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Summary of the Manhood Meta-Mental Filter . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 30 May 2016


Dear Ones,

I feel the heaviness in the noosphere in recent months, and which will most likely continue for some months to come, has to do with the Manhood Mental Filter resolving globally. I consider this Manhood Mental Filter to be a meta-filter, an umbrella under which many other mental filters fall. Some of the subfilters are noted below; you can read more about them with a search through the categories on my blog.


  • A man ropes himself to a woman in the second chakra, and roping the woman’s second chakra to that of another woman — this is psychic rape … M2W2W
  • A man pretends to be a woman, especially a woman who objects to his attempts at psychic rape, while he is psychically raping another woman … M=W2W
  • A man ropes his sexual chakra to woman’s vagina or rectum … M2W
  • A man ropes his wife’s sexual chakra to that of another woman … M->W2W
  • A group leader ropes the sexual chakras of the women in his group serially … M2WWWWW


This male mental filter visualizes the act of sex as ‘killing’ women … MxW … which has strengthened the serial killer and antisocial personality energy threads in the noosphere. These are now resolving.


Then there is the Lilith Mental Filter … the male notion that women … or more often, ONE woman (scarlet letter!) is to blame for their thoughts about sexual desire. So, very prevalent in the noosphere right now: Men blaming women for their own sexual urges. Like women’s right to speak, this is an issue that has been resolved in Law, but apparently the energy threads have yet to be transformed in the noosphere.


This is the black magic (deep subconscious) muting of the feminine voice in the noosphere: Women are afraid to clair talk, and when they do, men put them down (third-eye point) and gang rape them (lower triangle). So there is no respect, on the astral plane, for women’s right to speak.

This has given rise to the notion, among men, that women are only a kind of animal … chattel … dumb animals, who have no intelligent thought … like an automobile that you purchase, and then trade in for a newer model. This notion that women are dumb brutes turns men to each other for sexual expression.

Here are some of the astral plane stories that have developed from the Patriarchal Domination energy thread …

  • The story of men ‘jacking off’ together while viewing a pinup of a woman … MMMMM2W. In this story, the men are real people, but the woman is only an object … a piece of paper.
  •  Stories about warring with women
  •  Stories about a group leader who promotes all the members of his group psychically raping a woman who opts out of the group.
  •  Astral chat: On the subconscious plane, a man says to a woman: My thoughts to your thoughts. I AM HIGHER … This confusion of physical tallness with spiritual and mental superiority arises from the symbolic imaging of the subconscious mind.
  •  Another version of this astral chat: The man says to the woman: My mind to your mind … and envisions his mind settling down into, and dissolving the woman’s mind.


  • Men’s fundamental misunderstanding of female sexual archetypes. Their belief that women are just like men, only with breasts.
  • Women’s fundamental misunderstanding of male sexual archetypes. Hopes for foreplay. Ideal of chastity.
  • Prevalence among men of pornography viewing, results being reduced satisfaction in the physical act of sex, displeasure with one’s physical sexual partner, decrease in desire for intimacy, and feelings of shame and resentment.
  • Trends in women’s clothing force women into the role of Lilith, of the sex object or sex worker.


I feel that the clearing of the Manhood Mental Filter from the noosphere will resolve all the above subfilters as well. This transformation is happening right now. It is a very big noospheric change, and is deeply affecting both men and women.

Please take heart, Dear Ones. These new downloads of Light presage great things to come. As the balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine reasserts itself, the current tensions between the genders will be transformed to mutual joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Tantric Yoga, Marriage, and Demonic Interference . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 10 August 2015; video published 13 August 2015; blog published on 22 April 2016; revised on 15 July 2020
Location: North side of Navajo Reservoir, Navajo State Park, Arboles, Colorado

    • About Navajo Reservoir and Its Wildlife
    • Sacred Sexuality
    • White Tantra
    • Red Tantra
    • Black Tantra
    • How to Escape from Black Tantra
      • On Practicing Kundalini Yoga
      • On Aligning the Will with That of God
      • On Attending Church
    • Photos of the Sky at Navajo Reservoir

Dear Ones,

This video is about …

  • The different forms of Tantric Yoga: white, red and black; the strengths of White Tantra; the pitfalls of Red Tantra: jealousy, possessiveness, ratcheting up of the desire elemental; and how the Satan world demonizes spiritual adepts and single women through Black Tantra.
  • Things to overcome: power over, patriarchal domination, double oh seven mental filter.
  • Big cities: 33rd north parallel (Los Angeles and Iraq).
  • Sacred sexuality, Hieros Gamos, Christos-Sophia: and respect between men and women in marriage.
  • Aligning with God, releasing the demons from our energy bodies, and large churches as sanctuary.

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The Shadow of the Personality . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 9 August 2015; published 13 August 2015; revised

    • Terms for Darkness That Is Clearing from Our Bodies of Light
    • Old Lightworker Syndrome: On Lightworkers ‘Acting Out’ While Sleeping
    • Veil of Forgetfulness
    • Disclosure
    • Are Demons Antimatter? Or Maybe, Cosmic Rays?

Dear Ones,

The topic of the video is the shadow of the personality. There is an edited Summary below the video …



Terms for Darkness That Is Clearing from Our Bodies of Light

In past I have used various terms for the ‘stuff’ that is going to be transformed during the Awakening: karmic miasmic distortions, morphogenetic field distortions, samskaras, ‘lost children of the Soul’, traumatic repressed memories from this and prior incarnations.

This applies even more to the lightworker than to other people, because of the many incarnations that the lightworker must clear through.

Another way to think of this is that we have a magnificent, gigantic body of Light, and we also have inclusions of Darkness … something like chicken pox on fair skin. Even physical disease is an aspect of these inclusions of Darkness. Nevertheless, these inclusions can be resolved, all in an instant, through love.

Other ways of seeing these inclusions of Darkness: A relative void, a lack of love; clair-heard as dissonant chatter; not a unity field; not harmonic; a slight disharmonic with the cosmic Om or the cosmic chants, the Divine sound of the Universe. Something slightly off-key. An overlay of irregular light or lack of unity or inclusions of void or Darkness or lack of love in the Soul field, which otherwise is perfect Light.

Old Lightworker Syndrome: On LIghtworkers ‘Acting Out’ While Sleeping

My clair experiences of the astral bodies of other lightworkers going out of body while they were physically sleeping, and ‘acting out’. repressed negative emotions such as annoyance or anger or fear as desire to injure people that they love with disease. This is true for natal families and also for well-bonded groups of non-natal nature.

By ‘acting out’ while sleeping, I mean that the sleeping astral form repetitive utters curses or has dreams of violence toward loved ones. Over time, these maleficent emotions will have an effect on the astral bodies, and eventually the physical bodies of their loved ones. Thus it is important for the emotional and physical well-being of every sort of group that transformative work be done on the negative emotions of the members.

Thus ‘inclusions’ of hatred, fear, vengeance, greed, pride, sloth … the ‘cardinal sins’ … may be repressed in very spiritual people, and in other people too, and then taken into ‘acting out’ in the astral realm as the mental mind sleeps and as the astral body ‘leaps forth’ and expresses itself as we sleep. This is one manifestation of what I term ‘Old Lightworker Syndrome’.

Veil of Forgetfulness

True, we volunteered for the Duality experiment. When we ‘descended’ into physical form, what is termed the veil of forgetfulness separated our Higher Mental Body from our Lower Mental Body. In the Higher Mental Body are those thought forms that are conscious. In the Lower Mental Body are those thought forms that are subconscious … our repressed thought forms. It is the impassable astral bridge of the partly closed human heart chakra that creates the veil of forgetfulness. In this way the Duality play takes place … as an interplay between the conscious Awareness and the repressed Awareness of every human being.


Our Souls understand that we needed to do this in order to create this reality. However, now, as the Awakening takes place, the veil is being dissolved, so that the subconscious thought forms stored in our Lower Mental Bodies are rising to our conscious Awareness.

This is the process some term ‘Disclosure’. Let us be gentle with each other as the process of disclosure unfolds … bearing in mind that our own Soul secrets are being disclosed to our friends and family, just as theirs are being disclosed to us.

As the Light comes in, the karmic miasmic distortions are being stirred up. This may be what causes the increased volume and negativity of the astral stories circulating in the noosphere, especially during Solar Events. Keeping in mind that, daunting as the disclosures may be, the process is one of resolution and clearing.

Are Demons Antimatter? Or Maybe, Cosmic Rays?

I have thoughts on what are traditionally known as ‘demons’ … might they be antimatter? Matter is made of love and Light, is it not? So, what could negative emotions such as hatred be but antimatter?  … whether they are from the demon realm or whatever.

Or might demons be cosmic rays, which can injure our DNA during Solar Minimums, or at high altitude? What injures our DNA might be considered a form of hatred, from the human perspective.

How to rid oneself of hatred? I feel that concentrating on the physical heart is an effective technique … even if you are getting a lot of ‘stuff’ coming in from the ‘Hollywood’ mental filter and the ‘Double Oh Seven’ mental filter … and then there is the Patriarchal Domination mental filter … there are lots of things happening in the world today that are hard to bear, for the person whose heart is open. And so hearing those things, whether on the astral or the physical plane, tends to close our hearts.

So the thing to do is just to relax the heart, and open the heart. Keep the muscles in the chest open. In this way we can send the ‘antimatter’ back to God through the heart; or if it is a question of cosmic rays, through feeling the heart our DNA can be repaired.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See also … Link: “Old Lightworker Syndrome and Duality,” by Alice B. Clagett, probably filmed on 11 August 2015; published on 12 August 2015 … ..

The shadow of our personality is like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz … it is melting in the waters of New Creation! …

Video: “Wizard Of Oz ‘I’m Melting – only’,” by Pork Torpedo, 7 December 2014 … ..


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Stories by Alice: The Orion Crusaders and the Double Oh Seven Mental Filter . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 22 July 2015; revised on 29 November 2018
Previously titled: Double Oh Seven Mental Filter

    • Activation of Light: Runes of Gold and White, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
    • The Orion Crusaders’ Song, Soundtrack and Lyrics, Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
    • The Kama Rupa: Cunning Beast in Human Form

Video: “James Bond 007 Theme Tune (original),” by ThemeTunez, 10 December 2007 … ..

Dear Ones,


The Orion Crusaders are a pretty crafty lot. They knew, when they lied their way through to Planet Earth, that they were entering a Free Will Zone. They also knew they wanted to turn the minds of humankind from Service to Others, and the Law of the One, and the knowledge of the All, the one great Creation, to their own philosophy.

Which is, Service to Self. Bow to my Ego. Or else!

Question was, what was the very best way to manipulate these pretty gullible humans? So, being 4D, astral beings, they thought about it plenty. And what they came up with was this: Offer them something that they want. Then when these humans, of their own free will, agree, Give them the software they want, and load their minds down with Orion Crusader malware.

Worked like a charm! … In fact, it was a charm. But not the kind you put on your bracelet. More like a voodoo, oooh no!, Dark City Planet Earth charm. I get a vision like this …


Here is the Orion Crusader on the left. We call him, justly or unjustly, a ‘devil’…. He is a being of deep, dark, fiery red and black. And on the right, a human being, glowing in gold and white, innocent light.

The human, a male, would like his wife to sleep with him more often. His wife is busy taking care of the children, and she is pretty tired at night.  The husband works all day, tending the fields, so the family can have plenty to eat in the wintertime. He is tired at the end of the day too, and he would just like to have a little fun, a little enjoyment with his wife before going to sleep.

That is the trouble…. They are having a disagreement about frequency of the exchange of love. And here, now the husband finds himself in much bigger trouble. For instead of talking this over with his wife, he has called in a third party. And not just his trusted neighbor, nope! He has called on this sneaky peeky Orion Crusader.

So to get back to the tableau: Orion Crusader on the left, red and black. Human male on the right, gold and white. The human explains the situation.

The Orion Crusader says: I have just the thing for you!
Human male … I will call him George … says: Oh, thank you!


The Orion Crusader consults Intelligent Infinity, which he has accessed through long and patient study of black magic lore. Programs the body elemental of the man’s sexual organs to repeat over and over again ‘gimme, gimme, let’s do it tonight’. The man could have programmed his own body elemental, but he did not know that. And the Orion Crusader knows the man is missing this crucial bit of information.

The man, quite naturally, begins to feel uncontrollable lust. When he is with his wife, this body elemental’s energy is projected onto the body elemental of her sexual organs, and … just as promised … they begin to have sex more often. And more children. And more work for both of them… but that is a topic for another day …

So now, the deal is sealed. The Orion Crusader has fulfilled his promise, and given the man … albeit unconsciously … ‘power over’ his wife, who is also unconscious of what is going on.


Here is the kicker: Once we buy into an Orion Crusader deal, they get to add the malware, or ‘implants’. (1) It takes the Crusader a lot of effort, enslaving the local nature spirits and forcing them to do his bidding as the man lies sleeping at night. But within a week, the man’s once-gold-and-white Soul field is peppered with gloms and globs of red and black ‘runes’.

This is but one pattern of runes … There are many other sorts of distortion of our Light to which acceded, albeit in ignorance of the outcome, through our own free will during our many incarnations on Planet Earth.


These distortions of our Soul Light pass with us from incarnation to incarnation in the form of karmic ‘seeds’ … what the ancients of India called ‘samskaras’.


Now ‘runes’ are words that the Crusader uses to access intelligent infinity. We humans create runes too, when we pray, but these prayers to our Creator are runes of gold and white on our Soul field. Very beautiful runes. To change our runes from red and black to gold and white, all we have to do is to say the following affirmation or prayer …

. . . . .

Activation of Light: Runes of Gold and White
by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
22 July 2015

Spirit to Team!
Transform all runes on my Soul field
From red and black, to gold and white!
For the All, through Free Will!

. . . . .

This activation of Light acts as a spell of counter-transformation, in case you feel you need it.


To get back to George, oh my gosh, poor guy, here he is, singing the Crusader’s song …

. . . . .

The Orion Crusaders’ Song
Soundtrack and Lyrics
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
22 July 2015


Oh, I’m a man of power!
I’m the man of the hour!
I’ll crush ’em, devour ’em,
For sure, put an end to ’em,
Plunder the kingdoms,
Have my way with the women,
I’m a Man! … And that’s my dominion.

. . . . .

Sheesh, how mistaken can a person be!

So down through the ages of humankind’s history, this Orion Crusader malware has taken hold of men, in the region aforementioned. Today it is pretty widespread among men. I’d even venture to say, pretty much universal. I call it the Double Oh Seven Mental Filter.


The mystique here is the notion that a man has Power. Power to protect his wife and family. Power to go out and subdue the world. Power to turn other people to his own ends.

So in short, for a very good reason … to protect his wife and family, which is one of his responsibilities as a man … he has bought into Service to Self with regard to everyone else in the world. His notion of the great All, the one great Creation, has been reduced to his own family. Everybody else is his to subdue and dominate.

In this way, the Hathor teachings of ancient Egypt were overthrown by the priestly caste. Same thing happened in ancient South America … a benevolent technology gifted humankind by our star brethren was turned by those in power to fear, to human sacrifice … specifically, sacrifice of the nubile, powerless young daughters of the poor. Followed, as I have read, by a great famine and the end of that civilization.

And the same is happening today with the great technology of America. It is being turned to corporate greed and self-serving ends, instead of being used for the upliftment and betterment of humankind.

Unfortunately, the ‘Double Oh Seven Mental Filter’ causes men in the world today to use their great power of Spirit to participate in the Devolution of Souls on Earth.


What happens when a Soul devolves? This is a pretty gruesome event, which fortunately very seldom actually transpires. For there is a difference between our setting out in the direction of Soul devolution, and the actual point of no return.

According to the School of Theosophy, the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’ (aka the central vertical power current, pranic tube, antahkarana, or kundalini) that links the Lower Mental Body to the Higher Mental Body snaps, and the personal self separates from the higher ego. Having lost its connection to the Soul, this personal self is doomed. It is but a decaying shell of energy.

The Kama Rupa: Cunning Beast in Human Form. If this rupture of the silver cord happens when a person is incarnate, then all that remain of the personality is the kama rupa and its animal desires. The brute that then remains, disguised as a human form, and still possessing the lower mind (the Lower Mental Body) is a cunning and fearful beast of prey in human form. All notions of right and wrong, of truth, and of loving kindness have been sundered from this human-seeming form. (2)

This is most assuredly an undesirable outcome for a human Soul. And so, I reflect: Do my actions in the world today lead my Soul toward the wisdom and love of God? Do they lead others by example, and by action, in this direction? Or do they participate in Soul devolution, in leading my own Soul, and the Souls of others, back into the pit of Darkness, of ignorance, and of suffering? This is food for thought.


The concepts of Soul evolution and Soul devolution are little discussed today.  In fact, the notion that we each of us have a Soul, and that the purpose of our life here on Earth is to learn our Soul lessons so that our Souls can evolve toward awareness of the All, of the great Creator, has been set aside.

In its place are the laws of Science and Technology. Which are great gifts from God, and surely intended for the easement of earthly life. But what about after we pass on? What good are handhelds and cell phones then?

After we pass on, we get back to an understanding of the true purpose of our life on Earth. And that is: Soul evolution. As you all no doubt know, our entire past life flashes before our lives.

Slows down when we get to the part about the Orion Crusader. Uh oh! That was a mistake!

Slows down again when we get the the part about destroying lots of people, inflicting Soul wounding right and left, promoting Soul devolution all over Earth … for the sake of our wife and children. Uh oh! Big mistake. I’ll do better next time!

And so it goes. For the power of the Logos … the great rational principle that governs and develops our Universe, and which became incarnate in the teachings of Jesus the Christ … is so great that it, slowly but surely, and down through our many incarnations, brings us back to the wisdom and love of the great All, and of our Creator.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) For more on implants, see …

Link: “Starseed and Royalty Survival: How To Recognize Implants And Tags, by In5D, 8 March 2015 … ..

Image: Implants … ..

Link:  “Archontic Implant Removal,”  by Kim Hutchinson … ..

(2) For more on Soul devolution, see …

Link: “The Seven Principles of Man,” by Annie Besant, 1909, public domain ..


Orion Crusaders and the All … Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … ..


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