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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Demon-Powered Levitation of a Student? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 1 July 2021; revised

Image: “On Reptilian Remains from the Trias of Elgin,” by G. Boulenger, 1904, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:On_Reptilian_Remains_from_the_Trias_of_Elgin_(1904)_(14742559206).jpg … CC0

Image: “On Reptilian Remains from the Trias of Elgin,” by G. Boulenger, 1904, in Wikimedia Commons …  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:On_Reptilian_Remains_from_the_Trias_of_Elgin_(1904)_(14742559206).jpg … CC0

Dear Ones,

‘Heart Vampire’ is said to have caused the members of his group to levitate, and also to have levitated himself. There is, I feel, good reason not to be conceited about levitating, should one be so unfortunate as to do so, as will become apparent from the story below.

There is a man I nickname Heart Vampire. This was a spiritual teacher I encountered some years ago, and found out was apparently the head of a ‘killing cult’ or ‘death cult’. I gather from a book I read, and which I intuited might have been created by his cult, that this person thinks of himself as a cannibalistic reptoid from someplace other than Earth.

I was right away reminded of an image I saw online image recently of a very gnarly-looking bipedal demon, with a snarl on its face, standing facing forward. In front of the demon was a beautiful woman, in a sort of a trance. The demon had sunk the claws of its left hand into the left shoulder of the woman, and had lifted her off the ground. Here is the image, which I feel was rendered with very convincing dramatic flair …

Link: “Kau’T,” by Vashta Narada, in Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art … https://www.vashta.com/my-product/kaut/ ..

I have my own story to tell about the demon I saw in the image, as it seems to me this demon might be kin to one that swooped in and overlit Heart Vampire, who was the national leader of a meditation group I attended for a few years. The events I am about to describe happened in the year 2013 or so. I admit I have delayed in telling this tale, as my life in general is just not like this. I could barely believe what happened back then, and it seems to me but a dream today. Nevertheless, from time to time I remember; it could be the memory will dissipate in the telling of the events that transpired on that fateful weekend.

These events took place in a span of three days, over a weekend. I recall I went to a meditation led by that teacher on the East Coast in October 2013. Many dark and sinister psychic phenomena occurred within a few days of each other. There were omens and forebodings and very bad dreams. My psychic ears were ‘pricked up’ and I was on the lookout 24-7 for trouble on both the psychic plane and the physical plane.

I was staying at a staid motel on the East Coast, where I had stayed before. It was a colonial sort of place … genteel, laid-back, and just a little gone to seed, but well kept up for all that. There was a fringe of forest out back; a creek meandered through it. Not a lot of traffic on the country roads that intersected there; in short, it was a quiet and well-appointed retreat.

The first thing that happened was this: I saw in the hallway just beside the door to my room a young Chinese woman standing. That struck me as odd; thinking back, I could not remember one guest at that motel, in the last few years, who had been other than Caucasian. This woman seemed to me like a University student; she had that well-bred, educated look. She was in her 20s, I guessed. Somehow, through some crook of the imagination, I sensed an aura of secrecy, something like secret agent, or CIA, or special operative. This hunch was mystifying, and it set me on edge. So when I left the room for the day’s adventures, I set a doorknob alarm on the inside knob of my motel room door.

That first day I visited a member of the meditation group at a home about an hour away. She was the woman I later nicknamed “Torturess,” a member from the Wild West portion of the group who had been visiting the East Coast for a month or so …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Torturess’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lR9 ..

Her husband was ‘Hunter-Snuffer’ …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Hunter-Snuffer’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 5 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lSo ..

At the time of my visit I had not an inkling of what was hidden within their subconscious minds; rather, what I felt was a vague uneasiness. Something was just not right, I felt. But what was that? What was going on?

‘Torturess’ was staying with an infant she said was her grandchild in a house on a quiet side street. The house had half a plywood sheet nailed over the entryway to the basement; she said her daughter and son-in-law were renovating that area.

The baby was asleep in a bassinet or crib in the living room. It was a chubby, pleasant-faced child; its face reminded me just a little of the Buddha, very serene. On the mantel over the fireplace across from the bassinet was a very evil looking Satan mask, maybe left over from Halloween. When I saw the mask, I felt a chill, and saw a vision of an invisible Satan’s mask drawn in ‘Dark Light’ upon the bedroom door of ‘Torturess’ at her house in the Wild West. I recalled that was a doorway I had never entered, and wondered what secrets were behind the door. And what secrets were in store for this infant that lay there so peacefully?

What with traffic and travelling a route unknown to me, whose roads were, to say the least, illogically laid out and poorly signed, I arrived late, and could visit for only an hour. We walked with the baby in a stroller a block or so, along the tree-lined, narrow street in front of the house. Then I left, hoping to get to the evening meditation on time.

The meditation that evening was being held at the house of the East Coast meditation leader, a woman I nicknamed “Three House Hostess.” I may have gotten some of the things described below mixed up with a prior meditation weekend at that house; at this distance in time it is hard to ascertain. At any rate, this is how I remember that night in October 2013 …

There were the usual East Coast meditators there, and also the woman I nicknamed ‘Alluring Calm’, who was my meditation leader from the West Coast, in addition to ‘Heart Vampire’ …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Heart Vampire’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 14 February 2021; revised… https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lzW ..

… and his wife ‘inanna’ (as I nicknamed her) from the Wild West …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Inanna’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 5 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lTa ..

Another of the East Coast meditation leaders … a very pretty woman I have not nicknamed … brought with her a man about her age, whom I had not seen before. I took him to be her boyfriend.

It was not possible to determine much about the people in the meditation group, as there was a rule of silence before and after the meditations. Aside from the teacher, no one could talk during the meditations unless they raised their hand and the meditation teacher nodded his head in their direction and assented. In almost every instance, input by students was short and sweet. Interspersed with the meditation were long talks by the teacher.

And so, I never got to know any of the people in the group in the usual, chit chat and small talk way. Other than that they were meditators, I knew nothing about them. I was left to surmise and psy to ‘fill in the gaps’, except a little bit with two of his students, a couple I nicknamed ‘Torturess’ and ‘Hunter-Snuffer’; those two invited me over in a polite, social way a few times. From their small talk then I got to know them a little; though small talk, I feel, is but the polite social veneer, not the ‘real McCoy’ of true friendship. Do you not feel that to be so? It was from that small talk that I began to become aware of deep and very unsettling undercurrents in the meditation group. I recall I could not put my finger on it; I began to get a very uneasy feeling. Something just did not fit right … something did not suit. It seemed things might be, in effect, just the opposite of what they appeared to be.

To get back to the October 2013 meditation: There was a man that ‘Heart Vampire’ introduced as his son at the meditation. This man looked a little like he felt out of place, as if he were not used to meditation. Nevertheless, he sat quietly throughout.

There were also several … maybe two … strange men dressed, I think, in suits. On the mighty slim evidence of the clothes they wore and their facial expressions, I took them to be IRS agents or secret service agents. That was just how the energy struck me that weekend … the energy seemed conspiratory. What with these strange, suited men and the young Chinese woman in my motel hallway, conspiracy theory seemed to be ‘in the air’.

I recall after the meditation that evening, as everyone exited to the back yard, one of the suited men hit on the prettiest young woman who had been at the meditation. Judging from the uneventful endings of other meditations I had attended, this seemed to me to be an outstanding faux pas. Such behavior had never occurred priorly. I recall she demurred. Nevertheless I was put in mind of those Secret Agent 007 movies I had seen, and this increased the air of mystery. What was up? Had this been an attempt to pump the young woman for information?

The meditation was held in a basement room of the home of ‘Three House Hostess’. It was a smallish room, jam-packed with chairs. There was a place for the teacher to sit on one side of the room. Then there were three rows of chairs facing the teacher’s seat, and other chairs all around.

The teacher came down the stairs from the ground floor. It looked like he was somehow blinded, and feeling his way along the wall, till he got to his chair. Then he looked (although it seemed sightlessly … maybe with his astral vision) around the room. He said to one person or the other: Please move and sit over here or there. He told me to sit over toward a side wall, nearer to “Alluring Calm,” as I recall, and farther from him. That was par for the course, as I intuitively knew he did not like me; maybe that he was a little afraid of me; that he did not want me to be too close to him. He would nearly never call on me in class if I raised my hand. Nor would he approve the songs I composed, in most cases. Nor would he respond to an email, though once I got him on the phone for a moment.

That, I recall very vividly, was a time when I was about to board an airplane out of Los Angeles, heading for the Wild West, and about 20 howling demons seemed to be in hot pursuit of me. I called in the Los Angeles Airport to ask what to do about the demons. I was surprised to get him on the phone. I recall he was very relaxed about it; I forget what he replied.

I remember these pretty pesky demons followed me onto the plane. After the plane took off, there I was, trapped with them. They could get out of the plane, but seemed disinclined to do so. I had to say in my seat. I recall they diverted themselves by zooming through my torso and head. At length I devised my physical form was unharmed, and determined to ignore those antics. That proved quite the right strategy.

As I recall, that had been the only time I got that teacher on the phone. Then from what transpired in October 2013, I gathered that phone call had been misguided … the result of my misconception of who and what ‘Heart Vampire’ really was about in this world. Or so it seemed to me.

To get back to the October 2013 meditation, I am going to telescope the events that occurred during three days of meditation into one telling. As you may have guessed, this is because I am at such a distance from the event now … in July 2021 … that I cannot tell the first day’s meditation from the others. What follows, then are highlights from the meditations that took place that weekend.

You may recall there was a pretty woman who brought her boyfriend, a stranger, to the meditation. She had on, as I recall, a short skirt, and she looked quite attractive that night. ‘Heart Vampire’ bade her sit on the floor in front of him. He was sitting on a chair facing her, so it must have seemed to her, as she sat on the floor, that he was looming or towering over her. He bade her spread her legs wide, and sing a love song to him. That she did, in a beautiful voice of longing for her beloved.

To be frank, I felt this to be out of place in a meditation room. I felt it was ill-mannered, and surely a slight to her boyfriend. I felt it might have been a display of one-upmanship, perhaps born of masculine insecurity or pique on the part of the teacher, and a strident display of the mind control ability he seemed to be exerting on everyone in the room, with the exception of ‘Alluring Calm’ and me.

What made us different, I wondered? Why were we able to resist his overwhelming psychic powers? Was it faith that made us different? Was faith in God such a powerful weapon against the Dark? As time wore on, I began to feel this must be so.

During the meditation that evening an extraordinary event occurred. The long-time meditators were in a deep meditative state. As usual, I had my telepathic ‘ears’ pricked, and listening for whatever astral intel might occur. I heard ‘Heart Vampire’, on the telepathic plane, summon a swarm of demons. I heard his psychic rebuke, sharply uttered and aimed my way: For your arrogance!

Then, with a flash and a flurry, ‘Heart Vampire’ thrust no less than thirteen demons into my energy field. What a shock! Why would he do such a thing? I was no less stunned to see him waft three demons into the aura of ‘Alluring Calm’, my Los Angeles meditation teacher. Then into the energy field of a pretty blonde woman sitting just in front of him he sent the one remaining demon. There we were, we three women, beset by demons; and I by far not the least of the three accursed by the man I had thought to be our national meditation teacher. Go figure!

Worse was yet to come. With a flurry of their black wings, the thirteen bad luck demons within my energy field rose fluttered upward towards the ceiling of the room. To my great consternation, I felt my body become lighter, and begin to rise from the seat of the chair. I was beginning to levitate!

This would never do. With all the strength of my will power I said: I will go back down to Earth and stay there! This levitation thing is not for me! Slowly but surely I became heavier and heavier, till I was my usual weight. And that weight settled with accustomed firmness back onto my chair. What a relief!

For those of you upon whom may be visited this concern not to levitate, I later wrote this chant to increase the power of gravity in our energy fields. It works much better than what I originally came up with, and gives me a light and happy feeling when I chant it. The chant is: Mother Earth loves me …

Link: “Mother Earth Loves Me: A Chant to Enhance the Force of Gravity,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 16 February 2019; published on 3 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bRh ..

After the meditation I returned to my motel room. When I got there, I noticed the doorknob alarm on my motel room door was broken, and got the feeling the room had been looked through. That set me on edge.

That night, I connected on the astral plane with a man who was a psychic working for the military, who was wearing an Army-Navy-issued headgear that piped in sounds of rape and murder at night; this induced a vision of six to eight military men in a clearing, wearing civilian clothes or maybe camouflage gear for hunting. They were sitting in a circle, taking turns torturing a young woman lying in the middle of the circle. In a further elaboration of this vision, they killed the woman. Then one of them went to a small outhouse nearby and shot her two young children huddled there.

As if that were not enough by way of nightmares, I then had another vision, of several people meeting … I could not tell who they were. These people were meeting to decide whether to assume a franchise on psilocybin, via a Mexican cartel. One man asked how risky it might be, and seemed reassured by the answer. Who were these people? Was not psilocybin a hallucinogenic drug? Could it be that I had been drugged during the day without my knowledge? Could that account for these awful nightmares?

That Saturday morning, I recall I woke up pretty rattled. I went over to the home of ‘Three House Hostess’, looking for ‘Heart Vampire’ … whom at that time I had inaccurately pegged to be a ‘good guy’. Little did I know.

‘Heart Vampire’ was not there, or was not available, but ‘Three House Hostess’ greeted me kindly. I explained I was feeling off balance. I recall she said: How can things have come to this? (or words to that effect). She gave me a picture of the Virgin Mary, and a rosary blessed by a saint, and a plastic statue of the Virgin Mary. These reassured me, and reminded me of my Christian faith, and helped me return to my normal state of mind.

Well to get on with it, the weekend meditation ended, and I made it safely out of there, and signed out of the motel, and drove back to the airport. And then on the return flight some more weird things happened … enough so to make me wonder why I even bother to travel by plane. I felt I must be getting jet lag, or altitude discombobulation … something like that. Why not take the train henceforth? I still feel this might be a nice way to travel.

I got on the plane, and was belted into my seat. As we became airborne, I began to have a conspiracy theory notion that the not-so-tall, redhaired man in the seat beside me and the taller man just across the aisle, and the perky stewardess walking down the aisle were hoping to mind control me and find out this or that. I had no idea what, as all this seemed pretty far-fetched. Well, I thought, a la Dale Carnegie …

Citation: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” a book by Dale Carnegie, October 1998, Simon and Schuster.

What is the worst that can happen? Could be the stewardess’ drinking water might have a truth drug in it, but then I had brought along my own water to drink. So that was not a worry. Might be I would nap while in flight, and my brain might be picked by the redhaired man, but then, what secrets were in it, anyway, that were worth stealing? None that I could think of. Maybe the redhaired man could induce a psychic heart attack as I slept? That was a concern, but no prior such attempts undertaken on the astral plane had succeeded; likely they would not succeed that day as well. And with that, I settled in for a nap.

Why have I delayed so long in describing the events of that weekend? To be truthful, they just do not fit my world view. I guess when children are born to a Christian family, and raised up in a Christian faith, their outlook on life is basically optimistic. The emphasis of their lives is on God’s guidance of our lives, on Christ consciousness, on the loving heart of Mother Mary, and on the uplifting power of grace conveyed through the Holy Spirit, which is sometimes termed the Paraclete.

It seems to me that grief over a mother’s death can temporarily weaken our faith, leading to attempted inroads by those beings the Christian faith terms demons. When I saw the image of Kau’T (see above) yesterday, I all of a sudden realized that it represented very starkly the energy behind ‘Heart Vampire’, the man I had thought back then was a meditation teacher. I realized he must have been ‘overlit’ by a non-Christed star being, perhaps a Reptilian Star Being. Perhaps, I gleaned, ‘Heart Vampire’ was a ‘reptoid’, a reptilian-human hybrid. That might have accounted for his penchant for mind controlling his followers, for his gustatory leaning toward cannibalism, his daydreams of emasculating men, for the visions I had of demons during that time, and so on. In point of fact, I had been completely mistaken about him.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Hobnobbing with Demons and Devils – Oh, My!” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 23 October 2013; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7ix ..


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Reverse Kundalini Syndrome . a new psychological term by Alice B. Clagett

Excerpted on 25 August 2020 from a blog written and published on 25 July 2020


Dear Ones,

Here is an excerpt describing an antisocial personality syndrome I today named ‘Reverse Kundalini Syndrome’ …


“There is a constellation of antisocial thought forms and astral stories sometimes associated with reverse kundalini, including violent felonies such as armed robbery; home invasions; rape of men, women, and children; child trafficking; murder of men, women and children; genital mutilation; human or ‘blood’ sacrifice; cannibalism; entity attachment; demonic possession; and the type of Satan worship that is action-oriented rather than bookishly inclined.


“It seems possible these thoughts and astral stories may sometimes manifest on the physical plane as ‘acting out’ of these antisocial behaviors, although, I feel, far less frequently than these energies manifest in the dreamtime realm. To my mind these form a ‘Reverse Kundalini Syndrome’ of antisocial behavior.”


The source of the excerpt …

Link: “Kundalini Risen to Protect Against the Predations of Black Magicians,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 July 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jgo ..

… describes a way of treating this syndrome through kundalini yoga so as to reverse the criminal tendencies typical of the syndrome.

The method described is, I feel, suitable for people in good physical health who are not very young or very old; thus I might be used by a broad swath of the prison population, were they willing to participate in simple kundalini yoga exercises involving the ‘locks’ of yoga and holding the breath in or out briefly. These exercises ‘rewire’ the electromagnetic energies of the body; the rewiring accounts for the behavioral changes.


Needless to say, successful treatment of imprisoned felons who manifest this syndrome would have a beneficial effect on the prison environment and also on society as a whole after felons are released back into the mainstream.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

If you enjoy exploring unique new words and terms such as the one described in this blog, you might like this reference … Link: “Glossary of Unusual Words and Phrases I Have Coined,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 12 December 2019; updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-fzl ..


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Compendium: Dylan Redwine Murder Mystery . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 22 February 2020; revised on 23 April 2020
Previously titled: Compendium: Child Torture
Note: Dylan Redwine’s father was tried, found guilty, and sentenced for his child’s murder. My notion about how the crime took place is different from that found by the jury; but I feel they were, at least in part, correct in sentencing Dylan Redwine’s father. Our courts do their best, but they are not a completely perfect way of meting out justice. That is the rationale behind prohibiting capital punishment in some of the United States.


    • Glomming of Groups and Names on the Astral Plane
    • Events List

Dear Ones,


Here is a compendium of astral insights into the murder of Dylan Redwine, who disappeared on 18 November 2012 in Vallecito Lake, Colorado.

As I spent the summers in Colorado for the next few years, I was very attuned to the upset of the people in those communities back then. I myself felt upset by their upset, and have done my best to chronicle the dreams I had back then, which I feel had to do with the collective unconscious of those communities as they came to terms with the disaster that had happened there.

I feel the results may help law enforcement and psychiatrists / psychologists pinpoint difficult couples relationships that may lead to child torture scenarios because of the couples’ catastrophic childhood experiences, especially during times of solar flaring and incoming coronal mass ejections.

Glomming of Groups and Names on the Astral Plane

At about the time that Dylan Redwine disappeared, there was a thickening and commotion in the ‘astral airs’, the fourth dimension or ‘dreamtime realm’. I thought at the time that the astral commotion, insofar as I clairly heard it, might have had to do with glomming of the groups of which I was a member, and maybe also to do with glomming of people with the same first names.

Events List

A number of noteworthy solar events were clustered around the date when Dylan Redwine disappeared …

11/08/2012 M1.7 Flare  @ 02:23 UTC – Sunspot 1611
11/11/2012 M1.0 Flare  @ 02:23 UTC – Sunspot 1614
11/12/2012 M2.0 Flare  @ 23:28 UTC – Sunspot 1613
11/13/2012 M2.8 Flare  @ 20:54 UTC – Sunspot 1613
11/13/2012 M2.5 Flare  @ 05:50 UTC – Sunspot 1613
11/13/2012 M6.0 Flare  @ 02:04 UTC – Sunspot 1613
11/14/2012 M1.1 Flare  @ 04:04 UTC – Sunspot 1613

11/18/2012 Dylan Redwine last seen (died later?)

11/20/2012 M1.6 Flare  @ 19:28 UTC – Sunspot 1618
11/20/2012 M1.7 Flare  @ 12:41 UTC – Sunspot 1618
11/21/2012 M3.5 Flare  @ 15:30 UTC – Sunspot 1618
11/21/2012 M1.4 Flare  @ 06:56 UTC – Sunspot 1618

11/27/2012 M1.0 Flare @ 21:26 UTC – Sunspot 1620
11/27/2012 M1.6 Flare  @ 15:57 UTC – Sunspot 1618
11/28/2012 M2.2 Flare  @ 21:28 UTC – Sunspot 1620


Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: Fatal Dungeons and Dragons Game?” by Alice B. Clagett, partially excerpted on 23 April 2020 from blogs filmed on 15 March 2018 and on 20 November 2016; revised on 11 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hHF … See the subsection: Tie-in to Dylan Redwine Murder Mystery

Link: “Kali,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 21 August 2019https://wp.me/p2Rkym-dZZ ..

Link: “Astral Story about Dylan Redwine’s Disappearance in Colorado,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 7 June 2019 and added to a blog published on 22 February 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-d2T ..

Link: “Antisocial Sense of Humor: ‘Prison Rehab Speak’,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 17 April 2018; published on 29 April 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8A7 ..

Link: “Telltale Signs of the ASP Sense of Humor,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 15 March 2018; revised on 15 April 2020, 23 April 2020, and 11 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8tR ..

Link: “The Voice of a Child,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, published on 3 March 2018; revised on 2 December 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8rg ..

Link: “Astral Story: S and M Couple Engaging 24-7 in Astral Rape,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 14 April 2017https://wp.me/p2Rkym-77L ..

Woman in Couple … Link: “Soul Wounding and the Issue of Transgender Violence,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 27 March 2017, revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-76p ..

Link: “The Serial Killer: Fact and Phantasmagoria,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 November 2016https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6pR … See the subheading: Astral Story About Dylan Redwine, a Durango Child Who Was Killed

Link: “Acting Out by Followers When a Group Leader Makes a Subconscious Suggestion,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 7 March 2016; published on 14 March 2016; transcribed on 5 June 2016; revised on 22 May 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4ZP ..

Link: “Acting Out by Followers When a Group Leader Makes a Subconscious Suggestion,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 7 March 2016; published on 14 March 2016; transcribed on 5 June 2016; revised on 22 May 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-d2B ..

Link: “Hornet Nest: An Ill Wind Blows,” by Alice B. Clagett, video filmed on 25 August 2015 and published on 28 August 2015; blog published on 27 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-iXu ..

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Nagging Wife,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 31 July 2015; revised on 2 December 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5QZ ..


See also … Link: “On Torture, and Being Tortured,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2018https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8hH… and my blog category: Torture – bullying – hazing

There is an interrelated topic to do with killing cults and groups acting out the subconscious suggestions of group leader. This topic might be explored by selecting from amongst the blogs in my blog categories: Crime families – cults that kill – outlaw gangs – street gangs  … and …  Circle of one


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Tying Some Things Together: Feral Drives, Antisocial Behavior, Self-Sacrifice . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 23 June 2017; published on 30 June 2017

    • Tying Things Together
    • Antisocial Behavior versus Self-Sacrifice
    • The New Reality: No Pack Ordering

Dear Ones,

Here is a video tying together many of the topics I have been discussing: sadomasochism, dominance/submission, pack ordering (rank ordering) of feral packs, alpha ordering of feral packs, antisocial behavior, and self-sacrifice.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Tying Things Together

So, tying some things together …

  • S&M, sadomasochism, is an aspect of dominance/submission.
  • Dominance/submission has to do with pack ordering, a feral drive to rank order wild packs of animals, so that everybody knows the pecking order,
  • and nomination of an alpha member of the pack, both male and female, is another aspect of the feral drive called pack ordering (or rank ordering)

Antisocial Behavior versus Self-Sacrifice

I have been talking quite a bit about strands in the noosphere of all these different sorts of energies, all of which are related, it seems. And I have also been talking about antisocial personalities, and how prevalent they are in the world, and how they have a distortion of the heart chakra that causes them to bring energy into their hearts, from other people, and not to send energy back out again to other people.

The people that go for this, that fall for the verbal and emotional manipulation of antisocial personalities, have an inverse distortion of their own heart chakra energy, that leads them to the energy of self-sacrifice.

Self-sacrifice is one of the features, one of the etheric double (that is, etheric body) crenelations or distortions of the light that are strands of energy in some of the major religions, especially insofar as I know, Judaism and Christianity … There is this tendency to self-sacrifice. And aside from religions, this energy is free-floating, and available in the noosphere for those that aren’t subscribing to those religions.

Women have a tendency, more than men, to be self-sacrificing, and to forget about their own welfare; to forget the fact that, unless they can follow their own heart, and feel their own joy, then they are not going to be able to offer that joy, in the education of children, for instance, and in the upliftment of their communities and their husbands.

So, it is like an inverse failing: There is a feeling of competitive drive that leads men to do that ‘F— you in the a——‘ thing (and women to do that, in certain circumstances … such as in competition over men) … and there is the inverse quality of sacrificing oneself too much.

And both of these … antisocial behavior and self-sacrifice … are aspects of the feral drive I was just mentioning; the pack ordering, or rank ordering, drive.

The New Reality: No Pack Ordering

Just taking it one step further: In the New Reality, there is not going to be pack ordering. This will be a thing of the animal past. So, I look to the future; to what is going to be happening in the future. Who knows what! We are going to be co-creating these realities in our many timelines.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Kundalini Rising and Fear of Intimacy . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 23 June 2017; published on 30 June 2017
Previously titled: Rectal Intercourse, Kundalini Rising, and Fear of Intimacy

    • Modes of Sexuality that Interfere with Kundalini Rising
    • How The Feral Drive to Dominance/Submission, Which Rank Orders Primal Packs so as to Prevent Aggression, Is Superseded by One-Upmanship and Business Competition Today
    • Rectal Intercourse in Feral Packs Might Have Mitigated Fear of Other Pack Members
    • Perseverance of Early Childhood Rectal Intercourse into Adulthood May Indicate a Lower Fear Threshold, or an Inclination to Bully
    • Kundalini Energy Drawbacks of Rectal Intercourse; Possibility of Other Means of Sexual Expression
    • Energetic Likeness of Rectal Intercourse to Kaupman Drama Triangle (aka Perverse Triangle)
    • Preference for Rectal Intercourse May Indicate Fear of Intimacy
      • Venus Pose as a Way to Mitigate This Fear
      • On Developing a Sense of Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on the deleterious effect of one-upmanship and rectal intercourse on the kundalini energy,

Continue reading

Escaping the Mind Control Techniques of Lock Down, Entrainment, and Psychic Rape . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 April 2017 

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Harshbituse.JPG … CC BY 3.0

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Harshbituse.JPG … CC BY 3.0

    • Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance / Submission
    • Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship
      • Soul Evolution
      • Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies Toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation
    • On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’
    • Subconscious ‘Curses’
    • Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient
    • On Overcoming Entrainment: Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment
      • Getting Even
      • Transforming and Returning Energy
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Introduction
    • ‘Gang Bang’ Technique of Psychic Rape by Groups of Telepaths
    • Use of Psychic Rape by Soldiers of Fortune
    • Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal
    • Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation
    • On Overcoming Psychic Rape
      • On the Spur of the Moment
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Dear Ones,

Here are some mind control techniques and ways to avoid them …


‘Lock down’ is telepathic repetition of a thought by one person that causes fear in another person. Repeating the thought over and over again can lead to generalized anxiety, then a panic attack. Telepaths use this technique to sharpen their telepathic skills and practice ‘one-upmanship’ on each other.

Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance / Submission

Also, a group of telepaths may gang up on one telepath, a ‘newbie’, and implement ‘lock down’ as a form of hazing.

Hazing is a form of ‘one-upmanship’, which expresses the feral drives to ‘pack ordering’ and dominance/submission, which lead to selection of the alpha male which leads, for instance, a wolf pack or ape pack.

These behaviors, both on the verbal and on the physical level, tend to occur because of retreat from the higher brain to the reptilian brain. They tend to take place subconsciously.

Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship

Soul Evolution. If a spiritual adept wishes to act to evolve his own Soul wisdom, it is important to consciously stop hazing our fellow Spiritual adepts in training, whether they be in our own spiritual group or another spiritual group. Now, at the time of the Turning, the whole world is coming together in peace and harmony; shall we, as spiritual adepts, be left behind, and unconsciously practicing these feral drives in the form of “I’m better than you!” ? Surely, not; let us set aside hazing and psychic competition!

Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies Toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation. A further caveat: Practicing spiritual superpower one-upmanship, because it expresses feral dominance/submission, will, over time, lead to the practice of sadomasochism and genital mutilation. These are legally actionable, and clearly, undesirable activities in terms of earthly life.

On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’

For the person who is being subjected to ‘lock down’, anti-anxiety measures, including grounding, medications, and talking to other people about what’s happening are good ways to end the ‘lock down’.


‘Entrainment’ is mental suggestion of a telepathic thought by one person, using their throat chakra or third-eye point, and directed at another person’s throat, third-eye, navel point, sacral chakra, genitals, or basal chakra.

Subconscious Curses

This is a more sophisticated technique than psychic rape, which is described below. Often it is practiced subconsciously: The telepathic sender has a subconscious wish regarding someone else, such as “I wish they wouldn’t marry; I want their money” or “I wish they would stay fat; I don’t want them competing with me for a man” or “I hate them; I wish they would die” or (and I hear this on the clair plane surprisingly often, “May you get cancer.”

These bad wishes ( or ‘curses’) are broadcast by the telepathic sender to the energy field of the person he is thinking about (the telepathic recipient); this occurs as unerringly as a short-wave radio broadcast from one ham operator to the other. Unless detected and returned to the sender transformed to light, love and joy, they will have a deleterious effect on the telepathic recipient’s energy field.

Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient

When directed to another person’s throat chakra or third-eye point …

  • It can cause ‘mind mud‘ … slowing or ceasing of doing the intended action, or doing it wrong.
  • It can lead to traffic accidents,
  • Or to oversleeping, or to an intense desire to fall asleep suddenly,
  • Or to developing a disease or physical pain.
  • It is sometimes unethically used to prevail upon people to give their money to the telepathic sender or a cause he or she espouses.
  • Further, it may be used to get a person to join a spiritual group. Though the means may appear to justify the end, this is a form of consequentialism on the part of the telepathic sender; a first step on the long road to Auschwitz and to Soul devolution.

On Overcoming Entrainment: Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment

Getting Even. As a telepath begins to become aware of other people’s subconscious ‘curses’ of the sort described above, he or she may go through a phase of ‘getting even’. This phase can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and is not in key with the energy wave of Christ consciousness that has uplifted Earth.

Transforming and Returning Energy. Thus the telepath who realizes he’s receiving curses soon turns to transforming incoming curses to love, light and joy, and returning them to the sender. This has two advantages:

  • It removes negative energy from the telepathic recipient’s energy field, and
  • It helps turn the original telepathic sender’s energy field from negative to positive, thus promoting, through a feeling of goodwill on the part of the original telepathic recipient, the likelihood that the original sender will cease the intent to astral harm.

Long-Term Techniques. To get past susceptibility to ‘entrainment’ long-term you will need to master your mind by eliminating malware, malspeak, and implants, and developing cosmic mind. See my blog categories ‘Soul wounding’ and ‘mastery of mind’.



At the outset, I would like to make clear that I am very much against the practice of psychic rape, which I consider to be morally reprehensible. The spiritual man or woman, I feel, ought always strive to rein in the wild horses of the senses through heart’s love and Light and joy. In this way we may also still the insistent chatter of the mental mind.

Through feeling our hearts and following our intuition we can thus become true masters of both the lower mind (the gut brain) and the higher mind (the intellect), and rise to Awareness of and alignment with the guidance of God’s Will and Heart and Mind in our lives.

‘Gang Bang’ Technique of Psychic Rape by Groups of Telepaths

Telepathic psychic rape techniques affect the repressed emotions of socialized people, who have learned in childhood to repress and sublimate their sex drive. Psychic rape by a person with a very strong vital drive, or by a group of telepaths acting together (as, for instance, in a black magic ritual), is more difficult to counter than the random, unconscious thought of psychic rape by the ordinary man or woman.

Use of Psychic Rape by Soldiers of Fortune

Sometimes soldiers of fortune vaunt their ability to perform psychic rape, either as a way to get other people to unconsciously agree with them, as a power play, or else as a way to get money from them.

Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal

For instance, if a criminal or con man wanted to get a lawyer or law enforcement officer on his side, he might hire a psychic rapist to soften up the lawyer or law enforcement officer, who might unwittingly go along with the genital stimulation in a subconscious way, and overlook the peccadillos of the soldier of fortune or the criminal who hired him.

Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation

The same technique is used to have casual sex with women, or to part them from their money; and to overcome a child’s innocent will power and sexually molest him or her.

Confidence artists, either consciously or unconsciously, or through hiring a soldier of fortune who has psychic abilities to act on their behalf, use psychic rape to soften up those they have ‘marked’ for predation.

On Overcoming Psychic Rape

On the Spur of the Moment. Individual instances of psychic rape can be dealt with by these actions, which immediately strengthen your electromagnetic field …

  • Grounding … sitting on the ground.
  • Or sit up straight, preferably in a quiet place, such as your meditation area.
  • If watching TV, a handheld or the internet, stop doing so; this will strengthen your EMF.

For instance …

  • If driving, park the car and stand on the ground, preferably in a quiet place.
  • If sleeping, sit up in your bed and meditate, or go into another room and meditate in a sitting position.
  • If eating or talking with other people, stop these activities and find a place to meditate while sitting up straight.

Long-Term Techniques. Long-term, the way to overcome behavioral manipulation through psychic rape is to develop the will power …

  • by practicing affirmations such as these … Link: “Rock Solid Willpower Positive Affirmations,” by FreeAffirmations.org … http://www.freeaffirmations.org/rock-solid-willpower-positive-affirmations ..
  • by daily practice of yoga exercises that strengthen the navel point … including ‘stretch pose’, breath of fire, and Sat Kriya … continue daily for 40 or 90 days.
  • by daily practice of calisthenics that strengthen the navel point … such as push-ups and sit-ups,
  • and by consciously monitoring our actions and exercising our will power throughout the day.

See … Link: “Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose with Anne Novak, by Spirit Voyage, 1 February 2011 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9J7AcNLdV0 ..

See … Link: “Breath of Fire with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, 1 February 2011 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V86Xao9bcRI ..

See … Link: “How to Do Kundalini Yoga: Sat Kriya with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, 20 February 2011 …  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdMky3lpshg&t=14s ..

Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Psychic rape is illegal but, as many criminals know, difficult to prove in a court of law. However, there have been instances of convictions for psychic rape.

Left unchecked, psychic rapists are likely to begin raping on the physical plane because of the karmic burden they accrue. The reverse is also true: people who rape will begin to develop the samskara of habitual psychic rape. After some time practicing psychic rape, the psychic  will be unable to contain the impulse to physical rape, even though the risk of being caught by law enforcement in a particular instance may be very high.


When we begin to detect the amount of mind control that goes on in the world, there’s a tendency to over-react, and to go into a spiral of upset about it. However, looked at rightly, beginning to detect that we are being mind controlled is a step in the direction of self-realization, and self awakening.

The question is, to take the bit in the hands, and to begin the long and fascinating road to self mastery and mastery of mind. Thus, looked at aright, detection that we are being mind controlled is a gift of increasing Awareness from the Divine.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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psychic rape, mind control, entrainment, lock down, mastery of mind, awareness, self realization, black magic, clair, telepathy, psychic superpowers, Soul evolution, hazing, dominance, submission, genital mutilation, sadomasochism, one-upmanship, competition, harmony, unity, consequentialism, Auschwitz, Soul devolution, con artists, criminals, law enforcement, lawyers, marks, sexual molestation, soldier of fortune, yoga, Sat Kriya, stretch pose, breath of fire, push-ups, will power, sit-ups, cancer curse, feral drives, pack ordering,

Of Gods and Swine . a Hindu Tale . from Alice B. Clagett

Written on 19 February 2017; published on 12 July 2017; revised


Image: “Indra, the god of storms and guardian of the east, riding on his white elephant Airavata. He is yellow-skinned and four-armed. He holds two swords with wavy blades. His upper body is covered with eyes, jewelry and a red scarf. The loin-cloth is green. The elephant is richly caparisoned, and carries a noose in its trunk.” … https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9a/Tiruchchirappalli_painting_Indra.jpg ..

Dear Ones,

I know these are confusing times. We have been clearing through the unconscious thought cloud of the world lately. These energy streams have been percolating up in each of us, from the unconscious level, to the subconscious mind, then into our conscious minds, and then as the emotions are released, we …. all humankind … are dissolving these energy streams in conscious Love.


I have identified these as rising to consciousness and dissipating …

  • fight or flight response (1) … a response of the autonomic (previously unconscious) nervous system
  • deep seated unconscious imprints of predator  / prey, what I once called the victim-aggressor paradigm (2)
  • mammalian mating instincts, especially sexual dominance and submission … those deeply hidden, unconscious behavioral imprints
  • mammalian pack behavior (3) … pretty gruesome, really … being as it is so far from what we think of as human

Humankind is ceasing to daydream. And to night dream. Turns out our preoccupation with sexuality has been based on this ‘shared dreaming’ … a feature of the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

What will the end result be, people are asking? After the deep, deep dreams end for humankind? I’m reminded of a Hindu story I learned years ago, which I hold most dear and true. Hope you like it too:


“There is a story that the king of the gods, Indra, once became a pig, wallowing in mire; he had a she pig, and a lot of baby pigs, and was very happy.

“Then some other angels saw his plight, and came to him, and told him, ‘You are the king of the gods, you have all the gods command. Why are you here?’

“But Indra said, ‘Let me be; I am all right here; I do not care for the heavens, while I have this sow and these little pigs.’

“The poor gods were at their wits’ end what to do. After a time they decided to slowly come and slay one of the little pigs, and then another, until they had slain all the pigs, and the sow too.

“When all were dead Indra began to weep and mourn. Then the gods ripped his pig body open and he came out of it, and began to laugh when he realised what a hideous dream he had had; he, the king of the gods, to have become a pig, and to think that the pig-life was the only life! Not only so, but to have wanted the whole universe to come into the pig life!

“The Purusa, (4) when it identifies itself with nature, forgets that it is pure and infinite. The Purusa does not live; it is life itself. It does not exist; it is existence itself.  The Soul does not know; it is knowledge itself. It is an entire mistake to say that the Soul lives, or knows, or loves. Love and existence are not the qualities of the Purusa, but its essence. When they get reflected upon something you may call them the qualities of that something.

“But they are not the qualities of the Purusa, but the essence of this great Atman, this Infinite Being, without birth or death, Who is established in His own glory, but appears as if become degenerate until if you approach to tell Him, ‘You are not a pig,’ he begins to squeal and bite. Thus with us all in this Maya, this dream world, where it is all misery, weeping, and
crying, where a few golden balls are rolled, and the world scrambles after them.

“You were never bound by laws, Nature never had a bond for you. That is what the Yogi tells
you; have patience to learn it. And the Yogi shows how, by junction with this nature, and identifying itself with the mind and the world, the Purusa thinks itself miserable.

“Then the Yogi goes on to show that the way out is through experience. You have to get all this experience, but finish it quickly. We have placed ourselves in this net, and will have to get out. We have got ourselves caught in the trap, and we will have to work out our freedom. So get this experience of husbands and wives, and friends, and little loves, and you will get
through them safely if you never forget what you really are.

“Never forget this is only a momentary state, and that we have to pass through it. Experience is the one great teacher — experiences of pleasure and pain — but know they are only experiences, and will all lead, step by step, to that state when all these things will become small, and the Purusa will be so great that this whole universe will be as a drop in the ocean, and will fall off by its own nothingness. We have to go through these experiences, but let us never forget the ideal.” –from the section “Yoga Aphorisms: Concentration II 137” in Link: “Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda,” issued by Celepha’is Press, somewhere beyond die Tanarian Hills (i.e. Leeds, England), August 2003 E.V. Revised and corrected, November 2003;  in Internet Archive …  https://archive.org/stream/RajaYogaBySwamiVivekananda/Raja-Yoga-by-Swami-Vivekananda_djvu.txt … This work is in the public domain.


So basically, and as highly unlikely as it may seem, what is happening on Earth as we ascend, is that all humanity is rising to Awareness of its true nature. No longer the swine king. But Indra, King of the Gods.

Humankind is rising to the majesty of Soul Awareness. To the level of the spiritual adept, and beyond. Far past the dreams of a piggish life. Far past attachment to the senses.

Into dimensions heretofore only experienced as transient ecstasy. Transient no more. Ever present, ever changing, All sustaining Joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) fight or flight response: See my blog category: Anxiety – fear – panic attacks – fight or flight – cognitive dissonance – mental turmoil

(2) victim-aggressor paradigm: See my blog category Patriarchal domination mental filter / victim-aggressor / V— D—

(3) mammalian pack behavior: Search these terms: wolf packferal drivechimpanzee  

(4) purusa (purusha): “a complex concept whose meaning evolved in Vedic and Upanishadic times. Depending on source and historical timeline, it means the cosmic man or it means Self, Consciousness, and Universal principle.” –from Link: “Purusha” … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purusha … CC BY-SA 3.0


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Hinduism, stories, myths, fight or flight response, Indra, mammalian instincts, mating instincts, pack behavior, predator, prey, Purusha, Purusa, sense attachment, soul awareness, spiritual adept, the senses, unconscious thought cloud of the world, Swami Vivekananda, fight or flight, predator, prey, victim-aggressor, dominance, submission, pack behavior,