High Protonfall Alert – Protonfall Is at 12,095 . by Alice B. Clagett

high protonfall alert

Image: “Two up quarks and one down quark spinning freely in a particle accelerators stream,” by Brianzero, 1 March 2009, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Quark_wiki.jpg … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported … COMMENTS: I read that protons and neutrons are made up of quarks; so protonfall might be full of quarks. So it seems to me. –Alice B. Clagett


This is about the high protonfall and moderate geostorm currently in progress.



Dear Ones,

Solar Wind: (Speed 596.7 km/sec) X (Density 20.27 protons/cubic cm) = 12,095 ‘protonfall’. Currently the planetary K index is 6.33; there is a moderate geostorm in progress; and also high ‘protonfall’.

At this quite intense level of protonfall I have been experiencing very slight heart flutters (far below the level of a TIA). These slight alterations in the rhythm of electrical impulse to the heart cause a mild sense of anxiety, which seems to be a hardwired response rather than a cause for concern. Taking a shower seems to help, as do sitting or standing rather than lying down.

Telepathically I sensed someone else was having similar heart flutters, and that their caretaker, mistaking electromagnetic sensitivity (i.e., Lightworker physical responses) for a heart attack, applied a defibrillator to the other person’s chest.

I heard that person say, on the astral plane, “I have flatlined.” As you may know, the mental body is one of the subtle bodies that are part of the human energy system. It seemed clear that the person’s mental body had detached itself somehow from his physical brain. That is because, to my clairvoyant and clairaudient senses, his mind seemed to be speaking from just above or to the side of his head.

Taking a hint from a successful resuscitation effort I observed through a meditation leader in the Solar Maximum of Solar Cycle 24, I said telepathically, “We have ice cream here.”

The person said, “We don’t like ice cream, or anything like that.”

I said, “We have sushi here.”

The person said, “Sushi?” And then his heart started beating again.

Why did this work? Why did ‘ice cream’ work when the meditation teacher revived a student who had fainted? I think the answer lies in the presence of Martian bacterial colonists in the human colon. They want to stay alive, and to be sheltered by their ‘space stations’ (which is to say, our human bodies).

They really want that ice cream, or that sushi … or maybe that delicious T-bone steak!

They are 10 times better telepaths than the best of us, and they speak perfect English, though their societal perspective is, as you may imagine, quite different from our own.  As you may know, mental energy (including telepathy) runs on electrical impulses.

So when they hear ‘ice cream’ or ‘sushi’ or ‘steak’ I am getting that their combined telepathic output sends a shock wave of electricity coursing up from the colon to the heart. And the heart starts beating again! Here then is my proposal: The Martians saved that patient’s life!

To continue with this tantalizing astral story, the patient said to his caretaker, “Would you go out in the kitchen and get me that sushi?”

On the astral plane, I heard his caretaker say to him, “You are in a coma.”

Then after a little while the patient woke up from the coma and asked his caretaker to take the defibrillator out of the room and never to apply the defibrillator again. I hope she agreed.

The trouble is, traditional medicine still does not make a distinction between heart attack and the much milder response of EMF-sensitive people (such as Lightworkers and healers) during high protonfall.

I feel this to be true because twice during Solar Cycle 24 I went to an emergency room with EMF-sensitive protonfall heart flutters. They have a way of determining whether a person has recently had a TIA.

Their conclusion both times was that there was no evidence I had had a TIA. They figured I had an overactive imagination. That is normally the response I get from traditional medical tests as I am apparently more sensitive to mild fluctuations in my physical energy than traditional medical tests can detect.

Of course, if you experience heart flutters you may well decide to go to the ER … as did I during the last solar cycle … in order to make sure your heart is doing ok. Naturally I recommend (and I feel certain you will agree) that taking this very safe course of action is the best approach any time your heart health is in doubt.

Here is the protonfall chart I have devised …



Low Protonfall. When I refer to low protonfall, I am speaking of protonfall from zero to about 3,000.

Moderate Protonfall. When I speak of moderate protonfall, it might be 3,000 to 6,000.

High Protonfall is 6,000 to often 15,000 … sometimes it is much higher than that.


For more on protonfall see …

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In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars.

Written and published on 24 April 2023
Location: San Fernando Valley, California

For hints on staying safe during times of high Light see … Link: “EMF Sensitivity: Preparing for Panic Attacks and Cognitive Dysfunction During Solar Events and Gateways,” by Alice B. Clagett, Written on 19 February 2015; revised on 17 December 2015; updated on 24 March 2022 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4xN ..


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