First Contact: Small Black Ant Talk . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

First Contact: Small Black Ant Talk

Image: “Ant head; one eye can be seen well,” by Phaedrus, 13 Dec3ember 2021, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Image: “Ant head; one eye can be seen well,” by Phaedrus, 13 Dec3ember 2021, in Wikimedia Commons … … CC BY-SA 4.0 International

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Dear Ones,

Here is another in my blog series on First Contact with Small Black Ants. In this new tête-à-tête with the small black ant hive mind, the spokespersons were the queen and a diplomat drone. After the video is an edited Summary …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a few more things to say to you about ants. The occasion for this is a really serious invasion of small black ants into my home in the last month or so. I have been doing major changeups … caulking and so on … to control the ants and keep them out of the home.

The problem is this: The ants are telepathic. The ants apparently … and I am getting all this information from the ants, so you are just going to have to take their word for it … I think they are from Alpha Centauri. And there are other beings also on Alpha Centauri that have trouble with whatever it is that is the equivalent of ants over there because ants are so territorially aggressive.

And so here on Earth, I do not think they understand too well what our society is like. They are hunter-gatherers in the main, and they may not understand that we are farmers and ranchers. We raise and we distribute the food, and then we eat the food. Instead of competing for wild resources, these days most humans behave in that way: They feel that they own the food that they raise, and that it should belong only to them, insofar as possible.

But the ants look upon food as a free-for-all for everyone. Whoever gets there first … whoever eats the most and takes the most home to the hive is the winner! They are a highly competitive form of life.

And they can hear us telepathically. When, for instance, we say the Buddhist prayer “May all beings be happy …”  unfortunately, in my case, they took it to mean that I would be happy to have them in my home. And so, I have had a giant influx of small black ants. I cannot have them in my home; they have to be outside. I have explained this, but I have gotten really nowhere at all with them because of their extremely strong territorial instincts and their very fast reproduction rate.

All day long today I was working just to secure the stove top marble countertop and the cabinets around the stove. They got under the marble and behind the cabinets (between the wall and the cabinets). Everything had to be caulked.

About half an hour ago I got to the very last part, which was an open space that they were not coming out of. I was talking to the queen just then. When things get serious, the queen talks. She has a beautiful, mellifluous voice.

I asked the queen: What is your name? She said: All of us have but one name. We are of Alpha Centauri. That is our name. [Go figure?!]

I had already caulked almost everything, and she knew this. She says she has a third-eye point. She says she needs light in order for her third-eye point to know where all the hive is, and what is going on with the hive mind … the hive mind she says they are born with. So, though they may not live that long, they are all born with this knowledge, the total knowledge of the tribe. She spends … or whoever it is spends quite some time training the newborn ants to not be in anguish or in pain or affected by their death, because they die a lot, and they die soon. And so part of the training of the hive is that they should not fear death.

In fact, I have had them … When I feel angry towards the ants, in the last few weeks, if one is crawling upon me it will bite me. They do not care whether they die or not. They just bite because they feel they ought to bite, so as to make a statement regarding their hive, you know? This happened a few times. On the telepathic plane, they call this biting “May you die of COVID” or “that bullet thing.” These small black ants are not really biting ants, but they know when I feel angry, and they take offense, on behalf of the hive, and they bite.

That is serendipitous. The important thing that I found out today is that, when there is no light … for instance, when I had nearly completely caulked the whole area behind the countertop, and underneath the countertop, I got to a part that allowed air and light to get to the hive which was deep inside the counter area, underneath the marble.

When I started to use wood putty to close that last area off, that cut off the light inside the hive. And the queen said that she was starting to lose the light, and that she could not tell where everyone was anymore, and that they were all going to have to stop. The hive would have to stop … I guess, to shut down and hibernate.

Shortly thereafter, all the crazy telepathic voices I had been hearing all day subsided completely. [I note that later, when I went into the bathroom, I began to hear those odd telepathic voices again; so I looked carefully, and found three sentinel female worker ants on the sink (as has been the case for weeks now) and three biting female worker ants on the toilet seat (enough said about that!).]

As to these telepathic ant voices, it seems to me it is as if the ants are trying to pretend that they are human beings by miming the voices of people that we know. Maybe this is diplomatic outreach, I am guessing … an attempt to prevent me from ousting them from my home? I noticed this last year too, when I was fighting the ants, and finally the ants were gone, and all of the really nonsensical, negative and aggressive voices … that pretended to be the voices of people I knew … suddenly stopped. This has happened again … although there are a few more hives still in the house to combat and overcome.

What I started to say is this: I found out that the hive stops because the queen’s third-eye point no longer works … and that is because it is completely dark where the queen is.

I asked the queen why it was that some types of ants are able to work at night? She said that, in the place they come from, darkness is much darker than darkness is here. So some ants go out and forage at night on Earth. To them it is not dark at night on Earth, she said.

The male drones apparently stay awake when the hive is asleep. They do not understand … they just do not ‘get’ human society. The drones will try to talk to a male human in a house they are invading. The castes among the ants are just so very distinct; they do not understand that I speak for myself, not for a hive, and that there is no male drone similar to their male drones in my house. And so they reach out, and try to talk to a person who is male … someone in the neighborhood … some other person than I.

The female workers may be the ants that do the ‘pretend’ human speech. Occasionally I hear a threat from them … “We will do that bullet thing” … or “This house is sold to someone else.” Mostly I hear the pretend human speech when they are around, and in many voices, as if this worker ant or that may pretend to be this or that human being. Apparently, their universal feeling towards the people they are pretending to be is that they are greedy and acquisitive and warlike and unprincipled; not family oriented but clan- or tribe-oriented.

It is rather as if the ants were pretending to be humans like Genghis Khan cutting a scarlet swathe through Asia and Eastern Europe … or as if they were pretending to be humans like William the Conquerer, who conquered England and killed everyone on that island. By inference, and following a tortuous train of back-logic, I gathered that the ants are attributing their mores to the humans they are attempting telepathically to mime. I get they might hope and strategize to corner me into thinking they are human, and to isolate me from my fellow humans by numbing my mind and angering my spirit with this warlike formic diatribe.

As I started to say, when, because of the darkness and because the queen can no longer communicate with all the hive mind, then the hive mind falls asleep, and it makes a sound. It is not human speech or pretend human speech. It is not the queen or the drones talking to me.

It is a sound like crickets in the meadow, when there are lots and lots of crickets; and you cannot hear the individual crickets … It is just like one tone. I do not know if you have ever had that experience? It is like that sound of many crickets, except that it is very, very quiet. It takes ultra-sensitive hearing to hear it.

Where before there were lots and lots of telepathic voices … unwanted telepathic voices, to tell the truth, because they are so aggressive, so warlike, so angry … it is just not good for a Lightworker … then after the queen falls asleep, there is just this ultra-high physical sound, this sound like a meadow full of crickets.

I asked the queen, before she fell asleep: Why do I hear this sound? She said: It is because their mandibles are moving. I said: Well, does the sound ever vary? And she said: No. It always sounds exactly the same.

So if you go out to a field of crickets during the heyday … the high time of crickets each year … and listen very carefully to that sound, it is very similar to the sound that ants make, but the ant sound is, to my ultra-ear, completely homogeneous. It is an unending, high-pitched, pure tone; a sharp rather than a flat; I think that tone has to do with their fire energy and their aggressiveness.

I will bet you did not know, before today, that ants make sounds on the physical plane. They do, but they are much more vocal on the telepathic plane.

You may know that I have my concerns about the coming years and how humans will be getting along with ants, here on Earth. But I there are people working on this problem, and I am sure a solution will be found.

One of the things I found out is that worker ants will sacrifice themselves by eating some poison or some caulk that we put in to close their holes up. Whatever it is that we put in, to deter them … whether it is insecticide or whatever it is … worker ants will make themselves ill and sacrifice themselves by eating that stuff. Then apparently the worker ants that come to take their bodies away may eat a little of that. And in that way the hive may develop immunity to insecticides.

In fact, I recall a few weeks ago some worker females chuckling about how their hive has gained immunity to insecticides I think they were talking about the harsher insecticides other folks often use. I myself have been using Zevo Ant, Roach and Fly in recent weeks in my home. At first it worked like a charm; then within a week I found the worker ants were not much put off by Zevo; within a few hours they were back in small numbers.

That experience I have had with Zevo (which I chose because it is not harmful to humans and pets) lends credence to the telepathic chuckling I heard awhile back from the worker ants. I recall that was when I was waging war with them in my bathroom … a war not yet completely won. The active ingredients in Zevo are cinnamon oil, lemon grass, and geraniol.

I found out in Wikipedia that geraniol “is produced by the scent glands of honeybees to mark nectar-bearing flowers and locate the entrances to their hives.” –from Link: “Geraniol,” in English Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0.

From that I gather that ants may have once developed an avoidance response to the smell of geraniol because (I am guessing) of fierce response of bees to invasion of their beehives. Then (again, I am guessing) in recent weeks they have unlearned that response here in my home, so as to get at stray bits of kibble that end up on the kitchen floor when my cat is eating.

Along those lines, a few years ago, at the beginning of this conflict in my home, I thought I had it all together in the ant war when I recalled having read that people in the olden days of settlement of the Amazon regions would try to save their treasured pianos from the termites by setting the piano legs in cans of oil. The idea was that the termites would not swim through the oil to get to the piano, which they might like to eat.

Back then, several years ago, I thought to try something like that with the ants that had invaded my home and which had a particular interest in my cat’s kibble bowl that was on the floor of the kitchen. So I put the kibble bowl in a larger bowl of water. That worked for the entire ant season that year. Then the next year I found they had learned to make living ant bridges over the water in the larger bowl … and also singly to swim through the water … and in those ways they en masse overcame my water moat technique.

This season, I am guessing, the ants might learn to eat through wood putty and other deterrents. In fact, I saw some the other day that apparently ate a hole in the porch ceiling and started coming in through there.

I have seen so many adaptations of the ants since the Shift. They have gotten an awful lot brighter. We need to take that into account if we want to hold our own in this biomass battle here on planet Earth.

I do not mean to sound too grim. I think we will come to some conclusions and reach a truce.

We can talk with the Alpha Centaurians that have been dealing with this issue probably far, far longer than we, and see what knowledge we can glean from them.

A good source for the wisdom of Alpha Centauri, as you may know, is Judy Satori. She has a site now named “Ascension Library” … .. You can go there and look up Alpha Centauri, and find out a little more about it. She speaks that language of the stars as well.

Well, that is all about that for now. Excuse my grimness; I know I sound a little grim, but I have been fighting an intense battle for weeks now, and there is still no end to it.

God bless you all,
And keep you safe,
And be with you
Through all your days.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 8 September 2022
Location: Los Angeles, California


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