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Ways to Deal with Rogue Towns and Crime Gang Towns in the United States . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and filmed on 2 February 2020; published on 16 August 2020
Location: Los Angeles, California

    • Rogue Town: Counterfeit Money Laundering to Tourists or Through Local Banks
    • Rogue Town: Siege as An Option to Bring It Into Line
    • Real Estate Seizure Gambit in a Putative Rogue Town
    • Dealing with Rogue Towns, from a Federal Standpoint
    • Conclusion

Dear ones, there is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk a little today about the things that probably will not go wrong with America but that, in the worst case scenario might take place in a few small towns of America. And so these are things that we should look out for and have a plan for in advance, just in case. That is how I feel. It has to do with social unrest and the economy of the United States.

Rogue Town: Counterfeit Money Laundering to Tourists or Through Local Banks

There is a chance, in the coming years, that one of these scenarios might come up: It might be that a town might have a sheriff or police officer who is in collusion with a crime gang, or a mob or mafia … a crime family. And the crime family or crime gang might be producing its own counterfeit United States ‘money’.

They might be passing it out to the tourists who come into town, and laundering it in that way. Or they might be laundering it through the local banks to other parts of the country.

Now if that happens … if the crime gang controls the town … what we have, as far as I can tell, is secession from the United States. The reason for that is, one of the things the Federal Government does is provide a currency for all the states in the United States.

If a town chooses to produce its own currency, then in effect it is setting itself up as a sovereign nation with its own currency, trading on the goodwill and the economic success of the larger governing body, the United States.

Rogue Town: Siege as An Option to Bring It Into Line

If that were to happen, I wonder if the Department of Homeland Security would be the place to go to try to get the situation handled. I say that because, in a broad sense, the actions of a crime gang town might be considered terrorist actions, I suppose, or secessionist actions, and maybe one of those definitions might be covered by the Department of Homeland Security, which might have enough personnel to take care of it.

If the economy is tight here in America, federally, then one way to handle such a situation of a rogue town would be to create a stage of siege to barricade the incoming and outgoing traffic on the roads to other parts of the country, and to prevent air flights from coming in.

The advantage of this would be … with luck … less loss of life than, say, sending in a SWAT team or a National Guard, or worse yet, doing a pinpoint strike.

So that is my idea … something simple. If that did not work, after a length of time, then I would look at more serious action.

Real Estate Seizure Gambit in a Putative Rogue Town

There is one other thing that LI think might happen; and I think, in this case, it would be a different sort of action that would be taken: It is possible that there may be some small towns coming up, where, if a person from another part of the country buys real estate there … if it is a crime town, like the one I described above … they may find that they are arrested on trumped up charges by, say, the sheriff or police officer who is in league with the crime family, and that their only way of getting out of the situation … or worse yet, execution … would be to give their land to the rogue law enforcement officer for a mere dollar, for a pittance … for nothing … in exchange for a lighter sentence or no death sentence … or a chance to leave town and never come back, as in the old days in the Wild West, the days of formation of the country, when laws were rather ‘catch as catch can’.

If that were to happen, that anyone’s real estate could be seized and sold, and they could be In prison with no real reason for it, then in essence, no one could hold property. No one would have property rights in that town, except for the people in the crime gangs.

The crime gang could move into any house in town that it wanted to … say, murder the owners, and falsify the real estate ownership records saying that they were the new owners, and that the house had been sold for a dollar whatever price it might be.

Dealing with Rogue Towns, from a Federal Standpoint

What does this mean in terms of the United States, and social unrest, and secession? To me it means that the most basic right of American people is being violated; the most basic right of property ownership is being violated. And so that town … that rogue town … has violated the United States Constitution.

Again I feel that this is an act of secession. You could consider it a terrorist act too. But in this case what I would do is ask the CIA Factbook to list that town as a place that is too dangerous for Americans from other parts of the country to visit; and to explain why. And I would ask them to issue an advisory that people should not buy land in that area, and to explain why.

It would be kind of like it used to be, to buy land in Mexico: You could not really buy land; you had to go in with a partner who was a Mexican national, if you were American. It might be kind of like that, in rogue United States towns, eventually.

Of course, the other thing that could be done, if property rights are constantly violated, is simply for the United States government to prohibit United States citizens from purchasing land there, if they are not natives of the local area.

Really it would be as if the rogue town were a foreign nation, and the property rights of the mainland Americans would need to be rewritten in the context of that. That is what I feel. We may experience a town or two like that, in the coming years, since everyone is becoming psychic, and they are clearing things out of their energy fields.

Such rogue towns might even exist right now, and they might need a little ‘what for’ … a little getting in tune with the situation in the rest of America. That is what I think.


I would not take this too seriously. We Americans are a strong people, and we can take it in stride, even if it should happen in the rare instance.

Enough talking. You all take care. Love you lots. Have a wonderful February.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Catastrophic Childhood Experiences: Wifer-Hacker,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 23 April 2017 … ..

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Counterfeit Laundering – Safe Deposit Box Substitution Gambit . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 February 2020; published on 16 August 2020
Location: Los Angeles, California


Dear ones, there is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would tell you about a scary astral story that went by the window of my imagination some years ago. I was vacationing, and not here in Los Angeles. I had a funny feeling that something awful might happen … like a premonition of disaster … but I did not know what.

I figured it was not really going to happen, but to be on the safe side, it might be good to put some money in a safe deposit box. I found out since then that putting money in a safe deposit box is a very bad idea; it is not a very safe thing to do.

But back then I thought, you know: I will put a little money into a safe deposit box, and leave it there in case the worst happens; and at least I will have a little cash.

Quite some amount of time went by. I was getting near the end of my vacation; and I had an astral dream. I dreamt that a police officer who was crooked wanted to send me to jail for potentially interfering with a drug operation in that town.

I do not know that there are drug operations in that town; in fact, I do not think there are. Maybe it was in a different town, and I just received the dream about it, but it was happening elsewhere. That is frequently the case.

But so anyway, the dream kind of terrified me, because in the dream, this police officer went to my bank … you know, dreams often convert the national news to a person’s own sphere of endeavors  … and took the money out of my safe deposit box, and substituted marked counterfeit bills.

And so I had had another premonition. So I went back to the bank, and took the money out of the safe deposit box, and gave it back to the bank just there and then. So the money never left the bank, and they credited it to my account.

So if the money was counterfeit … it seems unlikely; I was probably pegging on somebody else’s scary astral story … But let’s say the money was counterfeited, then I guess the bank bore the brunt of it.

I do not know what a bank would do, in a situation like that. That would be a tough one, because it would be stuck with however much in counterfeit bills that were basically the responsibility of a police officer who was laundering counterfeit money for the drug operation that he was supposed to be preventing there in that town.

Apocryphal though this story may be, I feel we should look out for situations like that all across America, as times are tough, and people are resorting to all kinds of things to make ends meet. That is my thought.

The takeaway is: Let the banks be careful as to what is happening. Maybe they could develop guidelines prior to something like that happening, to make sure that they do not get stuck holding the bag.

All right, you all, I know this is a weird one. You all take care, and welcome to February 2020. It is looking to be a really wonderful year in terms of Soul clearing.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Production of Counterfeit as Secession from the Union . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 February 2020; published on 16 August 2020
Location: Los Angeles, California


Dear ones, there is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I just had a thought, in a hypothetical scenario, where this small town or that, in the United States, might choose to start producing counterfeit, and distributing it to the tourists that come in.

I think that, if a town is producing counterfeit, or distributing it, we might consider it perhaps a terrorist activity, to fall under Homeland Security. Actually, technically, it is secession from the Union, because they have chosen to set up their own paper currency, in that case.

Of course, nothing like that would happen here in the United States; this is just a hypothetical, sci-fi situation. I have mentioned in the past, and I will mention once more, my feeling about such a scenario …

Should it happen, I would suggest the cheapest way for the United States to deal with a secessionist town would be to barricade the main roads in and out, so that traffic cannot move in and out. Basically you have a siege situation going on. I would also remove their air flight and import of Walmart items rights. That is what I would do. That is the cheapest thing.

And if that did not work … if they tried to barge through the barricades and so forth … then we could always send in a commando unit, or a pinpoint strike could be effected. But the thing about pinpoint strikes is that there are a lot of civilian casualties. I would think twice about that.

I know National Reserves are very expensive to use, and the Nation is short on cash. That is why I suggest this low-cost alternative in case such a thing should ever come up.

And I would say that, if it did come up … and it seems to me 99 percent impossible … that we should expect it to happen in only one or two instances. Then everyone else would fall back into line, I feel.

Well, I hope you will forgive me for being so hard-nosed about this; that is just what I feel about it. I also think the CIA Factbook should indicate American towns that are secessionist or terrorist in inclination, so that tourists would not be tempted to go there. That could be like a warning signal.

So, I do not know …. My dad was a veteran of World War II, and I guess, even though I have never seen military action, I do have a feel for military maneuvers, and a concern for cost-cutting in the United States budget.

I am hoping no towns would make that choice; but if they did, that would be my recommendation.

You all take care; and do not pass around counterfeit. It is important. Stand with the U.S. of A.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Fool’s Gold . a rhymed poem by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 27 November 2019; published on 30 November 2019
Added poem to: Tiny Anthologies: Wild West Poems

  • FOOL’S GOLD, a Poem by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Here is a short satire on counterfeit money ..

A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
27 November 2019

Would you like some counterfeit?
We have tons and tons of it.

If you say yes, and Fort Knox knocks,
They will have what you have not …
The stuff that dreams are made of.

Who can guess with what duress
The Feds will put you to the test?
Confess! … unless  you’d like a drubbing.

So I say: At the end of the day
It’s better to have what you make,
Than fake … albeit merely pennies.

Then, should the Feds express distress
You can show what you were paid …
And so allay budding dismay
On the part of every party.

I do presume to sing this tune
Of happiness without much stress
By being quite the opposite
Of those who profess to be lawless.

Heartache creeps in
When the heart takes a spin
To the land of the heartachy hard case …

Perhaps not the gallows
Yet prison will swallow
The years of our youth
Amongst the uncouth
Who did not know real bread
From playdough

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Counterfeit versus Enough Money for All People . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 14 October 2017

    • Upliftment and Cleansing of the Justice System Worldwide
    • Magnification of Soul Wounding
    • Increase in Personal Fear and Paranoia
    • Desire to Overthrow the Powers That Be
      • Introspection
      • Sedition
    • On Alignment with Divine
    • On Our Relationship to the Caesars of This World
    • Transformation of the Hologram

Dear Ones,

I do feel that we now have a chance to arrange world wealth in a more equitable way, so that all the people who share this planet have enough to eat, have adequate shelter and medical care, have a good education and job opportunities, are provided with safety and equity through the laws of their country, and have a chance for happiness.

On the other hand, I don’t believe in counterfeit as a quick way to achieve this goal. Here is my reasoning:


First, during these times of New Life on New Earth, the most important thing, I feel, is not the end result … plenty for all humankind … but rather the process of evolution of our communities into an understanding of the importance of this goal.

Upliftment and Cleansing of the Justice System Worldwide

It’s the same way with the upliftment and cleansing of the justice system in each of our communities. There’s just no point in a ‘lone ranger’ going in and attempting to eliminate criminal activities in a community. The process the world is undergoing right now, is the upliftment of each community, arranged by God through the grace of the Incoming Light. As the Soul wisdom of the people in each community matures, the elimination of criminal activities, and of the current widespread abuses and infringements of human rights, worldwide, will occur naturally.


Secondly, when people figure that global money is ‘rigged’ by a few powerful people (which it currently, most likely, is), and then go make counterfeit money as a way of evening the playing field, there are unfortunate results.

Magnification of Soul Wounding

Firstly, great power has the power to corrupt us greatly. For the truth of this, look to those who now hold great power on Earth.

When a person makes and uses counterfeit money, he puts himself in the same boat of the powermongers of Earth. The same temptations beset him as he clearly perceives to beset them. His Soul wounding is greatly magnified by the opportunity to act out, in real life, the promptings of his malware.

Increase in Personal Fear and Paranoia

Secondly, possession of counterfeit money quite naturally leads to fear and even paranoia. How could it not be so? One fears to use the money he had intended for the upliftment of humankind. How could he explain, to the powers that be, how he came by this money?

This fear and paranoia might logically lead to the following scenario …

Desire to Overthrow the Powers That Be

Introspection. Having ‘all the money in the world’ … yet beset by fear and even paranoia … this man might choose introspection:

What has gone wrong here? I see the injustices caused by inequity in distribution of world wealth today. I had hoped to level the playing field. I now have ‘all the money in the world. Yet I feel fearful of the government, of the financial system, and of others with great wealth. What misstep may I have taken? And in this way, through introspection, he might arrive at a different course of action.

Sedition. Or else, and to his great misfortune, he might reason otherwise … He might think: Ah, it is the fault of these powermongers that I feel fear. I shall choose, once more, boldly to act. And then, through the use of his counterfeit funds. he may foment revolution among the downtrodden. The likely result of this act of sedition will be his death.


Where did he or she go wrong? What did he or she do wrong? Here is how I feel about it:

On Alignment with Divine

I feel we are not on Earth to play the power game, or to force other people to eat mud because they are playing that game. Rather, we are on Earth to increase our loving nature, the energy of our hearts …

  • through prayer and meditation, for the upliftment of humankind
  • through our own conversation with God,
  • our walking with Christ,
  • our singing the praises of Lord Krishna,
  • our reading of the poetry of the great saint Rumi,
  • our appreciation of the natural world,
  • and our interaction, in a kindly and understanding manner, with other members of our community.

On Our Relationship to the Caesars of This World

As Christ said: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” –Mark 12:17 (KJV, public domain) In other words, we need not fight the powermongers of Earth. Let them be the powerful ones.

Ours is the province of developing a relationship with the Divine that imbues all we see. As Djwhal Khul said in the “Great Invocation,” of aligning our minds, our hearts and our wills with the great Mind and Heart and Will of God. (1)

Transformation of the Hologram

In this way, through alignment with Divine, the entire Earth hologram transforms to the Light. All in a flash, and through our beings, through our own turning the the Great Light, enlightenment happens. This is the fractal reality of our Earth experience. This is our choosing of the optimum timeline and dimension. In this way, we experience that All is One, and One is All.


About money I have this to say: Ask God to work through us so that we may get enough money that we can be happy in the world. Or if we cannot garner that, that we may find work that makes us happy, and fulfills our daily physical needs. In this way we can feel happiness.

While powermongers spread a contagion of want and need amongst those those around them, we who choose the simple life spread quite the opposite. Simply by standing in our presence, our friends and work acquaintances will feel a contagion of joy.


One of the most important things in achieving inner peace, I’ve found, is to summon the strength of will to turn away from public opinion as a means of achieving self-esteem. What other people think of us is invariably based on their own Soul wounding. Why ought we kowtow to that? What would that bow do for us, but incline our own set of malware to include their own?

This is the power of aligning with God, or with our ascension team: It allows us to turn away from societal expectation, from the chidings of our families, our worldly organizations, and to follow our own hearts’ promptings.

This realignment greatly strengthens our electromagnetic field, allowing us to maintain that peace of mind, that state of happiness we had hoped to achieve all along.

So I find, so I feel, and so I hope for each of you.

May you all be blessed.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Here I have channeled the prayer …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014 … ..

And here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … ..


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