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Lightworker Homework 4: Activate Your Central Vertical Power Current (Your ‘Kundalini’) . by Alice B. Clagett *

Image: “The Antelope Canyon in Arizona,” by Lucas Loffler, 20 April 2006, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “The Antelope Canyon in Arizona,” by Lucas Loffler, 20 April 2006, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have for you today an introduction to “Lightworker Homework 4: Activate Your Central Vertical Power Current (Your ‘Kundalini’)” by Alice B. Clagett. This homework has four parts …

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Kundalini Risen to Protect Against the Predations of Black Magicians . by Alice B. Clagett *

For those of us who are destined to awaken the kundalini energy within their central vertical power current, the experience of kundalini risen offers a sure course to protect ourselves from the curses and evil spells of black magicians.

  • REVERSE KUNDALINI  [Black Magicker, Bespeller – Voodoo Man, Regal Hex, Lazarus, Witchy Woman Hater]
    • Life Choices That May Create the Phenomenon of ‘Reverse Kundalini’
    • Effect of Reverse Kundalini on the Higher Mental Body and the Lower Mental Body of a Person
    • Broadcasting of Malspeak as Nightmarish Dreams While Sleeping
    • Effects of Reverse Kundalini: Antisocial Thought Forms, Astral Stories, and ‘Acting Out’
      • Reverse Kundalini Syndrome
    • Fractal Dissemination of Reverse Kundalini by the Black Magician
    • Black Tantra (Group Male Homosexual Experience) as a Means to Create the Reverse Kundalini Experience
    • Is the Indian Debate About the Householder and the Celibate Lifestyle an Euphemism to Do with Heterosexual or Homosexual Sacred Sexuality as a Path to Enlightenment?
    • Might Followers of Indigenous Creeds and Shamanism Worldwide Contribute to Noospheric Energies of People Experiencing Reverse Kundalini?
      • Macumba: Infliction of Harm on Others
        • Comments: Getting Round Black Magic Curses and Spells
      • Candomblé: Spirit Possession That May Lead to Homosexuality
        • Comments: Links Between Spirit Possession, Homosexuality, and Reverse Kundalini
      • Haitian Vodou: Spirit Possession / Vampirism
        • Comments
          • My Mind to Your Mind
          • The Human ‘Horse’ or ‘Donkey’
          • Egoic Terror and the Dreaded Mind Wipe
          • Fugue State While Demonically Possessed
          • Vampirism (Catastrophic Energy Drain) Through Spirit Possession.
      • Practitioners of Indigenous Creeds May Experience Reverse Kundalini
    • ‘Bucking the Tide’ of Reverse Kundalini Energies
    • Life Choices That May Create the Phenomenon of ‘Kundalini Risen’
    • Effect of Kundalini Risen on the Higher Mental Body and the Lower Mental Body of a Person
    • Stories by Alice: The Spontaneous Experience of Kundalini Risen
      • Sidebar: “Shogun,” Anjin San and the Zen Moment
    • The Gentle Technique of Kundalini Risen as Taught by Yogi Bhajan
    • The ‘Locks’ and ‘Pranayam’ That Cause the Kundalini to Rise
    • Effects of Kundalini Risen: Magnetic Attraction, Happiness, Spiritual Wisdom, Luck in Life
    • Kundalini Risen Deters the Predations of the Dark
    • The Physical and Subtle Bodies of a Person
    • Reverse Kundalini Affects the Physical Body and the Seven ‘Personal’ Subtle Bodies
    • Deleterious Effects on Others of the Sleeping Thought Forms of a Person Experiencing Reverse Kundalini
    • Black Magic Spells and Curses by the Black Magician Consciously Projecting Reverse Kundalini Thought Forms Towards Other People
    • Black Tantra as a Group Method to Experience Reverse Kundalini
    • Black Tantra as a Putative Cause of Astral Gang Attacks on Single Women
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Twenty Years Spent in Learning How to Counter Psychic Predations of Raiding Groups of Astral Men in Los Angeles
      • Jackass Love Curse
      • “Bow Down to Me” 3-Part Football Play
      • Standing on the Floor Above the Mark
      • ‘Slam Dunk’ in Switzerland
    • Immediate Shielding Effect of Kundalini Risen
    • Kundalini Risen Affects the Subtle Body Termed the ‘Body of Light’, Which ‘Trumps’ the Subtle Bodies Affected by Reverse Kundalini
    • More on the Physical and Subtle Bodies of a Person
    • My Experience with an Easy Kundalini Set: Untoward Psychic Phenomena Fled Away When the Set Was First Practiced
    • Invocation of God’s Presence
    • Basic Spinal Energy Series
    • Optional Add-ons
    • The Yoga Set in Written Form

Image: “St. Catherine of Siena Besieged by [Six] Demons,” anonymous (Lesser Poland), circa 1500, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “St. Catherine of Siena Besieged by [Six] Demons,” anonymous (Lesser Poland), circa 1500, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones,

After searching for years for the answer to the question: How may I protect myself against astral rape, against astral vampirism, and against the astral ‘pass-through’ or ‘flow-through’ that dilutes the purity of the central vertical power current, I have finally come up with an explanation for these phenomena, and a solution that can be utilized by most people who are in good health.

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Can People Who Practice Rectal Intercourse Attain Enlightenment? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 20 June 2020

    • What Happened with One of My Kundalini Yoga Students Many Years Ago
    • Clair Experience: Drained of Life Force by Astral ‘Basal Chakra Vampirism’
    • Intuitive Notion: Body Cell Upset During Rectal Intercourse Compromises Immune System

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” –Matthew 10:28 (KJV, public domain) ,,, COMMENT: In the below context, I would take the second part of this Bible passage to mean: Steer clear of those spiritual adepts who do not hesitate to send our Souls to Hell as part of their own bid to attain enlightenment. Or, the passage might have to do with demons and devils, whose company is known to bode ill to our spiritual progress.

Dear Ones,


On 20 June 2020 I came across a Quora answer to the question “Can a Homosexual Achieve Enlightenment?” that supports my understanding of the enlightenment experience of kundalini risen, both from my personal experience with kundalini yoga, and from my observation of energy flow in my yoga students quite some years ago, That was when I was practicing and teaching yoga at a Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO) ..

The answer I read in Quora also supports my astral observation of 100 percent energy drain when one person visualizes himself as the insertive rectal intercourse partner. (My understanding is the receptive rectal intercourse partner experiences the energy drain during astral visualization …

Link: “Can a Homosexual Achieve Enlightenment?” by Christian Koncz, answered 2 June 2018, in Quora … ..

In the answer by Christian Koncz, it seems to me the term ‘top’ may be used for what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) term the ‘insertive’ partner. Here I very generally paraphrase Christian Koncz’s answer, interspersed with the yoga terms I use …

The energy flow that practitioners of yoga and tantra hope to create is movement of energy from the lower chakras up the spine (the ‘central vertical power current’) to the higher chakras. To achieve this, kundalini yoga suggests ‘locks’ such as tightening the anus, pulling the diaphragm beneath the lungs up, and pulling the chin slightly in. The intent of these ‘locks’ is to ferry energy upward along the spine.

Because rectal intercourse causes opening, rather than closing, of the anus for the receptive partner, energy flows out of that partner’s spine and into the energy field of the insertive partner; that is what I intuitively feel may be the case.

Christian Koncz terms the energy flow out of the receptive partner ‘reverse kundalini’, a phrase I had not heard before. I think of it as pranic depletion, or pranic collapse, or ‘vampirism’ by the insertive partner.

According to Christian Koncz, the insertive rectal intercourse partner would gain energy from the receptive partner. Apparently occult societies (whose members I term ‘spiritual adepts’) sometimes practice sodomy with the intent that the insertive partner experience kundalini risen faster than he otherwise might.

The difficulty in using sodomy to attain enlightenment is that the insertive partner incurs a karmic debt, because of the injury he does the receptive partner. On the assumption that the insertive partner will achieve enlightenment sooner by this practice, we can surely devise that the receptive partner will achieve enlightenment more slowly than might otherwise have been the case.

When the kundalini raises, psychic heat or ‘tapas’ burns away impurities in the body of Light. These impurities have many names in many spiritual traditions. I call them Soul wounding, samskaras, karmic miasmic patterning, morphogenetic field distortions, or tendencies toward sin.

As to the effect on the insertive rectal intercourse partner, I agree with Christian Koncz: If by our path to enlightenment we accrue karma, while at the same time intending to clear karmic miasmic patterning, then we will end this life no better than we begin it.

I feel, with Christian Koncz, that a person intent on enlightenment … whether man or woman … ought to avoid the practice of rectal intercourse, because in the case of the receptive partner the energy drain makes it impossible to raise the kundalini (and, I feel, has an adverse effect on physical health).

Then as mentioned above, while the insertive act and the subsequent influx of energy that has drained out of the receptive partner may cause the insertive partner to have a sudden experience of kundalini risen, the karmic drawdown may make this experience but a flash in the pan.


I know there there are those who feel quite strongly about my advice against rectal intercourse, as I have ‘taken the heat’ on this topic on the astral plane for many years. Because of the great derision I have experienced on the astral plane because of the advice I offer, I thought it might be good to explain a little about the experiences because of which I offer this advice.

What Happened with One of My Kundalini Yoga Students Many Years Ago

What first formed my opinion on the topic was an experience I had many years ago, of teaching kundalini yoga to a student who seemed to me to be practicing recipient rectal intercourse. My intuitive observation was that his EMF was weak and flickering. His nervous system also seemed to be jittery. His central vertical power current seemed to me, intuitively, to have an excess of upward flowing energy that prevented him from grounding to Earth.

It seemed likely to me, intuitively speaking, that he was experiencing ongoing physical assaults to his rectum that resulted in pain … both physical pain and psychic pain … in that region of his body. It seemed likely to me that his Awareness might be skipping past that experience of pain in the first chakra, so that the Soul wounding there was encapsulated in an energy field of unawareness. Thus his first chakra was set ‘on hold’ and grounding could not occur.

The first chakra, when wounded, has to do with fear of death. It could be that my yoga student of that long ago time felt some such fear in doing kundalini yoga. I have heard it said that others also experience fear of death when they attempt to awaken the kundalini. It could be that they also have had Soul wounding in the first chakra.

My student of long ago looked very promising, and had quite an interest in raising the kundalini. But in the end, it turned out he experienced too much fear on attempting the technique to make a go of it in the long term. For him, some other technique, such as hatha yoga, that might very slowly nourish and heal the first chakra, would be the better path to enlightenment.

Clair Experience: Drained of Life Force by Astral ‘Basal Chakra Vampirism’

The last reason I have a negative notion about rectal intercourse has to do with an experience I had once of a person attempting to have astral intercourse with me rectally. It was the oddest of psychic visions for me. It seemed to me that all the ki or ‘life force’ in my body was drained from me by the astral being that assaulted me. I was left prostrate … almost lifeless … lying with only a whisper of breath left to me, wondering what could possibly have happened just then.

It was the most catastrophic of experiences, and one that I hope never to repeat. Because of that psychic experience I conceived a notion that donor rectal intercourse is a vampirical act in which the donor withdraws ki or life force from the rectal intercourse recipient. It seemed to me that this action … insofar as it occurs on the astral plane … is an act of psychic vampirism. This notion I conceived quite some years ago has not yet been gainsaid.

Thus I advise, if you really enjoy rectal intercourse and if you have an interest in raising the kundalini, to go ahead (on doctor’s advice) and give it a go.

Why not do so, if your Soul tells you to? Then if you have an adverse reaction to the practice, you will know for yourself whether to pursue this technique, or whether to try another technique such as, for example, hatha yoga.

Intuitive Notion: Body Cell Upset During Rectal Intercourse Compromises Immune System

I recall, from studying biology in high school, that the rectum is an excretory organ and the vagina is a reproductive organ. The excretory system and the reproductive system are two different sorts of systems in the human body. They have very different functions. The excretory system excretes waste matter from the body; and the reproductive system creates new human beings to assure that the human race will continue on Earth.

From a yogic stance, the excretory system relates to the first chakra (the ‘basal chakra’), which is located at the bottom of the torso. The reproductive system relates to the second chakra (the sacral chakra or ‘sexual chakra’). The energy of the first chakra is red in color, and pulsates or whirls more slowly than the energy of the second chakra, which is orange in color.

When the rectum, which is an excretory organ, is treated as if it were the vagina, which is a reproductive organ, then that is an inappropriate use of the human body. In other words, what I call the user manual for the care and maintenance of the human form does not say that a person ought to insert their penis into another person’s rectum. What it says is that a person ought to insert their penis into another person’s vagina. If the person they are contemplating the act of sexual intercourse with does not have a vagina, then the person needs to look round till they find someone who fills the bill. That is how I conceived about the user manual for the care and maintenance of the human form while I was taking that course in biology long ago.

Then there is intuition. I feel it is a good idea to develop and hone our intuitional skills. Once these skills are developed, we have in our ‘tool kit’  a unique way to glean insights about the world around us.

Here is what my intuition tells me about rectal intercourse: I sense that the body cells of my rectum know, down deep, in an instinctive way, that to have a penis enter the rectum is wrong for them. This act brings them a sense of dismay rather than joy. That is because the rectal body cells delight in the elimination of waste matter from the body. They are created to push or squeeze waste matter downward and out of the body. That is an action quite the opposite of having an object such as the penis pushed or squeezed, in an upward motion, up and into the body.

I feel that the sense of dismay felt by the rectal body cells of the person who receives the penis into their rectum … in an act termed ‘receptive rectal intercourse’ … must have a cascade effect in that area of the human energy field. The sadness of the body cells causes ‘wires to get crossed’, and overall function of the area begins to become impaired. The strength of the immune system in that area of the body begins to be compromised. This results in a tendency to disease in that area of the body. These notions are supported by medical literature, which might cite STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis; fungal infections; rectal prolapse; cancer of the rectum; and so on, among those who practice receptive rectal intercourse.

The medical literature explains that ‘receptive partners’ in rectal intercourse … which are those men and women who receive the penis into their rectum … are more affected by immune system compromise and are more likely to have physical symptoms of disease than ‘insertive partners’ in rectal intercourse … which are those men who place their penis into the receptive partner’s rectum. Why is that?

It is well known that by experiencing emotions of happiness and joy, by laughing and enjoying life, we can bring our bodies from a state of disease to a state of  good health. The experience of unhappiness or dismay in a particular area of the body can cause disease. The experience of happiness and joy in a particular area of the body can cause good health.

The act of rectal intercourse is a ‘mixed bag’ in this regard. The receptive partner experiences physical discomfort, and his or her rectal body cells experience dismay. But the insertive donor experiences a sense of wellbeing as he relieves himself of sexual desire. His rectum is not experiencing any bad sensation, and his penis is performing in the usual way. It is just that the object of his desire is inappropriate.

There is one caveat as regards the emotion of the insertive partner event: In some deep way, I feel it likely that the insertive partner knows that he is causing his partner discomfort at the moment he himself is achieving a sense of release. In time and with repetition of the insertive act, the positive emotion he feels during sexual release becomes linked up to the negative emotion he precipitates in the receptive partner. He begins to become ‘hardwired’ to the notion that pain must be experienced in order to feel happiness.

This mixup or melding of two opposite emotional tones … of ‘one-upmanship’ or ‘male dominance’ … of a feeling of sadism necessarily linked to a feeling of masochism … causes in the penis of the insertive partner warring tendencies to sexual health and an inclination to immune system compromise and disease. In this regard he is not so affected as the insertive partner because his emotions during the act are more positive than negative. Yet with time, his reproductive health may decline as well because of the ‘mixed bag’ of emotions he feels during rectal intercourse.

The medical literature talks about these unfortunate health outcomes, but it does not really offer the full picture. It does not talk about the biological systems of the human body, or about what I call the ‘user manual’ of the body. It does not explain the importance that, in the ideal situation, both partners in the act of sexual intercourse ought to experience sexual ecstasy rather than pain or unhappiness. It does not explain that lack of good feelings during sexual intercourse may precipitate immune system compromise and disease.

The results are there in the literature to read about, but the explanation offered in the medical literature is just not that understandable to most readers. To the reader who delights in the insertive rectal act, I can imagine it must feel completely unfair. How might it be that an act that causes such a great amount of pleasure to him is predicted to have such a miserable medical outcome? Why must sexual ecstasy result in horrific diseases?

My reader might think: This is a setup! Someone must have it in for me! Maybe it is God! God must not want me to feel sexual delight … Maybe it is mom, who told me this is the wrong thing to do! Maybe it is the church I attended as a youth that is causing this awful stuff! Maybe it is society as a whole, those old fuddy duddies, that are out to get me, and cursing me with these diseases!

But the truth is, it is not the fault of any of these people. It is just that we are not yet familiar with the ‘user manual’ of the human body. Once we get familiar with the manual, and become determined to stick to the guidelines therein (insofar as we may), then we are on track to a long and happy life.

I hope this explanation helps to fill the gap. We ought, I feel, always to follow our hearts. We ought always to seek joy in our daily actions. We have the Free Will to choose joy to to choose sorrow in every moment of our lives.

The act of orgasm is one of the prime tools for the Lightworker in transforming our experience of Earthly reality for the better. This is true whether we are a man experiencing orgasm, by whatever means may be at hand; or a woman experiencing orgasm, in whatever way we may.

We can, through experiment, arrive at a way of sexual intercourse that is good for us and good for our partner. We can help another person to have a joyful sexual experience; and we ourselves can at the same time (or sequentially, one partner and then the other partner) experience great joy in the act of sexual intercourse.

The experience of joy expresses itself as Light. The intuitive sees a person who is feeling great joy as a person who has a great burst of white Light in their energy field. This lightburst effect clears the joyful person’s axiatonal lines of Light, clears glomming together of axiatonal lines, uncrosses crossed wires, and increases the potential wattage of the joyful person’s body of Light.

For the person experiencing a state of joy, Soul wounding A-V video tapes that are stuck to glommed axiatonal lines catch fire, flare up, and all in a flash, dissipate. The memory of a Soul wounding experience carried for decades suddenly is no more. It is as if it never happened at all.

For the person experiencing a state of joy, malware stuck to crossed axiatonal wires jerks off as the wires uncross. The malware spins out of the joyful person’s body of Light, out into the wide Universe. It is gone forever.

This state of joy, this state of greater Light, is what we term enlightenment. Thus the act of sex that expresses itself a joy felt by both sexual partners is the act of two enlightened beings.


For those who are willing to avoid rectal intercourse, and who wish to further their experience of enlightenment through kundalini risen, I suggest a regime of careful diet, exercise and sleep so as to attain good health. During this preparatory period it would be fine to practice hatha yoga followed by a 10-minute meditation daily.

For those who thus attain good health, and especially for those in their middle years, a slow and easy development of kundalini yoga skills, along with meditation, might help speed the experience of kundalini risen. I suggest the yoga of Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO), as that is the kundalini yoga with which I am familiar …

Link: “Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO)” … … Search the tab: Kundalini Yoga

For those who are in less than perfect health, or who are very young or very old, I suggest sticking with hatha yoga and meditation, which has is a more moderate path to that end.


On the psychic plane I have heard from many people’s subconscious minds, over the years, thought forms that are slogans to do with enjoyment of rectal intercourse. It is not possible to change other people’s minds about this by attempting to change their subconscious slogans through astral teaching.

It is not, I feel, till people rise to conscious Awareness of the subconscious slogans that they can, using their free will choices, still this chatter. They cannot rise to conscious Awareness in this regard until they choose to place Awareness on their heart chakras, which are the Astral Bridge between the lower personal chakras and the higher personal chakras.

For the Lightworker who hears, on the astral airs, these subconscious slogans about rectal intercourse, the slogans of other people can create a block in our first chakra that is a stumbling block to our own experience of enlightenment. When this happens I suggest feeling through the first chakra block with a visualization of themselves as Earth …

Link: “Visualization of Self as Earth,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 3 June 2020 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also …

Link: “How to Evade Chakric Vampirism by Soulless People and Sociopaths,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 18 September 2018; revised on 6 May 2020 … ..

Link: “Kundalini Risen to Protect Against the Predations of Black Magicians,” by Alice B. Clagett, Written and published on 25 July 2020; revised on 20 May 2022 … ..


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Escaping the Mind Control Techniques of Lock Down, Entrainment, and Psychic Rape . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 April 2017 

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY 3.0

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY 3.0

    • Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance / Submission
    • Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship
      • Soul Evolution
      • Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies Toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation
    • On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’
    • Subconscious ‘Curses’
    • Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient
    • On Overcoming Entrainment: Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment
      • Getting Even
      • Transforming and Returning Energy
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Introduction
    • ‘Gang Bang’ Technique of Psychic Rape by Groups of Telepaths
    • Use of Psychic Rape by Soldiers of Fortune
    • Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal
    • Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation
    • On Overcoming Psychic Rape
      • On the Spur of the Moment
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Dear Ones,

Here are some mind control techniques and ways to avoid them …


‘Lock down’ is telepathic repetition of a thought by one person that causes fear in another person. Repeating the thought over and over again can lead to generalized anxiety, then a panic attack. Telepaths use this technique to sharpen their telepathic skills and practice ‘one-upmanship’ on each other.

Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance / Submission

Also, a group of telepaths may gang up on one telepath, a ‘newbie’, and implement ‘lock down’ as a form of hazing.

Hazing is a form of ‘one-upmanship’, which expresses the feral drives to ‘pack ordering’ and dominance/submission, which lead to selection of the alpha male which leads, for instance, a wolf pack or ape pack.

These behaviors, both on the verbal and on the physical level, tend to occur because of retreat from the higher brain to the reptilian brain. They tend to take place subconsciously.

Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship

Soul Evolution. If a spiritual adept wishes to act to evolve his own Soul wisdom, it is important to consciously stop hazing our fellow Spiritual adepts in training, whether they be in our own spiritual group or another spiritual group. Now, at the time of the Turning, the whole world is coming together in peace and harmony; shall we, as spiritual adepts, be left behind, and unconsciously practicing these feral drives in the form of “I’m better than you!” ? Surely, not; let us set aside hazing and psychic competition!

Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies Toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation. A further caveat: Practicing spiritual superpower one-upmanship, because it expresses feral dominance/submission, will, over time, lead to the practice of sadomasochism and genital mutilation. These are legally actionable, and clearly, undesirable activities in terms of earthly life.

On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’

For the person who is being subjected to ‘lock down’, anti-anxiety measures, including grounding, medications, and talking to other people about what’s happening are good ways to end the ‘lock down’.


‘Entrainment’ is mental suggestion of a telepathic thought by one person, using their throat chakra or third-eye point, and directed at another person’s throat, third-eye, navel point, sacral chakra, genitals, or basal chakra.

Subconscious Curses

This is a more sophisticated technique than psychic rape, which is described below. Often it is practiced subconsciously: The telepathic sender has a subconscious wish regarding someone else, such as “I wish they wouldn’t marry; I want their money” or “I wish they would stay fat; I don’t want them competing with me for a man” or “I hate them; I wish they would die” or (and I hear this on the clair plane surprisingly often, “May you get cancer.”

These bad wishes ( or ‘curses’) are broadcast by the telepathic sender to the energy field of the person he is thinking about (the telepathic recipient); this occurs as unerringly as a short-wave radio broadcast from one ham operator to the other. Unless detected and returned to the sender transformed to light, love and joy, they will have a deleterious effect on the telepathic recipient’s energy field.

Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient

When directed to another person’s throat chakra or third-eye point …

  • It can cause ‘mind mud‘ … slowing or ceasing of doing the intended action, or doing it wrong.
  • It can lead to traffic accidents,
  • Or to oversleeping, or to an intense desire to fall asleep suddenly,
  • Or to developing a disease or physical pain.
  • It is sometimes unethically used to prevail upon people to give their money to the telepathic sender or a cause he or she espouses.
  • Further, it may be used to get a person to join a spiritual group. Though the means may appear to justify the end, this is a form of consequentialism on the part of the telepathic sender; a first step on the long road to Auschwitz and to Soul devolution.

On Overcoming Entrainment: Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment

Getting Even. As a telepath begins to become aware of other people’s subconscious ‘curses’ of the sort described above, he or she may go through a phase of ‘getting even’. This phase can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and is not in key with the energy wave of Christ consciousness that has uplifted Earth.

Transforming and Returning Energy. Thus the telepath who realizes he’s receiving curses soon turns to transforming incoming curses to love, light and joy, and returning them to the sender. This has two advantages:

  • It removes negative energy from the telepathic recipient’s energy field, and
  • It helps turn the original telepathic sender’s energy field from negative to positive, thus promoting, through a feeling of goodwill on the part of the original telepathic recipient, the likelihood that the original sender will cease the intent to astral harm.

Long-Term Techniques. To get past susceptibility to ‘entrainment’ long-term you will need to master your mind by eliminating malware, malspeak, and implants, and developing cosmic mind. See my blog categories ‘Soul wounding’ and ‘mastery of mind’.



At the outset, I would like to make clear that I am very much against the practice of psychic rape, which I consider to be morally reprehensible. The spiritual man or woman, I feel, ought always strive to rein in the wild horses of the senses through heart’s love and Light and joy. In this way we may also still the insistent chatter of the mental mind.

Through feeling our hearts and following our intuition we can thus become true masters of both the lower mind (the gut brain) and the higher mind (the intellect), and rise to Awareness of and alignment with the guidance of God’s Will and Heart and Mind in our lives.

‘Gang Bang’ Technique of Psychic Rape by Groups of Telepaths

Telepathic psychic rape techniques affect the repressed emotions of socialized people, who have learned in childhood to repress and sublimate their sex drive. Psychic rape by a person with a very strong vital drive, or by a group of telepaths acting together (as, for instance, in a black magic ritual), is more difficult to counter than the random, unconscious thought of psychic rape by the ordinary man or woman.

Use of Psychic Rape by Soldiers of Fortune

Sometimes soldiers of fortune vaunt their ability to perform psychic rape, either as a way to get other people to unconsciously agree with them, as a power play, or else as a way to get money from them.

Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal

For instance, if a criminal or con man wanted to get a lawyer or law enforcement officer on his side, he might hire a psychic rapist to soften up the lawyer or law enforcement officer, who might unwittingly go along with the genital stimulation in a subconscious way, and overlook the peccadillos of the soldier of fortune or the criminal who hired him.

Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation

The same technique is used to have casual sex with women, or to part them from their money; and to overcome a child’s innocent will power and sexually molest him or her.

Confidence artists, either consciously or unconsciously, or through hiring a soldier of fortune who has psychic abilities to act on their behalf, use psychic rape to soften up those they have ‘marked’ for predation.

On Overcoming Psychic Rape

On the Spur of the Moment. Individual instances of psychic rape can be dealt with by these actions, which immediately strengthen your electromagnetic field …

  • Grounding … sitting on the ground.
  • Or sit up straight, preferably in a quiet place, such as your meditation area.
  • If watching TV, a handheld or the internet, stop doing so; this will strengthen your EMF.

For instance …

  • If driving, park the car and stand on the ground, preferably in a quiet place.
  • If sleeping, sit up in your bed and meditate, or go into another room and meditate in a sitting position.
  • If eating or talking with other people, stop these activities and find a place to meditate while sitting up straight.

Long-Term Techniques. Long-term, the way to overcome behavioral manipulation through psychic rape is to develop the will power …

  • by practicing affirmations such as these … Link: “Rock Solid Willpower Positive Affirmations,” by … ..
  • by daily practice of yoga exercises that strengthen the navel point … including ‘stretch pose’, breath of fire, and Sat Kriya … continue daily for 40 or 90 days.
  • by daily practice of calisthenics that strengthen the navel point … such as push-ups and sit-ups,
  • and by consciously monitoring our actions and exercising our will power throughout the day.

See … Link: “Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose with Anne Novak, by Spirit Voyage, 1 February 2011 … ..

See … Link: “Breath of Fire with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, 1 February 2011 … ..

See … Link: “How to Do Kundalini Yoga: Sat Kriya with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, 20 February 2011 … ..

Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Psychic rape is illegal but, as many criminals know, difficult to prove in a court of law. However, there have been instances of convictions for psychic rape.

Left unchecked, psychic rapists are likely to begin raping on the physical plane because of the karmic burden they accrue. The reverse is also true: people who rape will begin to develop the samskara of habitual psychic rape. After some time practicing psychic rape, the psychic  will be unable to contain the impulse to physical rape, even though the risk of being caught by law enforcement in a particular instance may be very high.


When we begin to detect the amount of mind control that goes on in the world, there’s a tendency to over-react, and to go into a spiral of upset about it. However, looked at rightly, beginning to detect that we are being mind controlled is a step in the direction of self-realization, and self awakening.

The question is, to take the bit in the hands, and to begin the long and fascinating road to self mastery and mastery of mind. Thus, looked at aright, detection that we are being mind controlled is a gift of increasing Awareness from the Divine.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Transformational Work: Stepped Up Energies along Our Spine . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 21 March 2017; published on 2 April 2017

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