Soul Wounding: On Seeing Suffering as Good . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 27 August 2016; published on 28 September 2016

    • Catastrophic Childhood Experience: Genital Mutilation of a Young Boy by a Parent [re ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’]
      • Cruelty as Being ‘For Your Own Good’
      • The Notion That the End Justifies the Means
        • Eugenics Experiments
      • Acting Out Soul Wounding
      • Other Instances of Catastrophic Childhood Learning: One Parent Kills the Other, or Child Is Kept in Closet or Chained to Bed [re ‘Likes Blondes Too’ and ‘Spoil’s]
      • Daydream about Felon Eugenics Experiment [re ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’]
        • On Reprogramming Early Childhood Learning
    • Second Catastrophic Childhood Learning Experience: Substitute Mom Murdered [re ‘Likes Blondes Too’]
      • On Becoming Acquainted with the Inner Child
    • Third Catastrophic Childhood Learning Experience: Thought That Having Sex Might Kill a Woman [re ‘The Maldekian’r]
    • Conclusion
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

This video and the edited Summary and Outline that follow it are about some astral stories I have heard on the clair plane, to do with Soul wounding experiences which teach a child that suffering is good, or that the end justifies the means. All these accounts are from clair hearing, not from the physical realm …

There is information in this summary that’s not in the video, and vice versa. All these accounts are from clair hearing, not from the physical realm …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I wanted to talk a little about a childhood wounding experience that I ran into only on the astral plane, and which seems very severe. There are a number of these, actually, about which I would like to talk.

Catastrophic Childhood Experience: Genital Mutilation of a Young Boy by a Parent [re ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’]

You know, all children go through a phase in their childhood where they are learning about their sexuality. And typically they learn about it from their sisters and brothers or from their playmates, without a lot of adult supervision.

In this case there was a young boy who was learning about sexuality from his sister … his younger sister, I assume. When his father found out about it, he mutilated the boy’s genitals. In that action he also expressed verbally that he was doing it ‘for the child’s own good’ … for his own benefit, and for his ethical development as a person. Of course, this is a massive distortion of the Light.

The things that are for our own good in the world, and for the good of our Souls, inevitably involve great joy. So the optimal path for Soul evolution involves the pursuit of happiness, and joy, and love, and Light … appreciation and gratitude and so forth; the cultivation of those emotions, and not the intense suffering and social stigma involved in genital mutilation. This is the very farthest from the way for a father to raise his children … the farthest from the Light.

Cruelty as Being ‘For Your Own Good’. So then, at a very young age this young person learned this very hard lesson to the effect that suffering and physical mutilation and self-hatred … hatred of the body … were good for the Soul, good for the character, and good for a person’s ethics. This was a completely wrong thing.

This lack of genitals also cast him into the role of homosexual for the rest of his life. He had not the ability to carry out the normal sex act, that he was inclined to perform as a man. So he was forced into a role rather like that of a woman.

This was a further distortion of his Light that involved going against his own principles, going against his own desires, and so forth. He had to deal with all these things. In doing so he came to an understanding, at a more mature age … a false understanding based on these false learning experiences of his youth … the great Soul wounding of his youth … and no doubt, of many prior lifetimes … that cruelty to people was ‘for their own good’. For more on this notion of cruelty being ‘for one’s own good’, see …

Link: “Selfless Service as Suffering or Alms-Giving,” by Alice B. Clagett, Filmed on 28 August 2016; published on 30 September 2018 … ..

The Notion That the End Justifies the Means. There is a form of ethics out there that has to do, in a similar way, with a kind of tyranny against the free will of humankind, with the notion that there is a ‘master plan’ that needs to be put into effect so as to perfect the world … perfect human society … and so forth. Such was the case with Hitler, when there was a plan that there were certain types of people that had the right to be alive on Earth … and that everyone else, including the Polish peoples and the Jewish peoples and probably many others … deserved to be put to death so as to implement the plan.

Eugenics Experiments. In addition it was felt that these people were so inferior to the favored race of people that it would be all right … it would be ethical to perform surgical experiments on them no matter what the pain that was inflicted … though it resulted in their torture and in their death … for the sake of society, and for the sake of development of a scientific body of knowledge of medicine and genetics and so forth. And these experiments were performed.

This type of philosophy, that the ends justify any means that are used to attain them, is purported on the astral airs to be espoused by various groups of people in the world today … including some genetic engineering experiments; experiments with paranormal abilities; and in the experiment I am about to explain.

Acting Out Soul Wounding. Because people who have great Soul trauma in childhood have to resolve that trauma in their adult lives, or else are doomed to act it out time after time, or to inflict that trauma on other people and see it acted out in other people (which is called, in the realm of psychology, ‘substitution’), their cases are coming before the world right now, during the Awakening process, first.

Other Instances of Catastrophic Childhood Learning: One Parent Kills the Other, or Child Is Kept in Closet or Chained to Bed [re ‘Likes Blondes Too’ and ‘Spoils’]. This includes people such as the blameless young person that I mentioned before. Then there is the case of some young people who see their fathers slaughter their mothers before their eyes (or even vice versa: maybe the mother poisons the father). There are even young people who are chained to a bed, or kept in a closet for all their lives, until they somehow escape or else pass on. There are cases of vast and extreme Soul wounding in childhood. These are coming up now, because the Light will not support them staying on Earth unless they clear.

What is also coming up right now is acting out or substitute acting out of the Soul trauma of early childhood so that this will come up to the Awareness of the conscious mind, and so that it can be resolved through the Incoming Light. This is true for all these peoples.

Daydream about Felon Eugenics Experiment [re ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’]. Now back to the first young man of whom I spoke. Apparently this young person … who since grew up … started having daydreams about acting out, to do with his early childhood wounding. What these daydreams (which were very horrifying to me) were, was a bringing of the early incident up to Awareness … just as we mentioned before. Whether the daydreams were actually carried out in reality seems very unlikely to me; a very moot point. The likelihood is that dreams like this, which come as astral stories into the noosphere, are just the welling up of this old wounding so that it can be resolved.

I will tell you what kind of dreams result from such early wounding: This particular dream had to do with felons, and the notion that they could be repatriated to good work in the community by transforming male felons into women. In the astral stories, in these daydreams, these felons were transformed through gender operations to transgender females.

I mentioned this before, and I have also discussed before the results of that, which is that they turned to serial killing because of the great wounding in their genitals, and because they are unable to express their sexual drive. So then they turn to killing instead, because the cells that are gone from their sexual organs have been killed, and there is still the memory of this killing of the cells. So this brings up the notion of killing. And then it gets turned into this acting out of killing.

In the daydream what happened was an unfortunate series of incidents of acting out this notion, combined with the idea that any means might be employed in the service of a great notion of transforming humanity for the better. And what resulted from that kind of philosophy, in the daydream, is something very very dark and distorted in the Light. It was about a bunch of transgender felons who became serial killers, according to the astral lore.

On Reprogramming Early Childhood Learning. So then when that daydream transpires, then the next thing to do is to figure: I have had this daydream, involving so much suffering, based on my early childhood learning. Obviously this learning was faulty … or the daydream would have turned out better. So what can I do to change my learning experience, to transform it into something more true.

Second Catastrophic Childhood Learning Experience: Substitute Mom Murdered [re ‘Likes Blondes Too’]

Then there was a case that has come up on the astral plane … two cases that involved killing of women in childhood. One was a case where the boy’s mother went off someplace and deserted him at an early age; and the father had a call girl in. Because of the culture … it was some distant culture … he killed her right after having intercourse. But it was socially acceptable there; and so the young boy had the opportunity to see a mother substitute killed before his eyes. And that gave him the notion that a woman he had for his own wife or significant other might be killed. This put before him constantly, in his relationships with women, the concern that he might behave in the same way as his father.

In this case the daydreams would be back to the early childhood experience, and then on to the experience of all the women he had ever known intimately, and on to daydreams about them being killed. There was thus the potential for acting out.

On Becoming Acquainted with the Inner Child. Another thing to do is to look back at childhood, and try and uncover the early childhood events that took place. This can be done by developing an acquaintance with the Inner Child … Search my blog category: Inner child – lost children of the Soul – repressed memories – repressed emotions

Third Catastrophic Childhood Learning Experience: Thought That Having Sex Might Kill a Woman [re ‘The Maldekian’]

This is the final instance I have for you today; it has to do with a young man … again, just before or at the age of puberty … who was experimenting sexually. It so often happens, at this time, that this type of thing happens. He was experimenting sexually, and he thought that the only way that he could do this experiment with the young girl that he knew, was to somehow immobilize her first; that was his concern. So he tried chloroform or paint thinner or something; he used some chemical over her nose to render her temporarily unconscious.

What happened was that then she looked like she had passed on, and he thought that he had killed her. And so then, in his state of terror, in his mind he immediately associated sexuality with killing women … in a manner similar to what had happened in the second case that we talked about just now.

And so now, whenever he thinks about having sex with a woman, or if he is married to a woman, he is always concerned that he might kill her. He always does that. And when he gets angry with a woman, he has always to fight that tendency to act out that early childhood drama.


What a childhood drama. My gosh! And so many people these days are coming up with these sorts of very deep, dark Soul woundings, and bearing for the world the responsibility of clearing all those dark energy threads from planet Earth.

Let’s all say a prayer for all the people involved in these sorts of energies. And let us do our best to cheer them on, in their great challenge and endeavor for new life on New Earth.


  • First Catastrophic Childhood Experience: Genital mutilation of a young boy by a parent when the parent discovers sibling sexual play in early childhood. Description of the resultant distortions of light.
  • The notion that cruelty to people is for their own good … this came about because the child was treated cruelly by the father, and the child depended on the father for survival. If the father were to be viewed as ‘bad’ then the child might not survive; thus the assumption was made that the father was good, that the physical cruelty enacted by the father must also be good, and that it would be appropriate to act out this physical cruelty with other people. Were this acting out to take place, as, for instance, in daydreams in adult life about mutilating other people ‘for their own good’. More on this below …
  • The notion that the end justifies the means; that any means suit an end that is for the good of humanity … the notion, for instance of Hitler, that a master plan ought to be implemented that involved medical experiments on concentration camp detainees, and elimination of certain subsets of humankind in the interests of eugenics. In the case of this first child, the lesson learned was that sex with a girl was so very wrong that it must be prevented through removal of the physical means of performing the sex act; this then forced the maturing boy into a sexual role that was feminine in nature, although his natal inclination was otherwise. From this one might imagine the notion that it might be all right to perform eugenics experiments involving the removal of genitals, as long as the end was for the good of humanity.
  • In more recent times, there are astral stories about genetic experiments and paranormal warfare or corporate competition experiments based on the philosophy of any means to an end.
  • Additional instances of deep early childhood Soul wounding (from the media): A child in a family where one parent kills the other; a child kept in a closet or chained to a bed.
  • Astral story dreamed by the first child above: An eugenics experiment with felons, projecting onto them the genital mutilation experienced by the child, and retrofitting them, as it were, with transgender operations, so that their drive to aggression and acting out of criminal behavior might be transformed to the feminine qualities of compassion and motherly love. In fact, this astral story turned out the opposite of what was intended: the transgender felons, having no longer a means of ‘letting off steam’ through orgasm, instead turned to serial killing. The nightmare quality of this astral story reflects the depth of the dreamer’s original Soul wounding, and the attempt to project this Soul wounding onto other people. Projection, as I understand it, is a way of looking at deep trauma ‘at arm’s length’ … The act of projection, I feel, makes the exploration of the trauma less threatening. Also, this astral story embodied the philosophy of ‘any means to an end’ … in this way, it was reminiscent of the Nazi medical experiments.
  • When a person finds themselves going over this sort of astral story, involving so much suffering, then the thing to do is to look back at childhood, and try and uncover the early childhood events that took place. This can be done by developing an acquaintance with the Inner Child (search this term on my blog). Added:
  • Second Catastrophic Childhood Experience: Mother went away when the child, a boy, was very young. The father had a call girl in, and killed her after having sex with her. This put before the young boy the concern that his having sex with a woman might lead to killing her. The result was the man had daydreams with a nightmare-like quality … the daydreaming mind constructed and elaborated on astral stories about such scenarios. As in the above instance, I feel that the thing to do would be to become aware of the nightmare quality of these astral stories, and to ask oneself: Clearly there was false learning in my early childhood. What was the falseness, and what would be the greater truth?
  • Third Catastrophic Childhood Experience: Early childhood sexual play where boy uses chloroform or the like to date rape the girl, then becomes concerned that he may have killed her (although she was only unconscious). This is similar to the experience of the second child described above, although not so terrifying. Nevertheless, it has caused the man always to feel, when he has sex with a woman, that he might be in danger of killing her. When he gets angry with a woman, he has always to fight that tendency to act out the early childhood drama.
  • Conclusion: These cases of deep early childhood Soul wounding are coming up to the Light right now, so that the wounding may be cleared, and these Souls may be healed. People who have experienced such early childhood traumas in this lifetime are those who have agreed to do the clearing work not just for themselves in this lifetime, but also for all humankind, through all their incarnations in the recently concluded 10,000-year Age of Darkness. Let us keep these great Souls in our prayers and in our hearts, that their good work for humankind may be accomplished with all possible speed and efficiency.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photos by Alice

Image: “Garden Plants 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 27 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Plants 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 27 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Plants 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 27 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Plants 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 27 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0


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