The Shadow of the Personality . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 9 August 2015; published 13 August 2015; revised

    • Terms for Darkness That Is Clearing from Our Bodies of Light
    • Old Lightworker Syndrome: On Lightworkers ‘Acting Out’ While Sleeping
    • Veil of Forgetfulness
    • Disclosure
    • Are Demons Antimatter? Or Maybe, Cosmic Rays?

Dear Ones,

The topic of the video is the shadow of the personality. There is an edited Summary below the video …



Terms for Darkness That Is Clearing from Our Bodies of Light

In past I have used various terms for the ‘stuff’ that is going to be transformed during the Awakening: karmic miasmic distortions, morphogenetic field distortions, samskaras, ‘lost children of the Soul’, traumatic repressed memories from this and prior incarnations.

This applies even more to the lightworker than to other people, because of the many incarnations that the lightworker must clear through.

Another way to think of this is that we have a magnificent, gigantic body of Light, and we also have inclusions of Darkness … something like chicken pox on fair skin. Even physical disease is an aspect of these inclusions of Darkness. Nevertheless, these inclusions can be resolved, all in an instant, through love.

Other ways of seeing these inclusions of Darkness: A relative void, a lack of love; clair-heard as dissonant chatter; not a unity field; not harmonic; a slight disharmonic with the cosmic Om or the cosmic chants, the Divine sound of the Universe. Something slightly off-key. An overlay of irregular light or lack of unity or inclusions of void or Darkness or lack of love in the Soul field, which otherwise is perfect Light.

Old Lightworker Syndrome: On LIghtworkers ‘Acting Out’ While Sleeping

My clair experiences of the astral bodies of other lightworkers going out of body while they were physically sleeping, and ‘acting out’. repressed negative emotions such as annoyance or anger or fear as desire to injure people that they love with disease. This is true for natal families and also for well-bonded groups of non-natal nature.

By ‘acting out’ while sleeping, I mean that the sleeping astral form repetitive utters curses or has dreams of violence toward loved ones. Over time, these maleficent emotions will have an effect on the astral bodies, and eventually the physical bodies of their loved ones. Thus it is important for the emotional and physical well-being of every sort of group that transformative work be done on the negative emotions of the members.

Thus ‘inclusions’ of hatred, fear, vengeance, greed, pride, sloth … the ‘cardinal sins’ … may be repressed in very spiritual people, and in other people too, and then taken into ‘acting out’ in the astral realm as the mental mind sleeps and as the astral body ‘leaps forth’ and expresses itself as we sleep. This is one manifestation of what I term ‘Old Lightworker Syndrome’.

Veil of Forgetfulness

True, we volunteered for the Duality experiment. When we ‘descended’ into physical form, what is termed the veil of forgetfulness separated our Higher Mental Body from our Lower Mental Body. In the Higher Mental Body are those thought forms that are conscious. In the Lower Mental Body are those thought forms that are subconscious … our repressed thought forms. It is the impassable astral bridge of the partly closed human heart chakra that creates the veil of forgetfulness. In this way the Duality play takes place … as an interplay between the conscious Awareness and the repressed Awareness of every human being.


Our Souls understand that we needed to do this in order to create this reality. However, now, as the Awakening takes place, the veil is being dissolved, so that the subconscious thought forms stored in our Lower Mental Bodies are rising to our conscious Awareness.

This is the process some term ‘Disclosure’. Let us be gentle with each other as the process of disclosure unfolds … bearing in mind that our own Soul secrets are being disclosed to our friends and family, just as theirs are being disclosed to us.

As the Light comes in, the karmic miasmic distortions are being stirred up. This may be what causes the increased volume and negativity of the astral stories circulating in the noosphere, especially during Solar Events. Keeping in mind that, daunting as the disclosures may be, the process is one of resolution and clearing.

Are Demons Antimatter? Or Maybe, Cosmic Rays?

I have thoughts on what are traditionally known as ‘demons’ … might they be antimatter? Matter is made of love and Light, is it not? So, what could negative emotions such as hatred be but antimatter?  … whether they are from the demon realm or whatever.

Or might demons be cosmic rays, which can injure our DNA during Solar Minimums, or at high altitude? What injures our DNA might be considered a form of hatred, from the human perspective.

How to rid oneself of hatred? I feel that concentrating on the physical heart is an effective technique … even if you are getting a lot of ‘stuff’ coming in from the ‘Hollywood’ mental filter and the ‘Double Oh Seven’ mental filter … and then there is the Patriarchal Domination mental filter … there are lots of things happening in the world today that are hard to bear, for the person whose heart is open. And so hearing those things, whether on the astral or the physical plane, tends to close our hearts.

So the thing to do is just to relax the heart, and open the heart. Keep the muscles in the chest open. In this way we can send the ‘antimatter’ back to God through the heart; or if it is a question of cosmic rays, through feeling the heart our DNA can be repaired.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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