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School . a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 2 July 2018

Dear Ones,

Here is a new poem by me …

. . . . .

A poem by Alice B. Clagett
2 July 2018


What bookish notion schools a bairn
rapt, like a crayfish by a languid bourne?

What did that crawdad ever learn,
that it knew not on finding form?

How, in fact, shall I take in
all the beings that I am?

How frisk the veil of by and by
where tens on tens of folks be I ?

— one just borning and the next full grown
— one soft cocooning, in carnation’s womb
one swift careening through an astral gloom
turning, hand outstretched, to angelic lumen

Now regal male decked rough, reared up full wild
Now just past childhood mother cradling her own child

Guerrero here, there carpenter or nun
Pagan, Christian, wondering One
Trying, falling, free, then bound
yearning, spurning, missing, found!

How may we reckon age or race or wealth?
How learn the weight of wisdom of our Self?

How find a mooring in this place, that time
when placeless timeless Hearts toward God incline?

He is the flower of the Soul
His the enthralling, star-spanned role
His is the basket that all lives enspline
He is the teacher, He the rhyme

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Mental Stories and Physical Sensation . by Alice B. Clagett

Recorded on 30 April 2015; published on 7 May 2015; revised on 13 June 2018

Dear Ones,

Here is an audio track recorded in Hawaii in May of 2015. The recording is about astral communication, mental stories, and physical sensation. How our minds create the illusion of cause and effect. What the world ‘really’ looks like. After the audio track is a Summary; text in green font is not in the audio cast …




Good Morning, Everyone.

I’m going to begin on a topic that most likely is going to require some future development. It’s a very promising topic.

I was sitting in kirtan last night … Krishna Das’s kirtan www.krishnadas.com and before that, a wonderful performance of Hawaiian ceremonies by Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao … hula and drumming. [sound of myna birds chirping]

So I was sitting in kirtan, and I was being bothered by dialogue. It was mostly emotion-laden dialogue, that I didn’t mentally approve of, between me and other people not there.

I got to thinking about a passage in Arthur Powell’s book ‘The Astral Body’ …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965

And one of the things that they said was that, when we feel something in our body … a sensation … either we feel something, or kinesthetically feel something, or see something … some sensory input … just before that, the instant before that, the mental mind has the ability to begin with a story … a narrative … in response to the sensory stimulus that is about to occur.

When I read that I realized that the stories that have been playing out in my mental mind on the astral plane [4D] in the last few years, in conjunction with other people’s emotional body responses … call and response … these stories arise from sensations in my body.

So during a kirtan [one of Krishna Das’s sacred chanting performances], what I tried, with an amazing effect, was to feel the sensation in my body, and notice the story arising, and stick with the sensation in my body instead of turning my attention to the train of thought thus engendered.

So what happened then, without the train of thought … I could vaguely feel the kinesthetics … the movement of energy in my brain from the thought train … or elsewhere. It could be anywhere. It could be in my throat chakra. It could be in any of my chakras or any place in my body, that the thought was expressing itself. Or in my auric field. But I kept my attention on the swirling of energy in my auric egg, instead of on the cause and effect, the call and response, of the mental world.

And what happened was, first, my visual input changed, and I couldn’t really distinguish objects in the usual way … on the stage, for instance. Everything became kind of jumbled up, disorganized. Actually, just like the swirling colors of my auric body, everything that I saw was constantly changing and melding.

So what I’m thinking is that this step into the kinesthetic … into the actual sensory stimulus, and away from the train of thought, is a step through a Veil. From the mental body, into the astral world. So I suggest trying it, because the mental body is like a net of cause and effect that constrains our perception of the truth, of true reality. It’s rather Zen-like. I think many realizations await this kind of meditative endeavor. We’ll see.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Citation: “Instantaneous Egoic Dramatization vs Astral Stories vs Co-Creation of New Life on New Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, finished on 10 June 2018; begun 30 April 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5UF ..

Link: Krishna Das, www.krishnadas.com ..

Link: Lei’ohu Ryder, http://www.leiohuryder.com/ ..

Video: “Attachment to ‘Other People” by SatsangWithMooji, published on 8 May 8 2011, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfqNRqJ-iMI ..


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Emerging from the Astral Shell . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised on 10 June 2018; originally published on 29 July 2015

Dear Ones,

For some years now, I’ve been clair hearing folks conversing, in their astral bodies. They sound so emotional, so negative, so socially unacceptable! They identify themselves as folks I know. Yet when I call these people up, or email them, the tenor of the conversation, the quality of the thoughts and emotions, is completely different. Upbeat. Logical. Socially acceptable.

What gives? I used to think.

I tried theory after theory. Finally came up with the notion that people quite naturally carry on conversations together in the astral plane (aka the feeling world, the world of emotions, the dreamtime realm) all day long. But, their logical minds and their physical brains don’t know it.

Further, I feel, our astral bodies contain all our repressed, socially unacceptable ‘thought forms’. These are encapsulated by an energy barrier or shield (to prevent our expressing them and being socially ostracized).

They are tiny, furious thought forms that really want out of this barrier. They want to express themselves. They want to be free. And specifically, they want to be loved by their creator … our own beautiful heart. Our own vast Soul field. Barring that, they’ll express themselves to anyone else who is listening in on the clair plane.

So now, my human logical mind goes on to wonder, why is this happening? I came up with the theory that the astral body is somehow barred off from participating in the full life of the physical form. A more expansive energy barrier exists, separating astral matter from physical matter and mental matter. A Veil.

And that, during the Ascension process, in the last few years, the Incoming Light is creating micro wormholes through folks’ Veils, so that they begin to participate in their astral commotion. As these micro wormholes form, they begin hearing the astral conversations. Wondering, like I did, what in tarnation is all this astral commotion about?

And more importantly, the micro-encapsulated repressed energies are beginning to release and resolve into the Soul field. Not globally, necessarily, but first and foremost, unity within our own Soul field.

Yesterday, in my reading, I was very surprised to find Arthur E. Powell describing an ‘Astral Shell’, more or less in terms I had been surmising about. He further offers a direction in which humankind may be headed….

This would be one milepost in our Ascension process, the ‘knowing’ of our astral form while in grounded physical awareness. The ability to switch from physical sensation to astral awareness all in an instant, without the need for the astral body to leave the physical form (as is the case in our dreamtime astral travels).

For the information on the Astral Shell, see “The Astral Body and Other Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, (1) “Chapter VIII: Physical Life,” pp 80-81. 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965


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On Forming Alliances with the Jinn and the Devic Realm . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 12 May 2018


Dear Ones,


In the books that I have from the School of Theosophy, I do not see mention of the Jinn. For instance, in this Table on “The Evolution of Life” from page 44 of Arthur E. Powell’s book “The Solar System.” It gives a general notion how the Devic Kingdom (in the astral realm) and the Human Kingdom (in the physical and astral realms) are side-by-side evolving.

Link: “The Solar System,” by Lieut.-Colonel Arthur E. Powell, 1930, available at www.amazon.com …  Table: “The Evolution of Life,” p. 44 … http://minhtrietmoi.org/Theosophy/Powell/The%20Solar%20System_files/image019.jpg ..

However, I do not see mention of the Jinn. I have read in Wikipedia that the Jinn have both spiritual and physical qualities:

Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎, al-jinn), also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of spirits or demons, depending on source)[1][2] are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. They are not purely spiritual, but also physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and also subject to bodily desires like eating and sleeping. Jinn in Middle Eastern folktales are often depicted as monstrous or magical creatures, however, these depictions are generally considered to be fictional.”-–from “Jinn,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

My own feeling, based on my experience with them in a desert area a few years ago, is that the Jinn exist in the Plane of Forces, the Veil that separates the astral plane from the physical plane; and that, I feel, is why they perplexingly exhibit both physical and spiritual traits. They exist in the borderline world, the twilight zone, between these two regions, and may sally forth, briefly, into either plane.

Image: “Zulqarnayn with the help of some jinn, building the Iron Wall to keep the barbarian Gog and Magog from civilized peoples (16th century Persian miniature)” … from Wikipedia, public domain.

Image: “Zulqarnayn with the help of some jinn, building the Iron Wall to keep the barbarian Gog and Magog from civilized peoples (16th century Persian miniature)” … from Wikipedia, public domain.

Here is a good explanation of how the Jinn (aka Djinn) are born, eat, get married, have children, and die, live in tribes. It explains they are invisible to us, most of the time; nor can they have children with humans as spouses, and study Islam  They live very long; for centuries. They can shapeshift. Apparently, the evil variety of Jinn … known as Ifrit or Marid or Afrit … are traditionally called upon by black magicians whose human clients offer them money in exchange for evil deeds … Deeds that the magicans accomplish by summoning the Jinn. Some such deeds might be the placing of a curse, or to break up a marriage. Jinn also helped King Solomon in war. Here is the text …

Link: “How Did King Solomon Employ the Jinn in Bible Versus Quran?”  …  http://www.streetdirectory.com/etoday/how-did-king-solomon-employ-the-jinn-in-bible-versus-quran-ulwopo.html ..

I feel the black magicians also sometimes ask the Jinn to plague a person with a feeling of astral rape, or cause them to fall in love with a phantom (a ‘demon lover’ … which may, in truth, be a Jinn).

I would add that, while humans can summon them, and petition them for favors, in exchange for favors the humans can give, the outcome of such bargains is not necessarily as favorable as the humans hope.

Islam calls the summoning of the Jinn to do evil a very great sin, and I heartily concur. Than which, there is no worse on Earth.


On to the good jinn …


Text in green font is not in the soundtrack.

So here is a question: Are the Jinn allies of humankind, and co-creators of Earth? Or are they the enemies of humankind, trying to lord it over us? Can we co-exist through an interspecies alliance?

You may recall, in the days of King Solomon, that he formed an alliance with Jinn, so as to reinforce his army. And the karma that that created carried down through the ages.

Now the jinn, what they gained from that, since they’re a desert people, was less people in the deserts they care to inhabit. And King Solomon, what he gained from that, was more power over the people in his area.

But could it be that this Distortion of Power affects both the jinn and the humans, and that the very real possibility of a friendly alliance exists? I feel this to be true. I feel that the distortions of light of the fourth dimension are causing this misalignment that causes Power Over for both the jinn and humankind.


This can be seen, also, with regard to nature spirits, especially in urban environments … where the Demonic Realm is capable of casting curses upon the nature spirits …. so that they are ‘balled up’ or intertwined like hairpins, or wires, in our etheric net, causing what is called samskaras.

This, of course, is according to the plan of God, to aid us in our free will choice to experience duality. But it also causes great pain and duality on Earth. So, as the energies clear, the nature spirits will be freed of this burden of creating samskaric, or distortion-of-the-Light features in our Bodies of Light.


As the Ascension continues, the nature spirits of the Devic Realm will become more and more our friends, and not so much on the defensive against humankind. We ourselves can assist in this by freeing the nature spirits. All we have to do is say: You are free! Go where you will! … and they will be freed of the curses set down upon them by the Demon Realm.

We can also offer blessings to the young jinn in our energy vortices … offer them the blessing of enjoying the ride of the energies … and of perfecting those energies … so that our Bodies of Light will clear.

So then, as the Ascension continues, and peace on Earth is established, there will be other places for the Demonic Realm to go. They may, in fact, just be transformed by the Light to Source, as having no more work here.

And then, as we become more adept at interspecies communication, especially on the astral realm, we will begin to have a care for the habitats of the jinn, which are the deserts … and we will avoid placing human habitation there. After all, in the deserts, human habitation is difficult. But for the jinn, it’s the perfect thing. So we’ll begin to have a care for their continued existence.

And as to the nature spirits, they will be no longer enslaved to the Demonic Realm. So they can pursue the plan of the Devas that oversee them, for the perfection of natural forces here on Earth … for the perfection of Earth herself.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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A Short-Sighted Demon Elimination Technique . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 31 October 2015; republished on 20 March 2018; revised on 29 July 2018

    •  “An Angel and a Devil Fighting for the Soul of a Child,” by Giacinto Gimignani,
    • “Imaginary portrait of the Marquis de Sade Surrounded by Devils (engraving),” by H. Biberstein
    • Mind Control Techniques Used to Demonize a ‘Host’ or ‘Donkey’ or ‘Victim’
      • “Sacred and Profane Love,” by Giovanni Baglione
    • Introduction of Anger or Rage into the ‘Host’ Person
    • The Transgender Ex-Felon Astral Story
    • Prohibition of Spiritual Practices through Mind Control or Hypnosis
    • Hooking the ‘Host’ Person on Drugs and Infecting Them with HIV
      • “Psychosis,” a painting by Amber Christian Osterhout 
    • Getting the ‘Host’ Person to ‘Act Out’ the ‘Unpardonable Act’
    • The Intention of the Black Magic Practitioner towards the ‘Host’ Person
    • “The Temptation of Christ,” by Ary Scheffer
    • “An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory,” by Annibale Carracci
    • “Light Painting / Cloud Trails,” by Brian Tomlinson
    • “Rock on Beach,” Mahbubur Rahman
    • “The Day of Judgment,” 1805, one of William Blake’s watercolour
      illustrations for Robert Blair’s poem “The Grave,”
    • Levitation May Indicate Demonic Obsession in Some Instances

Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” –KJV, public domain

Dear Ones,

One of our common failures, as human beings, after we descend through the Veil of Forgetfulness and into an incarnation, is shortness of vision. We see things, we think about solutions, without taking into consideration the Big Picture. Which is certainly understandable, considering the nature of the Veil of Forgetfulness.

Here’s one example: Let’s say, we’re a gifted Spiritual Adept, and we need to make a living. We’re casting about for the possibilities. There are lots of folks with money and fame in the world today, who aren’t living the most perfectly spiritual lifestyles. Which makes sense, since their motive in this lifetime is pursuit of money and fame….

So what happens when we turn away from our Soul Mission, maybe don’t even give our Soul a second thought, much less a daily listen? When we turn away from our hearts, to (as Christ used to say) ‘the things of the world’?


I’ve spoken in past about the way this Duality Play was set up…. The Elohim needed to give our courageously volunteering Souls theretofore unheard-of choices between the Light and the Dark, their intention being to advance our Soul Evolution quickly, through the school of hard knocks. So how were they to provide these choices?

They settled on a higher dimensional Duality Play between races of nonhuman beings that were very dark by nature, and other races of nonhuman beings that were very light by nature. Human beings, in their astral or emotional body aspects, were to be capable of receiving instruction from whichever races of beings they chose to listen to, moment to moment.

And so, Earth was designed as a Free Will Planet, a school for humankind, and the teachers were quite different in aspect, but all were teachers…. Team Light, for instance, includes the Devic Realm, the devas, nature spirits and elementals. It also includes the Angels and Archangels, beings of pure light who are always at the ready to uplift Earth and humankind. To advance Soul Evolution through these teachers, one need only align heart, mind and will with them. In that way the Soul will be refined … through right alignment, right thinking, and right action.


Image: “An Angel and a Devil Fighting for the Soul of a Child,” by Giacinto Gimignani, first half of 17th century, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “An Angel and a Devil Fighting for the Soul of a Child,” by Giacinto Gimignani, first half of 17th century, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Team Dark, on the other hand, includes rather prominently the Demon Hordes. Big bother. Those humans who chose to listen to these Lords of Karma learn their Soul Lessons by means of the Law of Karma.


Let me offer a scenario: A human decides to live a life of sadistic hedonism. He will rape, maim, torture and kill as many human beings as possible… This is quite a bold choice in the Duality Play. His intention is to align as completely as possible with the astral Demon Hordes while in human form.

As such a person begins to experience Ascension and becomes aware of the astral plane, he will quite naturally begin to notice the Demon Hordes hovering around him. What is he to do?


Image: “Imaginary portrait of the Marquis de Sade Surrounded by Devils (engraving),” by H. Biberstein, French School, (18th century) / Private Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library, 1912, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain (PD-scan)

Image: “Imaginary portrait of the Marquis de Sade Surrounded by Devils (engraving),” by H. Biberstein, French School, (18th century) / Private Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library, 1912, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain (PD-scan)

Enter the aforementioned Spiritual Adept. This savvy person, for instance, might have run an ad in the proper places: “Demon Elimination … $2000.” Quite naturally, the gentleman of fame and fortune, who is plagued by the constant vision of demons, might bite.

And it works! The demons are gone for awhile…. But in a month or so they come back. And this equates to a monthly Demon Elimination fee; very good news for the Spiritual Adept.


Segue to the Psychic Plane, aka the Astral Plane, the Land of Dreams. What has the Spiritual Adept actually done on the Psychic Plane to achieve the Demon Elimination process? The technique is to ‘go astral’ (into astral form), and use a black magic formula to remove the demons from the Client and attach them to someone else.

Mind Control Techniques Used to Demonize a ‘Host’ or ‘Donkey’ or ‘Victim’. Attempts will be made to weaken a potential ‘host’ or ‘donkey’ or ‘victim’ through the black magic techniques of mind control, psychic rape, implantation of false memories of incest or slaying of one’s mother in childhood, and either astral or physical acts of rectal intercourse (which tend to weaken the astral energy flow through the spine). For more on this, see …

Link: “Unconscious Symbolism: Four Metaphors,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 April 2016, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-51h ..

Image: “Sacred and Profane Love,” by Giovanni Baglione, 1602, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/Baglione.jpg … in Wikimedia Commons … public domain .. This painting is suggestive of pederasty, or sexual desire by a man for a boy.

Introduction of anger or rage into the ‘host’ person is always helpful. One way of doing this is psychic surgery between the second and third chakras, which renders a person impotent and introduces fear of death. Genital mutilation on the physical plane is a similar technique.

The Transgender Ex-Felon Astral Story. There is a more complex astral story about hiring men who are ex-felons (for which the employer get an IRS tax credit). These ex-felons, it seems from the astral stories, are likely to have been sodomized and to have contracted HIV in prison; these experiences and their health condition have weakened their energy fields.

The story goes that they are tied down to the demon realm thusly: They are drugged, and subjected to transgender surgery, including removal of their genitals. So then the result is a person who has been transformed, against his will, to an attractive person of the opposite gender, and who has no way to ejaculate. His sexual urges, thus pent up inside him, turn into a fury of sexual rage, and seek release through serial killing in a sexual context.

As this story goes, these men are turned by the black magician toward sodomy, drug use, drug trafficking, and sex work. As the ‘hosts’ lack genitalia, the sex work will be rectal intercourse (which weakens their kundalini, the main energy channel of the spine) or else oral intercourse. It is likely to involve sadomasochism, including ‘cowboy sex’ (sex at gunpoint, undertaken by the client for increased excitement), dominance-submission, bondage, and so forth.

This sex work, which will gratify the client but not the sex worker, increases the worker’s sexual urge and sexual rage. To express this rage, he (now physically expressed as she) may kidnap children and torture them to death; or, working at night, he may jump and kill men or women. On the astral plane, cases of cannibalism have also been noted. This is quite an astral story, combining as it does, all the traditional ‘buy-ins’ to the demon realm.

Prohibition of Spiritual Practices through Mind Control or Hypnosis. Prohibition of the repetition of God’s name, as well as prohibition of feeling or following one’s heart, and of entry into churches, of the wearing of spiritual symbols, of the keeping of spiritual pictures and books in the home, are also encouraged through fear-based mind control, psychic humiliation and ‘crowd control’ techniques based on putative societal expectations.

Hooking the ‘Host’ Person on Drugs and Infecting Them with HIV. One theme is to get the ‘host’ hooked on drugs. Yet another theme is induction of HIV either astrally or physically, so as to permanently compromise their understanding of the physical body as the temple of God’s grace and love, the Divine gift to humankind.

See “Psychosis,” a painting by Amber Christian Osterhout … from an article on demonic possession: http://www.shannonrose.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/psychosis.jpg ..

Getting the ‘Host’ Person to ‘Act Out’ the ‘Unpardonable Act’. Also of interest: inducing the ‘host’ to ‘act out’ the ‘unpardonable act’ … this is some act of violence that makes them unacceptable in the eyes of the world. This is typically accomplished (according to the astral visions I’ve had) by introduction of a drug into their physical system, and then obsessing them, and forcing them to an act of violence such as rape or murder. If they cannot be induced to such an ‘initiatory’ act, then that is tough going for the black magic practitioner.

And this is why I often admonish: “Don’t Act Out!” It’s very important for each of us humans to pursue the course of right action, dharmic action, in the world. Much can be made of our slipups in this regard, and that most clearly not to our advantage….

The intention of the black magic practitioner towards the ‘host’ person, is to degrade the quality of the astral matter so as to make it an acceptable vicinity to the Demon Hordes (which can’t stand the bright light of Ascension). One visualization that the Spiritual Adept would have is of dragging the ‘host’ down to Hell, with demons all around them feeding on the radiance of their Soul.


The Temptation of Christ Ary Scheffer, 1854

Image: “The Temptation of Christ,” by Ary Scheffer, 1854, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “The Temptation of Christ,” by Ary Scheffer, 1854, from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

When a ‘host’ doesn’t know what’s going on, this sort of situation might appear hopeless. Especially if they don’t know a thing about the Demon Hordes, have no conception of black magic, and just want to spend their time on Earth having faith in God, being kind to everyone, and doing good works, for instance. Such a ‘host’ might feel ‘dragged down into the depths,’ but just not know the why and wherefore.

If the spiritual person persists in living clean, loving God and doing good works, then despite this dire scenario, his astral matter will become refined again, and so the Demons brought and attached to him by the Spiritual Adept will, in a matter of weeks or months, fly off … gravitate back to human beings whose astral matter is coarsened by their life decisions.

This process can be shortened, by the ‘host’ in the know, by simply saying out loud: “You are free! Go where you want!” (see “Free the Demons!” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-340 )

This command apparently works because demons prefer to be free. They want to go where they want to go. They don’t want to be bound down by human beings. No more so than nature spirits … but that’s another story.


What can the demon-elimination Client expect as the years go by? From my study of Theosophy I can posit: First, as his acts of sadistic hedonism (or the like) continue, he can expect further coarsening of his astral matter. The coarseness of his astral matter, when he dies, will determine the level of the hellworld to which he sinks on the astral plane. The coarser his astral matter, the more unpleasant will be the hellworld experience.


Image: “An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory,” by Annibale Carracci , from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory,” by Annibale Carracci , from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Keep in mind that the demon world proudly proclaims its ability to teach humankind and to further Soul Evolution. This is the logic behind their nom de plume ‘Lords of Karma’. In their parlance, the hellworlds are a learning experience ‘for your own good’… which might explain why I had such an aversion to that phrase in my childhood … or maybe not….

And so, according to the Theosophical Society school of thought … which I find compelling … Clients can anticipate with a degree of certainty, the educational aspects of the fires of hell. Followed by a long period of Soul Schooling on the astral plane. And then, reincarnation, during which the samskaras of past lifetimes would once more come into play.


Now I know that, in past, Spiritual Adepts sometimes offer the Client the option of ‘body snatching’ by astral displacement as death occurs (or shortly thereafter). The appeal here is the notion of putting off the day of judgment, and the likely possibility of an unappealing visit to the hellworlds.

This body snatching offer requires that the Spiritual Adept cultivate another person …  a ‘host’ body … for later use by the Client. For those not in the know, this entails the Spiritual Adept driving out the ‘host’s’ astral body so that the Client’s astral body can enter the ‘host’ body.

Such hosts might be kept physically near by the Spiritual Adept, in a state of being drugged, mind controlled, and most likely sexually abused. But in an otherwise buff physical state. Ready and at hand, as it were, to be ‘stepped into’ by the Client at the moment of death.

There are astral stories floating round regarding the Souls of ‘hosts’ fleeing in dismay their astrally degraded human form.  Of the ability of Spiritual Adepts to capture and enslave Souls that flee the body in this manner, and enhance their own power thusly.

I know of no foundation in astral fact for these stories. My feeling is, such a Soul, in such an instance, would quickly flee from the physical vicinity of its still-living body, dip for a while into the hellworlds as it re-experienced the agony of the just-past lifetime, then settle into the purgatory planes while its astral matter returned to the level it held before the obsessive incidents began. At least, that is my view of the outcome, should such an event occur….

It seems more likely to me that the Soul of a frequently obsessed person would hover protectively near the body. The trouble being that repeated acts of obsession by the Spiritual Adept, perpetrated on the near-at-hand ‘hosts’ … and resulting in ‘virtual’ acts of violence by the ‘host’ body … would offer great satisfaction to the obsessing Spiritual Adept … and so might, in time, become more and more frequent.

This would put the ‘host’ body in danger from law enforcement authorities, who could hardly be expected to understand the true nature of the trouble. In point of fact, the Souls of persons so obsessed are so saddened by the acts of violence unwillingly committed by their bodies, that one cannot but feel the utmost compassion for them.

So now, back to the physical: The psychological aspect of the obsessed body would present as psychosis, foul speech, repetitive dark nonsense phrases or rhymes, demonic possession, and complete divorce from reality, with the ‘flying in’ of violent psychic presences and the acting out of repeated senseless acts of violence by the ‘host’.

There would, in this extreme instance, be no ‘thinking mind’ within the human form. The eyes would be vacant… The movements of the body would be directed by unseen forces beyond and around the physical body (sometimes accompanied by sporadic fluttering of a body part, such as a finger twitch … which are occasionally concominant with, but not singly indicative of obsession).

In such a case, the obsessing Spiritual Adept, or his group, might decide to end the life of the ‘host’ and ‘start fresh’, as it were, possibly with the body of a good looking but spiritually low or depraved homeless man, a runaway child, or another person with marginal societal rights and options.


Image: “Light Painting / Cloud Trails,” by Brian Tomlinson, https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian_tomlinson/9734092331 … This is an image of a skateboard ramp with graffiti on it, and a vibrantly electric sky.

There are astral stories floating about, to the effect that ‘host’ cultivation techniques and permanent astral displacement have been successfully utilized in times of yore, at least for a while, and perhaps in some cases with permanent Soul substitution (or ‘walk-in’). I can’t attest to the veracity of this; for me, it’s only the gossip that I hear on the Psychic Plane.

Image: “Rock on Beach,” Mahbubur Rahman, https://i1.wp.com/www.escapeintolife.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/20090609223439_img_3567454_hdr-e1336772048170.jpg?resize=600%2C386 … This is a photograph of a sandy beach with a smooth surf and a big rock at surfline in the distance. The sky looks like clouds are streaming toward the rock. Here is more art by Mahbubur Rahman: http://www.escapeintolife.com/artist-watch/mahbubur-rahman/ .. 

I do know this, though: Since the 2012 Shift, such things are no longer possible. Not on this Planet. And that is because the lowest grades of the astral matter of all Earth have been refined by the Incoming Light to such an extent that our human astral forms can no longer be sufficiently degraded for this kind of astral displacement to take place. And for the same reason, the experience of sadistic hedonism is becoming less and less enjoyable to those of such inclination….

The very likely experiential possibilities for the Gnarly after death, in the current scenario of Ascended Earth, are placement in the hellworlds of another planetary environment where the extremes of duality can be experienced, or absorption by Source. These and any other available choices will be offered at the moment of death, or soon thereafter… Keeping in mind that the Duality Play has been constructed for our own Soul learning, and in no way as a ‘crime and punishment’ scenario.


Spiritual Adepts, and groups of Spiritual Adepts, that, for the sake of cash flow for their organizations, delay the Soul learning of the Big Players in the area of human darkness, and in so doing facilitate continued acts of violence by the Big Players, and who further attempt to degrade the human experience of ‘hosts’ to a state of enslavement to the demon world, can expect their own astral matter to become more and more coarse during their lifetime. To the point where they and their groups are plagued with demon visitors, and their lives begin to reflect that which they attempt to induce in their unwilling ‘hosts’.

Their prospects after death are like those of their Clients. However, there is the added danger that, since during this lifetime they have participated in Thuggee practices, their astral forms are set to deteriorate to the Elementary state on death. (See the blog categories: Elementaries – astral shells … and … Black magician – subtle sorcerer – thuggee – drukpa (dugpa) – red hat – mantrik


Image: “The Day of Judgment,” 1805, one of William Blake’s watercolour illustrations for Robert Blair’s poem “The Grave,” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “The Day of Judgment,” 1805, one of William Blake’s watercolour
illustrations for Robert Blair‘s poem “The Grave,” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain


I found this subject matter too dark for my liking. I hope this discussion suffices, so that it will not be necessary to take up the topic at length in future.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Watch Out for The Four-Fold Curse,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 25 January 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8gN ..

Link: “Bidding Our Demons Goodbye,” by Alice B. Clagett, revised; originally published on 8 April 2015https://wp.me/p2Rkym-34a ..

Link: “Activation of Light to Evacuate the Big Bads,” by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett,” http://wp.me/p2Rkym-53P ..

Link: “Activation of Light for Bothersome Demons,” by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-2Ws ..

Link: “Demonic Possession,” by Red Spirit Energy Healing, http://www.red-spirit-energy-healing.com/demonic-possession.html ..

Levitation May Indicate Demonic Obsession in Some Instances

Here is something interesting: A 1598 woodcarving purported to be of a witch trial. Looks like a priest might be presenting the ‘suspect’ with the eucharist? The suspect is levitating and maybe saying ‘demonic’ things? Or maybe they clair saw a demon escaping from his mouth?

What interested me was the levitation … because levitation is sometimes, quite contrarily, considered to be a sign of sainthood. Which, do you think, is true? Or could both possibly be true?


Image: “Woodcut-1598-witch-trial” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “Woodcut-1598-witch-trial” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain 


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Ascension Cautions 3: Discriminating Between Vivid Waking Dreams and Acting Out . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 January 2017

Dear Ones,

This blog describes, with examples, the difficulty in discriminating between very realistic seaming, vivid waking dreams and ‘acting out’ in the physical world during this stage of the Ascension process.

There is an outline before the video, and a slightly spiffed up Summary after it.

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    •  On Figuring Out the Difference Between Vivid Waking Dreams and Acting Out in the Physical World
      • Our Forgotten Timeline Skills
      • How Timeline Optimization Eliminates Acting Out Timelines
      • On Checking Our Astral Plane Experiences Out Against the Physical World
      • How Timeline Merges Can Cause Subtle Changes in the Physical World
      • On Surfing the Timeline Waves in This Time of Renewal
    • Case 1: Parents of Teenage Children
    • Case 2: Grown Children and Their Parents
    • Case 3: Acting Out Because Astral Stories have Convinced Us that Someone Else Is Freaking Out
    • Conclusion: Take a Step in the Physical Realm to Ascertain the True Physical Reality



This summary is lightly edited to make a slightly improved version…


At this point in the Ascension process, one of the difficulties that’s going on, is figuring out the difference between very realistic seeming, vivid waking dreams, and the actual process of acting out in the physical world.

Our Forgotten Timeline Skills

This is because people have forgotten, or are just learning the skills of timeline merges, timeline surfing, and timeline walk-throughs … as well as the same sorts of skills for our newly rediscovered multidimensionality. And so, they’re never really sure if what they’re seeing has ever really happened. It might be happening in a parallel timeline or dimension, for instance.

How Timeline Optimization Eliminates Acting Out Timelines

And so, one of the things that we all need to pick up on is: If it seems that some action has occurred, and which we hope hasn’t occurred … even if we think we did it, it’s very possible that nothing happened, and that we didn’t do it. Or that it happened in an alternate timeline … and then we optimize the timeline. Or in an alternate dimension, and then we optimize the dimension. And therefore, that more untrue, less loving reality no longer exists at all.

On Checking Our Astral Plane Experiences Out Against the Physical World

I know this is hard to conceive of. But the thing to do, especially in times of high light, if we have a very vivid waking dream, is to check the physical world and see what’s so.

How Timeline Merges Can Cause Subtle Changes in the Physical World

The situation is all the more confusing because, as the timelines have been merging lately, one of the phenomena that have been occurring is that things have been appearing and disappearing in the current Awareness timeline. With no particular explanation from the perspective of linear timeline theory, subtle changes occur.

On Surfing the Timeline Waves in This Time of Renewal

From this, I gather we have to learn to just take it as it is, and just surf the waves of timelines and dimensions that are laid out before us.

Right now, things are changing, and everything is new every moment. There will be a few discrepancies as everything dovetails together. But nothing to be too concerned about.


So now, at the beginning of this video, I was talking about the current difficulty in discriminating between vivid waking dreams, otherwise known as astral stories, that are circulating on the clair plane, and instances of physically acting out these stories and these dreams in the real world … what we call the third dimension.

Here’s one instance. The parents of teenage children are stressed out by the incoming light, and they have a sip of wine with dinner. The children keep hearing on the unconscious plane, from their parents: I feel so stressed out! I have to have some alcohol!

So the children, who have never had alcohol before, go find a way to get completely drunk. So there’s a ratcheting up effect happening because of a glom within a nuclear family … The parents just want a little glass of wine at dinner, and the children get completely drunk.

It may happen a time or two before it comes to the parents’ attention. Then the parents may wonder why the children are doing this. But in fact, it’s their own subconscious intention that’s driving the subconscious response of the children.


There’s another instance that has to do with nuclear families: The children are grown and have moved out, but the parents and their offspring are still maintaining contact with each other on the subconscious, astral plane.

The children really look up to the parents, and they’re listening, on the subconscious plane, to what the parents are saying… So the parents become really angry at another person. In their subconscious minds, they’re always thinking: That person did this and such. That person did this and such! They’re always grumbling like that, in their subconscious mind.

And then, the subconscious mind does these cursing things: Curse this person with this! Curse this person with that! And the children pick up on it, on a subconscious, or slowly rising to consciousness, plane.

And in the plane of consciousness, Veil of Forgetfulness area between the third and fourth dimensions, the child takes all of this stuff really seriously. The child goes into a fugue state and says: Oh, yes. I’m going to do this. I want to please my parents. My parents want me to do it; they told me so. And they act those subconscious, cursing wishes of their parents out.

The parent actually never had such an intention. Eventually, it come’s to the parent’s attention that this has happened, and they ask the child: Why did you do this? And the child says: But you told me to! I did it to please you. I wanted you to love me. 

And then the parent is scratching their head: I wonder what this is about? It’s the same story as the one described in the blog “Ascension Cautions 2,” only the acting out is less severe. The parent is the leader, The parent has walled off feelings and emotions; mostly feeling-filled, repressed thoughts that are repeating over and over again … samskaras, or Soul wounding.

And the children are hearing this over and over again. Only they’re rising to consciousness faster than the parents. And what the children think is that the parent really wants them to do this thing. They love the parent, so they do that thing.

So, children! If you’ve noticed that happening in your parents, the thing to do is to bring it to conscious Awareness. Talk to your parent, either on the phone, or face to face, eye to eye. Say: I‘ve been hearing this from you on the unconscious plane. I’d like to know what your feelings really are about it. Whether your love of me really depends on my breaking the law in this way.… And so on.

And sure and begorrah, the parent will be there to tell you: I never knew I was saying this thing. No! I don’t want you to do it!

You have to discriminate between the third dimension and the fourth dimension. You have to arrive at an understanding of your own multidimensionality And not get stuck in the plane of forces between the two dimensions, in a place where it’s not clear where you are.

And you do that by taking conscious action in the physical world.


Here’s another instance. A person might hear, on the astral plane, a person that they know … an acquaintance or friend or family member … who seems to be just freaking out, emotionally. And what they might be hearing is actually the repressed Soul wounding of that person, rather than the Awareness self of the person that presents itself as personality to the real world.

And, hearing this over and over again, on the psychic or astral plane, they may come to the conclusion that that person is mentally ill. When in fact, nothing is going that doesn’t ordinarily go on, except that they themselves are becoming more aware of the repressed emotions of other people on the astral plane.

Still failing to distinguish between these two planes: The fourth dimensions, with the emotions, and the third dimension with the physical beingness of a person, they leap to the conclusion that they should take action in the real world.

That might include actions that are considered an invasion of privacy. They might call the police, and ask the police to check up on the person. They might request a drug raid, in an extreme instance. They might snoop on the person’s email or record their phone conversations. They might get hold of the person’s identity data. They might call the person’s doctor, and present false medical or psychological evidence. Or call the person’s friends, and concoct false personal or occupational information.

They might feel quite justified  in doing this … in fact, urgently justified … because, here is a person that appears to be perfectly normal when they talk to them, but they’re hearing all these distorted, repressed, emotional issues coming up from this person, that must indicate that there is something terribly wrong with them.

Or they may merely think of doing these things, over and over again, and others in their far-flung clair circle of acquaintances, whose Soul wounding is triggered by these astral stories, may act the stories out.

So this is another way that acting out can occur: By becoming convinced that someone else’s repeating astral story, or a vivid waking dream, is a pressingly urgent physical reality that needs to be dealt with.

The funny thing is, that this other person might be thinking the same thing. As regards you … the person who’s considering acting out, calling the ‘riot squad’ and so forth … this other person might be hearing the same thing from you on the psychic plane. Yet every time they talk to you, you seem like a regular person! They don’t know what to think!


And so the answer lies in this: The emotional plane (the astral plane, where clair communication takes place) is the land of dreams. The physical plane is physical reality. They are two separate planes.

So as to avoid acting out, we can check up on people on the physical plane; and, if they seem normal on the physical plane, let it go at that. Or we can talk to them, via phone or in person, about what we’ve been hearing on the astral plane, and in that way ascertain what’s really going on.

In other words, we take a step in the physical realm to determine whether or not a further step needs to be taken in the physical realm. We don’t rely on our astral input. Which is very difficult, because repressed emotions repeat over and over again, like a perpetual motion machine. The story repeats even while we’re asleep, if people are tuned in to us.

And it’s hard not to act on that. But that’s the skill that we’re learning.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Winter Solstice 2016: Comet 3200 Phaethon . Transformation to a Higher Harmonic . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 10 December 2016

    • Plague and Pestilence
    • Mortality and Immortality
    • Dissonance between Constellation Pleiades and Constellation Orion May Be Absorbed by Constellation Gemini

Dear Ones,


Rock Comet 3200 Phaethon, of Constellation Gemini, will be bringing news from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars to Earth and her beings in the upcoming weeks, with an anticipated peak on 13-14 December 2016.

This comet has resonance with Constellation Gemini, which acts as a bridge between the energies of Constellation Pleiades and Constellation Orion.

On hearing the recording of the 2003 Geminid shower (see below), I cross referenced to the incoming energies for Earth in the past week. From this I get that the Light of Winter Solstice 2016 is offering Earth a chance to harmonize the energies of our Solar System, to heal old discord between Venus and Mars frequencies here on Earth, where Souls from both planets dwell. There is further opportunity to harmonize the energies of the Pleiades and Orion, in the larger aspect of this same energetic dissonance.

Mercury sends the blessing of the Messenger God. His wings are the Comet 3200 Phaethon.


Image: “CONSTELLATION GEMINI. An animation of the constellation Gemini (center), ‘the twins’, shows two parallel stick figures. Gemini is associated with the myth of Castor and Polydeuces (also known as Pollux). They are all known as the Dioscuri,” by Michelet B. … https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(constellation)#/media/File:Gemini.gif … CC BY-SA 3.0 ..

Image: “CONSTELLATION GEMINI. An animation of the constellation Gemini (center), ‘the twins’, shows two parallel stick figures. Gemini is associated with the myth of Castor and Polydeuces (also known as Pollux). They are all known as the Dioscuri,” by Michelet B. … https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(constellation)#/media/File:Gemini.gif … CC BY-SA 3.0 ..

Plague and Pestilence

The myths around the Constellation Gemini further explicate: In Babylonian astronomy (circa 2300 BC and following) the two brightest stars in Constellation Gemini, Meshlamtaea and Lugalirra (Castor and Pollux), were known as the Great Twins. One of the twins arose from the underworld, and the other was known as the mighty king. Both were associated with the Babylonian god Nergal, the king of the underworld, who was responsible for plague and pestilence on Earth. –from Link: “Gemini (constellation)” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(constellation)#Mythology ..

Thus, since around 2300 BC, the Constellation Gemini has been associated with plague and pestilence.

This sound track of a Geminid shower from 2003 bears out the distortion of Light brought to us by Constellation Gemini: What a geminid sounded like in 2003 … http://www.astrosurf.com/luxorion/Radio/geminides-13dec03-0953z-nmous-radar-67mhz.mp3  (1)

Mortality and Immortality

Greek mythology had a similar story to tell: “Gemini was associated with the myth of Castor and Pollux, the children of Leda and Argonauts both. Pollux was the son of Zeus, who seduced Leda, while Castor was the son of Tyndareus, king of Sparta and Leda’s husband. Castor and Pollux were also mythologically associated with St. Elmo’s fire in their role as the protectors of sailors.” –from Link: “Gemini (constellation)” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(constellation)#Mythology ..

Castor and Pollux had the same mother, but different fathers; thus Castor was mortal, but his brother Pollus was immortal. They were dear friends. Castor got into a fight, and was killed. “When Castor died, because he was mortal, Pollux begged his father Zeus to give Castor immortality, and he did, by uniting them together in the heavens.” –from Link: “Gemini (constellation)” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(constellation)#Mythology ..

So Greek mythology regarding Constellation Gemini speaks to life in the past Age of Darkness, as we step into the Age of Light, and the new Great Age of Earth. We who have thought ourselves mortal, have been transformed by our body of Light, the twin to our dark physical and astral forms. We now discard our Cloak of Mortality for the clear splendor of our Body of Light, through the grace of God.

Dissonance between Constellation Pleiades and Constellation Orion May Be Absorbed by Constellation Gemini

I note that the feet of the twins in the Constellation Gemini appear to point to both Constellation Pleiades and Constellation Orion in the night sky …

Image: Orion, Gemini, Auriga and Taurus … http://www.andrewcollins.com/pics/taurus_gemini_orion.jpg ..

The Pleiades are a place of higher consciousness …

Link: “The Pleiades: Source of Inspiration,” by Just Being … https://justbeingnamaste.tumblr.com/post/83143047810/all-about-ufos-the-pleiades-source-of ..

The Orion Group, on the other hand,  is known for the energy of separation, power over, and enslavement, and it may lend some umph to the very mixed energies … some very beautiful, high and pure, and some very low, garbled and distorted … coming to us from the Constellation Orion …

Link: Orion, in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?c=Orion ..

This is one of the harmonics to be healed by Earth in the coming week.  We Lightworkers can participate in this, I feel.


Please let all Earth beings with whom you are in touch know about the incoming news from Mercury, Venus and Mars. This is an opportunity to transform our Solar System to a higher harmonic.

There is incoming news also from the Constellation Gemini, to do with plague, pestilence and death through the Orion Group, but also to do with higher consciousness through the Pleiades. This is an excellent opportunity to heal the dissonance through the straddling feet of Gemini, the twins who were half God, half mortal man.

Let the healing begin with our beloved planet Earth, as we Lightworkers acknowledge and transform the energies of the old paradigm; as we step into the new Great Age of Earth.

That this is opening to the New is truly before us, is borne out by the breathtaking healings that have been taking place on Earth in the last week or so. There have been great liftings of distortions of LIght to do with mental confusion and subconscious fear and anger.

It could be that the Law of Confusion and the veil are lifting …

Link: The Law of Confusion, in “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=%22Law+of+Confusion%22and

Link: The Veil, in “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=Veil ..

This may be taking place all over Earth, and may well continue to intensify through the Winter Solstice 2016.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See … Link: “Geminid Meteor Shower” at Space Weather …  http://www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=09&month=12&year=2016 ..

See also … Link: “3200 Phaethon” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3200_Phaethon ..


(1) More sound files from 2003 Geminid meteor showers may be heard here … Link: “Audio and Sound Files: Meteor Showers” … http://www.astrosurf.com/luxorion/audiofiles-meteors.htm ..

There is a 2010 sound clip of a Geminid meteor shower at LInk: Cometal …. http://cometal-comets.blogspot.com/2010/12/fun-with-geminids-2010.html ..


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