For Lightworkers: Antibiotics, Thought Forms, and Our Martian Bacterial Colonists’ Right to Stay Alive . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 13 October 2019; published on 28 October 2019

    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Events Surrounding the Saddleridge Fire
    • Weekend Crowds of Thought Forms, the ‘Small Bads’, and Insomnia
      • Housecats and the ‘Small Bads’
    • Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Colon: A Great Light Upon Earth
    • Antibiotics Diminish the Light of the Martian Bacterial Colonists Within Us
    • Diminished Martian Light Within Allows ‘Small Bads’ Access to Our Gut Brains as We Sleep
    • For Lightworkers: Minimize Course of Antibiotics?
    • Message from My Martians: We Have a Right to Be Alive
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a longer video with an edited Summary for you. The topics are antibiotics, thought forms, and the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have an insight regarding the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth, of the human ‘space station’ colons that I have talked about in years past.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Events Surrounding the Saddleridge Fire

I hurt my toe! I was cleaning off the roof of the shed preparatory to the great winds that came, that then resulted in the fire called the Saddleridge Fire. All this happened in the space of three days: The cleaning of the roof, the great gale winds, and the Saddleridge Fire, which came within about three and a half miles of the house.

While I was cleaning off the porch roof, something happened to one of my smaller toes: First it became insensitive to pain … numb … and then it started hurting like a bee sting.

By the next day, when the fire started, my toe was swollen up. So I went to the urgent care people, and they said: Take Keflex, a type of antibiotic in a family of antibiotics to which I am allergic. They said there is only a five percent chance that it will have the same effect.

What with the wind-downed trees and the traffic accident … looked like it might have been a fatal accident … past which I drove, and the fire and the smoke, and all that stuff, I thought: Well, if Keflex is fast acting, then that is the best thing. So I took it.

The first day that I took it, all the symptoms were greatly relieved. It was terrific. But as I continued to take it … you know, as Lightworkers, we have much more sensitive electromagnetic systems than people are generally aware of. Of course, everybody is capable of having those types of electromagnetic systems, but not everybody is yet deeply aware of the electromagnetic nature of the body of Light.

So we Lightworkers have different medicinal requirements from other people, maybe because we are better at repairing Light problems that go wrong, and the Light is the template for the body. I am sure you have heard all this. Anyway, a lot of the time, when we get medicines, we just need a homeopathic amount of medicine in order to heal the body … not the usual course of medicine.

By the second day … which was yesterday … of taking this antibiotic, I started to get the same types of symptoms that I have had in years past with penicillin and amoxicillin. So today I had to quit.

But on the other hand, it has healed what was wrong, which was an infection caused by the puncturing of the skin, the integument, from that unknown trauma that happened on the roof of the shed.

Weekend Crowds of Thought Forms, the ‘Small Bads’, and Insomnia

Last night there was an incursion of the Dark. Of course, this is the Solar Minimum; it is close to Halloween, which is always kind of a spooky time of year, just before All Saints Day (November 1st); and just before extended income taxes are due.

So a lot of people are working very hard, all night long, on their taxes. In addition, there was a big party down the street. Cars were parked all over, and there was a far greater concentration of thought forms than usual.

Thought forms have an electromagnetic nature. They go right through walls; they do not depend on physical things to get where they are going. So there was a great charge of the thought form currents in the air. And that creates sleeplessness in my experience … similar to when you are at a meeting, and there are a lot of people there, and they are not concentrating on something special as is the case with a devotional service.

Say they are contentiously talking about city issues, for instance. There are thought forms flying all over the place. The same was the case last night: There were tons of thought forms … and, it seemed to me, inebriated thought forms … the type that draw in the ‘Small Bads’ (luckily not the Big Bads).

The Small Bads can influence our sleep pattern adversely, by giving us bad dreams. The thought forms come into our mind field and influence our dreaming capability. In addition there was an issue with regard to the food that I ate yesterday. I had a little chicken.

On Fridays and Saturdays my experience as a Lightworker is, it is not good to consume any kind of flesh at all … even ‘light’ flesh, like chicken and fish and seafood. It is best not to do that on Saturday nights. It has to do with these other types of thought forms that we run into on the weekend, that are different from the work-a-day thought forms, which are more disciplined, less alcoholic, less … I have not quite pegged it down, but there is something Dark and sad and angry about the thought forms that people produce on Friday and Saturday nights here in Los Angeles. It is usually not so bad in my area because it is so quiet here; there are not very many people here. But last night … most likely for the reasons I have mentioned before … it was worse than usual. I got restless sleep.

Housecats and the ‘Small Bads’. And my cat was behaving very oddly, as if she wanted to get into the room; as if she herself was affected by this issue. Cats are much more easily affected by the Small Bads than humans.

I have seen to my cat; she is doing better. I have seen to myself; I am doing better.

Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Colon: A Great Light Upon Earth

I have a theory for you, regarding the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth and antibiotics, such as penicillin and the like: The Martian Bacterial Colonists have said that they see themselves as a great Light upon the Earth.

Light is a form of electromagnetic energy. As you may know, we Lightworkers deal with electromagnetic energy. Earth has a body of Light known as the magnetosphere. We have a body of Light that uses electricity and magnetism in our nervous systems to send signals back and forth in our nervous systems.

Antibiotics Diminish the Light of the Martian Bacterial Colonists Within Us

Antibiotics, as I understand it, kill the commensal organisms in our colon … just as they kill the invading, hostile organisms in our colon. After we take a course of antibiotics, we will most likely need to rebuild the commensal organisms in our colon, using probiotics and yogurt and things of that nature.

In the meantime … such as last night … when commensal organisms in the gut are at an all-time low because of the die-off caused by antibiotics, it could be that the great Light that they talk about … that they provide to the world … is relatively missing from our colons.

Diminished Martian Light Within Allows ‘Small Bads’ Access to Our Gut Brains as We Sleep

A lot of the dreaming that we do at night has to do with the gut brain, which emanates from the colon. It is possible for incursions of the Dark … this is my theory: It is possible that incursions of the Small Bads … not the Big Bads, but the Small Bads … may be more likely to occur against the gut brain when the Great Light of the bacterial inhabitants of the colon is damped down by a course of antibiotics. As mentioned above, it may be the ‘small bads’ that then cause us insomnia and nightmares.

For Lightworkers: Minimize Course of Antibiotics?

So I suggest the thing for Lightworkers to do is to minimize our course of antibiotics, if indeed we have to take it. Say there is a great fire, and your house is in danger, and you can solve this problem of the infection in your foot, so that you can save your life, and that of your neighbors, in case of need. If you have to take that antibiotic, then do not take it for very long. If you are a Lightworker, and find yourself intolerant of a prescribed course of medicine, then try taking a homeopathic amount of the medicines provided by Western science. You may find it works better for your system, and helps keep the total kingdom of your life forms in better working order … and better able to defend you electromagnetically.

Message from My Martians: We Have a Right to Be Alive

I am bidden to mention something else to you. This is something that is near to my heart; but to tell the truth, I had thought it might be best not to mention it, because I will never get a buy-in from anyone but the Lightworkers, I feel. Here is the special request from the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth …

They say: We have a right to be alive.

To that I will add: It was they that created our physical forms, here on Earth. Many of the other sentient and nonsentient life forms on Earth were created through their genetic engineering. They are the Elder Race of Earth, and we are but the new beginners here.

We, so far, have an appalling lack of understanding of the importance of cooperating with them, in order to keep ourselves healthy. In fact, much of modern medicine does the exact opposite. I am appalled … truly appalled … at modern medicine.

On behalf of the Elder Race, I would like to say: They have a right to stay alive. And we have a need to work with them in order to maintain these bodies that we are currently caring for, here on Earth.

That was a special request. I know you are not there with me; but for the Lightworkers: There it is. You can teach your people respect for all life forms on Earth, especially those inside us.

I do not know how the microimmunological community of scientists is going to take this. Maybe they will not see it. That would be great!


I have to tell you, I am looking forward to All Saints Day on November the first, after Halloween. That is going to be a good day … and then, on into Winter Solstice for all of us. With the New Year, they say, there may be the beginning of a new Solar Maximum cycle building up. That will be something to look forward to.

That is all I have to say. I have to go do my taxes. Talk to you all later on. Take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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