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New Teachings on the Chakras and the Planes of the Astral Realm . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 March 2019

    • Human Energy System Expands from Seven to Twelve Chakras
    • Expansion of Earth’s Van Allen Belt from Two the Three Layers in 2013
    • Astrogeophysics: The Dance of Earth and Her Beings with Our Sun
    • Chakras: Positive and Negative Aspects
    • Astral Planes: Positive and Negative Aspects

Dear Ones,

I recently added the following section on the new chakras, the astral planes, and on my teaching on the chakras and astral planes negative and positive to a blog written some years ago …

Link: “On Directing Our Own Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 10 January 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4Kl ..

I thought it might be good to add it here as well, as people are less likely to go back to past blogs, than to read the new …


The School of Theosophy numbers the chakras of the human energy system in the old style, from the first chakra at the base of the spine, to the seventh chakra at the top of the head.

That same school of thought reverses the numbering of the seven levels of the astral realm, with reference to the numbering of the human chakras … one to seven … old-style. Thus, in that School, the first chakra maps to the seventh level of the astral realm; the second chakra maps to the sixth level of the astral realm, and so on, up to the seventh chakra and the first level of the astral realm.


My own teaching on the chakras and the astral planes post-Shift (since 2012) expands on the School of Theosophy explanations of these esoteric matters.

Human Energy System Expands from Seven to Twelve Chakras

First there is the issue of a greater number of chakras than were previously known. Now, according to the teaching of many ascensioneers, there are twelve chakras available to the human energy system, whereas previously, in the old chakric numbering system, there were only seven chakras available to the human energy system. To me this means that, because of the 2012 Shift, the human aura has expanded … the Body of Light has grown larger, allowing the templates for the new chakras to activate as part of the Body of Light.

Expansion of Earth’s Van Allen Belt from Two the Three Layers in 2013

From this we can extrapolate … as we are children of Earth … that the energy field of Earth herself has expanded because of the 2012 Shift. There is some substantiation for this in NASA’s record of an expansion in Earth’s Van Allen Belt from two layers to three layers on 28 February 2013, a little after the September to December 2012 Shift …

Link: “Shifting Torus Forms, Trined Love, and Co-Creation of Reality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 February 2015 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6w3 … See the subheading: TRIPLE TORUS, THREE-LAYER TORUS, AND TRINED LOVE (LOVE TRIANGLES)

Astrogeophysics: The Dance of Earth and Her Beings with Our Sun

The energy field of Earth is always in flux, coaxed and taught and lifted up by the varying lessons of Light of the energy field of our Sun, which reaches out to our Planet through the buffeting of solar winds and the wisdom of Earth-directed coronal mass ejections.

Because of that flux, there is a dance of expanding and contracting energetic expansion capabilities of both Earth and the human form at any moment. We, Earth’s children, are now capable of sensing 12 chakras when the dance of our electromagnetic fields with that our our Sun allows it. And our Earth also may exhibit a three-layer Van Allen Belt when the dance of her electromagnetic field with that of our Sun allows it.

Chakras: Positive and Negative Aspects

In my own understanding and teaching of the chakras, each chakra has a positive and a negative aspect. And in my understanding of the astral realm, each of the astral planes has a positive and negative aspect.

A chakra that is positively aspected has fully lit and ‘plumped up’ swirling movement of Light in it; and a chakra that is negatively aspected has a Darkness to it, because the swirling Light in it is moving imperfectly, in a distorted way. Taken in the aggregate, according to my understanding, the imperfections and distortions in the Body of Light comprise the Shadow of the Personality.

Astral Planes: Positive and Negative Aspects

According to my own understanding of the astral realm, an astral plane … whether seventh, first, or in between … when positively aspected, manifests a heavenworld at that astral level. And an astral plane … whether seventh, first, or in between … when negatively aspected, manifests a hellworld at that astral level. Thus, according to my own teaching, a hellworld can exist at any level of the astral realm, and manifest through any chakra of the human energy system. In the same way, a heavenworld can exist at any level of the astral realm, and manifest through any chakra of the human energy system.


It would be easier to call what is currently termed the seventh astral plane the first astral plane, so that it corresponds with the first chakra in the human energy system … and maybe that is what we will do in the future.

But currently they call the astral plane that corresponds to the first chakra negative, the ‘seventh level of hell’. And that level of Hell would exhibit beings in astral form who either fear death, or desire to kill … and so, create fear of death, you see?  If you knew your chakras, you could go on up the chakra system, checking each one … checking the good qualities that the chakra brings to us, and the opposite, negative qualities that we feel when the chakra is negatively aspected.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Storm of Spring . by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

You may have been startled recently, as have others, by the intense energies that have, since the beginning of January, been pouring into Earth. Another season of renewal and Light upgrades for humankind and for Gaia has arrived. We can anticipate getting Light downloads and DNA upgrades till just after the Fall Equinox 2018.

Right now, Earth and all her beings are ramping up to the Spring Equinoctial Energies; the crescendo will most likely take place on or around 20 March 2018, which is the date of the Spring Equinox UTC, CDT and PST.

I’ve read and clair heard several accounts of how people are experiencing dramatic changes, with physical and emotional symptoms. I feel it’s important to be kind to ourselves as we begin to sense the New; and to hold these symptoms in the context of self-renewal, rather than in the false context of degradation of the physical form. When we experience thoughts that ‘life is ending’ during these days leading up to the Equinox, why not imagine it like this …

What life is ending? What is it that I want to let go, and eliminate from my life experience? What new things do I want to bring into my life experience?

What upgrades would I like to experience on the physical plane? What illnesses would I like to be fully healed?

What are the emotions that crimp my style? Shall I discard them? What emotions would I like to cultivate? How can I bring those emotions into my daily life?

What old beliefs would I like to let go? What mind sets are crippling my relationships with other people? What news reports am I reading or viewing that are negative in flavor, and that may jaundice my view of this beautiful planet? What new beliefs would I like to try out? Beliefs that will help me embrace the new, fully healed physical person?

For the New is tumbling in to the Earth planes, by the bucketful, streaming down in gentle Spring showers, hailing down in tempestuous Spring rainstorms, through solar winds, through protonfall and through CMEs, willy nilly and no matter what!

The New is knocking on the front door of every being on Earth. Be that door locked, it will peek in our bedroom window! Be that shade drawn, it will find us on the way to work! Indeed, should we hide in the cellar, it will come up the the roots in the Earth, ever so gently, and renew us.

To me, it feels like this tempestuous music:

Music Link: “Thoughts of the Past – Shahrdad Rohani – شهرداد روحانی,” by A. M. Goudarzi, 21 March 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_308137117&feature=iv&src_vid=7rQVenRikI0&v=4tdMsFcEKtQ ..

I’m reminded of how the people of ancient times used to dance in the Spring rains, and celebrate their presence on Earth. Dancing is really where it’s at, isn’t it? Figuring out Who our partner really is, and in the ecstasy of the moment, being at one with that One.

Music Link: “Dance of Spring – Shahrdad Rohani,” by amsal79, 14 April 2011, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMdJAXzKsPg ..

I wish you all happiness and renewal in this Storm of Spring. May we all be nourished by the waters of New Life, and may humankind flourish on our beautiful ‘Blue Boat Home’!

Link: “Peter Mayer’s Blue Boat Home,” by JD Stillwater, 7 January 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhsXl1_rEwI ..

Link: “Earth Song Sound NASA Recording,” by Clark Human, 10 September 2012, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPj2geUxyhs ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

(chronological order)

Link: “The Bouncing, Intense Energies!!,” by Lisa Gawlas, 19 February 2018, https://lisagawlas.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/the-bouncing-intense-energies/#like-21977 ..

Link: “‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: A Highly Calibrated Processor,  posted by Paul Backes, 17 February 2018, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/02/17/the-team-via-peggy-black-a-highly-calibrated-processor/ ..

Link: “What you seek you already have!,” by John Smallman, in JohnSmallman’s Blog: Our Spiritual Destination, 16 February 2018, https://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/what-you-seek-you-already-have/ ..


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Cracks in Magnetosphere: Face Them and Grace Them . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 September 2014; revised

Image: Panoramic view of rose and gold-colored aurora, http://spaceweather.com/images2014/28aug14/grasslands_panorama.jpg?PHPSESSID=vt9tclsm5d1kcq7m2m06ln3lr6&PHPSESSID=paa7s2s6rdj0sl447b7tsigfq7 ..

Dear Ones,

I know some folks are concerned about the cracks in the Earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF) that have been appearing lately. As you may recall, these cracks are letting in more solar winds during the current ‘solar minimum’, so we are all getting lots of clearing of our own fractal EMFs whenever there is an Earth-directed CME (coronal magnetic ejection).

Intuition tells me that these cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere, like the direction and power of the Sun’s CMEs, are carefully planned for optimum effect in clearing our human bodies of light.

Of course, sometimes it can feel pretty yucky, even pretty scary, as it did for me on Saturday.

First chakra (aka root chakra or muladhara, physically located near the perineum at the base of the trunk of the body, in the ‘lower quadrant’) clearing can feel like that …

  • because it’s clearing light distortions around incarnational mortality memories and death process fears and pain,
  • quite often pain of violent past life death,
  • and even herbivore Soul group memories of death through carnivore attack.

It is all ok, though! We are all eternal Souls. We are all one with the Great Heart of the Universe. We are all Shining Stars of brightest light!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Here is are some pictures I found intriguing. They are from a NASA article on “Understanding the ‘Crack’ in Earth’s Magnetosphere” (1):

Image: 3D simulation of Earth’s magnetosphere showing flux ropes forming, by Homa Karimabadi, University of California, San Diego; Burlen Loring, University of California, Berkeley, https://www.nas.nasa.gov/SC11/assets/images/content/34_Karimabadi_H_1_big.jpg  ..

Image: Rings of current at the reconnection site,   https://www.nas.nasa.gov/SC11/assets/images/content/34_Karimabadi_H_2_big.jpg ..

There is more dated, but still good information, from NASA here …

Link: “Cracks in Earth’s Magnetic Field,” http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2003/03dec_magneticcracks/ ..

Video: “NASA Spacecraft Discovers New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space,” by NASA Goddard, 9 May 2018 … https://youtu.be/e6fe6yiUTRY ..


(1) Link: “Our Planet: Understanding the ‘Crack’ in Earth’s Magnetosphere,” by NASA@SC11 … http://www.nas.nasa.gov/SC11/demos/demo34.html ..


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Mystery RIF: Schumann Resonances, Space Weather, and Human Wellbeing . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 September 2017

    • About the Thalamus

Dear Ones,

This blog is on Schumann resonances, solar winds, and human wellbeing. This is just a glimpse forward, not a set of conclusions. I’m hoping to open a line of inquiry along these lines.

This blog is in a category I call the RIF: stream of consciousness leaps, like jumping from one stone to the next in a mountain stream …


A Schumann resonance is an electric charge that sometimes occurs in the space between the surface of the ground and 55 or so km above it, where the ionosphere begins. This space is termed an ‘electromagnetic cavity’. Lightning storms are what create the electrical activity in this cavity. (1)


This electromagnetic cavity is squished or expanded as the electromagnetic field of Earth shifts in response to solar winds fluctuating in strength, and in response to sunspots.

Shifts in Earth’s EMF tilt take place, on average, every 10-15 days. A study was done in the UK showing that when Earth’s EMF pointed towards the Sun, lighting happened over the UK 40-60% more frequently. (2) Thus there would be more electric charge, with potentially greater Schumann resonance, when Earth’s EMF points toward the Sun.

Another study (3) has been done showing that high-speed solar winds increase lightning strikes by 32% for a month or more after the solar wind event.

Thus, the lightning charge held by the electromagnetic cavity between the ground and the ionosphere is increased by sunward tilt of Earth’s EMF and by buffeting of Earth’s EMF by high-speed solar winds.

I’m guessing that the higher the charge, the more the likelihood of higher Schumann resonances, should they occur.


Sometimes the energy of lightning strikes, which is trapped between the surface of the earth and 55-60 miles above that, combines and creates what NASA terms the “repeating atmospheric heartbeat” of Earth. (4) These Schumann resonances only occur when the electromagnetic waves created by lightning are as long as Earth’s circumference (or a multiple of that).


I propose that the energy of the human electromagnetic field (EMF) torus may be enhanced by being bathed in Schumann resonances.

What effect might these resonances have on human health? A study done through Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington in 1992 (5) showed that:

  • the healthy human body operates at 62-68 Hz in daytime
  • at 58 MHz, cold and flu may occur (one MHz = 106 Hz)
  • at 55 MHz, Candida may occur
  • at 52 MHz, Epstein Barr,
  • at 42 MHz, cancer
  • at 25 MHz, death

Extra low frequencies from power lines, electricity in house walls, and household appliances, are 50-60 Hz (6); thus artificial ELF may contribute to human disease, as is anecdotally found online. How this might be so, when human disease issues are at 10x higher frequency, I’m not sure, unless through some form of harmonic ‘bump-up’ …

Schumann resonances occur at even lower frequencies than those of power lines. We find Schumann resonances in the following cycles per second:  7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz. (7) It must be that these resonances are better for human health than the artificial ELFs of power lines, or we would not be noticing a negative discrepancy because of lack of exposure to natural ELFs.

Occult texts term 7.8 Hz the frequency of Om, or the heartbeat of Earth. (8) This implies a positive effect on the human psyche through the Schumann resonances.

To that, all I can think to add is that Schumann resonances are part of the natural EMF background of the evolution of human beings on Earth. Were they innately bad for our health, then another genetic makeup of human beings would have been naturally selected to optimize our health given the EMF makeup of the planet, including the effect of Schumann resonances.

On the other hand, artificial sources of EMF on the planet are bad for health, and these sources of EMF differ in frequency from the frequency of Schumann resonances. I feel it likely that the reason these artificial sources of EMF are bad for our health is that they don’t harmonize with the Schumann resonances.


Human cells have a very slight negative potential; the flow of electrical impulses across the cell membrane is a feature of the human nervous system.

The very slight electric energies of the human nervous system might be anticipated to be influenced by their being bathed in Schumann resonances.

Human brain waves are as follows (9):

  • Delta wave – (0.2 – 3 Hz) – sleeping, dreaming, or deep dreamless state (10)
  • Theta wave – (4 – 7 Hz) – drowsy or daydreaming state
  • Alpha wave – (8 – 13 Hz) – relaxed or reflecting state
  • Mu wave – (7.5 – 12.5 Hz) – voluntary movement (11)
  • SMR wave – (12.5 – 15.5 Hz) – sensorimotor rhythm, a state of ‘awakened calm” (8)
  • Beta wave – (16 – 31 Hz) – alert state
  • Gamma wave – (32 – 100 Hz) – creativity (10), blessedness, compassion, happiness, self-control, very high levels of cognitive functioning. (12) Could it be this wave is associated with mind power expansion and mastery of mind, as taught by the Alpha Centaurians? (13)

About the Thalamus

I note that it originates in the thalamus, which is quite close to both the pituitary gland and the pineal gland in the brain (14) ; in yogic technology, these two glands are associated to the third-eye point and the crown chakra.

The thalamus apparently is the rhythmic generator or ‘pacemaker’ that triggers brain waves. (15)


Patanjali (16) posits 7 levels of consciousness:

  • waking consciousness: vaishvaanara – similar to beta waves?
  • unmani transition state – might this be alpha waves?
  • dreaming or unconscious state: taijasa – similar to theta waves?
  • aladani transition state
  • deep sleep and the subconscious state: prajna – similar to delta waves?
  • samadhi or bliss – might this be a transition state? – and

If in fact there is a similarity, then a slight rearrangement of Patanjali’s list might make this clear:

  • turiya … which may possibly be a state of neutral mind, mindfulness, pristine mind, or ‘no mind’  – similar to gamma waves?
  • waking consciousness: vaishvaanara – similar to beta waves?
  • unmani transition state – might this be alpha waves?
  • dreaming or unconscious state: taijasa – similar to theta waves?
  • aladani transition state
  • deep sleep and the subconscious state: prajna – similar to delta waves?
  • samadhi or bliss – might this be a transition state?

So now, Patanjali’s list reads like a backwards version of the brain wave list above it (minus the mu and SMR waves), which would be: Delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma


Now, back to Schumann resonances and brain waves. It seems to me likely that:

  • Schumann resonance 7.8 would stimulate theta wave activity in the human brain – possibly similar to the taijasa of Patanjali
  • Schumann resonance 14 would stimulate SMR (sensorimotor rhythm) wave activity in the human brain – no correlation with Patanjali
  • Schumann resonances 20 and 26 would stimulate beta wave activity in the human brain – possibly similar to the vaishvaanara of Patanjali; and
  • Schumann resonances of 33, 39 and 45 would stimulate gamma wave activity in the human brain – possibly similar to the turiya of Patanjali

Since brain waves affect human wellbeing and behavior, it would follow that Schumann resonances affect human wellbeing and behavior.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “The Frequency of the Human Body…and Your Coffee,” September 17, 2006, in “Electromagnetic Frequencies” … https://cellphonesafety.wordpress.com/2006/09/17/the-frequency-of-the-human-bodyand-your-coffee/ ..

See also … Link: “ELF- detailed affects upon humans,  by White Wolf, 18 April 2013, http://elementmountain.com/den-post/elf-detailed-affects-upon-humans/ This paper offers detailed symptoms and possible remedies to artificial ELF exposure

(2) Link: “Sun’s magnetic field affects frequency of lightning strikes on Earth,” by Kate Ravilious, 19 November 2014 … https://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/may/15/sun-lightning-strikes-earth-solar-wind ..

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(14) See … Image: Human head, showing position of thalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal gland, among others … http://galaxyanatomy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/corpus-callosum-anatomy5-1024×1024.png ..

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(16) Link: “OM Mantra and 7 Levels of Consciousness,” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati …  http://swamij.com/om.htm ..


Link: “What is the Schumann Resonance and Why Is It Essential For Your Health?” by BeWellBuzz … http://www.bewellbuzz.com/body-buzz/schumann-resonance-essential-health/ ..

Link: “Do Schumann Resonances Impact Our Perception and Health?” by Przemyslaw Kitowski, Head of R&D @ Mudita — http://www.mudita.com/ … https://muditalab.com/do-schumann-resonances-impact-our-perception-and-health-926c253a3941#_ftn3 ..


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Earth’s Magnetospheric Resonance and Cognitive Dissonance . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 June 2017

  • Earth’s Magnetosphere as a Resonating Chamber Because of Solar Winds
  • Schumann Resonances in the Lower Atmosphere Because of Lightning
  • Earth Herself Rings Like a Bell Because of Ocean Tides and Tectonic Plate Shifts

Dear Ones,


It’s possible that Earth’s magnetospheric resonance during strong solar events contributes to human cognitive dissonance (aka cognitive diminution) during those times.

For information on on how, and how the a musical ‘resonating chamber’, please see:

Video: “Earth’s Massive Magnetic Musical Instrument | Magnetospheric Reponances | SSFX Space Sound Effects,” by Martin Archer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFienKmHWus  ..

This video puts forth that:

  • The place where Earth’s magnetosphere meets the solar winds can act like the membrane of a drum;
  • Earth’s magnetic field lines can be imagined to be like the strings on a guitar;
  • Standing waves of field lines, or ‘field line resonances’, can occur for the lines of force penetrating the central vertical power current of Earth’s EMF torus, circling round an outer edge of the torus, and circling back through the central vertical power current;
  • Magnetosonic lines can bounce between layers of Earth’s magnetosphere; and thus
  • Portions of Earth’s EMF act like a resonating chamber.

See also: “Earth’s Magnetic Field Rings Like a Bell,” Spaceweather.com, 14 September 2016, http://www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=14&month=09&year=2016 ..


This is quite different from Schumann resonances, which have to do with lightning from a global perspective. For this, see:

Article: “Schumann Resonances,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances ..


Earth herself also rings like a bell. It’s thought this might have to do with the ocean tides. The ringing increases when there are earthquakes. See:

Article: “New study explains source of Earth’s mysterious ringing,” posted by nbompey, 7 April 2015: http://blogs.agu.org/geospace/2015/04/07/new-study-explains-source-of-earths-mysterious-ringing/ ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For human health and psychological effects of solar events, see: Table: “Space Weather Health Alerts,” http://spaceweathernews.com/space-weather-health-alerts/ ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Ascension Cautions 1: On Avoiding Negative Emotions . Mastering Our Emotions . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 27 January 2017

Dear Ones,

This video is one of a series of Ascension cautions for January 2017. This video is about mastering our emotions by sidestepping negative emotions the moment we become aware of them.

After the video is a Summary, and then a section containing links to sources referred to in the video …



  • How the dominant male in a Sumatran orangutan group, or in a wolf pack, feels that he has nothing to fear, because of the state of his endocrine system. He feels aggressive, rather than submissive. He doesn’t feel as much of a fear for survival as do others in the grouping or pack.
  • As mentioned in past blogs, as humankind is becoming more EMF sensitive because of the increasing subtlety of the Incoming Light since the December 2012 Shift, they are experiencing increasingly frequent instances of anxiety, or even panic attacks, arising from perception of changes in their cellular structure and their physical bodies. So there’s a tendency, amongst humans, to feel either fight or flight, now that the Shift has occurred, and the Incoming Light is changing and upgrading our physical cells.
  • So, as with the orangutan grouping and wolf pack situation, the question is: Fight or flight?
  • In today’s world, most men have a chance to exhibit a modulated form of the alpha male response because of the cultural values of business competition and sports (whether as spectator or as participator) allow the expression of alpha male dominance in a modified (sublimated) way. Of course, there are alpha males in our society. But many males have more chance to express aggressiveness, in a modified way, than is the case with an orangutan group or a wolf pack. These are some of the advantages of civilized life.
  • As mentioned above, in the current context of Ascension, when so many people are experiencing changes in their cells, the question arises: Will they feel a fight response or a flight response? Amongst men, what I’ve found on the clair plane, is that, in general, they experience more of a fight response. And women experience more of a flight response. Of course, this is not always so. And further, either gender may flip back and forth, from fight to flight.
  • My guess is that both responses … both fight and flight … could be treated with anti-anxiety drugs, since both arise from perception of threat. This is a supposition that needs to be tested.
  • Triggers for the fight or flight response, in the past, have been solar events, such as:
    • Solar flares resulting in Earth-directed coronal mass ejections and
    • Solar winds that impact Earth’s magnetosphere.
  • Right now, however, Earth is in an interval of 11-year Solar minimum, and we are still close to the annual light minimum, which occurs annually at the time of winter solstice, and solar flares are nearly nonexistent. We are still, however, being impacted by solar winds.
  • At present, since about the time of the 2016 Winter Solstice, and for all of January 2017, other lightworkers have noticed … and I completely agree … that there has been a new trigger, to do with a light that is much more pure, more refined, more light (as others term it, a ‘higher pulsating light’), that has been incoming to Earth since the Solstice.
  • This new, less dense light is affecting us in ways heretofore unknown, unexplored. And all for the better, I feel, for instance, in a healing context for the physical and emotional bodies of human beings. More remains to be discovered about that, but here’s a heads up: In the coming year, 2017, we may need anti-anxiety remedies for reasons not triggered by solar events. Such remedies might include:
    • As a last resort, prescription drugs such as clonazepam (klonopin). I suggest very short-term use of this drug, and only in emergency situations, as there are notable side effects of withdrawal, especially, apparently, withdrawal from long-term use … including some side effects that may persist for a long time, even if withdrawal is very gradual.
    • The more important thing is to modulate the energy field so that it expresses or feels joy, or gratitude, or appreciation, or some positive emotion, whenever the issue comes up of negative emotions.
  • We have to become masters of our emotions. That is done, not by chastising ourselves or punishing ourselves for bad emotions, not through mental energy. Because that mental energy of chastisement or punishment only causes more of a problem. It makes the emotional body (the astral body, which is the subtle body sometimes called the ‘astral field’ of a person) even more dense, and ‘choppy’ … clogged up with thoughts that hold down the emotional body energy in strange, contorted, stagnant energy patterns.
  • So, to our emotions, we can’t be saying, “Don’t do this ! Don’t do that!” What we say to  ourselves that’s negative adds to the intensity of the negative emotions that we wanted to repress. So, it increases the intense fury of the repressed emotions.
  • What’s needed to rid ourselves of repressed, negative emotions are such techniques as a color wash of the chakras, or an energy wash of joy, as proposed by some of the ascensioneers on my Ascension Resources blog page.
  • There are quite a few ways of modulating emotions, and they generally speaking don’t have to do with words, unless the words create a positive visualization that affects the emotions. So …
    • Visualizations are good
    • And songs, and poems,
    • And actions that are the thing that we really, with our heart, want to do; like:
      • I want a foot bath!
      • Or, I want to go out and sit in the sunlight for a few minutes!
      • Or, I’d like a little nap!
  • And we have to act on these things ‘on a dime’ … like a martial artist would react. The minute that we feel a negative emotion, it’s going to start turning into a cyclone of negativity that might, on the off-chance, result in ‘acting out’ in this new light. So, the thing to do is to notice the negative emotion right away. Become aware of it. And then consider: What do I do to feel really good?
  • So, that’s the heads up for January 2017.


These sources were referred to in the video …

LInk: “Out on a Limb,” by Mel White, photography by Tim Laman, in “National Geographic,” December 2016, pp 56-75. There is an online article that is similar … Link: “Inside the Private Lives of Orangutans,” by Mel White, photograps and videos by Tim Laman, http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/12/orangutans-behaviors-borneo-sumatra/ ..

Link: “Ascension Resources – Counsellors, Channelers, Astrogeophysical Data, and More,” by Alice B. Clagett, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-2hm ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Meditation to Clear Negative Astral Stories from the Human EMF . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 26 November 2016

  • Rhythms of the Negative Astral Stories
  • Why the Astral Stories Are Created
    • The Glom Effect
  • Meditation to Rebalance the Chakras
  • Footnote:  On Excrement and Water Enemas

Dear Ones,

This blog has is a meditation to clear neg speak from the human EMF. This is helpful when the astral stories begin to go on and on in a negative way.


I find the astral stories are likely to turn negative at certain times …

  • In the afternoons during the week (when people are tired out from the work day) and also
  • On Friday and Saturday evenings (when people use recreational drugs and watch violence on television).
  • Also, during times of high solar wind speeds and when the Kp index is in the red.
    • For the former, see “Space Weather,”  http://www.spaceweather.com/ top left … high speeds are 600 or 700 km/sec.
    • For the latter, check the same webpage, half-way down on the left, for the Planetary K-Index; storm conditions are Kp5 to Kp9.

The times for you may be different. At any rate, when the astral stories get out of hand, this means that the chakras, which are important gears in the human EMF array, become imbalanced.


Here is a drawing of the human chakras. Note that each has a vortex in front and back. The purple vortex at the top of the head, and the red vortex at the bottom of the body are actually one long gear that runs, as the kundalini energy, throughout the body vertically, and connects to all the other chakric double vortices:

Image: Human chakric vortices, old-style: http://www.curativesoul.com/images/chakra-funnels.jpg .. This old-style chakric chart doesn’t take into consideration the new post-Ascension chakras, one of which, the Soul Star chakra, is mentioned below.

During the day, these double vortices can become imbalanced, typically by our interaction with other human beings on the astral plane, but sometimes through our interaction with nonhuman entities as well. For instance, as nearly as I can discern it presently …

  • A front vortical funnel can become attached to that of an entity, human or nonhuman, in physical or astral form, with whom there is a resonance of liking, love, or attraction. This distorts the energy of the front funnel outward, away from the spine.
  • A back vortical funnel can become attached to that of an entity, human or nonhuman, in physical or astral form, with whom there is an emotional resonance of dislike, hatred, fear, or repulsion. This distorts the energy of the back funnel inward toward the spine.
  • The top funnel, the violet funnel of the crown chakra, and the bottom funnel, the red funnel of the basal chakra, are each subject to the energies of both attraction and repulsion.
  • In fact, on a difficult day, each funnel can become attached to that of a different entity, human or nonhuman, in physical or astral form, with whom a subconscious astral conversation is taking place.

While I describe the astral stories as originating with emotional connection of each of our chakric funnels with that of another entity, whether human or nonhuman, the story does not end there.

The Glom Effect. The emotional affect of this primary layer of astral connection radiates out to all our friends and family, and from there, in a more diluted way, to all their friends and family, and so on, through many layers of astral connection. In this way the glom effect takes place. This glom effect is detrimental to humankind, in that it can lead to acting out of negative astral stories in the form of violent or feral behaviors.

Astral stories turn negative when the chakras are imbalanced and also when the bowel is full. (1) Thus the importance of the following meditation …


Here’s a new meditation to rebalance the chakras:

  • Lie down on your back in a quiet room. Lie down flat, without a pillow beneath your head (this is important).
  • Consciously relax the muscles in your body, starting at your toes, and going on up the body and limbs to the top of the head.
  • Place your awareness on a spot 3 to 6 inches above your head, where the Soul Star chakra (one of the new post-Ascension chakras) is located. Visualize the light there expanding to a column of diamond white light as wide as your body, and a foot or two tall. When that energy feels spacious and clear, then your crown chakra energy will also be in balance. Then go on to the next step ….
  • Now place your awareness on the back of your head, where it touches the surface you’re lying on. Keep your attention on this spot until the astral story taking place in your 6th chakra (also known as the third-eye point, and related to the pituitary and pineal glands) stops.
  • Continue in the same way, one by one, with these spots where your body touches the surface you’re lying on:
    • The back of your throat (which will most likely be near the surface, but not on it)
    • Your back, between your shoulder blades (at the level of your heart)
    • Your middle back, at the level of your navel point
    • Your lower back, just above the tailbone (above the coccyx)
    • The buttocks, where they touch the surface you’re lying on
  • In each case, continue to place your awareness on the physical place on your body until the astral story or stories associated with this area of the body cease.
  • Then, with a feeling of gratitude, rest for 10 minutes or so.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) On Excrement and Water Enemas. Another source of negative astral stories are the feces, the excrement in the intestines. This matter vibrates to a very low frequency, and attracts negative astral stories. For more on this, see Link:  “The Large Intestine and the Army of the Night,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6qi ..

. . . . .


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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