X-Flare Blues: Where’s That User Manual on Total Lack of Empathy? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 13 March 2015; revised
Previously entitled “Where’s That User Manual on Total Lack of Empathy? … by Alice”
Subconscious metaphor: Picking a person’s brain

    • Vision of a Person ‘Picking My Brain’ (Which Is a Subconscious Metaphor)
    • Activation of Light for Regeneration of Bothersome Astral Folks, from the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
    • Cognitive Dissonance Regarding Personal Power
    • Perfectly Empowered You

Dear Ones,


  • Lack of compassion! …
  • Raiding other folks’ auras to ‘gain access to their spaceships’
  • Inserting other folks’ Soul fragments containing Soul qualities considered undesirable into the Soul field of a person ‘outside’ one’s group …
  • Sabotaging women’s energy fields so they cannot compete with men …
  • Reprogramming other people’s gut brains to negative energy while they sleep, so as to satiate the primitive drives of roving male astral groups …

Good Lord, dudes! Where is all that at?

What is this ‘group’ mental filter? This ‘I can do anything to you if you are not a member of my group’ thing?

This ‘you are my car’ ‘you are my valise’ concept that men have about women? This ‘I will get in that car and drive her’ thing?

Video: “Miley Cyrus Smuggled Into Amsterdam In Suitcase MTV EMA Europe Music Awards Ad,” by Darnell Revis, 19 October 2013 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkkKPJztLwA … about a woman smuggled onto an airline in a suitcase ..

What is this I’ve got the money, you have got none’ thing?

Where is that user manual for folks who arrived on an unconditional love planet with a desire not to experience compassion. not to have empathy …

I do not know, but I have heard it said by spiritual counselor Jeffrey Allen … www.spirit2spirit.com … that anything I find inside my aura is mine to reprogram…. advice that I have used very successfully with ‘endlessly looping tape player’ implants from the ‘you know what’ realm …

Vision of a Person ‘Picking My Brain’ (Which Is a Subconscious Metaphor)

So this morning when I woke up with a man’s astral head inserted inside my astral head … which took the term ‘picking her brain’ to a whole new level … and when I found he was determined not to exit this undignified position, I asked my Ascension team what to do …

His astral form was butting about inside my head hollering to get out. Said I was a spaceship docking station. Said he had to contact my spaceship. He wanted to control my spaceship. There might be money in it.

So I went to my meditation room and sat, and spoke this activation of light …

. . . . .

Activation of Light for Regeneration of Bothersome Astral Folks
from the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
13 March 2015

Spirit to Team!
Regeneration chamber for this entity,
If Soul purpose permits!

For the All, through Free Will!

. . . . .

Vision of a Person ‘Picking My Brain’ (continued)

So then, as I sat, I could feel this person’s astral form bumping and hollering along, slowly passing down from my head, through my pranic column, and exiting … you guessed it! … that portion of my anatomy at the bottom of the physical form.

Dudes! Here is the deal. A lot of really weird things happen to the mental mind during solar events. We have been having M class flares, and one X class flare all week. So the unexpectable, in terms of perception by the physical senses, is to be expected…. Case in point, what happened this morning.


Just to set the record straight …

EVERY HUMAN BEING is a docking station.

EVERY HUMAN BEING has lots of spaceships helping it out.

NO PHYSICAL OR ASTRAL ENERGY can board or commandeer a spaceship.

SPACESHIPS HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN. They are their own great selves. So if you board them, you are in them. If you get what I mean. And you cannot board them without refining your awareness to 5D or higher. This is because the spaceships themselves are 5D or higher.

EVERY HUMAN BEING has an Ascension Team of 5000 … and this includes Spaceship Beings … ready and willing to assist with Ascension. Through your Team you will access your true power as a human being.

So call upon your Team … Make it several times a day. Develop a relationship. The most rewarding relationship of your physical existence on Earth is going to be your relationship with your Ascension Team. This I guarantee you to be true. Go ahead and give it a test drive.

Cognitive Dissonance Regarding Personal Power

You are not that powerless dude …

  • Who has to raid other people for money …
  • Who has to enslave women …
  • Who needs to own a harem …
  • Who needs to subjugate and eliminate other men …
  • Who will have a shipwreck if he feels his heart …

Perfectly Empowered You

You exist in the power and majesty of your own eternally shining, eternally bright Soul. All the rest is fiction.

In love, light and joy,
and complete and utter frustration,
I Am of the Stars


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