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How Do Predators Hypnotize Their Prey? . by Alice B. Clagett *

Begun on 31 May 2018; published on 26 June 2018

    • The Mongoose and the Mamba
    • The Stoat and the Rabbit
    • The Cuttlefish and the Crab
    • The Wolf Pack and the Hare
    • Case Study: The Man with the Demon and a Twitch
    • What Is the Hypnotic Mechanism Used by a Person Obsessed or Possessed?
    • Sidle and Strike: A Martial Arts and Boxing Technique
    • Swinging Motions Used in Hypnosis
    • On Lulling a Baby to Sleep with a Rhythmic Movement or Noise
      • Rhythmic Movement of the Baby
      • Rhythmic Cloth Stroke on Baby’s Face
      • Rhythmic Noise
      • Eye Fixation and Eye Fatigue: Habit of Associating a Physical State with Unconsciousness
      • Rocking the Baby and Eye Fatigue
      • Mesmeric Hand Pass and Eye Fatigue
      • Equilibrium Disorientation and Eye Fatigue
      • Slowing the Rhythm (Frequency Following Effect)
      • Predation as an Encounter of the Unfettered Primitive Mind of an Antisocial Personality (ASP) with a Victim’s Socialized Mind which Represses Thoughts of Killing
      • The Lull or Sleep Effect: Casting of Consciousness into the Unconscious Realm
      • Childhood Socialization through Nay-Saying by Parental Figures
      • The Shadow of the Personality: Deeply Repressed Bubbles of Hate
      • The ‘Bad Little Child’ Inside Us
      • Habits That Associate Conscious Mind to Unconscious MInd
      • Similarity of ASP’s Hunting Method to Baby Eye-Tiring Techniques
      • The ASP Rat-a-Tat Effect: Rapid Rhythm of Nay-Said Thought Forms May Be One Way to Induce a Trance State
      • Simultaneous Strike ASP Dyad (Folie à deux)
      • Simultaneous Strike ASP Threesome (Folie à trois)
        • Thuggee Cults of India
      • Simultaneous Strike ASP Six (Folie a famille ou coterie)
        • Binding Down of a Person’s Third-Eye Point
      • Simultaneous Strike ASP Eleven (Folie a famille ou coterie)
      • The Non-Pattern
      • The Pattern That Lulls, and the Strike
      • Simultaneous Strike by a Pack

Hello, Dear Ones,

I’ve been doing a study, on youtube, of the ways that animals that are predators use to hypnotize other animals so that they can catch them. I have a vision of how this knowledge will benefit humankind, which I’ve described in the Conclusion.

Before that, let me describe the studies I found on youtube about ways animals hypnotize prey …


The Mongoose and the Mamba

Video: “A Mongoose and Black Mamba Fight to the Death,” by Smithsonian Channel, 10 October 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRowC6t8tjA  ..

First I noticed a mongoose and a mamba (which is a type of poisonous snake, as I understand it). And the mongoose was running around from side to side. The snake reared its head up, and just watched. And then the mongoose was running in circles, very fast. But I did not see that the snake’s head moved.

So the snake was poised with its head held high, and the mongoose was moving back and forth, in a pendulum sort of motion. And so there was this back-and-forth motion going on. I wondered if that was relevant or not. Was the mamba’s body getting tired, from striking? Were its eyes getting tired too, from looking at the back-and-forth motion of the mongoose?

The Stoat and the Rabbit

Video: “Stoat Hypnotizes Rabbit | World’s Deadliest, by Nate Geo Wild, 1 October 2012, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODEUK5sB5vE  ..

So the next movie I saw was about stoats, which are like weasels. And there are, apparently, lots of them in England. And lots of rabbits. Stoats hunt rabbits. So the rabbits are very wary of the stoats. And a little larger than the stoats, I think. But herbivorous, and the stoats are carnivorous, I guess.

The stoats generally hunt in packs. But in this particular case, there was one stoat hunting a rabbit. The rabbit kept running away. And so finally, the stoat tried a trick that stoats do; it had to do with cavorting and acting wild … jumping up in the air, and rolling over on the ground, and doing weird things … jerky movements, and jumpy movements.

Apparently those movements somehow befuddled the evasive response of the rabbit. Or maybe, the rabbit’s eyes got tired of following the rapid movements of the stoat? Then the stoat won, and caught the rabbit.

So we have, so far, in the first example, a rapid movement back and forth, like a pendulum quickly swinging; and in the second example, cavorting, jumping, jittery movements.

The Cuttlefish and the Crab

Video: “Blue Planet 2 – Episode 3 | Sneak Peak – Cuttlefish Hypnotizes Crabs,” by Holly Bytes, 13 November 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5CZ74ybnbE ..

So then I looked again, in another film. And that one had to do with a cuttlefish which was hunting a crab. The cuttlefish has the ability to change the pigmentation in its skin very dramatically, and very quickly. So the cuttlefish sidled up close to something that it hoped to catch. And then you could see, on the movie, kind of a rhythmic, pulsating, pretty quickly flickering, change of color display on the skin of the cuttlefish, reminiscent, in the interval of change … the rapidity of change … with the movement, in the first film, of the mongoose. Except that it was a color display change, rather than a movement of the head. And then, suddenly, the cuttlefish caught the prey.

Was the crab following, with its eyes, the quickly coursing movement of the changing colors on the cuttlefish? Did the crab’s eyes get tired, at that critical moment, just before the strike?

In fact, do all three instances above depend, at least partly, on movements by the predator that cause the prey’s eyes to tire? Here is another instance, in a very different setting, that may apply …

The Wolf Pack and the Hare

When hunting in packs, wolves can prevent a hare from doubling back and eluding them …

Video: “Wolf Pack Hunts a Hare | The Hunt| BBC Earth,” in BBC Earth, 28 June 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGludGaPKag ..

As to the feeling of pack-hunted prey as it is being eaten, there are theories that the adrenaline surge of the chase causes shock, and numbing of sensations. There is also a theory, in the case of lions, that they suffocate the prey before eating it. There is another theory that prey does feel pain while being eaten, but that their pain response is not like that of human beings, and so, is not recognized by us …

Link: “How do animals tolerate pain when being eaten alive? I watched a program where hyenas ate a zebra, and the animal was calm,” in Quora, 24 July 2015, https://www.quora.com/How-do-animals-tolerate-pain-when-being-eaten-alive-I-watched-a-program-where-hyenas-ate-a-zebra-and-the-animal-was-calm ..


So then I was thinking about stories I’ve read about people who are demonically possessed, and how they catch people unawares. I equate these people to a subcategory of the antisocial personality (ASP), as they sometimes engage in serial killing.

It is very interesting to me, that in the Christian texts I have looked at, I sometimes see reference to jerky or trembling movements of the extremities, as a sign of demonic obsession or possession. And I wonder what the ancient theological notion of obsession or possession has to do with hypnosis.

Case Study: The Man with the Demon and a Twitch

I had read that there were sometimes tremors of the extremities, in people who are obsessed or possessed. I was reminded of somebody that I encountered, one time, in a parking lot, after dark, who seemed to me to be obsessed or possessed …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Man with the Trembling Pinkie,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 May 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-cRe ..

The first thing that clued me in, was a movement of his left, little finger. It was moving, involuntarily, very fast, and rhythmically back and forth, like a twitch. And I wondered … because I had seen this person stalking me before, someplace else, and his right little finger, at that time, was twitching in the same way. It was somebody like him, or else him.

So I wonder if the twitching that is described for the extremities of a person obsessed or possessed might have something to do with the rapid, rhythmic movements of the predators in these other three films.

What Is the Hypnotic Mechanism Used by a Person Obsessed or Possessed?

For instance, suppose this person putatively obsessed or possessed is really descended into his primitive brain … into that kind of behavior … or never able to get out of it, in some cases … rather than, say demonized. So he may be employing some similar mechanism to befuddle the prey, which in that case was me … as was used by the cuttlefish, the stoat, and the mongoose … because they’re working with their predatory instincts, their primitive instincts: The hunt and the kill. Like that.

And, if so, what is the mechanism? What does this rapidly fluttering motion of the little finger have to do with hypnotizing prey? Could it be another instance of that same instinctual behavior by the mongoose, the stoat, and the cuttlefish … the back-and-forth movement, the random cavorting movement, the pulsating pigment change … that may cause the prey’s eyes to fatigue at the critical moment of the strike?

Sidle and Strike: A Martial Arts and Boxing Technique

I’ve seen people practicing the martial arts and boxing do something a little reminiscent of this. When facing an opponent, they will move back and forth, changing their balance from one leg to the other, rhythmically … either forward and backward or side to side … and then, suddenly break stride and attack their opponent.

This ‘sidle and strike’ technique is, I think, is most similar to the above examples of the mongoose.


Swinging Motions Used in Hypnosis

Along the same lines of inquiry, I know there’s a hypnotic technique that involves moving a pendulum, or swinging a pendant back and forth. And somehow, the movement of the eyes following the pendulum or the pendant, seems to cause that hypnotic state.

Video: “Hypnosis Using the Pendulum #1,” by Nancy Georges, 11 July 2008, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZUEAXDF45g ..

The movement of the swinging pendulum or pendant is like the back-and-forth movement of the mongoose that is hunting the mamba, above.

On Lulling a Baby to Sleep with a Rhythmic Movement or Noise

I feel that rhythm, itself, can induce a trance state, or state of being almost lulled to sleep.

Rhythmic Movement of the Baby. The movement of the mongoose versus the mamba, and the hypnotic technique of swinging a pendulum or pendant, remind me of a youtube video I saw one time, of a father lulling his baby to sleep. He was using a movement like that … a rhythmic movement, a way of moving the baby that put the baby to sleep, as in the time-worn method of rocking a baby in a cradle.

Rhythmic Cloth Stroke on Baby’s Face. There is another technique with a rhythmic cloth stroked over the baby’s head and eyes, that is less caloric, and, it seems, faster acting. I note the rhythmically changing visual input for the child that is being lulled to sleep, as in the instance above …

Video: “How to put a baby to sleep in less than ONE MINUTE,” by Nathan Dailo, 23 March 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmf7IUHa18E ..

Rhythmic Noise. I see also that a rhythmic sound, like that of a clock ticking, will lull a baby to sleep …

Video: “Electric clock ticking make baby sleep, white noise,” by Lulanko, 13 March 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZmknZ1t2Ls ..


I recall that riding with a crying infant in a car tends to lull the child to sleep. And then, there are the cases of people drifting off to sleep while driving their car. My mother used to say this has to do with the monotonous, low sound of the car motor.

Here is a video that supports her theory. In the video, a man puts his infant to sleep by speaking the word “Oooooooooom…” in a low monotone …

Video: “Genius Dad Stops Baby’s Crying with Om Chant in seconds,” by AmazingXpress, 3 May 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNibGnyziBc ..

In a way, rhythmic, low sound, like that of the clock ticking, mentioned above, may also lie in the realm of monotonous noise as a way to put a baby to sleep.

To the person or animal intent on evading capture, there is no predator-prey ‘information’ in a monotonous sound, right? And so, it is safe to fall asleep.


Apparently, lowering of the eyelids induces sleep. I’m guessing this is because, when we fall asleep, our eyelids lower. So then, lowering of the eyelids becomes associated, in the unconscious mind, with the sleep state.

Eye Fixation and Eye Fatigue: Habit of Associating a Physical State with Unconsciousness

Since there is a habit of associating the sleep state with lowered lids, then by causing the child’s eyelids to lower, a parent might lull the child to sleep.

Thus the rhythmic movement techniques described above might be recast in the light of their ability to tire an infant’s eyes out, inducing, through association, a sleep state. I saw a video that described … very ably, I felt … various ways to cause an infant’s eyelids to lower …

Video: “4 hypnotic tricks to get your baby to sleep,” by HypnoThoughts Live, 4 May 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZn6Nd0bG5k&list=PLkVe3lXzd-na_CsCJOC3-EhNWRC5-gTNL ..

Rocking the Baby and Eye Fatigue

The first method had to do with causing the eyes to look up above the horizon, so that they get tired. You can move the baby’s body back and forth at the same time, until the eyes themselves grew tired and the eyelids closed. I guess the tiredness in the eye muscles caused the baby to fall asleep?

This method is like rocking a baby in a cradle, with a mobile placed at such an angle, above the cradle, that the baby had to look up just a little, to see this very interesting mobile.

Mesmeric Hand Pass and Eye Fatigue

This is the hand passed from the baby’s forehead, and down towards the baby’s chin, over and over again. If the baby’s eyes are open, then it seems likely to me that the baby’s eyes would follow the movement of the hand: From ‘eyes wide open’ as the hand is above the baby’s forehead, to ‘eyes close’ as the hand is above the baby’s chin. Thus the eyes and eyelids become tired, and the baby falls asleep.

The mesmeric hand pass is like “Rhythmic Cloth Stroke on Baby’s Face” mentioned above.

Equilibrium Disorientation and Eye Fatigue

The dad is holding the baby, facing up. He jiggles the baby’s bottom gently. Then the baby’s head moves gently in response. Because the head is moving gently, I’m guessing the eyes are also moving, with small, rhythmic movements, so the eyes get fatigued. Then he falls asleep.

To my mind, this is another version of the rocking cradle technique described above.

Slowing the Rhythm (Frequency Following Effect)

Start with a faster rhythmic movement, and slowly, slow it down. In this case, my guess is that the video is slowing the rhythm while using rocking, or the hand pass, or equilibrium disorientation. So the eyes of the baby are moving around, and its eyelids are fluttering open, then closed, and in addition the rhythm is slowing down, and then stops, while the baby’s eyes are closed.

This is an interesting one: I’d say, establishment of a rhythmic pattern, that degenerates into ‘noise’; or ‘no pattern’. Huh. So, the rhythmic pattern induces a semi-trance state, and the degradation of the pattern into ‘No Pattern’ creates the sense that there is no predator-prey ‘information’, and so it is safe to sleep?


Predation as an Encounter of the Unfettered Primitive Mind of an Antisocial Personality (ASP) with a Victim’s Socialized Mind which Represses Thoughts of Killing

One of the theories I’ve come up with, over the years, is that people who pounce … such as, for example antisocial personalities (ASPs) … people who pounce on other people in a predatory way, are emanating thought forms that are of the sort that are repressed by politely social people … people who have been trained, in childhood, to meet societal expectations with regard to their thoughts and behavior.

The Lull or Sleep Effect: Casting of Consciousness into the Unconscious Realm

So the thoughts of an antisocial personality who is a predator waft to the person who is potential prey. And that person subconsciously concludes that they are unacceptable thoughts … and sends them down into his or her subconscious mind. And then the consciousness follows the coursing of the motion: From conscious, to unconscious. And the person becomes, temporarily, lulled or sleepy, because of that.

Childhood Socialization through Nay-Saying by Parental Figures

This socialization pattern … of ‘putting to sleep’ socially unacceptable thoughts and emotions … is something most children (except for feral children … children raised without socially-aware parenting) learn in their formative years, through repetitive nay-saying by their parents.

For instance: Don’t throw sand at your playmates! Don’t bite your sibling! Don’t express anger! Don’t fidget! Don’t touch your genitals! Don’t whine! Sit still! Be quiet! … and so on …

The Shadow of the Personality: Deeply Repressed Bubbles of Hate

So, in our childhood, we are deeply conditioned to move from the conscious to the unconscious mind, these socially unacceptable thoughts and emotions. In adulthood, we do it very quickly and automatically. In bubbles of nay-saying repressional energy (tiny ‘hate this thought form’ containment fields, as it were), throughout our body of light, these thoughts are cryogenically preserved.

It is this ‘hate bubble’ energy field that constitutes the Shadow of the Personality or ‘Dark Body’ (in contrast to the subtle ‘Body of Light) of each person … which, as we sleep, may express itself on the astral plane as a dark alter ego of the loving person we are, when awake.

The ‘Bad Little Child’ Inside Us

Thus the Shadow of the Personality is one player in the field of Darkness on Earth … not a Big Bad, but rather, in the case of most people, a Niggling and Annoying Bad … The bad little child our mom and dad and grade school teachers taught us not to be.

Habits That Associate Conscious Mind to Unconscious Mind

So then we have a pattern instilled in early childhood, and employed many times a day, throughout our life, to move ‘bad’ thought forms from our conscious mind to our unconscious mind.

Which may explain the alacrity with which the antisocial personality, transmitting, as it does, thoughts of the kill like razor-barbed arrows, into the eyes of its victim, can lull its prey into a senseless state. The mind of the prey receives this onslaught of ‘I will kill’ thought forms, like a sudden, invading army of thought forms that must be repressed. Thus the socialized prey’s mind moves from conscious to unconscious, all in an instant. And in that instant, the antisocial personality strikes to kill.

Similarity of ASP’s Hunting Method to Baby Eye-Tiring Techniques

As a way of inducing an unconscious state in the prey, the ASP technique is like that of the eye-tiring techniques … for these rely upon the unconscious habit of associating eye fatigue with sleep, in the infant.

The ASP Rat-a-Tat Effect: Rapid Rhythm of Nay-Said Thought Forms May Be One Way to Induce a Trance State

To my mind, the ASP technique also relates to rhythm as a way of inducing trance state, used in hypnosis and also in lulling a child to sleep. This is because there is a steady stream of Kill thought forms from the ASP … a rhythmic, rat-a-tat effect, like a machine gun firing … This rhythm of the firing of the emotion-laden thoughts by the ASP predator may put the human victim in a trance state.


Just as there is the Rat-a-Tat Rhythm of the lone ASP, there are Simultaneous Strike kill techniques practiced by ASP groups of varying sizes.

I’ve experienced groups of 2, 3, 6, and 11 or more ASPs, working together to produce this trance state, through a Simultaneous Strike effect.  To my mind, the Simultaneous Strike is a pack behavior, like the hunting method of a pack of wolves. I believe primitive humans also hunted mammoth in packs.

This may tie in with the Wolf Pack and the Hare video above, and the notion that surging adrenaline in the victim induces a state of ‘calmness’ or numbness or shock, akin to the state of hypnosis.

Simultaneous Strike ASP Dyad (Folie à deux)

This I noticed on the astral plane: Two ASPs who were telepaths, both pedophiles, at a geographic distance from each other. According to the astral story, they clairly set a time, just after school let out on a weekday, on which each of them intended to catch and rape a child.

They made this ASP ‘child rape date’ once monthly for a while; although in recent years, with the increasing telepathic ability of the general population, this Simultaneous Strike ASP Dyad hunting technique apparently is no longer as effective as it used to be.

Simultaneous Strike ASP Threesome (Folie à trois)

In my personal experience as a possible victim of the Simultaneous Strike ASP Threesome hunting technique, I was in a room with other people, all sitting in a circle for about an hour.  The mode … whether consciously planned, or a product of feral intuition, I cannot tell … was a Strike by 3 ASPS, who might be in the room, or else at a distance geographically, but simultaneously sitting in a circle with other people at a distance …

  • One ASP hurled this thought to the second chakra: You will feel sexual!
  • The second ASP hurled this thought to the heart chakra: May your heart close up!
  • The third ASP hurled this thought to the third-eye point: I will mind control you!

Each of these thought forms was anathema to me! I hated them! As I, out of force of habit, hurled them down into the accustomed ‘hate  bubble’ repression chambers in the Shadow of My Personality (my ‘Dark Body’), my physical form doubled up, from a sitting position, and dropped, like lead, down toward the floor of the room.

Then I would suddenly come back to consciousness, generally in this doubled-up, half-fallen down position. One time my head was only inches from the floor when I came to.

I remember, during a meeting, asking the leader of the group why this was happening to me. I remember he said it was just something I would have to work through. The implication being, it was a personality defect I would need to fix, as I took his words to mean at the time.

This behavior happened again and again, over the course of several years, in this group, until I finally unraveled the mechanism. From the first, I guessed it had to do with the group, and not with me, as I never experienced it before, or after, the time I was physically present with the group. So, starting from this understanding, I came up with various hypotheses …

When I eventually rose above the Mind Control miasma I was experiencing in the group, I thought maybe they were using the Simultaneous Strike Threesome technique either consciously (having discussed it together) or else unconsciously, as packs of wolves instinctively hunt together, and know their moves without needing to discuss a battle plan.

I thought it might be that victims had been lured into their group, over the years, and induced to a trance state during their get togethers, just as I had been. I figured that the other victims were most likely women, like me. That when they would most likely fall down senseless onto the floor, and then be murdered by the groups. Could have been physical murder, or more likely an astral murder technique, such as psychic heart attack.

I single out this psychic heart attack technique as, in a subsequent astral story the leader of this group purportedly psychically inducing a heart attack in a younger man who was an acquaintance of his.

Thuggee Cults of India. I thought also, in a hypothetical way, that two members of the group might have spent time with gurus in India, and that possibly their gurus might have been members of the notorious thuggee cults of India, which prey upon hapless travelers as they sleep. It was possible, I thought, that they might have brought trance-inducing Mind Control techniques from India, to the group which I had joined.

I also thanked my lucky stars that the women of my family line are so strong willed … as strong willed as the men of my family. This hereditary trait, I felt, most likely had saved my life.

Simultaneous Strike ASP Six (Folie a famille ou coterie)

This was an overwhelming Strike technique I experienced, over and over again, for about 10 years, as … so it seemed … a group of spiritual adepts apparently intent on my destruction appeared to have been attacking me with a 6-fold curse that sent tiny ‘bots’ of malignant energy, each about an inch in diameter, circling furiously around my head at the level of my third eye-point.

Binding Down of a Person’s Third-Eye Point. The intention of the attack was to ‘bind down’ my third eye-point energy, which they mistook for the fabled ‘evil eye’.

I remember asking the leader of a different group, as time went on, what beings were circling around my head. I recall he said: Those are no beings! … or words to that effect.

As to whether they were or were not beings, that is a good question. Shortly after I asked that question, I was driving down a country road. The energies were circling wildly around my head. Then there was a great influx of Light upon Earth; most likely a Geostorm was in progress, and that resulted in the Light that was showering down all around me. To this Incoming Light my third-eye point energy responded with a big flare of Light, full of joyful welcome.

Suddenly, on the astral plane, I heard a woman shrieking and sobbing; it was a sound as if from an evil witch or harpie, saturated with cruel intention. It sounded as if she were standing right next to my left ear, and screaming into it; the sound was that intense!

Later, on the astral plane, I asked the circling energies what had happened.

–I heard a person say: You have killed my mother!

On the astral plane, I said: What do you mean?

–The other person said: That woman is like a mother to me! Because of you she has had a stroke, and now she is in a wheelchair.

So from that I gathered that the circling energies may have been a spell placed by 6 members of a Sorcery or Black Magic group. This would have fit in with what had been told me about their not being ‘beings’. But then, there must have been a strong connection between the enspelling, encircling energies, and the people who cast the spells, in order for one of them to be injured by the change in Light in my third-eye point.

Perhaps it was a spell that required constant hate-filled streaming forth of thought forms by the 6 witches or warlocks; and then, perhaps, the Incoming Light met my third-eye, and traveled from there, back along the hate-streaming energy lines, to the Bespellers.

As time went by, I found that Sorcery and Black Magic groups, Witches’ Covens, and Satan Cults often mistake the bright third eye-point light of Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Kundalini Yoga practitioners, and meditators who place awareness on their heart chakras, to be the Evil Eye. This is because, for the Sorcerer, the third-eye point is a source of energy to injure other people with curses and injurious spells.

Thus, in regard to the wheelchair incident, in a similar manner, the Sorcerers or Black Magickers may have mistaken the Incoming Light for ‘the Shimmer that Devours All Life’, as in the movie Annihilation that recently debuted ..

Link: “Annihilation (2018),” in IMDb … https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2798920/ ..

Were this to be so, then, full of dread and apprehension, the 6 Bespellers might have experienced ill effects, even though the Incoming Light is intended for the healing of humankind.

Simultaneous Strike ASP Eleven (Folie a famille ou coterie)

This, putatively, happened with an ASP leader and two groups of about 20 people who were geographically separated. According to the theory, one group of 10 were ASPs. The other group of 10 were susceptible to Mind Control by the ASP leader. My observations of this killing technique were partly physical, but mostly astral, and therefore open to question. According to ‘psy in the sky’, then …

The ASP leader would make a plan that his 10 ASPs would commit a murder simultaneously as he was elsewhere mind controlling the mentally suggestible 10. The ASP leader, though at a distance from the kill, in a geographic sense, would have been ‘right there’, in the midst of the fray, due to his fine honed telepathic ability.

His presence amid the mentally suggestible 10, putatively would have allowed him to Mind Control them. In that way he might harness the power of their unconscious minds and emotions to his intent to lead the Hunt by the 10 ASPs that was taking place in a remote location.

Thus, theoretically, a streaming forth of hatred and of killing energy from the leader … harnessed to the 10 mentally suggestibles so as to be 10 times stronger than the thoughts of an ordinary man … would enhance and direct the energy of the remotely located 10 ASPs.

As the remote 10-ASP pack spotted their victim, the thought forms of hatred and killing … 21 times enhanced by the 21 people either consciously or unconsciously harnessed to this endeavor … would, hypothetically, cause their human prey to sink into a trance state, or an unconscious state, like a thrown stone sinking into a pond. This, in a manner reminiscent of the lone ASP Rat-a-Tat Effect described above.

And, with the advantage that the ASP leader would have been always elsewhere, geographically, when a murder was committed, and consequently unindictable with regard to the murder which he had, in fact spearheaded, and raptly witnessed, in real time, on the psychic plane.

A further advantage of this technique would be that, as psy crime is in its infancy, only the ASP who physically made the kill was in jeopardy of apprehension. Further, the remaining ASPs might be expected to offer the killer an iron-clad alibi.

So in essence, this putative killing technique would have been highly effective and very low risk.


So really, I guess you could say there are three separate situations here.

The Non-Pattern

One is that of jerky, erratic movements that have no pattern … or no purpose, as far as the prey’s instinct to evade attack is concerned. So that the prey becomes confused as to what is the relevant movement, to do with survival, and what is nonsensical movement … background noise, as it were. This may also tire the prey’s eyes, lulling it to sleep.

  • The Stoat and the Rabbit

The Pattern That Lulls, and the Strike

Another is establishment of a rhythm that lulls the mind … as does a hypnotic pendulum … and then striking when the mind is more lulled by that.

  • The Mongoose and the Mamba
  • The Cuttlefish and the Crab
  • Demonic Obsession or Possession: Tremors of the Extremities
  • Sidle and Strike, a Martial Arts and Boxing Technique
  • Pendulum or Pendant Swinging Motions Used to Mesmerize
  • Rhythmic Movement or Noise Used to Lull or Mesmerize
  • Monotonous, Low Sound Used to Lull or Mesmerize
  • Fatiguing the Eyes to Induce Sleep
  • The ASP Rat-a-Tat Effect

Simultaneous Strike by a Pack

  • The Wolf Pack and the Hare
  • Simultaneous Strike by ASP Groups
    • ASP Dyad (Folie à deux)
    • ASP Threesome (Folie à trois)
    • ASP Six (Folie a famille ou coterie)
    • Asp Eleven (Folie a famille ou coterie)


I find this topic of interest because I have a notion that, as humankind becomes more and more aware of the way that the Dark attempts to hypnotize us, then there will be less and less Mind Control by the Dark, until finally we are all wide awake all day long.

As this happens, the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World will grow smaller and smaller, until finally our noosphere will consist mostly of bright, joyful, conscious thought forms. And that is a day to look forward to with enthusiasm, as our Co-creative abilities grow sharper and more right on, and our vision of New Life on New Earth becomes ever more beautiful, and also ever more functional in such physical realms as job opportunities, health, housing, agriculture, water management, and the like.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Song to Ward Off a Harpy . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 May 2018

Image: “Harpy-1,” in Mythology Wiki, https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mythology/images/3/30/Harpy-1.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130619202632 ..


Text in green font is different from the video.

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is a song to return the energy of an ‘evil eye’ sent to you from a woman, and sometimes through a man as an intermediary, to you. The song is to send the energy back through the man, if he is acting as an intermediary, to her. Or if there is only the woman sending the energy, you can visualize sending the energy directly back to her. Back to the center of her brain, where it will stabilize her pituitary gland, and her third-eye point. And it goes like this …

Song to Ward Off a Harpy
by Alice B. Clagett
24 May 2018


Back to her. Back to her.
Back to her. Back to her.

Back to her. Back to her.
Only only, only only, back to her.     

[On the video, I sang this song twice.]

The harpy is a female-appearing being that resonates with the energy of hatred, jealousy, vengefulness, and greed emanating from the ‘evil eye’ in a woman whose pituitary gland is imbalanced.

Just as the demons known as incubi and succubi resonate with and magnify the projected energy of a lustful man or woman, the monstrous being known as the harpy magnifies the negative energy projected by a hateful woman. The word harpy, according to Wikipedia, means ‘snatcher’ or ‘swift robber’. (1)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Harpy,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpy ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

harpy, spell, warding, evil eye, pituitary gland, third-eye point, hatred, jealousy, vengefulness, greed, incubus, succubus, lust, white magic, black magic,

Thief of the Third-Eye Point Light . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 8 March 2018

Dear Ones,

This is a video about a particular type of negative astral entity, that wants to take the third-eye point light away from human beings, and get it for itself. There’s a lightly-edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a report on a particular kind of negative astral entity. I would call it a Thief of the Third-Eye Point Light. They’re about as big as a man would be … a man five or six feet tall. But their energy field is denser than that of a man on the astral plane. They have an attraction to the third-eye point light of human beings, on the astral plane. They want to take it away from us, and they want it for themselves.

You know, there are beings of different kinds on the astral plane. And amongst the beings that are negatively aspected, there are beings that are relatively dark, and those that are relatively light. Those that are light, sometimes steal light from other beings.

And so, when we say prayers, we make a distinction between the ‘beings of light’, and the ‘beings of light and love’ … or ‘beings of light and Christed love’, you see. Because the type of beings that we want to have around us … that can nourish our physical and subtle bodies, and help us align with God, are the beings of ‘Christed love and light’ or ‘light and Christed love’.

Getting back to this being … the Thief of the Third-Eye Point Light … They come and pester me sometimes. Because people who do kundalini yoga develop a reasonably strong third-eye point light, along with the light of the other chakras.

And so, they come, and they are attracted to the light. Lots of different kinds of beings are; but this particular being is a bother. So it was hanging around last night. They tend to come around at night, when I’m tired; when my energy field is a little lower. So that’s something to look out for. The notion being, to enjoy life, and to have a nice, relaxed time in the evenings, when we’re tired, so as to prevent these types of negative astral entities from coming around.

Anyway, it was coming around, insistently, last night, while I was working on the computer. It was around my head, and above my head.

You know, there are people on Earth who have the malware that they are frightened of the third-eye point light of other people. And so … because of this superstition of the evil eye that some country folk have … they’re in alignment with these Thieves of the Third-Eye Point Light.

So these people can be used by those Thieves to help steal the light of other human beings perceived by the superstitious human beings as being a threat to them when, in fact, they are not. The third-eye point light is merely the light of a strongly functioning pituitary gland … and also the door that helps us see the door amongst the various multidimensional and multitemporal worlds.

So, it’s not a threat to other people unless it’s negatively aspected. And it’s not negatively aspected unless we’re in poor health, or our kundalini is not properly aligned … we’re not doing the right kind of stretching and yoga and joyful participation in this third-dimensional reality. Or, unless someone is attacking us.

Someone who is superstitious about the third-eye point … someone who thinks that we have the evil eye, or who is fearful of our third-eye point, can join up with one of the Thieves of the Third-Eye Point energy, and attack us.

And so then, things happen to our third-eye point, so that we have to keep doing our yoga, over and over again, and all the other practices that are important for a happy energy field, a healthy aura.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, last night, I thought of someone that had this notion that he was other people’s … especially women’s … third-eye points … thought they were the evil eye. And the minute I thought about that person, this beings that was hunched and crouched over me, trying to get at my third-eye point … which is a bother … leaped off of me! … and sprang through the air, for a long way … hundreds of miles! … to this other person. All in a trice! All in an instant!

The energy that I gathered from that other being (the one that leapt) was like a movie that I saw a time or two .. It’s called the Time Machine, the 2002 film, (1) about a person … not in this century; in a prior century … that made a time machine, and was hoping to get back to the lady that he loved, and who had passed on, I think. And he made a mistake, and he went forward in time … oh, you know, way, way forward in time … to a time when there had been a catastrophic explosion of the Moon, and it had changed the population and animal life and everything on Earth. And all the sentient life, mostly, was three different species. pr races. of beings evolved from today’s human beings … One, the Eloi, that was sort of like cows or cattle. And another, the Morlocks, that preyed upon the cows or cattle. And then there was the Uber Morlock, a humanoid Morlock (2) … who was an overlord or overseer, with a really strong third-eye point.

Actually, I saw something in that movie, which made me watch it a time or two. And especially, the people that were so docile, and easily caught and marauded and eaten by this predatory race that was once human, and the third-eye point overlord. have some bearing on the current reality, I feel.

And now, since that experience last night, I have a couple of things to say about that movie. The predators in that movie had this immense leaping ability … they could make giant leaps. (3) They were very, very strong; very, very fierce. And they they lacked a human feeling … a heart-felt feeling.

And the being that jumped off of me last night had a similar, predatory springing ability … a strength … about him. And also some of the third-eye point energy of the uber-morlock overseer in the movie.

But he was not a Controller … it was more like a medium-range astral entity of the negative astral entity series. So anyway, I do notice, quite a bit, attempts … spells and so forth … to dumb down my third-eye point … or to injure it. And I came up with a prayer today, and a blessing for the third-eye point, that I think would be good for everybody, as they begin to develop the sensitivity to that. and to understand the importance of keeping the third-eye point clear.

It would be good for everyone to know about this blessing, or to devise one of their own. It’s a very simple blessing, and it goes like this:

May my celestial ascension team
protect my third-eye point energy,
now and forever,
from all but beings
of Christed love and light


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) This is about the movie described in the above video:

Link: “The Time Machine (2002 Film), in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Time_Machine_(2002_film) ..

(2) Image: Uber Morlock, http://maggot.dieplz.net/Uber-morlock/gallery12.jpg ..

(3) Here are illustrations of the jumping ability of Morlocks and of velociraptors, that kind of give the feel of the springing or leaping ability of the Thiefs of the Third-Eye Point …

Video: “The Time Machine (4/8) Movie CLIP – The Morlocks (2002) HD,” by Movieclips, 17 May 2012, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KGv86GLvXo ..

Video: “Jurassic Park (1993) – Raptors in the Kitchen Scene (9/10) | Movieclips,” by Movieclips, 27 May 2011, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnRxQ3dcaQk ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Evil Eye by Proxy . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 21 January 2018

    • A  Nightmare Sort of Dream about the ‘Evil Eye’ as a ‘Death Ray’
    • The State of Reverie Between the Fourth and Third Dimensions
    • My First Reaction to the Dream
    • How Negative Astral Entities and the Shadow of the Personality of Other People Intrude on Our Dreams
    • What Might Be Done About This?
    • The Glom of Dream Energies That I Discovered
      • Person 1
      • Person 2
        • On the Importance Holding Dreams and Reveries in a Multitemporal and Multidimensional Context
      • Person 3
      • Person 4
      • Summary about the Dream Glom That Had Occurred
    • On the Importance of Aligning with God
    • On God’s Uplifting Grace That Is Manifesting During the Solar Minimum
    • How the Densities of the Third and Fourth Dimensions Attain Equilibrium on Earth
    • The Art of Yoga Nidra: Awareness While Sleeping
    • On the Current Dispersal of Warring Energies
    • Addendum: On Studying Brain Wave Recordings

Dear Ones,

This video is about a dream I had the night of 20 January 2018, regarding another person, on the astral plane, misusing my third-eye as a ‘death ray’ while I lay sleeping. A Summary follows the video; text not in the video is in green font. 



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

A  Nightmare Sort of Dream about the ‘Evil Eye’ as a ‘Death Ray’

I had another dream last night. I woke up, in the middle of the night, with a feeling someone was laughing maniacally … you know? … with mania … and saying:

And now I send it off to kill someone!

And he was talking about pulling my own third-eye point … which has to do with pituitary gland energy … out of the middle of my head, through my forehead; grabbing it outside of my head, in the astral field, and wishing it to kill someone else through some kind of ‘death ray’.

The State of Reverie Between the Fourth and Third Dimensions

And so, when I woke up, I was in the middle realm, between the fourth dimension and the third dimension, called by some a state of reverie (1), the area where dreams meet physical reality … you know? We’ve talked about that before. Sometimes I call it the in-between or the twilight zone.  Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati calls this an alpha brain wave state.

My First Reaction to the Dream

You can imagine, I was thinking: Oh my gosh! My very own kundalini energy, and he has the notion that there’s an Evil Eye up here, instead of the notion that this is my pituitary gland, offering health to me, and vitality, and life, and seer abilities so that I can see the higher realms … like that.

He thinks that it’s some kind of a weapon. He thinks that it’s a death ray … or something like that … that he could personally use to kill his enemies on Earth. Oh my gosh, what can I do to prevent it? … Like that.

How Negative Astral Entities and the Shadow of the Personality of Other People Intrude on Our Dreams

Well so, the thing about the dreamtime realm is: When we’re in that arena … unless we’re doing Lucid Dreaming, (1) then the dreams that we have, and the energies that we’ve created and helped maintain in our physical, and higher, subtle bodies on Earth are kind of up for grabs amongst the negative astral entities (2), and also amongst the Shadow of the Personality of our friends and relations and family and strangers … Spiritual Adepts, and so forth, who are torqued to the Dark in some way … in some portion of their beingness.

What Might Be Done About This?

So, what can we do? How can we protect and preserve our well-intentioned energies, so that, in the third and fourth dimension, they may be prevented from causing harm … even deadly harm … when we’re asleep? So that was my first thought: How could I protect Earth from this warring person who is trying to transform my energy for the good, for a vision of New Life on New Earth, into his personal ‘death ray’? Not that it’s possible! … but the mere thought of that upset me quite strongly.

The Glom of Dream Energies That I Discovered

So I tried to find out who it was. And the people that came up were in several different groups of people that I know tangentially. Let me see …

Person 1. There was one person who had had unfortunate incidents in his youth … people had died because of something he failed to do. And he had that background of kind of a feeling of protecting his family, and so forth. So that was one person.

Person 2. Then there was another person who was a Spiritual Adept, and he is the leader of a group …

On the Importance Holding Dreams and Reveries in a Multitemporal and Multidimensional Context. Mind you, this is just dreamtime stuff, so if it is to any extent true, on some timeline, and in some dimension, the likelihood is it’s not true in many others. So this is just one timeline and dimension that needs healing. You know what I mean? So I hope if this person reads this, he won’t take offense about it. It’s more of a way of pointing to a direction for healing.

But anyway, to get back to this person: He was a Spiritual Adept, and had concentrated on the development of spiritual skills … what they call siddhis in India … psychic superpowers, and so forth. And he was also looking at a way for his group to profit from turning my energy of the LIght to a kind of Darkness that Army-Navy might consider using in a dreamtime realm scenario. So that was another person.

Person 3. Then there was a person in my own family, although very distantly related to me. Someone that I didn’t know, really. And he had been given kind of a proxy power over the greater family … I have this giant family … and in the dreamtime realm, this was so. And I couldn’t figure out why this was so; I didn’t know about it. I couldn’t figure out why his voice was glommed to these other voices, in this prophetic dream. But I found out, as the night progressed … in this interesting state called the in-between or the twilight zone … I found out quite a lot about that. And all that is resolving today, I’m happy to say. But anyway, he came in as well, as the main voice at that time … probably because of these undiscovered things that are just now revealing themselves.

Person 4. And let me see … was there somebody else? Yes! There was another person, in an association that I used to belong to. Not the leader of the group, but someone that he knew, who somehow had some Soul wounding affinity, because of the early childhood … not early childhood, but teenage, maybe? … incident that happened to him. He had some issue … I don’t understand why … to do with taking power away from women. Yes!

Maybe when he was an adolescent, something that he decided to do was  something that his mother didn’t want him to do … You know how that goes! And so he might have had a concern that women had too much power over him. And others in that group might feel the same way: That they don’t want a woman telling them what to do.

Summary about the Dream Glom That Had Occurred. So there was this glom of energy; a very interesting glom of energy, where male voices were glomming together, and maybe even visually, for those that have that gift to see, clairvoyantly, what’s happening.

And trying to steal from a woman, what they considered to be the Evil Eye, but what was, in fact, the directing force for the endocrine system she had … that woman being me. [laughs]

On the Importance of Aligning with God

So I figured that out. And then, I did what I could. Which was very little. Everything depends on God; on aligning with God, in terms of the will, and the heart, and the mind. And so, I did my best. And I left it to God. And all of that has been resolved today, or is in a state of becoming resolved … Like a wave washing onto the beach … a wave of resolution of negative energies, and salvation for humankind, that’s happening today, in this time of the Solar Minimum.

On God’s Uplifting Grace That Is Manifesting During the Solar Minimum

Odd, huh? Very odd, how, at a time of Solar Minimum, so much is happening, by way of clearing the Soul wounding of humankind on Earth, and clearing Earth herself. Only God can do this kind of thing. It’s amazing.

How the Densities of the Third and Fourth Dimensions Attain Equilibrium on Earth

So anyway, as time went on today, I went to church, and I began to feel very philosophical about it … Here in this realm of duality, there’s a certain density that’s the resonance of the third dimension. And another density that’s the resonance of the fourth dimension, you see?

And those two resonances depend on the energy of Earth herself … the energy of Gaia. I discussed before … I had several blogs a long time ago, on Ma’at and the Incoming Light. (3) and they explained about how the Incoming Light is changing the densities of energies on Earth, in the various dimensions.

And so that understanding, that channeling, helped me to understand that there’s really nothing I can do about the misuse of my kundalini energies when I’m sleeping.

You see, when the Light is strong in a person, then there will be ways for the Dark to compensate for that, and create a balance that creates an equilibrium with the current overall state of density of Light in that dimension on Earth.

So if I maintain myself ever vigilant when awake, and turn my energy to the Light, or try to transform the negative energies that are incoming, to the positive energies of the higher dimensions, then when I sleep, that will happen … that torquing of my energies to the Dark.

The Art of Yoga Nidra: Awareness While Sleeping

The only answer I have, from a personal point of view, is to develop the power of Yoga Nidra (1), as explained by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati … of http://swamij.com … who did a wonderful job of explaining the aphorisms of the ancient Indian sage Patanjali. So you can go to http://swamij.com … and he will explain about Yoga Nidra. Nobody else that I’ve found, on Earth today, explains it like he does. And those other people that propagate the notion of Yoga Nidra, are talking about something different from what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about being completely aware while sound asleep. I myself only experience that state of reverie or transition that happens if I wake up in the middle of the night, while dreaming, and maintain conscious awareness during that transition state. This is not Lucid Dreaming, and this is not Yoga Nidra though.

Other people never fall asleep at all. Would that not be cool? And so, their energies cannot be misused in that way.

On the Current Dispersal of Warring Energies

Well so, from a more distant perspective, what I see in this dream … And you’re welcome to your own thoughts about what this dream means. But I feel that that there are, in every group today, warring energies. Warring energies that may be more fully expressed through certain personalities in the group. But nonetheless, a small portion of the energies of each person in the group.

And that, as the Light continues to come in, they will channel it less and less, and absorb more and more of the Light. So that the situation, I feel, will take care of itself …

  • The issue of war on Earth.
  • The issues that come up with regard to Palestine and the Holy Land.
  • The issues of war everywhere, I feel, will be mitigated by the Incoming Light in the coming year, 2018.

So, another prophetic dream! … I would be interested to know what your interpretation of that dream would be. Setting mine completely aside, what would be yours? So, let me know in the Comments, if you want to … Take care!

Addendum: On Studying Brain Wave Recordings

Another helpful course of study, with regard to mastering the states of consciousness, I feel, would be listening to recordings of the different brain waves: Alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta.

Many such recordings are available online. I myself like, and use, the videos on the “Unisonic Ascension” youtube channel along with stereo headphones (which are the only way to get the videos to work) …

Youtube Channel: “Unisonic Ascension,” https://www.youtube.com/user/UnisonicAscension ..

Another set of recordings that I like and work with are here …

Link: “Free Binaural Beats,” https://free-binaural-beats.com/ ..

I use stereo headphones with these recordings as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) LInk: “Yoga Nidra: Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep,” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati, http://swamij.com/yoga-nidra.htm … Search for the terms: reverie or the term: transition … and for the term: Lucid Dreaming

(2) More can be discovered about negative astral entities by reading the Bible and the Buddhist texts on demons or devils, and also by reading the category Orion in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?c=Orion .. More is available through the channelings of Lisa Renee, at “Ascension Glossary,” http://ascensionglossary.com … and at “Energetic Synthesis,” https://energeticsynthesis.com/ ..

(3) See these blogs:

Blog: “Ma’at, the Principle of Balance, re Dark Attacks, Angelic Protection, and the Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 25 July 2014, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1Tn ..

Blog: “Ma’at, Dynamic Equilibrium, and Light Downloads,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 August 2014, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1VL ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Six Blessings: Sealing and Healing the Human Body . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 November 2017

  • Six Blessings: Seal It Up and Heal It Up!
  • Directions for the Blessings
  • Blessings 1 and 5: Sealing the Basal and Crown Chakras
  • Blessing 2: Healing the Genitals
  • Blessings 3 and 4: Sealing and Healing the Heart Chakra
  • Blessing 6: Healing Distortions of the Third-Eye Point

Dear Ones,

Six Blessings: Seal It Up and Heal It Up!

Here are the Six Blessings: 3 Seals and 3 Healings to remove black magic curses and malware left on the human body (either male or female) by the powers of the Dark …

Image: “Six Blessings: Seal It Up and Heal It Up!” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … A figure of the man, which is public domain vector art. There are six numbered labels as follows: ‘1. For the rectum: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the rectum. ‘2. For the genitals: Heal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the genitals. ‘3. For the back, at the level of the heart: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the back, at the level of the heart. ‘4. For the front of the heart: Heal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the front of the heart. ‘5. For the center of the crown of the head: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the center of the crown of the head. ‘6. For the pituitary and pineal glands in the center of the head, just above the eyebrows: Heal it up (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the center of the forehead. –from “Six Blessings: Sealing and Healing the Human Body,” by Alice B. Clagett, in “I Am of the Stars,” https://www.iamofthestars.com

Image: “Six Blessings: Seal It Up and Heal It Up!” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … A figure of the man, which is public domain vector art. There are six numbered labels as follows: ‘1. For the rectum: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the rectum. ‘2. For the genitals: Heal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the genitals. ‘3. For the back, at the level of the heart: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the back, at the level of the heart. ‘4. For the front of the heart: Heal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the front of the heart. ‘5. For the center of the crown of the head: Seal it up! (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the center of the crown of the head. ‘6. For the pituitary and pineal glands in the center of the head, just above the eyebrows: Heal it up (x8)’ … with an arrow pointing to the center of the forehead.

As shown in the above image, the six blessings are:

  1. For the rectum: Seal it up!  (x8)
  2. For the genitals: Heal it up!  (x8)
  3. For the back, at the level of the heart: Seal it up!  (x8)
  4. For the front of the heart: Heal it up!  (x8)
  5. For the center of the crown of the head: Seal it up!  (x8)
  6. For the pituitary and pineal glands in the center of the head, just above the eyebrows: Heal it up!  (x8)

Directions for the Blessings

  • Lie down on your back, and relax while doing this, or else sit in a chair, in a quiet place. Or sit on the ground in a quiet place.
  • Follow the numerical order given in the drawing.
  • Say either “Seal it up!” or “Heal it up!” eight times, for each area of the body indicated in the drawing. The number 8 stands for infinity, because it has no end; in this way the number 8 is blessed with one of the attributes of God.
  • While you are saying the blessing, visualize the part of the body involved, whether your own, or that of someone you are blessing and ridding of auric energy distortions.

Blessings 1 and 5: Sealing the Basal and Crown Chakras

The central vertical power current of the human EMF (aka the pranic tube, pranic column, central vertical power current, kundalini, antahkarana, silver cord, or silver thread), sometimes referred to as the kundalini energy, courses from the rectum to the center of the crown (or top) of the head. In the below image, it’s the central ‘hole’ in the ‘donut-shaped’ electromagnetic field of the person:

Image: Human EMF, https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/9b091-emf2bon2bhuman2bbody.jpg ..

Through curses, the demon realm attempts to enter the human central vertical power current at the rectum or at the crown of the head, so as to weaken our aura and turn our emotions toward the Dark. When some portion of our energy field is injured, then a negative astral entity can attach itself to us and feed on our EMF. This is called obsession or possession.

In people whose energy field is greatly dinged and dented up, many negative astral entities, both large and small, can attach themselves and feed. Thus the intention of the first and fifth blessing are to seal off the central vertical power current so that the demon realm cannot inhabit it.

It may help to visualize a cross and a circle as the seals on the basal chakra and the crown chakra. The latter is recommended by “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean,” translated by Doreal:

Link: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Cross and the Circle, by Alice B. Clagett, https://iamofthestars.com/2017/01/20/the-emerald-tablets-of-thoth-the-cross-and-the-circle-by-alice/ ..

Blessing 2: Healing the Genitals

Over the course of our human incarnations, our societies and our persons have been repeatedly and insistently damaged, tied down, and mutilated in the area of the genitals, by the agents of the Dark. Their intent is to harness the very powerful energy of the sex drive and to consume it for their own sustenance.

Blessing Number 2 is intended to heal the genitals, and remove the crippling malware installed by the Dark in our genitals.

Blessings 3 and 4: Sealing and Healing the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, the most potent chakra of the human body aside from the central vertical power current, consists of a whorling, whirling front and back energy field or funnel, like tiny whirlpools or tornadoes of energy. The below image shows the central vertical power current (which may be considered a very, vertical long chakra), and both funnels of the heart chakra:

Image: Central Vertical Power Current and Front and Back Funnel of the Human Heart Chakra: https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/3013/08/heart-chakra.jpg?w=326&h=873 ..

Blessings 3 and 4, above, address the front and back energy funnels of the heart. The back funnel is often subject to negative entity attachment. The Seal is intended to prevent this.

The front funnel is often injured and partly closed down by the demon realm, as at full force, it makes the human EMF so powerful that negative entities cannot attack it. The Heal It! blessing is intended to rid the front funnel of the heart chakra of weakening and damaging malware installed by the Dark.

Blessing 6: Healing Distortions of the Third-Eye Point

The last blessing, Blessing 6, removes malware insistently installed by the Dark to distort the energy field of our third-eye point, whose physical reference points are the pituitary gland and the pineal gland.

Dark distortions of this energy field create the ‘evil eye’ that can be utilized by the Dark when we are asleep so as to communicate with other negative entitites, to create psychic bonds between sleeping or auricly injured humans, and to wreak havoc on the psychic plane.

It is through dark distortions of the third-eye point that the demon realm exerts the dark powers of mind control, entrainment, mental suggestion, mesmerism, and hypnosis on our Higher Mental Bodies.

Thus, Blessing Number 6 is intended to clear, balance, and heal the energies of the third-eye point, so that we can communicate with God and with our Ascension Team with it, and so that it cannot be used as a tool by the Dark.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Astral Story: Witchy Woman Soul Wounding . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 November 2016; revised on 22 July 2018

    • Witchy Woman Soul Wounding
  • Astral Story about a Young Boy, a Witchy Woman, and a Jealous Man
  • How a Story of Similar, But Less Serious Soul Wounding Might Play Out
  • Emotional Oversensitization
    • Oversensitization to Sexual Aggression
    • Fear of Territorial Aggression
      • Defense Mechanism: Daydream Transfer of Ego into the Clair Voice Identity of ‘Strange Men’
      • A Commonplace Defense Mechanism: Daydreams of Placatory M to M Liaisons
      • Defense Mechanism: Night Dream Transfer of Ego into the Clair Voice Identity of ‘Strange Men’
    • Fear of Controlling or Bullying Behavior
      • Man with a Controlling or Bullying Mother
      • Man with a Controlling or Bullying Father

Dear Ones,

This is an astral story about a young boy’s Soul wounding on encountering a Witchy Woman, and being injured by her jealous boyfriend. It also talks about how this second chakra wounding manifested in his later life.

There is information on the function of the third eye-point (the pituitary gland) as compared to the folklore notion of the ‘evil eye’. There is a lightly edited Summary after the video, and after that, a lengthy discussion of the issue brought up in the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Witchy Woman Soul Wounding

I have a story I heard on the astral plane and from the astral stories some years back; might have been in 2013. And I thought I would run through it very quickly, from the standpoint of healing, maybe in a psychological context. Or possibly in the context of my new, inner child therapy, which works very quickly, so it has that to its advantage.

Anyway, however the method of healing, here is the gist of the issue that caused the Soul wounding, either in this lifetime or in some other lifetime, for a young man maybe between the age of 9 and 14 … sometime in early young manhood. 

He was a sharecropper’s son. The family was just eking out an existence in a rural environment, maybe to the west of the Appalachians … in the scrubby flatlands to the west of the Appalachians. It came to the time of his initiation into manhood, and his first act of intercourse.

You know, in some areas … in some folklores … they think that the pituitary gland and the pineal gland … the light that comes forth from them, through the third eye-point is evil. And that can be the case, that curses and so forth, or love charms and like that, are promoted through the malware of the third eye-point, if the energy is not cleared and balanced. But the main function of the third eye-point is to keep the body healthy, and to keep all the subtle bodies healthy too. 

I thought I would mention that because he was in a situation where the nearest possible willing person was an older woman, in his context … maybe not that old … maybe in her 20s … who was known, in the area, for having the ‘evil eye’.  And what that means to a young person, is that the person in question has formidable psychic powers, and is dangerous because of that. 

So, in addition to the concerns that a young child might have about proving his manhood, there was also the concern about the evil eye and the psychic powers of this woman that ended up having intercourse with him. 

So, he was very young. And he fell in love with her. And he thought to go back another time, to visit her. And when he went there, a really terrible thing happened. She had a boyfriend, apparently, or an admirer, who waylaid this young child, and genitally mutilated him. And so then he had this Soul wounding and physical wounding; I am not sure to what extent.

At least he was alive, and he was allowed to go home. But then he was plagued by visions of the third eye-point of this woman … this ‘witchy woman’ … whom he felt to be attacking him. And eventually, after some years, he ended up persuading a friend or acquaintance to go and end her life. So, through him, she … his very first love … was murdered.

Time went on; much time has gone one. But today, the outcome of this Soul wounding has been that he projects onto women … especially women who have third eye-point ability … as many students of the Indian arts have … he projects onto them his terror of this first woman … and his terror, also, of that sex act … because it was because of the sex act that he received the genital mutilation. And it was the woman’s third eye-point that symbolized this extreme feeling of upset and injury and terror. Although it was, in fact, the man in this situation who caused the injury. 

So, from a psychological point of view, I would say that he projected onto that woman his fear of that man, because he felt (I would say, were I a psychologist) that the man was too dangerous to blame for that incident. The man was surely too dangerous to even ideate, or think about. So he projected that upset that he felt onto the woman.

Decades went on; and in his mature years, this memory of unresolved Soul wounding expresses itself in his life in this way: I think … I am not totally clear on this, but it seems to me from the astral stories … about this person, who may actually be an archetypal image, rather than a person … It seems to me, from the astral stories, that his sex life consists of rectal intercourse with other men, and that he is the recipient of that rectal intercourse, because of the nature of his genital wounding.

Now the psychological payoff or advantage, is that he gathers friendships amongst men who, because of the childhood wounding, seem to be far more powerful than they actually are in the world. So his friendships are with the men that he has sex with. And so the intention is to mitigate that ever-present danger to his genitals, and to his continued physical existence. 

His attitude towards women is one of mistrust … of uneasiness and mistrust. When he is confronted with their attraction to him, he then returns to that original story about the Soul wounding and the genital mutilation, and their flirtation becomes to him an imminent danger. and threat to his life. 

So he responds to flirtation by women in a way that seems to most people to be too hyper-responsive, you know? … too emotionally intense, in the negative realm. 

If he finds that … because of societal expectations … he must have intercourse with a woman, so as to appear to fit into a social setting, he will have rectal intercourse with her. He will need a prosthesis to do that … and she may never know that, but she will leave that encounter feeling that she has been … in our terms of the Awakening … ‘malwared up’, because the emotion and the images that are stores in his electromagnetic field in his second chakra involved such a shocked amount of unresolved injury, what you might call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) there … which is transferred during the act of sex; it is totally transferred to the other person … kept by the one person, and transferred to the other person. 

Not necessarily permanently, but perhaps for some time, there will be the need to regenerate the electromagnetic field, and clear it, for a woman who has intercourse with him. 

If the person is psychically gifted, then we may find that he is going out there on the astral plane, at night … perhaps his own wounded astral form is going out there, during dreamtime … He may or may not be conscious of this, depending on whether or not he can do lucid dreaming … He is going out and destroying women’s dreams of having romantic relationships. This is a topic I have covered elsewhere, using the term ‘dream snatchers’ …

Link: “Dream Snatchers,” by Alice B. Clagett, 25 October 2016, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6jX ..

He may even try to remodel their dreams, so that they suit a purpose that he has for himself and his own life. In these days of higher light … of more intense Incoming Light, this is no longer possible. But before 2012, it was possible for a ‘super-psy’ person to do that kind of work with a limited number of women or men. So there is that.

Now, talking about the men that he has intercourse with: He will want to conceal the fact that he prefers M2M sexual expression from the general public. Now why this is, that he would feel exceptionally so, in this regard … why he would be so sensitive to the need for concealment … I am not certain …

  • Maybe because of the great repressive energy around the original wounding.
  • Maybe because of the projection of the wounding onto the woman also conceals a great fear that he has about men.
  • Maybe there is a concern that the men involved in his social, sexual life might do him great damage, because of the concealed, great fear that he has because of the original wounding. 

Oh, one other thing: There are these things called the glom effect, that happened on Earth for a long time; but they are clearing now. And that is a confluence, and flowing, in the noosphere, of energies that are similar.

And in physical life, this is expressed as a tendency to gather around oneself, or to go out and associate with people who have energy strands in their electromagnetic field that are similar to, or glommable with, one’s own. And so in this case, there would be a tendency for people to gather around this person, or for this person to associate with people who have second chakra Soul wounding of other sorts.

One of the more serious expressions of second chakra Soul wounding that might glom to such a person, has to do with the tendency to look at women as sexual objects, to consider that they have no sentient awareness, to imagine them simply as objects, and to go forth, with sexual allure, to garner women and their property, such as money, or else a house, or like that.

So that is just one sort of energy, as it is expressed in the world, that might glom to the very vast, misogynist mental filter that is the shadow of the patriarchy mental filter in existence until 2012.

Right now the pendulum is shifting back, and men and women are coming more into the balance of Sacred Sexuality and the sacred norm. So all these things are coming to light, and each person … each man … needs to evaluate his own situation, and decide how to act in the future, and how to best get through the clearing and the disclosure to his own Soul.


In the story described on the video, had the man been less severely injured by the jealous boyfriend, then the mature love life might have manifested as wary sexual relations with women, keeping them at a distance, and engaging in sex infrequently and never with a woman who is in relationship. This would be because, similar to the defense mechanism described in the video, he might have projected the fear he felt of men onto women (who would be perceived as less dangerous than men, and so more approachable for sex). He might steer clear of men, so as to mitigate the perceived danger of being around them.


Oversensitization to Sexual Aggression

The story in this video describes an exaggerated sense of sexual fear in mature life that is caused by an early childhood experience that sets a child up to experience fear every time he has sex.

Defense Mechanism: The result is a simple defense mechanism set up by the subconscious mind  to ‘ward off’ a danger to which the early experience oversensitizes the child. This defense mechanism involves displacing one’s fear of men onto women (who are weaker, thus less fearful) and of staving off fear of men through placatory rectal intercourse (a behavior found among the lesser males toward the alpha males of baboon troops).

The recurring theme of mistrust and hatred of women welling up from the deep subconscious mind might be termed ’emotional dysregulation’ whose root cause is oversensitization to sexual aggression. (1)

Fear of Territorial Aggression

On the clair plane, I’ve also run into oversensitization to the threat of territorial aggression, to do with early childhood Soul wounding when a young child suffered physical injury and lost his family as a result of being at the effect of a war of territorial aggression. In subsequent early youth he lived among a group of children who, for some years, needs must break into deserted homes in a war-torn area for food and shelter.

In mature life, this oversensitization manifests as these deep subconscious themes:

  • Feeling threatened by neighbors, both male and female
  • Ideation that other people’s property is his own
  • The desire to buy neighboring properties, so as to feel secure in the territory he has.

Defense Mechanism: Daydream Transfer of Ego into the Clair Voice Identity of ‘Strange Men’. This man’s oversensitization to territorial aggression is triggered when he ideates that ‘strange men’ might be visiting or living in adjacent homes. It manifests on the clair plane by the ego dissolving into and identifying with men thought of by neighbor women, as if, by his morphing into the persona of all the men she thinks of, he might eliminate the threat of territorial aggression.

On the clair plane, what is heard with this transfer of egoic identity, is the deep subconscious of the man saying, sotto voce:

“And now I am [the name of the person thought of by the neighbor woman].”

For the woman, she continues to hear the clair voice of the ‘strange man’, but the Soul signature and the emotional flavor of the clair communication have the undertone of fear of territorial aggression of the oversensitized neighbor man. The content of the clair talk turns to:

  • The ‘strange man’ alter ego of the oversensitized man deriding or belittling the neighbor woman or
  • Ostracizing her or
  • Expressing territorial aggressiveness toward her.

The neighbor woman, believing herself to be talking to the strange man, is thus dissuaded from further conversation with him.

A Common-Place Defense Mechanism: Daydreams of Placatory M to M Liaisons. This man has low self-esteem regarding body image and a feeling of low social status, to do, I feel, with the early loss of his natal family. His marriage is perceived as an important means of bolstering his social status.

He has M to M sexual daydreams both as a way to bolster his self-esteem (with the notion that men are more likely to accept him as a daydreamed sexual partner than are women) and as a way to mitigate the perceived threat of men’s territorial aggressiveness through sexual placation.

I feel that the tendency of heterosexual men to daydream of male sexual partners in the deep subconscious mind is widespread, most likely universal, and that it has to do with this same mitigation of the perceived threat of men’s territorial aggressiveness through sexual placation.

However, in the case of men who have had early childhood experiences that oversensitize them to fear of territorial aggression by other men, as in the war experience described above, the daydreaming is likely to be more frequent, even habitual. There may also be night dreams or possibly acting out of this theme.

Defense Mechanism: Night Dream Transfer of Ego into the Clair Voice Identity of ‘Strange Men’. As you may know, when women are seeking a male partner, their astral forms go out onto the astral plane during dreamtime, looking to locate a suitable mate. For the single woman who lives next to the man oversensitized to territorial aggression, when she dream travels to these men, his dreaming form steps into her dream, and shouts at her to go home, that he and his wife are not interested. This is similar to the daydream morphing of his ego into that of ‘strange men’ as mentioned above.

This oversensitization to territorial aggression, and the elaborate defense mechanisms of ego morphing and M to M sexual ideation mentioned above might be considered ’emotional disregulation’ as well, as for most people, the presence of ‘strange men’ doesn’t require always being on guard against them; there is less of a sense of anxiety about it.

Fear of Controlling or Bullying Behavior

Man with a Controlling or Bullying Mother. In the case of a man who experiences a controlling or bullying persistent behavior pattern by a mother in youth, the mature man:

  • May have a fear of following his heart.
  • He may be oversensitized to societal expectations, introverted, considering change as threat rather than possibly rewarding challenge.
  • As to the fight or flight response, he might choose flight over fight.
  • In the scenario of EMF hypersensitivity and Solar Events during the current Awakening process, he might want to look out for thoughts of self-injury, cutting, self-mutilation, accidents both physical and vehicular, and possible thoughts of suicide.
  • In terms of sexual relations, he might prefer a non-bullying, feminine woman, or possibly a man (perceived as less threatening than a woman). As his Soul clearing slowly but surely takes place, the comfortable possibilities in terms of sexual relations will become broader.

Man with a Controlling or Bullying Father. In the case of a man who experiences a controlling or bullying persistent behavior pattern by a father in youth:

  • If the man identifies with and acts like his father, he is more prone to violent behavior in the context of EMF hypersensitivity and Solar Events during the Awakening process. Violent behavior is a tricky thing to avoid during anxiety attacks caused by Solar Events. (This includes accidents caused by aggressive driving.) My suggestions are:
    • To bone up on the early warning signs of a panic attack.
    • To have meds on hand to counteract them.
    • To put firearms in a locked cabinet, and mail oneself the key
    • To arrange in advance separate living quarters for oneself, apart from one’s wife and children. These may be as humble as a garage with a dry toilet in it, or it might be a plan to send the wife and children to a relative during Solar Events.
  • If the man disidentifies with his father’s bullying behavior, he may:
    • Engage in substance abuse as an avoidance tool, or
    • Use passive-aggressive behaviors as avoidance tools, or
    • Engage in negotiatory behavior aimed at mitigating threats from men; these negotiations may involve compromise based on oversensitization to the threat of controlling or bullying behaviors.
    • Spiffing up communication skills based on assertiveness may allow desensitization to the perceived threat.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Emotional Dysregulation,” by the Psychological Care and Healing Center, http://www.pchtreatment.com/emotional-dysregulation/

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Matthew 6:22-24 . Woman as Mammon . Honoring Spirit . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 September 2015; transcribed on 2 November 2018
Previously titled: Matthew Ch 6, v 22-24 … Woman as Mammon … Honoring Spirit

    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Astral Rape by a Male Hate Group
    • Matthew 6:22-24
    • Light of the Third-Eye Point versus the Evil Eye
    • What Creates Darkness or Light in a Person?
    • A Vision: Woman as Mammon
    • Fractal Patterning
    • Virility
    • On Seeing All Things as Divine
    • Models of Reality: Heart’s Love
    • Models of Reality: Alpha Male
    • Honoring Spirit
    • Thoughts on Soul Devolution
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,


Alice’s Perilous Tales: Astral Rape by a Male Hate Group. I made this video after a harrowing experience of astral rape by what felt to be a male ‘hate group’ single-mindedly intent on dishonoring my grace as a woman. I had been experiencing this ‘psychic terrorism’ off and on, for over a year.

This particular night, the hatred of the men rose to an intensity I found nearly unbearable. As is often the case, that was when I experienced some spiritual insights of great import to me. The experiences of that night, and the visions and insights I had at that time, were documented in this video. The video offers thoughts on these Biblical verses …

Matthew 6:22-24 (KJV, public domain)

22  “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

23  “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

24  “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” 

In addition to the Biblical quotation, I talk in the video about a vision I had, to do with the sleeping minds of men unconsciously mind-controlling women and connecting to their sex drives at night.

There is talk on the topic of the fractal nature of the Universe, fractal patterning, and consideration of the outcome of the models of reality that we choose.

Also, there is discussion of the consequence, in terms of Soul evolution, of obsessing an animal.

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This morning … early this morning … I am reading from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 22- 24. I will read those for you and then I will have some comments about it.

The reason that I noticed this in particular is because of something that happened this morning … really early in the morning … but I will get to that in a minute.

Light of the Third-Eye Point versus the Evil Eye

So first, from the Bible, this is a well-known quote:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,” … which might be a reference to the third-eye point … “… thy whole body shall be full of light.” –Matthew 6:22 (KJV, public domain)

Now this part has two meanings:

A spiritual teacher or person who is spiritually developed or conserves his spiritual energy and develops that … That person, when they look at other people, there is a light that comes from their eyes … one eye or the other eye, or both eyes … Generally one eye.

And that light is like a blessing of the body of Light of the spiritual teacher or the spiritual adept for those people that he  looks at (or she looks at).

So, Christ says the Light of the body is the eye. This is the God in us blessing the God in someone else.

Then He says “… if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” And here he is referring to the third-eye point, concentrating just on one point of light deep inside the head that represents the pituitary and pineal gland actually right here and here [points to a place between the eyebrows, then a point in the center of the forehead].

But people usually pick one or the other… And it is not on top of the head or on the forehead; it is deep inside … right in the middle of the head.

When you concentrate your Awareness in those areas, then, He says: “…thy whole body shall be full of light.”

And this is true: By concentrating directly there [in the middle of the forehead] and being very careful not to concentrate on the outside of the head … because concentrating on the outside creates a different kind of energy completely … It imbalances the pineal and pituitary glands.

So He is promising us that if we make our vision ‘single’ … one, okay? … instead of ‘dual’ … two … then our whole body shall be full of Light. And in my terminology this means that the body of Light, that is part of one of the matrices that the sustain the physical body, will be purified and shine brightly.

This is like when they speak, in the Bible, about men walking up to a person who is just sitting there; and these men are full of Light. And sometimes they take them for people from other worlds, even … Or maybe they are from other worlds, for all I know. They might be from the stars, because this is a characteristic of our star brothers and sisters: That they have advanced to the point of Soul evolution where their bodies of Light are really brightly shining, and really light, not dense, and lacking in any kind of sticking point or like that

So it could be the star races advanced at that point by doing just what Christ said. That is part of Christ’s instruction, anyway.

So to continue onward .. That was a big digression …

“But if thine eye be evil,” … Maybe this is about the evil eye? … “… thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” –Matthew 6:23 (KJV, public domain)

So here we have the ability to concentrate either on Darkness or on Light … here … [points to forehead] … with the ‘single’ eye.

What Creates Darkness or Light in a Person?

Now what creates that Darkness and what creates that Light? That is the question I have for you: What creates that Darkness … or what creates that Light when our eye is single? …. Because the answer to that is going to create our presence in the world you, know? … Our relationship to the entire world.

So Christ has an answer in the next verse. I think that is what is the case, anyway. He says …

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other…” … So we have to make a choice, right? Then he says: “ Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” — Matthew 6:24 (KJV, public domain)

So, to my mind, this is the answer that Christ has. What is Light and what is Dark? How do we create this Light, this energy of purification, in our body of Light? How do we serve the world through Light rather than Darkness?

He is saying that we must align with God and not with the things of Earth … Not with the creation but with the Spirit that is within it. You know?

A Vision: Woman as Mammon

To get to what was happening last night: It seemed that to me that mankind was speaking … in its sleep … to womankind here on Earth … And relating to womankind as if she were Mammon rather than the Light of God. Of course, every human being has that Light within them, and every human being has the ability to see the Light in others, rather than the Mammon in them.

Things have progressed to a point, here on Earth, where mankind feels that woman is Mammon. Now what this has done is it has upset the natural balance of things on Earth and the noosphere is ratcheting back and forth with that lack of balance right now.

Some of the seers of this New Age have said that now is the time when humankind … men and women, actually … are beginning to see the path and see the way to return to that balance.

Now from this passage I would say that those of us who are waking and noticing the many powers of our third-eye point as manifest by concentrating on the outside of the third-eye point, and not that within … The outside of the third-eye point [points to forehead] is relative Darkness out here. And this is that with which last night the men in the noosphere were affecting women.

This kind of relational feeling … this kind of notion that I, as a man, own the women … that I can control their minds, and I can turn them into Mammon … into something other than spirit.

We want to control things because we feel separation from God; that is why we want to do that. But if we pull our Awareness back into the center of ourselves, then we will feel that connection with God and we will not feel the need to control and dominate other people.

Fractal Patterning

One of the things that came to me last night, as this was happening, is: You see, this is a fractal universe. And so that is how we are able to co-create the reality. And we can do that very consciously, or we can do that unconsciously, as has been the case for many long aeons on Earth.

Alright. So we are rising to consciousness, and people are starting to look for the right kind of energy … the kind of energy that will make Earth a perfect place to live for humanity. There are many different models out there; and everyone is proposing their model.

One of the models that I really like is proposed by the Global Coherence Initiative. They say heart-centered Awareness [points to heart]. And the heart is the pump and the power … It is like here [points to her body] you have the body vehicle, you know? … like the car that you are driving.

Right here, in the heart … [points to heart] … This is where the motor is. This is where the power is This is what generates the well-being and the power of all the other Chakras.


So if a man is looking for greater sexuality and greater ability to perform sexually, as is the case … very much so … in the Western world today; many men just do not have that that procreative strength, that creative ability. They are leading a sedentary life; they are not very happy with what is going on; they have not that connection with God; and they lose the ability to perform the sex act.

So then with their minds … as was the case last night … they go out unconsciously very often, but sometimes consciously … in the middle of the night and try to make a connection with the sexual chakras of women all over the world. And they try to place their heads … their physical heads … on top of women’s head and with the notion that then their thoughts will like cover the woman’s heads, and to change the women’s minds to their minds through mind control.

This is the physical thing that was happening! They are trying to connect, on a subconscious plane, with the sexual chakras of all the women on Earth. And this is because they are not connecting with the powerhouse of their own hearts; they are trying to gain that energy back from the women, who are more heart-centered.

It is apparently culturally just not the thing for men to do; but from the point of view of the body vehicle, if you do not put the gas into the motor, it is not going to go. And the gas comes from the heart; so that is the thing that is missing.

On Seeing All Things as Divine

The second thing that happened last night was this: I heard a voice that was backed by many male egos. This voice said: I will place my mind on your mind, my head on your head, and I will send you all my thoughts, and all my thoughts would be in your head.

My thought on that … and the way I meditated with that … was just the feeling that I am one with God, and that this is God; that what I am feeling is actually God expressing Himself in some way.

Rather than try to fight against something that was happening, I thought of it in terms of my own hologram. I thought of it as a quest for perfection of my own crown chakra … It actually felt like piano keys were being played up there for a while. The more I felt at one with what was happening … even though all these men were thinking that they were controlling my mind … I was feeling the Light of God coming down from the Central Sun and entering my crown chakra.

Some kind of perfection of energy took place there; a further perfection of energy for me. One way to deal with attempts to control, is to understand that this is a synchronous universe, not a causal universe, really.

Other people may be experiencing it as causal at the same time as we are feeling the eternal blessing of the Now … the presence of God in everything, and the furtherance of our own Soul development in all things that are happening.

Models of Reality: Heart’s Love

There is one other point … It was was quite a vivid night, all night long! …

I have spoken about the Global Coherence Initiative and the heart energy. The advantage of that model of co-creating reality is that each person can stand alone in their own power, and have a chance to express themselves through free will. So it allows for some of the tenets of the All to manifest.

One is that the Universe is Love. We feel the love in our hearts, and we reach that powerhouse. The second is that this is a Free Will planet; so this model of reality allows each person to have Free Will. That is why I like it.

Models of Reality: Alpha Male

To get back to this other model of reality that came up last night, with the men that were speaking and trying to hypnotize women and create sexual bonds with the lower chakras.

The problem with this model is that it is based on the notion of the alpha male and the wolf pack. It is a very primitive notion, and that is why it has an appeal welling up from the unconscious mind.

The disadvantage of this model, if we assume that the universe is fractally created, is this

When we represent a model of the universe … such as, for instance, the heart-chakra oriented model … then we create a fractal pattern in our own hologram that other beings … other human beings on Earth … may or may not choose to create in their own hologram. In other words, we offer something that somebody else can copy if they want to. Since it is a Free Will Planet, they can choose what they want to do.

Now when we create in our hologram the pattern of the alpha male … the double oh seven mental filter, or the leader of the wolf pack … then what will happen if we assume a fractal patterning taking place, is that everyone … all the males … will want to be alpha males.

They will create that in their own hologram; and the women will be unable to do that. So in the long run, what that alpha male hologram creates is men warring against men until only one man is left and all the women dying. That is basically what would happen, because there would then be only one alpha male on earth. One man. No women. No other men.

Either this man would think that he could mind control everybody on Earth … in which case he would not be on Earth anymore … because it is a Free Will Planet, right?

Or else this man would kill everybody.

So I ask you to look at this, if this is your pattern; if this is your notion of reality; and understand the outcome … And begin to think in terms of teamwork rather than domination and control … Because teamwork is a viable concept for human civilization.

Honoring Spirit

Getting back to this Biblical quotation:

“The light of the body is the eye: …” And then: “… thine eye [should] be single…”  You could say ‘single-minded’, instead of talking about the pituitary and the pineal. And if it is ‘single-minded’ then, skipping to the last verse, “ Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” … then the answer would be: Serve God. Serve God, not mammon. Do not create other people in the image of mammon.

In other words, God is everything. See God in everything. Be that; be that Spirit that is within the matter.

And if we are that, surely we will see the spirit in other beings as well, shall we not? It is a whole other ballgame out there when we see Spirit in matter.

Now I know there are those of you that are saying: Ah, you know, all I see is the physical world. Right? All I see is that; that is all I believe in. Right? I am sure there are folks out there like that.

But to be truthful, from my studies of biology and biochemistry in the old days: They can go to great lengths explaining how the body works but they cannot figure out what creates the energy field of the body. Is that not true? And is it not Spirit that organizes all that?

I think the Bible goes over it again and again: Spirit within everything … Is it not Spirit? Can we not honor Spirit? Can we not take that into consideration and add it to the equation, as men and women in the world today?

Well, I go on and on. But so: This is your chance to create reality. And you are coming up with some very interesting stuff out there.

I ask you to follow it with your logical mind to its logical conclusion on Earth, and think of it in that way … Think of it like that.

And think of it in a Biblical sense: Does it sustained Spirit? Does it sustain God within us all? Or does it cause the to descend into what I could what is called mammon in the Bible? Does it cause a descent of Soul consciousness into the purely material, and into the devolution of the Soul?

Thoughts on Soul Devolution

I will tell you one thing that was happening last night: There was somebody on the other end of the line in the noosphere who had placed his head on top of my head. And he was very determined, through black magic … through the Dark … to control my mind.

He was saying all kinds of things and … as has happened many times in the past … he summoned my cat. Cats do not have all that much intellect; that is the truth. They are good with their hearts sometimes … especially if a human is there to help them with that. But but they are not very intellectual.

So their basic instincts can be taken over by a human mind at a distance. It is like night and day; Sometimes my cat is my cat, and sometimes somebody is tampering with her mind.

And that is what happened last night: They kept trying to influence my second chakra … my sexual chakra … by revving up my cat.

What does that do? In essence, it does not do anything permanent to me. But, in fact, it places the Soul of that person who is trying to obsess my cat into an animal body … into an animal astral form. And it contributes to what is called the devolution of that person’s Soul.

In other words: We spent countless aeons coming up from the animal world and from the animal intelligence, into human form. And then they are consciously placing themselves back in it, in an animal form. This is not without consequences to the astral matter of the person that does it.


I know these are tough times; I know we are having trouble figuring out what is going to come next … Trying to figure out how to co-create reality, and all that … How to be safe during the changes that are happening.

I ask you: Please consider, when you do your experiments … Consider the results. And, like a scientist, figure out what is going on.

God bless you all. Good luck with your experiments!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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