The Shadow of the Personality and Shadow of the Group . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 November 2016

Dear Ones,

This is about the shadow of the personality and the shadow of the group. There is an introduction on signs and portents, and on the draining of batteries.

See the ‘For More Information’ section for more on how the process of transforming the shadow to love and light will drain any nearby batteries. So, better to do transformational work away from batteries (and electronics) …



First there is a discussion of the portents before, during, and after the making of this video:

  • A near head-on-collision with an aggressive driver in the opposite flow of traffic (a sign that the dynamics of the Satan world, the shadow world, and the power of the dark are changing)
  • The draining of my car battery during the filming (along with a discussion of batteries draining during changeups in the illusion and in the power of the dark during the Awakening), and
  • Mind mud and anger amongst personnel at an auto parts store

And now, on to the information that was the occasion of these portents; information to do with the shadow of the personality and of the group.

When we have a group that has a natural antipathy for another group, we have a tangle; especially if that group returns the feeling of hostility.

If people were to unglom from groups, then we wouldn’t have the shadow of the group; but as it is, many people are sticking with the groups, and group shadows will need to be dealt with.

As the astral beings negative have cleared from Earth, what remains to be cleared is the noospheric black magic detritus of their tenancy on Earth. In group gloms, the shadow represents the black magic detritus of the group, and the clearing taking place is the clearing of the shadow, of the black magic.

In the video, I suggest there is a group glom between Washington, DC and Vatican City. The glom is fairly close in latitude, but not the same; DC is at 38.9072° N, and Vatican City is at 41.9029° N. This glom has two black magic counter-weights: The Black Magic Mass and the Black Magic Secret Service.

  • The former, the Black Magic Mass, had to do with refusal to submit to the authority of the Pope and the Vatican, and is aligned with the energy of the Knights Templar.
  • The latter, the Black Magic Secret Service (perhaps related to the term ‘Black Ops’) has to do with individuality, refusal to submit to authority, and the notion of the many freedoms that we have as Americans. The dark side to this is the thought that we American have the right way of doing things, and so therefore we have the right to offer a patriarchal influence on the Earth.
    • In past this has caused, to some extent, the feeling that we are controlling, or attempting to control, peoples beyond our borders.
    • In recent times, there has been an occasion inversion of this energy thread, so that it has turned into a notion of controlling American citizens instead. The public perception of Jade Helm is an example of this.
    • On the clair plane, this energy of the Black Magic Secret Service (or ‘Black Ops’) seems to favor everything that the Vatican stands for: Such as abortion, the right to be homosexual, the right to sexually abuse children, the right to abuse, rape and kill women, the right to have an atheistic or pagan point of view, and the right to practice black magic. So, in terms of dogma, this energy stands more with the Knights Templar in terms of serving Baal, or some other form of Satan, and opposes the energy of Catholicism and of the real-life Secret Service. In other words, this energy represents the shadow of our groups, in the same way that the shadow of the personality represents the energies we set aside and repress as unacceptable to our fellow man.
  • I’m hoping that those in the Catholic community and those in the Secret Service community will look to their own groups, and find the shadow energies they feel at ease to clear, so that they each may proceed well with the Awakening process.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See the video “8 year old kid builds crystal grids to clear negative energy and explains how it works,” .. for a little on how a process of transformation of dark energy to love (in this case by means of a crystal grid, but in my work, through the power of the heart chakra) drains energy from batteries.

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