The Child with the Rock . by Alice B. Clagett

    • Astral Story about a Boy Who Threw a Rock
    • Soul Wounding and Psychological Projection
    • On Being Aware of the Tendency to Act Out Early Soul Wounding in One’s Adult Life
    • The Inclination to ‘Act Out’ in One’s Adult Life Is Really the Soul’s Attempt to Resolve Early Soul Wounding
      • Acting Out Rage Against Women
      • On Cross-Dressing and Acting Out the Father’s Genital Mutilation or Child Murder Role in Later Life
    • Second-Tier Karmic Flow-Through of Acting Out Based on Early Childhood Soul Wounding

Dear Ones,

This is an astral story of early childhood Soul wounding and the inclination to act out in adult life by a process called ‘projection’ in Psychology. This is the process to be fought and subdued, as the Incoming Light continues to transform our beautiful planet Earth, and each of her beings. An edited Summary follows the video; text in green font was not in the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Astral Story about a Boy Who Threw a Rock

I have a Soul wounding fable to tell you about a young boy. I have discussed it a little before. The astral story goes like this: There was a young boy who was first learning about orgasm. He lived in a rural area, and he went out into a meadow. His little sister, who idolized him, followed him, but he did not want her around. He tried to get her to go away, but she would not go away, and so he picked up a rock and hit her on the head with it.

His intention was to get her to cry and to leave, but unfortunately the blow knocked her out, and she fell on a rock and it killed her. He tried to wake her up. He could not believe that she was dead. Then he went and told his father. In a fit of anger, his father took a butcher knife and cut his penis off.

Soul Wounding and Psychological Projection

What happened there was a typical instance of Soul wounding in the third dimension. Extreme Soul wounding. The young boy was in such shock at what his father did that he fell into a state of post-traumatic stress disorder, a state of overwhelmingly immense fear.

But he couldn’t blame the incident on his father, because his father had done this horrible thing to him. And he needed to obey his father and honor his father to prevent his father from actually continuing on and mutilating him more and killing him.

So instead, he projected his extreme upset over that incident … his rage and anger over that incident … onto his younger sister who was already dead.

The Inclination to ‘Act Out’ in One’s Adult Life Is Really the Soul’s Attempt to Resolve Early Soul Wounding

Acting Out Rage Against Women. Then in later life, he had a feeling of fear and rage towards women … what you might call a ‘crossed-wires’ rage, that had to do with projection of those emotions. Actually and originally, he felt fear and upset over a man in authority, and then it became ‘once removed’ … to fear and upset over women.

In later life, he felt it more comfortable to have intimate relationships with men than with women. (It could also be that relations with women might be difficult because of the genital wounding.) And when he saw women alone, in a meadow or wilderness place, he had an urge to kill them. It was as if his Soul was repeating this early childhood accident and trying to make better sense of it, and to come to a resolution of the Soul wounding that had occurred.

This does happen, quite frequently, that people continue to play out portions of early childhood, very deep and severe Soul wounding incidents, in an attempt to bring them to their conscious attention, and to resolve it.

On Cross-Dressing and Acting Out the Father’s Genital Mutilation or Child Murder Role in Later Life. This astral story might also play out as the desire to genitally mutilate young boys, or to murder them, if the man who had this early childhood trauma were to act out the early story as if he were his own father.

It might also play out as genital mutilation of adult men, particularly if the young man has assumed a female role in adult life. This, I guess, has to do with the societal expectation that the young man, now a woman, will take male lovers, and the early PTSD experience of overwhelming fear of the father, because of the act that occurred.

So then, when the opportunity to have intimate relations with a man came up, the Soul wounding scenario would begin to surface from the subconscious mind. The energy behind the repression of the memory, as it threatened to release from the subconscious to the conscious mind, might cause the man … now a woman in the eyes of the world … to flip personas to the omnipotent, genitally mutilating father, so as to re-repress the emergent fear.

Second-Tier Karmic Flow-Through of Acting Out Based on Early Childhood Soul Wounding 

There is a further elaboration that sometimes occurs on this type of story, where a person tends to repeat a violent act that occurred in early childhood, but knows the social and legal consequences of such an act. So he may convince others … friends, for instance … to carry out this act for him in the name of friendship. That is what I call a second-tier karmic occurrence: When, from the first tier of karma, karma flows down into a tier of acquaintances or friends.

So there is that story. And I am sure that this story has a solution coming up very soon … some time this year, I feel … for all those who have been so deeply wounded.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 24 March 2017; published on 3 April 2017; revised on 26 March 2023


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