Here is another one: A modest woman is Mind Controlled to pose nude, or perform a  sex act in the buff, and this is placed online, or a lot of people see it. In this latter case, the  Mind Control lure might be that it will bring in money for a social cause dear to the woman.

There are endless variations on this theme of The Curse of the Social Gaffe.


Well, so I have some more examples of Take-Downs here, that sort of fit the previous pattern, but in some ways they’re a variation on that theme. I will let you decide about that. As I say, I am new to this topic, so you’ll probably see a question mark here.

Take-Down, by the Dark, of the Light, at a Catholic Center

Some of this, at the beginning, has to do with Catholicism … because the Catholics often are subject to ridicule by the Satanic realm.

And that will take off, in the form of some members of a group (maybe a Catholic group, or maybe another type of spiritual group) coming to a Catholic retreat center, or some place like that, and being part of a larger group that’s there … and then enacting a ‘perverse’ ritual … a ‘black opposite’ ritual … like a Black Mass, or reverse technology (often word reversal, spelling and pronouncing words backwards) … to try to change the Light to the Dark there. Or to try to change the Sacred to the Profane there, as I understand it … as I feel it to be so.

This I am not taking from books, but rather from clair intel that I have. Which, as you may know, is not based in fact; it is just based in clair understanding of the way things are in the world. Which means the astral plane, the feeling plane. And not so much the physical plane. So … grain of salt!

So for instance, if there’s a group meeting for a retreat at a Catholic place, and if, during the night of, say, a weekend retreat, or several days long, during the week, something like that.

So it involves an overnight stay. And during the night, something happens that’s Satanic. And it has to do with a member of the group who might also have a thread of energy to do with the Satanic, or who has a friend or family member with that energy. So that there’s that connection, or a remote connection.

Or it could be someone else on the grounds, who has that connection, and is in tune with somebody in the group. And so that person acts instead, in this profane way … what I call ‘profane’.

So what that person does is … in the night … either someone in the group or someone on the grounds resonant with the energy of those strands of Black Magic …. even very small strands … that are in that group, might rape someone who considers it a very bad thing to be raped or seduced.

That person could be like a priest or monk or nun, or a very devout Catholic lay person … something like that. So that happens in the midst of this seemingly devout spiritual retreat.

Or, here’s another instance that I heard about several times on the clair or astral plane:

Such a retreat takes place, and in the middle of the night, there is a murder. Not necessarily related to that group, but interfering with the energy of spiritual stuff in the group. Or possibly related to the group in some way.

In other words, there’s some kind of collusion of the Dark against the Light in the third and fourth dimensions.

So if somebody attempts something very spiritual, very high, and very Light, something will come in, by way of cunning, intelligent, Light-seeming Dark. An intelligence, that kind of thing.

The threads will come through, and action will occur on the physical plane. It might be rape, nearby. It might be murder, nearby. Or faraway.

So that is a Take-Down. It is a Take-Down, by the Dark, of the Light.

As to why Catholic centers might be a target, my thought on this is that Catholicism holds womanhood and motherhood high, and with great respect, and a feeling of protectiveness.

Denigration of women is one of the touchstones of the demon realm. Thus it might want to target Catholicism to increase its ‘toehold’ here on Earth. That’s my guess.

Take-Downs of Spiritual Groups

Ok, so now, I have some more Take-Downs, that must involve human agency. I’ve noticed them, over the years. And it tends to happen to spiritual groups quite a lot.

It’s like the Dark targets spiritual groups … people who are intent on creating Light on Earth … and introduces something into the works, to stop the works from going around smoothly. You know?

Spiritual Book Reading Attended by Seductive Worship Dancer. For instance, say there was a gathering of people intent on reading a spiritual book. Ok? And it was open to the public. And then someone showed up, who was an exotic dancer. And the overall Soul mission of that person is seduction. Although, she introduces herself as a master of an ancient form of worship dance … of dance in honor of God …

Ok, so, why is that person there? What prompted that person to go there? Is there an intermediary of another person, who asked that person to go there? Or is it purely the Dark, pulling in the Dark towards the Light?

Gathering of Spiritual, Celibate Men, and Arrival of a Dark-Aspected Woman. That’s one example. And it is not the only example. There might be a gathering of very spiritual men. They meet, maybe once a week, maybe daily … who knows.  And sometimes the meeting is open to the public, you know?

Well, these spiritual men … these celibate men … they are, in some ways, in a difficult situation. Because they always have to contend with a sexual urge that they want to contain.

All right, so, to one of their public gatherings comes a woman: Very beautiful, and very dark in energy; perhaps a sex worker? It is hard to say. Something very dark and very alluring. You know? Almost like … you hear of those beings … Harpies, or some kind of being that’s intent on misleading and misguiding spiritual people … you know?

She comes, she sits, and after a while there is an attraction, you know? An attraction amongst the men there and her. And after a while, appears in the newspaper, or on the internet, or something, a big, scandalous webpage that implies that the people there have had sex with this woman.

Now, one does not know whether that’s true or not. It is impossible to tell. But itis a Take-Down by the Dark, for sure. The intention is nothing but harm.

Spiritual Traveler Meets Vengeful Person and Scandalous Webpage Pops Up. And there are other instances like that too … Somebody is a noted traveler, who goes and promotes a feeling of religious devotion in crowds of people.

That person makes the acquaintance of someone who has that feeling of Vengeance … or whatever … and suddenly, there’s a rivalry going on, and the Take-Down occurs. And the Take-Down, in this case, occurs in the form of another web page, with scandalous stuff on it.

There is no evidence whether it’s true or not … But it’s funny: People are willing to believe scandal, on no evidence whatsoever. Is that not true? You know, it is not like they look at the facts. They just look at the fact that it is interesting to view scandal. Like in those newspapers that promote that kind of thing.

And most likely there will be a redirect: On the psychic plane, the vengeful person will inform the Spiritual Traveler that someone else towards whom he feels vengeful is the author of the webpage. My guess is, this would be a recurring pattern in the instance of the Vengeful Man.

So there is another example of a webpage intent on harm … intent on tearing down the Light. Intent on introducing the Profane into the Sacred.

Take-Down by an Ex-Felon

There is another type of Take-Down. It has to do with felons, and the type of life that a felon leads, especially after having been in prison.

Oft-times, because of the rough things that happen in prison, a convicted felon who comes out of prison will have a tendency towards sex work to make a few extra bucks … maybe to buy some drugs, or for whatever reason.

  • Sex work and drugs, I guess.
  • And also M2M, quite frequently., because a lot of the felons are men, and in prison, lots of times, rape goes on. And so a habit, or a breakdown of a preference for the M2F types of relationships might occur.
  • What that last leads to is misogyny … hatred of women. Not always, mind you. But it can, in a felon; in a person who’s torqued to the Dark in other ways, it sometimes happens.

  • So, on getting out of prison, that person might be looking for women, to take their money and kill them; like that.
  • I’m mad at the world! Like that.
  • And men might be perceived as too powerful to do that with.

LIkely there will be a ‘psych eval’ … a psychological evaluation … for a person who has been in prison … I don’t know, but let’s say they have a ‘psych eval’. Something’s going on with them; and an attempt is being made to reintegrate them into the mainstream. And so they have a ‘psych eval’.

So when they target a woman that they want to take down … Say, murder, and steal money from … they assemble false evidence to the effect that that woman is what they are. In psychological terms, this is called ‘projection’, but actually, in real terms, it’s just fraud.

And so, what you will see is that the woman herself is purported to be a sex worker, on drugs, and to have the same ‘psych eval’ … That same ‘psych eval’ might be put forth with her name on it, instead of their own.

And if it works, this is a Take-Down, both physical and financial. The whole life is taken away. The identity is removed. Bad reputation is substituted for a good reputation. And of course, the property is also stolen.

So that is another form of Take-Down by the Dark. It’s difficult because a person who wants to live a saintly life, and upon whom all kinds of aspersions are cast … who is held in the light of calumny and slander … needs to have a very strong faith and footing and belief in God, and hope, and charity towards fellow man, in order not to lose the Light of God within their own body of Light. You know?

And it is a difficult test. It is a final test. It’s rather like Christ’s test, you know? And so … Christ made it, but not without thinking a thing or two first … having a doubt or two. And finally coming back to full faith in God.

Take-Down of a Business or Sports Rival

While we are on the topic of Take-Downs, I have a thought that, if two men are business rivals … or any kind of rivals … sports rivals, or whatever … a form of Take-Down might be the seduction or rape of the other man’s wife. That’s what I think.

I think it is also possible, if a man and woman are competing, that a possible Take-Down might be for the man to rape or seduce the woman’s husband, as a kind of variation on that theme. I’m thinking a lot about this topic today.

Take-Down: Hostile Business Takeover

Well so, I just thought of another one, and that is the Hostile Business Takeover. This is a kind of Take-Down, I feel, when one business takes over the ownership, and leadership, and assets of another business? And the more strikingly so when both are spiritual groups … When there’s a hostile takeover of one spiritual group by another spiritual group.

So that’s all I have right now, on Take-Downs. You know, I think it’s more of a guy thing, and so, I’m really not very conversant on it.

A Rape Game Called ‘Tag’

I have heard, also, of a rape game called Tag, where people, say, who have been raped, try to arrange for other people to be raped, just by way of paying back, in an indirect way, the things that have happened to them.

A game called ‘Tag’ … like the children’s game. That’s all I know about that one.


Heresy of Salvation Through Take-Down

On the very deep, subconscious plane, I’ve heard this Take-Down process, in its many iterations, as being ideated in terms of dragging people down to the Hellworlds for the sake of a spiritual cause. Long ago I heard … this is like a justification; a consequentialist theory justification for what is actually a demon world malware installation intended to drag down humankind to the level where their bodies of Light become negatively aspected, and ‘tasty’ to the demon realm.

But for the sake of human psychology, the theory has been put forth that … rooted, or planted, in the very deep subconscious realms of humankind … in the areas where, as Carl Jung used to say, archetypes exist (1) … in that realm, termed by him the ‘collective unconscious’, or perhaps slightly higher up, in what might be termed the ‘collective subconscious’, the Take-Down is visualized, ideated, or symbolized … metaphorically described … as catching Souls, and dragging them down to Hell, for the sake of the Spiritual Leader of your own group.

And then further, very congested, torqued to the Dark … the nightmare notion of this justification is that the leader of your personal, spiritual group who, say, has passed on, is confined to the Hellworlds. Deep down in the Hellworlds, he is crying out for help.

He and all his followers who also have passed on are down there in the Hellworlds. One doesn’t know why. But there is this visual image that the demon realm imparts by way of malware …

And that the only answer to this problem, is to send other people, from other spiritual groups, down into the Hellworlds. Or if there’s nobody to sacrifice, in terms of people in other groups, then they have to pick the least important, or most expendable, people in their own group, and send them down to sacrifice.

On their backs, the people that were important … the most spiritual of the people in one’s own group who have passed on … get to stand up, and be a little higher up in the astral plane.

That’s the theory that is implanted, and is motivating the Spiritual Take-Down.

Along those lines, here are two images I found online:

Link: People being cast down into hell … https://i0.wp.com/yeswearewinning.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/F7DC1FA4-0263-4F92-874D-99A91CE93B1B.jpeg?resize=300%2C238&ssl=1 … Not looking too copacetic!

Link: Depiction of Hell, from Wikimedia Commons …  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Depiction_of_Hell.jpgNote the saintly looking person resting peacefully above the general melee, and the three smaller, saintly persons sitting on a rug to the right of him.

Why Is Salvation Through Take-Down a Heresy?

As to this, I would ask: Why would a spiritual group, through clair perception, find its Spiritual Leader, and his holiest followers, in the Hellworlds? Assuming that they did their best to lead a good life, why would they be there? 

The answer, I feel, is that there is something in the way they lived their lives, that causes them to find themselves suffering and crying out in that realm. My thought is, that belief in Salvation Through Take-Over may be the very fallacy that has caused this predicament.

Religious Warfare

One of the things that spiritual groups do quite often, and often all unawares, is to think badly of other spiritual groups … to diss them in some way, or to begrudge them the feeling of charity, as towards one’s neighbor. 

For instance, it’s possible that a spiritual group might profess belief in Jesus Christ, but only as a ‘come on’ … to ‘lure’ Christians into another faith … one that emphasizes a different image or representation of God. Or, a group might compose a hymn that in some way denigrates Jesus Christ. It is possible that these activities might cause a subconscious response of curses and spells by Christians. If so, then this weight of curses and spells, carried all unawares during physical life, might be the onus that weighs down the astral body and drags it down to the Hellworlds after death. This possibility can hardly be taken lightly, as there are many, many Christians in the world.

Or, a Christian spiritual group might fervently proselytize for their own faith, taking away from another faith, with the same possible resulting subconscious and afterlife penalties against them, laid upon them by the spiritual group that feels ‘raided’ by them. Coup has been counted, feelings have been hurt, and there may be Hell to pay.

Today: Christians and Jews Warring on Muslims

In recent days, it seems like the Christians and the people of Jewish faith have ganged up on the people of Islamic faith, and are making war against them, both physical and spiritual. I can only guess what sorrow today’s Christians and people of Jewish faith may have in store for themselves, in the afterlife, due to the anguish they have caused those of Muslim faith. And vice versa.

The Synthetic Example of Hinduism

As to the Hindus, in my own feeling, I admire how willing they are to worship just about anyone’s saints and Spiritual Teachers. It’s really amazing, how kindly and open they are to the worship preferences of other faiths. I figure, they’re a pretty good model for the future; a better model than that of Salvation through the Take-Down.

The True Effect of Salvation through Take-Down

What is actually happening with Salvation through Take-Down? I feel that Soul wounding is being increased worldwide. More and more Souls are being torqued to the Dark … both the Souls of other religiohs that are attacked, and the Souls of one’s own spiritual group members, who are causing anguish in other people. And this, I feel, is the cause of the descent into Hell of so many spiritual people, after they have passed on.

Expecting the Heavenworlds, they, all in a flurry, find themselves in the deepest bowels of Hell. What a disconcerting learning experience! And one that I hope, with my deepest and most heartfelt feeling, may be set right in their very next incarnation.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Venus Kriya to Get Rid of Grudges

Link: “Venus Kriya: Get Rid of Grudges,” from The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, in Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization … https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/authentic-relationships/venus-kriya-get-rid-grudges ..

Aethos Sound Meditation to Spiff Up the Astral Body

If you feel your astral body might need a little spiffing up, because of deeds past or present, I would recommend Tom Kenyon’s “Aethos Sound Meditation.” Even though he doesn’t suggest this, I found, in my own case, that it works admirably in that regard:

Link: “Aethos Sound Meditation,” by Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/the-aethos-sound-meditation ..


(1)  Link: “Jungian Archetypes,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes ..


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Persecution and the Life of Christ . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 25 January 2018


Dear Ones,

This is about an alternate history of the life of Christ, and diminution of the energy threads of persecution and vengeance, as part of New Life on New Earth. There’s a Summary after the video …



Dear Ones,

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I heard another story about the life of Christ; a different kind of story. It must be a multitemporal story from another timeline. And it goes like this …

The notion that Christ died on the cross is actually apocryphal. It was born of the hopes of the people of his time, that he would fulfill the ancient prophecies in that regard. So …., I asked: What in fact happened? And this is what I heard; it’s the most amazing story! It goes like this …

Christ was a married man; a happily married man. He had a beautiful, young daughter about 6 years of age. And he and his wife … when things became very difficult where he was … escaped by boat to the Italian shore; to the shores of Italy.

And there they lived a long and happy life. During that time, his wife bore him seven sons, in addition to the daughter that had been born. And they died, in a goodly length of time … at the right time … in a ripe, old age, having uplifted and taught many, many people, and inspired many people during their lifetime.

That’s an interesting variant story of the life of Christ, is it not?

I can’t help but wonder, if many people thought that to be the life of Christ, how things might change in the Christian world. How, for instance, the notion that persecution always exists in the world, might be dampened and subdued.

And how the notion of retributory vengeance and persecution would also fade … fade from the fabric of our reality. Would that not be wonderful?

And then we could all go on … moving on, to New Life on New Earth … and with peace and harmony in our own Souls, and in the Souls of our neighbors. [smiles]

Even for those who believe as things are right now … who believe that Christ was crucified, and that it was necessary that he be so, in this dimension, it is possible to live that life, by concentrating on His earlier life and teachings, which are very uplifting and sustaining, are they not? And not dwelling, so much, on the pain and suffering of his final moments, but instead on the wonders of his life on Earth … the wonderful things that he did for humankind.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Yoga Sutras 1.5-1.11: Un-Coloring Your Thoughts,” from the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” by Swami Jnaneshvara, http://swamij.com/yoga-sutras-10511.htm ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Hamlet: To Be or Not to Be . by Shakespeare, read by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 16 February 2015; revised

    • “Hamlet” and the Ascension Process
    • The Free Will Decision to Prepare for Multidimensional Majesty
    • Hamlet and the Unwanted Effect of Taking Revenge
    • Prime Caveat: Don’t Act Out!
    • Spring Equinox 2015: Celestial Energies Will Be Ramping Up for the Next Few Weeks
    • Setting the Stage for Hamlet’s Soliloquy
    • Hamlet’s Soliloquy: “To Be or Not to Be”
    • On Viewing Hamlet’s Soliloquy through the Lens of Ascension on Earth
    • Revenge: The Threat to One’s Own Life and Limb
    • Revenge: How it Creates a Karmic Timeline Loop, as Does Every Instance of ‘Acting Out’ Our Soul Wounding
    • How Karmic Timeline Loops Prevent Us From Experiencing the Majesty of Our Multidimensionality
    • Hamlet’s Mind: The Time-and-Space Trap
    • How the Act of Forgiveness on Our Part Frees Up Our Multidimensional Majesty
    • What Happens If We ‘Act Out’ and Lose Our Bodies in the Process?
    • Ascension Process Continues to Take Place for Souls in the Fourth Dimension
    • The Karmic Reboot into the Third Dimension
    • The Importance to Humankind of Our Doing Our Best to Retain Physical Form
    • On Setting Aside Our Fears and Placing Awareness on Our Hearts
    • On Turning from Fear and Learning to Shift Timelines and Dimensions
    • Language of Light Tools to Attain ‘Cosmic Mind’ and Repair Our DNA
    • On Being Kind to Ourselves from Moment to Moment
    • Getting Out of Karmic Timeline Loops: Activations of Light to Shift Timelines and Optimize Dimensional Awareness
      • Activation of Light to Optimize Timelines
      • Activation of Light to Optimize Dimensional Awareness
    • Definitions of Words in Hamlet’s Soliloquy

Image: “Hamlet and Ophelia,” by Agnes Pringle, at ArtUK, Photo credit: Chiswick Town Hall, https://static.artuk.org/w800h800/LW/LW_CTHA_6.jpg … 


Dear Ones,

Here’s a reading from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the speech “To Be or Not to Be.” And comments about the Ascension process during the leadup to Spring Equinox 2015, including …

  • importance of avoiding ‘acting out’,
  • timeline significance of vengeance, blame, forgiveness. The end of the play “Hamlet” is a good hint about this.
  • Ascension process during the afterlife
  • grounding: fear vs appreciation and gratitude
  • grounding: shifting timelines and dimensions

There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

It’s early in the morning here. The birds are singing, the sun is out, and the leaf blower is making a lot of noise down the hill. [laughs] I hope you can’t hear that part, anyway.

“Hamlet” and the Ascension Process

I’ve been looking here, for a few days … actually for a week or so … at a speech by Hamlet, in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” It’s a pretty famous speech that I learned when I was young,

First I thought: It hardly applies in the context of Ascension. Then this morning, I thought: Maybe it does! Maybe there is something to be looked at here, in the context of Ascension … what the Christians call the Second Coming of Christ, or Christ consciousness … which is the process that’s underway right now.

The Free Will Decision to Prepare for Multidimensional Majesty

Actually … and this is kind of hard to ‘grok’ … the process … as I understand it … has already taken place. But large masses of humanity have made the Free Will decision to continue with the third dimensional hologram for the time being, as they purify their Light Bodies, and prepare for the fullness of their multidimensional majesty.

Hamlet and the Unwanted Effect of Taking Revenge

Now, what do I mean by multidimensional? That’s the question that I’m going to discuss after I read to you this poem. Just for a little for those that don’t know about Hamlet: The poor guy! His uncle had just murdered his father. And apparently married, or was about to marry, his mother. And this was an action that he considered, should be revenged.

The problem is, when you go around avenging yourself, sometimes the consequences are that you yourself get killed! You know? You get drawn into the action. This is something I’ve referred to recently … to those that are undergoing amplification of change of the electromagnetic field … as the tendency to act out.

Prime Caveat: Don’t Act Out!

And what I’ve always said is: Don’t act out! Don’t act unusual. Continue with your ordinary way of acting, or ratchet down to a vacation time. Something like that. A little break, to go for a walk in the park?

But don’t act out in an unusual way that will upset society … such as killing someone, or killing yourself, or getting into a car accident, or any of the things that I would consider to be kind of serious acting out. Ok?

Spring Equinox 2015: Celestial Energies Will Be Ramping Up for the Next Few Weeks

So that’s the thing we want to avoid right now, because the energies are ratcheting up. And will be, apparently, through a window of activity that includes several weeks, around the time of the Equinox in March 2015. And I could say that for me, recently, the electromagnetic field activity has been more than intense.

Setting the Stage for Hamlet’s Soliloquy

So there’s that acting out thing. I kind of let the cat out of the bag a little bit, but let’s get on to “Hamlet” … He’s all by himself right now, although I think there may be people hanging around, trying to evesdrop. And his potential future wife Ophelia is about to walk in and talk to him.

As you may know, if you’ve read the story, after his potential future wife walks in, he kind of goes ‘over the edge’, and becomes, very inappropriately, involved in an argument with her, when she’s just hoping that he will be ok, and will not act out.

But so, here’s his soliloquy (that means a speech to yourself; thinking things over in your mind, and saying your thoughts out loud. Here’s a soliloquy that took place just before Ophelia came on the scene …

Hamlet’s Soliloquy: “To Be or Not to Be”

“To be, or not to be, that is the question—
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing, end them? To die, to sleep—
No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
That Flesh is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub,
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause. There’s the respect
That makes Calamity of so long life:
For who would bear the Whips and Scorns of time,
The Oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s Contumely,
The pangs of despised Love, the Law’s delay,
The insolence of Office, and the Spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his Quietus make
With a bare Bodkin? Who would these Fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
No Traveller returns, Puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have,
Than fly to others that we know not of.
Thus Conscience does make Cowards of us all,
And thus the Native hue of Resolution
Is sicklied o’er, with the pale cast of Thought,
And enterprises of great pitch and moment,
With this regard their Currents turn awry,
And lose the name of Action. Soft you now,
The fair Ophelia. Nymph, in thy Orisons
Be all my sins remembered.”

–from the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare (1)

On Viewing Hamlet’s Soliloquy through the Lens of Ascension on Earth

This soliloquy is a favorite of a lot of people, and it’s very, very famous. I know that everyone who has read this poem and enjoyed this poem, has their opinion about it. And here I am, about to come up with a totally contrary notion about it!

So for those of you with set opinions, and determined opinions, about what’s going on here, I offer my abject apologies. You might want to stop reading right here, so as not to be worried about being aggravated by what I say … For those of you that are into the Ascension process, these comments that I have may apply.

Revenge: The Threat to One’s Own Life and Limb

We’ve talked a little about acting out, and Hamlet’s dilemma right then, and how, according to the code of his moral conduct, it’s important to him to avenge his father’s death. And then, in the soliloquy, he goes on about how dangerous it would be to try something like that …

Here I am a Prince of Denmark, and all … I could lose everything! I could go down into who knows where … a realm of shades? And find myself in a much worse predicament, if I try avenging my father’s death, because somebody might kill me. And as I recall, that’s sort of what happened; he lost his life at the end of the story.

Revenge: How it Creates a Karmic Timeline Loop, as Does Every Instance of ‘Acting Out’ Our Soul Wounding

So what he did was, he decided to act out. And in the context of Ascension, a lot of people are acting out vengeance and revenge. And I’d just like to say about that, something that I found out about timelines and revenge, is that when some suitable ‘revengeable’ thing happens to us, then if we don’t dwell on that revengeful thing, timelinewise what happens is we temporally cycle back, in the fourth dimension, to that emotional state that we were in when we discovered that ‘revengeable’ thing.

How Karmic Timeline Loops Prevent Us From Experiencing the Majesty of Our Multidimensionality

So, every time we think of something that really irks us like that, and feel that we should act out, we move back on our timeline … in the fourth dimension … to the time and place where the original Soul wounding occurred. So there are no multidimensional possibilities there, because we are stuck on one timeline.

We can’t move forward on our own timeline, because we keep cycling back to the old thing.

We can’t switch to a different timeline, because our minds are completely set on the need for an ‘acting-out’ action in the current timeline. We can’t switch to a different dimension either: We’re stuck in the current dimension.

Hamlet’s Mind: The Time-and-Space Trap

So our minds are trapping us … as Hamlet’s mind was trapped … in a time-and-space trap. So that’s the big argument against vengeance, is that in order to be free … in order to recognize our multidimensional majesty … we have to set aside vengeance. We have to set aside blame. And instead, to forgive. We have to forgive, no matter what.

How the Act of Forgiveness on Our Part Frees Up Our Multidimensional Majesty

No matter how outrageous the thing that has been done to us, we have to forgive. And what that forgiveness does is, it frees up our own majesty. It’s not a question of being nice to somebody else; it’s a question of healing our own heart, and allowing ourselves to step into that majesty.

What Happens If We ‘Act Out’ and Lose Our Bodies in the Process?

So now, on to that second question here. The question that Hamlet brings up is: What if I do decide to act out, and then the consequences are that I myself … my own body is lost in the process. Who knows what horrible things might happen to me? he says. if I’ve lost my body. I just don’t know.

Well, I’m here to tell you … I’d tell Hamlet if he were here today … that what will happen is that your Divine awareness, your truth of reality … that part of you which is the spark of Divinity … will be freed from this dimension, and proceed into the fourth dimension.

Ascension Process Continues to Take Place for Souls in the Fourth Dimension

And there, in the fourth dimension, the astral plane it’s all happening too. The Ascension process is happening to all the Souls in the fourth dimension, and all the Souls in the third dimension (and all the other dimensions too).

The Karmic Reboot into the Third Dimension

Very soon after your death … if you’re with the vast majority of people … you’ll be booted back out into the third dimension, if that’s your choice. Most people choose that.

The Importance to Humankind of Our Doing Our Best to Retain Physical Form

I know there’s a lot of acting out these days, and there’s a lot of concern about retaining physical form, and rightly so. Because by keeping ourselves anchored on Earth, keeping our boots on the Earth, keeping our feet on the ground, and feeling our hearts, and living our loves in joy and harmony with all that is, we can help Earth to fulfill her destiny. And many people do choose that.

On Setting Aside Our Fears and Placing Awareness on Our Hearts

But even if something catastrophic happens, even if we act out; even if we ‘drop form’, as they say, the potential still exists to participate in the Ascension process.

So the main thing, right now, is to set aside our fears about death and killing and so forth. and instead set our minds, our awareness, on our hearts. To feel appreciation and gratitude every day for something.

On Turning from Fear and Learning to Shift Timelines and Dimensions

Every minute that fear comes up, we can turn from fear. And in fact, you have the tools right now, to shift timelines whenever a fearful thing comes up, or to shift dimensions. Just understand that you’re not trapped in your mind.

Language of Light Tools to Attain ‘Cosmic Mind’ and Repair Our DNA

Your mind is just one tiny aspect of you … the tiniest … the one that’s trapped in time and space … until you download ‘cosmic mind’ … or begin your DNA repair process. You can go to Judy Satori’s website … that’s www.judysatori.com … She’s terrific. But I have to warn you that her activations of light are extremely powerful. So if you decide to undertake them, set aside some free time for yourself: A long weekend, you know?

Then, I suggest, you might want to explore these activations of light by Judy Satori:

On Being Kind to Ourselves from Moment to Moment

Time to just relax and enjoy life.  Sit in the sun. Get plenty of rest. And drink lots of water. And then it will go very smoothly for you.

So, no acting out! Don’t worry if a friend of yours actually tries the “Hamlet” routine, you know? That person will be ok. That Soul will be all right.

And for the rest of you, hang in there! This is a wonderful time you’ve chosen to be alive. So hang in there. You’re doing great. Love to everybody.

For those of you that love “Hamlet,” please excuse my lack of elocution. [laughs]

Getting Out of Karmic Timeline Loops: Activations of Light to Shift Timelines and Optimize Dimensional Awareness

So here are the tools for shifting timelines and optimizing dimensional awareness. These activations of light will get you out of karmic ‘timeline ‘loops’. In case you haven’t read about it yet, there are two activations of light for this purpose

Activation of Light to Optimize Timelines. Here is the first one, to optimize timelines … You say:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

Activation of Light to Optimize Dimensional Awareness. And here’s the second one. This is to optimize your dimensional awareness; you say:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize dimensional awareness!
For the All, through Free Will!

So now you know!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


contumely: display of contempt
quietus: death as something that soothes and calms
bodkin: a small pointed instrument that can be used to pierce leather, or might be used as a weapon
fardel: burden
bourn: a small, seasonal stream. Pun on ‘born’.


(1) from “To Be or Not to Be,” in Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_be,_or_not_to_be … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Subconscious Aspects of the Given Name Jason . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 April 2017

Dear Ones,

This short video is about the subconscious aspects of the given name Jason. There’s a Summary after the video …

Image: Jason, Athena and the Golden Fleece, attributed to Douris, circa 460 BCE, Vatican … public domain (1) … Jason is being regurgitated by the snake that keeps the fleece. That’s the goddess Athena on the right. The golden fleece, at the top, looks a little like a vagina, doesn’t it?



I’d like to talk to you about the subconscious symbolism of the first name Jason. The karmic backload of this name has to do with the Greek myth about Jason and the Golden Fleece. Do you remember reading that, in grade school maybe?

That was a story about a great hero of Greek times. However, the problem has to do with the term “Jason and the Golden Fleece.” In modern parlance, that word ‘fleece’ is a slang word for conning people, or getting money from people in an illegal manner; conniving to get money from people.

So people who are named Jason have to deal with this kind of karma that comes with the mental notion of Jason and the Golden Fleece. They will find themselves tempted, during their lives, to fleece people.

Every name has its subconscious symbolism. I have, more like than not, seen people acting out the symbolism of their names on a subconscious level throughout my life, and you will so also, if you go into an analysis of people’s names.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Jason and the Golden Fleece, http://dreamstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Jason-and-the-golden-fleece-dream-702×336.jpg .. In this image, the fleece is made of gold coins, and Jason’s sword hilt has a phallic significance, I feel.


(1) “Jason being regurgitated by the snake who keeps the Golden Fleece (center, hanging on the tree); Athena stands to the right. Red-figured cup by Douris, c. 480-470 BC. From Cerveteri (Etruria),” author Shii, 2006-03-20

For the legend behind this image, see “Order of the Golden Fleece,” by Patrick Hunt, http://www.electrummagazine.com/2012/04/order-of-the-golden-fleece/ ..


“Subconscious Symbolism: Personal Names and the Street We Live On,” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6iY 

“Jason and the Golden Fleece Dream Meaning and Interpretation,” by Stephen Klein, 14 November 2016, http://dreamstop.com/jason-golden-fleece-dream-meaning-interpretations/ … mentions that dreams about this legend indicate betrayal and vengeance are all around the person who has the dream.

Here’s an image pertinent to that notion, a picture of a giant flaming dragon coming after a small warrior on a rock ledge: “Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance_2015100105482,” http://nerdreactor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Disgaea-5_-Alliance-of-Vengeance_20151001054821.jpg ..


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subconscious symbolism, Jason and the Golden Fleece, mastery of mind, legends, myths, black widower, gold digger, fleece, con game, misogyny, unconscious symbolism, psychology, psychiatry, vengeance, betrayal,

Astral Stories 1: Childhood Soul Wounding and Projection in Adulthood . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 March 2017

    • Introduction
    • An Astral Story about a Case of Extreme Soul Wounding of a Young Boy at Puberty
    • The Malspeak Program That Was Installed
    • Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the First Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding
    • Blending of One’s Personal Samskaras with Those of a Group
    • Fatal Projection of Heart Attack Feeling in Relationship
    • Projection of Childhood Genital Wounding as Public Exposure of Genitals with Black Magic Intent
    • Astral Story about Another Person with Similar Depth of Soul Wounding in Early Childhood
    • Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the Second Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding
    • Positing the Two Soul-Wounded Young People Meeting in a Group Setting
    • Projection of Early Soul Wounding as an Experiment on Others in an Attempt to ‘Uncolor’ the Remembered Trauma
    • First and Second Tier Soul Wounding and Karmic Pass-Down, with Acting Out of Rage by the Second Tier
    • My Thoughts on Ways to Avoid Acting Out Soul Wounding

Dear Ones,


These astral stories are about childhood Soul wounding, projection of that wounding through acting out as an adult, and first- and second-tier karmic flow-through.

I’d like to state in advance that these are merely astral stories, imaginative stories, and most likely represent vivid waking dreams, daydreams and night dreams characteristic of the astral state, rather than actual physical occurrences.

It seems to me that an understanding of these astral stories may be helpful in healing the Souls of those who’ve sustained dense wounding to their etheric nets as the result of many incarnations on Earth, where the duality play offers both great suffering and a chance for great Soul learning.

There’s a Summary after the video; text in green font isn’t in the video …




Here’s a hypothetical instance of Soul wounding, and how that might play out in the world in a particular situation where that Soul wounding encounters other Soul wounding, say from a group. What I’m hoping the takeaway might be, is:

  • a further understanding of the workings of karma in the world,
  • of malspeak,
  • of the Soul clearing that’s taking place right now,
  • and of how we can recognize karmic traps and avoid them, so that the Soul clearing may happen more quickly.

An Astral Story about a Case of Extreme Soul Wounding of a Young Boy at Puberty

Suppose there were a case where a very young child was just learning about sexuality and the ability to have an orgasm. And this young person had a younger sister who used to follow him around all the time by way of hero worship.

And so, this young person was getting the feeling he wanted to try out his new skill by himself, but his younger sister followed him along, out into a field. His feeling was very strong, and he was just a very young boy at the time; he wanted to be alone, and he became upset because she wouldn’t leave him. So he threw a rock at her, and by mistake, he killed her. He tried to revive her, but he found out that she had passed on.

His father found out, and his father was a person who had trouble containing his anger. His son was distraught, very upset about it. In a fit of anger over what his young son had done, the father never noticed what the child was feeling. Instead, he took a butcher knife and cut the child’s penis off.

The Malspeak Program That Was Installed

Here we have a case of extreme Soul wounding at a very young age. Very extreme. And the Soul lesson, the malspeak that happened, was something like this:

  • If I feel sexual, then I will kill a woman [as he had done his sister].
  • lf I feel sexual, then I’m in danger of being physically mutilated [as his father had mutilated him].
  • Therefore, whenever I feel sexual, I must repress that feeling.

Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the First Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding

There would be a tendency to perceive father figures as being more powerful than they actually are … as forces that must be placated and kowtowed to, like wrathful father gods.

There would be a tendency to consider women frail creatures who might easily pass on at any time, through one’s own hand. 

There might be a tendency to turn to frail women or children for sexual fulfillment, by way of repeating the childhood wounding, and this turning to might lead to physical peril for the women or children at times when the Soul wounding surfaced from the subconscious mind.

There might be a tendency to turn to men for sexual encounters, in an effort to spare women’s lives, and this turning to might bring up fears of a wrathful god as the Soul wounding surfaced from the subconscious mind. This might result in physical threats of genital mutilation or death, so as to relieve feelings of physical violation and fear of death at the hand of the father associated with the early Soul wounding.

These tendencies might possibly surface in real life, but more likely, they might weave as threads of denser energy through the fabric of the subconscious mind of the young man.

Blending of One’s Personal Samskaras with Those of a Group

Now suppose, in this state of extreme Soul exhaustion and upset, and repression of the vital sex drive, this young person eventually encountered a group that had these kinds of samskaras:

  • One might be the tendency of the people there to repeat the malspeak,
    • Oh God, I want your money!
  • And let’s say that this organization also had a notion that expression of sexuality is sinful and deleterious to the development of the Soul.

So this young person would feel that they fit in, because they, themselves, would have repressed sexual energy. So the two samskaras: the group samskara, “Oh God, I want your money!” and the young man’s samskaras, after a time, would blend in the young man.

Fatal Projection of Heart Attack Feeling in Relationship

This might give rise, after a time, of a feeling of heart attack whenever the young person was in relationship with other people; a feeling of imminent death whenever this person had a sexual feeling.

Then, let’s say that the responsibilities of this young person with regard to the group might include developing relationships with people so as to obtain donations from them for the group. When this person developed relationships with other people, lets say he felt a kind of heart attack feeling, as if his heart were being injured (because of his prior association of relationships with mutilation, and so forth).

This heart attack feeling can give rise to repressed, strong negative emotions that cause heart attacks in other people (through a process termed by psychologists ‘projection’ … which is to say, projection of one’s own feelings and emotions onto another person, on the astral plane).

If these potential donors were to pass on, then the young person would be fulfilling the desire of the group “Oh God, I want your money!” … that malspeak … if the person who passed on had signed on as donors should they pass on. So in this instance, one might expect, many deaths of potential donors who had written into their will a bequest or donation to this group.

Projection of Childhood Genital Wounding as Public Exposure of Genitals with Black Magic Intent

In addition, this young person might feel, say, that the exposure of his sexual organ in public, might be the greatest of black magic, because of the thing that happened to him in his youth. He might feel that, by exposing himself in public, someone else might have a heart attack, because he (the young person) had a heart attack when his penis was exposed and his father cut it off in early childhood (although it might be, say, that his penis was later reconstructed).

Astral Story about Another Person with Similar Depth of Soul Wounding in Early Childhood

Let’s posit that, in that same group, there might be another person with a similar depth of Soul wounding. And this person grew up in a family that was very strictly against any kind of sexual display … such as, say, some of the Christian faiths are against dancing, wearing revealing clothes, and such like, and who, in general, feel that sexuality is sinful and a work of the devil. There are groups out there that are like that.

And let’s say this second young person grew up in such a very restrictive environment, and then, at the age of puberty, rebelled against the whole thing, ran away from home, and took up with a man. A man, say, picked him up on the road; this man offered safety and security … a chance to stay alive, and so forth … but asked and demanded sexual favors and inflicted sexual abuse.

Let’s say that this second young person, in his first ever romantic relationship, became head-over-heels infatuated with the man. Then, when that person grew tired of the child, the child thought to offer him the supreme gesture of cutting off their own sexual organ (along the lines of the religious training his parents had given him). And let’s suppose that that did not work … that did not ingratiate the young man with the older man again. The man just bowled them over and let them go.

Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the Second Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding

  • This second young man might have a tendency to form romantic relationships with men (thus reliving his early childhood Soul wounding),
  • He might feel extra sensitive to criticism from both men and women (because of his concerns about his genitals being different from those of other men)
    • This extra-sensitivity to criticism might lead to formation of vendetta or blood feud lists of people to be persecuted through astral rape, or through stalking by himself or his lovers
    • If his choice of sexual partners were to be men, this extra-sensitivity might lead more specifically to persecution of women through rape and/or murder scenarios on the astral and physical plane and a feeling of misogyny
  • When having sexual relations, he might experience pain because of the physical wounding his genital cells had sustained and,
    • He might act this out either masochistically (as a reliving of the early trauma)
    • Or sadistically (as psychological projection of the early karma onto another person)
  • And he might be attracted to a spiritual group that espoused sexual repression (according to the teaching of his youth)
  • This, then, would set up an overall dynamic of a sexually repressed lifestyle, with intermittent experiences of sexuality associated with denser emotions experienced in his early childhood

Positing the Two Soul-Wounded Young People Meeting in a Group Setting

Let’s posit, as a hypothesis, that these two young people, who had both been subject to extremely difficult Soul wounding situations in youth, met in one group or organization. Let’s posit these two spiritual people continued for a long time in the group, and were greatly valued and respected by the group because of their many great talents, and because of their devotion to the ideals of the group, and in spite of the early Soul wounding they had sustained.

Projection of Early Soul Wounding as an Experiment on Others in an Attempt to ‘Uncolor’ the Remembered Trauma

One thing that we might anticipate from their association in this group, would have to do with their shared early Soul wounding to do with genital mutilation. For instance, they might think nothing of performing an experiment with people considered by the general public to be dispensable, unneeded, and unwanted (as they, themselves, had felt when the early childhood Soul wounding occurred), an experiment involving cutting off their sexual organs (as theirs had been cut off in youth) and converting these people, through cosmetic surgery, to a notion of being women. Which might be idealized by these two people, and by others in that group, as kindly, loving men (that is, the kind of men they wished that their fathers might have been).

With a lack of understanding of the basic physiology concerned, and of the importance of orgasm in creating physical and mental health, they might arrange to have performed operations in which men of violent propensities would no longer be capable of having orgasms.

Consequently, when these men who had been experimented on, and who now looked like women, felt sexual, they would … with that ‘crossed wires’ feeling that occurs at a moment of great physical and psychological trauma … turn the rage of their body cells, which had been mutilated, into the act of killing other people.

They might, for instance, assist in killing people who were potential donors for that group (as a playing out of the group samskara, “Oh God, I want your money!”), or other people they had been hired out to kill by that group.

First and Second Tier Soul Wounding and Karmic Pass-Down, with Acting Out of Rage by the Second Tier

What we have here is a very densely wounded clearing that’s taking place, not only of these people who were initially wounded, but also of the people on the second tier, whom they wound because of their own Soul wounding.

So there’s a first and second tier here. There’s also a first and second tier in terms of karmic pass-down in the duality play. For instance, these two people on the first tier, or even the whole group, might have associated Soul wounding. And interspersed amongst them might be the same malspeak, because, in associating with groups, we catch each other’s malware and malspeak as if it were an infection, like the flu. So the members of the group might share a number of malware and malspeak programs, and act in unison, in an unconscious way, without actually knowing, to express their Soul wounding … which, fortunately, is now clearing.

One thing that they might express has to do with rage held into the sexual organs because of those initial, childhood occurrences that damaged the physical cells. So when it happens that they express themselves sexually with other people, though they themselves might never participate in an act of violence … and I’ve seen this, on the astral plane, any number of times, in any number of situations … through sharing of the malware and the malspeak that they have, to do with rage over that area of the body, they infect the second tier of people with that emotion.

And that second tier, let’s say, who may be less in control of their actions, goes out and acts out the fantasies of the first tier, by way of killing women or children, for instance, or mutilating people.

My Thoughts on Ways to Avoid Acting Out Soul Wounding

My feeling is that, when engaged in sexual activities, people ought to seek out, others of the same or similar astral matter density. And what that will result in is less acting out during this time of great change.

Also, the understanding that the body is the sacred temple of grace of God will help us to avoid storing negative emotions in the body. All of the body is good and great, I feel. And understanding that allows us to dispense with this type of malware and malspeak that holds rage and fear and so forth in the body.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Prayer Regarding Vengefulness . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 February 2017

Dear Ones,

Here is a prayer regarding vengefulness felt toward you by another person, or vengeful energy threads found in your aura:

Dear God, may there be no vengeful people
or vengeful energy threads within my Soul field.

That’s all there is to it: just a petition, whenever you feel that to be the case.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

Photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

Photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

Photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2017


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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