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Why Deny Psy Eye? . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 20 October 2018; published on 10 November 2018

    • Affirmation: Deny Psychic Eye, by Alice B. ClagettSoundtrack and Words

Dear Ones,

Here’s the answer to the question, Why deny that you have psychic abilities? There is a Summary after the video …



I have a ditty for you to get the spiritual adepts to go away, in case they are coming after you with psychic abilities … and they are after you because they think that you have psychic abilities that pose a threat to the psychic power of their own group.

And it goes like this … It is important to use the same rhythm and the same ditty and the same words as I use. It goes like this …

. . . . .

Affirmation: Deny Psychic Eye
by Alice B. Clagett, 20 October 2018
Soundtrack and Words


I’ll admit I have no psy.  (3x)

. . . . .

Just like that, ok? And just as long as they keep up attacking you with psychic abilities … That is the only length of time you have to do it.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Light, Micro-Organisms, Commensalism, and Origins of Life on Earth . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 25 August 2018

    • Archaea and Humans: Friend or Foe?
    • The Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth
      • Scientific Intel on Martian Space Travel to Earth via Meteorites
      • Channeled Intel on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth
    • The Venutians (the Hathors)
    • The Influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim or Logoi

Dear Ones,

I read a little about bioluminescence in bacteria today, pursuant to my earlier channeling on the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth …


“How the Martian Bacteria See Themselves. According to my clair intel, the Martians are disdainful of our depictions of them. Their own vision of their species is of the great, sentient Light with which they Light up our Earth.”

The article from which this quotation is taken …

Link: “About Martian Bacteria,” by Alice B. Clagett, Revised on 9 July 2017; originally published on 30 November 2016, ..

— is a very good place to start with reading on the these beings, also termed the ‘Elder Race’ of Earth.


I was wondering, today, how human science holds this view of the Elder Race, regarding themselves, and I came upon this quotation …

Bioluminescent bacteria are light-producing bacteria that are predominantly present in sea water, marine sediments, the surface of decomposing fish and in the gut of marine animals. While not as common, bacterial bioluminescence is also found in terrestrial and freshwater bacteria.[1] These bacteria may be free living (such as Vibrio harveyi) or in symbiosis with animals such as the Hawaiian Bobtail squid (Aliivibrio fischeri) or terrestrial nematodes (Photorhabdus luminescens).

“The host organisms provide these bacteria a safe home and sufficient nutrition. In exchange, the hosts use the light produced by the bacteria for camouflage, prey and/or mate attraction. Bioluminescent bacteria have evolved symbiotic relationships with other organisms in which both participants benefit close to equally.[2]

“Another possible reason bacteria use luminescence reaction is for quorum sensing, an ability to regulate gene expression in response to bacterial cell density.[3]–from “Bioluminescent Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, ... [paragraphing mine –AC]

It looks to me like the scientific community is beginning to become cognizant of the role Light plays in communication on Earth. Of course, Light and Love are what form that which we term ‘Creation’. They create ‘Creation’. And through the languages of Light we Lightworkers can help heal and uplift creation. Then too, as the scientific community states, LIght is a form of communication amongst the creatures in this Creation.


Sometimes, in scientific research, this results in reversal of cause and effect, and sometimes it results in failure to grasp the ‘Big Picture’, through insufficient input of fine details. Thus, in the early stages of a scientific investigation, a theory will be put forth, which may be refuted by other research, or fine-tuned through ongoing research. In this way, by hook or by crook … not willy nilly, but through painstaking effort … the Big Picture is finally arrived at.

The above article speaks of the role of Light in communication amongst bacteria. Scientists do have a different take on things, from that of channelers, and that is fine. It is up to them to observe the operation of Creation, and from that, induce the laws through which Creation manifests.

As a channeler, though, I feel  that Light emission and Light detection are features of commensal bacteria as well, and, in fact, of all cells, and of all life on Earth, and that we humans are beginning to communicate in that way as well, due to the Ascension process. For more on this line of thought, see ..

Link: “Biophotonics, EMF Hypersensitivity, and DNA Change,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 August 2017, ..


Also of interest in the above-cited Wikipedia article is this quotation on Quorum Sensing …

“Bioluminescence in bacteria can be regulated through a phenomenon known as autoinduction or quorum sensing.[4] Quorom sensing is a form of cell-to-cell communication that alters gene expression in response to cell density.

“Autoinducer is a diffusible pheromone produced constitutively by bioluminescent bacteria and serves as an extracellular signalling molecule.[4] When the concentration of autoinducer secreted by bioluminescent cells in the environment reaches a threshold (above 107 cells per mL), it induces the expression of luciferase and other enzymes involved in bioluminescence.[4]

“Bacteria are able to estimate their density by sensing the level of autoinducer in the environment and regulate their bioluminescence such that it is expressed only when there is a sufficiently high cell population. A sufficiently high cell population ensures that the bioluminescence produced by the cells will be visible in the environment.” –from “Bioluminescent Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, … [paragraphing mine –AC]


In further research on the topic of  ‘quorum sensing’ among bacteria, I took a look at this scientific abstract this morning …

Link: “QUORUM SENSING: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria,” by Christopher M. Waters and Bonnie L. Bassler, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1014; emails:  … in “Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology,” Vol. 21:319-346 (Volume publication date 10 November 2005) . First published online as a Review in Advance on June 28, 2005 … ..

In looking at the abstract cited above, I am getting that the scientific notion of quorum sensing has to do with communication amongst cells … in this case free-moving, single cell organisms (in this case, bacteria).

The abstract mentions how bacteria communicate through release of chemicals. Sensors allow them to detect chemicals from other bacteria, and determine how many bacteria are in their general area, and to alter their behavior (possibly reproductive behavior, for instance?) accordingly. Detection of the numbers of bacteria in the environment is termed ‘quorum sensing’.

The authors of the abstract suggest that bacteria act like multicellular organisms because of quorum sensing. They also suggest the blurring of the line between prokaryotic and eukaryotic single-celled organisms because these groups may cross-communicate.

This got me interested in the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, and how the latter may be commensal groups of organism, similar to the commensal bacteria inside the human GI tract …


Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that have no cell nucleus or organelles such as mitochondria; there are two domains, Archaea and Bacteria. With regard to Archaea, on the basis of a smattering of reading today …

Link: “Archaea,” in Wikipedia, ..

Link: “Colonization and Succession within the Human Gut Microbiome by Archaea, Bacteria, and Microeukaryotes during the First Year of Life,” by Linda Wampach, Anna Heintz-Buschart, Angela Hogan et al,  in “Frontiers in Microbiology,” 2017; 8: 738. Published online 2017 May 2. doi:  10.3389/fmicb.2017.00738 … PMCID: PMC5411419 … PMID: 28512451 … ..

LInk: “Archael Symbionts and Parasites,” by C. Moissl-Eichinger and H. Huber, in Curr Opin Microbiol. 2011 Jun;14(3):364-70. doi: 10.1016/j.mib.2011.04.016. Epub 2011 May 14, ..

Link: “The domain Archaea in human mucosal surfaces,” by F. Matarazzo, A.C. Ribeiro, M. Faveri, C. Taddei, M.B. Martinez, and M.P.A. Mayer, in “Clinical Microbiology and Infection,” Vol 18, Issue 9, September 2012, pp 834-840, … ..

…  it seems to me, intuitively, that the Archaea may have been the primitive, early ancestors of the Martian bacterial colonists of mammals on Earth; morphed through contact with cosmic dust (search: Martian Leonid ) during space travel on Martian meteorites that hit Earth.

Back on Mars, and also in some ecological niches on Earth, these may be extremophiles such as the Martian bacterial population into which earlier Martian life evolved after the evaporation of most of atmosphere of Mars …

Archaea and Humans: Friend or Foe?

Here on Earth, the Archaea sometimes exist within other life forms, either commensally or parasitically, just as the bacteria inside human beings may be either commensal or parasitic.

Speaking from an intuitive perspective, I feel that the Archaea in humans may be enemies of our commensal bacteria, and by extension, our enemies as well.


The other branch or domain of Prokaryotes is the Bacteria. These are omnipresent on Earth, both free living, and living within other organisms …

Link: “Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, ..

There is more on their origin from planet Mars, and regarding alternatives with regard to their  interactions with humankind below.


It appears that the bacteria have the ability to re-engineer host life forms to become commensally dependent on them, For instance, this article speaks to the ability of the Elder Race to re-design life forms so as to make them dependent on their Martian inhabitants … a very noteworthy skill, and important to the survival of these genetic architects of life on Earth ..

Link: “It Takes Teamwork: How Endosymbiosis Changed Life on Earth,” by the Understanding Evolution Team, ..

… which speaks to the commensalist xenophobia expressed through such movies as “Annihilation” … which shows a man committing harakiri in preference to living with the symbiont bacteria in his GI tract..

Link: “Annihilation 2018,” Director Alex Garland, in IMDb, ..


If this is true, from a Lightworker perspective, and also with regard to Ascensioneers who have mastered the space-time continuum, and with regard to healers who use Light and Sound as their modality, I have the following suggestion …

If it should prove … as you may know those of Alpha Centauri suggest … that the current state of evolution of the many branches of the Martian culture are not suitable to life on Ascended Earth … because of, say, warlike tendencies, or territorial or sexual expansionist tendencies that they cannot yet subdue, and which cause them to be perceived as a threat to those species that have mastered these primal drives … Were such to be the case, then the languages of Light and Sound might be employed to re-engineer the human gut in such a way that it will become independent of the need for Martian digestive assistance.

In this way, the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth might segue onto the many timelines in which humans who have not yet mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression may continue to express their free will choices. In these timelines, the Martian bacterial colonists of the human GI tract might persevere in symbiontic alliance with those humans so choosing.

In the more rapidly ascending timelines, humans who have mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression might co-exist with commensal Martian bacterial colonists who have done the same.

Then there might be timelines in which humans who have mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression might engineer out Martian commensals, and exist without their assistance.


To get back to the discussion of the difference between the single-celled organisms known as prokaryotes (discussed above) and eukaryotes (discussed below) …

Eukaryotes are single-celled organisms which evolved about 2 billion years ago. They have nuclei enclosed in membranes. Bacteria are not eukaryotes, but I feel that eukaryotes arose from bacterial stock here on Earth, and in many cases, help shelter and propagate the Elder Race, which lives and flourishes commensally in their GI (gastrointestinal) tract, performing needed digestive services in exchange for shelter by eukaryotic multi-cellular organisms.

What happened about 2 billion years ago, that caused the eukaryotes to appear? There is a theory that this was an early example of endosymbiosis; of two life forms living together commensally, as is the case with our GI tract bacteria and us humans. In the case of eukaryotes, there may be several life forms living commensally as well … the original prokaryote, and an ingested prokaryote that evolved into the ‘organelles’ now termed the ‘mitochondrion’ and the ‘chloroplast’. For more on this, see …

Link: “From Prokaryotes to Eucharyotes,” in “Understanding Evolution,” … and

Link: “The Evolution of the Cell,” in Learn.Genetics: Genetic Science Learning Center, ..

I have channeled theories, as well, to the effect that the nucleus wall, and the DNA chromosomes, are individuals in their own right, but I have no detailed information on this.


Along those lines, various theories have been put forth regarding the origin of life on Earth. I like this quote from Wikipedia …

“There are three main versions of the “seeded from elsewhere” hypothesis: from elsewhere in our Solar System via fragments knocked into space by a large meteor impact, in which case the most credible sources are Mars[97] and Venus;[98] by alien visitors, possibly as a result of accidental contamination by microorganisms that they brought with them;[96] and from outside the Solar System but by natural means.[94][97]–from “Evolutionary History of Life,” in Wikipedia, see the subheading “Life ‘seeded’ from Elsewhere”

I like this quotation because it mentions Mars and Venus as credible sources of the origin of life on Earth. My understanding, as a channel, is that life on Earth …

  • originated primarily from both planets …
    • Mars (Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth) and
    • Venus (the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Planes)
  • and also was influenced by life from other planets in our Solar System,
  • by the planetary and solar beings themselves,
  • and by the Elohim or Logoi, and
  • the Song of the Leonids, among other influences

The Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth

Scientific Intel on Martian Space Travel to Earth via Meteorites. As you may recall, the earliest meteorite so far found on Earth, with signs of life in it, is about 4 billion years old (but of course, this is only a ballpark).

Link: “Lost in Space: How Mars’ Atmosphere Evaporated Away,” by Charles Q. Choi, Contributor | 

LInk: “Meteorite Yields Evidence of Early Life on Mars,” by Donald L. Savage, James Hartsfield, and David Salisbury, 7 August 1996, of NASA, … This startling early report on a Martian meteorite with evidence of early life on Mars ballparks the date of the rock as 3.6 billion years ago. Later reports revise the figure to 4.0 billion years ago … See Link: Mars Life? 20 Years Later, Debate Over Meteorite Continues,” by Charles Q. Choi, Contributor, 

Channeled Intel on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth. For channeled information on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth, see

Link: “The Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 9 July 2017; last updated on 25 August 2018, ..

Link: “Did Martian Bacteria Bioengineer All Life on Earth (Including Us)?” by Alice B. Clagett, 3 December 2016, ..

Link: “The Elder Race: Notes on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, compiled 3 December 2016; revised 12 June 2018, .. This compilation includes five blogs.

Link: “On Martian Bacteria: Good Martians and Bad Martians,” by Alice B. Clagett, 21 November 2016, ..

The Venutians (the Hathors)

My understanding and experience is that the Venutians (the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Planes) are an ascended race that helps guide the beings of Earth in their Ascension process. For more on this see …

Link: “The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,” by Wes Annac … referral by Alice B. Clagett, 1 July 2016, ..

LInk: “Hathors Archive,” by Tom Kenyon, ..

Link: My blog category: Hathors (see also ‘All – Law of One – Ra’)

The Influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim or Logoi

The influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim on the Martians is discussed here:

Link:  “More on Our Martian Bacterial Colonists,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 12 August 2017,  … See the section “How the Guardians Altered Martian Genes to Make Them Suitable for Life on Earth”


About 541 million years ago, a 20-million-year-long event termed the Cambrian explosion occurred, and this resulted in the appearance of most of the animal phyla now on Earth. Possible causes are discussed here:

Link: “Cambrian Explosion,” in Wikipedia,

It could be a definitive answer to this question already exists on Earth, but is not generally known. Time will tell.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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How to Clear the Big Bads from the Transpersonal Chakras . channeled by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 27 July 2018

    • Those Who May Benefit from Last Night’s Star Gift
    • The Malware of the Criminally Insane
    • The Dark Network
    • The Big Bads
    • The Light Network on Earth
    • The MO of the Big Bads: Astral Nightmares for Humankind
    • Insane Asylums Have No Astral Walls
    • Today’s Prophecy: An Immediate Cease Fire and Detente, Lasting Till the Next Gateway, Which Will Provide Greater Clearing
    • For Lightworkers: Act Now, for the Beings of Earth, and for the All
    • ‘Keys’ to Barricade Off the Astrally Traveling Criminally Insane and The Big Bads That Control Them
    • Let Not Empathy Give the Enemy a Foothold
    • On Communication with Non-Human Races That Lack the Value We Term ‘Compassion’
    • The Martial Arts Side-Step Technique: Matching the Alien Energy, and Using It To the Advantage of Humankind
    • Devourer of Heart’s Love
    • Devourer of Central Vertical Power Current Energy
    • Antisocial Personality Subsets: Nomadic, Malevolent, Covetous, Risk-Taking, Reputation-defending (Narcissist)
    • Daydreaming by Antisocials

Image: “Narcissus,” by Caravaggio, between 1594 and 1596, from Wikipedia … public domain mark 1.0, The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that “faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain”. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

Image: “Narcissus,” by Caravaggio, between 1594 and 1596, from Wikipedia … public domain mark 1.0, The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that “faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain”. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

Dear Ones,


The eclipse window is closing today and tomorrow, and there is a full moon today as well. Important information for clearing the Big Bads from the transpersonal chakras came in last night. I hasten to impart to you what came through. This gift has application in various realms of human endeavor.

Those Who May Benefit from Last Night’s Star Gift

This will be useful to Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and Gatekeepers, and also to ministers and spiritual teachers of all faiths, to psychologists and psychiatrists, especially in institutions for the criminally insane. Also for those who care for the criminally insane, and for those who house them. Also for law enforcement, who apprehend them; and for correctional officers and their grounds crew, who detain and provide for them. For the military people of all the nations of Earth, who protect their homelands and loved ones from the machinations of the Dark. And for the victims or patsies of the criminally insane, whether actual or intended. All these people will benefit.

The Malware of the Criminally Insane

The malware of the criminally insane spreads out in ‘circles of knowing’, which are a little like Facebook friend circles. The malware of the criminally insane first infects those who associate with them. Then it spreads, in ever greater circles, to the friends and family of those who associate with them … for example, the spouse and children of a prison warden, or of a law enforcement officer, or of an intended victim or patsy, and so on.

The Dark Network

This is the method of infection of humankind with malware by the Dark. The manner of spreading is termed the Dark Network. The purpose of the Dark Network is to feed the Big Bads, which are multifarious and greatly varied in form and function.

The Big Bads

The Big Bads are so termed because their feeding depends on the Soul devolution of humankind … on turning their Souls to hatred, and envy, and jealousy, and anger, and fear, and despising, and loathing of other human beings … on convincing their minds to conceive that other human beings are their enemies.

Thus the work of the Big Bads on Earth, insofar as it can be effected, leads humankind to war of brother against brother, to anarchy and want, to poverty and starvation, to ignorance and disease,

The work of the Big Bads is the bane of human life on Earth, and their clearing is the problem and the work of those whose Soul purpose is to defend and uplift humankind, including Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers, and their transpersonal, personal, and subpersonal Ascension Teams. Including also those in the helping professions on Earth, including the healing professions, those who enforce justice, and those who protect the vulnerable families, elders, women, and children of Earth from the ravages of war and rampant disregard of our legal codes.

The Light Network on Earth

Just as there is a Dark Network, there is a Light Network, that disseminates Lightware in ever spreading out ‘circles of knowing’. Thus the work that Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers do replicates the fractal disseminative noospheric techniques of the Big Bads, but with opposite, beneficial effect for humankind. Those in Earth’s traditional helping professions: healing, apprehension, detention, justice, and military protection, also effect this work.

The MO of the Big Bads: Astral Nightmares for Humankind

The worst of the malware disseminated by the Big Bads, through the Dark Network, causes criminally insane behavior in humankind. It is to this behavior that those in the helping professions look, but to some extent, inaccurately so. The Big Bads’ MO is to latch onto a useable personality trait in a person, to din and injure and magnify that trait until it is ‘revved up’, on the astral plane, then to find reciprocal personality trait wounds in other humans, astrally, and to feed on the interaction of the criminally insane with their intended victims.

The ‘feeding’ of the criminally insane on their victims is their ‘reward’ for this attacking energy that they exhibit … the V— D— threat energy that has characterized our subconscious noospheric interactions for about 5 years now, during the clearing. The feeding of the Big Bads, as the astral attacks take place, is their greater reward for implantment of malware that they habitually do, in those humans who play the role of attackers or attacked, on the noospheric plane.

Insane Asylums Have No Astral Walls

There are no walls to keep criminally insane people out of the astral world. Though they may be housed in what was once termed an ‘insane asylum’ … cached far from the public eye … yet, on the astral plane, they can roam free and inflict Soul wounding on whomsoever they will. They can enter the homes of your sleeping family, and terrorize your spouse and children, your frail grandmother or newborn child. They can enter your schools and rampage through the playground or the restrooms. They can enter our police stations and our barracks, and, through malware implantation, turn these personnel against their mandates to protect humankind and preserve our human dignity, our lives, and our Soul values.

Riding their invading astral forms are the terrifying astral forms of the Big Bads that spur them on. Were the Big Bads not riding the criminally insane, they could heal and return to lives of usefulness in the human community. Thus our target, in clearing Earth, is not truly not the criminally insane; it is the Big Bads that ride their astral backs and flock around them, like large black birds or bats, waiting with rapacious, glowering eyes to feast upon the violence they provoke amongst their human prey.

Today’s Prophecy: An Immediate Cease Fire and Detente, Lasting Till the Next Gateway, Which Will Provide Greater Clearing

Until today, they could do as they would. But this day, at the cusp of a great Eclipse Window, on the threshold of a Full Moon, is the day that they have met their match. The ‘keys’ in today’s channeling will help those in the helping professions to end this war of the Big Bads against humankind. Shall it be implemented today and tomorrow, during the eclipse window, then we can hope for an immediate cease fire, and a detente for the span of time till the next eclipse window, which will be the gateway to greater clearing of the Earth’s noosphere.

For Lightworkers: Act Now, for the Beings of Earth, and for the All

Thus I ask each of you who supports and promotes the welfare of humankind, to use these keys today, so as to rid Earth of this pestilence. Time is of the essence. Now is the hour. Let us strike, and strike resoundingly, so as to secure victory for this World.

For those of you who are Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and Pathfinders, and who tread the paths among the stars of friendly galaxies, near and far, know that this World’s victory will resound throughout creation, from this outlier solar system, through our home galaxy, through the sparkling diamond shape of the near cluster of stars, and onward through all that is.

‘Keys’ to Barricade Off the Astrally Traveling Criminally Insane and The Big Bads That Control Them

The keys presented through my Transpersonal Ascension Team last night will allow each of us to barricade off the criminally insane; the Controllers; the Hybrids; the Illuminati; the energy vampires; the Dark Souls; the antisocial personalities; the Mind Controllers; the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, Disincarnate Gods; the gods of Death; and the rare but until-today influential Soulless human beings, from our own energy fields. This will prevent their spread to the energy fields of our friends and family. The effect, I find, is thorough and immediate; a cause of great rejoicing in my personal sphere, and, perhaps, in your own as well.

So, though there are no walls, in the astral plane, to keep the astral forms of the criminally insane from invasion of our sleeping forms, or of our distracted, workaday bodies, or of our television-viewing after hours minds, yet we now have the means to set up impregnable barricades, and the keys to forever lock the Door Behind Which Evil Lurks. (1)

Let Not Empathy Give the Enemy a Foothold

Once the barricade is in place, I caution you, do not help those beings out. Don’t explain why they are locked out. Don’t give them terms for letting down the barricade. Understand that they have no empathy. Don’t confuse your hopes with their intentions … You are not talking to your son or brother. You are conversing with the astral wildlife. As in the wilds of Africa, the utmost caution is advisable.

On Communication with Non-Human Races That Lack the Value We Term ‘Compassion’

If they change, then they can get in. The work of their change is their own, and that of their race. There are many sentient beings who have no heart energy at all, no sense of love, or of its value. Their values are only those of aggression, of war, of threat and counterthreat, of overcoming and devouring all in their path. We humankind are in their path. Thus we set up barricades; we don’t parlay about amity or Christian charity, about doing good for them, about our mutual regard. We know the score; we defend our turf and our families; and we step into their world view and communicate with these sentient species on their terms, not our own.

The Martial Arts Side-Step Technique: Matching the Alien Energy, and Using It To the Advantage of Humankind

How are these barricades discovered? We must put ourselves in their shoes. We must pretend we are they. What are they saying to us, on the astral plane? What is our reaction to them?

What is their overriding subconscious message? Then, on the psychic plane, let us say to them what they are saying to us. This is the same sidestep’ technique used in aikido and karate to align our energy with that of the attacker, and use his own energy to cause a tumble or stumble. At the same time, we are out of the way, because we sidestepped. The attacker’s forward thrusting threat energy becomes his own undoing.


The below ‘keys’ incapacitate the main malware of the astrally attacking, human, criminally insane. The criminally insane are unaware of this malware; thus we are working with their subconscious minds to effect a ceasefire. If you use a key, through telepathy or verbally, and then get the subconscious message, “God, oh no!” over and over again, then you know you have hit the mark. You have cancelled out their malware; pursuant to which, the Big Bads perched on or hovering around them, will be unable to course through their energy field, and into you and your family, friends, and work associates.

Do not overuse; once or twice, whether telepathically or verbally, will do. This is because you will have hit your target dead center; you have ‘hit them where they live’ … Overuse will send them into catalepsy or fugue state, which will only be useful for the very worst, the handful of Soulless men and women now roaming Earth (their numbers being about 200,000 worldwide, by my estimate).

So that is the outcome we intend today: Incapacitation of the malware of the astrally travelling criminally insane … of the Controllers, the Black Magickers, the Sorcerers, and antisocial personalities, the Voodoo witches, the warlocks, the leaders of the Satan cults, the serial killers, the child torturers, the black widows and black widowers, the cannibals and offerers of human sacrifice; those who mutilate genitals and stalk the unwary in their humdrum daily life, those who make the headlines for the evil that they do, who then get caught and whom we seemingly secure away from our homes and loved ones … but who ne’ertheless, till now, rampaged through the dreams of humankind. And through this incapacitation, the elimination of the Big Bads from the Earth planes.

Here, then are the keys …


Soulless men are, without exception, energy vampires, because there is an injury to their Heart Chakra or a severing of their Central Vertical Power Current that prevents them from accessing the Light and Love of God that maintains their physical form. It is this same energetic injury that makes their human form unsuitable as an abode of the Soul they once knew.

Thus, to stay alive on Earth, Soulless men must steal the energy of Love …. or else of Life Force (Prana) … from other human beings. On the astral plane, they hunt down human beings with high Light Quotients, or high Love Quotients, to suck the Love or Life Force from. The eventual outcome … the one they anticipate and rejoice in, as a Black Sacrament … is the death of their energetic victim.

What is worse, Soulless people carry the energy of far more malicious beings, beings not human in aspect or in voraciousness, who add their blood lust to the attack the Soulless ones perpetrate most frequently on Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Saints of all the great religions of Earth.

As far as may be ascertained to date, the Soulless energy vampire is one of two sorts: Either a devourer of Heart’s Love, or a Devourer of Central Vertical Power Current energy. The subconscious symbolism is of hatred returned for devoted love, or else of hate-filled rectal intercourse. The primary determinant is inversion of Love and Light to Hatred and Dark: The victim’s life force is converted to death force for the victim, so that the energy vampire and his accompanying Big Bads can feed upon it.

Devourer of Heart’s Love. Since this kind of Soulless man will depend, for his life sustenance, on mesmerizing those he intends to murder into loving him, you may say to him, either astrally or in person: Everybody is laughing at you. Nobody loves you.

Devourer of Central Vertical Power Current Energy. To the Sorcerer or Black Magician who is a Central Vertical Power Current Vampire (a Sodomy Vampire), say: Everybody is laughing at you. We know where you live.

Or say: We know where you live. We have the key to your back door … In this case, the ‘back door’ is the bottom funnel of his Central Vertical Power Current, the basal chakra.


A Sorcerer or Black Magician  incessantly tries to ransack the energy field of the victim he has targeted. You may read, in a newspaper account, for instance, intimation of how a neo-Hindu cult of the last century targeted wealthy heiresses, drove them insane though Mind Control, then caused their deaths and stole their money …

Link: “The Hindu Psychic Crime Scandal of 1911,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 July 2018 … … and …

LInk: “The Heathen Invasion: American Women Losing Fortunes and Reason Seeking the Eternal Youth Promised by the Swarthy Priests of the Far East,” by Mabel Potter Daggett, in ‘Hampton Columbian Magazine,” Donald Wayne Castellano-Hoyt, Editor, Vol. XXVII, No. 4, October 1911, pp 399-411 …  ..

This same MO is in use today, all over the world, amongst Sorcerers, Black Magickers, and Voodoo Men, and Satan Cult followers. These people are a particular menace to Western women, and to Western men of a scientific bent, because we don’t believe they exist, and because we mistake their ‘seeming light’ … the light they steal from their followers … for the real McCoy.

As they specialize in Mind Control, which means they bend every effort, every thought, to invasion of your energy field with their own thought forms, their intention being brainwashing, destruction of ego and self-esteem, and implantation of their own agenda, you must counter-attack with a notion of invading them.

To the Sorcerer or Black Magician say: I know where you live. I can get in any time.

Or: I have the key to your back door … Or:  I have the key to your front door … Or: I have your car key. I can get into your trunk.

Or you can say about him to someone else, astrally: He has a history of insanity.  Or: The courts have committed him to a mental institution. The subpoena is in the mail. 


To those who obsess or attempt to possess human beings in the dreamtime realm, through ‘skinny dipping’ or dipping into or passing through your energy field or EMF torus, say: You’re not entering me. You are entering the raccoon in the backyard.  Or: You’re getting into the rat in the alley. Or the like.


Antisocial Personalities have unique perspective regarding life on Earth. They believe in the Circle of One … ‘One’ being themselves. For them, circles of family, work, community, religion, and nation do not exist. They are the only one that matters, and they are in it for themselves.

They believe that every other human being, had they the right perspective, would know this to be true; that all the clap-trap of the humanitarians and do-gooders and folks espousing social justice has to do with flawed perception. And that they can take advantage of these flaws in other people, to their own advantage.

The motivators of the Antisocial Personality are entirely self-serving. They may have …

  • grandiose ideation … they are prophet, or an emperor, or a king, or an incarnation of Attila the Hun or Adolph Hitler or Genghis Khan
  • greed for the possessions of others (which, they feel, are rightfully their own),
  • on-the-spot sexual gratification (regardless of the other person’s stated inclination … which, if nix, is clearly just an indication of  their victim’s faulty perception of their own sexual inclination)
  • delight in the taking of a life (which looks pretty, or offers other sense gratification, or may be viewed as a rightful Sacrament of their killing cult)
  • elevation of Cannibalism to the level of a Black Communion sacrament for a killing cult … because, why should not other people’s bodies, like their goods, be subsumed, at their whim?
  • and delight in such risk-taking behaviors as drifter, sex worker, reckless driver, serial killer or mass murderer,

Antisocial Personality Subsets. There are various types of antisocial personalities, each with its own subset of personality traits. I like Theodore Millon’s suggestion of these subsets: Nomadic, Malevolent, Covetous, Risk-taking (Histrionic) and Reputation-defending (Narcissistic). –from “Antisocial Personality Disorder,” in Wikipedia, ..

Theoretically, we would have different astral responses to ward off the predominant astral malware of each subset.

The Nomadic subset constitutes drifters and vagrants and the like. My own experience of these is that they don’t fit in, in a social context, but that they lack attack energy. Instead, they have a hiding, concealing energy that, to my knowledge, generally doesn’t need an astral repartee. They may want to sneak into your house, when you are out. For that, say: Go ahead and try. I have a Death Ray in my house.

The Malevolent subset includes serial killers and mass murderers. For that, say: Is this the police? I’d like to report a crime.

For the Covetous subset, see the subheading  “The Thief” in this blog for a possible repartee.

The category Risk-taking I find interesting and less well known. I see it is also termed “Histrionic Personality Disorder,” characterized by “egocentrismself-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.” —from “Histrionic Personality Disorder,” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported 

It seems to me that the personality trait termed ‘manipulative behavior’, might be a concern for this subset, on the astral as well as the physical plane. See the subheading “Soulless Men, Energy Vampires’ in this blog for possible repartees.

For a possible repartee to antisocials falling in the category Reputation-defending (Narcissist), see the subheading “The Narcissist, the Dorian Gray Personality, the Lionizer” in this blog.

Daydreaming by Antisocials. Another astral trouble with antisocial personalities, is that they dream together, and create antisocial astral soap opera stories on the astral plane. Normal people fear these stories, and the fear that they feel when the antisocials imagine the stories gratifies the antisocials and causes them to continue this behavior.

Humanitarians and do-gooders chime in, with desired positive outcomes, and the antisocials counter with greater malevolence and psychic terrorism. Thus the thing to do, with regard to these antisocial astral stories, is to opt out; to stand on neutral ground with a peaceful heart.

One of the things that drags us into the fray, in this regard, is the antisocial tendency to earmark, harass and destroy hapless victims, such as little children. It is our rearing in a family setting, along with our siblings and playmates, that causes the normal human to exhibit the desire to protect the helpless and unfortunate in our communities … to lift them up and help them get a new start. To educate the young, to house the homeless, to cherish the elderly for their wisdom, in their old age.

Antisocials often lack this training in socialization altogether. They may be feral children, who killed their parents or siblings in early childhood or in early adolescence. They may have no sense whatsoever of empathy.

They most likely know that your desire to protect their dreamed-of victims has to do with your early rearing, and your sense that the helpless people in the world are like the brothers and sisters you grew up with, and the parents and parental figures you learned social norms from. The antisocial considers this learning to be false learning. To him, it is your Achilles heel; a laughable weakness through which they can devise your demise.

To the antisocial that seems to be targeting with you with a malicious daydream about people you know being caught,  injured, and murdered, is normal fare; it is the dream that sustains them. To you, it is torture; to him it is delight.

To the antisocial dreaming this dream, say: I am an only child. This dream is nonsense.


There are some few people on Earth who, because of proclivity or past lifetime activity, never cease to speak messages of sadism, sexual torture, rape, and snuff sex on the astral plane. In this lifetime, they may be S&M sex workers or porn dealers or snuff actors or actresses.

They have very vocal malware in their second chakra, and they also feel that this is normal, that there is nothing wrong with them; that they are overwhelmingly sexually alluring, and that other people would recognize this, and respond accordingly, were their heads on right.

Aside from the astral nuisance factor, of being around a walking porn billboard when one might wish to deal with everyday problems or, in the case of people who are devout, to speak God’s name, or to sing his praises, night and day, there is the further difficulty that the Big Bads known as Incubi and succubi flock around these sadists, in hopes of getting in on the action. Their hope is to turn your good sexual vibes to fear and loathing of the act of sex, because of the hurtful intentions of the sadist.

To the Sadist, say, on the astral plane: I find you very attractive. Let’s have sex my way. …

In the first sentence, you align with the sadist’s intention to be alluring; and in the second sentence, you run counter to their intention to dominate the sex act. Thus you ‘ball up’ their malware; in confusion, they turn away from you, to seek other victims on the astral plane.


The antisocial personality right frequently includes, in its constellation of behaviors, nymphomaniacal or satyric sexual behaviors, which is to say, desire for sexual expression greatly in excess of the norm. There are also people who exhibit nymphomaniacal or satyric sexual behaviors, and who are not, in other ways of expressing themselves in the world, antisocial.

On the astral plane, the nympho or satyr presents like the sadist, but without the resident evil vibe. In other words, the thought forms they put out are of having sex, but not of causing pain in their sexual partners.

They will most likely be concealing their propensity in daily life, so astral ‘disclosure’ may help you to word them off. In other words, try social opprobrium …

On the astral plane, to the Nympho or Satyr, say: Everybody’s laughing at you!  You’re a Nympho! …

Or: Everybody’s laughing at you! You’re a Satyr! …


The trouble with vicious, cruel people, is that they are conveyors of harpies … astral beings that are ever so much more vicious and cruel than they, and which cluster round them, in flying hordes, or one by one, take up tenancy in the Soul field of a vicious person. This is especially off-putting when the co-tenant, the astral bugaboo, of a very beautiful but vicious, woman … a femme fatale, for instance … is one of the Big Bads known as harpies …

Image: “A flock of harpies descending on their prey,” from Warhammer Wiki: Fandom Powered by Wikia … ..

If, on the astral plane, a person expresses derision, or tries to make you feel unwanted, then say in an even, matter-of-fact tone: Nobody loves you. Everybody laughs at you.

If they say: You are one big ego … then mirror them verbally, but matter-of-factly (not with negative emphasis): You are one big ego.  There is a chance that this mirroring technique will bring their subconscious agenda to their conscious awareness. When they become aware of it, they can overcome the astral habit of putting other people down.

If they have a guilty secret, and are angry that you know it, then state it flatly and straight out, on the astral plane when they approach you. Here are two examples, mentioned elsewhere in this blog: I know you don’t like women … and I know your are a nympho [or a satyr].


Men with a habit of viewing pornography, or who are too introverted to go out and find a sexual partner, or who have moral scruples against the sexual urge and thus jam their sexual feelings down into repressive astral ‘time-capsules’, can, through lack of a physical partnered means of expressing their sex drive, clutter up the noosphere with a habit of salacious thought forms or mental images.

When these conscious or subconscious thoughts are directed at a particular person, who does not welcome them, that person experiences the thought stream as psychic rape. The not wanting of the intended recipient may spur the astral rapist on to greater visualization efforts. Thus, objecting to the sending of these thoughts forms can have the opposite of the desired effect.

If the daydreaming astral rapist says, tongue in cheek: I love you very much. I want to spend my life with you … then say: Tell it to the door knob … They will figure it out.

(My thanks to the person on the astral plane who suggested this repartee last night.) Note that images of physical objects are helpful in devising a repartee. That is because you are working with the attacker’s subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind cannot fathom abstract concepts; instead, it works with the physical world, with physical objects, and with metaphors involving physical actions or images, which it links to a particular emotion.


The bully plays a game of domination and submission, of bullying so as to provoke kowtowing, which rewards the bully with ego-aggrandizement and a feeling of high self-esteem. The kowtowing removes his sense of personal insecurity, at the expense of the person bullied.

When a person has an predominantly bullying game plan, also known as an alpha male personality trait … if that is how they present themselves to the world … then what are our options, as regards interacting with him? We can kowtow to him, or evade him, or attack him in hopes of reaching a detente, or behave sexually towards him so as to replace his instinct to territorial aggression with his instinct to sexual aggression. Or if he behaves with sexual aggression, we can offer him a bribe, whether money or goods, so as to turn his instinct to sexual aggression to the instinct to territorial aggression.

Or we can observe his game with a neutral heart. I suggest his approach, and it is the basis of the following ‘key’ …

IF the bully says: God damn you for not going along with my program!  … then say: To tell you the truth, I don’t love anyone at all. My heart is open, but I don’t fasten on. 

Or say: Just because my heart is open, doesn’t mean you can rough me up.


These sorts of personality feel they are feeding on other people’s adulation of their good looks, or of their fan clubs’ swooning admiration. They may stand in the middle of a room full of people, with a feeling that they are soaking up their energy. Or they may sit in the front of a room, soaking up the energy of the admiring crowd.

They may feel they would age very quickly, were it not for other people’s energy they are soaking up. In this they are similar to the energy vampires discussed under the subheading “Soulless Men, Energy Vampires” in this blog. However, whereas for the Soulless man, energy vampirism is a fact, for the narcissist, the Dorian Gray personality, or the Lionizer it may be more fiction than fact.

They may, for instance, feel that, should they cease to steal youthfulness from their admirers, then they may suddenly and catastrophically become quite old, as suggested by this painting:

Image: Profile of a handsome young man, with the face of a wizened old man behind him” …×460.jpg ..

That the subconscious mind of the narcissist, the Dorian Gray Personality, or the Lionizer believes this fiction, accounts for the effectiveness of the repartee suggested below.

To this sort of person, say: I am stealing youth from you. 


A thief is but a thief, whether on the physical plane or on the astral plane. His desire for what is yours can make life miserable, can make you feel insecure, and can cost quite a lot in terms of home security systems. His threats can make you fearful, and your fear can result in mischief of like kind on the physical plane, whether by his hand, or by the hand of another.

To the thief, say, on the astral plane: I have the key to your safe deposit box.

IF they say: God, I want your money …  then use the same retort: I have the key to your safe deposit box.

To the embezzler’s ‘snatch it’ thoughts, you can try: I’ll take my credit card out on that.  … Don’t specify what.


Homosexual men and misogynists know that the main current of society, the social norm, sets forth that men like women, that women expect men to like them, simply for their being women, and that swimming cross-current causes ripples that may endanger their person and their property. Thus they lie, so as to appear to fit in, and women fall for the lies, because they feel that is how life on Earth is: Men like women.

Falling for ‘seeming sexual attraction’, for hatred or loathing or belittlement disguised as romantic love, inevitably leads to betrayal and Soul trauma. Thus, to the man who pretends to like you as a woman, say: There is no need to pretend you love me. I don’t care, one way or the other. In this way you calm their subconscious fear, and avoid falling for the untruth.

If the homosexual man or misogynist threatens your mate or boyfriend with castration or AIDS infection, or with battery, say, on the astral plane: I will cut your pigtail off. Or: ____ [name of your mate or boyfriend] will cut your pigtail off.  Be sure and use these words, as they have a strong impact on the subconscious mind of this kind of ‘psychic terrorist’.

On the physical plane, I suggest respecting people’s lifestyles, whether alternate or mainstream, provided they are law abiding. Thus my suggestion is: Unfailing courtesy in social interactions with the members of our community, whether local or worldwide.


Addicts turn their destructive instincts against themselves, by ingesting substances harmful to their physical form. The malware is that they are doing something good for themselves, by doing something bad to themselves.

Addicts may be family or friends or those we look up to, and it is understandable that we might want to prevent them from self-destructive behavior. However, if we try to prevent their addiction … to ‘dry them up’ or clear their bodies out, they will turn their rage, their instinct of destruction against us, and attempt to kill us on the astral or physical plane.

Thus, in a way, the addict, whether friend or foe, can, all in a moment, turn about from hapless victim of a habit he is having trouble overcoming, to our implacable enemy. Instead of turning his destructive instinct from himself to you, side with him on the astral plane. Walk his walk, and talk his talk:

To the addict, say: God knows you have a great time with your life! … and he will go away, on the astral plane.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


(1) Here I have channeled “The Great Invocation” by Djwhal Khul. This prayer refers to the door behind which evil lurks …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014 … ..

Here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … ..


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Issues of Violence and Betrayal to Do with Crossdressing . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 17 April 2018

Dear Ones,

This video is about issues of violence and betrayal to do with crossdressing … dressing ‘in drag’, as it is sometimes called, and also to do with transgender surgery. There’s a Summary after the video …



The thing about men who are dressing as women … ‘crossdressing’, as they say …

There are two things, actually. One is that, even though they’re crossdressing, they still have the drives of men, you know? And the drives of men are very different from the drives of women, in various ways, some of which have to do with territorial aggression. Men are far more territorially aggressive than women … in an ‘outgoing’ sort of way … expanding outward from their current geographic position, that is. And also with regard to the battle of the sexes, men who identify as the women’s role, are much more aggressively antagonistic to other women, as potential competitors, than are other women typically are … although there are women who are ruthlessly aggressive in that regard.

And the last thing has to do with violence … the tendency towards violence. As you may know, there’s just a big delta … a big difference … between the acting out through violent actions that men have, and the percentages for women for that.

So men who crossdress, or assume the role of women, will still tend to act out … in terms of violent actions … to a greater extent than women. And so, when it’s taken for granted that they are women, and other women and other men cozy up to them, and treat them in that manner, and then they act in a different way … they act more like men … then that can create two things:

  • It creates an opportunity, in the instance of antisocial people who are crossdressed, to prey upon other people, who thought that they had the gentler drives of women,
  • And then, it also creates a feeling of anger, and of being betrayed, in people that find out about that. You know? Friends, say, who find out about that.

And I’m wondering if there’s any relationship between that, and the issue of transgender murders that I read about in Wikipedia …

Link: “List of unlawfully killed transgender people,” in Wikipedia, ..

… where people around the world have been murdering transgender people at a percentage presumably much higher than the general population.

Those are just my thoughts on it. I’m sure there are many other factors. I’d like to know more about it; I hope we find out more, soon.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Competition . by Alice B. Clagett

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Male Competition and the Feral Instinct to Order Dominance/Submission
    • Male Bonding During War
    • Female Competition

Continue reading

Eclipse Gateway 22-26 February 2017: 1. Healing the Basal Chakra . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 February 2017

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • ‘Cracks’ in the Human EMF to Do with Axiatonal Lines of Light Reconnecting
    • ‘Cracks’ in Earth’s EMF to Do with Magnetic Reconnection Events
    • The Feelings That Take Place During Rectal Intercourse
    • Clearing of Reconnection Events in the Human EMF
    • Current Easing of the Emotional Affect of Malspeak Associated with Rectal Intercourse
    • How the Malspeak Matches the Action of Rectal Intercourse
    • How the Malspeak Clair Appears to Affect a Person Who Has been Receiving Rectal Intercourse
    • How the Malspeak Clair Appears to Affect a Person Who Performs Rectal Intercourse
    • The Need for Retrospective Peer-Reviewed Research on This Topic
    • How to Clear Malspeak from the Human EMF

Dear Ones,

This video has to do with Soul wounding in the Basal Chakra of humanity, with the feral pack trait of dominance/submission, and with competitiveness as a cultural trait of modern life. There’s a Summary after the video. In the Summary, thoughts not in the video are in blue font.



I’ve been listening in on the clair chatter for some years now, and I’ve noticed intertwining emotional or energetic threads of sadomasochism (S&M) and rectal intercourse. Today it occurred to me why this appears to be happening in Earth’s noosphere.

‘Cracks’ in the Human EMF to Do with Axiatonal Lines of Light Reconnecting

You know that the body has axiatonal lines of light. These connect from the entire Soul field and beyond, all the way down through the subtle bodies and into the physical body, and they arrange things within it. They arrange the way the energy flow is.

Apparently, what happens when rectal intercourse occurs is, that two lines get crossed:

  • The line of territorial aggression, which has to do with the basal chakra (the first chakra)
  • and the line of sexual aggression, which has to do with the second chakra.

One or two tiny little axiatonal lines of light get kinked, or glommed, or stuck together. And that’s because of the very strong reinforcement of pleasure that is felt, from the point of view of the person who performs the rectal sex, and physical discomfort, for the person that is the recipient of rectal intercourse.

‘Cracks’ in Earth’s EMF to Do with Magnetic Reconnection Events

Image: Magnetic reconnection event, causing a ‘crack’ in Earth’s magnetic shield: ..

To my mind, this image resembles the crossed axiatonal lines event that causes a ‘crack’ in the human EMF torus when rectal intercourse occurs. Of course, cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere appear and then resolve to greater wholeness, and the same may be true of ‘cracks’ in the human EMF.

The Feelings That Take Place During Rectal Intercourse

The feelings that are taking place, the energies that are taking place through that act, have to do with:

  • the life being threatened, for the recipient,
  • and territorial and sexual aggression, for the person that’s acting out that action.

And then there’s, intermixed with that:

  • strong feelings of pleasure for the one person,
  • and physical discomfort for the other person.

And then, there’s the overall umbrella of sexual attraction.

Clearing of Reconnection Events in the Human EMF

So that’s how that happens: There’s an energy glomming or thread connection that’s taking place because of this act, and it seems to me that that is one of the things that’s currently clearing and unkinking and resolving into the proper lines of light right now. So that’s a very good thing.

I’m hoping that all this clearing work which involves the very deep drives of territorial aggression and sexual aggression having to do with the reptilian mind, that are clearing right now through Earth, will go along smoothly and with ease, from now on through the Summer Solstice.

Current Easing of the Emotional Affect of Malspeak Associated with Rectal Intercourse

There’s one other thing to consider about the aftereffects of rectal intercourse. That has to do with malspeak. I’ve mentioned before that recurring phrase that is heard as the repressed, sometimes very negative, sometimes mildly negative energy in the noosphere, to do with the first chakra negative.

  • And that’s the phrase that goes: F… y.. in the b….h… I hear that quite a bit on the clair plane, and it’s a better changeup from what used to be heard a lot.
  • That old version of malspeak, which was much more damaging to the emotional body, was F… y.. in the a..h… So the changeup to the new version of malspeak is more benevolent and less damaging. It’s stated with more of an energy of childish mischievousness. It’s a very good thing that the energies have changed, maybe partly because of the recent Gateway. The energies have changed to this more childlike play, rather than male competition as in soccer or football, strikingly strong male competitiveness (which, until now, has often been found in the business world, for instance).

How the Malspeak Matches the Action of Rectal Intercourse

So anyway, there is this malspeak that gets attached, because the action that’s occurring is just that. the action of rectal intercourse that’s occurring is just the same as that malware, in terms of the emotions involved, those emotions being: Up yours! and I will stick it to you! Or conversely, F… me over! and Stick it to me!

How the Malspeak Clair Appears to Affect a Person Who Has been Receiving Rectal Intercourse

For those who have had experiences of rectal intercourse, all day long, the first chakra is speaking that malspeak, in the event certain stimuli come up. The problem with the malspeak, for the person who has been the recipient of rectal intercourse, is that it causes a kind of a shudder reaction in the emotional body. In terms of the fight or flight syndrome, it produces flight. And this creates anxiety attacks, or a feeling of generalized anxiety.

And this feeling of anxiety apparently lowers the ability of the immune system to respond appropriately to threats to the physical health. So consequently, for the person who is the recipient of rectal intercourse, over time, the malspeak builds up, and it seems to me, may create more and more stress on the immune system, and unfortunately may make the immune system more susceptible to viruses such as the HIV virus and hepatitis strains, and flu, and all kinds of viruses.

How the Malspeak Clair Appears to Affect a Person Who Performs Rectal Intercourse

For the person who performs the act of rectal intercourse, over time, I would anticipate an increase of anger, and of the desire to inflict pain during intercourse. In terms of physical health, one would look out for and attempt to avert the beginning signs of blood circulatory disease, heart disease, and cancer. In terms of social outcome, I would anticipate and attempt to avert increased samskaric tendency to physically injure or kill those with whom one is intimate.

The Need for Retrospective Peer-Reviewed Research on This Topic

Of course, all of this is hypothetical and based on clair chatter. These theories need to be tested in a peer-reviewed environment, maybe through retrospective statistical analysis, and so forth. But in general, I’d say that the clair point of view is that, it seems that the main thing to eliminate viruses may be to eliminate malspeak that’s attached to the etheric net and other subtle bodies, whether at the level of the basal chakra or elsewhere.

How to Clear Malspeak from the Human EMF

Here is a video about an Earth reconnection event that creates a ‘proton aurora’:

Video: Proton Aurora Forms from Reconnection Event, by PolarissimaBorealis: ..

In terms of the human EMF, one might think of the proton aurora in the video as the locus where malspeak is attached on the human etheric net.

So the first thing to do, is to eliminate the stimulus (the reconnection event) that creates that locus on the etheric net where the malspeak can be attached. And then the very next thing is to start cleaning up the malspeak with the languages of light and sound.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Male Defense Mechanisms for Territorial and Sexual Aggression by Other Males . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 October 2016

  • Male Defense Mechanism to Do with Sexual Aggression by Another Man
  • Clair Venting of Emotions Occasioned by Threat of Male Sexual Aggression
  • Woman in the Middle: Avoidance of Male Sexual Aggression by Sharing One’s Woman; Subconscious Venting on Women
  • Mitigation of the Threat of Male Aggression Through Homosexual Daydreams
  • Symbolic Acts of Sex Expressing Male Dominance
    • Unconscious Acts of Sexual Dominance Among Hamadryas Baboons
    • Conscious Acts of Sexual Dominance by the Leader of a Human Killing Cult
    • Normal Males: Unconscious Acts of Sexual Submission during the Awakening
      • Astral Rape Gangs
  • Pre-Shift Subconscious Repression of Male Territorial and Sexual Aggression
  • Clearing of Human and Animal Energies of Aggression Now Taking Place
  • The Outlook: Greater Intimacy, More Fulfilling Friendships as the Illusion Clears

Dear Ones,



This video is about a defense mechanism I’ve been logging onto on the clair plane. It’s a mechanism that men use to prevent anxiety rising up when they think of the threat offered by the sexually aggressive drive of another man. Perception of possible territorial aggression will increase the tendency to employ this defense mechanism.

This has to do, in this instance, with a single woman living near a married man. The man feels an urge to territorial aggression, a sort of overflowing of ”mine-ness’ from his own perceived territory to that of the woman; this, I believe typically, includes fantasies of rape, which are another form of aggression … sexual aggression … generally repressed in the deep subconscious mind.

When the single woman thinks of a man, a stranger, the nearby man says, on the deep subconscious plane, “and now I will be [this stranger].” Then on the clair hearing plane, the nearby man begins to speak ‘in the voice of’ the stranger.

The reward, for the nearby man, is that he begins to sound, on the clair hearing plane, like the man who is a stranger, but in fact his  ego continues to talk to the single woman, and he has tricked her into thinking she is still talking to the stranger.


Because of the nature of this defense mechanism (which is based on perceived threat of sexual aggression by a territorially encroaching male), after a few minutes of conversation it becomes obvious to the single woman that the emotional content of this conversation is always the same, and is always based on the defense mechanism of the nearby man.

Typically the single woman will begin to hear that the nearby man doesn’t like her. The tenor of the clair conversation is undercutting and derisive; there are emotional threads of anxiousness and concealed aggression. There has been a displacement of the feeling of being threatened by the male stranger, to a feeling of being threatened by the single woman. I see this as venting.


This segue into the persona of another man on the clair plane, described above, followed by venting of threat anxiety against a woman, I have also heard expressed as the following daydream. The actors are two men and a woman. The first man perceives himself as being less powerful than the second man, whom he admires for his physical prowess. The first man is in relationship with the woman. The second man is bisexual.

The daydream is for the first man to invite the second man to have rectal intercourse with the woman, while the first man pleases her with oral clitoral stimulation.

The conscious motive of the first man is: He knows men act cruelly toward women, and he wants to make it better for the women. The subconscious motive is to mitigate the threat of aggression by the second man; this motive arises out of low self-esteem, to do with early childhood wounding by his father.

The conscious motive of the second man is: To bring that woman down to Earth. The unconscious motive is to degrade her; this motive arises out of misogyny, to do with early childhood wounding by his mother.

The conscious motive for the woman is: To stay in relationship with the first man. Her unconscious motive has to do with low self-esteem (which is the shadow of the reason for her bonding with the first man); this low self-esteem has to do with being put ‘in her place’ by both her father and her mother in childhood.

In sum, the above daydream is, for the first man, a more concrete visualization of the venting described in the prior instance.


In addition, there’s a tendency, clair audible, to mitigate the threat of a male stranger’s aggression into the egoic energy of the nearby man by acting it out in a homosexual daydream scenario. My hypothesis about this is, that the one man, the nearby man, feels threatened by the presence of other men. In his daydreaming, and possibly also in night dreams, he dreams he is having intercourse with other men.


Unconscious Acts of Sexual Dominance Among Hamadryas Baboons

This reminds me of observations of the hamadryas baboon sometime ago, where the alpha male of a pack would have symbolic acts of intercourse with both the juvenile males and all the females in the pack in the early morning. The symbolism was that the alpha male was acting out and reinforcing the notion of dominance.

Conscious Acts of Sexual Dominance by the Leader of a Human Killing Cult

This is the same behavior I’ve observed on the clair plane with regard to a human killing cult (search “Cults that Kill” in my blog). In the instance of the human pack, however, the rational mind of the alpha male devised this method of acting out dominance based on his understanding of the subconscious feral instincts of the cult members he wished to mind control. He also used genital mutilation and/or murder of male followers and murder of female members as an expression of dominance, with intent to solidify his leadership position.

Normal Males: Unconscious Acts of Sexual Submission during the Awakening

My feeling is, in the case in question, the nearby man feels threatened by the presence of other men. He dreams that he is having intercourse with other men. This threat-mitigating homosexual behavior might express itself when a man perceives himself to be inferior in strength or power to other men.

Astral Rape Gangs. In these times of the Awakening, when there was, until recently, so much energy in the world of men marauding on the astral plane, descending en masse and raping one woman or one man at a time, non-participating men may feel threatened by their aggressive instinct.

Until recently, the astral rape gang activity was happening, over and over again, all over Earth, especially on the weekends; there would have been, among men, a subconscious threat-mitigation incentive, an incentive for non-participating men to join the marauding male groups (who, I clair find, are members of their social groups in the physical realm), so as to avoid being raped themselves.

So maybe this is what latent homosexuality is: The daydreaming of acts of sexuality with male friends and acquaintances so as to mitigate threat of aggression.


It could be that modern society prohibits expression of male territorial aggression, and advocates male continence, and so these drives have been repressed onto the subconscious astral plane (the shadow of the personality).

The rape gang daydreams and the homosexual daydreams, as well as male misogyny daydreams I’ve talked about previously, may have been circulating in the astral realm all along. But only just now, because of the Shift, people may be rising to conscious awareness of them.


From a galactic standpoint, I could characterize these waves of noospheric energy that have been happening … the astral rape gangs, the switching of the persona that a man may feel as he segues into the persona of another man, and the daydreamed acts of homosexuality … as waves of clearing the aggressive drive and the more primitive expression of the sexual drive from the world.

We have to keep in mind that it’s not just human aggression and the human sexual drive that we are clearing. But also, through our energetic forms, the aggressive and sexual instincts of all the animals on Earth are also clearing. So there’s quite a job to do.


As these energies clear, it’s going to be possible for men and women to relate more closely and more intimately together. Because of the anxieties provoked by the Awakening process, men and women have drawn apart. Even long-married couples have drawn apart, into a more meditative state, so that their clearing can take place.

But now, as these denser energies clear Earth, it’s going to be possible for men and women to begin to relate together much more closely than they have done in the past. I foresee an increase in bonding amongst men and women, and in bonding amongst friends, in the next few years, in a stance that’s far less deluded, far more based on the true nature of things. I’m looking forward to that.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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