Photonic Entanglement . Witnessing, Calming, Renewing . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 3 March 2015; published on 4 March 2015; revised and republished on 25 September 2015


Dear Ones,


Topics for this video …

  • The ‘Dark Network,’ which is transforming to Earth’s Grid of Light
  • Short circuiting of electromagnetic (EMF) lines in the human aura disentangled by Incoming Light
  • Duality: the third dimension (3D), which relates to the third chakra
  • Entrapment: ‘glomming’ in the fourth dimension (4D) — dissonant thoughts and clairaudient ‘grouping’
  • Zen: witnessing thoughts, neutral mind
  • Sit back, feel mid-heart (fourth chakra) energy, do long deep breathing,
  • Relationship of dimensions to the personal chakras: 5D to throat chakra, 6D to third eye-point, 7D to crown chakra, 8D to new chakra just above the head, 9D to new chakra higher above the head
  • Subconscious thought cloud of the world and ‘lower triangle’, that is, the lower 3 chakras (old system)
  • Incoming Light, gratitude
  • Ascension symptoms, prison of Earth, other people’s demons
  • Ascension benefits: self-healing, dimensional travel, timeline jumping, rewriting history, calling in the angelic realms, co-creating reality
  • Majesty of our Souls

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Over the course of the last week, and even today, what I have been noticing is the threads of the Dark Network, which we have discussed before, and which is turning into the Grid of Light of Earth as the Ascension proceeds. Another name for this Dark Network is ‘photonic entanglement’.

I have a sense, like an intuition, that the entanglement aspect, the striking together of electromagnetic lines of energy, so that they become short-circuited … that entanglement aspect is going to be decreasing as we rise in energy to the higher dimensions. So what we call Duality, the third dimension … which perhaps corresponds with the third chakra, the navel point (and lower) energy in our chakric system … that photonic energy, that crisscrossing of electromagnetic lines might be what is causing the glomming that is going on in the clairaudient plane.

What the glomming is, for me, is like this: All I have to do is to think one dissonant thought, and that thought takes wings, because of the clearing that is going on. That thought attracts the energy of a group of people … it might be from one or two, up to very many; maybe twenty or more people, all of whom are somehow entangled in that dissonant sound or Light frequency.

And it gets more and more entangled, and more and more dense as all the people strum that one off-key string; they all start strumming, and singing that song with their Souls, subconsciously, feeling trapped and unable to get out of it.

So what it takes, to get out is a thinking mind. It takes an analytical ability. Or the Zen-like ability to neutrally witness what is going on in the mind. And so, the minute you notice this, the thing to do is to just sit back; feel the energy of the mid-heart, in the center of the chest, at the approximate level of the physical heart. That is the energy of the fourth dimension (4D).

What I have been noticing recently is, whenever this dissonance occurs, there is a roughness in the spin of the heart chakra, front and back. So what it takes is long, deep breathing … very long and very deep, on both the inhalation and the exhalation. You have to keep that up until the normal energy of the heart can re-establish itself. And then you are set to try again with the higher vibes: the fifth dimension (5D) at the throat, the sixth dimension (6D) at the third eye-point, the seventh dimension (7D) at the crown chakra, the eighth dimension (8D) a little above the head, the ninth dimension (9D) higher above the head … like that.

So then, you will be walking around, doing your work, and all of a sudden, you will think one dissonant thought again. And the unconscious thought cloud of the world will come in to the lower three chakras, old system, what is known as the ‘lower triangle’ in yoga. And you will start unconsciously changing the energy of your entire Light body … mixing it around.

And then you have to start all over again: Witnessing, calming, renewing the Spirit, renewing the resonance … like that.

So, photonic entanglement … You know, we can trace it down with our logical minds all day long, but it really will not result in much. What is really changing things is, first, stepping out of the situation so that the heart can heal, and receiving the Incoming Light that is coming in so fast as we approach the March Equinox, and just being grateful for this clearing that is taking place. The clearing can lead to upset; it can lead to physical pains … ‘Ascension symptoms’, as they say.

But one thing that people overlook is all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening to us as we ascend. And many of those things are far beyond our ken. The thing is, our expectations here on Earth, in the third dimension, are very low. We think of life as a kind of prison. We go to school. We go to our job. We raise the children. We get old. We go to a retirement home. And like that! Prison, really.

We do not know that we can heal our physical bodies. We do not know that we can travel through the dimensions. We do not believe that we can surf the timelines. We just do not believe that we can change everything. We do not believe that we can re-write history. But I am here to tell you: That is what we can do! We can do that!

We can travel all of the dimensions. We can move to the Angelic Realm. We can call the Angelic Realm into the physical reality.

We do not have to hang around with other people’s demons. You know? We can create what we really want for ourselves. And it does not take effort. It does not take slow social change. All it takes is the vision, and the knowledge, that we have the power, through our mid-hearts, through our high hearts (at the level of the thymus gland), and through all of our higher chakras, we can envision and create that reality. Not after the Light comes in, but right now.

So, photonic entanglement … It is a mental puzzle. But the majesty of our Souls … that is the reality right now.

I wish you all the very best, and the highest vision of your own power in the world today. The very highest vision, and the least photonic entanglement; in fact, photonic dis-entanglement today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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