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The Karma of Hacking . plus House Break-ins; Communications and Transportation and Crime . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 29 July 2017; revised

    • Hacking Personal Computers through Phone Lines
    • Astral Rumor: Facebook Hacking and Cloning
    • Has the Drug Industry Gone Postal?
    • Private Helicopter Pads and Drug Transport
    • State Check Points on Interstate Freeways
    • Mass Media, Drugs, and Violence
    • Location Detection of Personal Automobile through ‘Backdoor’ Factory-Installed Software?
    • Smartphone, Cell Phone, and Facebook Location Detection Software
    • The New Clairs and Clearing of Criminal Tendencies from the Astral Body
      • Location Detection Backdoor Software Claims
      • Spy Camera Claims and Their Easy Resolution

Dear Ones,


Times are tough, and many honest people, worldwide, are turning to cyber crime as a way to make ends meet, and to support their families …

It seems that cyber attacks, as with house break-ins, are sourced from our wider circle of friends and acquaintances, including social friends and those we patronize for business.

From my research, I was surprised to find recently, that even long-time friends and acquaintances of folks’ families are not immune from preying on their good friends and relatives, or relatives by marriage, on the pretext that their victims will never know that they are being attacked.

If you and your family are very computer savvy, I beg you to consider the karma of hacking; the karmic results that will manifest in your lives, should you opt to hack.

Consider, for instance …

  • The loss of long-time friendships,
  • The lack of goodwill from the friends and neighbors that might be victims,
  • And the catastrophic results to a family’s legal computer and internet enterprises.

As I understand it, the penalties for hacking and ID theft might be in the range of …

  • $3000 per instance and/or up to 20 years in jail.

How would it be for a family, if one member got a prison sentence? If the penalty were to be financial, how would that affect the family savings account?

Children learn how to interact with the world at their parents’ knee, and by watching what their parents do. How would it be if our children learned to be cyber criminals so as to impress their parents? What future would our children have?

For instance, what if detection of hacking results in a felony conviction? There are restrictions on the liberties of felons, even after they have served time …

  • Felons cannot leave the country.
  • They cannot bear firearms.
  • They cannot serve on juries.

To me, these are very important liberties, the loss of which would be inconceivable. Yet every felon must face their loss.

For those of my readers who are computer savvy: Please take the above into consideration. If you see merit in it, please forward it to your computer savvy friends.

I wish the best for each of you in the coming times.


The astral airs have it that Secret Service cyber spyware worldwide has gone wild, through employees taking software home for personal use, such as to spy on spouses, relatives and friends.

Maybe their less-secure home computers are being hacked by cyber criminals for the software, who then use it for their nefarious undertakings.

Maybe disgruntled ex employees, fired for drug use, are aligning with the drug lords and selling the software as a stopgap till they find employment elsewhere.

Whatever the mode has been, if the astral airs are to be believed, some pretty potent secret service software has gone wild, and is now in the hands of crime families, drug lords, and the mobs and mafias around the world.

What can possibly be done to protect the average Joe and his family from the wiles of these career criminals?


With regard to tips to family and friends on house break-ins and burglaries, here are two examples from the clair plane …

  • A woman who has a storefront acupuncture business along with her husband, copies clients’ drivers licenses, which have their addresses on them, when she takes payments. She has an opium addiction, and passes the addresses on to a younger member of her extended family, who specializes in house break-ins. He pays her for the tips on the addresses, and this helps support her opium habit. Because she and her husband are well respected in the community, they are unlikely to fall under suspicion.
  • A young man works for a rental car company as the person who drives clients home after they return their rental cars. He reports to an extended family member on likely looking houses for break-ins. The tips he gives to his burglar family member are not intentional; he wants to keep his job. But both are psychic … as are most people in these days of global telepathy … and the driver cannot keep this information from his burglar friend. Further, because of family bonds, he cannot report the criminal or curtail his activities.

The difficulty here, as telepathy sweeps round the globe, is that people are continuing with crime as usual. Hoping they will get away with it a little longer, despite knowing that an ever-widening circle of acquaintances know what they are doing.

What will happen as these issues of crime amongst neighbors and extended family begin to settle out, is anyone’s guess. I am hoping for a quiet and peaceful transition, insofar as that is possible.


Hacking Personal Computers through Phone Lines

There is an astral rumor that there is a backdoor to people’s phone lines through the online customer service. The rumor goes that it is easy to hack the phone line online passwords, and so gain access to people’s phone messages, and hear or delete them.

There is another rumor that, when people opt for the cable service that combines internet with phone, on one line, crooks can call the phone line, using a randomized phone number, and hack their intended victim’s computers through the phone line back door.

If true, this would allow identity theft, as well as credit card fraud, and it would allow sensitive personal documents to be stolen.

Astral Rumor: Facebook Hacking and Cloning

There is an astral rumor that Facebook has a backdoor to do with cloning folks’ desktops and backing up their hard drives. To avoid this, rumor has it, one must sign off Facebook after each use, and also disable Facebook chat, which is casting up messages on personal computer desktops.

Has the Drug Industry Gone Postal?

The buzz in the astral airs has it that mafia in its various iterations worldwide does its best to place a ringer in post offices, and in the offices of private mail carriers, for nefarious reasons to which they alone are privy. One might hazard a guess that a goal might be postal shipment of drugs and other illegal items.

There is another astral story that crime families are attempting to cut deals with cable carriers to hardwire or software hack personal internets.

Private Helicopter Pads and Drug Transport

Could the astral rumors be true? Are private helicopter pads being used to transport drugs into urban areas? If so, would decriminalization of drugs help with regulation and taxation of the drug industry?

State Check Points on Interstate Freeways

Yet another astral rumor: Are male drug runners at State checkpoints on Interstate freeways disguising themselves as women so as to avoid the typecasting warning signs from popping up with the roadside checkup personnel?

Mass Media, Drugs, and Violence

There is an astral rumor that the themes of the mass media are being financed by mafias worldwide to drum up public support of criminal activities and to cause people to long to take drugs and engage in acts of violence.

Then, there is another astral rumor that the people involved in mass media creation … whether producers, writers, directors, or actors, I have not heard one way or the other … might be involved in drugs and violence and so on, and thus prone to create works of art based on their own experience of life.

Of course, it might also be that many people are already in that space, and longing to take drugs and engage in acts of violence; as I recall, this is closer to the theories proposed by mass media moguls: To wit, that the mass media are a backward looking indicator that creates on the basis of public tastes.


Location Detection of Personal Automobile through ‘Backdoor’ Factory-Installed Software?

Another astral rumor that I heard in 2016, is to this effect: There is some software purportedly installed in modern, electronic cars, and typically turned on by consumers … could the rumors be referring to Bluetooth or Pandora, I wonder? … that allows crooks to trace the whereabouts of people on the road. The wild astral story had it that the creator of the software, whatever it was, and whoever he was, had relocated to … was it Japan? … and was living the good life there. Maybe this has to do with mapping software in the cars?

Smartphone, Cell Phone, and Facebook Location Detection Software

Then there is a well-breezed-about story, I guess true, to the effect that smartphones and Facebook have location software that, if not disabled, allows a person’s whereabouts to be discovered. I think everyone knows about that, though.

The New Clairs and Clearing of Criminal Tendencies from the Astral Body

Location Detection Backdoor Software Claims. Location detection backdoor software claims are hard to track down, since one of the new clair abilities is to place oneself in someone else’s shoes, and in that way one might figure out someone else’s location. The trouble here comes with insufficient clearing of criminal malware concomitant with the new clair ability manifesting. I expect the Incoming Light will soon provide a fix for that … maybe even during the August 2017 Lion’s Gate.

Spy Camera Claims and Their Easy Resolution. The same is true of astral claims that there are ‘spy cameras’ in personal residences. What this apparently really is, is the new clair ability to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’, combined with as yet uncleared voyeuristic tendencies (peeping tom propensities, for instance) or with the desire to frighten another person, so as to feel less afraid oneself during times of high Light.

So this last item is, in most instances, merely an annoyance. If you have any doubt about it, you can purchase an inexpensive wireless camera RF detector … see https://www.harborfreight.com/wireless-camera-rf-detector-95053.html … from stores such as Harbour Freight, and settle the issue definitively for the sake of the inner child within.


If real life were half as scary as the astral stories, we would all be living in hell, rather than here on Earth. I guess the main thing about the astral stories is: We can take them with a grain of salt, unless evidence pops up that supports them.

Even then, when we have possible evidence in hand, the thing to do is to investigate, on the physical plane. Look folks in the eye … Ask questions.

In most cases, I find that what is actually taking place is a merging of our hellworld scenarios … the landscapes of our unconscious and subconscious fears, angers, and negative touch-points, with the brighter landscape of the conscious mind.

In Timeline terminology, we call this merging denser timelines with the brighter timelines made available to us through the Incoming Light.

What it takes to do the merge is a neutral state of mind. Keep the chest muscles relaxed. Then, as we undergo dharmic action … ‘right action’ … in the physical world, we can transform and merge the negative timelines with the New through the process of Personal Alchemy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Energy Weaving . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 October 2015; published on 19 October 2015


Dear Ones,

Here is a video about energy weaving, astral stories, astral distillation into the physical plane, right action, aligning with God, disengaging from karma, and creation of harmony in the world. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk to you a little bit today about a process called energy weaving. Our energy fields, of which there are quite a few for each human being, contain flavors or strands or colors or tastes of energy, which can be envisioned as a temporal rope, with all different beautiful colors of silk thread in it … millions of them.

The composition of the energy threads in our energy field determines the astral stories that we hear, for instance, which are, through a process of distillation 10,000 to 1 in weight, distilled from the astral plane … from the dreamtime plane … into our physical reality.

And in this way we co-create the physical realm. So in order to co-create the most harmony in the world today … the most love and peace and joy … the most unity … then we need to consider the colors or flavors of the energy strands in our energy field.

And there is a process of identifying and eliminating the strands that are very dense, or heavy, or Dark, or different from the love and Light and joy that are the Universe … and of disengaging our own Soul, and our energy field, from those energies.

I have talked a little, in the past, about the path of Dharma … of right action in the world … of the tiniest action in alignment with the Mind and Heart and Will of God, that acts as a fulcrum for our destiny; some tiny action that disengages us from that one thread of Darkness in the karma of the Universe.

So I put it to you: When you review your astral stories … if you are in the stage of listening to them … consider: What is it that allows your Soul to flow with that astral story? … what tiny strand?  Is it a strand of Darkness and density, or is it a strand of Light and love? And if it is the first, then think what right action, in alignment with God’s Will, and God’s Heart, and God’s Mind, would allow you to detach from that strand?

It is quite an interesting science, is it not? … quite an amazing science.

God bless you all and keep you in His love and Light and joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Thoughts on My Spiritual Name: Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 October 2015; published on 7 October 2015; transcribed on 20 January 2019

    • The Gurmukhi Word Dharm
    • The Gurmukhi Word Darshan
    • The Gurmukhi Word Kaur
    • The Gurmukhi Word Khalsa

Dear Ones,

Here are thoughts on my long-ago spiritual name, Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have some thoughts on my old spiritual name, that I used to go by, which was in an Indian dialect known as Gurmukhi [which means ‘the guru’s mouth]. The words were: Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa … And the words had these meanings (taking them one by one) …

The Gurmukhi Word Dharm

Dharm is an abbreviation for the word Dharma … which is the opposite of karma.

Although I usually do not go by that name anymore, I think about it a lot of times. And the first thing that I contemplate on is the word: Dharma. You know, it is an interesting concept, that right action in the world … dharma … action aligned with the will of God … be it ever so small … can cut the knots of karma, which are the unconscious ‘raveling up together’ of our electromagnetic fields.

Judicious, neutral-minded, compassionate, correct action in the world … dharma … be it ever so slight, can loose the knot of karma. A pretty interesting notion from Ancient India that is, is it not?

So the question is: How to arrive at that neutral mind? And how to arrive at that dispassionate compassion? … so as to wield the Sword of Dharma, to cut the Knot of Karma! [laughs]. That is the first word.

The Gurmukhi Word Darshan

The second word in my spiritual name is Darshan. And that word means ‘sitting at the feet of a spiritual teacher, and paying rapt attention … being completely devout to that spiritual teacher’.  And in the old days, I used to do that: I used to sit at the feet of a spiritual teacher, and absorb all the Soul knowledge and energy that I could, from that teacher. And in that way, my own Soul knowledge and my own energy were uplifted.

Up to a point, that works exceedingly well: To pay darshan … to sit in darshan with someone whose energy is very high.

And then there came a point, that I cannot quite pinpoint, in my life, when I began to align solely with the Heart and Mind and Will of God … directly with the Divine. And yet, because of my prior training, I still think of it as darshan. You know? I still think that I am raptly devoted to God.

So that is my path: My path is one of rapture and devotion.

The Gurmukhi Word Kaur

My third spiritual name, kaur. For the people of that particular learning path, at the time, all the women got the name kaur. And kaur means ‘princess’. And so, from that ‘middle name’ I got the notion that women have a right to be treated with great respect, as nurturing principles and mothers of all humankind … Teachers, uplifters, inspirers … Women have a great job to do on Earth.

All the men in that tradition, the American Sikh tradition, had the middle name singh. And that name meant ‘lion’. That meant the courage to protect the innocent and the meek. That is a pretty good name too, do you not think?

So … two names, one for the Divine Feminine: Princess! And one for the Divine Masculine: Lion … Great Courage!

The Gurmukhi Word Khalsa

And then, in that old tradition, the last name was khalsa. That word means ‘society of the pure ones’. And what does that word mean, to me? It means to me, to tread that path of chastity, purity of intention, what so few people even conceive … much less attempt to accomplish in their lifetime.

That is my thought for this lifetime: To be in the congregation of the holy, and in the society of the pure ones.

It is kind of funny, because, during the Ascension process … this clearing process that is taking place … I am encountering so much Dark energy … so much what you might call ‘impure’ energy. Peggy Black … https://www.peggyblack.com/ … says, from time to time … we are running into all these dark emotions. I figure, she says (and I paraphrase), it is only 5 percent me, and it is 95 percent lots of other people that are clearing. So she looks on it as a holy duty, to purify and uplift the world. And I agree. I appreciate that quality in Peggy Black, and I agree completely to it.


God bless you all! Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog has been added here … Link: “Compendium: My Childhood and Family, and Later Years,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 21 March 2020; republished on 29 March 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-haj ..

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