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Salt Water to Salt . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 June 2019

Dear Ones,

Shifting a desire-thought from astral reality into physical reality is like distilling salt water into salt. It take a lot of astral emphasis to consolidate a desire-thought into physical form.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Nature Spirits, Bonobos, and a Fallen Tree . by Alice B. Clagett

Reposted 3 July 2018, filmed on 4 January 2015

Dear Ones,

This video is far-ranging: nature spirits and devas, bonobos and chimps, the aggression gene, multidimensionality, a fallen tree, the cycle of nature, and your contribution to Planet Earth!

At the end of the video are scenes of California oak and meadowland,  and mountains, along with the poignant instrumental music “Prelude No. 7,” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0. There is a Summary after the video; text in green font is not in the video … 



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Well, I went for two walks today, out in the beautiful mountains and nature scenes. I had some talks with the nature spirits, which is always a lot of fun. I happened to have a few cats eye marbles from the dollar store, and I was able to place them where the nature spirits asked me to place them … in four trees.

And I had an amazing conversation with the first nature spirit that I gifted with a marble … I was leaving to go back to my walking group, and she showed me a picture of herself: She was sitting with her arms crossed, and her legs crossed, on top of the marble. And she was saying: I’m guarding my turf!

There were five or six nature faeries that came around from the other trees around there, to look at her beautiful marble. So, she was making her plans. And so that was a lot of fun … just a ton of fun.

And so, that’s not really the topic of my talk. So I placed my last marble in an old oak tree just now, next to an oak tree that has seen valiant, bright, tall, majestic days, and that has fallen into several parts. And now there is just one part left that’s growing. And I had a talk with that one, blessing its days, and thanking it for serving Earth by being here. I might include a little video of that tree

And that is also not the topic of my talk. I wanted to talk a little about a story that someone told me, months ago. She said that there is a type of primate that is like a chimpanzee … I think she said … and it lives on one side of a great river.

And this particular primate … the bonobo … has no warlike instincts. And so, across the river …

There goes Mr. Raven … Bye, dude! Bye! … They don’t much like talking to me. They like talking to each other. They think humans just offer ‘noise interference’. [laughs]

… So on the other side of this great river, she says … which is apparently too wide for them to swim across … is a group of warlike chimps. That’s the story. And so, there have been stories about scientists looking at what it is that makes this one primate unwarlike, and the other primate warlike; I think, with the notion of gene manipulation so that people would become less warlike.

And so but, I have something to say about that, which is not three-dimensional … It’s not from 3D space. It seems to me that this story is a metaphor for the dimensions.

You could think of the place where the chimps live, as three-dimensional Earth. And the river between them, as the fourth dimension … the dreamtime realm. And on the other side, where there is no war, and where there is harmony amongst all the primates: That place is the fifth dimension.

And you know, we’re there now! All we have to do is, in the great power and majesty of our hearts, we decide to switch to that dimension; to cross that stream of the fourth dimension, and find ourselves a place of global harmony. So…

Well so, this is a scene of the majestic tree … [shows fallen oak tree] … a beautiful oak tree that has fallen down. It had a wonderful vantage point in this valley. And so, it looks almost like it has completely passed on.

And of course, in passing on, it offers great value: Nutrient value, and homes for many animals and insects, and like that. So, it’s not like its passing is in vain. But it was such a huge tree at one time; that’s the thing. So, one thing is the past grandeur …

And you can see right here where the tree was … [shows stump] … and then all of this … [shows burned out core of trunk] … Oh, I guess there was a fire, and it destroyed the root part of this big part of the tree.

And apparently over here too … [shows other side of fallen tree] … because on this side there is one big branch. And then over here, there is another huge branch that has passed on. See?

And then over here … [pans left] … the smallest branch that was left, fell down. And then it grew up little sprouts that grew into quite a sizable tree here. And so, when you look at it from far off, you see: What we have here is another oak tree growing. Kind of cool!

So I was talking, actually, to the tree that’s still alive here, and it was mourning the loss of the rest of the tree. It was saying how, once, it was so grand and so huge, and it reached up to the sky, it said. And now there was so little left of it; you know?

And it said it had lost hope, because it missed, actually, the rest of the tree. It missed it: Like the leaves, and the trunk, and all of it. It missed it. And so, it said that the deva had told it that it was soon to pass.

But I had a feel for it. You know, the deva knows best for all the plants in the forest, and all the trees and all of the animals. But nevertheless, I stood here for some time, blessing this very courageous sapling that sprouted up from the remains of what was once grand and great.

And I said to it: You know, why not relate to this tree, over here … [pans left] … You know, this is a beautiful tree that you can relate to. And the deva broke in and said: I know my business, and know the timing of the tree. I know the timing of all things here. Please don’t interfere.

So I thanked the deva. And I thank this beautiful tree. And I thank the cycle of nature that allows all of us to come, and make a contribution to this great planet Earth. And then go on.

Well, everybody: Take care, until next time! Glad you’re here now, with me, and with all humankind, in this cycle, on planet Earth. And I know that your contribution … like the contribution of this wonderful oak tree … is going to be absolutely magnificent.

[Then follow scenes of California oak and meadowland,  and mountains, along with the poignant instrumental music “Prelude No. 7,” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Saga of the Backboard – Law of Karma – Telepathic ‘Attack’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally filmed on 6 March 2014

    • The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home
    • The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect
    • The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys
    • Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram
    • On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies
    • On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video the Saga of the Backboard, the law of karma, our holograms (5th dimension), the world of duality (3rd and 4th dimensions), telepathic attack, causal reality, being the neutral witness, detecting and resolving energy distortions, and clearing the aura.

There’s a Summary below the video …



Dear Ones,

There was something I meant to mention to you a while back, but it has taken me a while to talk about it. I call it the saga of the backboard. It’s a very short saga, so I’ll tell you all about it.

The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home

When I was young, I used to practice my tennis swing against a backboard. On the side of the court, there was a plywood wall. You could aim your tennis ball at the plywood wall … the backboard … and then it would come back to you. And so, you could keep playing, as if you were playing with a partner, right? Which was handy,because I lived out in the country, and there weren’t a lot of partners out there.

The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect

So, I got to thinking about the Law of Karma … cause and effect … that we find ourselves subject to when we’re in the third and fourth dimensions, and heading toward the fifth. So the deal is this:

We think a thought. And it’s like hitting a tennis ball against a backboard. The ball bounces back at us, from the edge of our hologram. Now, if we think an emotion-laden thought, especially directed at somebody else, it’s like hitting that ball really hard. And so it bounces back at us really hard.

The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys

When we’re living in 3D, we think that there’s a world of ‘I and other’ … me and somebody else … me and lots of other people. And we think that we’re at the effect of these other people.

So, we might get incoming, unfriendly telepathic thoughts, right? Or we might be triggered by some emotional-mental stimulus to our auric field, from somebody else. And we think: Gosh, that person is out to get us! Or we think: That person is doing something to us! Right? [laughs] And so, we think something back at them, right?

Especially, we’re tagged by something in the resonance of their telepathic message, and that tags into something in our energy field. And we have a shotgun response from our gut, right? Typically. And so we think something back at them.

Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram

So, what really happens? Are they affected by our thought? Maybe … If their own gut responds to something about the energy signature of what we sent. But if their gut is clear … or relatively clear … what’s happening to us? Ok?

It’s like a chain of cause and effect is set up within our own hologram where we think something … We got a pinch from somebody. We think something back at them … It hits the edge of our hologram, and bounces back. We think: My God, they’re after us! [laughs]

And we think back something furious! And that bounces back even faster and harder, and hits us. Right? And it spins along like that, until it reaches breathtaking proportions … I’ll tell you a personal story about it …

On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies

Last week I thought: Gee, I’m being a wuss with regard to these telepathic threat energies that seem to be coming into my auric field for the last two weeks. Right? Maybe I should fight back! … Instead of just letting it go straight up to the Divine, or straight through my heart to the Divine … straight up, or straight through … I thought: Gee, maybe I should be doing something about this!

So I tried yelling, and getting angry, and cussing and carrying on. I tried it for about 2 hours one day. And then that night, I woke up, in the middle of the night. And there was this infernal racket in my own aura … inside of my own hologram!

The stuff that I had been yelling all day was ratcheting back and forth like an eternal motion machine! Thank goodness, it was gone the next morning. I’ll never do that again! [laughs] I really learned my lesson.

On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

So the thing to do, I feel, is to be as neutral as possible … To be the neutral witness … to feel, in our own hearts, these distortions that are coming up through our aura. And just notice them, and let the heart deal with it, you know? Let the Divine deal with it. Because, Lord knows, we don’t have those skills. [laughs] … At least I don’t!

And so, that’s the story of the backboard. [waves goodbye]

[Short video clip: Pepper tree leaves waving in the wind]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here’s a video about the tennis backboard:

Video: “Tennis wall is a powerful tool,” by Slajspl, 4 May 2013, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-olXufeTOM ..


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Knock Knock Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door . by Bob Dylan . with comments by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Video: “Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on heaven’s door with lyrics on screen,” by John CI, 16 June 2013, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w5MSAUbK08 … Say, where is that place at  the beginning of the video? Is that the blue Pacific across from Neptune’s Net on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)?

For me personally, the ascension process sometimes seems a little like dying … At the very least, the death of my ego, of my existence as a personality. I mean, what’s on the other side of that door?

In the last week or two I’ve bounced around all over 4D … from the seventh level of hell to the seventh level of heaven. And everywhere in between. Seems like every time I get up there around seventh heaven, I fall into some sort of in-group, out-group mentality. Like I need to identify with a Soul group in order to barge through the ‘glass ceiling’ between 4D and 5D. Like I’m sunk in the dunk unless I team up with these or those. Go figure!

And then there’s the consciousness grid about being led by someone in the know, about marching under the flag of a leader, about believing in this or that … Is Divine Mother my all in all? Or is it simply the All? Or may I rely on my ascension team of light beings? Am I damned if I do? Am I damned if I don’t? Is it ok to let this chaos of ideas flow through my mental mind and gut brain? Will I get through this? Will I be left behind?

It’s true, the way seems dark, but in those moments of brilliant intuition I have a certain knowledge that my Soul, in all its sacred majesty, knows the path. I don’t need to believe in anything …

Better, I’m guessing, not to believe in anything. Open the door of my perceptions, and greet the Unknown. No matter what, my feet are standing right here on Mother Earth.

Maybe I’ll take a drive up PCH today. Maybe when I knock, the mystery of All that is will whisper in my ear!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Am I Bigger than Earth? . visions by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 10 April 2014 

Image: Wallpaper that looks like light waves bending: https://wallpaperscraft.com/image/line_colorful_background_figure_56919_3840x2400.jpg .. Quantum reality

Dear Ones,

Holy cow! What was that happening when I meditated last night? At the very beginning, I recall, my vision clouded; the room went a little out of focus …

I felt a tightness in my back, between my shoulder blades … at the site of the Hridaya Chakra, the hidden inner heart …

Image: Person sitting in meditation, with emerald green light emanating from the heart chakra, http://joythruyoga.com/temp/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/heart-chakra-2-225×300.jpg .. The hidden inner heart is right there, as shown in the image, but next to the backbone

Then the alarm bells in my mind went off … ‘Oh, no! This is too big for me! I just can’t get a handle on it!’ Then I remember my heart saying, ‘O hush up! You’ll be just fine’. Then the whole room got very, very quiet.

I recall beings of 4D crowding in, some just curious, some with what is termed ‘their own agenda’ … members of the ‘ascension retardation crowd’.

I got exasperated: ‘This won’t do!’ Called in my Higher Self, all Christed Beings of Light who felt they should be present. Called in Divine Source itself: ‘Welcome to this body. Please make yourself at home, for the good of Earth and all her beings. Do as you will, so long as it’s in the best interests of the All.’

The astral form of a human being crowded in, curious …

Image: Astral projection: White body, emanating white light, on a field of peacock blue, https://i2.wp.com/psychics.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/astral-projection.jpg ..

I said, ‘Howdy!’ Then he settled himself inside my body.

Then a being of Light came into the same physical space … on top, all around, and ‘in between’ whatever else was going on … My body felt as if it were mixed on a quantum level with the astral form, which was mixed with the being of Light.

Image: “Angel Light Being,” a photograph by Finn Olav Olsen, uploaded on 22 July 2013; this image appears to be a white pigeon flying in front of a white sun; blue sky around them, http://larchedegloire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ange-%C3%AAtre-de-lumi%C3%A8re.jpg … the wings of the pigeon can be seen, but the body is obscured by the light of the sun

More beings of Light came into the same space. Light came down in layers, one by one. Finally 10 deep.

Pains in the physical body, and an equal sense of the ‘I Am-ness’, fullness, deepest peace of the surrounding space … my fellow meditators … the air in the room … the city block … the land around …

Image: White body, with white and violet light radiating from it; surrounded by violet light, http://www.medium-geraldinegarance.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/violet.jpg ..

A vision of mirrors of Light … less than an inch wide, taller than me … revolving very fast in a circle outside and around me. whassat?? This I came later to characterize as my personal hologram …

Earth revolving, with a shaft of Light shimmering down all around and through it. Gosh, what a feeling! Are the veils dissolving? Is my Higher Self larger than Earth?

Image: Earth, seen from space, along with other planets, and the Sun in the distance, surrounded by deep blue space, https://wallpaperscraft.com/image/light_sun_stars_blue_planet_earth_moon_2756_1280x1024.jpg ..

Afterwards, we were trying to piece it all together. The New Mind? An ineffable I Am presence? So far beyond the chatterbox mind we’re used to, it was just impossible to put into words.

Way beyond the box. Way beyond the bubble. Far, far beyond logic. In fact, marching off into the land of ‘Anything’s Possible’, ‘Everything Is’, ‘I Am All’ … which has been off limits to us humans for quite some time.

Lord, I do love setting foot on a new path in the wilderness. What’s around the bend? Behind that screen of trees? Across that stream? I live to explore, and that’s the long and the short of it …

Image: The word ‘Explore’ … the x looks like a person rejoicing, and the o looks like the sun, http://gracespace.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/explore-logo.gif ..

fr love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: A little girl and boy looking at a mushroom, http://www.discoveri69.org/media/pages/explore.jpg ..


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What Are the Structures of the Third and Fourth Dimensions? . by Jim Self . referral and comments by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 9 April 2014 

  • The Structures of the Third and Fourth Dimensions, an Audiocast by Jim Self, Moderated by Simran Singh
  • Everything’s Changing
  • Assistance from Higher Beings Channeled by Daniella Breen

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Conscious Awareness . Feeling the Heels . Grounding . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally written on 2 April 2012

Dear Ones,

To feel more fully in the body and on the physical plane), concentrate on the energy that rises from the heels, up along the back of the spine, and up through the back of the head. Apparently this dorsal energy line is also associated with conscious awareness, and with the dorsal funnels of many of the chakras …

When awareness is removed from the dorsal to the frontal chakric line, thoughts tend to segue into unconsciousness.

When awareness is on the front funnel of the third eye-point (in front of the face), one begins to feel the astral plane more than the physical plane.

So, a couple of shortcuts to dwelling in conscious (as opposed to unconscious) thought are:

  • If sitting, place awareness on the back of the brain or on the spine at the level of the heart center.
  • If standing or walking, place the awareness on the heels. (By ‘place awareness on’ I mean ‘feel.’)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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