My Memories of Other Incarnations: Alice’s Memories H-3. My Grandfather Roy D. Clagett . by Alice B. Clagett

Here are my own memories of other incarnations, to which are appended recordings in many different voices. And here are thoughts on reincarnation.

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H-3. My Grandfather Roy D. Clagett
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Introduction: My Father’s Father

Here is a photo (left) of my grandfather Roy D. Clagett, who passed on before I was born, and (right) of me at about 8 years of age. All my youth I wished I had known my father’s father, who had spent summers with my grandmother, my father, and my father’s six brothers on the farm across the road from my rural family home …

memories of other incarnations

Image: My grandfather, Roy D. Clagett (3 September 1881 – 23 October 1937), who passed on before I was born, and me at about 8 years of age, compiled by Alice B. Clagett, 26 January 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: My grandfather, Roy D. Clagett (3 September 1881 – 23 October 1937), who passed on before I was born, and me at about 8 years of age, compiled by Alice B. Clagett, 26 January 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

I straightened out the photos for the composite photo. In the original, his head was bent a little to the left, and mine was bent a little to the right. From his photo, it looks to me as if he may have raised his right eyebrow a little more than the left eyebrow; while I raise the left a little more than the right.

There is something about our eyes and way of feeling in these two photos that strikes me as similar; I cannot quite peg it.

Although my grandfather and I never met, I feel a Soul kinship with him even today.

I have had several visions in which it seemed to me that I was my grandfather in an incarnation once removed from this current one. Between the two incarnations seemed to be my incarnation as a little girl who passed on in a German concentration camp. In the startling visions of my father’s father, it was as if I were experiencing his male incarnation as my own.

–revised and excerpted from Link: “My Father’s Father,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 26 January 2020, compiled and published on 26 January 2020 … ..

My Grandfather or Myself in a Just Prior Incarnation?

Image: “Dream,” by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1922, in Wikimedia Commons, … public domain

Image: “Dream,” by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1922, in Wikimedia Commons, … public domain

. . . . .


This morning I woke up again with another unusual astral experience or vision. I saw a scene where someone a good deal older than I (that is to say, from an earlier time historically) … it would have been not in the last generation, but in the one before it, because of the way he spoke … just at the moment of sudden death, and needing to stay on Earth and care for his family, was just finding himself in the position of not being able to stay here.

I realized this was my father’s father Roy D. Clagett, whose wife was my deeply cherished grandmother Alice Delores Clagett. He was the grandfather I had always longed to meet, but had not had the opportunity to meet, as he had passed on before I was born.

It was as if the Soul wounding of that gentleman were clearing … and almost as if I were that gentleman, clearing that. I could hear all his thoughts as he passed on. And I saw a good deal of the details around that passing on.

I have to say, I was very impressed with him. Never have I met him, but he had a way of thinking: He was thinking of God all the time. And he would use God’s name in his thoughts, just as part of his gentle way of thinking.

I am blessed to have had a chance to encounter my grandfather, in a moment that was supremely important to him in his life … a moment of crisis, of change … and soon to be Soul renewal, I am sure, at that point …

And right now I would like to say a prayer, as the Sun sets on another beautiful day: A prayer for those who have passed on, that they may find rest, and peace, and that they may know God.

I pray for all the dearly departed, especially those that have been forgotten now, who may have passed a long time ago, especially through sudden death, or catastrophic situations for which the Soul has no chance to plan in advance, and who might be lingering here on Earth still. I pray that they may find rest, and peace, and that they may know God.

And I pray too, that those who have lost their loved ones through accident, sudden illness or injury, or through any kind of catastrophe, should have a chance to recover from their grief, and to live fulfilling lives. Happy lives. And that they may be made whole again, in the wisdom and knowledge of God.

–revised and excerpted from Link: “Memory of the Moment of Passing of My Father’s Father,” a vision by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 18 January 2018; revised on 14 September 2018, on 7 February 2019, and on 17 May 2020 … ..

Memory of the Moment of Passing of My Father’s Father – NEW         top


The second story below, which is about my grandfather’s death, I classify as maybe just a vision, or possibly a vision of a prior incarnation. It was an extremely vivid vision. In my mind I linked it with another vision I had while doing kundalini yoga very early one morning many years ago.

A Preparatory Vision. In that first vision I saw a blue-eyed, lean farmer getting down off a tractor. He was full of life; he had a spry walk and a mischievous gleam in his eye; and he was right good looking. He was no one I had met. But at the moment I looked into his eyes, I had the shocking recognition that this man was me.

It was my first empathic experience, in this lifetime, with someone not of my gender. Since that day, I have had a better understanding of men … almost as if I might be that farmer one minute, and myself the next.

My father’s father had passed on some while before I was born, and I have always wished I had a chance to know him. From the start, I somehow felt that farmer might have been my grandfather; and I wondered whether, by some twist of fate, I might have been my grandfather in my second to last prior lifetime.

Then later I had a second vision of the moment of my grandfather’s passing, which, in a way, fulfilled my wish that I might have met him. The vividness of this vision once more made me wonder whether I had, after all, been my grandfather in my last, but one, prior lifetime.

A Second Vision Shared with Another Person. In the second vision, one of my grandfather’s sad last thoughts was that he would never see his beloved wife again. Here is a picture of my grandmother when she was a young woman …

Image: “Grandmother Alice Delores Clagett Clagett,” photographer unknown, 1800s

Image: “Grandmother Alice Delores Clagett Clagett,” photographer unknown, 1800s

. . . . .

It was, to me, heart-rending to hear my grandfather’s farewell thoughts of her. Were I to have been he, in a prior incarnation, then that might account for the closeness I felt, as a child, with my grandmother, who lived only half a mile from my family home.

Too, it might account for the fact I was named after her, and that I was inclined, from birth, to spiritual devotion, as were she and my grandfather, though the other members of my natal family were more inclined towards the practical matters of life in the world. It might also account for her gift of her engagement ring, given her by my grandfather, to me on my 16th birthday.

The vision I had, which puts the place of my grandfather’s death at the entrance from Ritchie-Marlboro Road, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, to his family’s farm Ingleside, …

Link: “Ingleside: My Grandmother Clagett’s Place,” a story by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 December 2014; revised … ..

… differs in location from the place and manner of passing recorded in our family’s oral historical tradition.

It was for me a very vivid vision … it felt very real to me … and it seemed to me at the time that I simultaneously shared it with my aging uncle, who was to be the last of Grandfather Roy’s seven sons to pass on.

It seemed at the time, although of course I may well be mistaken, that the vision arose from my uncle’s early childhood Soul wounding … and from my own in a prior incarnation … and that the expression of the vision before our startled astral eyes was like a moth taking flight into the evening skies, free of Earth and heading right for heaven.

The vision went like this …

Vision of My Grandfather’s Passing – NEW

Image: Pine Trees at Ingleside, by Alice B. Clagett, circa 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth” … ..

Image: Pine Trees at Ingleside, by Alice B. Clagett, circa 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth” … ..

. . . . .


My grandfather … whose Soul, as you may know, may have been my own Soul two incarnations prior to my current incarnation … had gone to the nearby town, and was just returning home in his ‘Tin Lizzy’. He was heading north on a dirt country road. The turn to his house, where his wife was waiting, was on the left. The driveway was on a rise of ground where the main road bent right, so there was a danger of approaching ‘jalopies’ heading south from Washington, DC.

As my grandfather swung left towards the driveway he may have been watching the blind turn in the road, just in case another ‘infernal machine’ might swerve into view and obstruct his passage. That might explain why he missed the wild-eyed young man in his own spiffed up ‘jalopy’ who came roaring out of the driveway and hit my grandfather’s car.

That neighboring man had just made free with my own dear grandmother, who ever after that day, kept a derringer in the drawer of her nightstand, just in case. I recall she showed it to me in my early years and explained the importance of keeping it at hand of a night, after saying one’s evening prayers.

Now to return to my vision: In the years prior to 1937, which was the year of my grandfather’s death, safety glass was not yet used in cars. When that rude young man’s jalopy collided with my grandfather’s automobile, the glass in the front left drivers side of the vehicle shattered, and the drivers side door fell open.

A piece of glass shaped like a sharp wide flat dart was hurled into my grandfather’s heart. His car came to a stop, rammed in front by the car of that devil-may-care young man. My grandfather was hurled out of his car, and lay supine on the ground at the intersection of the driveway and the road he had traveled. His hands were at his chest, from which protruded the sharp-edged slice of car window glass.

His youngest son … my very uncle with whom I seemed to share this doleful vision … had been walking smartly down the driveway to greet his returning father, of whom he was quite fond. And so it was that my young uncle arrive within a moment of the harrowing accident. He was then 13 years of age, and his father was 54.

Running up to his father, not knowing what might be the best action to take, he saw the blood soaking his father’s shirt, and then he saw the glass had pierced his father’s chest. Gently he lifted the glass out of the wound, hoping to ease the agony he saw so clearly on his father’s face.

Alas, that dart had pierced his father’s heart. Once the glass fragment was removed, the lifeblood flowed freely from his chest.

In his dying moment, my grandfather thought, in his gentle way: O God, I must leave my beloved wife all alone in this world! If only I could see her one more time!

Then, as his young son watched, Roy inhaled his last sweet life’s breath, and passed on.

As the last moments of this vivid astral dream unfolded before my eyes, and seemingly also before the eyes of his stunned youngest son, I saw the scene as if I were rising up above the two wrecked cars, above my own struck-down blood-soaked body, above the wild-eyed murderer who had, all unbeknownst to me, made himself free of my beloved wife, above my young son whom I so longed to console.

The time would come … aye, ‘twould soon be at hand … when I might meet him once again. But for now, patience must keep my Spirit strong in faith in God’s will, His strength, His mercy.

And so it was to be.

. . . . .

In love, Light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

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