Two Visualizations about Samskaras as They Leap into Action . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 26 May 2016; published on 2 June 2016

    • The Black Wall with Popcorn in It
    • Second Visualization: Scroll of Flypaper Leaping Out

Dear Ones,

Here are two stories about samskaras as they leap into action. Samskaras are propensities towards Soul wounding caused by prior free will decisions.

Activation of samskaras causes ‘acting out’ of Soul wounding in the third dimension. An alternative to acting out: Transforming with Love the negative emotions caused by samskaras.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have two short stories for you regarding the samskaras (which are propensities towards Soul wounding caused by prior free-will decisions) that had resulted in something like the electromagnetic field lines of Light pinching in, and glomming together, tiny little imperfections in the electromagnetic field.

These samskaras are carried from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime, as a way of continuing Soul education from incarnation to incarnation. So we have done something in the past that caused a samskara … or what you might call a karmic knot. And in the next lifetime we are working toward greater Soul wisdom by figuring out more about that particular decision that we made, and other decisions that could be made,

With the right trigger, in this lifetime, a samskara from a prior lifetime can burst forth into action. A samskara is a propensity to action through Soul wounding. The right stimulus needs to be applied from the hologram, in order for that samskara to be activated.

So it is like a pressurized button in our Soul field. When it is touched by the right stimulus, it leaps forth and propels us into further Soul wounding, unless we resolve it at that moment.

Here are two visualizations about the samskaras as they leap into action …

First Visualization: The Black Wall with Popcorn in It

Long years ago … well, it seems like that … many years ago, I was down in the Panhandle of Texas specifically to meet a gentleman named Swamij … … who had done the most incredible, intensive work on the commentary on and interpretation of Patanjali’s aphorisms, which is a favorite spiritual book of mine … and for gaining enlightenment and knowledge of God … ways to know God.

This book offered techniques for learning how to know God in this lifetime, or very soon; this was very appealing to me. So I went down to the Texas Panhandle to meet Swamij. He was a very explainer and teacher.

The question came up about samskaras. We were in a meditation room, very sparsely furnished … more like a Zen-style meditation room. He turned down the lights, and he went over to the far wall, which was dark because the lights had been turned down.

And he said [to paraphrase]: That black wall is your mind. And now I want you to imagine seeds of popcorn in the wall. And then, all of a sudden, one pops straight out at you. And then he said [if I recall correctly]: And now a bunch more pop out! 

I thought: Whoa! [laughs]

And then he said: And these are the samskaras leaping forth into action … I must have been hungry, because all these years I have remembered that one. I thought it was pretty good.

Second Visualization: Scroll of Flypaper Leaping Out

Just now I was driving down the street, and I had my own vision of samskaras. I visualized a person walking along the street, and all of a sudden my Soul said: Don’t step there! … And this person stepped there anyway. And what leaped out was like … you know, when you throw a ribbon of confetti out, and it is still in your hand, but the string leaps out?

Or like there is a spring underneath of a button; you touch the button, and the thing springs up, like a Jack in the Box. That was not quite it. It was more like what sprang up was a scroll of paper, all scrolled up together, that looked like flypaper springing up.

So I guess what that is, is a representation of activating a samskara to which we can then get stuck, so that we move into ‘acting out’, rather than taking action to transform the negative emotions we feel because of the samskara, and use the heart to transform them to Light.

When we do that … when we use that transformative technique for the negative emotions … then the energy of the samskara completely evaporates. There is no more little spring holding it to the mind. And so the samskara itself is dissolved in love.

Well, you all take care. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Jack in the Box is a little like samskaras popping out of the mind. Note how frightening this is to the children, and how the children’s startle response amuses the parents. How is it that we humans enjoy upsetting … one might even say even ‘torturing’ … helpless young people? Judging from the video, this must be a very widespread samskara among humankind.

Video: “1987 Mattel, Inc. Jack in the Box,” by Andy’s Antique’s and Vintage Toys, 8 February 2016 … ..


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