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The ‘Haul’ and the Karmic Dumptruck . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 5 September 2020; published on 3 November 2020
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California
This story is entirely fictional.


Dear Ones,

Here is a fictional story about the workings of karma. The story was devised during a big heat wave here in the San Fernando Valley. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Is it ever a scorcher today in Los Angeles. I cannot begin to explain it. I have a little story to tell you about the outlaws I have been talking about for a while now, and some money that they cam into. It goes like this …

Far, far away from California, some folks came up with some money; and they said to themselves: We will just give it to the Mafia. The Mafia will know how to handle it; we can trust the Mafia. So they gave it to a guy who gave it to the Mafia. And the Mafia … these are the outlaws I was telling you about … got the money and they disappeared completely. Is that not amazing? All of them disappeared.

I was just wondering what happened to them. So I came up with some stories for you, just for the fun of it. It goes like this …

. . . . .

One of the outlaws decided to go to Key West. There he was, sitting in the Sun in front of a pool; and an alligator walked up and ate him … except for his credit card, which fell out on the grass.

A little child came up, and found the credit card, and gave it to his father. His father threw it in the trash. The trash was picked up by a trash truck, whose compactor crushed it.

. . . . .

Another guy decided to go to the South Pacific. He was sitting on a little island there, drinking a Mai Tai. Then he thought he would go for a swim. While he was out swimming a big wave came up, and washed him onto an atoll. There was no way for him to get off of it just then, so he lay down on the atoll.

He had nothing to eat but polyps; so he ate polyps for a little while. Then he got indigestion; then he got gas … He did not feel so good.

Then he noticed, where his back was lying down on the atoll, that there were poisonous polyps there, and that they made little welts on his skin. Then he did not know what to do, because his tummy hurt, and his back hurt, and he could not swim all the way back to the island. So he waited.

High tide came in, and it gently wafted him off of the atoll and on back to island … where his back still hurt.

So he lay there, wishing he were back in the Wild West, and knowing he could not go back there.

As he lay there in the shade, day after day, finally he felt better.

. . . . .

Another guy … he was a pretty bright guy … decided to go into finance with his share of the haul … his share of the loot … and he decided to invest in the dollar. A few months went by, and something happened to the dollar, in the area where he was; the dollar was destabilized, and he lost all but 2 percent of the money that he had … which he turned into seeds.

And he built a vegetable garden; at least he had something to live on.

. . . . .

Then there was a lady who got part of the haul; she was pretty good looking. She decided to go to a health resort, and tone herself up, and eat good food … that kind of thing … and just have a wonderful time of it.

But while she was there, the COVID scare hit, and people were dying here and there, so she thought she would take her stuff, and go on out and camp in a forest.

There she was in the forest. Then a wildfire went through, and a heat wave went through, and it was no longer possible to live in the forest. So she went back to the health resort. The COVID scare was over, and she decided to stay there.

. . . . .

One of the gentlemen who stole the dough … one of the folks in the Mafia … decided to take his money, and to become a devotee of a Saint known for her wonderful, big heart.

But very soon she found out that he had in mind to suffocate her while she lay sleeping, and take over the long list of her devotees for his own profit … and she made him leave her.

After he left, he felt very sad, because the love that he had hoped for was missing. So he went for a float down the Rio Grande, and he ended up in the Wash Bowl.

His raft overturned. There he was, sitting on the shore. And his raft went on down without him.

Well he was lonely, there on the shore of the wild and wooly Rio Grande, and he was hoping for a companion. And along came a wild, girl goat of the sort that frequent that region.

He made friends with her. And he found, in the love of that goat, the love that no one else had ever given him.

. . . . .

I have sad news to relate as well: When the members of the Mafia who grabbed the money decided to go on their long vacations, each of them killed their current wife. They said that the reason for that repeated act was that their wives knew a little too much, and they could not take them with them.

That was a pretty sad story.

. . . . .

The people that originally lost the money were pretty glum, and they did not know what to do. Finally they figured they could not afford their lifestyle. And they all went to work for MacDonald’s and Carl’s Juniors, and places like that, where they made the minimum wage … which was good for the sanity.

To know that you would be getting your paycheck every week was cool, but it was not much of a paycheck. So they rented an efficiency apartment, and put down pallets on the floor, where each one could sleep in the main room there … which was good, because it allowed them to work on their interpersonal skills. And they became very close-knit, as a group of people.

. . . . .

It seems that some other folks were involved, who were members of the Knights Templar. The Church took a dim view of all that, because in ancient times, there was a problem with Satanic worship, and carryings on, and the Knights Templar were excommunicated from the faith.

History [in this fictional story] repeated itself, and everybody under the aegis of that Church was excommunicated. Some of the people involved were Jesuits, which made the Pope look bad.

The bad press involved made the popularity of the Church go down in the eyes of the world to the exact extent that the new movies about the Papacy had caused that popularity to rise. Everything evened out, in the long run, and the Church went on, thank God, after a minor correction.

. . . . .

And that is what happens when a person tells stories on a day when there is a giant heat wave.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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The Take-Down . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 24 February 2018; published on 28 February 2018

    • Take-Down 1: Curse against a Christian Church
    • Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, First Version
    • Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, Alternate Plan . The Stand-in Look-Alike, Mimic, or Doppelganger
    • Take-Down 3: Curse of the Long-Held Grudge
    • The Curse of the Crooked Blade
    • Take-Down 4: Curse of the Social Gaffe
    • Take-Down by the Dark, of the Light, at a Catholic Retreat Center
      • Nightmare Vision: Group Leader’s Satanic Roommate
      • Nightmare Vision: The Stand-In Rapist Obsessed by a Group Leader
      • Nightmare Vision: The Pregnant Woman and the Maniacal Man in the Wheelchair
    • Take-Downs of Spiritual Groups
      • Spiritual Book Reading Attended by Seductive Worship Dancer
      • Gathering of Spiritual, Celibate Men, and Arrival of a Dark-Aspected Woman
      • Spiritual Traveler Meets Vengeful Person and Scandalous Web Page Pops Up
    • Take-Down by of a Woman by a Felon
      • Introduction: A Story by Alice About Summer in Durango
      • Themes in the Lives of Felons That Deter Rehabilitation
      • Take-Down of a Woman by a Felon: An MO
      • Conclusion Regarding the Felon Take-Down
    • Take-Down of a Business or Sports Rival
    • Take-Down: Hostile Business Takeover
    • A Rape Game Called ‘Tag’
    • Heresy of Salvation Through Take-Down
      • Nightmare Vision: Guru in Hell Stands on Shoulders of Sacrificial Victims.
    • Why Is Salvation Through Take-Down a Heresy?
    • Religious Warfare
    • Today: Christians and Jews Warring on Muslims
    • The Synthetic Example of Hinduism
    • The True Effect of Salvation through Take-Down
    • Venus Kriya to Get Rid of Grudges
    • Aethos Sound Meditation to Spiff Up the Astral Body

Dear Ones,

Here are examples of the Take-Down. There are three videos, and one edited Summary in three parts …





Dear Ones,

I have just started learning something about a technique called the ‘Take-Down.’ Being a woman and all, I did not know anything about that term. But lately, I have learned that term on the clair plane. And I started applying it to things that I have seen going on, which did not make any sense at all to me at the time.

And so I thought I would give you a few examples of Take-Downs on a grand scale that have been happening … and that I have only just recently found out about, or that I astrally saw happening, and I could not peg them at the time.

Take-Down 1: Curse against a Christian Church 

Ok, here is a Take-Down I heard about on the astral plane. In case there is any truth in the astral story, I have changed the details around a little.

You know, the Catholic Church has strict, standards with regard to marriage. But however, sometimes, churches … and probably the Catholic Church too … are influenced by a donation … you know? They are influenced to ‘bend the rules’ by a donation.

So a potential Take-Down might be to get a church to do something, or to agree to something, by offering them money. And that ‘something’ would be against the rules of the church. But … the church would not ever find out about it. So it would be like a private joke for the Take-Down person.

Here is an example of that: Let’s say a male movie star wants to marry a transgender woman … a woman who was once a man. And let’s say that the church … maybe the Catholic Church, or another church … is against that. It is against that particular form of marriage; it feels it is not marriage.

But let’s say that the operation was so successful that the typical priest or nun just did not know the difference. And so, the the movie star arranges to have a marriage in the church, or in the chapel, without letting anybody know what is really going on.

And so, what you might call the profane … or the black magic, or the Satanic, according to the beliefs of that church, is accomplished there, at that church, without their knowledge.

It is like a curse … a black magic curse: The Take-Down. Ha! So there is one. And I have another one for you …

Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, First Version

This is an example inspired by a video I saw on youtube, and which I thought might involve two people with whom I was acquainted. There was something extremely odd about the video … it touched a dark chord, it seemed. I spent some time mulling it over and came up with the following as an explanation in the realm of the subconscious mind to do with a black magic curse.

Let’s say there is someone … Person No. 1 … that you really do not like. And they are close friends with Person No. 2, a very upstanding, socially acceptable, very proper Jewish person … a professional man.

You want to take down this one man, person No. 1, but you are afraid of him. So instead, what you are going to do is, you are going to stick the knife in sideways, by taking down the friend.

With any luck, the first guy … whom you are pretending to be friends with … would never know it. And so the Take-Down is, once again, anonymous, and safe, and unknown to others … In other words, it takes place without being recognized as a Take-Down. In this case, actually, two people are being taken down: The one person, and his friend.

Let’s say you are an adept at mind control. You finagle access to the residence of Person No. 2. And you put drugs into their … say … water filter, so that when they pour water in, the fresh water that they drink is drugged by some kind of hallucinogen.

They drink it … and the Take-Down Artist is clairly aware that they drink it. Then the Take-Down Artist calls them up.

And you, Person No. 2, at that point, are susceptible to mind control because you are under the influence of a mind-altering agent, a chemical. The Take-Down Artist calls you on the telephone, and that establishes a physical connection … in addition to the astral connection, which has to do with the mind control ability of the Take-Down Artist.

The Take-Down Artist calls you and says: “I would like to interview you, but you should be in disguise.”

The interview will be on a topic that is at variance with the way you present yourself to the world. So that you may speak frankly about it, you need to be disguised. Then the Take-Down Artist mentally induces you, to wear some kind of disguise … a different kind of clothes, or a different kind of hat, or maybe wear a mustache … something like that.

And they say: “On the video that we are about to do [using, say, a computer phone] we are going to discuss a really interesting, important topic. [It will be a topic that Person No. 2 does not know anything about.] … That way you can expand your area of influence in the world, in a way that you never could in a very socially appropriate, straight-line situation.”

Being in a hypnotizable state, Person No. 2 says: “Oh, yeah. Sure. Good idea.”

Then the Take-Out Artist gets a video of Person No. 2  … the Jewish, professional person … and introduces him, say, as a Muslim who has a profession totally different from his true-life profession. So he has it on tape. And he puts the video on the internet.

Because Person No. 2 is  disguised, nobody knows that this has happened. But in fact, the Take-Down Artist has taken down the friend of Person No. 1, whom he wanted to take down, and Person No. 2 person as well.

This is another form of the black magic curse I term the Take-Down. As can be seen, this version has to do with mind control, which is something that is often to do with Soul wounding, as I have discussed many times in the past. The ability to mind control can be enhanced by surreptitious administration of drugs. Mind control has to do with being susceptible to the Demon Realm sometimes, and so forth. When they are used negatively, psychic abilities are not helpful, because their use can result in further Soul wounding. Of course, the positive application of God-given psychic abilities can be a good thing.

Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad, Alternate Plan . The Stand-in Look-Alike, Mimic or Doppelganger

The following story has to do with a number of instances of mimicry I encountered online over the course of a few years … I think it was between 2016 and 2018 … in which look-alikes appeared to have been substituted for acquaintances of mine.

I was also encountering actor look-alikes in real-world situations from 2016 to 2019, which I found to be pretty spooky. These doppelganger apparitions … which appeared either in 4D or as completely physical human beings … tapered off over the years; so far, in 2020, I am happy to say I have encountered none at all.

That by way of background to the following alternate plan through which a Take-Down Artist might implement the Curse of the Jihad …

Let’s say a plan for Take-Down 2: Curse of the Jihad is in place, and Person No. 2 will not agree to it. Then what the Take-Down Artist can do is to find someone who is a look-alike … an actor … to perform that role, and then to put the video online. Without either Person No. 2 or Person No. 1 having participated in the plan, the Take-Down thus takes place. That is a second possibility.

Both versions of Take-Down 2 have a ‘fanning out’ curse effect …

  • They affect all people of the Muslim and Jewish faiths.
  • They affect the United States and Middle Eastern military groups.
  • They affect the family, social and professional groups to which Persons No. 1 and 2 belong.
  • And they have a boomerang effect on the Take-Down Artist and his family, social, and professional groups.

Take-Down 3: Curse of the Long-Held Grudge

Here is the third Take-Down. It has to do with an astral story I heard about myself … whether true or false, I have no way of knowing.

Let’s say that two people, a Woman and a Man, get into an argument. The Woman is the one that the Take-Down Artist wants to take down. The Man is the second person involved in the argument.

Because the Take-Down Artist has psychic abilities, he knows all the foibles of everybody. He knows there is an argument going on, and there is a weak link … a weak link of holding a grudge, or anger, in the Man. So, he can get at the Woman by exploiting the weakness … the samskara … of the Man.

Being a mind control expert, the Take-Down Artist knows about quite a lot about the Man; for instance, he can find out about his phone number just by asking over the psychic plane.

He calls the Man and says: “I have a great idea of a way you can get back at the Woman. You can put up a website anonymously. You provide the ideas. I can help you create it. And this website will make fun of the Woman that you are angry with. Ok?”

So the Man says: “Well, how much is it going to cost?”

The price is right! So the Man sends the ideas to the Take-Down Artist, and the Take-Down Artist … in addition to the ideas of the Man as to what would be ridiculing, or a Take-Down for the Woman, puts in Satanic elements, witchcraft …

  • Curses for Person No. 2 and all his family;
  • Curses for Person No. 1;
  • Curses, in general, for all the people the Take-Down Artist considers to be not like him. You know?

The web site is full of witchcraft, and Satanic symbols, and things of that nature.

Person No. 2 is relatively Innocent. He does not know anything about Satanic rituals, Satanic rites, curses, spells. He just thinks he is getting even. He feels bad, and he wants to express his anger.

Person No. 1 does not know about this website. And Person No. 2 does not know about the Satanic element. And the Take-Down Artist has taken down both people.

The Curse of the Crooked Blade

The Take-Down is really an interesting process. It indicates, in the Take-Down Artist, a certain kind of Soul wounding with which I am not familiar … a certain viciousness; a desire to wreak havoc or seek vengeance.

I envision a curved dagger … a wavy dagger … there may have been such a dagger at one time. The intention might have been, in the ancient days, to inflict more injury than a straight-edged knife during a battle …

Image: The Kris, a curved dagger, created 1 January 1920, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Kris_met_schede_TMnr_A-1448.jpg … CC BY-SA 3.0

Image: The Kris, a curved dagger, created 1 January 1920, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Kris_met_schede_TMnr_A-1448.jpg … CC BY-SA 3.0

I would be willing to bet that this Take-Down Artist experienced a lifetime during which he owned such a weapon … Because, on the psychic plane, I see him using that, and inserting it, under the ribs,  into the abdominal area of people, to get even with them … inserting it on the left-hand side (from the assaulted person’s point of view), about two inches below the ribs, and then turning it and twisting it to create more damage in the physical form.

When a person attempts such a curse, they are creating a negative astral visualization, which can cause temporary ‘psychic’ pain (although not true physical pain, from the standpoint of something being wrong with the body). In other words, it may be possible, through mental suggestion, to convince another person that they feel a fleeting pain, even though there is no physical reason for that pain.

From time to time, in years past, I recall having experienced a pain that at the time seemed to be induced by another person’s negative thought form. I would feel pain in that area; but then through yoga I would equalize the energy in that area, and the pain would go away. Thus I conclude that negative astral visualization sometimes creates what might be termed a fleeting psychic pain … a temporary pain … in a person targeted person; and that pain may be overcome through positive action or visualization by the affected person.

In conclusion I would like to say about the negative visualization with the curvy dagger … the vindictive feeling of ‘really wanting to stick it to them’ …

… that this visualization may have to do with an experience of the Take-Down Artist in another lifetime. In that lifetime, I feel, the Take-Down Artist may have been a woman who used the curvy dagger to kill a lover or husband. Or he may have been a harem master who forced a number of women to do his will; something of that nature …

When that first incident from the prior lifetime clears, I feel that the dagger visualizations, the need for revenge, and the feelings of vindictiveness in the current lifetime will also go by the wayside.

It is possible that energies like that will be clearing altogether, all over Earth, in an instant, with one of the waves of Incoming Light during the Ascension process.

Take-Down 4: Curse of the Social Gaffe

Here is another curse: The Curse of the Social Gaffe. You could also call it The Curse of the Taboo. This curse has to do with a number of online instances I encountered in the years 2016-2018, to do with cross-dressing by people with whom I was acquainted, and whom I had felt to be conventional in their manner of sexual expression.

I recall I was put off by what I saw online, as it challenged my notion of reality. I began to wonder what was real and what was not real. Was it possible, I wondered, that I had been walking through a dream world all my life? Did I know nothing at all about any of my acquaintances?

Were these online photos true expressions of the lifestyle of my acquaintances, or were they pixelated, high-tech fabrications by a Take-Down Artist. I recall asking questions about it … trying to find out the truth of the matter. People would put me off, refuse to take a look, refuse to offer an explanation, tell me I was crazy, think I was the author … Any number of odd things would happen, but I would never get to the bottom of it.

That is the thing about the social gaffe and the taboo: No one wants to confront them. No one wants to tackle the topic head-on. It is just too embarrassing. The Take-Down Artist who toys with the Curse of the Social Gaffe can drive the reputation of his targets into the ground, without anyone being the wiser. He is ‘home free’ and their reputations are ruined.

Here is the Curse of the Social Gaffe technique I came up with as a possible explanation of what I had encountered online in those years …

If by mind control, a Take-Down Artist gets another person to break a social taboo, and then records it and puts it online, then that is a Take-Down that involves a curse by those members of society that hold dear that taboo. Here are examples …

  • The man to be taken down is mind controlled into cross-dressing or exposing himself in public. Then that is recorded online, or a group of people see it.
  • Here is another one: A modest woman is mind controlled to pose nude, or perform a  sex act in the buff, and this is placed online, or a lot of people see it. In this latter case, the mind control lure might be that it will bring in money for a social cause dear to the woman.
  • Alternatively, a look-alike, mimic, or doppelganger might be paid to act as stand-in.

There are endless variations on this theme of The Curse of the Social Gaffe. These are only a few of them.


I have some more examples of Take-Downs here, that fit the previous patterns, but in some ways are a variation on those themes.

Take-Down by the Dark, of the Light, at a Catholic Retreat Center

Some of this, at the beginning, has to do with Catholicism … because it seems to me from my Google image searches that Catholics often are subject to ridicule by those who espouse Satanic realm.

In the dreamtime realm, I have sensed subconscious fantasies of others to this effect: Members of a religious group (maybe a Catholic group, or maybe another type of spiritual group) arrive at a Catholic retreat center, and enact a ‘perverse’ ritual … a ‘black opposite’ ritual … like a Black Mass, or reverse technology (often word reversal, spelling and pronouncing words backwards) … to try to change the Light to the Dark there … or to try to change the Sacred to the Profane there.

As you may know, clair intel such as this is not based in fact; it is just based in clair understanding of the way things are in the world; which is to say, the astral plane, the feeling plane, rather than the physical plane. Thus from my perspective it had best be taken with a grain of salt.

. . . . .

Nightmare Vision: Group Leader’s Satanic Roommate. Here is an instance I dreamt about: A group met for a weekend retreat at a Catholic retreat center in the San Fernando Valley. The retreat involved an overnight stay. And during the night, something happened that was Satanic. It had to do with a member of the group who might also have a thread of energy to do with the Satanic, who was staying in the room of the leader of the group, but was not registered as part of the retreat group.

. . . . .

Nightmare Vision: The Stand-In Rapist Obsessed by a Group Leader. Then in another dream about the same group and the same retreat center, there was a groundskeeper at the retreat center who resembled a man who was a follower of the leader of the group undergoing the retreat. Thus in the dream it seemed there was someone else on the grounds, who was in tune with the leader of the group. In the dream, the groundskeeper, acting as a ‘stand-in’ for the group leader. acted out of character, in what I call a ‘profane’ way, during the overnight retreat. He raped a religious person who considered it a very bad thing to be raped.

. . . . .

Nightmare Vision: The Pregnant Woman and the Maniacal Man in the Wheelchair. Here is another instance that I dreamt about several times prior to the year 2016 … A retreat takes place at the same retreat center. In the middle of the night, there is a murder by the leader of the group; or alternatively, by a well-respected man in another spiritual group. This dream of murder interfered with the spiritual energy during the retreat.

In another dream with the same setting of the spiritual group meeting at the retreat center, the well-respected man in another spiritual group is in a wheelchair in a park. A friend is wheeling him along a sidewalk. There is a blanket over his lap. A young pregnant woman walks towards them. The person in the wheelchair whips off the blanket, revealing his genitals are excised. The pregnant woman stares in shock. The man in the wheelchair laughs maniacally.

. . . . .

I found these dreams profoundly shocking. It seemed to me, at the time, that there might be some kind of collusion of the Dark against the Light in the third and fourth dimensions. It seemed it might be that, it a person attempts something very spiritual, very high, and very Light, something will come in, by way of cunning, intelligent, Light-seeming Dark. It seemed the threads of Dark energy would inevitably come through, and action would occur on the physical plane. It might be rape, nearby. It might be murder, nearby. Or faraway.

So that is another kind of Take-Down. It is a Take-Down by the Dark, of the Light.

As to why Catholic centers might be a target, my thought  is that Catholicism holds womanhood and motherhood high, and with great respect, and a feeling of protectiveness. Denigration of women is one of the touchstones of the Demon Realm. Thus that realm might want to target Catholicism to increase its ‘toehold’ here on Earth. That is my guess.

Take-Downs of Spiritual Groups

I would like to describe some Take-Downs which involve human agency. I have noticed them, over the years. And it tends to happen to spiritual groups quite a lot.

It is as if the Dark targets spiritual groups … people who are intent on creating Light on Earth … and introduces something into the works, to stop the works from going around smoothly; or so it seems.

Spiritual Book Reading Attended by Seductive Worship Dancer. For instance, I recall being at a gathering of people intent on reading a spiritual book. The gathering was open to the public. Someone showed up, who was an exotic dancer, a very seductive person. She introduced herself as a master of an ancient form of worship dance … of dance in honor of God.

Why is that person there? What prompted that person to go there? Is there an intermediary … another person who asked that person to go there? Or is it purely the Dark, pulling in the Dark towards the Light?

Gathering of Spiritual, Celibate Men, and Arrival of a Dark-Aspected Woman. That is one example. And it is not the only example. I recall, some years ago, attending a meditation most of which consisted of celibate spiritual men. Their meditations were open to the public once a week.

I feel that celibate spiritual men are, in some ways, in a difficult situation, because they always have to contend with a sexual urge that they want to contain.

To one of their public gatherings came a woman: Very alluring, and very dark in energy; perhaps a sex worker? It is hard to say. There was something very dark and very alluring about her. I was reminded of those mythical beings … harpies … or of the legendary succubi that are intent on misleading and misguiding spiritual people.

This very dark, very alluring woman came into the meditation and sat down. After awhile, I sensed an attraction amongst the men there and her. Then a while later there appeared on the internet a scandalous web page asserting that the leader of the meditation there had sex with this woman.

One cannot know whether the internet allegation was true or not. It is impossible to tell. But it was a Take-Down by the Dark, for sure. The intention was nothing but harm.

Spiritual Traveler Meets Vengeful Person and Scandalous Web Page Pops Up. I recall another instance, this time an astral story about a noted traveler, who promotes a feeling of religious devotion in crowds of people.

The astral story goes like this: The Spiritual Traveler makes the acquaintance of a Vengeful Man … someone who has a feeling of vengeance as an underlying personality trait. Suddenly, there is rivalry going on as to which is more popular, and a Take-Down occurs. In this case, it occurs in the form of another web page, with scandalous stuff on it.

There is no evidence whether it is true or not. But I often find that people are willing to believe scandal, on no evidence whatsoever. Is that not true? You know, it is not like they look at the facts. They just look at the fact that it is interesting to view scandal. And that explains the popularity of newspapers that promote that kind of thing.

And most likely there will be a ‘redirect’ maneuver: On the psychic plane, the Vengeful Man will inform the Spiritual Traveler that someone else towards whom he feels vengeful is the author of the web page. My guess is, this would be a recurring pattern in the instance of the Vengeful Man.

So there is another example of a web page intent on harm … intent on tearing down the Light … intent on introducing the profane into the sacred.

Take-Down of a Woman by a Felon

Introduction: A Story by Alice About Summer in Durango. There is another type of Take-Down that has to do with felons, and the type of life that a felon leads, especially after having been in prison. I base the below on an astral story I heard over several months in 2015 while spending summer vacation in Durango, Colorado.

I recall going into one of two convenience stores near my summer rental one afternoon. There was a cashier behind the counter … a man I had seen there before. Another man walked into the store; he had on his ankle a house-arrest bracelet of the sort that is issued as an alternative to incarceration.

This was the first such I had seen, although I had read about them. As I approached the cash register with my ice cream. I heard the cashier ask the other man where he got his anklet, and for what crime. Then he indicated he had one too. 

I was quite shocked. Could it be that there were so many felons in Durango that store owners had no choice but to hire cashiers who wore house-arrest bracelets? I began to feel that Durango must be full of felons, and that is when I started to dream about the below astral story.

At the time it seemed the story was targeting me personally. As nothing happened on the physical plane to prove or disprove the astral story, my guess is that I personalized a feeling I encountered in the ‘astral airs’ of the Wild West, and that some other hapless woman … maybe in Durango, maybe elsewhere … must have been the intended target.

Here is the leadup to the story …

Themes in the Lives of Felons That Deter Rehabilitation. Oft-times, I feel, because of the rough things that happen in prison, a felon who comes out of prison will have a tendency towards sex work to make a few extra dollars … maybe to buy some drugs, or for whatever reason. So there are these two themes in the lives of felons: sex work and drug use.

On the clair plane, I see also see these themes in the lives of felons: Quite frequently. M2M,  because most felons are men, and in prison, lots of times, rape must be going on. And so a habit of M2M, or a breakdown of a preference for the M2F types of relationships might occur.

What that leads to is misogyny … hatred of women. It surely cannot be that this is always the case. But in a felon  who is torqued to the Dark in other ways, I feel that it sometimes happens.

On getting out of prison, that person might be looking for women, to take their money and kill them. He might feel angry at the world. And men might be perceived as too powerful to act towards in anger; so women might be the target of that anger.

Take-Down of a Woman by a Felon: An MO. Perhaps when felons leave prison there is a psychological evaluation. The ‘psych eval’ indicates that something maladaptive is going on with the felon; and an attempt is being made to reintegrate them into the mainstream.

Thus on leaving prison, I hypothesize, the felon might have in hand a ‘psych eval’ of himself. He might take umbrage at this evaluation; even bitterly despise it as the thinking of a ‘normal’ person who is just not with it, a person who does not know how to work the system in the manner the felon adeptly does. That might be the felon’s line of thinking.

Thus when the felon targets a woman that he wants to take down … Say, to murder, and steal money from … he might assemble false evidence purporting that his own prison-release psychological evaluation is in fact that of the targeted woman. (In the case of my Durango astral story, that woman, it seemed, was me.) 

In psychological terms, this maneuver is called ‘projection’, but in law-and-order terms, it is fraud. Along the same lines, the felon who is setting up a woman for the fall might purport that the woman herself is a sex worker with a drug habit; he may project the qualities of his own life onto her.

If this ploy works, this is a Take-Down, both physical and financial. The whole life of the woman is taken away. The identity is removed. Bad reputation is substituted for a good reputation. And of course, the property of the murdered woman is also stolen.

Conclusion Regarding the Felon Take-Down. So that is another form of Take-Down by the Dark. It is difficult because a person who wants to live a saintly life, and upon whom all kinds of aspersions are cast … who is held in the light of calumny and slander … needs to have a very strong faith and footing and belief in God, and hope, and charity towards fellow man, in order not to lose the Light of God within their own body of Light when they suspect they may be so targeted.

I can say from personal experience of the astral burden, that it is a difficult test. It is rather like Christ’s test, you know? Christ made it through his doubts in the Garden of Gethsemane, and to full faith in God, but not without having a doubt or two. I had my doubts as well. Thank God the astral rumors never solidified into physical fact. I returned to Los Angeles shaken, but unscathed. That is better than what happened to Christ, for sure. Thank goodness he underwent that test for all our sakes.

Take-Down of a Business or Sports Rival

While we are on the topic of Take-Downs, I have a thought that, if two men are business rivals … or any kind of rivals … sports rivals, or whatever … a form of Take-Down might be the seduction or rape of the other man’s wife. That is what I think.

I think it is also possible, if a man and woman are competing, that a possible Take-Down might be for the man to rape or seduce the woman’s husband, as a variation on that theme.

Take-Down: Hostile Business Takeover

I just thought of another Take-Down, and that is the Hostile Business Takeover. When one business takes over the ownership, and leadership, and assets of another business, is that not a kind of Take-Down? … the more strikingly so when both are spiritual groups … when there is a hostile takeover of one spiritual group by another spiritual group.

That is all I have right now on Take-Downs. I think it is more of a guy thing, and so, I am not very conversant in that regard.

A Rape Game Called ‘Tag’

I have heard, also, of a rape game called Tag, where people who have been raped try to arrange for other people to be raped, just by way of paying back, in an indirect way, the things that have happened to them. I heard, on the astral airs, about this game called ‘Tag’ … like the children’s game.

I note there is a 2018 movie called ‘Tag’, directed by Jeff Tomsic, and starring Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, and Jake Johnson, that seems to be a whitewashed version of the prison sport …

Link: “Tag,” in IMDb … https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2854926/ ..


Heresy of Salvation Through Take-Down

On the very deep, subconscious plane, I have heard the Heresy of Salvation Through Take-Down, in its many iterations, as being ideated in terms of dragging people down to the Hellworlds for the sake of a spiritual cause. This seems to me to be a ratiocination; a consequentialist theory justification for what is actually a Demon World malware installation intended to drag down humankind to the level where their bodies of Light become negatively aspected, and ‘tasty’ to the Demon Realm.

But for the sake of human psychology, the theory has been put forth that … rooted, or planted, in the very deep subconscious realms of humankind … in the areas where, as Carl Jung used to say, archetypes exist (1) … in that realm termed by him the ‘collective unconscious’, or perhaps slightly higher up, in what might be termed the ‘collective subconscious’, the Take-Down is visualized, ideated, or symbolized … metaphorically described … as catching Souls, and dragging them down to Hell, for the sake of the Spiritual Leader of one’s own spiritual group.

Nightmare Vision: Guru in Hell Stands on Shoulders of Sacrificial Victims. And then further, very congested, torqued to the Dark … I recall the nightmare notion of justifying the act of dragging people down to Hell is this vision: The leader of your personal, spiritual group who, say, has passed on, is confined to the Hellworlds. Deep down in the Hellworlds, he is crying out for help. He and all his followers who also have passed on are down there in the Hellworlds. One does not know why. But this is the visual image that the Demon Realm imparts by way of malware.

In this nightmare realm, the only answer to this problem is to send other people, from other spiritual groups, down into the Hellworlds. Or if there are no people in other groups to sacrifice, then they have to pick the least important, or most expendable, people in their own group, and send them down to sacrifice.

On their backs, the people that were important … the most spiritual of the people in one is own group who have passed on … get to stand up, and be a little higher up in the astral plane.

That is the theory that is implanted by the Demon Realm, and which is motivating the Spiritual Take-Down.

Along those lines, here are two images I found online …

Link: People being cast down into hell … https://i0.wp.com/yeswearewinning.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/F7DC1FA4-0263-4F92-874D-99A91CE93B1B.jpeg?resize=300%2C238&ssl=1 … DESCRIPTION: People are jumping off of two cliffs into what resembles a fiery Grand Canyon with a giant, fiery devil face above what may be spewing streams of molten lava.

Link: Depiction of Hell, from Wikimedia Commons …  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Depiction_of_Hell.jpg … COMMENT: Note the saintly looking person resting peacefully above the general melee, and the three smaller, saintly persons sitting on a rug to the right of him.

Why Is Salvation Through Take-Down a Heresy?

As to this, I would ask: Why would a spiritual group, through clair perception, find its Spiritual Leader, and his holiest followers, in the Hellworlds? Assuming that they did their best to lead a good life, why would they be there? 

The answer, I feel, is that there is something in the way they lived their lives, that causes them to find themselves suffering and crying out in that realm. My thought is, that belief in Salvation Through Take-Over may be the very fallacy that has caused this predicament.

Religious Warfare

One of the things that spiritual groups do quite often, and often all unawares, is to think badly of other spiritual groups … to diss them in some way, or to begrudge them the feeling of charity, as towards one’s neighbor. 

For instance, it is possible that a spiritual group might profess belief in Jesus Christ, but only as a ‘come on’ … to ‘lure’ Christians into another faith … one that emphasizes a different image or representation of God. Or, a group might compose a hymn that in some way denigrates Jesus Christ. It is possible that these activities might cause a subconscious response of curses and spells by Christians. If so, then this weight of curses and spells, carried all unawares during physical life, might be the onus that weighs down the astral body and drags it down to the Hellworlds after death. This possibility can hardly be taken lightly, as there are many, many Christians in the world.

Or, a Christian spiritual group might fervently proselytize for their own faith, taking away from another faith, with the same possible resulting subconscious and afterlife penalties against them, laid upon them by the spiritual group that feels ‘raided’ by them. Coup has been counted, feelings have been hurt, and there may be Hell to pay.

Today: Christians and Jews Warring on Muslims

In recent days, it seems like the Christians and the people of Jewish faith have ganged up on the people of Islamic faith, and are making war against them, both physical and spiritual. I can only guess what sorrow today’s Christians and people of Jewish faith may have in store for themselves, in the afterlife, due to the anguish they have caused those of Muslim faith. And vice versa.

The Synthetic Example of Hinduism

As to the Hindus, in my own feeling, I admire how willing they are to worship just about anyone’s saints and spiritual teachers. It is really amazing, how kindly and open they are to the worship preferences of other faiths. I figure, they are a good model for the future … a better model than that of Salvation through the Take-Down.

The True Effect of Salvation through Take-Down

What is actually happening with Salvation through Take-Down? I feel that Soul wounding is being increased worldwide. More and more Souls are being torqued to the Dark … both the Souls of other religions that are attacked, and the Souls of one’s own spiritual group members, who are causing anguish in other people. And this, I feel, is the cause of the descent into Hell of so many spiritual people, after they have passed on.

Expecting the Heavenworlds, they, all in a flurry, find themselves in the deepest bowels of Hell. What a disconcerting learning experience! And one that I hope, with my deepest and most heartfelt feeling, may be set right in their very next incarnation.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

The section “Take-Down of a Woman by a Felon” has been excerpted and adapted here … Link: “Take-Down of a Woman by a Felon . a story by Alice B. Clagett, excerpted and adapted on 13 April 2020 from a blog written on 24 February 2018; published on 28 February 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hvJ ..


Link: “Catastrophic Childhood Experiences – Compendium: Black Magicker,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 August 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jtG ..

Venus Kriya to Get Rid of Grudges

Link: “Venus Kriya: Get Rid of Grudges,” from The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, in Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO) … https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/authentic-relationships/venus-kriya-get-rid-grudges ..

Aethos Sound Meditation to Spiff Up the Astral Body

If you feel your astral body might need a little spiffing up, because of deeds past or present, I would recommend Tom Kenyon’s “Aethos Sound Meditation.” Even though he does not suggest this, I found, in my own case, that it works admirably in that regard …

Link: “Aethos Sound Meditation,” by Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/the-aethos-sound-meditation ..


(1)  Link: “Jungian Archetypes,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes ..


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Spiritual Groups that Fight with Other Groups but Promote World Peace . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 March 2017

Dear Ones,

Here is another searching group question, to do with spiritual group competitiveness and the spiritual group goal of world peace. A Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Here is another, searching group question for which I offer a tentative answer: Let’s say that there’s a spiritual group that believes in fighting with other spiritual groups in order to gain greater market share. And the object of the spiritual group is world peace.

So, what is the karmic implication of a strategy of fighting and hostile takeovers, for a spiritual group that promulgates world peace?

I would like to offer a tentative answer to that question: I feel that a group that fights with other spiritual groups will see greater and greater fighting amongst its members … schism after schism … until there is nothing left of the original group.

But a group that believes in world harmony and promotes interfaith interactions, in the light of New Life on New Earth, will thrive, and see increased membership. And rightfully so.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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spiritual groups, competition, world peace, group karma, cult warfare, religions, hostile takeovers,

Ways to Attain Liberation . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 16 May 2016; published on 29 May 2016, revised
Previously titled: Thoughts on Ways to Attain Liberation … and … Attaining Liberation: Overcoming the Pitfall of Yogic Superpowers

    • Stories by Alice: Thoughts on Ways to Attain Liberation
      • “Meditation for Abundance of Wealth or Love,” Chanted (But Not Created) by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Words
    • The Trouble with the Yogic Superpowers
    • On Using Drugs to Attain Yogic Superpowers
    • Optimizing Timelines to Avoid Using Yogic Superpowers for Worldly Gain
    • For the Skeptic: A ‘What-If’ Exercise
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

In this video are thoughts on how to attain God consciousness, based on “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” with commentary by Swami Prabhavananda, translated by Christopher Isherwood …

Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California ..

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would talk to you for a moment about a few words from the great yogi Patanjali … from the Aphorisms of Patanjali, with commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood …

Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California ..

Stories by Alice: Thoughts on Ways to Attain Liberation

  • bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion … playing kirtan, feeling one’s heart
  • jnana yoga … attainment of knowledge or wisdom. Perhaps Theosophy and the writings of Arthur E. Powell fall into this category?
  • concentration on an object
  • concentration on nothingness, or ‘no object’ (the path of advaita)
  • chanting God’s name: Hara Hara Hara Hara Hara Hara Haree … a chant for abundance

it had to do with the ways to attain liberation. And of course there are many ways to attain liberation. For instance, my favorite way to practice to become more spiritual is through the yoga of devotion, bhakti yoga.

I was just at the Shaktifest in Joshua Tree, California, this last weekend; and that is what the people there were doing, with an emphasis on devotion to Divine Mother and the Sacred Feminine.

Then later in the year they have Bhaktifest; that is a festival of devotion to God; it has both male and female energies of devotion. It is a little bit more masculine, I feel, than Shaktifest. So that is one thing.

You can play kirtan, or sacred music … that is a way of devotion. You can feel your heart; that is what I have been doing since the year 2000. You can take the path of jnana yoga

I am out in the desert, in Joshua Tree, and there is a raven soaring by on the updrafts from the warm airs of evening. A big confrontation between two ravens ended not too long ago. It was very talkative, very loud, and it ended with a standoff. [Looks up.] Here is a raven just enjoying the beautiful breezes of sunset.

So jnana yoga has to do with knowledge. Some people pursue that path. In fact, I would be inclined to say that the School of Theosophy and the writings of Arthur Powell have more to do with jnana and the attainment of wisdom. (I might be wrong about that.)

Some people say that this is one of the hardest paths of yoga. But I think, for people that are suited to it, it is perfect, really perfect. There may not be too many people like that, but for those people, it is really great.

I like jnana yoga also. I am one of those unusual people that like a number of different ways of attempting to attain God consciousness, or liberation. Actually, I am interested in almost all the paths.

Then there is concentration …he art of concentrating … The yogis use this word in a particular way. They are concentrating on a particular object, say, and just watching it until they attain oneness with it.

And then another way to do it is by concentrating on nothingness … no object.

It is a rather arcane science that you can learn, step by step, by reading that book.

One of the ways that I like to seek liberation is by chanting God’s name. Years ago, I did that all the time. For about ten years, I chanted God’s name. I was using a mantra that had to do with abundance. It was of the sacred names of God from India, from the Hindu tradition. And it went like this …

. . . . .

“Meditation for Abundance of Wealth or Love”
Chanted (But Not Created) by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
16 May 2016


Hara, hara, hara, hara, hara, hara, haree 

You use your navel point energy, and in the world it creates something for you … what you want: Abundance, or love, or whatever it is. I will do it again. I am pushing my navel point in, on most of the syllables. It goes like this …

Hara, hara, hara, hara, hara, hara, haree  (x2)

I learned this chant from Yogi Bhajan of 3HO https://www.3ho.org/ many years ago. As to whether he has copyrighted it, or whether it was an ancient chant, I have not been able to determine.

. . . . .

And so I would do that. Just in my own consciousness, I would ‘churn the ethers’, as they say, with that all day long … every time I could think of it; especially during drive time, if it was local and not on the freeways, when I was standing in line, and whenever I was not doing a work that involved the logical mind.

I like that way … using a mantra … too. I do not know whether that is in Patanjali, though.

The Trouble with the Yogic Superpowers

  • Patanjali offers ways to attain over 100 yogic superpowers.
  • In the fine print, we learn that, if we attain the yogic superpowers and then don’t go on to total alignment with God consciousness, then some really gruesome things will happen to us.
  • Once a person gets yogic superpowers, he must figure out how to give them back to God somehow.
  • The theory I learned (not from Patanjali, though) is that the yogic superpowers are just paving stones on the way to God consciousness, God awareness, Awakening … what we’re doing now.
  • So we have to know the warning signs of having the yogic superpowers, and then we have to humbly offer them in service to God. That’s the important thing.

There was a list, in “The Yogic Aphorisms of Patanjali,” of the ways to attain the ‘superpowers’ … the yogic powers. The interesting thing was, it gave the list, and then it gave the list, it gave over 100 superpowers, and then you learned that if you attained the superpowers and then did not go on to total devotion to God or to alignment with God consciousness, then some very gruesome things would happen to you.

So I always thought, after that, I was glad I read that book very carefully, because then I did not go after those superpowers, which are a bit of a bother; they create more trouble than they are worth. And once you get them, you have to figure out how to give them back to God somehow.

Anyway, with regard to the list of superpowers, this is the theory that I learned (but not from Patanjali): I learned that the superpowers are just something like paving stones on the way to liberation or God consciousness, God Awareness, Awakening … what we are doing now. We have to know the warning signs of having the superpowers, and then we have to humbly offer them in service to God. That is the important thing.

On Using Drugs to Attain Yogic Superpowers

  • drugs as a way to develop yogic superpowers,
  • hallucinogens used in ancient rituals
  • drugs contraindicated for the person training to be a spiritual adept
  • drugs is that they offer yogic superpowers before a person is spiritually developed enough to deal with them
  • one good example: psychic murder
  • thuggee cult in Ancient India
  • walk-in lore
  • kama rupa lore
  • fate of disincarnate thuggees since 2012

I think that, in India, where Patanjali lived, there were a lot of people who were interested in developing the superpowers a long time ago … long, long ago. And still today, that is the case. And so this list of ways of developing the superpowers is pretty important.

The very first thing on the list is drugs … I am assuming maybe hallucinogenics, or whatever; I am not sure what. But what I have heard about hallucinogenics is that they were used in many ancient cultures, to open the doorway to the astral realm, for instance.

And when an initiate was properly prepared, with fasting and ritual and so forth, with the support of his or her community, then they were fairly successful, I feel, as a way of ushering in rites of passage … say, for manhood, or womanhood, or whatever it should be.

But for the person that is training to be a spiritual adept, the use of drugs is, in my opinion, not indicated. Sometimes people use a drug, unknowingly, in their youth, and learn about this kind of spiritual attainment where a person becomes one with God, or a mystic. And then they go on to lifelong study of spiritual things. In that case it is not such a bad thing … to have tried something that led to something really good.

My path was otherwise: When I was born, I already had a feeling of being a mystic. And by the time I was five years of age, I was very strongly into that understanding that God is One with me, and that the natural world is merely a manifestation of God’s loving care.

What I feel, very strongly, is that drugs are not the way to step out there, into the realm of seeking liberation. The problem of drugs is that they offer these superpowers before a person is spiritually developed enough to know how to deal with them.

What will happen then, is that mistakes can be made. For instance, a person may use their superpowers out of sensory attraction … out of the desire for money, or the desire for lots of women (or the desire for lots of men). I think those are the main attractions: The desire to accumulate lots of goods, and the desire to have lots of sexual liaisons. I might have missed a few … Oh! … the desire for great power: A person could use the yogic techniques because they want power over lots of people. [laughs]

So then what happens is, people do the drugs; they get the superpowers, and then they have these temptations that lead them into the realm of massive karmic problems. And so then it takes lifetimes to get out of that again.

One good example is the use of drugs to attain superpowers that allow a person to kill other people and go undetected. In ancient India, there was a group called the thuggees. In India, everyone is respected, no matter what their occupation; so these were considered great spiritual adepts and the strongest among them was given the name of ‘guru’.

In our culture we would call them gangsters or brigands or roaming gangs of thieves that would mercilessly prey upon travelers and throw them down wells, and all kinds gruesome things described in “Wikipedia.”

They were treated with respect, and they had attained these superpowers. Apparently, piecing it together, what happened was that they would practice to walk into other physical forms, from the astral form. Then when they died, they passed on, into their astral form. Then they would try to seize upon the drugged body a person that was young and healthy, and displace the Soul and consciousness and Awareness there, and step into that body …. It is called a ‘walk-in‘ … and take over that body from that other person … steal the body.

The story goes, that this was successful. I consider that it was probably not successful; it is just a story … because the astral body of such a person, who had spent their whole life murdering and thieving … would most likely be what they call a kama rupa. Kama rupa is the body of a depraved human being who has lost the conscience that characterizes the nobility of humankind. What I have heard, from the texts of the School of Theosophy is that the kama rupa is like a very tough, gangster desire elemental that can survive for a very long time on the astral plane.

Typically, when we pass on, the best thing is for the desire elemental to detach and go away and slowly disintegrate, I hear. But in the case of the kama rupa, what survives on the astral plane is the base animal instincts and the feral passions of what was once a very gnarly human being.

In my opinion, what they call ‘walk-ins’ in the psychic lore are really the walking in of the kama rupa of these ‘depraved’ individuals … as the description goes, in the texts of the School of Theosophy. It is a pretty cool text: ‘depraved’ … depraved individuals who have lost their Souls through their actions in the world.

And the kama rupa is what steps into, and displaces, the Soul of the person who is ‘walked into’. So, what the followers of such a ‘walked into’ person might worship … if it is a spiritual leader who has been ‘walked into’ … because it sound a lot like their leader, who passed on (or maybe a living spiritual leader) … is really just the worst qualities … the most animal qualities of a thuggee … a person who walked sideways of the law for their entire life, and disregarded all the conventions regarding kindness and convention, and legal niceties such as ‘do not kill’ … ‘honor your father and your mother’. All that stuff goes by the wayside.

By the time they get to the ‘thuggee cult’ stage, after many, many incarnations, people are pretty much ready to give up the Soul altogether. I doubt that happens with many people; but it could happen. And it could also happen that we would reincarnate in the normal manner, in a very difficult situation with a lot of polarity in it, and then attempt to resolve that in a new incarnation.

What has been happening recently, is that these thuggee cult individuals, as they are ready to come back into incarnation on Earth, are not finding the suitable Light Quotient for them to be able to come back; and that is because their Light Quotient is not so bright, and everybody on Earth is brightening up quite a bit.

So they are roiling around, and turmoiling around, and gangstering around, on the astral plane, here and there, whenever they can … whenever a person manifests some kind of yearning for a physical experience that is similar to their own inclinations. On these they descend in furious hunger, though only on the astral plane, and only for a moment. In such moments, 

So it is kind of dangerous, right now, to go out on the astral plane, especially when you are sensing emotions of hatred or anger or extreme fear … because they will be waiting for you, you know? Even now, they are playing about … [zooms up above head] … up above the head, up there. In the eighth to the tenth chakra, they are zinging about, attempting mischief, attempting to produce people’s astral plays, and just generally causing havoc in the eighth to tenth dimensions.

I do not know how they get an ‘assist’ up there that high … because, in my opinion, their dimensionality is not that good. Maybe it is the superpowers that they have gained, that allow them to do that. It is a big bother. It is what is clearing from the world right now: That energy up through there … [zooms up above head] … in the pranic column above the head.

It is kind of cool too: We are the explorers, and we are finding out all about all of this.

Optimizing Timelines to Avoid Using Yogic Superpowers for Worldly Gain

  • Timeline optimization may help, if temporarily sidetracked by using drugs: Spirit to Team! Optimize Timelines! For the All, through Free Will!

The thing about drugs is, they can give you superpowers, but they can throw you into that category called the ‘thuggee cult’ category. And then there is karma to pay … payback. [signs]

Maybe if you optimize your timelines …

Spirit to Team!
Optimize My Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

Try that, if you feel you have gone sideways for a little bit, and you want to come back straight and steady on the spiritual path. Or if you just took a left turn to look at the view [laughs] and you want to go on, that might get you there right away. So there is that.

For the Skeptic: A ‘What-If’ Exercise

  • What if this is the time of the All? If so, we might think about how things might change, and how all beings might benefit, and how there might be plenty for everybody too.

Even if your spiritual path, I feel, is not about drugs at all, but rather about all these other possibilities, like bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, concentration … whatever it is … if you find yourself tempted to put your group, or your person, or your family first … as has been done, for long ages, in the past … the thing to also consider is that this is the time of the All. This is the time when we join in harmony and unity with all beings everywhere, in the upliftment of this Universe.  And so what worked in the past, what served in the past, in the near future will not be working, and will not be serving.

It is just something to think about, as we continue on with what we are doing … to think about how things might change, and how all beings might benefit, and how there might be plenty for everybody, too. Kind of cool!

We could do a ‘what if’: Clearly, things are just the way they are, but what if they should change? Then, how would it be? And what would I do? What would my family, or my group do?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photos by Alice

Image: “Joshua Tree 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 May 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Joshua Tree 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 May 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Joshua Tree 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 May 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Joshua Tree 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 May 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Dissolving the Spell ‘Bow to Me!’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 8 August 2015; revised on 17 May 2016; transcribed on 26 July 2019
Previously titled: Dissolving Spells  … and …  Dissolving the Spell ‘Bow to Me!’

    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Keeling Over While Meditating: The ‘Bow Down to Me’ Spell
      • Characteristics of a Spell
    • Lament of the Atlantean Age: Patriarchal Domination
    • Black Magic Spells Clearing During This Lion’s Gateway
    • Presidents and Presidential Candidates: White Supremacy Dissolving
    • Organization of Orion Group, Negative Astral Beings, and Demon Realm
    • On Restructuring Human Social Groups along Non-Orion-Group Lines
    • ‘Mind Slide’ Example: Will It Be ‘I Am in Service to Others’ or ‘I Am in Service to Self’?
    • ‘Pickups’ of Negative Astral Entities by the Archangelic Realm
    • Regeneration of Hybrids
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Instance of Spiritual Leader Mind Controlling a Group
    • Alice’s Star Lineage . How Relating to Our Souls or Our Star Lineage Helps Mitigate Other People’s Attempts to Mind Control Us
    • Is Mind Control an Ongoing Feature of Earth Groups That Is Now Clearing?
    • Free Will as a Foundational Law of Life on Planet Earth
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

This is a wide-ranging video on the topics of spells discovered on the clair plane: ‘Bow to me!’ (described in a later blog as ‘Come to me, my little chickadee’); patriarchal domination; misogyny (hatred of women); power over; black magic; white male supremacy; astral plane negative beings.

Also discussed: Mind slides, mind mud, Orion crusaders, hybrids, mind control by leaders of groups, free will, and spiritual leadership.

After the video is an edited Summary …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Keeling Over While Meditating: The ‘Bow Down to Me’ Spell

I have a story to tell you that kind of gives a notion about the nature of spells. And there are lots of spells … spells that have been binding humankind down, over the many incarnations … and one that I discovered just the other day. I was overhearing a clair conversation between two men, one a spiritual teacher and the other his student. As I was listening, I kept noticing a tendency to keel over and fall asleep.

I was sitting up, meditating, at the time. So naturally I had an interest to know what it was that was causing this. So every time I would start to fall forward, and fall asleep, I would perk up again. And I would try to roll back time and find that sotto voce phrase that had apparently … deep, deep in my subconscious mind … issued from this person, and gone into my own subconscious mind in such a way that I never even questioned it; I just did it.

Characteristics of a Spell. That is the characteristic of a spell: That it will be so deeply hidden in the subconscious or unconscious mind that we do not even question is; we simply do it, ok? At least, that is my understanding of it.

I am an apprentice at learning this kind of thing. I do not want to learn about spells, I want to learn about dissolving them. [laughs]

So anyway, about the tenth time this happened, I was getting more and more furious. I was determined … determined … to find what this spell was. And about the umpteenth time I started to keel forward from my meditation position, I heard it; I really heard it.

Now those of you that have tried this quest before … the quest for the magic spell that does something to them, over and over again, that they really do not want it to do … will realize what a great victory this is. I was triumphant! [laughs] And it was such a simple spell! I am a newbie! [laughs]

So, it went like this: The person said my name. They knew I was listening; they did not want me to listen to the conversation, or else they also had the intention to say it to that person they were with. They said: [Name], bow down to me! … over and over again.

The likelihood is this was happening in that person’s subconscious mind, without their knowledge, due to their own past Soul wounding. It was coming from their third chakra … their center of will, and their navel point energy … and it went directly to my navel point energy, or maybe my third-eye point (I must look into that). And my mind immediately turned off, and went into sleep state.

Lament of the Atlantean Age: Patriarchal Domination

Now from this I have gathered quite a few things …

The thing of it is, this spell was not programmed in this lifetime. It was programmed over many, many lifetimes. And it has to do with male dominance and patriarchal domination. And those things did not come from humankind.

There was a long time, on Earth, when both men and women had great authority and great power, and great transformative value for humankind, and were equally respected.

Then something happened. And that thing that happened was patriarchal domination, concomitant with misogyny. Misogyny is hatred of women. It is not just about hatred of women, though; I think it is a mistake to think of it as only women.

Rather, it is the position of an authority figure … not just a spiritual teacher, but military authority, governmental authority, any kind of group head authority, religious authority … anything like that; really, just authority, plain and simple.

There are a million kinds of authority in the world today, all telling us exactly what we ought to do, and presupposing that we will not listen to our own, open hearts … but rather, we will listen to somebody else, you know? That kind of authority!

That kind of authority affects just about everybody but the guy on top … both men and women. And it was affecting the man, the disciple who was with the spiritual teacher, as well as me.

Black Magic Spells Clearing During This Lion’s Gateway

I have noticed, over the course of this Lion’s Gateway that has been occurring for the last few days, and will be occurring for the next few days … today being ‘the day’ of the Lion’s Gateway … that all these black magic things are coming up, and quite a few have resolved last night … It was incredible; quite a few resolved, and came to consciousness, and were transformed with love; not just by me, but by many other people.

Presidents and Presidential Candidates: White Supremacy Dissolving

What this thing about patriarchal domination really means is that. usually it is a man that is in a position of authority. I heard over lunch yesterday that there is a possibility that Hillary Clinton might become president. The people at the table were saying that it did not seem very likely to them.

And my response was: How unusual, in the history of the United States, that we should have a president of color, for the last few terms, and now, for the next term, that people should even consider a woman as a possible president. These are amazing time; really amazing times of change … of breaking away from the notion of white male supremacy, for instance … at least, in America, that has been the stereotype.

Organization of Orion Group, Negative Astral Beings, and Demon Realm

I would like to talk about all this, just for a moment, in regard to quite a few greater-than-third-dimensional beings, but who are in, say, the fourth and fifth dimensions negative. and who are ‘service to self’, as they say in the “Law of One: The Ra Material” ... https://www.lawofone.info/

These social memory complexes are arranged in a manner similar to what we see in the authority groups on Earth today, with one slight difference: They seem to be all male. It is sort of a dog-eat-dog, ‘one guy on top of the whole thing’ structure, where everybody kowtows to this one guy.

I remember especially in the “Law of One” they talked several times about fourth dimension, or astral plane negative beings, and about the ‘Orion group’ … I guess I would call them ‘demons’ in the Christian terminology … And that there is one guy in fifth dimension negative … service to self … who is the guy that tells everybody what to do.

On Restructuring Human Social Groups along Non-Orion-Group Lines

This structuring of social groups in the world, and that manifests in our hologram today, is something to just look at, and visualize in a different way; in a way that would be happier and more fulfilling for all humankind than would the Orion group model of organization.

And then we can visualize this and co-create this, even if it does not jibe with what anybody else says. Take my word for this; it is going to make a difference if you visualize something more positive and more fruitful for humankind.

‘Mind Slide’ Example: Will It Be ‘I Am in Service to Others’ or ‘I Am in Service to Self’?

I forgot to add something to this video; and I know why I forgot it, which is kind of funny: There are these things called ‘mind slides’ that are embedded in our consciousness. And they cause us to do things that we do not want to do.

One example of a mind that I had the other day was: I went to add a phrase to my activations of light. At the end of them, I (temporarily) added a phrase ‘I Am in Service to Others’. And every time I went to add one to one of my gadzillion activations of light on the internet, I would hear a voice in my mind which would say: Make it ‘service to self’! Make it ‘service to self’! … Now this is the opposite!

And so, each time I would do my best to counter this voice, and be very careful that I typed in: I Am in Service to Others.

So today I was going back, checking all of it to make sure I had done it right, and what do you know? In one blog I had typed in ‘I Am in Service to Self’ twice!

That is a ‘mind slide’. And that is ‘mind mud’. [Oddly something similar happened today, 26 July 2019, while I was transcribing the above information about ‘mind slide’.] And that ‘mind mud’ is why I forgot to add something very important to this video. [laughs]

‘Pickups’ of Negative Astral Entities by the Archangelic Realm

Since the 2012 Shift, there are those groups (negative astral entity groups, not human) that know their tenure on Earth is very limited; is practically done with, or for many of them, has ended.

They call that a ‘pickup’, when the higher ups, the archangels and like that, pick up an Orion crusader or people from the demonic realm and like that; … (Well, they call themselves ‘people’, but from our perspective they are demons.) … pick them up and swoop them out of this time-space continuum, and relocate them.

Regeneration of Hybrids

Or else, in the case of hybrids and like that, there is the choice to be completely regenerated … their Soul fields pristine new … and placed back on Earth. Hybrids are not in the same class with negative astral entities. They are more like humans who have been implanted with a lot of stuff that can be … poof! … cleared away, just like that! from the Soul field … completely regenerated through the languages of Light and sound.

But anyway, there are those beings completely dedicated to service to self, who have been hanging out in the fourth dimension and higher on Earth, and who are in the process of being … poof! [laughs] … relocated and deployed elsewhere … wherever suits their Soul purpose most. Well … they do not all have Souls, but that is a whole ‘nother story. [laughs]

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Instance of Spiritual Leader Mind Controlling a Group

If the person I am about to talk about reads this thing, I hope they will not take it too seriously, because we are all in the process of learning and clearing our Soul wounding right now. I am not intending to hurt anybody by this. I am just pointing out an example that applies, across the board, to groups all over the world right now. Please do not take it personally. It goes like this …

A year or two ago, I went to a meditation in which the person that was in charge of the meditation … now, I do not do group meditations anymore; I just meditate on my own … There was some pretty heavy stuff coming down, by way of ‘artillery fire’ from the implants, and all kinds of things, over the course of the last 20 years.

A year or so ago, I was at this meditation; it was a group meditation, and the person in charge had gotten it in his mind, that he was going to mind control everybody in the group; and that this, in some way, was going to help their spiritual upliftment.

I was present at that time when, in fact, it seemed to me that he did mind control everybody in the group. (I had some independent verification on that impression through his enthusiastic statement, as the meditation ended: I did it! I mind controlled everyone! ]

Alice’s Star Lineage . How Relating to Our Souls or Our Star Lineage Helps Mitigate Other People’s Attempts to Mind Control Us

I am of Hathor lineage, among others, and I was trained by the Elohim. That is why I say, after my name and at the end of my blogs, “I Am of the Stars.” That may be why there was some part of me … some neutral part of me, from the Stars, that … even though my mind may be tampered with, or shut down, or whatever happens … ‘controlled’, as they say on Earth … whatever happens to my mind, there is some portion of my Soul that is waiting and watching and knows what is happening.

Is Mind Control an Ongoing Feature of Earth Groups That Is Now Clearing?

So this mind-controlling event happened; and it has happened since then, several times. Come to think of it, the last prior meditation group I attended also had a mind-control aspect … so maybe this has been a ‘shadow aspect’ of third dimensional meditation groups up until now.

So my question is: Why did this happen to this person? Why did he get the notion to do that? … because this is a free will planet. Surely, it is a free will planet. Why would a spiritual teacher do such a thing?

Free Will as a Foundational Law of Life on Planet Earth

As spiritual teachers, we need to be especially sensitive to the imprint of free will on this planet. This is the law of this planet; and there is no such thing as making an ‘ideal’ world here, without free will.

So … No mind control! No hypnosis! No grabbing of the personality. Rather: Allowing the freedom for each person to find the keys to their own transformation. For now is the time! Now is the time! And a leader of the Spirit, I feel, can best help his students by doing this himself … by mastering his own mind … and letting them know what he is doing. You know what I mean?

[Waves.] You all take care, Steer clear of that mind mud; it is quite ‘mind bog’-gling! [laughs]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: Psychic Murder – Bow Down to Me! Psychic Swoon,” published on 17 July 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jc6 ..

Photos by Alice

Image: “Clouds 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 8 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Controllers . Private Line Telepathy? . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 1 September 2015; published on 5 September 2015; transcribed on 21 December 2018

    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

More on the Controllers …

  • 8th chakra and gut (lower triangle) telepathy, and telepathy through the heart chakra negative
  • spiritual groups and their leaders
  • free will, service to self, power over and ceding of power, co-creation of reality
  • choosing positive emotions

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have more on the Controllers. It is probably going to be a little serious, I guess. Controllers, I feel, are people that are in charge of groups on Earth. Somehow or other they have gotten onto the ability to be a telepath between the seventh and the eighth chakras … that is, between the crown of the head and a little bit above the head.

I think that, amongst spiritual adepts, there has been talk like this on the psychic plane for a while now. From what I hear … of course, my experience is not extensive … but at least with two spiritual groups that I know about, the people that are Controllers for those groups … the leadership … are talking to each other on the superconscious level, between the seventh and eighth chakras above the head. And they are using that for telepathy.

But the whole world is arising. It is the time of the Ascension … the Second Coming of Christ consciousness. Many, many people now have the ability to hear communications on that superconscious level, and to speak on that level.

What is happening with the Controllers is, they are pretty aggravated about the whole thing. They kind of thought that was their private phone line up there.

One thing they are doing, in some cases, is they are delegating members of their group to go down to the other chakras, especially the lower triangle … that is the basal chakra, the sacral chakra, and the third chakra (the navel point, the center of will power) … and to distract the people that would otherwise be talking on a very high energy frequency, through astral telepathic stories that are negatively oriented in one of these three lower chakras, or in the heart center negative.

We have talked before about the snowballing effect of these kind of negative stories, and how they carry along like rainfall in the desert, and turn into flash floods in what were previously dry arroyos or dry streambeds. And so, all of a sudden, the noosphere can get all clogged up with these negative stories.

First I would like to say, my ethical stance is that this is a Free Will Planet, and they have a right to do that if they wish, and to be in it only for themselves, and try to be an elitist group that is controlling other people, and so forth.

And the people in their groups also have a right to support that … to give away their power … to give away their Free Will, and their power to co-create reality, and to sink themselves in that mire of negativity, just because someone who is a leader of a spiritual group tells them to do that.

They have a perfect right to do that. But I feel that it is important that we all are aware of what is going on, and that we willingly choose to give away our power, and to sink ourselves into the mire of negativity … with the understanding that, the more we wallow in that negative energy, the harder it is going to be for us to accomplish the Ascension process.

And for those of us that are not involved with such groups, I believe I talked in a prior blog about how to step out of that, and into a joyful vibration … a joyful feeling, or a feeling of love or gratitude or appreciation. The minute we step from the negative things … the worry and the upset and the anger and the fear and the desire to hurt other people … however it may be expressed … and step out into the Light of Christ consciousness, in any of those forms of emotion … the minute we do that, we are out of the stream. We are out of the flash flood. We are onto the high ground, where we can simply neutrally observe the waters flooding past, on some other plane of reality. So, there is that.

I have been learning a lot, lately, about being neutral about people’s choices on this Free Will Planet. You know? … And not opposing the flash flood, but simply observing it … And how important that is, for my own peace of mind, and for my own ability to stay out of those raging waters. So I am working on that.

You all, have a wonderful day. Take care of yourselves. God bless you all. Bye bye.

Photos by Alice

[Then there is a short videoclip of the clouds.]

Image: “Clouds 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 5,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 5,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 6,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 6,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 17,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Clouds 17,” by Alice B. Clagett, 1 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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