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Martian Archives: The Demon-Martian Truce . Waning of the Demon Realm on New Earth . Prospect of a Martian-Human Alliance . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 16 August 2018

    • How the Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Large Intestine Helped the Demon Realm Install Malware in Humans
    • The Demon – Martian Truce
    • How the Demons Lied to the Martians
    • Seeking Paranormal Abilities and Making ‘Deals with the Devil’
    • Cause of Sexual Abnormalities amongst Spiritual Adepts and Controllers
    • One Way to Help Abate Controller Energies through Talks with Our Martians
    • How Martians Communicate with Each Other
    • How the Martian Manner of Communication with Humans Is Changing
    • About the Minds of Martians

Hello, Dear Ones,


I have mentioned in the past the alliance between the Demon Realm and the Martians that happened during the Long Age of Darkness, and how the Demon Realm has lost its hold, now, and how it is up to us to create an alliance with our Martian friends.

It was partly because of that alliance between the Demon Realm and the Martians, I feel, that the issue regarding the Spiritual Adepts and the Controllers took place on Earth, during the Long Age of Darkness … because the part played by the Martians, in that alliance, was to ratchet up the sex drive of human beings when the Demon Realm said to do so.

How the Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Large Intestine Helped the Demon Realm Install Malware in Humans

You will recall they are able to do this because they act as kind of a drum beat, or tympanum, that increases the resonance of feelings of sexuality in the gut brain. And at the same time that that was happening, the Demon Realm would install malware or malspeak … both in lower triangle (the first chakra, the sex drive and the third chakra) and also in the third-eye point area. And this malware or malspeak created a rift at the heart level, or just beneath the heart level … between the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body.

Consequently, a person ceased to function optimally. The kundalini ceased to flow. The person became more divorced from their Soul purpose, and so forth. And some very bad things happened on Earth, to the utter delight of the Demon Realm. And in that way the Martians, during the Long Dark Age, were able to survive, despite the Demon forays. And we need them to survive, in order for us to survive.

The Demon – Martian Truce

So basically, a compromise was cobbled out. A truce was arranged, by means of which we were demonized, and the Martians survived.

How the Demons Lied to the Martians

They were also misinformed that the Demon Realm could find a way for them to communicate with Mars. I believe that is the source of the Space Program now, through which the Demon Realm influenced the minds of human beings to go to Mars, and so forth.


The Demons are pretty much losing their power; their power is waning, here on Earth. It is up to us, and our Martian allies, to decide how to proceed, for the future, in order to minimize the danger of contact with Mars and other planets … of contact with the beings that are there, of whom we essentially know nothing. So, we want more knowledge, don’t we?

Seeking Paranormal Abilities and Making ‘Deals with the Devil’

So now, amongst those who sought knowledge of the paranormal during the Long Age of Darkness, that often involved what they call Deals with the Devil, and selling your Soul to the Devil, and so forth. And so, they would form a stronger alliance with the Demon Realm … which would result in further Soul degradation, and Soul devolution, because of the loss of the lifeline that flows vertically through the body … the Central Vertical Power Current (aka the pranic tube, pranic column, kundalini, antahkarana, silver cord, silver thread) being cut off.

Cause of Sexual Abnormalities amongst Spiritual Adepts and Controllers

And so this resulted, I feel, in the sexual abnormalities that we see amongst some Spiritual Adepts, and amongst just about all the Controllers in the world today. Almost invariably, we see child trafficking, sex with children, hatred of women, killing of women for the sake of cash … and those kinds of currents of energy.

One Way to Help Abate Controller Energies through Talks with Our Martians

What we need to do, as human beings, I feel, is when spot Controller energies, to target the gut brain of the Controller, and see if we can logically influence their bacterial contingent there. And see if we can explain to them the disadvantages of these activities, in terms of the longevity of their particular Space Station.

I feel certain they will listen. The issue of longevity of Controllers has to do with the fact that the laws of the countries of Earth countermand their sexually abnormal activities. And imprisonment of the Martians’ Space Station will result in a shorter lifetime.


On another topic, I thought I would talk a little about the truthfulness of the Demon Realm and of the Martians. I am speaking from personal experience: I have found that the Demon Realm is never truthful; it always lies … and that it has great facility at lying in ways that makes it sound truthful, or that align with our prior Soul wounding and bring that into the slant of the lie that they are telling.

So, if you catch an astral being in a lie, you can be sure that it is a member of the Demon Realm.


Now, as to the Martians: I have found that, in years past, prior to the beginning of the Long Age of Light that we are now enjoying, their understanding of human beings was that they were not conscious, and that they were not people; rather, that they were merely animals.

And so, that allowed them the discretion to what they wanted with the human being, just as they do with the animal realm, in the colons of mammals.

How Martians Communicate with Each Other

Now, my Martians know that I am a conscious person; and they communicate electromagnetically with other Martians elsewhere … in other people’s colons, and maybe in animal colons too … (I am not sure about that) … with regard to these discoveries of human sentience.

How the Martian Manner of Communication with Humans Is Changing

I am not sure how many Martians living on Earth now know that humans are sentient beings. But I do feel that they will all be discovering it soon, if they have not already discovered it.

The fact that we are sentient, changes the Martian way of communicating with us, from merely gut brain, or Lower Mental Body, to higher brain, or Higher Mental Body, activity as well.

About the Minds of Martians

Their own minds do not exist within their physical form; they exist beyond that. And so, they can communicate with any level of our consciousness to which they have reached, through their own race.


So what I found is that, when my Martians became cognizant that I am sentient, they spoke with me truthfully, but reservedly. So, I feel, we can expect, from the Elder Race, truth, but reserved truth. And in order to speak more in-depth, or more thoroughly, with them, we can provide them with information about the outside world, to which they are not privy. They are privy to the life within the large colon that other Martians experience, and less so with the things that we consider to be Reality.

For instance, they may wish to know more about Astronomy, or the Space Program, or Geography, or populations on Earth. There are plenty of things that we can talk to them about, that would help them, and that no burden on us, to talk to them about. And in that way we may find that they open up more to communicating with us as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Timelines and Dimensions 2 . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 12 February 2017; revised on 9 February 2019

    • Stories by Alice: Three Stories about the Influence of Past Lifetime Soul Wounding on Current Lifetime Experiences
      • I Thought I Could Fly
      • My Beautiful Blue Bicycle
      • The Fairhaven Excursion and the Old Station Wagon
    • Astral or Emotional Snags Carried from Incarnation to Incarnation
    • The Long Age of Darkness and Its Effect on Lightworkers
    • Old Lightworker Syndrome: Healing the Healer
    • Soul Wounding and the Long Age of Darkness
    • Afterlife Audiovisual Clips: Ghosts or Fractals
    • The Mechanism of Karma, and Transformation of AV Clips Through Grace
    • How the Karma of the Ascended Masters Affects Their Followers
    • A Way to Help the Ascended Masters Attain Liberation
      • PRAYER FOR THE ASCENDED MASTERS, channeled by Alice B. Clagett
    • On Attending Group Get-Togethers Without Falling into Ego or Personality by Placing the Awareness in the Transpersonal Chakras
    • Staying Safe in the Physical World: Placing the Awareness in the Transpersonal Chakras and ‘Asking Up’ to our Ascension Teams
    • How Best to Follow Our Hearts and Achieve Our Soul Missions
      • ACTIVATION OF LIGHT TO FOLLOW OUR HEART, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
      • ACTIVATION OF LIGHT TO FOLLOW OUR SOUL MISSION, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

This is the second in a three-part video series on timelines and dimensions. A Summary follows the video. After that are the photos that are at the end of the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

. . . . .

Stories by Alice: Three Stories about the Influence of Past Lifetime Soul Wounding on Current Lifetime Experiences

A little bit more on Soul wounding timelines and dimensions. This has to do with your current lifetime … my current lifetime … right? So I have an Awareness timeline and dimension that keeps shifting and changing into other Awareness timelines and to other dimensions. And I am unaware of this, but it is happening through grace. Grace is transporting me, or skipping me about amongst the various timelines and dimensions, as I go along.

Every time I call on my celestial Ascension team, a Shift is occurring in my timeline and in my dimensions. But, to my limited human Awareness, it seems like I am going along on just one timeline, right? And in that timeline, there will be instances of Soul wounding, often accreting, one upon the other, along a similar theme.

So for instance, let me shareI was born with an ever-so-slight insufficiency, or imbalance, of prana in the left side of my body. In my lifetime, in my early childhood, there were instances of Soul wounding and also physical wounding that contributed to that. I recall three such instances.

I Thought I Could Fly. I have mentioned the first before: When I was very young, I thought I could fly. Why can I not fly, I would think. I could remember flying. So when I was very young … in first grade … I tried jumping down from the roof of our house, onto the concrete kitchen porch, and I hurt my left ankle, and the inside middle of the sole of my left foot. I was limping to school for a long time, after that, because of this injury to the left side of my body.

My Beautiful Blue Bicycle. Soon after that, I got a beautiful blue bicycle for Christmas. It was my pride and joy. The problem was, I did not know how to ride it. I practiced and practiced, and fell down a lot. We had a gravel driveway; that was what I had to ride on. 

I had a childhood friend who was six months older than I. He was an incredible, grown-up person in my mind. He was about seven years of age. He knew how to ride a bicycle! What can say? He just knew things.

For a while, he would ride my bicycle up and down our long, country driveway. And he would let me ride on the bumper seat on the back wheel. He would show off: He would go very fast, by my lights. And so, he would be whizzing down the driveway … It was the only air conditioning we would have on the hot summer days. We would be whizzing, and the wind would be going past, and whipping past our hair. It was like an amusement ride! [laughs]

So I was riding one day, on the ‘bumper seat’ … the back wheel, which had a place to tie things on, so it was like a place to sit. And my left foot got tangled in the spokes of the rear wheel of the bicycle. I fell off, and it badly torqued my leg. So there I was, limping again. That is the second instance, along the same theme: This has to do with relaxing, and repairing the body, and so forth, on the left side … to do with the left-side prana, the ida, in kundalini terms.

The Fairhaven Excursion and the Old Station Wagon. The third thing happened when I was about 13 years old. The family had gone to our favorite beach, Fairhaven, for a beautiful summer day …

Map: Fairhaven. showing Herring Bay on the right, and a tidal estuary on the left, with only a thin strip of land in between the two bodies of water … https://www.google.com/maps/place/Fairhaven,+MD+20779/@38.7488301,-76.5581701,421m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b78f28d9bbdff5:0xdee5379890d06685!8m2!3d38.7442841!4d-76.5577354 ..

And we came back home. We young siblings … my brother, my three sisters, and I were grumpy and tired and wanted to go to bed. We arrived back home after dark in the family’s old station wagon; a very old station wagon with some problems. One problem was that the parking brake did not always stay in ‘Park’.

The turnaround … the circular turnaround at the end of the driveway and next to the house where we lived … was on a slight slope. And there was another car parked at the top of the hill; that was our ‘normal’ car.

And so, we parked on a slope like this [indicates by hand level a slope of about 45 degrees]. And everybody piled out of the car. Some of us started to run into the house. And the parking brake slipped.

My father was behind the car, with my youngest sister, getting thing out of the car. My youngest sister was only 2 years old at that time; she was a toddler. My mother and I were on the right-hand side of the car, the passenger side. And the car started moving back down the hill. The motor was not going, but the force of gravity, and the heavy metal of the car were something to consider.

My father had extraordinarily fast reflexes; incredibly fast reflexes. Just in time, he grabbed my young sister out of the path of the moving car, which quickly gained acceleration; grabbed her up, over the top of the car, and saved her life.

My mother had really slow reflexes compared to my father … probably she had what most would consider ‘normal’ reflexes. My reflexes were in the middle, half-way between the two, and much faster than most people’s. So I inherited about half of my father’s gift.

The front seat car door, on my side of the car, the passenger side, was open; and I tried to dive into the car and grab the parking brake lever to the right of the driver’s seat, and pull it back up. But the open, right-hand car door hit me, and I fell under the car, The drag of the rapidly accelerating right front tire dragged me downward along the gravel drive for a moment, rolling me over under the car from a face-up to a face-down position. Then the moving right front tire rolled over the backs of my legs, leaving me lying on the driveway, as the car continued on down past the bottom of the turnaround.

My left leg was the first leg that had been rolled over by the car wheel, and it was dragged along by the car for a while, resulting in injury and scarring to the left quadriceps muscle. So there was a third injury to my left side, all within the space of the growing-up time.

And that is normal: It is normal for Soul wounding on one side, with which you are born … say, a pranic insufficiency on the left side … to attract to itself, in this dimension, numerous incidents that further the Soul wounding.

We are born with Soul wounding preserved on the astral plane and later on the mental plane, as we rest and recuperate in the fourth dimension between incarnations; and the process of Soul wounding or Soul healing begins again in each new physical incarnation.

Astral or Emotional Snags Carried from Incarnation to Incarnation

The above was just a physical example, but there are also astral or emotional snags that are embedded in our electromagnetic fields, and in our etheric nets … insufficiencies of the Light … that are carried through incarnations, because of the density of this third dimension, which results in this kind of Soul wounding.

This is not to say that, because we have Soul wounding, we are inferior in any way to anyone else. In fact, a lot of Soul wounding is often characteristic of the Lightworkers, who have been on Earth for a really long time, and accumulated a lot of dings and scratches in their etheric nets (aka ‘etheric bodies’).

All this is in the process of healing right now, as you all know. The Light is coming in and fixing all of this because, in these times of the Great Awakening, it is impossible for these dings and nicks and scratches to exist anymore.

The axiatonal lines are flooded with Light, and the etheric net plumps up and is fixed, little by little.

Then the Light flows from the etheric net into the physical form, and all that is fixed as well. So this is something to look forward to this year, during 2017.

–from Link: “Timelines and Dimensions 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 February 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6ZS ..

. . . . .

The Long Age of Darkness and Its Effect on Lightworkers

Meantime, I will try to explain why all this happened during the long Age of Darkness …

The more incarnations we experience in this dimension, the more we have trouble with the etheric net.

So the Lightworkers who volunteered first are the ones with the most Soul wounding.

In their Awareness, they are concentrating on the Light. Not on the Darkness. That is the definition of their Soul occupation through this long siege of the Dark.

Old Lightworker Syndrome: Healing the Healer

Now the Great Awakening has occurred, and it is time for the Lightworkers to see the nicks and dents and scratches in their etheric nets. They need to allow those to be fixed.

They are no longer the leaders of humankind. Instead, the Light itself is leading humans into the greater Awareness of themselves. Each person on Earth has his or her own Ascension team, here to help us with that.

We, the Lightworkers, need to give people the liberty to find the Divine help that is there for them. We need to step back, now, as Lightworkers. We need to be retired. We need to have a new Soul mission.

There are those of our friends ‘in high places’ who are waiting for us to wake up to this. There’s a welcome committee beyond compare awaiting our return to that which we are; the return of our Awareness to the greatness that we are. But we need to detach ourselves from this scene here on Earth, in order to do that.

The Source of all that is … before creation …. that we are. Before creation, we create, through aligning with God’s heart and mind and will. We are that. We create this.  We need not create the Dark any more.

Soul Wounding and the Long Age of Darkness

So now, back to the topic of Soul wounding and the long Age of Darkness. We have this beautiful, shining etheric net, and it expresses our optimum timeline and dimension. It is that which the Lightworkers have been concentrating on as being who they are.

This has gotten gnarled up, and mixed up with personality. Until we reach beyond personality, until at least our celestial Ascension team, and from there possibly to the Divine itself, we will be stuck down here, with this one, theoretically ‘close to perfection’ dimension and timeline, where we are Lightworkers.

But within that are all of the encapsulated electromagnetic field anomalies that represent our Soul wounding … our nicks and dents and scratches. These must also be resolved to the Light.

Afterlife Audiovisual Clips: Ghosts or Fractals

When we experience an interval between incarnations … an interval of Soul learning with our celestial Ascension teams’ help … the electromagnetic anomalies which represent our Soul wounding as short, repeating audiovisual clips of Soul wounding experiences (I have spoken of these before) whose intense emotions cannot be resolved right now, experience that interval as separate expressions of life in the Hellworlds or Purgatory worlds, or in Limbo.

We here on Earth who are in physical form call those ghosts or fractals.  We here on Earth in physical form sometimes see the ‘ghosts’, or encapsulated Soul wounding audiovisual clips of  of people who have passed on, over and over again.

Hauntings by ghosts have to do with very intense emotions felt during Soul wounding, that cannot be resolved yet. For instance, I saw a movie once about plantation life. A young child tried to evade being killed by the people in charge of the place, by climbing up into a chimney. The owner of the place knew the child was hiding there, and set a fire in the chimney to end the child’s life. That AV clip repeated over and over again in that mansion, because of the intensity of emotion that took place there.

A highly injurious occurrence had happened, both for the person who set the fire, and for the child who died. It just could not be resolved. So there was a fractal of both Souls, after the people involved passed on, that stayed in the hellworlds and projected that audiovisual clip image into the physical world for a long, long time.

Now if this were a true, rather than a fictional instance, those Souls … both the Soul of the murderer and that of the child who was killed … would need to be in the heavenworlds, learning from their celestial Ascension teams, for many, many long years … maybe a thousand years, in the normal course of things.

Then at the end of that time, the electromagnetic field anomalies representing their Soul wounding would be reinstituted in their etheric nets which create their physical bodies in their new incarnation. So, these anomalies would still be needing to be cleared.

The Mechanism of Karma, and Transformation of AV Clips Through Grace

As I understand it, that is how that mechanism of karma works. You can find out a lot more about the workings of karma and the karmic law from the studies of the School of Theosophy and from the Buddhist teachings. It is a very interesting study … I have been studying up on it.

But right now, in the time of the Shift, understanding of the mechanism of karma is not as important as it used to be, because all karma is unraveling and dissolving. It is a transformational experience now. It is the experience of Divine grace solely … Actually, it always was that, but now we have the grace to understand what is going on.

So we have these little ghostly images that are like space junk in our energy fields right now, and they need to be cleared. If we descend into those experiences, we experience something like the catatonic state described in the time travel movie “Dimensions” …

Movie: “Dimensions,” 2011, starring Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Camilla Rutherford, and Patrick Godfrey … http://dimensionsthemovie.com/ ..

We can experience that audiovisual clip. If we do this from the space of our heart’s energy, the center of our electromagnetic field, and link that powerhouse of energy with the audiovisual clip, what happens is a sudden burst of Light in which the encapsulating boundaries of the Soul wounding AV clip are dissolved.

The whole scene plays out. We can hear and see everything that happened. It plays out in our minds and resolves to love. In EMF terms, it merges with the energy flow of our electromagnetic field, which is a pretty cool experience.

So then, hypothesizing that, once we pass on again, and we are getting our Soul learning in the heavenworlds, down in the hellworlds or the purgatory worlds, that particular scene will not be playing out again, and could not be projected into the 3D reality so as to adversely affect the people still in carnate form there.

How the Karma of the Ascended Masters Affects Their Followers

Now, I have talked quite a bit about the Ascended Masters, and how all of this about Soul wounding and so forth affects their followers right now. I would just like to conjoin, or sub in, this topic with the topic that I have been discussing today.

As I understand it, the Ascended Masters are Lightworkers who have concentrated very thoroughly on the Light.

In the Age of Darkness, when we had not the consolidated help of our Ascension teams, or a direct link to the Incoming Light, which is represented in the physical plane … in the third dimension … by the way that the Universe has turned and changed, so that we can absorb the Light of the Central Sun.

During this, the new Age of Light that began in 2012, when we speak of the Light coming in, in the physical realm, this is only a symbol, a physical way of saying what is happening in all 12 formed dimensions, and in the remaining 60 dimensions beyond form, in all this great Multiverse.

To get back to the topic, the Ascended Masters were like Lightworkers super, mega Lightworkers, and their Light was very bright. They concentrated solely on the Light of God and so forth, and consequently had many followers who were trying their best to remember who they really were, in terms of Light and love and joy.

But the very fact that the Ascended Masters were in carnate form, here in the third dimension, made it impossible for them not to have Darkness in their noncarnate aspect … in their etheric nets, for instance.

There was a very GREAT light, and there were very few incapsulated instances of Soul wounding. But those that were there, were exceedingly Dark, because they had to counterbalance the Light, here in this dimension and in the fourth dimension.

So after these Ascended Masters passed on, the atypical, opposing portion of them, the oppositional force of Darkness, very dense and deep Darkness of Soul wounding that was encapsulated in their etheric nets, descended into the hellworlds.

During this Shift, the oppositional forces of Darkness of the Ascended asters played out as instances of extremely severe Soul wounding amongst the followers of those Ascended masters, unless they concentrate solely on the heavenworld existence of the major portion of the Soul field of these great beings.

In the various religions, we have been seeing iterative instances of the same kind of Soul wounding, expressing themselves, as the followers who are attracted to a particular religion or philosophy will have in common certain Soul wounding aspects that relate to the deep Darkness encapsulated in their Ascended Masters.

A Way to Help the Ascended Masters Attain Liberation

So these have been popping! They may lead to acting out, or it could just be that, in a particular religion, there have been flareups of recurring, vivid waking dreams in the followers. This represents this tiny pinpoint of extremely intense ‘Dark Light’ (antimatter Light?!) expressing hatred or fear, and so on, that was embedded in the etheric net of their Ascended Master when he passed on.

So the thing to do is, not to concentrate on that, unless through the aspect of the heart.

We … our own hearts … can transform that, if we say to the vision of that deep Darkness that comes up (even though it be from the Ascended Master) … we say to that vision of inchoate Darkness …

. . . . .

channeled by Alice B. Clagett
12 February 2017

May you be blessed with unconditional love!
May you be blessed with unconditional love!
May you be blessed with unconditional love!

. . . .

And in that way, we help the Ascended Masters attain liberation.

They have been having a very tough time of it, because their Soul wounding, no matter how small, has gotten glommed up with the Soul wounding of all their followers. The more followers they have, the worse off they have been until now. This is finally resolving in the Light, thank God!

On Attending Group Get-Togethers Without Falling into Ego or Personality by Placing the Awareness in the Transpersonal Chakras

So in the meantime, whether you participate in a group or not … This is what I do: I go to groups, I enjoy the presence of other people, but I do my best not to get involved with their personalities.

I do not want to descend, in my Awareness, below the veil of personality and ego, I need to be higher. I need to be, at least, in the causal realm, where we can see all the ramifications of the playings out of the threads of Darkness, and the dimensions and the timelines. You know?

Staying Safe in the Physical World: Placing the Awareness in the Transpersonal Chakras and ‘Asking Up’ to our Ascension Teams

And if we keep our Awareness up there … at least as high as the eighth chakra above the head, or higher … then all we need to do is ask. We ask.

If we want to know if it is safe to go to a certain place, say a certain park, or a certain part of town, or we want to know whether it is safe to take a particular airline trip or go to a particular event … all we have to do is ask. And we are taken by our Ascension team, to that place and that time, in no time … without any lapse of time.

Time is not an aspect of what will occur in terms of knowing. So, immediately, we will know. We will know if it is safe or not safe. And that is an important thing in this time, because we want to stay in physical form through this process of awakening.

How Best to Follow Our Hearts and Achieve Our Soul Missions

So that is one aspect: Staying safe. But another aspect is: How can I best follow my heart? How can I best achieve my Soul mission during this time? And those are questions that can be asked of our Ascension teams as well. We can say …

. . . . .

by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
12 February 2017

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines and dimensions
So that I may best follow my heart!
For the All, through Free Will!

. . . . .

Ask that, and just like that it is done! Or, we can say …

. . . . .

by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
12 February 2017

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines and dimensions
So I can best follow my Soul mission!
For the All, through Free Will!

. . . . .

 Ask that, and just like that it’s done! This is the Hathor way.



Image: “Gaia 2” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Gaia 2” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0


Image: “Keys to the Codes 2” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Keys to the Codes 2” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0


Image: “Blossoming of Humankind 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Blossoming of Humankind 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 February 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more information see … LInk: “Compendium: Timelines and Multitemporality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-byd ..


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Control versus Heart-Centric Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 28 October 2016

Image: One of the Borg, from Star Trek: http://redshirtsalwaysdie.com/files/2016/09/is-star-trek-3-under-threat-from-klingons-the-borg-410059.jpg … What is termed ‘malware’ in the context of the Awakening consists of Borg-like inserts or implants in the subtle body known as our astral body, and in our etheric net. These implants are made, during the long Ages of Darkness, by astral beings negative who are far superior to us in technology. However, it is all done through the Divine plan to offer us humans free will choices, so that we may advance in Soul wisdom.

Dear Ones,

This video is about:

  • The chakric balance of our natal family, and how it affects us at first
  • When one of the gut brain chakras is predominant in a natal family
  • On learning the user manual for the human body
  • Third chakra is about will power, about making one’s way in the world. It has to do with control, and with being controlled.
  • Ways of expressing oneself: assertiveness , aggressiveness, submissiveness
  • For a child born into a third-chakra family, an important lesson to be learned is to stand one’s ground, with maintaining one’s place in the world. The third chakra also has to do with ‘I’ and ‘other’, with cause and effect.
  • Leaders of government, defense, corporations, schools, and churches all have to deal with the competing demands of various people’s third-chakra energy,
  • In about 2012, at the time of the Shift, many, many people started coming to higher consciousness, to a state of enlightenment, to awareness, to enlightenment, to Awakening, and sometimes to a sense of rapture and joy in Cosmic consciousness in the presence of God, to Christ consciousness.
  • People who are in the third chakra, and are starting to attain that awareness, have not yet reached the fourth chakra, which is essential to a noncausal view of reality. Through the fourth chakra, we attain a non-cause-and-effect weltanschauung … the synchronous reality of God’s grace showering down on Earth and changing things instantaneously. But until we get there, sometimes we’re there, and sometimes it seems like everything is hopelessly enmeshed in karma, especially if we had that kind of upbringing where there’s a great deal of respect for the third chakra and for cause and effect.
  • In the last decade, many people, observing politics, have come to an understanding that there are astral realities, similar to the virtual realities of electronics, and to nanotechnology, but far more subtle, more refined. For instance, during the tens of thousands of years of the Age of Darkness, there have been astral bots, astral telecommunication devices, astral spy mechanisms, astral remote viewing and remote control of people, and all kinds of scary astral things like that … astral hypnosis, astral karmic forcing of people into a particular role that they don’t want to be in, astral mind control … These astral things are very similar to the scary movies that the mass media have been putting out. That’s because what the media are putting out has an astral reality, and not necessarily a high-tech reality.
  • So now, we’re getting the willies, because we’ve noticed it: the malware, the mind mud, mind slide, and all kinds of technologies put in place by the many astral beings negative in the many epochs past. Now we notice it. And now we’re freaking out! But it’s all over with! This is the age of the Awakening … the beginning of the Age of Light.
  • It’s not that some groups have suddenly taken over the leadership of any country, or of any groups in any country, or of the common man … you and me.
  • As Star Trek might term it, we have been ‘Borged up’ … our astral forms are cluttered with this malware. That makes us, in a way, not human, or not in control of ourselves. That’s really quite cool, because Earth school is about that … It’s about losing some part of our free will, and making bad decisions, and learning from that, and then starting to make good decisions again.
  • What the malware does is, it creates the opportunity for us to learn more quickly, because it makes every bad decision 10 times worse.
  • On the other hand, we have the blessing of grace, through the higher realms, through our Celestial Teams, which are always available …. Only, we have to ask … and that makes everything 10 times better.
  • What sometimes happens, when a young person is born into a family that concentrates on the third chakra, the very strong will power chakra, is that they don’t know that they have the choice to move into the heart chakra … It seems unsafe; while on the other hand, the only safety exists in the heart chakra. So that’s a difficult thing that has to be learned: That we have that choice, and we can make that choice, and then to summon the courage, the strength of will to give it a go. And this despite the fact that our family may be totally on another page. We may have many long years before we can actually talk to our families. We might have to give that up. In fact, we might have to go to other people who know about assertiveness, and they know about following their hearts and having a wonderful life. We might have to let it go.
  • During a Solar Event, there are simultaneous astral stories running in the different dimensions of reality. Choosing a chakra is choosing a dimension.
  • Something came up yesterday, during the great geostorm that was going on. I was having a great time practicing my multidimensional skills.
  • I remember at first, when the Solar Storms would come up, and I’d be stuck in a third chakra dimensional realm, in the cause and effect realm, and other people would start these astral stories about war, and nanotechnology, and that we were the mere dupes of a shadow government. That the ‘puppet’ government that we saw on the news casts was not really the government at all … and at first I would get into a state of fear about it. Because I was starting to notice, in the third dimension, all the constrictions of the realm of cause and effect. I was starting to notice that, when a president gets in office, or a senator, or a congressman gets in office, he’s immediately inundated by lobbying requests, and put under a great deal of stress, and expected to perform optimally. It’s difficult for these people.
  • We begin to notice how very compromising a leadership position is, because of the fact that we’re tempted to slip down, in a leadership position, into the third chakra … into the realm of control where it seems like everyone else is.
  • Yet we have to follow our hearts, and lead with our hearts, in office. And every time our elected representatives fall toward the third chakra, they pull many other people in our country into that awareness too. Standalone unit! I! I have to stand alone and follow my heart anyway … This goes for each of us. We will follow our hearts, and we will help our leadership and our government to do the same!
  • The minute we determine to do that, and we do that, everything changes for everyone on Earth. Our leaders, our citizens, the foreign nations, leaders of those nations, the leaders of every fleet of ships and every airline on Earth, every corporation … everything changes.
  • It’s that transformational shift that we call multidimensionality or multi-diming.
  • To get back to my own Odyssey along these lines, at first, the Solar Storms would come, and I would hear astral stories about dark things, shadow things going on, and I would be frightened. Everybody else would be saying and feeling the same thing astrally. Then a helicopter would fly by, or I would hear a motor noise. Helicopters always seem to be buzzing overhead during a Solar Storm. And you can take that any number of ways: for instance, as an ominous sign (because the sound of a motor has a tendency to degrade the DNA, and to temporarily pull down our dimensions lower and lower). The odd thing is that, during a Solar Storm, there are lots of motor sounds. It’s almost impossible to escape them. I think it’s because these rough sounds are leaving Earth, and they need to be transformed through love.
  • In any event, when I hear motor noises during a Solar Event … when the air is so charged with protons and so electric, it’s very easy to become mentally confused … what they call ‘mind mud’. Tom Kenyon ( www.tomkenyon.com … Hathor Archives ) terms it ‘cognitive dissonance’ in times of ‘chaos’. This has to do, I feel, with development of the new clair ability termed by WHO ‘EMF hypersensitivity’.
  • When, during a Solar Event, cognitive dissonance sets in, it’s very difficult to remember to feel your heart. Then you find yourself back down in your lower chakras’ fight or flight response. You’re trying to figure out: Am I safe? Do I need to flee? Do I need to fight? Do I need to turn on the news? Do I need to go to sleep? What do I need to do? These are kinds of things that go through your mind if you’re down there in the negative gut brain during a Solar Event; the trigger might be an astral story, or the sound of a motor, or the like.
  • So at first, in the early days, although I’d be sitting peacefully, my thoughts used to flow wildly along with the astral stories. But as time went on, I began to distinguish between the chakras and the dimensions, and it was easier because things would happen that were near repeats of the old, and I would be able to navigate up to the heart chakra.
  • A good example was yesterday. I was doing yard work; there was a big geostorm, and the protons were flying. The helicopters started up again, one after another, flying overhead, circling, it seemed. And I remembered the other times. I could hear people making up astral stories, but by keeping my attention on my heart chakra, I came to the conclusion this was the same as the other times when nothing bad had happened. This was a chance to absorb the heavy energies coming from the sound of the helicopter engines into my heart and transform them with love. When I did that, it helped everyone around here, who was listening in, to achieve a more positive emotional frame of mind too.
  • That’s the difference between the navel point and the heart; it’s the ability to ride through our fears and to move on to an understanding that God is always with us; that grace is always with us, abounding.
  • This is just an illusion, and it’s up to us to flavor it with positive emotions or negative emotions. If positive, then we rise in feeling to the highest heaven worlds. If negative, we can sink to the very lowest hell worlds … It’s completely up to us.
  • Expect the unexpected during Solar Events. Go with the flow. Ride with the waves and enjoy it. It’s kind of cool. Very unexpected things happen.
  • The interesting thing about the dimensions is that, as we experience one dimension, the third dimension, we may see actions and ‘acting out’ in the world that support that third-dimensional activity. For example, some sort of ‘berserker’ actions out in the world. We may see those things happen. And that’s because we’ve hooked into a dimension where those things are possible.
  • Yet, we can take the same set of sensory phenomena, and transform our awareness to the heart chakra, and for us, seemingly unalterable reality, that causal net or trap that other people are in, how many people feel they can control other people, how they feel they have everything ‘tied up’, how the dare down (what we used to call the ‘game of chicken‘) operates, how we can have our way, and be above the law … these things that people believe, when they practice third chakra energies, and that manifest in their reality because of it … are completely transformed through feeling the heart.
  • A person standing right beside me, and seeing all the helicopters going over, might be experiencing a completely different reality because of their feeling of fear. And they might step away from me, and into some action that perpetuates that feeling of fear is true. Yet it is not. Only love is true. And the closer our feeling is to love, the more truthful will be our hologram and our illusion. The more we will draw to ourselves those who have the same truthful representation of all that is.
  • Lots of times when people see all the dark things that are happening in the world, they figure they will only survive if they practice black magic, not knowing that the practice of black magic only pulls them down further into the illusion. Black magic is not strong like the angelic realm is strong. Not one ten-thousandth as strong as the angelic realm; we can always call on that and call in the fourth dimension.
  • Many people noticed what was going on with the power games amongst the leadership in the last decade, and how our world leaders were associating with other people also in the third chakras, including black magic practitioners. People noticed the bindings and the karmic forces that wreak control over those who seek power, and how others are always eager to say  that is they who created those bonds on the leadership; that they are the power behind the power. They are the ‘controllers’ of Earth. They have the ‘master plan’ and they are making everything happen.
  • And if we, too, are perceiving everything from our third chakra, we believe this too. It’s easy to believe. They seem pretty scary! They say that they’ve done 700 or 900 or Lord knows how many murders in their lifetime. And in a state of fear we might believe these things. But in a state of feeling the heart, we see that none of this is true. It’s completely untrue.
  • It’s the same way in the astral stories … If there’s someone that we feel to have power or authority over us, for whatever reason … someone that we just can’t seem to be able to deal with on an equal footing … it’s likely, during a Solar Event, that the astral stories that come up around helicopters, and like that, are going to feature that person as the ‘controller’. But in fact, there is no ‘controller’. There are just a lot of people that believe that they control things.
  • This is lucky, because we are noticing the constrictions on those in power. We are noticing how the desire for power rips power from us. We are noticing how black magic diminishes our human electromagnetic field. And we’re finally realizing that that’s not the way.
  • But at first, it seems like everything is hopeless, and suddenly there are psychic wars, and there are mind control experts, and there are ‘controllers’ everywhere, and all this stuff is going on. But it’s been going on all this time. We just didn’t know it. But now we do! That’s really terrific! Congratulations to each of us!
  • One of the power buzzwords that people use on the astral plane when they’re into the third chakra game, is they’ll find some agency on Earth that seems impregnable and unassailable, like a secret service organization, for instance. Pretending to be a secret service agent is, according to an article I read in WikiHow recently, quite an up and coming con game. A person with a fake secret service ID might even try to convince law enforcement that he just murdered a man, or robbed a bank because he was a secret service person, and so therefore, he should be let go.
  • This is a very popular con game these days, and the same is true on the astral plane. There’s a very popular astral story going on about the secret service … all the different agencies like that, and with regard to the State Department, the Internal Revenue Service. Anything that strikes fear into the heart of the average American is featured on the astral stories as if the one or two people in the world that we most think of as the impregnable, unassailable ‘controllers’ of our existence were in charge of those organizations. That’s just another example of the fake secret service ID, except that this person, that we’re kind of afraid of, is saying, suddenly, that they’re a secret service agent, or that they’ve called the IRS, or that they know the head of the State Department, or that they have drones that they drones (!) that they can employ against us, and that tomorrow we’re going to be out of existence…. Like, right! Like the government is concerned about us!
  • I saw a movie called “The Last Avatar,” available on www.amazon.com … It’s a very cool movie about rising above fears engendered by the navel point notions of fight or flight, of control or being controlled. It’s about rising past that into the heart chakra. And there’s this great scene where the hero is about to proclaim his truth to the world, about all the great things that are actually so in the higher dimensions, and he’s chased by a mob of Gendarme guerrilla people … mercenaries … and he just makes it into the broadcasting booth, and proclaims his truth, and then the movie ends.
  • It’s just that kind of feeling when you’re rising from third chakra fears into the fourth chakra. You can do it! You can make it. And it’s a whole new, separate world where you can speak your truth freely, where you can follow your heart, where all the liberties written down in the Constitution of the United States are yours for the taking!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. Here is the Planetary K (Kp) Index for the Solar Storm that took place the last few days, as mentioned in the video (1):



(1) This chart is public domain. See  http://www.education.noaa.gov/Special_Topics/Photos_and_Multimedia.html


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Helping Your Group Leader Awaken . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 13 May 2016


Image: Woman rejoicing with sky and mountains … https://pp.vk.me/c606918/v606918130/4ed7/avljVfkxPmI.jpgA woman in a long white, sleeveless dress, holding a white shawl over her head. The shawl is fluttering in a breeze. The woman is standing on a natural sandstone bridge. Behind her can be seen the curve of planet Earth. Above Earth is a pathway into the sky, with some mountains at the end of the path. The Sun is at the top of the image.

Dear Ones,

As the Awakening proceeds, the followers in groups are awakening prior to their leaders. There are several reasons for this, to do with group electromagnetic (EMF) field and unconscious thought gloms.


Groups represent human EMF field gloms. The size of the glom depends on the size of the group.

The EMF of each member of the group is like the tip of one rib of the umbrella.

The spike in the middle of the top of the umbrella is like the EMF of the group leader.

The EMF glom in a group attaches to the leader’s EMF like the tips, ribs, and stretchers in an open umbrella attach to the spike in the middle of the top of the umbrella. This is because the leader (the top central spike) is the focus of attention of all the group members (the tips of the ribs); Awareness flows from each group member to the leader, just like the ribs and stretchers of the umbrella unite the tips to the central spike. This is the group EMF glom effect …



Image: Umbrella, by Fornax , from Wikimedia Commons … Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Image: Umbrella, by Fornax , from Wikimedia Commons … Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

As you can see from the above illustration of an umbrella, the EMF field of each member of a group is relatively detached from the ‘eye of the glom hurricane’. The top spike, on the other hand, is connected with the entire umbrella.

In the same way, it is relatively easy for the Awareness of one member of a group to detach itself from that of the rest of the group, so that the member can perfect his or her own EMF field in the familiar torus shape. However, for the leader to do so, he must detach from the members of the group, and this is relatively difficult, compared to the ease with which a member of the group can detach: The member need detach only from the leader, while the leader must detach from all of his followers.


Also in play is the energy of the subconscious mind of each group member. Because of the hierarchical nature of the typical group on Earth today, and because of the group EMF glom effect, the subconscious energy of each group member courses, as it were, through the ribs and stretchers of the glom, into the subconscious mind of the leader.

Thus the leader’s portion of the group’s subconscious energy is proportionately very heavy.

Through the great Age of Darkness, up until this moment in time, the subconscious minds of group members have been respectfully accepting the subconscious suggestions of their leaders, practically without question.

As the upgrades to the human EMF accelerate, due to the Incoming Light from the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, both of the group glom effects described above are being exacerbated. Leaders are under a great deal of pressure, both because of the responsibility they feel to lead their groups well, and because of the psychic impact these group gloms are having on them. This always happens during an Awakening, and is a natural outcome of the great changes that are taking place on Earth in these years of New Life on New Earth.

Right now, the pressure of the group EMF and subconscious gloms, it seems to me, can lead to group members and leaders ‘acting out’ in a sort of ‘sleepwalking’ state, but in most cases just gives rise to the group daydreams and night dreams known as ‘astral stories’.


At this point in the Awakening, by God’s grace and through the blessing of the Incoming Light, many group members are becoming aware of the subconscious suggestions of their leaders. This applies to all sorts of organizations, no matter how small or how large, and of whatever nature … whether they be economic, financial, social, religious, spiritual, or family groups.

If you are a group member who has just now ‘woken up’ to all this, the thing to do is to talk to the leader of your group in person, on the physical plane.

  • This may be a question of people in a small church talking with their leader.
  • It might be the teachers at a school speaking to the principal.
  • It might be a wife speaking with her husband.
  • Or it might be the children in a family speaking with their father.
  • Or the students in a classroom speaking to their teacher.


Talk to your group leader in person, face to face (not on the astral plane). Approach them with a kindly, gentle tone of voice.  It is a little like they are sound asleep, ‘sleepwalking’, even, and you want to shake them, ever so gently, and wake them up …

  • Ask if they know that they made this-and-such suggestion on the psychic plane?
  • Help them remember any past suggestions to you that you have become aware of.
  • If they express upset as they surface to conscious Awareness, assure them that everything is ok … that they have made a great step (as have you!), and that is something to be proud of.
  • Then should the leader make subconscious suggestions in future, just gently repeat the questioning and reassurance process on the physical plane.


That group members are now Awakening is a very good thing, and a very great step for all humankind. Once this happens, it will be very easy for group leaders to fully awaken as well.

Congratulations to everyone who has just awakened! Job well done!

Dear Ones, God bless you and keep you all!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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On Healing the EMF Fields of Our Galaxy . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 4 May 2016

    • Venus
    • Earth
    • Pleiades
    • After Our EMF Fields Are Healed

Dear Ones,


Because, during the 10,000 year Age of Darkness just past, our Sun was unable to communicate fully with the great sun Alcyone in the Pleiades … and because our Sun was not bathed in the the Light of the Photon Belt of the Pleiades during that time … the pure Light of our Sun was cut off from the higher Star Libraries, such as that existing on Alcyone. And so, our Sun’s energies became somewhat misaligned. Consequently, the solar winds that gust from our Sun to our planet Earth began to carry some degree of misaligned energies. This is what is known in scientific parlance as harmful EMF radiation.


This is not all bad news. Quite the contrary. our Sun and her planets have from the very first agreed to participate in the Duality experiment, as laid out by the Logos. This experiment is only available to solar systems that exist on the very fringes of the galaxies. In the case of our Solar System, we have a 10,000-year Age of Darkness, when our Sun is not bathed in the intelligent, loving Light of the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, then we have a 2,000-year Age of Light, such as that which began in December 2012 (note that some say September 2012 or earlier). Then we have another long Age of Darkness, a short Age of Light, and so on. This is how the Logos set up the Duality experiment for our Solar System.


Each of our Sun’s planets has its own version of the Duality experiment. For instance, you can read, in “The Law of One” …

LInk: “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … http://www.lawofone.info/ ,.

… about the Duality experiment on Venus. This was based on love in its many forms. As I understand it, at the conclusion of this experiment and the relatively recent Awakening on Venus, the Logos felt that more misalignment needed to be introduced into the next Awakening process … that of Earth.

The trouble was that Venus had been so bathed in love, and the Venutians (those Hathors of the Sirius star system who settled on Venus, as I understand it) so happily played with love in its many aspects, that there was very little motivation for Soul learning and Soul evolution.


Consequently, in designing the Earth version of the Duality experiment, the Logos (some call this the ‘Elohim’) introduced misalignment in the male-female energies here. This is what I have elsewhere called the victim-aggressor paradigm, the victim-aggressor mental filter, and the V— D— syndrome.

While this is a free will planet, the Logos has preserved here a bias toward choice of mates that, if followed, will further our Soul evolution. The inclusion of this bias in the Earth experiment is very fortunate, as indiscriminate choice of a mate would drag us down into a spiral of Soul devolution. You can read more about the energies of ‘sexual transfer’ in The Law of One: The Ra Material.


To get back to the recently concluded Age of Darkness, misaligned energy has accumulated in the EMF of our Sun, and consequently in the solar winds she wafts to her planets, and from the planets to the beings living thereon, such as ourselves. Moving backwards in lines of Light toward the planet Sirius, and thence to the great sun Alcyone of the Pleiades, the misqualified energies of Earth, and presumably of other life-bearing fringe solar systems circling the Pleiades, have affected the beings of our galaxy … Suns, planets, beings such as ourselves in various dimensions, as well as less sentient forms of Awareness such as that of Earth animal life, plant life and mineral life.

For more on the awareness of animal, plant and animal life on Earth, see Citation: “The Causal Body And The Ego,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, 1928, public domain.


In our personal EMF fields and those of Earth, there is cramping and crimping in the axiatonal lines of light that are clearing. This has resulted in crinkles and mottled areas of Darkness in our EMF fields. These crinkles and dark spots, sometimes termed ‘implants‘ … which manifest as malware, malspeak, mind mud, mind slides, and so on … align with opposite-polarity crinkles and dark spots in other beings … such as …

  • ghosts of our ancestors;
  • our own alternate-reality fractals;
  • the astral shadow bodies of people we know and associate with (such as our co-workers, friends and families);
  • as well as negatively aspected astral beings such as
    • demons and devils,
    • and less sentient negatively aspected astral beings that are astral equivalents of the physical animal life, plant life, and mineral life on Earth
  • and also beautiful nature spirits that have been hypnotized or terrorized by black magic.

The latter hypnotizing and terrorizing of nature spirits through black magic, by my observation, has taken place en masse in the big cities of Earth, where the lack of synchronicity with the rhythms of our mother Earth has driven out the Devas, those great beings of the Archangelic Realm whose job is to protect and oversee the work of the nature spirits.

Fortunately, as the city fiefdoms have recently fallen … all round Earth … it is now newly possible for the Devas to return to their work in the cities of Earth. This they have now done; and so, we can look forward to ever flourishing renewal of the cities of Earth through the work of the great Devas with the Incoming Light.


Alignment of opposite-polarity areas of EMF fields of these various beings causes beings to ‘glom’; this ‘glom effect’ is like the sticking together of the positive end of one magnet to the negative end of another magnet. Here is one example of a glom, using magnets as an illustration …

Image: Two magnets, north and south ends aligned, create one torus-shaped magnetic field or ‘glom’ … http://www.gonefcon.com/trucktcom/m_bar2.jpg ..

At any moment, the north-south polarities of the EMF crimps of any two people can result in many injured axiatonal lines of the one person ‘hooking up’ with the oppositely charged axiatonal lines of the other person (or persons). The result, though temporary, is, for the EMF-atuned, offputting.

It is a little like this Getty Images photo of two people taped together, by Henrik Sorensen … http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/pair-taped-together-picture-id146362977 ..

Here is a representation of astral cording between couples. Popular literature notwithstanding, I find that astral cording always has to do with EMF field crimping.

This photo shows two people sitting back to back, with gluey white cords connecting their bodies … https://nancysmarriageblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/glued-two-people-on-rocks-resized-600.png ..


These gloms can go on and on, involving the EMF crimps of many humans, glommed together with negatively aspected demon and devil entities, smaller astral negative life forms, and so on.

Here is a drawing of a ‘glom’ with magnets, paper clips, and small metal objects … http://archive.cnx.org/resources/91c5a1b4f69ba0df570ac50475c2f785f6c59404/FIgure_23_01_01a.jpg ..

The above drawing is good, but it does not do justice to the extent of Earth gloms in recent years, which … most likely because of the misaligned information conveyed by the mass media … can involve many hundreds of thousands of humans (along with the other life forms in various Earth dimensions) all getting glommed together at the same time.

. . . . .

by Alice B. Clagett
4 May 2016

Grounding to Earth and getting a physical distance from the participants in a glom are two ways to alleviate the effect. A more permanent technique is to sit quietly, and to sense the areas of our own physical body or subtle bodies that are affected by the glom. This points out, to the careful observer, the location of his or her electromagnetic field (EMF) damage.

Then, while holding the damaged area in the Awareness, a person also feels the energy of the heart center. Visualize a connection between the two: the wounded area of the EMF and the energy of the heart chakra. Say out loud to the injured area: I love you!  love you! I love you! … and then wait for the energy of the heart to heal the EMF injury.

. . . . .

After Our EMF Fields Are Healed

After our EMF fields are cleared through the Incoming Light, the cramping and crinkles in our EMF fields will be removed, as the Light will have filled the damaged axiatonal lines. Then, as the harmonics of Earth beings resolve, all will be in harmony with the Light. EMF fields of each human will separate like this …

Two magnets with north ends aligned. Each magnet maintains its own magnetic torus field integrity … http://www.gonefcon.com/flymanaged/m_bar3.jpg ..

Why will not the north-south ends of our human magnetic fields meet? Because these will be aligned, through our Solar System’s Sun, with the great sun Alcyone, and with the sacred Halls of Amenti in the hollow core of astral Earth.

Here is an image of alignment of the central core of the EMF field of a human being to Earth and to Sun. In this case you must imagine the rest of the human EMF field like a great hollow apple shape around the central core (aka hara line or central vertical power current) … https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/05/e0/70/05e07087650bfdd9e8a0355c11b8a99e.jpg ..

One of the results of this Sun–Human–‘Core of Earth’ magnetic alignment will be clearing of astral malware, malspeak, implants, mind mud, mind slides, and so on that now characterize the unconscious energies of the human mini-noosphere as well as the planetary noosphere.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Thoughts on Curing HIV-AIDS, and on Modern Medical Healing . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 31 March 2016

    • Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind
    • Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind

Dear Ones,


I had an insight into the nature of HIV-AIDS the other day. On the astral plane, I feel that the HIV-AIDS thought form is created through negatively aspected second chakra astral matter. Specifically, the emotional energies of hatred, fear, anger, or despair become attached to thought forms related to the second, or sexual, chakra.

Very strong negative energies attached to sexual thought forms are a form of kama-manas (desire-mind) that, after gathering sufficient density, can distill from the astral plane into the physical plan as sexual diseases such as HIV-AIDS.


Today, in this new Age of Light, as the beautiful light of Alcyone’s photon belt once more touches and transforms Earth and all her beings, the clearing of samskaric tendencies from past and present lifetimes on Earth is proceeding apace.

Welling up into our consciousness are all the instances of negatively aspected sexual thought forms from the many lifetimes we experienced in the recent 10,000-year Age of Darkness. As our personal timelines continue to merge, and our dimensional Awareness continues to expand, we may experience upsurges of negative sexual feelings.

On the physical plane, these upsurges can lead to ‘acting out’, which can give rise to the spread of STDs … which is why, intuitively speaking, I notice much turmoil on the clair plane regarding discovery and resolution of issues around STDs. Intuitively speaking, it seems to me that this applies to all countries, all cultures, and all age brackets, worldwide.


The solution to this upwelling and manifestation on the physical plane, is to rebalance, harmonize and perfect the functioning of the second chakra. Chakric rebalancing methods are available online and also in person, through many wonderful healers.

When the chakras are in perfect alignment, physical diseases will disappear and the body will come into perfect physical health. This applies even to diseases such as HIV-AIDS, which hold such a load of despair and sadness.


We may be perfectly cured through chakric healing, yet if we were previously diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ physical disease, after the cure we may experience  ‘popping up’ of samskaras, or misaligned thought forms, which are distortions of our own subtle bodies, to do with past learning about the inevitability of disease and death.

It is important to clear through these negative thought forms; positive affirmations may be helpful, or laughter as a healing technique, or one may continue to work with alternative healing, such as clearing through the sacred languages of light and sound.

Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind

After a spontaneous cure, family and friends will most likely continue to believe that we are incurably ill. And their thought forms, sent to us through the ‘astral air’, may negatively impact our health. This is a difficult question, which must be addressed on a case by case basis, through their education on the true nature of disease. It may be helpful to absent oneself physically from family and friends, and curtail communication with them, for a while after the spontaneous cure, as the notion that this miracle has in fact manifested is accepted by their minds and hearts.

Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind

Our doctors, the Shadow of whose minds depend on income from illness for their own financial well-being, may also refuse to accept that our bodies are back in balance and no longer manifest these diseases.

Everybody knows that even such serious diseases as HIV-AIDS can go into remission. Even a diagnosis of liver cancer can inexplicably go into ‘remission’. The facts of remission, I feel, are ignored by the medical profession because they conflict with their beliefs on the nature of disease and healing. Yet in instance after instance, such spontaneous cures take place. The answer, I feel, will be an upgrading of the modern medical mental filters, so that the facts of remission will better fit into the modern medical Weltanshauung.


Long years ago, I heard of the barefoot doctors of China, who accepted payment only for the physical health of their patients … as I recall, in the form of eggs or vegetables from the people of the villages where they offered medical care. The villagers would not pay the doctors if they fell ill, yet they expected medical attention then, with the notion that the doctors had momentarily failed in their mission of maintaining a villager’s health and well-being.

This notion makes perfect sense to me, as, in my thinking, what villager could afford to give away eggs and vegetables while he or she lay ill? Yet the healthy person could easily offer sustenance to the travelling barefoot doctor.

I ask, for the sake of your consideration, would this not be a better model of payment for the modern medical community? Great ills, such as a specialist’s misdiagnosis of disease for the sake of remuneration entailed by an operation, or the specialist’s shadow side wishful thinking that a person be subject to the specialist’s illness (which wishful thinking, in aggregate, can distill down into the physical reality), might be avoided by simply changing the payment model for the modern medical profession.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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