Ways to Shelter from the Noosphere during Solar Events . by Alice B. Clagett *

    • North-South Valley
    • Bowl-Shaped Barrier
    • Mountain Barrier on the Other Side of Your City
    • For People Who Live in Flat Places: Underground or Other Shelters
    • Being in Nature
    • Being in Your Own Home
    • Heavy Weight Aluminum Foil
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here are some observations about natural and manmade barriers where we can shelter from the noosphere of large cities during solar events. This is particularly apropos for people who, like me, have become electromagnetic hypersensitive … which is to say, their DNA is expanding and they are gaining new clair abilities.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I am here on the Ray Miller Trail hike in La Jolla Canyon, California. I am not sure if this is actually the Ray Miller Trail … I think it may be a fire road after the trail. I am heading down towards one of two overnight campgrounds in the Santa Monica Mountains. I am going to go see what it looks like right now, because there has been a huge fire around here; the other trail, over on the other side [nods left] is impassable right now. I tried, but I could not get through. Somebody else got through, but I am not sure how.

I just thought I would mention, on the heels of the recent geostorm … because geostorms cause noospheric discordant sounds in the clair chatter on the astral plane  … I just thought I would mention something about keeping the electromagnetic field steady during solar events and geostorms …

If you live in a large city, and want to escape noospheric chatter because of a solar event or geostorm, or because you are becoming increasingly electromagnetic-field-sensitive, I can suggest three kinds of natural barriers that will allow you to break away from the great noosphere of the city, and renew your own electromagnetic field to its pristine state.

North-South Valley

Two hills or mountains with a sparsely populated North-South (longitudinal) valley between. This works well because the rotation of Earth is west to east, which causes a slight latitudinal drift or drag in the astral currents that contain the thought forms of the noosphere. Thus the astral currents drift slowly over the tops of the hills or mountains, and a north-south valley is sheltered.

One is a north-south valley. Steeply inclined mountains on either side is best. And you situate yourself in the low part of the valley. The reason that this seems to work, even if the valley is very close to, or even, in the middle of a city, is that the rotation of Earth creates a movement in the astral currents of the fourth dimension. And these astral currents are what carry the noospheric thought forms.

And so really, the north-south-facing valley is at the bottom of two mountain ranges that act as barriers that keep the noospheric energy skimming over the tops of those mountains, as they create a noospheric east-west lag current. So you are safe from that, and you can recuperate there.

Bowl-Shaped Barrier

Bowl-shaped circle of mountains, meteoric depression, or dormant shell of a volcano (‘caldera’) … or a smaller version of these … provided this area is sparsely populated

Another type of barrier is a deep bowl shape … say, a circle of mountains. Or it could be a meteor-strike depression, where you are situated at the bottom of the depression. Or it could be a volcanic depression or cone, provided the volcano is completely dormant … that kind of thing: A circle of hills, and you are at the bottom of that.

That also is protection, because of the movement of Earth; and so the thought forms are skimming over the top of your geological bowl. You are safe there.

Mountain Barrier on the Other Side of Your City

Get on the other side of a mountain barrier by your city. The other side of the mountain needs to be sparsely populated.

The last thing I can think of, if you are living in a big city, is simply to find a mountain barrier facing in any direction, on the other side of your city, and go beyond that barrier ,,. behind the mountains there. Ok? Because the thought forms in a city tend to settle down around there. They spread out kind of like smog.

If the mountain range that you are considering, to hide behind, or use as a barrier, prevents the smog from spreading, it is likely that it prevents the noospheric energy from spreading too.

For People Who Live in Flat Places: Underground or Other Shelters

For folks who live in very flat places: underground; tornado shelters, for example, or underground parking lots (to me these seem too weighty, but there are those who like this), or any quiet underpass under a wide, concrete bridge; or a drainage culvert on a quiet road. Then there are tunnels, caves, and igloos.

For people who live in very flat places, they should know that underground is a possibility. In Kansas, for instance, there are tornado shelters and so forth. The freeway tornado shelters I have seen there are above ground, but covered in thick concrete, which I feel would act as a noospheric barrier.  Although concrete is apparently a good barrier to noospheric turmoil, there are intuitives who feel that concrete floors leach energy from the human EMF; this is something to consider in terms of long range living conditions, on a personal intuitive basis.

In other locales, there are underground parking lots that may be helpful. To me they seem too weighty; but there are others who swear by that.

In rural areas, an underpass that is never well traveled is a consideration. You could pull over on the side of the underpass. If it is widely covered on top, and if it is cement, then that also will stop the noospheric chatter for a while.

So for instance, if you are driving along, and you are heading for one of these other places, and things get kind of intense, then you can pull over and rest in a place like that, on a road that is freeway access that really goes nowhere and that has not traffic on it. I think it is the weight of the cement overhead, that allows you to renew your own electromagnetic field.

Drainage culverts on little traveled country roads are also a possibility, provided, of course, that there is no chance of rain.

Then there are tunnels and caves, whether natural or manmade.

In unpopulated rural cold-climate areas, an igloo most likely would work (although I have not tried this).

Being in Nature

Being in nature: the seashore, the mountains, or the desert, for instance … and away from the city.

Being in nature, especially in a forest, or in a desert, or by the sea shore … that allows a renewal of the personal electromagnetic field.

Being in Your Own Home

Being quietly in your own home.

Just being very quietly in your own home, and not going out, is a very good idea during a geostorm.

Within the home, windows are a hindrance, as are electric or electronic devices and electric wires either with your home’s walls or lying on the floor.

Turbulent photonic light can ping through your home’s windows and seems somehow to bounce off of interior walls like billiard balls on a pool table, only three dimensionally. Artificial electrical and electronic fields in the home increase photonic light turbulence during a geostorm.

Inside the home, wooden barriers, especially hardwood 2 inches thick, are helpful, such as lumber benches or hardwood planks or closets with wooden doors. Here is a teak bench such as might be easily obtained and set against a wall beneath a window for shelter of EMF-sensitive people from extreme geostorm turbulence (such as may be experienced during multiple Earth-directed M-class and X-class solar flares). That is a cat named Oreo emerging from under the bench …

shelter from solar events

Image: “Thick Teakwood Bench That Might Serve as an Emergency Geostorm Shelter for Electromagnetic-Hypersensitive People,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 December 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Thick Teakwood Bench That Might Serve as an Emergency Geostorm Shelter for Electromagnetic-Hypersensitive People,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 December 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Fortunately, clusters of Earth-directed X-flares come round only a time or two per 11-year solar cycle, as, for instance, was the case with these X-flare clusters …

11/24/2000 3 X
11/25/2000 1 X
11/26/2000 1 X

04/10/2001 1 X
04/12/2001 1 X
04/15/2001 1 X

10/25/2013 2 X
10/28/2013  1 X
10/29/2013 1 X

Heavy Weight Aluminum Foil

Wearing an aluminum foil cap or using a foil tent.

People talk about using heavy weight aluminum foil as a cap on the head or a tent over the body during severe geostorms. I realize this is pretty much a joke to most people; but, I figure, any port in a (geo)storm. 

If it works for you, then I feel it will be all right in the short term to use it. But long term, I feel that aluminum foil on or near the head interferes with brain function; this is just my personal intuition about it; you may feel differently.


No doubt you are going to come up with a lot more ideas than I have come up with.

Of course, these things only apply if you are electromagnetic field sensitive. But a lot of people are starting to become a little more EMF-sensitive; so, if you are really bothered by a particular storm, then these are things to consider for the day, or for the afternoon, or whenever.

There you have it! I am wishing you happy trails until next we meet. [pans around view of mountains, sky and white clouds, with sound of bird song]

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 10 May 2016; published on 24 May 2016; transcribed on 11 January 2019, revised


Link: “Compendium: Solar Storm Geoshelters,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 11 January 2018; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bjF ..

Link: “11-Year Solar Cycles, X-Flares, and Changeups in the Earth Hologram,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 6 October 2016; revised on 24 May 2017 and 26 August 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6dV … See the subheadings: THE X-FLARES OF YEARS 2000-2001 AND THE PHENOMENA OF GLOBAL TELEPATHY AND EMF-SENSITIVITY … and …  X-FLARE ACTIVITY AND PLANETARY AND PERSONAL HOLOGRAM UPGRADES IN 2013


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