Omens Abound . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 11 April 2013


Image: “Consulting the Oracle 1884,” by John William Waterhouse, 1849-1917, presented by Sir Henry Tate 1894 … from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “Consulting the Oracle 1884,” by John William Waterhouse, 1849-1917, presented by Sir Henry Tate 1894 … from Wikimedia Commons … public domain (1)

Dear Ones,

This morning I read Eileen’s post “Like a Prayer,” (2) in which she mentioned a visit she and her husband made to St. Abbs.


To paraphrase: They went down to the sea, and there they saw that dead puffins had washed up. Also, along the edge of the water, garbage had washed up because of a storm.

Then in the same blog were comments by Portia, who spoke of events in North Korea and in the world. She was thinking of the leader of North Korea, with loving thoughts.

Portia mentioned the Hopi prophecies to the effect that all living creatures would be endure a fire inside themselves. Some would be consumed by the fire, and others would attain peace after living through it.

Dead puffins, garbage in the water, North Korea, the Hopi prophecy of the fires that will burn us — omens, for sure. And I’ve been experiencing my own omens, as described below. Could it be these omens are portents of change?

Maybe the fearful aspect of the omens is just about the world clearing process? People digging in their heels — no! never! I won’t change! ?


At one of Peggy Black’s webinars last week (3), someone brought up the topic of North Korea. Peggy suggested envisioning the leaders of North Korea — Kim Jong-un, his aunt Kim Kyong-hui, his uncle Jang Sung-taek, and the new Premier Pak Pong-ju — surrounded by their spiritual guides, who are giving that good advice. That sounded like a good technique to me. In case the idea appeals, here is a picture to help with the visualization:

Image: North Korean leaders … ..

Shown in the photo …

  • Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un (with his hand on the escalator railing), First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea
  • His aunt, General Kim Kyong-hui (bottom left), Secretary for Organization of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Her drive and determination may be Kim Jong-un’s guiding inspiration.
  • And above her the new Premier Pak Pong-ju (with the fur hat on). The Premier represents the policies set by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
  • And above him Jang Sung-taek (in the black coat), husband of Kim Kyong-hui, uncle of Kim Jong-un, and Vice-Chairman of the National Defense Commission
  • Above Kim Jong-un and to his right is a man whom I’ve not yet been able to identify

On the other side of the sea, I am also envisioning United States President Obama surrounded by his guides whispering loving thoughts in his ear…


Starvation is stalking the people of North Korea. Most likely this awful famine accounts for the current political tension. (4)

It looks like a North Korean missile test may be in the offing, and all non-commercial traffic between North and South Korea has been halted. (5) The fear level in both North and South Korea must be pretty high, so today I’m envisioning the people of both countries showered with happiness, plenty of food, good health, and a hopeful future. I’m imagining that any missiles ever launched on this beautiful Earth have turned to showers of hearts, flowers, and love.


Getting back to omens, a while back I signed up for solar flare alerts — flares always put me through a clearing process, which is why I signed up — for a heads up on the possible subsequent cleansing turmoil. Anyway, I got an email today, to the effect that an M6-class solar flare has taken place.

Video of today’s solar flare … ..

Not to be too concerned — it’s a standard warning. And an M-class flare is not huge like an X-class flare. Maybe this is the cosmos doing its best to ease the world’s political tensions. That’s my hunch, anyway – the incoming solar wind is actually cosmic unconditional love, pouring down upon us….


Image: Healthy Human Aura, by Robert Joseph Donaghey; bright golden light inside the body, and bright magenta, orange light outside the body … ..

My last omen … yesterday afternoon I went to a service called ‘Soul Break (Taizé)’ at the local Episcopal church. I had no idea what Taizé was. Sounded mystical and intriguing, though. And I always feel warmly about the Episcopal church because my mom, who passed a few years ago, was Episcopalian.

Sparsely attended, the service featured song (with piano and guitar) and a brief, silent contemplation. There were a few little prayers. When I walked in, the pianist handed me a sheet with two of the prayers highlighted and asked me to recite them during the Intercession. It was great fun …

During the service, my heart opened wide — I guess it was the music, and remembering my mom, and how once in my youth I dared the fires of hell by attending her service rather than my family’s standard Christian service on Sunday. It was a tough moment, but my mom was worth it! Nice to meet her friends there, too …

Anyway, back to the Taizé service: I began to feel my heart expand, and the clairaudient chatter turned totally ominous — I was being begged to stop feeling my heart, as this feeling of unconditional love was putting … whomever … through fiery torment. Egads, I thought, who do I have on the line here? Beelzebub?


Getting back to Eileen’s puffins and her topics of prayer and intent …

On the way home from the Taizé service, I tried feeling my heart with the intention of blessing …whomever… with beautiful light. What a ruckus! They proposed I was trying to kill them. So I thought about it, and changed my intention around to the prayer:

“I bless myself with beautiful light.”

Image: Young woman with her hand out, touching the center of a tunnel of white, pink, and violet light … ..

This worked wonderfully well, proving to …whomever… that my intent was not murder. And proving to me that I love my own grounded expression very much. That I feel myself worthy to receive this beautiful light. Despite the negative energy I heard, I felt myself deeply blessed.

And so, in closing, I bless you, dear ones, with beautiful light! (But only if the notion is appealing.)

In love and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See also: Link: “The Power and Prophecy of the Oracle at Delphi,” 26 October 2009 … ..

(2) Citation: “Like a Prayer,” by Eileen at “Sacred Spiral of Light” … No longer available online. Eileen, who wrote the blog, and Portia, in the comments, had great suggestions for methods of supporting wisdom in government.

(3) Link: “Wisdom Wednesday – Think Big,” 3 April 2013, by Peggy Black, hosted by Cyndi Silva … webinars happen the first Wednesday of every month. They are free; Peggy Black channels healing Hathor sounds. For info on these and many other upcoming events hosted by Cyndi, see … ..

(4) Link: “New Reports of Starving North Koreans,” David Knowles, 29 January 2013 … ..

(5) Link: “South Korea Raises Alert with North to ‘Vital Threat’”, 10 April 2013, BBC News … ..


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