The Lilith Mental Filter . by Alice B. Clagett


Image: “Hester Prynne & Pearl Before the Stocks,” from “The Scarlet Letter,” 1878, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Hester Prynne & Pearl Before the Stocks,” from “The Scarlet Letter,” 1878, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

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Dear Ones,

The Lilith Mental Filter involves the male notion that women … or more often, ONE woman (scarlet letter!) … is to blame for their thoughts about sexual desire. So, very prevalent in the noosphere right now: Men blaming women for their own sexual urges. Like women’s right to speak, this is an issue that has been resolved in law, but apparently the energy threads have yet to be transformed in the noosphere.

In astral chat, I frequently encounter husband-wife teams that work with the Lilith Mental Filter like this (in deep subconscious): The husband wants to acquire more female sexual liaisons. He mind controls the wife subconsciously, as this is the cultural ‘blind’ into which Earth has sunk.

When a husband finds another woman astrally, he says to his wife: My wife, woo her!

… and the wife says: _____ [name of the other woman], love me!

Schematically, it looks like this: M2F2F. For the husband, this keeps the wife in the loop, as she has a role to play. It keeps him out of trouble, as he can say: It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it! … And it saddles the second woman with some trouble, as rising to this sexual prompt, which flows the husband’s sexual energy through the wife’s sexual chakra, and on to the third woman, introduces female-female (F2F) sexual energy into the third woman’s sexual chakra.

  • In other words, this chat on the astral plane is turning women to other women for sexual gratification.
  • This then leaves the husband ‘at loose ends’ … which may have contributed to the prominent noospheric energy thread of men jacking off men … M2M …. (which see, under Patriarchal Domination, below).
  • A further consequence: The third woman, the Lilith, views the husband as dishonest and untrustworthy, because she is being tricked into sexual liaison with the wife, when her true interest lies in a separate and unique husband-wife relationship in which she is the wife.
  • Yet another consequence: The wife develops a feeling of domination over the second woman, the Lilith. This dominance theme prevents true intimacy among women, as they war with each other for what might be termed ‘first wife’ status with the husband.
  • Thus, on the subconscious plane, there is a chat program in place globally, you could call it the “Male –> Female –> Female sexual chat program” … that is turning women to women, and men to men for sexual expression. At the same time, it is turning women against women. As well, the Patriarchal Domination mental filter (described below) is causing outright war by men against women. So in essence, the woman of today has nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide, on the astral plane.

When a second woman is targeted for the Lilith role on the clair plane, the above-described, deeply subconscious husband-wife black magic sexual thought process can be heard over and over again, incessantly, like rapid-fire bullets from a double barrel sexual shotgun, on the astral plane.

For myself, I have found there will be no waking couples up to this deep river of subconscious sexual discourse … not until the mental filter is close to being resolved. My advice to a woman so targeted, is to align completely with the Will, the Heart, and the Mind of God … to cling to God and God consciousness; for in this instance, there is no other recourse.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 30 May 2016, revised on 14 March 2023


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