Romance vs Cellular Joy . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 15 April 2015; published on 20 April 2015; revised

    • On Knowing the Fine Character of Our Armed Services Personnel as Opposed to Mental Concepts of War and Politics
    • On the Experience of Cellular Joy as Opposed to Mental Concepts About the Opposite Gender
    • On Moving from the Nightmare Vision of the ‘Great Divide’ Between the Thoughts and Feelings of People to a State of Cellular Joy
    • Cellular Joy: A Retraceable Adventure into the Unknown

Dear Ones,

Which is more delightful, romance or cellular joy? … The desire world vs essential beingness? … There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

On Knowing the Fine Character of Our Armed Services Personnel as Opposed to Mental Concepts of War and Politics

It is early morning, here where I am. This place where I am, there was a group of young military people that were taking a little break from their duties … I guess they call it R and R? … and they had the rooms all around me last night. And it was kind of cool, in a way, because, even though I am an old person, it was fun to see how exuberant they were, how full of hope and joy and heroic courage, and clean, high-spirited good humor. There was not an ounce of cruelty or meanness or small-spiritedness in them. They were really wonderful people, both men and women, that were here last night having a wonderful time.

It was a refreshing relief to me, to see the young people, and to see how beautiful and pure their Spirit is these days. And how beautiful and pure the Spirits of all humans is becoming these days. It was terrific.

Sometimes we get caught up in notions about war and politics, and so forth. We forget that the important thing about being human is the feelings we have; the experiences we have through the feeling world. The mind is a rather dry thing, do you not think? And the feeling world is full of the energy of life.

These young people were like that: They were full of the energy of life. I did not even mind that I could not fall asleep, because they were having such a wonderful time. It was just terrific! I hope there are many more such experiences for them in the future. It is great!

On the Experience of Cellular Joy as Opposed to Mental Concepts About the Opposite Gender

What with all the young people here, there was quite a level of endocrine gland experience in the feeling world last night. And I wanted to talk a little about the future and the endocrine system, and thought processes about sexuality, as I understand that this is a concern for people that are considering the Ascension process.

These are my preliminary thoughts…. Speaking from my own point of view, as the level of Light increases on Earth, it seems to me that the cells of my body are becoming more and more intensely joyful. Intensely experiencing the joy of being alive. And it is becoming more and more obvious to me, how the mental world has distorted this joy in the world, until this Light started to come in.

So, on the clair plane, I hear the stories of people regarding sexuality and romance, and I hear a very different story from the men, than from the women.

As people become more sentient, they are beginning to notice the differences, and actually see the thinking of their sexual partner … of their wife, of their very best friend … whoever it is. They are beginning to understand that their mind is not creating the mental filter that is true regarding what is really taking place during the act of making love.

This is leading to upset on the part of both men and women.

  • For the women: Our partner is not who we thought he was … not Prince Charming, not the hero of our age.
  • And for the men, our partner is not the highly sexual female companion who thinks only about making love; she has many other concerns.

All across the world, apparently, people are beginning to notice this: That the person they spend their time with, and have a romantic relationship with, is not the person they thought he or she was. This is true of both men and women.

On Moving from the Nightmare Vision of the ‘Great Divide’ Between the Thoughts and Feelings of People to a State of Cellular Joy

So for me, watching this happen, it is a little like walking through a nightmare reality, because the thoughts that the people have, and the feelings they have, are so separate one from the other.

It is like dipping into a nightmare, when I feel the level of my cellular joy go down a little. And this can happen kajillion times an hour, you know? But typically, what happens is, the cellular joy sinks down during the day, because of something that I am doing, or thinking, or feeling. And then I notice the dip. And then I take a step to lift the cellular joy. And then I find myself in a totally different reality …

  • One where anything is possible.
  • One where co-creation happens.
  • One where there is no compulsion.
  • One where the possibilities for this reality are infinite.

And over and over again during the day this happens: The early morning cellular joy, the dips, the steps that lift the joy back up. It is kind of incredible, really.

Cellular Joy: A Retraceable Adventure into the Unknown

This morning, I was speaking with some friends on the clair plane, and the topic came up: What is it like to place your Awareness somewhere other than the sexual drive? Such as, for instance, on cellular joy? And to hear everyone in the world engrossed in that feeling and that thought of sexuality? So there was some pensiveness on the other end of the clair ‘chat line’.

My only response is this … If you feel that you are losing something, then stay where you are.

But if you would like to experiment, know that it is not a permanent change; it is simply an experiment. So you can move in and out of the state of bliss anytime you want, and still retain the old.

For myself, what I find is experience continues onward, the state of essential beingness has become far more precious to me than the state of wishing things were otherwise. I do not want to live in that world of desiring something that is not here anymore, because that pulls me out of my essential center, and out of my joy.

If you really want to keep what you have, know that you can hang in there. If you want to experiment with a new feeling of being, rather than wanting or doing, why, you can do that too. There are infinite possibilities. And the choice is yours. Completely yours.

Love you all. Take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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