Monsanto Nightmare . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 8 June 2018; revised on 8 May 2020

    • Hate Bomb Malware
    • Rules of War: Do Not Target Civilians
    • Our Thought Forms Affect Everyone on Earth
    • Global Latitudinal Impact of Thought Forms Carried by Circulating Electric Charge That Precedes Dawn and Follows Sunset
      • About Thought Forms
      • Personal Experience of Inrushing Thought Forms Before Dawn and Just After Sunset
      • Scientific Research on Earth’s Circulating Electric Field
        • Earth’s Electric Ring Current
        • Increased Density of Eastward Electric Field Just Before Dawn
      • Increased Density of Eastward Electric Field for An Hour After Sunset
      • Will Humankind Rise Up Against ‘Black Ops’?

Dear Ones,


Hate Bomb Malware

I had the weirdest dream in 2013, that past President Obama had been nanoteched up with a nanobot that pulled in a carefully thought out Army-Navy spy satellite anti-Jihad black ops program, a form of psychic-cyber mind control aimed at terrorizing Muslims into believing that, if they felt lovingly toward their Imams and the men in their mosques, then a bomb would explode in their hearts, and kill everyone in the mosque.

That a rogue Army-Navy guy … a Republican, maybe? … had got hold of the program, and, after bickering with lobbyists from the blue chip stock companies, settled on quite a good deal with Monsanto …

Link: “Monsanto Protection Act: Does the Monsanto Protection Act create a ‘precedent-setting limitation on judicial review of genetically-engineered crops’?” … ..

Result of which was nanobotting of the president, who, according to this wild nightmare, could not get out of office without selling the world food supply to Monsanto. Result being the Monsanto Protection Act rider.

Talk about Snopesville. I will never eat arugala again.

Anyway but, ever since then I have felt for past President Obama. Who in the world is not affected by that darned notion that we will be dead in the water if we truly love someone?


Rules of War: Do Not Target Civilians

I have been reading about the Rules of War …

Link: “What are the rules of war and why do they matter?” by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),19 October 2016 … ..

I found out that it is against international law for civilians to be targeted in warfare. As Ascension proceeds, the world is rising to telepathic Awareness. Understanding of the nature of the noosphere, and of the formation and movement of thought forms throughout the noosphere, is no longer limited to a few select people with clair abilities …

Link: “Boomerang Effect of Evil Thought Forms,” by the Theosophists, published on 11 May 2015 … ..

Our Thought Forms Affect Everyone on Earth

Now everyone on Earth is beginning to understand that the thought forms we think affect everyone else on Earth. The Butterfly Effect has confirmed this notion, although it has not yet been taken to heart, on a wide scale, in a positive sense, and its implications with regard to the collective, worldwide clouds of thought, both conscious and unconscious, have yet to be fully utilized.

Global Latitudinal Impact of Thought Forms Carried by Circulating Electric Charge That Precedes Dawn and Follows Sunset

About Thought Forms. Thought forms are everywhere on Earth. These thought forms have an electromagnetic component; what is termed in the School of Theosophy manas (mind) and kama (desire). –from Citation: “Thought Forms,” by Annie Besant and Charles Webster Leadbeater, 1905, pp 19-20. Through intuition I would add that manas corresponds to the electric field, and kama to the magnetic force (the two making up electromagnetism).

I say this because I have read about that electricity is important in the function of the neurons which comprise the human nervous system; and that desire has a magnetic quality of attracting to oneself the object of desire. As well, through the practice of yoga I have found that building the human magnetic force results in good luck and charismatic appeal; loss of this built-up magnetic force has the opposite effect. (This points up the importance of practicing yoga daily.)

Personal Experience of Inrushing Thought Forms Before Dawn and Just After Sunset. I have personal psychic intel regarding an inrushing of thought forms into my own mental bodies just before sunrise; I experience this so strongly that I find it uncomfortable to be sleeping till sunrise. I find it easier to deal with the jumbled influx of other people’s thought forms while wide awake and either standing or sitting, so that my spine is erect.

I have also noticed that thought forms carrying negative emotions are more likely to swoop into my mind just after sunset. Because being near the computer screen and accompanying electronics weakens my personal electromagnetic field, making it more susceptible to impingement by these negative thought forms from other people, I generally stay away from my computer and other electronics in the evening after sunset.

It must be that the electric component of thought forms causes them to be carried along with the circulating electric charge that precedes sunrise and follows sunset on Earth. If this be true, then thought forms targeted at an Islamic nation are carried by the latitudinally circulating electric charge that follows sunset, from the Middle East, through the semi-somnambulent, prime time television watching nations, and back to their point of origin within a 24-hour period. Then, they continue circulating through the noosphere, day after day.

Scientific Research on Earth’s Circulating Electric Field. Here is what science I could muster to back up what I learned through electromagnetic field (EMF) clair sensitivity  …

Earth’s Electric Ring Current. “A ring current is an electric current carried by charged particles trapped in a planet’s magnetosphere. It is caused by the longitudinal drift of energetic (10–200 keV) particles. … Earth’s ring current is responsible for shielding the lower latitudes of the Earth from magnetospheric electric fields. It therefore has a large effect on the electrodynamics of geomagnetic storms. The ring current system consists of a band, at a distance of 3 to 8 RE  … [Earth radius], which lies in the equatorial plane and circulates clockwise around the Earth (when viewed from the north). The particles of this region produce a magnetic field in opposition to the Earth’s magnetic field and so an Earthly observer would observe a decrease in the magnetic field in this area …. The negative deflection of the Earth’s magnetic field due to the ring current is measured by the Dst index.

“The ring current energy is mainly carried around by the ions, most of which are protons. However, one also sees alpha particles in the ring current, a type of ion that is plentiful in the solar wind. In addition, a certain percentage are O+ oxygen ions, similar to those in the ionosphere of Earth, though much more energetic. This mixture of ions suggests that ring current particles probably come from more than one source.” –from Link: “Ring Current” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Increased Density of Eastward Electric Field Just Before Dawn. Apparently there may be a similar depletion of equatorial plasma density, accompanied by a large electric field increase just before dawn. –from Link: “Observations of the generation of eastward equatorial electric fields near dawn,” by M. C. Kelley, F. S. Rodrigues, R. F. Pfaff, and J. Klenzing, in Ann. Geophys., 32, 1169–1175, 2014 …
doi:10.5194/angeo-32-1169-2014 … © Author(s) 2014. CC Attribution 3.0 License … … Received: 18 November 2013 – Revised: 17 July 2014 – Accepted: 25 August 2014 – Published: 19 September 2014 ..

Increased Density of Eastward Electric Field for An Hour After Sunset. There is decreased equatorial plasma density and increased density in the eastward electric field for about an hour after sunset. –from Citation: “Ionospheric Space Weather: Longitude Dependence and Lower Atmosphere Forcing,” edited by Timothy Fuller-Rowell, Endawoke Yizengaw, Patricia H. Doherty, Sunanda Basu (in Google Books) … See: 12.1. Introduction, paragraph 4

Will Humankind Rise Up Against ‘Black Ops’?

As humankind begins to understand the effect ‘black ops’ such as conspiracy theory malware that subverts Islam for the sake of corporate oil interests, will we rise up against psychic hate crimes, in the same way that we speak out against hate crimes in the physical world?

If putative ‘black ops’ thought forms full of hatred are sent, say, from Los Angeles to the Middle East, then will these thoughts of hatred not damage the minds of all the people along the way, between these two geographic locations? Would this not, in a psychic sense, be an infringement of the international law that civilians not be targeted in warfare?


Whether these thought forms gather momentum or loose it, depends on the daily load of violent thought forms added to or subtracted from the noosphere. This applies especially to …

  • Violence in mass media,
  • Corporate lobbying efforts amongst our government officials,
  • Wars, including black ops, and
  • Hate groups that may pass under the radar in our native lands.


In a less strident manner, intergroup rivalry, especially rivalry between religious groups, adds to the daily load of violent thought forms in the noosphere.

By my lights, the great religions of the world might more aptly seek points of interfaith agreement than reasons to begin terrorist campaigns, one against the other, whether through thought forms or through overt acts of war.


This is one noosphere. Our thought forms create our noosphere. Let us dream of peace, harmony, and unity on our beautiful, blue boat home …

Video: “Blue Boat Home,” by Scott McNeill,18 April 2009 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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