Dealing with Serial Killers and Antisocial Personalities on the Astral Plane . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 9 November 2015; revised on 1 February 2019
Previously titled: Dealing with Serial Killer and Antisocial Personalities on the Astral Plane


Dear Ones,

For those not in the know, this blog is not about me; I researched the topic to do with what intuition told me might be a ‘Controller’ who was the head of a ‘killing cult’. I had left the group, and felt at the time (some time ago) that I was in danger of being murdered by members of the group at his behest, and because of his anger towards me at leaving the group as soon as I got a whiff of what was going on there.

I hear the most unusual astral stories …


Recently I have heard a lot about a man who apparently fits the ‘serial killer’ profile. He apparently told his followers he is the Prophet Elijah … I see by Wikipedia this fits the Wikipedia serial killer profile. The below description reminds me of what country folks used to call, with a certain relish, ‘delusions of grandeur’ when I was growing up …

“Visionary serial killers suffer from psychotic breaks with reality, sometimes believing they are another person or are compelled to murder by entities such as the Devil or God. The two most common subgroups are ‘demon mandated’ and ‘God mandated.'” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in English Wikipedia …  … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

I looked up the Prophet Elijah and found out that, according to the Jewish faith, the prophet Elijah is considered to be present at the circumcision ceremony of each Jewish child. –adapted from Link: “Why Is Elijah the Prophet Invited to the Seder?” by Naftali Silberberg … ..

I keep hearing on the astral plane that this person enjoys raping and sexually mutilating folks. I understand the serial killer or antisocial sense of humor here, but I find it highly confrontational. He thinks it is funny because his followers love him for being the Prophet Elijah (of course, not true) … and because he loves to rape and mutilate people. Funny?  Not!

It appears that, in casual conversation, one of his followers has explained to the powers that be (whoever and wherever they are … and who knows the specifics about astral stories? No one, I am guessing!) that he only goes after gay men. How interesting! Here is what Wikipedia says about this …

“Mission-oriented killers typically justify their acts as ‘ridding the world’ of a certain type of person perceived as undesirable, such as homosexuals, prostitutes, or people of different ethnicity or religion; however, they are generally not psychotic. For example, the Zebra killers in the San Francisco Bay Area specifically targeted Caucasians. Some see themselves as attempting to change society, often to cure a societal ill.” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in English Wikipedia …  … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


Wikipedia (see above link) offers these motives for serial killers (the first two I have just discussed): Visionary, Mission-oriented, Hedonistic, Lust, Thrill, Comfort, Power/Control, Media …This article is a pretty good read, about people whose motives must be carefully studied in order to understand what they say to their followers, and why they say it.

What I hear on the astral plane about the followers is funny, and at the same time heart-rending. The typical conversation, which is repeated over and over from time to time, goes like this:

Follower: You don’t kill people, do you?
He: I do kill from time to time.
Follower: Oh my God, No!
He, chuckling: I didn’t really mean it  …  or  …  How could you think that of me!

To which I say:  Chucky movies, déjà vu! The ironic thing is, I could never bring myself to watch these sorts of movies. Never got through “Silence of the Lamb” either… Just too scary.

What is the disconnect here? The disconnect is that his followers have not studied how very differently motivated serial killers are, and so they cannot conceive that such motives exist. These motives are just not in their universe.

Further, I find that serial killers, at least on the astral plane, have mind-boggling mind control abilities. It reminds me of the theory that some ‘people’ on Earth today are really not people. For more on this, see my blog category: Unusual beings on Earth

For instance, the ‘Prophet Elijah’ man, I hear on the astral plane, believes he is from an off-planet species of beings, that he pirated his way onto Earth, took over the body of a young (was it 6-year-old?) human boy, ate his Soul (?!), and knew from a very young age that God would allow him to do anything he wanted to do on Earth. Earth rules were not for him. Killing was fun, and so it was A ok. Go figure!

As to the mind-control aspect of serial killers, and his cult-like followers that I heard about on the astral plane … if true, then this would substantiate the stories I have read about how anti-social personalities, at an early age recognize that they are different from their peers, dramatically and life-threateningly different, and that their own way of perceiving reality and acting upon their perceptions will get them into trouble time and time again.

And so, I have read, they carefully study the motives of ordinary people (i.e., patsies, rubes, fall guys, pigeons) and fine hone the art of manipulation. The typical manipulation I have observed on the astral plane has to do with the emotions and values of ordinary people … emotions and values that the serial killer considers to be ‘weak’ and which he does not possess. For example, sympathy, empathy, love, respect for others, loyalty, honesty, hard work, teamwork, protecting children and women … the sorts of emotions and values that make social life possible.

There are some pretty good theories about serial killers that I like for their down-to-Earth qualities. These have to do with early childhood abuse, failure to bond with their mother, socialization issues at school, and so on. This I could grok. I also have a thought that certain genes, certain alleles, may be at issue, and that gene therapy may offer a more optimistic prognosis in future.

Some of the followers of this serial killer personality (who is this guy?) appear to be what Wikipedia defines as ‘ASPs’ (antisocial personalities). I can see the ‘draw’, as both types of personality tend to ‘run sideways of the law’ …


I see quite a bit has changed in the Wikipedia explanation of the ASP. I found the below description interesting because the loudest people on the astral plane in recent months have been risk-takers, prostitutes and dope peddlers …

“The DSM-II in 1968 rearranged the categories and ‘antisocial personality’ was now listed as one of ten personality disorders but still described similarly, to be applied to individuals who are: ‘basically unsocialized’, in repeated conflicts with society, incapable of significant loyalty, selfish, irresponsible, unable to feel guilt or learn from prior experiences, and who tend to blame others and rationalize. The manual preface contains ‘special instructions’ including ‘Antisocial personality should always be specified as mild, moderate, or severe.’ The DSM-II warned that a history of legal or social offenses was not by itself enough to justify the diagnosis, and that a ‘group delinquent reaction’ of childhood or adolescence or ‘social maladjustment without manifest psychiatric disorder’ should be ruled out first. The dyssocial personality type was relegated in the DSM-II to ‘dyssocial behavior’ for individuals who are predatory and follow more or less criminal pursuits, such as racketeers, dishonest gamblers, prostitutes, and dope peddlers.” –from Link: “Antisocial Personality Disorder,” in English Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


Here is a little more from the same source that I found interesting, because familiarity with these energy threads will help me identify and exit from astral stories generated by ASPs …

“Theodore Millon suggested five subtypes of ASPD:

“Subtype Features
“Nomadic (including schizoid and avoidant features) Feels jinxed, ill-fated, doomed, and cast aside; peripheral, drifters; gypsy-like roamers, vagrants; dropouts and misfits; itinerant vagabonds, tramps, wanderers; impulsively not benign.
“Malevolent (including sadistic and paranoid features) Belligerent, mordant, rancorous, vicious, malignant, brutal, resentful; anticipates betrayal and punishment; desires revenge; truculent, callous, fearless; guiltless.
“Covetous (variant of “pure” pattern) Feels intentionally denied and deprived; rapacious, begrudging, discontentedly yearning; envious, seeks retribution, and avariciously greedy; pleasure more in taking than in having.
“Risk-taking (including histrionic features) Dauntless, venturesome, intrepid, bold, audacious, daring; reckless, foolhardy, impulsive, heedless; unbalanced by hazard; pursues perilous ventures.
“Reputation-defending (including narcissistic features) Needs to be known as infallible, unbreakable, invincible, indomitable, formidable, inviolable; intransigent when status is questioned; over-reactive to slights.”

–from Link: “Antisocial Personality Disorder,” in English Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


So, the question asked of me in recent days on the astral plane (and a question that I seriously ask of myself) is: Why are you hearing these kinds of astral stories, anyway? Are not we humankind co-creating New Earth together?

Yes, we are!

Well then, why am I hearing these … well … pretty gruesome stories? The answer, I think, is that I find them horrifying; I have a reaction to them … which I have just recently pegged to fluctuations in my heart electromagnetic field (EMF).

And so, my conclusion, in support of my desire to hold a neutral mind, is to carefully observe my heart EMF fluctuations, as the astral stories arise. If I concentrate on keeping my EMF steady … this being my avenue to neutral mind, because of my unusual sensitivity to EMF … why then I will not react to the astral stories. Lack of reaction will move me from the causal plane to the fifth dimension, and that will eliminate these energies from my field of astral awareness. So, that is my plan of action right now.

I wish you all Godspeed in rising above and/or transforming all dense, misqualified energies.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Work has been done on EMF sensitivity, which is a good thing (see below references). My concern is that it is often considered an illness … a drawback … rather than one of the new skills of New Earth. By my lights, EMF sensitivity is a Divine gift of grace. Like all the new gifts, it needs acceptance, exploration, and the attitude that it can be used in service to humankind.

Link: “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Proceedings of the International Workshop on EMF Hypersensitivity, Prague, Czech Republic, 25-7 October 2004,” Kjell Hansson Mild et al., editors … ..

Link: “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health,” by WHO, December 2005 … ..


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