The Red Gila and Other Dreams . by Alice B. Clagett *

    • Alice’s First Dream: The University Man Who Was a Member of the Army of the Night [The Doc]
    • Alice’s Second Dream: The Young, Homeless Woman in the Public Restroom
    • Alice’s Third Dream: The Young Woman Walking in a Maze of Streets
    • Alice’s Fourth Dream: The Red Gila [The Migrant]
    • Alice’s Fifth Dream: Death by Drowning of 16 People in a Dugout in the Mountains [The Migrant]
    • “Prayer for Homeless and the Homed,” by Alice B. Clagett
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,


This is a description of a vision I had  … the vision of the Red Gila … as I recall, on a night after a day or so of rain in Los Angeles, most likely on 9 January 2018.

  • There was a ‘swooping in’ to the persona of an antisocial personality and his wife, maybe at Caltech or some place a little like that;
  • then a ‘swooping on’ to the persona of a young girl trying to hide in a restroom in a public park at night;
  • then onward to a young woman walking down a maze of streets;
  • and then on to a vision of a place by a country road where 16 people lay buried .. . drowned in an underground cavern after a rainfall.
  • Then there is a prayer for the disadvantaged peoples of Earth.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would tell you a story … It is about a dream like a nightmare I had three or four days ago … It was a very vivid nightmare that woke me up. And I do not know the significance of it.

I remember that it happened during two days of heavy rain in Los Angeles, most likely on 9 January 2018. There were days when the streets were flooding up above the curbs, because there is not a lot of rain in Los Angeles, and they do not plan the grade of the streets according to the water flow that happens when there is a storm that continues, with rain falling all day long. And that happens once or twice a year, that the streets get flooded up.

And so, in the middle of the night, while it was raining, there may have been a different sound in the air: A sound on the roof; a sound outside, where the rain was hitting the ground; and so forth. And I wonder if that may have had something to do with this nightmare that I had that night, and some other nightmares that have happened since then.

Alice’s First Dream: The University Man Who Was a Member of the Army of the Night [The Doc]

Anyway, it went like this: There was a city dreamscape, maybe in Pasadena. It seemed like Pasadena, but no real place there, you know … with high freeways soaring above valleys that included residential districts. It was easy to get lost on these elevated freeways … traffic was zipping along. Off one ramp was a college campus.

It might have been a place like Caltech, or maybe some other university in the Pasadena area. I have only been to Caltech once or twice; I do not remember any place like that. It was just a feeling; a place like that, I think.

There was a person there, who was living with a woman. He was an antisocial personality; he would go out at night, and stalk the people there, on the college campus. What they call, on the astral airs, an army of the night kind of guy.

It was like I dropped, or dipped, into his consciousness, got a gander of his life there, and then stepped back out.

Alice’s Second Dream: The Young, Homeless Woman in the Public Restroom

So that was the first. And then I woke with a dream of being in a very small restroom … on the East Coast, it seemed like, or maybe Europe … a woman’s restroom. I was homeless. It was a young woman, I think; I am not sure. It was a woman, though.

And she was in this very small restroom, in a park, trying to find a way to get a few minutes of rest, and at the same time, protect herself from any men that might enter there and try to exert violence over her, as it was nighttime.

But I remember she had a very positive attitude: She said she was sure that someone would come in, and offer to take her home and take care of her … like that.

Alice’s Third Dream: The Young Woman Walking in a Maze of Streets

Full of concern over that dream, I segued into another dream; an even worse dream. There was a young woman; it was as if she were walking through a series of streets … kind of complicated streets, like sometimes in Europe and on the East Coast there are streets that just do not make much sense.

They are not laid out in an orderly fashion, like they frequently are, here in California. But rather, they simply sprang up, with time, here and there, centuries ago, when our nation was first founded. Or in Europe, it is probably the same way, sometimes. So, there would be streets that would meld together, and would not make much sense, in terms of ways of getting from one street to the other, and so forth.

That same person, or another young, homeless woman was walking along those streets, and knew them very well, and had stayed in a certain place, by some body of water, I think; and was then back in this urban area, and was walking along.

Alice’s Fourth Dream: The Red Gila [The Migrant]

And all of a sudden, the road changed, and the person changed. The scene changed to a place like the California or Arizona countryside. It was mostly barren and mountainous. And I saw first, a strange creature by the side of the dirt road.

It kind of reddish; a rusty orangish reddish brown color. And it looked like a fat-bodied snake 1 1/2 or 2 feet long. Then when I looked closely, I saw that it had tiny legs on it, like a lizard might. They did not look very functional, but it had legs.

Image: “A Reticulate Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum suspectum),” by Jeff Servoss, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “A Reticulate Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum suspectum),” by Jeff Servoss, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

This creature was right beside a tiny bush on the north side of the dirt road or path which I was walking along in an easterly direction. The mountains were across a lower stretch of desert, to the north of the dirt road or path.

Then it was not the young woman, but I who was there. I went for my camcorder to record the creature, and looked back, and it was gone.

So first there was that vision of the creature; I do not know … Was it a Red Gila? Was it the orange snake? I just do not know.

Alice’s Fifth Dream: Death by Drowning of 16 People in a Dugout in the Mountains [The Migrant]

And then I saw a man’s leg; he was standing on the north edge of the path, by what looked like two coyote holes above a little ridge that let down, by maybe a gradual, erosion-worn, 20 foot drop of ochre-colored Earth, to the lower desert land between the road and the mountain range.

I do not know if you know about coyote holes. They are not very big; they are just about everywhere, out here in California. They are dug into the dirt, and they are only about 6 inches wide … maybe 4 inches wide. And yet they can get down in there.

But one of the holes I saw by the man’s leg was much bigger; it were maybe 1 1/2 feet wide; a hole that went down into the Earth by the side of the road over the decline where the level of the dirt declined pretty fast.

Six to 10 feet lower, there was another hole that went down into the dirt. And past that, the level of the Earth continued to tumble and cascade down, into the valley that overlooked a high mountain in the distance.

What I intuited, all in a flash, was that the rains had come down, coursing down the dirt road, and they had not damaged the surface of the road. But when they got to that hole there, at the top, beside the road, they had filled it up with mud.

I saw the man standing, with sorrow in his heart. I saw not his face, but his foot, with a hiking or running shoe … the kind with the tread on it … stamping down into the firm but damp Earth.

I could see, when he removed his foot, where the sole of his shoe had been; you know how, sometimes you can see tracks of hikers, in the mountains when you walk, or on the beach? Like that.

And the feeling that I got was that maybe 16 people lay buried in that place … that there was an underground chamber there, that had filled with water. And mud had come down, and prevented them from getting out.

The chamber had collapsed. There were some women and children, along with the men there. And they had all died during the rains.

This person who knew about their place, their home in the Earth, had stopped by and heard them, he said. He had heard them crying out, from deep in the Earth, and saying that the water had slowly risen up, inside the dugout, and that they could not get away. And then … he said … their cries stopped.

That was the end of that terrible sequence of dreams, which I vividly remember still, and am attempting to figure out. I am sorry to say that sometimes the prophet does not have the answer, I guess.

. . . . .

“Prayer for Homeless and the Homed”
by Alice B. Clagett
13 January 2018

I pray for all those who live in the mountains,
who have homes burrowed into the Earth,
all over California.

I pray that they may be safe;
that they have enough to eat;
and that they should have happy and fulfilled lives,
just as might all beings everywhere.

I pray that this may be so.

. . . . .


For me, this vision is a heads up that much needs to be done, all over the world, for the disadvantaged peoples of Earth.

God bless you all, and keep you safe, and give you all that you need for a happy and fulfilled life on Earth.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 13 January 2018; transcribed on 15 October 2018; revised on 23 March 2023


Link: “Dugout (shelter),” in English Wikipedia … ..

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