Is the Human Spine a Solenoid? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 August 2016

  • The Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna: Nerve Currents in the Spine
  • The Solenoid
    • The Front-to-Back Chakras
    • The Vertical Chakric Duo, ‘Chakra 1=7’
  • Solenoid Video
  • Chakras 2 through 6: Toroidal Front-Back EMF Linkups with Other Beings, Both Human and Non-Human
    • male – female
    • parent – child,
    • human – pet,
    • human – cetacean,
    • human – elephant, or
    • human – starbeing
  • Chakras 2 through 6: Toroidal Front-Back EMF Linkups with Our Own Higher Selves
    • The Notion of the Lower Self and One Higher Self Above It
    • The Notion of the Lower Self and One Higher Self Surrounding It
    • The Notion of the Lower Self and Many Higher Selves Around It
    • Front-to-Back Bump-ups of Energy Through Connecting to Our Many Higher Selves
    • The Many Flavors of Front-to-Back Chakric Bump-Ups
  • Astrogeosensitivity: The Human Central Vertical Channel, and Vertical Astrogeophysical Linkups
  • Summary

Dear Ones,

Years ago, I studied kundalini yoga, and could feel the energy current coursing through my spine, from the first on up through the seventh chakra. In the yogic tradition of India, this EMF current is explained like this:


In the spine, there are three channels: the ida, or left channel, the pingala, or right channel, and the sushumna, or central channel. The ida, the left channel, has cooling or moon energy; and the pingala, on the right, has warming, or sun energy. (1) Here is a very clear image of these energy flows, and of the chakric energies:

“The subtle system of Sahaja Yoga . 1. The Mooladhara Chakra. 1a. The Mooladhar. 2. The Swadisthana Chakra. 3. The Nabhi Chakra. 3a. The Void. 4. The Anahata Chakra. 5. The Vishuddhi Chakra. 6. The Agnya Chakra. 7. The Sahasrara Chakra. A. Kundalini. B. Left channel (Ida nadi). C. Central channel (Sushumna nadi). D. Right channel (Pingala nadi). E. Spirit. F. Ego. G. Superego,” by Alex-engraver – Praca własna, Domena publiczna, (3)

Note that the little flame on the vertical channel colored blue indicates the heart energy that is at that spot. The quality of the blue channel (which appears in the image to be on the right, but is, in actuality, on the left-hand side for the person in the picture, is cooling.

The person’s right-hand channel, from his own perspective of his body, is what we readers perceive in the image as being on our left. However, yogically speaking, it is the right-hand channel, the vertical channel colored orange in the image:

When the kundalini is activated, through, for instance, breath techniques (pranayam) or kundalini yoga, then the central spinal column, the sushumna, becomes charged, and the energy of the spinal column greatly increases. This is a form of Awakening, either greater (Kundalini Shakti, which is rather like being struck by lightning) or lesser (the ongoing, milder experience kundalini.


In physics, the term refers to a coil whose length is substantially greater than its diameter, “ften wrapped around a metallic core, which produces a uniform magnetic field in a volume of space (where some experiment might be carried out) when an electric current is passed through it.” (4)

Here is an image of a cross section of a solenoid, Notice how there is a plus side and a minus side, and how the EMF current swooshes upward …

“Diagram of a solenoid and its magnetic field lines. The shape of all lines is correct according to the laws of electrodynamics,” by Geek3 (5) 

The actual solenoid field looks like a coil:

“An Illustration of a Solenoid,” by Zureks – Own work, Public Domain,

This coil is like the energy of the central column of the spine, whose end points have been traditionally named the first and seventh chakras, but which are, in actuality, one long chakra that begins at the rectum, runs through the spine, and ends at the crown chakra at the top of the head.

In this image, you can see the chakric ‘funnels’: ..

The Front-to-Back Chakras

As can be seen from the image, chakras two through six run through the body from front to back, with a funnel in front and a funnel in back.

The Vertical Chakric Duo, ‘Chakra 1=7’

The long chakra that runs through the spine from bottom to top can also be seen.

This long Spinal Chakra, which carries the kundalini energy, is like the coil of wire in the solenoid.

Note also that the term kundalini means ‘coiled’ … a free translation of the word is ‘coil of the beloved’s hair’.


In the video below, the sushumna is like the iron bar inside the wire coil, which greatly increases the EMF charge of the solenoid. The ‘lit’ kundalini may thus refer to the directional charge on the central channel of the spine, as the energy of the outer coil, created by the difference in the quality of energy of the ida and pingala … whether minus or plus, cooling or warming:

Link: “Magnetic Field of Loops, Solenoids, and Electromagnets | Doc Physics,” by Doc Schuster, 25 January 2013, .. 


Here is a video on toroidal flow in our universe:

Video: “Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow,” by Spirit Science, 6 November 2012, ..

This video shows how the front-back orientation of chakras two through six allows us to create toroidal linkups with other human beings.

Here is an image showing just such a 2-being toroidal linkup: ..

Note that such linkups can be for any two beings. It might be:

  • male – female, as in the image. Or it might be
  • parent – child,
  • human – pet,
  • human – cetacean,
  • human – elephant, or
  • human – starbeing

These are all instances of front-back EMF linkups. Every such linkup increases the charge of our own personal EMF, by increasing the charge on our central solenoid.


We humans are beginning to perceive that we are magnificent, multidimensional beings. As such, we have many higher selves. With regard to these higher selves, chakras 2 through 6 offer the opportunity to ‘ante up’ the charge on our central solenoid.

The Notion of the Lower Self and One Higher Self Above It

Many people visualize that they have one higher self. Some visualize this as above themselves, like this:

Image of a person and their higher self, visualized as hovering above and connecting to the person through the crown chakra:×300.jpg ..

The Notion of the Lower Self and One Higher Self Surrounding It

However, as far as chakras 2 through 6 are concerned, the below is a better visualization …

Image of person and their higher self, visualized as surrounding the person with a greater energy: ..

The Notion of the Lower Self and Many Higher Selves Around It

Further, there are, according to intel from Judy Satori (6), 72 formed dimensions … which is to say, our magnificent, multidimensional self consists of 72 selves. If we consider, as many do, our physical self to be our lower self … then to put this in perspective, we are thinking of our 3rd self, our third dimension, as being our lower self. The visualization above, of one higher self, might be of our 4th dimensional or 5th dimensional self, which is to say, our astral (emotional) self or our Christed (unconditionally loving) self.

We have these many other formed selves to consider as well. So for a more true visualization, we might imagine many layers of selves, each more energetically refined than the one before, so that the true multidimensional self expands ever outward with the contemplation of each additional higher self.

Front-to-Back Bump-ups of Energy Through Connecting to Our Many Higher Selves

Connecting to these energies through chakras 2 through 6 will give us ever expanding front-to-back toroidal linkups. Each linkup will increase the charge on our central, vertical solenoid.

You can imagine a set of Petrushka dolls. Not side-by-side, as in this image …

Image of 9 Petrushka dolls, standing side by side: ..

But rather, with one doll nested inside the next.  Imagine that the smallest doll corresponds to our physical body, and that the larger dolls are some of our higher bodies. Imagine also that each doll has chakras, and that the chakras of all the larger dolls are all interconnected, in front-to-back toroid fashion, with those of the smallest doll within (i.e., with your physical form).

The Many Flavors of Front-to-Back Chakric Bump-Ups

Each of these chakras 2 through 6 has a different ‘flavor’. Concentrating on that flavor with regard to another being will step up our perception of that flavor by increasing the charge on that part of our solenoid.

As the Awakening unfolds, as more and more humans begin to feel their connection with the All through Free Will, it will become possible for instant linkups or flareups of a flavor of energy to course through Earth, through the free will participation of instantly coalescing, the instantaneously reforming, groups of people.

So for instance, by concentrating on the second chakra, which is creative in aspect, great acts of creativity might take place on New Earth, with a feeling of  ecstatic joy being experienced by these massing and remassing human awareness fields.

The more stable energy on New Earth might be the heart energy, the fourth chakra, which might connect traditional groups, communities, and the peoples of each nation, with sparking and flaring up, like fireworks, or interconnection or interfaith, global outreach for the sake of Earth as a whole.


Then we have another kind of increase on the charge of our central solenoid. This takes place through the central vertical channel (ida, pingala, sushumna). It occurs through our visualization of our own EMF torus, then through visualization of the EMF of Earth, the Solar System, and on to our Galaxy, and the Universe, these being toroidal shapes as well.

This image of a torus is from a blog called “The Principle of Catalytic Action” (7) …

Image of torus with a galaxy in the middle of it: ..

This image could be used for astrogeophysical linkup to our galaxy, you could first notice your own EMF, then imagine it is the EMF of our galaxy, as in the image. This creates a vertical bump-up of the energy of our central vertical solenoid.

In this way we can create vertical astrogeophysical linkups of our EMF torus with these much greater EMF fields. We, through our central solenoid, and through the newly awakening astrogeosensitivity of our species, might individually experience oneness with the EMF field of Earth, the Solar System, and on up to the astrogeophysical All.


And so, positing that the central vertical channel of the spine … the ida, the pingala and the sushumna … are a solenoid supporting the human torus-shaped EMF, we might conclude that plans are in place, as the Awakening unfolds, to implement the many energetic bump-ups that are part of the human blueprint for our solenoid.

  • There are front-to-back energetic bump-ups with other beings
  • There are vertical energetic bump-ups with our many higher selves
  • There are vertical astrogeophysical energetic bump-ups

These are tools just now being discovered. There are many refinements yet to be made in our ways of handling our tools, and many ascension skills now in the wings.

However, we can posit that our power to create an ever more magnificent Universe, as we become more and more in tune with the great will, and heart, and mind of God, will be totally breath-taking.

Further, I predict that our capacity to feel and express Joy will be literally unheard of and never before experienced in this rendition of our Universe.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) For more on this, see “Nadi (Yoga),”

(2) bolding in the caption is mine. –Alice Clagett

(3) from … public domain (2)

(4) from “Solenoid,” … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

(5) from … This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

(6) See Judy Satori,

(7) See 


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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