Anger, Earthquakes, and Harmony on New Earth . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 23 November 2016

Dear Ones,

The ‘up yours’ anger being expressed in the social networks and news today is reverberating through humankind. This anger is expressed in Gaia through a series of earthquakes in October and November 2016 …

Video: “October-November 2016 – Earthquake Predictions,” by SuspiciousObservers, 22 November 2016 … ..

This anger has to do with a disparity between the energy of many people’s gastrointestinal tract energy and the Incoming Light. The answer, for many, is not yet forthcoming, but for the Lightworker the path very clearly lies in a lighter diet, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise, and setting aside quiet time for meditation every day.

As Lightworkers, sometimes we become involved in public policy and social issues, and this conflicts with our desire to bring peace to Earth. Here is a funny video about this …

Video: “Just breathe. Your life means nothing,” by This Hour Has 22 Minutes, in facebook … ..

In the video, a beautiful yoga instructor cannot stop being angry about current affairs while she is leading a yoga class.

We have come upon a time when it is very important to create the emotion of peace within our own personal electromagnetic field (that is, our aura). For us, as Lightworkers, it is important for us not to involve ourselves in other people’s anger.

In 2017, there will be many new and wonderful things happening on Earth, as the New is ushered in. Many Lightworkers have begun meditations on peace and love for Earth during this time of change for the better. For instance …

The Global Coherence Initiative has been having heart coherence and synchronized Care Focuses that are helping humanity and the planet … ..

Sandra Walter and the Light Tribe Collective have been having three Unity Meditations on Wednesdays

These are wonderful opportunities to join with others in mitigating the earthquake energies of Earth, which our planet must offer as healing energy for the anger now being released from humankind … keeping in mind, that every earthquake causes an upsurge of human caring, and human love for others who are in need.

Thus it can be seen that Gaia’s quakes allow our noosphere to come back in balance when presentation of anger and violence in the news causes a spiking of anger energy in Earth’s noosphere.

It is clear to me that the mass media are a lagging indicator … They will continue to present our families with a steady emotional diet of anger and violence for as long as we continue viewing their broadcasts. To which I say … as would any sensible, aware person … Turn off the television and the radio. View no more violent movies!  Just say No to mass media!

When we erroneously perceive, because of the bias of the mass media, that the world is going to pot, then there are ways to extract ourselves from this cause-and-effect mental trap. For instance, when I find myself in a causal rut, I switch timelines …

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

When I feel down, I like to listen to “Jesus through John,” whose words are unerringly wise and full of inspiration … ..

You will no doubt have your own favorite technique and your own source of inspiration. Know that I stand with each of you, in love, and peace, and joy, and Light, with a beautiful vision of New Life on New Earth, a world where harmony prevails over even the tiniest hint of discord.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also Link: Earthquake Prediction Center, at … ..


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