Life in the Third through Fifth Dimensions . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 15 April 2015; revised and republished on 5 March 2018

    • Tam Elbrun and Gomtuu
    • Fifth Dimension: Lightships
    • Fourth Dimension: Colonists and Overseers of Our Astral Human Form
    • Third Dimension: Microbial Colonists of Our Physical ‘Spaceships’
      • The Ability of Microorganisms to Command Our ‘Spaceship’ While We Sleep
      • We Take Command of the Intentions of  Our Microbial Crew Through Diet
    • Human Groups
      • Human Group Leadership Styles
      • The Advantage of Leadership Style Mutability

Dear Ones,

Here is a broad-ranging video. Topics include Star Trek, Lightships, astral germs, human microbial ‘spaceships’ and human group leadership styles. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Tam Elbrun and Gomtuu

Remember, a long time ago, there was a Star Trek episode (1) about a young man who had dreamed of being alone in space all his life? And then the USS Enterprise came across a being … a one-celled being … in space, that was upset it was all by itself.

It turned out that this being was a kind of sentient spaceship that needed to have a human for companionship. And so it turned out that these two … the one that dreamed of being all alone, the telepath Tam Elbrun … and the one that needed someone like that, the sentient craft Gomtuu … got together, and formed kind of a union in space. At the end of the show, the Enterprise left this young man in the presence of the sentient, one-celled organism as its life support system and environment.

Along those lines, I would like to just discuss some ideas as templates for the future …

Fifth Dimension: Lightships

One is that there may be, in the fifth dimension, Lightships that are sentient, that are carrying within them consciousness, or Awareness, of many advanced beings. That all of these function in harmony with the Lightship … to travel, to participate in explorations, and to assist newly developing civilizations onward towards greater Awareness.

That is one kind of reality that we may be tapping into, as we continue. We may actually have memories of this kind of life … Where one of us, for instance, functioned as a Lightship, and others of us functioned in various roles … such as scout, commander, operations manager, logistics, science officer, and all the different functions of a space crew … in a feeling of almost total co-operation together. So that which was the environment … the living environment … of all of these beings, was almost one with them.

Fourth Dimension: Colonists and Overseers of Our Astral Human Form

Then I would like to descend to a fourth dimensional reality, in which there is an astral form … which would be your astral form, or my astral form … that is inhabited by many beings. And these tiny beings are very, very happy. They are very joyful beings. They are very aware and very sentient … each of them so, so tiny … microscopically tiny … compared to our own astral field.

Their job is, to enjoy being there, and to transmit … once a month … I think, on the full moon, maybe? … to transmit information, through our right top crown chakra, to another being that is overseeing our life on Earth. Would that be something!

Consider that, in the fourth dimension, there may be different energies and forces at play, some of which desire not human happiness.

Imagine that the function of these tiny beings may have been distorted, in some way, by the brevity, or density, of the Light in the fourth dimension, so that their role becomes more one of creating disharmony, or suffering, in the astral form of the human being. And so they actually appear to be antagonistic … in some manner … to the pure joy of the human being.

On the other hand, that life could not be experienced in the fourth dimension … which is a dumbed-down dimension, without their help in creating disharmony in our astral form.

So, there is that. And you may have experience of that, as I did, in a dream kind of experience.

Third Dimension: Microbial Colonists of Our Physical ‘Spaceships’

Now, descending to the third dimension, we have, first, the physical body. The physical body is the ‘spaceship’, as it were, for many, many different kinds of microorganisms,

The Ability of Microorganisms to Command Our ‘Spaceship’ While We Sleep. Suppose it were true that all of these microorganisms, tiny as they are, represent the Light of God. And that, as we sleep, they are able to take command of our ‘spaceship’, and through their own united will, their collective will, ask us to do things … such as to open our mouth; or to increase our blood pressure; or to decrease our blood pressure; or to do whatever it is that they need, to accomplish their ends on Earth.

We Take Command of the Intentions of  Our Microbial Crew Through Diet. Whether their ends or hostile to us, or beneficial to us, depends on the type of microorganism. So, as Commanders of our own ‘spaceships’, we have the ability to adjust the 3D Lightship environment through diet.

We can decide, through diet, what kind of lifeforms we are going to have in our body, ok? Which is why people like Judy Satori wonderful suggestions … through trial and error, I will bet you … about ways to increase the beneficial life forms within us.

As you start to come to Awareness about the actual intelligence, or Awareness of these lifeforms, it can be a bit of a freakout, unless you know that you do have command of your ‘spaceship’. You do get to decide what adventitious life forms are there, and which cannot be allowed to be there. And through your own act of will, you get to change your own environment. You know what I mean?

Human Groups

A final thought on human groups: Human groups are like the human organism. They are collections of lots of tiny consciousnesses, overlit, or overseen, by one leader. In our personal case, in the case of the human organism, the body is the leader of the organization instead, right?

Human Group Leadership Styles. It depends on the human group, how closely it resembles its distant relative, the Lightship. Some groups are run as if the leader is in control of everything. You know? And some groups are cooperative ventures. And there is everything in between. And, depending on the purpose of the group, one leadership style may be appropriate, or not appropriate.

The Advantage of Leadership Style Mutability. Would it not be nice if we were able, in our groups, to change the style of leadership from moment to moment … upon the whim, upon the hope, upon the joy of the people involved … so that the leadership would be instantly responsive to the happiness of all those concerned. Would that not be cool?

I feel that the world is heading in that direction … back into the memory of the days of spaceships, of Lightships … when All was one; when All was harmony, and All was peace, love and joy. And every moment was an adventure in bliss.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Tin Man (Star Trek: The Next Generation),” in Wikipedia … … Gomtuu was the name of the sentient spaceship, and Tam Elbrun was the name of the telepath who decided to stay on her.


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