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Why the Power of Positive Thought Can’t Untie Our Tangles . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 13 October 2014 

  • The Analogy of the Mental Mind and the Moldy Cake
  • On to the Second Example … From the World of Sound
  • True Value of the Power of Positive Thought
  • That Rudderless Feeling
  • On Turning to the Sea of the Cosmic Soul

Image: A person is floating down a river, https://photos.travelblog.org/Photos/24663/122978/f/896411-Action-shot-whilst-on-my-tube-floating-down-the-river-with-beer-0.jpg ..

Dear Ones,

The question came up … why can’t the power of positive thought (or ‘mind control’, when we project the power of positive thought clairaudiently toward other people) erase samskaras, untie the tangles in our etheric net, and heal our Soul wounding?

Here are two analogies:

The Analogy of the Mental Mind and the Moldy Cake

Suppose you have a cake that’s moldy, and on it is icing that’s moldy…. So you replace the icing with fresh icing…. What have you got? …. cake that’s still moldy, right?

Most of the cake is still moldy, even if we replace the icing. And most of our many bodies are still tangled, even if we untangle our mental body or that of someone else through the power of positive thought.

Thought is a linear process, bound by time and space, yet our bodies are multidimensional, not bound by time and space. There is much more to our ‘cake’ than the mental icing. Yet, from the perspective of linear thought, that left-brain process often identified with masculinity, linear thought is the typical modus operandi.

Of course, from the overall human perspective, there is also the right brain, the intuitive brain to consider. And the back of the brain, the visual brain, and so on.

Then from the perspective of the New Human, there is the cosmic brain … connecting us through our revitalized axiatonal lines with the entire Universe … yes, even with the farthest Star in the farthest Galaxy!

So it’s clear that, even from the perspective of the mental body of a human being, there’s much more to us than the left-brain, linear thought process.

On to the Second Example … From the World of Sound

As mentioned in previous blogs, we are not just human physical bodies, but also bodies of light. It is our bodies of light that create the hologram, the illusion of a physical body.

Sound is a tool that heals and transforms our body of light. But, a look at this Sound Chart shows…

Image: Sound bar chart: Infrasound (not labeled, 0 – 20 Hz), audible sound (20 Hz – 20 kHz), and ultrasound up to 10 million Hz: http://www.bbc.co.uk/staticarchive/e41d6ab486950b33a79e50e65a1c54f15c6ada6a.gif ..

… that the range of human hearing … about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz … is a lot less than the total sound range. I believe the graph is logarithmic, which is good for graphing purposes … if we were to show the arithmetic range of human hearing, against a background of available sound range, we’d be hard pressed to find enough paper to make a graph, and we’d have an awful time conceptualizing it.

But here in the graph we have, in neat numbers: say, 10,000,000 available Hz, subtracted from approximately 20,000 Hz available to our human ears = 9,980,000 Hz that we can’t hear.

Dividing this by the total 10,000,000 Hz, give 99.8% of available sound that’s unavailable to our hearing.

So by inference, that’s 99.8% of the sound we might use to heal and transform our bodies of light  unavailable to our vocal cords. Or maybe 99.6%, if we were to include the clairaudient sound range…

True Value of the Power of Positive Thought

To be completely truthful, I’ve found that what the power of positive thought (and of mind control, when directed to others) actually achieves in 3D is:

… It suppresses the samsakaras increasing the density of Soul wound, and its tendency to accrue more damaging sounds of the same resonance. These ‘gloms’ occur through attraction from the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

… In the emotional body, suppression of emotion occurs, and in the subconscious realm … in 4D … the emotion turns negative and creates great negative turmoil in the unconscious thought cloud of the world during dreamtime.

…so, basically, the ‘cake’ of our beingness gets a little moldier.

That Rudderless Feeling

It seems to me that the reason this time of transition to New Earth is causing such subconscious turmoil is that the Ego of our beingness feels rudderless. We feel ‘at the effect’ of the tremendous changes taking place in the Universe today.

And so we try, by what means we can imagine, with the resources of our logical mind … whether it be the power of positive thought, or mind control, or devising mental landmarks to locate our whereabouts in the ever changing scenery of the New … to do what we can to steer our way to a positive outcome.

But these ‘safety nets’ are at best ineffective. And at worst, they can turn us against the tide of the New, so that we bob and whirl and gasp for air in a smoothly flowing stream of light that has only our best and highest welfare in the very heart of it.

On Turning to the Sea of the Cosmic Soul

How much better might it be to turn our faces toward that great Sea toward which all this River of Light would so gently ferry our Souls? Then with faith, and with Sweet Love, we may float easily on this surging tide, seeing all the while the greatness of our destiny, the Sea of our Cosmic Soul, on the horizon.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: The Song “Water” by Daniel Nahmod, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgwwzWJpwRg ..


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Tummy Talk: Uniting the Mind and Healing Soul Wounding . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 23 March 2017

  • The Tummy Talk Technique
  • How to Unite the Lower and Higher Mind
  • How to Clear Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk
    • My Own Experiences with My Inner Child
    • How Instances of Extreme Soul Wounding May Be Cleared
      • The ‘Juvenile Delinquent’.
      • The Young Man Who Murdered His Wife and Deserted His Children.
    • Hints on Successfully Clearing Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk

Dear Ones,


Here is some ‘tummy talk’ to help unite the lower mental body with the higher mental body. There’s also information on clearing Soul wounding using ‘tummy talk’ …

Image: “How to Unite the Lower and Higher Minds,” by Alice B. Clagett, 23 March 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … Outline of a man, with a shaded, green circle in his head, and another shaded, green circle in his abdomen. At chest level is a green heart. A green arrow points from the heart toward each of the shaded circles. Legend: “HOW TO UNITE THE LOWER AND HIGHER MIND: Say to your tummy: ‘Talk to the big person!’ Then wait for it to say something to you. When it does, it will sound like a little child you once were, before you reached the age of reason.  Then say to your tummy: ‘I hear you!’ … and wait for it to say something else. When it does, say, ‘I hear you!’ again, to encourage it to tell you everything it wants to. When it finishes speaking, say to it, with all your heart: ‘I really, really, really love you!'” –from “Tummy Talk: Uniting the Mind and Healing Soul Wounding,” by Alice B. Clagett, in “I Am of the Stars,” https://www.iamofthestars.com

Image: “How to Unite the Lower and Higher Minds,” by Alice B. Clagett, 23 March 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … Outline of a man, with a shaded, green circle in his head, and another shaded, green circle in his abdomen. At chest level is a green heart. A green arrow points from the heart toward each of the shaded circles. 


Say to your tummy: ‘Talk to the big person!’

Then wait for it to say something to you. 

When it does, it will sound like a little child you once were, before you reached the age of reason. 

Then say to your tummy: ‘I hear you!’ … and wait for it to say something else. 

When it does, say, ‘I hear you!’ again, to encourage it to tell you everything it wants to. 

When it finishes speaking, say to it, with all your heart: ‘I really, really, really love you!'”


When we are born into physical bodies, the nature of physical reality (the third dimension) makes it 99% likely that, by the time we attain the age of reason we will have had at least one devastating encounter with Soul wounding. And along the lines of the flavor of that first upset, throughout our lives we will likely attract more Soul wounding experiences. These encounters aggregate to the wounds we have already received in our etheric net, through experiences in this and prior lifetimes.

The little child you get in touch with through the above ‘tummy talk’ technique will inevitably be carrying a load of upset over the rough treatment it has received in the third dimension.

My Own Experiences with My Inner Child

For instance, when I got in touch with my little child, some years ago, she was still miffed and, I would say, defiant, about some childhood experiences. The chip that was on her shoulder was the very first thing that she had to talk about: How she felt, what her feelings were, and we cleared through that first.

Then she had a small store of audiovisual files representing searing instances of Soul wounding in childhood. I noticed that the files were made from the perspective of my Soul, as they included the conversations of my parents in another room while I lay sleeping. As the AV tapes played, I saw and heard what had happened. I felt the strong emotions my parents had felt, and I also re-experienced the agony my own Soul had felt at the moment the AV tapes were stored. These releases happened in a matter of moments, and then were completely gone from my Soul Field.

How Instances of Extreme Soul Wounding May Be Cleared

On the astral plane, I’ve heard of several men with instances of extreme Soul wounding that is now coming up for clearing.

The ‘Juvenile Delinquent’. In the one case, a young boy was deserted by his dad, and his mother took up prostitution to keep a roof of her head and that of the boy. When he was 5 or 5 years of age, to prevent her johns from injuring him, she kept his blonde hair shoulder-length and dressed him as a girl. When the men visited her, she kept him in the bedroom closet, and told him not to make a sound; he would sit there in the dark, terrified and weeping silently.

This went on for a few years. As he got older, to the age of eight or nine years, she began to meet her johns outside the room she shared with her son. The mother gave her son a switchblade knife for protection when she was out with these men.

She would feed him uppers to keep him warm in the evenings, as they had not enough money for heat, and the climate where they lived was chilly in the evening. He was terrified to be alone, and would wait up for her.

One night she came home quite late. He thought she was a thief, was waiting at the door to attack the thief, and instead fatally knifed the mother by mistake. Afterwards, in a state of shock, he tried to crawl into her, and failing that, tried to sew her up.

The next day, he returned to his senses, and called his aunt, who took him in. While she gave him a roof and meals, she treated him unlovingly, considering him ‘jailhouse bait’. In his turn, he made up a list of 10 people he intended to kill, and was on his way to completing this task when the juvenile hall took him under its wing.

In later life, he lived up to the standards of his community, having made a complete turnaround from his youth. However, right at this moment … Now! … his Soul and his memory are returning to these events, and he must set aside the sterling record he has had as a grown man, and return to the plight of his inner child to heal his early Soul wounding.

The Young Man Who Murdered His Wife and Deserted His Children. Here is another case of severe Soul wounding that is clearing right now: An uneducated man lived with his wife and four children in the Appalachian Mountains, under circumstances of direst poverty. His wife became pregnant again. With no knowledge of human anatomy or medicine, he attempted an abortion with an ice pick puncture in the left side of her abdomen. This did not work, and he lay down with her for a while. Finally the pain became so great that she begged him to help her; and he, not knowing what to do, ended her life there on the side of the mountain.

Falling into deepest despair, he left her body lying there and wandered off, never to return to his home. In time, his state of shock wore off, and he came to his senses. He may, in fact, have had amnesia about what had happened; at any rate, he began a new life, with strong social values and strong family values.

Then, after many decades, the urge to violence began to surface, and at the same time he remembered the violence that had happened in his young adulthood. He went back to find his wife’s remains and to bury them. He asked around to find out what had happened to his children, and learned they had all died of hunger in the family home.

After that, he continued strong in social and family values. But the notion of violence keeps returning to his thoughts, and this indicates that it is time for Soul healing. Although his emotions around this early event are full of anguish, it would nevertheless be possible for his Soul to heal completely from these events, in the space of about a month, by using the above technique whenever the notions of violence surface in his conscious mind.

Hints on Successfully Clearing Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk

This emotional cargo can be cleared using the above technique, provided you give the child free rein to speak whatever it wants. Don’t interject anything at all from your higher mental mind. Don’t judge or evaluation what you hear. Don’t offer solace or consolation. Just let your child speak.

When it stops speaking, just say “I hear you” … so as to encourage it to continue speaking. If it ceases to speak, say “I really, really, really love you!” or “I love you more than anything!” Then the next day, begin the dialogue again.

Continue like that until you are sure you’re both on the same page, emotionally. One the feelings and emotions of your inner child are cleared, you won’t be subject to continuing Soul wounding as you were in past years. You and your inner child will be ‘on a new page’.

Then as time goes on, if your child starts to go off in an unwanted direction, you can call it back with loving kindness, and it will eagerly listen and come back to you, because it will know how much you love it. You’ll be a team, both working together in peace and joy and love, towards your higher consciousness and Soul learning of course, but also for happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Status Report: Where We Are in the Process of Awakening . by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Here is a status report on where we are in the process of Awakening today … Continue reading

On Getting to the Truth of Astral Stories . by Alice B. Clagett

  • Malspeak
  • On Listening
  • How the Lower Mental Body Exaggerates Astral Stories
  • On Healing the Soul

Winslow_Homer_-_Listening_to_the_birds“Listening to the Birds,” by Winslow Homer, 1879 (1)

Dear Ones,

When we hear someone speak about something on the astral plane … which is to say, through intuition or ‘second sight’ … that doesn’t fit well with our ideas of how things ought to be, there are certain types of malspeak (aka malware, or rote phrases) that come up without our consciously thinking about them, which we use to repress the truth.


Here are two such bits of malspeak:

“I can’t believe it!” and

“Tell me it isn’t true!”

When these bits of malspeak pop up during an astral conversation, the disagreeable thought that we just chanced upon on the astral plane is pressed down into our subconscious mind, under a layer of what you might call ‘No Way!” energy. There it stays, causing quite some degree of disharmony in our EMF.


The way out of this automatic repression malspeak is to Listen very carefully to everything that’s said on the astral plane, and then, in the case of our friends and neighbors, follow up by communicating on the physical plane … through a phone call, an email, or better yet, a face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversation. In this way the real truth of the situation will be revealed.

The truth of the situation can also come to us on the astral plane. It goes like this: Someone we love and cherish says to us, “I’ve killed many people.” They say this over and over again. For a long time we say to him or her, “Tell me it isn’t true!” And then they say, on the psychic plane, “It’s not true, love of my life!” … or something like that.

Their response to our request is just as automatic, just as predictable, as is our request to them. So the trick is, to listen carefully to these shocking astral revelations. For instance, they say (for the nth time), “I’ve killed many people.” Then I change up my response to this, “I hear you!” Then I maintain complete astral silence, and wait for their response. Continuing on with the conversation, for every sentence they say, I use this same response, “I hear you!”


Exaggeration is a hallmark of the activity of the Lower Mental Body.

  • Have I been talking astrally to the Lower Mental Body, which is all upset about a traumatic childhood incident?
  • Or am I talking to a person who serially kills in the physical realm?
  • Am I talking to a person who flies into a temper tantrum from time to time, and visualizes killing folks?
  • Or is this a Charles Manson thing?

These are the sorts of questions that need to be clarified by ‘actively listening’ to astral stories.


By actively listening, on either the physical plane or the astral plane, we can answer these kinds of questions:

  • Did they kill or not? If the answer is yes, then
  • How many times have they killed?
  • Would there be medicines that might curb this violence?
  • Or must they be confined to prevent future violence to humankind?
  • What are the incidents of soul wounding, the traumatic childhood incidents here?
  • What can be done to resolve these issues of EMF dissonance and how may their Souls be healed?

In this way, the truth of the situation may be revealed, and a course of healing action in the world may be embarked upon.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) from Wikimedia, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Winslow_Homer_-_Listening_to_the_birds.jpg … public domain


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Recognizing and Rising Above the Unconscious Mind . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 19 September 2015; published on 21 September 2015; transcribed on 10 January 2019

    • Lack of Clear Concept of One’s Own Personality
    • Childlike Misuse of Personal Pronouns
    • Childlike Curses
    • Evaluating Astral Stories
    • Unconscious Mind: Blurring and Glomming of Consciousness
    • Glom Effect: Noospheric Energy Flow, and Gender Merging
    • Unconscious (Underwater, Sleeping) Mind … And Rising to Consciousness
    • Rising to Consciousness
    • The Masculine Wound … The Primal Drive to Rape and Kill … Neutral, Peaceful Mind
    • Faces in Rock. or Hidden in Nature
      • Faces Hidden in Rock
      • Faces Hidden in Nature

Dear Ones,

This video offers clair insights into the workings of the unconscious mind. Beneath the video is a greatly edited Summary, with additional sections and changes in green font.



This is Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a few clarifying comments to make on the Collective Unconscious Mind of humanity … or what I used to call the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

Lack of Clear Concept of One’s Own Personality

One difficulty in analyzing astral stories that are taking place in people’s unconscious or subconscious minds is that, at that level of awareness … in those deep levels of awareness (or I should say ‘unawareness’, perhaps) … people do not relate to themselves as personality. They do not know the difference between their personality and that of someone else. So they can very easily slip into the persona of another human being, and to imagining that they are that … and not really know the difference.

And also, what, at a higher level of awareness would be known as different personalities, can blend together, in the subconscious and unconscious thought streams, in such a way that they do not really distinguish between each other.

Childlike Misuse of Personal Pronouns

Another characteristic of the subconscious and unconscious planes is the use of the ‘objective case’ of pronouns for the people of other genders. For instance, I might hear, on the astral plane: Her said this  …  or  …  Him said that.  Mostly I hear Her said this  … or  …  did that …  or like that  …  referring to me; as if the consciousness has receded to a time of infancy, when the personal pronouns were not yet mastered. Interesting, huh?

Childlike Curses

Another idiosyncrasy of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World right now … as far as men are concerned … has to do with the use of the world ‘Rotterdam’ as a childish substitute for a curse. And the interesting history of this word, is that one of the very first people to rise on this wave of consciousness, was very precocious. And he found out about that word, and used it as a way to escape from his guardians’ admonition that he should never use a curse word. And so, instead of using a curse word, he used the word ‘Rotterdam’.

There is something that I need to explain about that word ‘Rotterdam’: It has a Dark energy meaning. And that meaning is: Kill the mother … A ‘dam’ is a female horse; a mother horse, or else a mother dog. So the first thing is, at a very deep, unconscious level, it reduces women to the animal nature … and adds to that the significance of the alternate spelling ‘damn’. So there you have the subconscious meaning: Damn the women who bear children; they are only animals. 

And the prefix ‘Rotter-” adds emphasis to that. It means Rot their bodies  …  or  …  Rot them, kill them, and damn them to hell.  And so it has a very unfortunate, dark meaning to it.

Now this is a very socially unacceptable feeling, that is expressed in this hidden way by this word ‘Rotterdam’, which, interestingly enough, comes up in the subconscious flow of thought of this person, almost with every sentence … as if it were a fondness that the person has for that word.

Just reading into that, a lesson for all humankind as we all become more clair … more clairvoyant and more clairaudient … When we hear some word with great symbolic import, repeated over and over again, we can be sure that it is coming up like that, so that it will come to the attention of the personality, the ego, involved, and so that it can clear the Soul wounding that has taken place.

In this case, the Soul wounding happened when the child was very, very young … too young to be able to deal with it. It involved the child’s mother, and so the child had no one to depend on, after that, to talk to about this. So this word ‘Rotterdam’, in this instance, has to do with the lack of motherly love to see the child consistently through this great incident of Soul wounding in early youth.

I am sure that was not intended by that young person. That just needs to be replaced with some more positive energy right now; because what has happened is, one of these first people to rise up, had a following of energy … a glom effect … that was humongous, and that encompasses more and more people who are men every day, as they rise up to consciousness. And they are all using that word.

And so it just happens, for this wave of Ascension, that that word indicates that a person is still in an unconscious state of awareness, or has temporarily sunk down to an unconscious state of awareness. So if you are listening … if you are clairaudient … that is a clue to you that you are encountering the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

Evaluating Astral Stories

And so, at that level of awareness, an astral story may be taking place in the name of a particular person … A person may call himself by a particular name, and not actually be that person. That person may be someone that the Higher Consciousness of that speaking voice admires, or dislikes … or mostly, admires or pals around with.

So I may form an opinion, in my conscious mind, that this person is who he says he is. But quite likely … and very often … it is not the case. It is just a murky, confusing situation down there.

Unconscious Mind: Blurring and Glomming of Consciousness

I have seen artists depict the unconscious realm as facial features of people, distorted, and merging with the facial features of other people. And that is kind of how I hear it too … The way that I hear it, on the astral plane, is the way that some artists depict it.

One such image … “Many Faces of One,” by Ilana Katz … https://i1.wp.com/www.ilanakatz.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/IMG_20141024_083758741.jpg?resize=300%2C169&ssl=1 …  is currently unavailable online. It had on it many faces, one of what appeared to be a lowering clown; one of a person sticking out his tongue; two people with their faces glommed together at the chin; and faces of other people. It looked like these faces might be floating above a wood floor. 

More watercolors by and information on Ilana Katz are here … https://www.ilanakatz.com/watercolors-and-more/ ..

Then there is this artwork …

Image: “Faces in My Vegetable,” by Anna Porter … https://d13egrxi1n6w2z.cloudfront.net/21088_1070747w800+v=201806131919c201806131919error/faces-in-my-vegetable.jpg ..

More information on this painting and on Anna Porter and is here … Link: “Faces in My Vegetable” by Anna Porter … http://annaporterartist.com/workszoom/1070747 ..

I noticed as well two fun-house mirror images that convey the effect of glomming of people’s subconscious minds …

Image: Toddlers looking in a carnival funhouse mirror, which distorts their faces … https://brainpopcorn.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/carnival-mirror-wide1.jpg?w=676 ..

Image: Young adults looking in a funhouse mirror, which distorts their faces … https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/07e56-tumblr_lnsga2bFah1qbx6beo1_500.jpg ..

Glom Effect: Noospheric Energy Flow, and Gender Merging

The Collective Unconscious, or what I used to call the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, It is all mergy and un-“I”-ish, and it tends to take, say, all male people on Earth as one person.

A lot of unconscious male voices may be glomming together, but each of those voices believes that it is the only one talking. It is the ‘I’ … and the only ‘I’ in the whole Universe that is male. You know?

And it may hear a female voice … or many female voices … glomming and talking back, and call it ‘her’ … ‘Her’ is talking … like that. [laughs] … But you know, that is how it is down there, in the subconscious mind. 

And yet, that ‘her’ may think that she is the only person talking, that is female … and yet be glomming with gadzillion other female voices, at that level.

I found an abstract painting that symbolizes for me the movement of the energies of the unconscious noospheric energies, and how they merge and glom together, and how one succeeds the next …

Image: “Many Faces in the Mix” by John Revitte … http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/john-revitte.html ..

Unconscious (Underwater, Sleeping) Mind

I found a video that I like very much. The video represents the deep subconscious mind, and comes from one of the Hobbit movies. Note the brief glimpse of the spirits under water in the Dead Marshes, from the movie “Lord of the Rings” … 

Video: “The Lord of the Rings – The Dead Marshes (HD),” by TheLotrTV, 26 January 2014 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6YKD5hCShI ..

Rising to Consciousness

As an ascending person, I sometimes astrally sense contrapuntal noospheric arguments, as it were, that snag my own unconscious mind … the notion, for instance, that a man is pursuing me with violent fantasies and possible violent intentions. Such energy threads are pretty easy to deal with, out here in the country, I guess because there are less people per square inch, and the noospheric energy is thinner … or so I surmise! [laughs]. But in the big cities, they can glom together, and become quite a stream of energy.

My feeling is that my job, as a person that is becoming more aware … rising in consciousness and in Light … my job, when these noospheric stories start, that have to do with the deep, deep unconscious mind of other people … my job is to rise above them, and to become very aware of them, and to be neutral about them.

The piece of art, “My Mind Is” by Benjamin Craig, represents very well, I feel, the rising to consciousness from this sleeping state, almost like an underwater state of suspended animation …

Link: “Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig … https://www.booooooom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/benjamin-craig-03.jpg ..

You can find more on Benjamin Craig artist here …

Link: BOOOOOOOM: Benjamin Craig, 12 October 2013 … http://www.booooooom.com/2013/12/10/artist-illustrator-benjamin-craig/ ..

And so … especially if it has to do with primal drives such as fear of death or the desire to kill, and sexual desire, and will to power in the world … when the flow of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World has to do with these things, and maybe all of them all together represent a widely geographically dispersed sexual fantasy of violence that I have been sensing, off and on, through what is known as ‘gut brain’ telepathy … the first thing to do, as an ascending person, is to know that these noospheric primal drive disturbances are happening.

The next thing is to bring the ego into it … to know that I, the ego, am something different from that undercurrent of energy that I am sensing. It is someone else’s attacking energy; one person, or a number of people, are telepathically attacking, perhaps, with the assumption that they are the only ego in the world, and that they are the only ego that deserves to be in the world. We do have a subconscious level of awareness that is just that.

My job is to rise into an understanding of individualization … individual ego … even though my primal drives are under threat of attack … And then, to divorce myself from the astral energy that is happening, and to become one with other energies that are peaceful in my environment … such as my electromagnetic field (my ‘aura’). Or I might concentrate on kinesthetic awareness, or concentrate on sounds around me, or become one with the Sunlight (which is a wonderful feeling).

And in that way, my attention is entrained away from the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, and into my own physical process, and my awareness in the third dimension.

The Masculine Wound … The Primal Drive to Rape and Kill … Neutral, Peaceful Mind

In the next blog, which is a companion blog, I am going to be talking some about one of the daydreams that the masculine Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World has been falling into …

Link: “Personal Recollections: Rising to Awareness in the City of the Angels,” by Alice B. Clagett, Filmed on 19 September 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-42J ..

Meantime, here are a few thoughts on that topic: The Ascension Glossary speaks of the “Masculine Wound” …

Link: “Masculine Wound,” in “Ascension Glossary” … https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Masculine_Wound ..

If I were a man working on the Masculine Wound, I would be arising to awareness, right now, of the primal drive to rape and kill, and to take over the world … those primal drives that are more masculine in nature …

And I would be striving mightily to individuate my own awareness from that stream of primal energy in the world today. That is my clue regarding a possible mission for men, right now, in clearing the masculine wound: To individuate, and to separate, and to become the neutral mind, and the peaceful mind … and to allow these energies, that flow through the first three chakras … the lower chakras … of all men on Earth, to simply flow; and to be; without objecting to them; without identifying with them; just simply to be at ease with the energetic of the Masculine Wound that you are now rising to awareness to sense.

Faces in Rock. or Hidden in Nature

Sometimes people find faces hidden in rocks, or in other natural features. This is a little like viewing the merging and glomming aspects of the ‘gut brains’ of many people that take place in the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. The rocks, or other natural features, represent the Cloud, and the faces represent the contributions of individual ‘gut brains’ to the Cloud as a whole.

Thus I feel that looking for faces in rocks or other natural features may help sharpen the intuition regarding how to hold our perception of gut brain telepathic events.

Faces Hidden in Rock. You may find a few faces in these cliffs …


Image: “Rock face 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0


Image: “Rock face 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

The next photo is a closeup of a ‘face in rock’ at the top of the above photo …


Image: “Rock face 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Faces Hidden in Nature. Here is another exercise that may help sharpen intuitive understanding of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World; it is to find the 13 hidden faces in this landscape painting …

Link: “13 Hidden Faces Illusion,” by James Dean, 13 October 2006 … http://www.moillusions.com/13-hidden-faces-illusion/ ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Magnetic Repulsion and Telepathic Avoidance . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 15 August 2014

Dear Ones,

I have heard many folks, including Matt Kahn …  “True Divine Nature,” http://www.truedivinenature.com/ … mentioning the importance of compassion, forgiveness, and nonjudgment in our dealings with other people these days. Why is that? People in the telepathic world can be pretty rude … insensitive … even cruel. Two examples …

If a group of people concentrate on sexual desire in their second chakra, and visualize a person of the opposite sex, it can feel to that person like they are being attacked sexually.

If a group of people concentrate on the emotion of hatred in their hearts, and visualize another person, it can feel to that person like they are being subjected to a ‘hate crime’ … an attack of hatred.

These are two examples among many … What to do? How can we feel compassion, forgiveness, and nonjudgment when our own emotional body is in an uproar over some negative emotion such as fear?

Our Souls have been wounded through many incarnations of service on Earth. We are here in this lifetime to heal the wounds in our Souls, reunite our Soul fragments, reunite our fractals, and reunite our many dimensional aspects … In short, the purpose for which we are here on Earth is to reunite with the greatness of our Souls, to become One with the All.

Imagine a mirror made of silver … like the mirrors many years ago, before mankind had the ability to work with steel. Imagine this mirror has been cracked into many pieces, and these pieces are darkened with silver ‘tarnish’ … the dark stuff that can be removed from silver with silver polish.

Our Souls are like these silver mirrors, waiting to be made whole again. The ‘tarnish’ on our silver is programming installed by the Dark, programming written in runes of red or black, that tarnishes the pure, shining brightness of our true Souls. (1)

It is going to be our job to polish off this tarnish, to make our Mirrors of the Divine whole again.

Meantime, as the Light comes in, builds up, and polishes us up … Here we are in 3D and 4D. In these dimensions, darkness leaps from Soul to Soul, through the ‘cracks’ in our Soul fragments, and through the wounding in our Souls. Darkness could never stand up to the purity of our whole, polished Souls. But right now, the tarnish on our wounded Souls acts as a lubricant for the Dark, which can slip in.

Image: “Polishing a tarnished silver platter,” http://gaukartifact.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/clean-polish-silver-1.8-800×800.jpeg ..

The good thing is, though Darkness leaps from Soul to Soul, it never stays any particular place for long … at least not in my experience, except in cases where the human brain has been deeply injured through drug use or trauma. Mostly, it slips right through, causing what is often termed a ‘Dark Attack’, and then flies onward to some other ‘enticing’ situation.

Ipso ergo, we have a fluid dynamic of light versus dark, that can be influenced through sound … sound being a tool that humans use to ‘tune up’ their Soul fields … as, for instance, in the case of wind chimes, singing bowl therapy, chanting of sacred mantras, singing of hymns, and so on. This ‘tune up’ work is Soul healing.

In the heat of a ‘Dark Attack’ Soul healing may not be as immediately effective as necessary (although I do often find them to be immediately effective).

Image two magnets. Each has a plus pole at one end (red) and a minus pole at the other end (blue). As we all know from practical experience, when the negative pole of a magnet is aligned with the positive pole of another magnet, the two magnets cling together through ‘magnetic attraction’. When the negative poles of two magnets touch, we can feel a force pushing the two magnets apart … in other words, ‘magnetic repulsion’ occurs. Here is a typical diagram:

Link: “Unlike poles attract; like poles repel” … http://www.rfcafe.com/references/electrical/NEETS-Modules/images/magnetic-flux-lines.gif ..

Darkness is attracted to us in the way of ‘magnetic attraction.’ It flows through the ‘aggressor’ tarnish of one person’s soul, leaping out to the ‘victim’ tarnish of another person’s soul. It gathers ‘umph’ … power and speed … as it aggregates. And, like energy signatures attract. So, waves of ‘aggressor’ energy from crowds of humans combine and twine together, gathering ‘umph’ as they are automatically attracted to the ‘victim’ energy of other humans.

This twining and combining action is true of any kind of energy. It’s true of the many ‘flavors’ of love energy and light energy as well as of the ‘darker’ energies. But because the darker energies are clearing out of people’s soul fields right now, there are the energies with which many of us are dealing.

How can those of us with ‘victim’ wounding avoid the incoming ‘aggressor’ energies? Well, there are ways. First, back to the admonition of many lightworkers (mentioned above) regarding the importance of compassion, forgiveness and nonjudgment (both of ourselves and others).

Basically, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the folks who are sending out the aggressor telepathic energies. Here’s how I relate to this:

I hear incoming negative telepathic energies of all sorts. I used to feel bad about it. I used to ‘blame’ the senders, try to ‘fix’ them, try to admonish them, and so on. Did this work? NO, not at all. In general, it just made matters much worse, negativity much more furious, like a telepathic tape loop building ups speed nanosecond by nanosecond…

Then I realized that I was often hearing the negative subconscious, ‘gut brain’ messages of other people. Then I realized that what they were thinking in their conscious, cerebral brains was the exact opposite. In other words, because of the nature of duality, their heads were creating a positive, socially acceptable emotion-thought, while their gut-brains were creating the exact opposite, socially unacceptable emotion-thought. Surprise, surprise!

Take, for example, the topic of sexuality. Time after time I had been bothered by rising waves of other people’s telepathic desire. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when many folks go out boogying. I’m not a boogier, I’m a calm, celibate sort of person. and this weekly ‘desire’ energy felt foreign to me, as if it were being forced upon me.

Now, the cerebral telepathic feedback I had been getting from other telepaths was mind-boggling. They felt I was sending them endless waves of unwanted desire. Go figure!, I thought! Who could be so wrong? !

Just last week I got the great ah-hah! My own celibate cerebral self is suppressing the messages of chakra number two. I am just like the folks I hear and find offensive. Unbeknownst to my cerebral brain, my gut brain is doing the exact same thing. Which is why I’m receiving these messages….

Let’s go back to the pictures of the two magnets …

See “Unlike poles attract; like poles repel” … http://www.rfcafe.com/references/electrical/NEETS-Modules/images/magnetic-flux-lines.gif ..

In the image on the left, imagine that the blue parts of the magnets are the cerebral brains of two ‘civilized’ people. They are both negatively charged on the notion of displaying sexual behavior. Blue = negative ‘thinking’ brain.

Quite frequently, the cerebral brains of these two people are not getting in touch telepathically. This is because they are, at the moment, very much occupied with negative emotion-thoughts. They are both negatively charged, and they are magnetically repulsive.

Imagine that the red parts of the magnets are the gut brains of two ‘civilized’ people. Here we have repressed (ie, under a lot of psychic pressure) positive notions about just how great sex is. The gut brain wants sex, it needs sex, it lives and breathes sex. All of this taking place quite frequently without us knowing about it, on a conscious level….

As we were discussing before, negative energy signatures are attracted to positive energy sigs. So, as in the picture of the magnets on the left, one person’s negative (blue) cerebral notions about sex seek out the next person’s positive (red) subconscious notions about sex. This is what is happening in the current telepathic environment.

I’m aware of the next person’s subconscious sexual urges (much to their dismay!). They’re aware of my subconscious sexual urges (much to my dismay!). Neither one of us knows about our own subconscious urges because … natch … they’re subconscious.

Same goes for rage and fear. Subconscious (gut brain) rage in one person seeks out subconscious fear in another person (as per the aggressor-victim energy flow discussed above). Yet in our conscious minds, we will have nothing to do with these ‘primitive’, socially unacceptable emotions.

So, my ‘blue’ cerebral mind energy loves to hate the next guy’s ‘red’ gut-brain rage, which it’s aware of. Yet the gut-rage person knows nothing of this emotion. In their cerebral minds and in their consciously expressed personalities, they are mild-mannered and sweet.

That’s why the admonition to be compassionate, forgiving, and nonjudgmental makes sense. Because, whatever we encounter from others in the way of primate, primitive telepathic emotions, is actually a reflection of our own repressed, but very actively telepathically talking, gut brains.

The negative telepathic stuff we hear from others points us in the direction of our own Soul healing, the unification of the thinking mind with the gut brain, where we become One with the All.

In that context, each person’s energy flow would be more like the right-hand side of the picture above, where the flow of each magnet’s blue part (representing our thinking minds) circulates smoothly through the red part (representing our gut brains). As you can see from the picture, the result is the torus-shaped energy flow characteristic of the activated heart chakra.

But so meantime, while we’re in the Soul healing process, incoming dark telepathic energies from the subconscious minds of others can get to be a bit much. Here’s a way to short-circuit the flow during a ‘Dark attack’ — I put this term in quotes because to my mind, a ‘Dark Attack’ is largely an automatic electromagnetic phenomenon…

Let’s say it’s Saturday night, and a group of folks are sending wild waves of sexual desire out into the noosphere — the thought cloud of mankind. Your ‘thinking’ mind is intercepting these waves and objecting, on moral grounds. Meantime, your gut brain is really getting into the swing of it. So to stop the flow, just broadcast, either neutrally or with a mild positive inflection, the message “I am the sex goddess (or god) of New Earth!” This positive message about sex repels the incoming positive sexual message, creating magnetic repulsion.

I’ve found when I do this that the cycle stops immediately. It’s as if I’m standing beside the sending telepaths, with my arm around their waists. We’re on the same side of the fence. We’re in the same boat. And the racket simply ceases.

Same goes for incoming rage messages. I might telepath back, either neutrally or with a mild positive inflection, “I’m so angry I could murder someone!” (or the like). If I stand in the shoes of the sender (who is most likely sending this message quite unconsciously), I’ll be ok. The upsetting incoming rage will cease.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Telepathy is a form of sound present in 4D. In other words, it is a sound tool that can be used to tune the Soul field in 4D. (Runes written in pure Light are another such tool, these being Light tools used to tune our Soul field, which I take to be a very pure form of Light.) Like Light runes mixed with Dark magic, telepathy mixed with Dark magic can ‘tarnish’ the Soul field. But telepathy that is full of love and Light, like runes of brightest Light, will heal the Soul field.


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