The Lion’s Roar: Why Kill? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 18 July 2017

    • Crime Ratiocination by Murderers
      1. Enjoys Seeing the Spirit Depart from the Body
      2. Their Faces Relax – He Brings Them Peace
      3. He Likes to See Them Writhe on the Ground
      4. She Likes to Hear Them Beg for Mercy
      5. She Likes the Feel of Cash in Her Hands
      6. He Likes Rifling Through Their Pockets
    • Thoughts on Restorative Justice for Murderers, Especially Serial Killers

Dear Ones,

I asked some folks on the astral plane why they like to kill. Here are the unexpectable answers I clairly heard. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On the psychic plane, I just asked a bunch of people who like to kill people, why it is they like to kill. My notion is, if we understood better, why people want to kill, then we could work with that in terms of spiritual healing. I got a lot of answers … very interesting answers.

Crime Ratiocination by Murderers

  1. Enjoys Seeing the Spirit Depart from the Body. One gentleman said that he liked to see the light come out of the person’s body when they die; he liked to see that show of light coming out. I guess he meant the Spirit of the person? Or maybe the astral form? Probably the light of the Soul coming out. Anyway, that Is what he saw … I think he said he liked to observe people dying. Yeah, that Is how it was; not necessarily killing them.
  2. Their Faces Relax – He Brings Them Peace. Then another person said that he liked to see a person die because then their face relaxed, and he figured that they were at peace. So he figured, I guess … i Am putting words in his mouth right now … I guess he figured that he was bringing them peace by killing them.
  3. He Likes to See Them Writhe on the Ground. Then another guy said he liked to see them writhe around on the ground; he enjoyed that.
  4. She Likes to Hear Them Beg for Mercy. And then, a lady said that she liked to hear them beg for mercy.
  5. She Likes the Feel of Cash in Her Hands. Let me see… And another lady said she just liked the feel of cash in her hands after she killed them … I think she was talking about killing people in old folks’ homes for their families, and their families would give her $20 grand for each murder … Although she did not say that, I just thought that … it was an intuitive thing.
  6. He Likes Rifling Through Their Pockets. Then somebody else chimed in that they liked killing people because then they enjoyed rifling through their pockets for cash … I guess they mean their wallet, or like that?

And that seems like the more expectable response, does it not? It is what people think is the motive: Maybe money. And sometimes they say ‘crimes of passion’ … but nobody answered that way … although that is a frequent MO (modus operandi) in the detective novels. Let me see … Who else said something?

  1. He Likes That His Employer Feels He Does Good Work. Then one man said that he liked that his employer was satisfied with the work he had done, after he had killed someone. So, he was pleased to fulfill the expectations of his employer.
  2. She Likes the Feeling That She is a Powerful Woman. Oh, yes, there was a lady; she kills by injecting people with drugs so it seems to be a drug overdose. She said she liked to feel the feeling that she was a powerful woman.
  3. The Man Who Carved Patterns in the Legs of Dead Children in a Trance State. So, let me see: Anybody else? I talked to a whole bunch of people, one after the other … Oh, there is a guy … he likes to cut up \ young girls, prepubescent girls, and carve intricate things into their bodies (I think he meant he carved patterns on the skin of their legs). And he didn’t have anything to say about why he did that. It is almost like he goes into a trance state when he does that. So he had no response about it.
  4. The Man Who Relives Being Molested and Threatened with Death as a Child. And there is another guy who likes to ‘off’ young children. He likes to kill young children after sexually molesting them. He said he likes to see that moment when he was sexually molested as a child flash through his mind and be done with, every time he does that. So, he was molested, and injured, actually, I think, in some other way than being killed, obviously. But it must have felt like death to him; so he is reliving that childhood incident that was so traumatic to him, and getting it over with.
  5. Blood Sacrifice as a Sacrament to Celebrate the Renascence of Life. Yet another: I asked about the people that participated in blood sacrifice … the killing of women for black magic ceremonies, and a man said that they enjoyed doing that, I guess … [Q: Do you enjoy doing that? A: yes] …  they enjoy doing that as a sacrament to celebrate the renascence of life. That is how they said it …

Thoughts on Restorative Justice for Murderers, Especially Serial Killers

And all in the space of a couple of minutes, I got all those responses. They are very varied; very different from the motive that they say in the detective novels. So I am suggesting that maybe the people who work with murderers … say, in the prisons, or like that … might want to ask that question:

Why is it that you like to do that? … especially with the serial killer. And then, work with that response, in the ways that only you know how to. I am sure you will come up with the answers.

This is Alice, signing off in the Lion’s Gate (which will be August 8, 2017) with a kind of a lion-roaring message.

You all take care. Love you lots. I hope you find joy in your lives.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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